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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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twelve thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines nato readies to end its seven month operation in libya following the death of the country's ousted leader meanwhile the u.n. wants an answer to exactly how colonel gadhafi and his son die images released after their capture so you suggest they were killed violently while in captivity. another round of anti-corporate rallies in new york has seen dozens of activists arrested despite this the occupy wall street movement still going strong inspiring copycat protests for social and economic change over the world. we know a former russian agent alexander litvinenko admits her husband worked for u.k. intelligence services revelation made at a full inquest launched five years after listening to a diet of radiation poisoning in the run. up next on archie we'll look at the evolution of technology and try out a multi-million dollar flight some of the simulator all that coming your way around
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moscow out takes to the skies. great. comfortable. you need. some. of the. most go.
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hello i welcome to the moscow ouster on this week's episode of exploring the subject a flight taking a look at the history of aviation in russia and the latest simulate this aircraft designs and airport terminals so joey last henri's as we journey from the soviet skies to modern days of elements starting off here at the political museum in moscow. the museum has several exhibits showcasing the subject flight models of akram scholars and you mechanics even see how the aviation industry to developed in the largest country in the world. history of civil allies in the soviet union can be traced all the way back to the russian revolution in one thousand nine hundred eighteen when the new boast the
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government so as one of the main ways to modernize the country. and you communist leaders elite and travel would be the most efficient way to transport both people and supplies across the vast country in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the first soviet a life of a lot was created several other small companies were formed and nine years later the name of flight was officially adopted couldn't fire service civil air freight airflows went on to become the largest airline in the world we took off and the mission and craft taking up the majority of its massive fleet as the aviation industry first around the world the u.s.s.r. was no exception. back to the museum along with the space race and technology as a whole day you can see how the soviet era through secrecy success and failure was a melting pot for ideas innovation and development. moving to our next location and it's time to look at modern day and cost training facilities here are
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used for a variety of reasons the design and development of bancroft and for research into and cough movement and stability people also come here to share in the team and if you have a dream to flying a kite well this is as close to the real thing as you will ever get. with the level of us here we have a cockpit all the seven thirty seven energy generation which is open for everyone eager to experience being a pilot is a full scale cockpit and provides the same conditions as a real pilot deals with you can choose any just a nation around the world and try to control the plane in any weather conditions we welcome children as our guests do they just love the supply experience of your border on the walls you can see various photographs taken from cockpits confirmations difficult landing strips and breast. taking skylines images of chic cabin crew and well groomed pilots adds to the atmosphere but family trouble is the
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opposite of terrifying arithmetic would deal with that in mind the sense of friends training programs people wanting to overcome the fear of flying not something that i need and on that list it's my time to try being a copilot day eighty two ready for both of them after several preflight checks the engines are advanced to ninety percent hydraulic movements mimic the plane racing down the runway and we take to the hack just like a real flight and density turbulence clouds the station every bump a movement can be found. in today is take a short flight from moscow is done with the poles fly around an image down to the same landing strip. easier said than done fortunately i have expert help. just make sure you don't make any traumatic maneuvers will soon hear the biggest disapproval if you had sense. traveling three hours south of the capital
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by car and we were right our next destination here a small flight club specializes in aerobatics the practice of making sense of the recline maneuvers the training recreate educate. aerobatics all towards a military fighter pilots to develop flying skills and for tactical teams in combat today i've been invited to take to the skies will be a roller coaster ten thousand feet good job i haven't eaten. now the first flying club as it's noted in that has been here for two years previously. back in the u.s.s.r. for aircraft but spray pesticides other planes the guys use here are the yak eighteen the fifty two and the fifty four which you see here a lot of experience will roughly lost between twenty and thirty minutes and will cost between four thousand and seven thousand rubles that's roughly around one hundred thirty and two hundred dollars not bad and am i nervous.
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yes. you know. the use of left lanes were originally introduced to train arafat pilots they've recently gained popularity as force plane both inside and outside the former u.s.s.r. anyone can come here to experience what zero g. feels like to barrel turns and the loops aeronautical experience isn't necessary you just need a little courage and trust pilots know what it's doing and once in a lifetime experience that has been enjoyed by man version of foreigners. a lot of people like over there was always there playing things like you know they're a fighter and you can hear the powerful engine so it's very good a bright yellow propeller flying it will be facing in the sky and after meeting my
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pilot it into the aircraft i go and on honest to goodness knows what i have got myself into i have a feeling this is not the fade out is. one thing that is apparent straight away is the noise from the monster of an engine if i take the headset off i can hardly see myself speak. moring down the runway we can we feel every single bump and crack in the surface. stomach churning roller coaster in the sky as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees of views from above are impressive it feels very different to a typical commercial flight that's for sure all aerobatic maneuvers demand training and practice to avoid accidents luckily today my pilot maxime is the main instructor and trainer at the center. g. forces are being seriously pushed here with a high cage and a sub nose dive it's time to experience brief weightlessness zero g.
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. they said drill in field experience is everything i'm used to the human body can . with everything i was a positive nine g. i've not even reached a thought yet. could say no wow what an experience. time for landing and the easy easy little wins for the left and we have contact with the ground again hands over shaking i live to tell the tale. thrill seekers eat your heart out that's what experience i will never forget. weaving on and we arrived and our final location should a metaphor and cause almost thirty kilometers to the northwest of moscow let's look at modern commercial flight and the airports each terminals once the world's largest airline arafat's days at the forefront of development training and
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technical support in the aviation industry in russia. in the maintenance hangar here you can see examples of first class engineering and here it's certainly out of the old and in with the new russian airline industry has undergone a major revolution over the past twenty years as some of the major players such as era flight s seven or trans there are at upgraded their fleets to the likes of airbus or boeing and major international routes taken from me i know from personal experience the majority of the aircraft use are not run spanking new and often a great safe and comfortable flying experience. in two thousand and sure metapad and the almost twenty million passengers the new terminal b. has one and number of awards for planning and design they can get one of the best passenger experiences in europe by the year twenty fifteen should receive a expects to increase traffic to thirty five million people and become the best avenue or the terms of customer service with glittering arrival and trickles this
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is a wonderful example of change in russia. a massive reconstruction of the terminals the still in the way resulting in state of the officer or even plans for that runway. so highly guarded locations and security is the priority and sometimes there is a chance to see what's behind the usually closed doors occasionally moscow sheremetyevo denies he says so-called plane spotting event told the first journalists and bloggers to get access to their response contacts and taking pictures of aircraft in action. just that cross-posting ampoules is popular in many of the world's biggest airports open their doors and access the runways both amateur and professional photographers i suppose is very much enjoy the opportunity and share their pictures with the whole world so everyone can have a closer look at the world of flying savior expanding bush's aviation industry is
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paramount to the country's future. radical changes to aircraft fleet you terminals budget and lines infrastructure the technology and next time you pass through one of those cars and gets to see those dramatic changes and regarding its payment but you want to learn to fly a simulator that will be to the skies and the yoke of the stone plane there are dozens of places that will satisfy clay and adrenalin lovers of all ages in moscow one thing's for sure the sky is the limit. i thought i'd just love them all of course be that sort of how we have on this week's program on the subject of flights for you to get the same time next week and so that for me and the rest of the crew from the second runway here i'd fare better bear part but i found out.
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montero and. she's told me cold. frankly. dynamic. two friends. months ago. it's a lifelong dream for many many. months brave real loom is not enough to steer the ship. only. endure a. genuine love to the mother one's history are required. people who revive the ancient craft are sailing through the centuries on r.g.p.
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. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world and seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today. nato prepares to end its seven month operation in libya following the death of the
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country's ousted leader meanwhile the u.n. wants an answer to exactly how colonel gadhafi and his son died if it is released after capture should suggest they were killed in violently while in captivity. another round of anti-corporate protests in new york sees dozens of activists arrested despite this the occupy wall street movement is still going strong inspiring copycat demonstrations personal and economic change all over the world. and the widow of former russian agent alexander litvinenko admits her husband worked for her u.k. intelligence the revelation made out a full inquest launched five years after live at enco died of radiation poisoning in london. you know neal joins us now with the latest from sports and less than twenty four hours to go until the rugby world cup final has to be new zealand well i just don't know model i tell you what twenty four hours to go i'm still undecided france they are the unique is you know
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a sick quasi monkey you just never know which french team is going to turn up but if i had to sit get off that fence i'm going to say new zealand by ten points you've heard it here first not i'll hold you to it yeah i'll see you tomorrow we'll talk about it some more but the rest of today sport is next. great to have you with us this somebody alfre in plenty ahead in our. top seed impeded beer is gone and exits her home tournaments moscow's kremlin cup at the quarter final stage. home from home top of a cure all for their second n.f.l. clash in london in three years but the florida from chinese rule out a permanent move across the atlantic. this strikes that were the latest russian premier league rowing gets going in just over an hour's time warm up for
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the action by getting a reminder of all the goals that flew injuring game week twenty seven. let's indeed start with a look at today's march is just ahead in the premier league three games off for consideration on the all involved struggling sides the title chasers given an extra day of rest following their european exploits during the week cross the dark an age closer to the top half of the table when they visit boulder insufferably eighth position vital this season as the leading a teams will play each other for the title when the regular season ends esoterica our non-chord who will be in the bottom e. this year the relegation ryan robin division meet in chechnya and cruel year round eyes the fixtures. brings us to tennis with a shark of this year's kremlin cup occurred on friday top seed favorite in the mid women's side of the draw is going to be over exiting the air france as richard
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concorde fleet reports will stay for the kremlin can't hear a moscow has been a big sean connery winning side of the draw as top secret as one of your words crushed out of the titanic three sets struggle against her opponent dominique. well the russians are still looking for her first of the triple crown and caught her home told moments and she's from and she was cruising a saints and a break in a second before she lost her way as a sort. of came back to win in the shade under three hours. i think i lost a little bit of concentration i started you know through my shoulder a little bit and i started thinking about it in she really. started playing a little bit more aggressive you know when i was a little bit slower. than going for my shots is my chin just because it's interesting. drop then the third so it was ok you know it was a fight but. you know it just didn't go my way. very strongly in
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a certain sense to take him to the side and it was a slovak can show the greats of strength of will in that final say it's so moved through to the semifinals even though she was hampered by a leg injury for much of a match through the whole match i. play well and by the you know which is the first their last because you know i was not not not enough aggressive on the second surfin you know i just was just trying to put it in them then play and see stupid play you know to play just like this against her so in the second surgeon said ok come on you have to play a hundred percent everything and just also to go for second serve in and you have nothing to lose and you know it's just paid off and i was just playing really well today a lot of games from all over the group was humbled by an old shoulder injury from watching her game which really hampered her. important elements such as next week's players championship finals coming up in istanbul she did reveal that she did consider quitting the stayed on course and she said she owed it to her fans to see
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the match for it i have a lot of fans here and i really want to make them happy and you know that probably the reason why i pushed myself to the limit and i think i've pushed myself over the limit which i shouldn't do but you know i have a lot of respect from my friends. were you disappointed the course of one person at a credit card here in moscow but it won't be long before i was back in the russian capital to leave the russian team here and there for and against the czech republic which takes place at the start of november which is one hopefully i'll see. new zealand's rugby faithful are hoping things will come full circle for the all blacks on sunday when they meet france in the world cup final that march up a repeat of the first ever decider back in one thing eighty seven the only one the kiwis have ever won. the all blacks were involved in a bruising battle against the stream in their semifinal the hosts though just too
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good for the eventual bronze medalists another seam line up will test the french on the biggest stage graham henry's men have long been favorites for the competition and the twenty six wallabies when changed little swore to were well aware of the french by chopping gone down to the blue in their two thousand and seven world cup quarter final it's they enjoyed having the underdog take in and i think that's when the french team most dangerous. i think in two thousand and seven leading into the will follow and see what they came came out and produced so for us it's just focus on how we prepare and what we want to do in the game the french meanwhile did walk to beat a powerful wales squad to reach the final mark leaving one's team never looking truly solid in the nine eight win though the need to prove they belong in a march of tomorrow's magnitude david ellis in charge of france's defensive scheme
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says attack is the only option. if you fall into the all blacks are after all a superior key they have a great chance to win and we'll try to do the same defending against the kiwis for the entire eighty minutes is impossible so we will have to go on the our fence of ourselves and cause problems for their defense as. the n.f.l. is once again taking its gridiron spectacle over seas with the tampa bay buccaneers set about cargo pairs in london the books preparing to enjoy their second british experience in three years visiting various teams though wasting little time getting adjusted to the new cultural climate cricket on the menu for veterans jay cutler and brian urlacher tucker quarterback josh freeman we saw his first n.f.l. action in the english capital almost two years ago the twenty nine year old the ending to put right at thirty five seven drubbing by new england while running back ernest graham is especially glad to curry his love of the game into foreign territory. as always for this to your brain is
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a game of. the world ok i'm sure. you know i've been coming you know taking on a culture here as well so this is a great opportunity the russian capital is a love affair with martial arts is set to hit a new peak this weekend the most prestigious kickboxing tournament in the city's history touching down on saturday night the w five grand prix moscow will see twenty four fighters from all across the globe settle scores up at the number stadium but clash of the super light weights looks to be the pick of the action w five reigning champion russia's response will the fan his title against one of the divisions best judgment sergio wilson a tough test to see the least. leon's a very skillful technical fighter very well trained in both kicking and punching i mean well sergio wilson is a very aggressive fighter and also a very heavy puncher we've watched
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a lot of his fights so many of them he won by knockouts he's a super lightweight under sixty kulas but he strikes like a middleweight and there we just kick are both at low and high kicks so we're going to witness an extremely high catching fight ok let's end where we started with the russian premier league week twenty eight action starts in just over an hour so get ready for the outs with a look back at all the strikes that mattered last weekend it is time.
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sir. the lead.
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to. the in. the lead the
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a. lead. singer for sour i'll see you soon what is next for. the latest in science and technology from the realm of. the future of hubbard.
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