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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 7:01am-7:31am EDT

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a very warm welcome to you this is artsy live from moscow with me. there's a growing international pressure for an investigation into exactly how libya's ousted dictator moammar gadhafi died the u.n. expressed concern over video footage taken that followed his capture shows him alive at first then killed shortly thereafter meanwhile nato said it's winding down its bombing campaign in the country. the latest from tripoli. the n.t.s.b. is saying that gadhafi was killed by a bullet wound also conflicting reports as to where exactly those shots were in his stomach in the right side of his head and the left side of his head it's looking very shady and then this brutal video that went viral the mainstream media showing it more than twenty four hours constantly of gadhafi whether or not he was dead or alive very unclear at first in the first couple of shots that he did in fears that he's alive he actually goes in touches his head wipes some blood away and then
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there's the five i know it seems that he was dead in the later pictures the same thing with one of his sons that was captured in syria the first pictures of him standing against a wall smoking a cigarette very clearly alive then the video cards and all of a sudden he's dead so really pressure coming from around the world both from the west and other countries that are that we've been very critical about neda's mission here in libya not that something needs to be done about an investigation the u.n. is planning on launching an investigation and russia's foreign minister was very clear that russia and many of many countries and officials around the world feel like the way gadhafi was killed in these pictures that we saw were perhaps not the best possible way to go because. it's the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and after that he was killed later there were reports that a convoy carrying macondo was attacked by nato planes and after that the rebels captured members of that convoy it has been repeated numerous times that nato
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planes are any have a u.n. mandate to ensure a no fly zone over libya and the convoy wasn't posing any threat to civilians on the ground and could be a legitimate target so nato actions pose a number of questions as well. as speaking of that no fly zone which of course how this mission began back in march the u.n. looking into when it will officially and person for that mission to end the soonest possible new date when you know it is october thirty first but it has to be said officially nato mission. he's very much alive here in libya gadhafi is body is in a walk in refrigerator now in misrata and already way beyond the twenty four hour mark to have had been buried by muslim tradition the official liberation ceremony will take place in benghazi we're hearing it will take place there that of course was the original rebel stronghold where their whole fight for freedom began it will take place there instead of the capital because the security situation here is still very tense just a couple of days ago there was a shootout between m.t.c.
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troops and feel loyalist a low mostly celebrations have been taking place obviously officials the interim officials are worried that there could be some kind of violence here in the capital very few people obviously were on the streets asking what's next for they be and they can answer that question was so world analysts are certainly looking into what will happen will be chaos here one of the main fears is that libya could break out into some kind of tribal war that there's going to be this hour the world community has begun to think what will we see happening here in the upcoming months and years . from now reporting right there or you can follow and you saw all throughout libya on twitter stream i bring you the very latest out of funds from the troubled region . well the u.n. is doing an investigation into how he died but london based journalist and author. says it should have been more involved in monitoring the offense. bit late for the united nations human rights council in the beginnings of this war they relied on
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media reports and hope to get on to the media manipulation of the war because they should have been relying on u.n. fact finding missions the u.n. human rights council report will no doubt be delayed and we'll see what happens as to what the americans think well we saw what the u.s. secretary of state thinks about the killing of prisoners of war and as has been said many times at least on some journals i'm going to tell you that on the mainstream media and no one is saying that nato and its allies wanted to get out for a dead one would assume that killing a prisoner of war is an international crime i presume the international criminal court will be hot on the heels of all those major leaders who are being responsible for this now that presumably neoliberalism will be brought to libya all be attempted to be brought because we've got to remember that there are also islamist factions there in libya as well we can assume that the libyan population will learn what it is to live in a capitalist country. and on our website you can find the latest on the mysterious
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killing of gadhafi and analysis so what's next for the libyan. town called now still to come for you here on t. just a few minutes away for you. but it's not because he became it is nothing to look back and look at the legacy of america's eight year campaign in iraq at barack obama confirms that the remaining troops are leaving this year. there's been another round of protest arrests in new york and corporate demonstrators complain that police are taking too heavy an approach to their continuing peaceful rallies that lucy catherine office at the heart of the protests that inspired a global movement. as the numbers of the protests continue to increase so does it seems that heavy handed tactics by the new york city police departments we witnessed several arrests about thirty two activists were arrested for demonstrating peacefully outside
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a police precinct to bring attention to the so-called stop and frisk policy that is widely used here in new york where many innocent civilians can be stopped on the street with very little actual suspicious pas searched and eventually taken to jail if something is found on their physical body. we saw highest level high profile activists taken away in handcuffs colonel west for all day except on the others several members of the ministry and several religious leaders were also taken away again just for performing what they say are simply acts of civil disobedience nonviolent disobedience standing peacefully silently in front of the police precincts now we saw the police actually target and i reporter a journalist who had been trying to film the events just like we were the police officers went after him physically at which point several activists and below tempt them with their bodies to try to protect him and keep him from getting arrested
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those two activists were then handcuffed rather violently and taken aback to the police trucks and taken away now what this signifies is that the numbers of these protests continue to grow perhaps putting some sort of fear into the system here where officials don't feel like they can control movement that seems to have spread wide across the world not just here in the united states. supporting right that one another country which was recently witnessed weeks of protests on calls for social justice but while the tend comes to gong changed among about activists is nowhere to be seen solo pushing israelis towards the growing a worldwide occupy movement and reports. anger outrage and protests on the streets of new york a throwback to the same scenes different streets around ten thousand kilometers away the politicians in the united states exaggerated in the same way as the that
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the politicians. they went too far in taking for granted their citizens occupy wall street it wasn't that long ago israelis were calling to occupy what's child boulevard milla bid join the protests from the beginning she was inspired by what happened in cairo and caught her taint tapio corner car but here people are fading who are praying every evening and people are coming and talking to ours as you know watches events unfold in far away new york she misses the six weeks she lived here and wishes she could be part of the wall street rallies by the birth hour for a day or i remember it right ok i have to face an hour and seventy how the protests in new york have strong parallels with those in israel in how they came about and why the similarity between the protesters just uncanny. the way they started on facebook the way they chose
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a location very close to where. the center of power is where the center of greed is for in this case the wall street but many are wondering what exactly that struggle in israel achieved recommendations made by government committee still need to be implemented and that could take a while this looks like any other street in tel aviv but the foot the focal point of social pain revolutionizing its role but the pain will be replaced with bikers and the social demands are still waiting to be made. like many american is rabies many is watching the u.s. rallies closely and says they are an inspiration to many in israel he's proud people are taking a stand against corruption and greed to protest the struggle and the anger. when the people stop and the struggle is still going to go on i view that more and more people around the globe seem to share policy r.t. tel aviv. and i do with r.t. live from moscow and later this hour the voice of protest. a little going i cannot
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reform the whole of both parties i think we want to party parties resident lower half of us to visit the lower manhattan to find out just what central message is and uniting the occupy wall street protests. are now eleven minutes past the hour here in moscow britain should quit the european union that's what a group of cum painters is calling for in london other people's pledge believe the e.u. undermines britain's sovereignty and is costing too much and the demand for a nationwide referendum will be discussed in parliament on monday and the group is open to congress in london we can cross live there now and speak to douglas castle a conservative m.p. and supporter and council member for the people's pleasure thank you for coming on the program today the e.u. it's vulnerable now it's been a tough year with the whole eurozone or the crippling debt crisis now at a time when the e.u. needs england why do you want to why do you want the u.k. to leave now. for two reasons it's costing us a great deal of money we're spending billions of pounds bailing out of currency we
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didn't even choose to join but it's not just about economics it's about democracy for too long in this country we've left it to the political elite to decide these questions if you believe in democracy surely you should trust the people the people need to have a say should we stay in the european union should we leave the european union or should we fundamentally renegotiate our position within the european union it's time to have this debate and have it discussed so as you say the focus not just on economics but also fundamentally that of democracy as well we understand the public support for leaving the e.u. is actually quite high in britain but many politicians including the prime minister are opposed to the idea what are the chances of the u.k. actually leaving you. well i think we will eventually get an in out referendum i mean it's going to take some time and this vote on monday i'm sorry to say i don't think will actually achieve the outcome that we need but it's a step in the right direction momentum for
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a referendum is now growing it's now becoming unstoppable what we're seeing on monday is significant because it's the first time in a generation when the question of britain's membership of the european union has been put on the agenda and it shows it's not a settled question now you're right a lot of politicians don't want to talk about this a lot of politicians don't like to even think about it but the people wanted discussed and it's not going to go away but it certainly seems like this movement is gaining some steam here but i know the u.k. has been part of the unified europe for almost four decades now surely surely there must have been some benefits to it. as well when we joined the european union in the early one nine hundred seventy s. we thought we were joining a prosperous trading bloc europe at that time constituted about thirty six percent of global g.d.p. it turns out but by twenty twenty year paul account for about fifteen percent of global g.d.p. so you know far from joining a prosperous trading bloc which shackled ourselves to an economic corpse you know the economic rationale for being in the european union i think has largely gone we
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want to be global players we want to have free trade relationships with the world not just with belgium and a few indebted states across the channel now on a more domestic front you know you're part of the conservative party is there a fair amount of dissension in the ranks here as a prime minister is absolutely against what you're proposing. well that the political elites in all parties are denying or trying to do what they can to deny a referendum even structure their m.p.'s on monday to vote against this motion but the key thing you've got to understand here is that all three parties were promising us a referendum on europe until very very recently so it's almost as if it's the. little elite against the will of the people and you know ultimately as we know from what happens around the world ultimately you can't stop democracy we're going to have this referendum eventually this week marks an important stepping stone towards that now you look at the likes of all of greece italy spain portugal it's been
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a tough year two thousand and eleven has been very difficult for members of the eurozone there are there is talk of some countries quitting this european neighborhood if they do you k. with a leave the e.u. could that could this almost be the beginning of the end for a unified europe. i hope it is the beginning of an end for a europe orchestrated in arranged by the grand design of technocrats in brussels you know what we need to see is a breakup of the year a say that once again people have a current see that suits the people rather than trying to make the people see the currency you see in greece she initially she you know an enormous sacrifice is being imposed upon ordinary folks hardworking people to prop up a currency that is the grand design of a rotten political establishment that is the fundamental problem we need a europe where. arrangements are made to suit the people not. we do apologize that we just just lost the connection there were douglas carswell
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a conservative m.p. and advisory council member for the people's pledge about this referendum about this vote for a referendum about england and its troubles with you more details on that on our website r.t. dot com or as we carry on here in our t.r. the widow of former russian agent alexander litvinenko has admitted her husband was working for british intelligence that the new details were revealed at a full inquest launched five years after litvinenko died of radiation poisoning in london and as bennett reports it might see someone comfortable truths about britain's spy organizations coming to light. according to britain this is a man on the run and very lugovoy hasn't left russia since two thousand and six because of an international arrest warrant he's accused of murdering alexander litvinenko in london almost five years ago both former k.g.b. agents but lugovoy says he's got nothing to hide so as a critic of the brits nobody really expected me at the pre inquest hearing even
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though british officials claim that i'm hiding from justice my lawyers annoy found out about it by sheer chance had we not found out about it i think the british press would have accused us once again of hiding from justice. league of always lawyers last week echoed calls from live in yonkers widow for a full inquest which is now finally been ordered but that's prompted yet another twist in a case already steeped in intrigue at all the. my lawyers and i put ourselves forward as an interested party so live in yonkers we don't was forced to admit her husband was a paid agent of m i five and m i six but he worked for britain's intelligence and not just as a consultant she had no other choice she realised if i get involved in the inquest this will be revealed anyway because i know a few facts that will force the british court to ask m i five and m i six a few questions. until now marina lipman yankers always denied any
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such link she says he was out of loyalty to her husband she refused to speak to us they said mission leaves m i five facing awkward questions in an inquest they were the only party trying to limit and they did take it for granted that they can just brush embarrassment can't help it and as i said if it had been consulting for them or working with them and he died in highly. the tourist circumstances on their patch then you have of course they would be our questions about not offering protection to people and also not offering protection to the london public you know if that's the sort. ten left across the city living in kid died a slow and painful death caused by the lethal radioactive substance polonium two ten the unsolved case has been the thorn in the side of british russian relations with moscow refusing to extradite abundance chief suspect but some claim britain's pursuit has blurred the line between fact and fiction there's
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a whole host of unofficial allegations. how we go from my death which however horrible to an accusation that mr lugovoy was responsible is ludicrous i mean it's all looks very fishy you're an unbiased observer but the diet that we have been fed in britain through the media. short circuits a lot of that this is where it all began the millennium hotel in central london and it's what happened in here remains the biggest question mark living in commit new boy for breakfast here but they he fell ill and that's when he's alleged to have been poisoned forensics did find the contaminated teapot but the link from that to lose of oil is still unproven it's hoped the coroner's inquest will determine once and for all what exactly went on behind these walls something c.c.t.v. missed the police say they have new evidence but won't disclose it until they
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conclude their own investigation as for lugovoy he says he'll answer any questions they've got not in person of course but via video link i've been it r t london. all right r.t. is coming to you live from moscow where it's now at twenty past the hour russia has issued a blacklist of u.s. citizens banned from entering the country in response to america's so-called magnitsky list made up of russians allegedly involved in the death of lawyer magnitsky russia's list includes restrictions on people suspected of authorizing torture and one ton of obey the abduction of terrorist suspects on the violation of human rights in july the u.s. state department banned around sixty senior russian officials including interior ministry workers and judges prosecutors and prison officials so again magnitsky was arrested in two thousand and eight for tax evasion he died in custody a year later after allegedly being denied medical care. for it so there's always a pleasure more stories eye catching videos and analysis on our website. right now
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let's have a look righting the wrongs find out why apple's late creator steve jobs was willing to spend every penny of his company's forty eight billion dollars for an all out war against google also. russian soyuz rocket launches from space space in the tropics carrying the first such system to breaking the dominance of american. i watch the full takeoff and our two. u.s. president barack obama has announced to american military involvement in iraq is ordering all american troops to leave by the end of this year now around thirty nine thousand americans will leave the country after more than eight years almost four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have died in that time and the war cost u.s. taxpayers seven hundred billion dollars in military spending alone. and iraqi
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american political activist thinks the withdrawal from iraq is a step forward for both sides but it doesn't guarantee the end of u.s. influence. this is very important milestone i think iraqis in general have been waiting for this is the last eighty years they want to hear this u.s. military occupation is of what it's all for and it is a major step in but i doubt action unfortunately it does not necessarily mean the end of the u.s. involvement and intervention in iraq because the u.s. is planning to keep sixteen thousand person and under state department over all the iraqi political leaders are not against keeping some u.s. three and. three in the new iraqi army on using the newly purchased u.s. weapons but they are against granting them immunity because there have been
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a long list of crimes that were committed killing iraqi civilians with no accountability the u.s. intervention and occupation of iraq has been stuck there is no victory to claim there's nothing to look back at it has been a disaster that should not have happened it's a disaster of death and destruction and the u.s. has been a part of iraq's problem in the last decade or two decades since the intervention started very happy that the u.s. is ending its intervention because i think this will help iraqis move forward and put the country in that eye truck. now let's get to some other international headlines for you this hour time for the world update here see the saudi arabian throne and prince sultan bin abdulaziz outside has died the eighty five year old defense minister was traveling abroad for medical tests at the time it brings into focus the health of saudi arabia's aging royalty especially king abdullah who is now eighty seven. is next in line and even he is seventy eight.
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hundreds of ethnic serbs in the northern cause of prevented nato peacekeepers from removing their makeshift barricades the troops moved in under the cover of night but were met by serbs who refused to give ground the border dispute in northern cause of it was not been going on for months just days ago nato soldiers used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the serbs are trying to prevent because of our setting up a customs checkpoint. the u.s. has reached an agreement with north korea allowing it to search for the remains of american soldiers killed during the korean war so it will resume next year after a six year hiatus following tension over pyongyang's nuclear program remains of over two hundred american soldiers were found between one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand and five before the end of recovery operations. thailand's prime minister says the floods causing chaos across the country could take up to six
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weeks to recede at least three hundred fifty six people have died so far and that number is only increasing over one hundred thousand have been displaced from the water logged homes in areas where the cost of damage to factories homes and farmlands estimated to be in the billions of dollars. well with the occupy wall street movement reaching its one month anniversary and many are wondering what exactly has united so many people in protest the resident oftenest went to the center of the action to ask people what brought them there. a month into the occupy wall street movement is there a unified method this week let's talk about that. there isn't a centralized message a lot of people say that's the problem and i think that's actually a strength that we currently have. as a movement were we're just over a month old. october seventeenth was or one month anniversary and and i think it's
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it's early to to be issuing any statements or anything along those lines any any sort of movement major movement or revolution or anything like that throughout history has issued a statement within the first month it feels a little absurd to me to expect there to be one core message when this is a movement that's wanting to be inclusive that wants everyone to have a voice and everyone has their own life they have their own struggles is it i mean today's world is the sound bite no one has the tension and a.d.d. world and they need a sound bite or they're off of the current dominant paradigm and where looking to give examples of what alternative paradigms could exist a lot of people don't seem to really understand why they're here they can articulate it so you know if this sort of makes them think about why they're here well there in the alternative do you think that that's a problem with the movement is that there isn't a unified message not necessarily i think there's
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a profiling theme to it everybody is disenfranchised with something you're saying education and health care some guy over there just said shipping jobs out of the country to the stuff we part of it i mean there's not one thing i said it's not just one thing and there's a bunch of different reasons other part of it too i mean i definitely agree with that the fact that there's shipping jobs in the country we don't need anymore so how would you sum it up in one clears that tends what the messages here. political and economic reform the whole of both parties i think we want to party so it seems like everyone here feels like there is a unified message and that is. there isn't a unified math that they feel like is the very strength of the movements. so i could have you with us here. so i do stay stay around if you can actually discover whether alternative cinema could actually change hollywood the headlines in just a few. moments
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. dynamics. for. months.
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now at three thirty pm today here are mostly with headlines now. in libya following the death of the country's alcibiades meanwhile the u.n. to once an answer to exactly how colonel gadhafi and his son died images released after the capture suggest they were killed violently. another round of protests in new york has seen dozens of activists arrested despite the occupy wall street movement is still going strong now inspiring. social and economic change all of the work. and the widow of a russian agent alexander litvinenko admits that her husband works for intelligence services revelations made a quest of almost five years off the brady.


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