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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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archie sitting down with author blogger and public speaker james howard kunstler so thanks so much for joining us it's nice to be here let's get started with the occupy wall street movement even seen many media outlets try to ridicule them marginalize this movement as something that's temporary and really an artist teenage behavior and you've essentially called this bogus in your blog let's talk about that what is your take on occupy wall street well first of all it's hell areas that all of these scolds in the media are shaking their fingers at these young people and say oh you know you can articulate your position you have any agenda we're living in a time in the united states when the consensus about reality is so fractured even among people who are supposed to know what's going on that we cannot construct a coherent story about what's happening to us and what we're going to do about it so to expect the young people to be able to construct a coherent narrative when nobody else in the culture is capable of doing that i
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think is a little unfair. what's more you can tell just from the placards that they're carrying around we know where their heads are at the the most significant or telling one that i saw said. i have seventy thousand dollars college debt twelve thousand dollars in medical bills i'm twenty two where's my bailout that's a good enough reason to be out there i think so and i think what it represents is very clear it's the idea that this younger generation feels like their future has been sold out from under them but with major unions joining we've seen a much more kind of mature knowledgeable group of people come out onto the streets thousands of people do you think that's reason enough for the media and politicians to really start taking this seriously i don't know if we're capable of really interpretating what's going on. politically in our country right now you know i
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have a pet theory that the more social and economic distress a culture goes through the greater the delusional thinking gets so that you know that as the social stress rises the crazy ideas and delusional ideas and tend to increase it's not a very. good it's not a very good set of conditions for you know arriving at a picture of reality if we compare occupy wall street to the arab spring we saw american politicians and the mainstream media plotting the arab spring yet this is somewhat of a similar beginning of some uprising along those lines isn't the old double standard a little bit too obvious yeah it's amazing it's amazing that we were cheerleading for all those people in the street in tahrir square you know anderson cooper was down there and you know all the other. usual media suspects were there cheering for
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the protesters in spite of the fact that there was a very good chance that the outcome of the revolution might not be so good let's put it this way you know the outstanding feature of the politics in the last three years has been that nobody on wall street has had to sit in a court room to answer for the tremendous amount of misbehavior in banking and you know this includes acts that can only be described as swindles and frauds well people have been talking about the lack of accountability ever since the financial meltdown took place three years ago but we haven't seen anybody come out onto the streets why now and do you think that this movement could end up taking america to a better place at least in terms of pushing politicians to hold someone account.
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it's just that i do think there's a reason why we haven't seen a lot of protests the kind of things that have been happening to americans are very shameful they lose their job they lose their income they can't support their families they can't feed their families their house gets taken away from them you know these are things that tend to be humiliating and shameful and i think that because of the way our system works where you know this is the land of freedom and liberty people blame themselves and they internalize the lot of the bad feelings and then you know they suppress it because it's shameful the combination of the shame and the anger that's all kind of mixed up with that has not really expressed itself and it may take a bit more to shove it over the edge and may take you know a bit more hardship now in one of your articles you say the hope invested in obama will end up in a museum of lost hopes along with the integrity of t.v. news i want to ask you if this were to be obama's only term as president what would
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he be remembered like in history well i voted for obama i think that he's probably when all is said and done he's probably a decent chap but it also appears that he's either a hostage to history or a hostage to a certain faction and most in our culture and economy like the wall street bankers . remember over a thousand people were successfully prosecuted for the misdeeds in the savings and loan scandals of the late one nine hundred eighty s. and early one nine hundred ninety s. no significant figure from the banking community has really been even sat in a courtroom and had to answer for any of their their deeds you know there have been a couple of fluky cases including bernie made off you know these are outliers these are the marginal cases but really the heart of the system. hasn't been touched i
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think that. mr obama will be remembered as kind of a spectacular failure and i also think that this is a period of history that is comparable to the eighteenth fifty's in the usa that was the period that preceded the civil war and it was a period in which political institutions were failing you know an interesting thing happens in situations like this institutions lose what's called legitimacy legitimacy a reason to exist and the faith among people who have subscribed to the their beliefs that they are worth believing in and you know we're seeing a grand failure of legitimacy now in the political system in the usa and it's rather frightening you really sort of forecast every year for for the year ahead what the united states should await and then your forecast for twenty eleven you said that the number one question really is can
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a political economy be floating like a when he a loon of gusts of sheer fakery has that balloon pop yeah well i think that the air has been going out of it steadily but surprisingly slowly for three years and you know we're the whatever pin prick in this balloon you know where where it seems to be located at the moment is over europe with tremendous questions about the legitimacy of the european union and the banking sector more more generally but you know all of the banks in europe and north america are. interrelated and there's no chance that what happens on one continent is not going to affect another i think that you know sooner or later we're going to see similar problems in the usa the air is going out of the balloon. it's been remarkable that . the fabric of this bubble was so strong but when all is said and done it's
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a fabric of faith and confidence that the system is meaningful and sustainable and people are beginning to doubt that that it is if we could return to the role of the media you return to to the this issue in your blog quite often you've written that they shout down invited guest commentators pander to their demographic and dissed their rivals for ratings what role do they play these days well you know culture goes through cycles when institutions. take various forms acquire a certain legitimacy and then blow it throw it away and i've seen it happen in my lifetime where you know the authority of the evening news on the networks was unquestioned but what's happened is that you know i think that the the media has lost its confidence it's certainly in a great state of. convulsive transition we do know that
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younger people tend not to really get their news from t.v. at all you know they mostly get it from the internet. there are very few kind of vested legitimate authorities on the internet who are trusted news bringers they all appear to have an agenda of some kind or another whether it's left wing right wing capitalist socialist you know we never won it is and you know i think we have a long way to go before any of these things are sorted out and it's one of the reasons that we can't construct a coherent narrative about what's happening to us do you think the united states could face its own per story i prefer to call it a reset because i don't think it's the end of the world or the end of culture or the end of america i think it's a reset of culture but it can be very very. painful and you know there will be
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a lot of losses involved of of property and status and you know things that were important to people that they're going to lose and so we have to somehow be prepared for this period of history that's very difficult what i think we're seeing is something that i did expect that we would mount a campaign to sustain the unsustainable because of our tremendous psychological investments in the stuff that we've got running you know we put all of our national treasure into building freeways and building these massive suburbs and building all of the accessories and furnishings for them you know the strip malls and the malls and all the you know all the stuff that comes with them. that's where our national wealth has gone you know we're not going to just kick it into the garbage can without a struggle. but i don't think that it's going to work very well for us anyway so
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the final in the final analysis what i think is going to happen is america is going to be dragged kicking and screaming into a reset of daily life james howard kunstler thank you so much time. again.
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a very warm welcome this is your news today protesters on the. streets they have. the chance to use it to get to the status of the human experiments. using this rap music. trying to make sense of local economy and it's all changed things. to maintain a confidence in markets and. trade imbalances recession looks to be nations close to collapsing. close. to fail switchblade banks again feel like saying is
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the us crashing seven and. seeing. just like the decision at the i.m.f. it strikes me i'm just programs increase the total economy. top stories this hour naughty. stories from the past week indeed this is the weekly a blood stained era in libya without gadhafi was executed by the interim government's troops. breaking points this week following clashes erupted in greece as people were hit with more sturdy measures. against. complete to try and resolve
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the debt crisis. battle over barricades nato forces failed to remove roadblocks at the disputed serbia kosovo border as ethnic serbs guard the blockade to stop the peacekeepers advance. on the historic moment a russian soyuz rocket set off from a french space base in the tropics and carrying europe's first satellite navigation system. i'll be back with more details on those stories and other developments in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime dimitri brings us up to date with the world of sports. hello there welcome to this day to not it thanks for joining us this hour thoughts let's take a quick look at what's making this headlines and around the globe. blackouts new zealand crown drug be world cup champions for the second time following
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a close to seven victory over throngs. of course in russia the exciting game from north america draws lots of new followers across the ocean. and the first of a career double it's a title domenech it's a bulk of all of our big sky canapé in the women's singles final to lift the chronicle in the russian capital. so his events are they twenty eleven rugby world cup champions the all blacks triumphing by the narrowest of margins french team in auckland it may have been the lowest scoring decider ever but it was also one of the most exciting one triathletes for the sides with tony with pride going over for the house on fifteen minutes while the french captain three days far touch down eight minutes after the break was a steven donald powell today to prove crucial eight to seven the final score there at eden park the all blacks starts to celebrate the second world crown
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i. the guys who have won the world cup and then there isn't standing. i would been through a lot together as richie cheat. and a lot of the guys play in the last world cup. and fell at the quarter final and to win this is. is not which for quite frankly who can possibly move certainly we have always thought we always said that the all blacks were the best team of all time but tonight i think i would seem was great even tremendous for you but it was difficult when you did just a tiny bit more. now football were in the russian premier league leaders in it have retained their top spot following a free one away victory tourist stuff the visitors needed nine minutes to open the scoring as danny registered another goal there two minutes in defend either small like a foul aleksandr but in the air or so the referee had no other option but to point
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to the sport so look at each making no mistake they're turning now by the thirty second minutes an extended their lead to three goals be fired at how much take process to become an old one go back straight after the break but that was it for the health so through when it finished and did it on top of the standings i. partook most criminals have gone forth in the standings as their fresh rock bottom sit almost an easy case to do for nail marks simply opened the scoring for the muscovites ten minutes and then brazil and striker double the lead just before the break as he had plenty of time to fire his powerful shot into the top right corner after the break stopped and started to retrieve the human contributed with his courageous first go for the team to make it three nil finally i rate found the nets
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once again for their side two minutes before the final whistle to suit the final result of four nil. thanks thant in live big one similar to the one jack hartley against second placed scott moscow the latest score there in color is to want to learn it's casement after sixty minutes of play. to the english premier league now where manchester city have fresh cross-town rivals united six one at old trafford tomorrow ability and. with a double there for the fittest. added a consolation goal for alex ferguson's men best picture of city's five points clear of their closest rivals unite. asshole come out everyone minister game stop city attorney general picked up all three points at full and now against tottenham is back on the winning track as a defeated like bird by two goals to one while third place chelsea i can't let go and two men down at the league's new boys queens park rangers with several minutes
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to go. and now let's take a look at brazil or football where current champions for women as a last look i'm an arab bought two girls and missed the chance to move third in the table that is to open the scoring eleven minutes into the game. but former to scum of the midfielder found the net. power to strike appeared to be too strong for flynn as a goalkeeper diego but let's get nearer then went up in the first half injury time . cross powerful ahead of how i was in a post by. and to finish the miserable not top for the hosts referee carver slimmest sent off learned he said several minutes before the final whistle. over to tennis now where the american civil cover has won her first ever career title big kremlin cup that starts a beating card in the women's singles final here in moscow being counted turned out
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today three setter it was the stolen player to open a rather isn't a six three but the. record for sure going to come in time break because it's a back to the decider taking seven five and the trick. in the men's game young kids ready to claim to be title following a straight sets victory over competitor and defending champion detroit's top seeds it's ready to open except six four and he was even more confident in the second has dropped only two games there to win the cup. now the north american sports all across has become an unlikely pastime in russia the exciting game drawing a lot of new followers here this year as consent to put up with now explains. lacrosse is recognized as the oldest north american sport with origins in the fifth century the native americans who took it to their hearts even went as far as
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calling it the little brother off war many amendments have occurred since then along its popularity in the s. indeed worldwide to flourish. as a team game so it's got that competition thank is in the air so it's now here three dimensions and there's more scope for dinner clever stuff like that you know you've got to bring a stake in you but yeah it's like an extension of yourself yeah i think harry. and the cons i think it's kind of fun is ok you know padded up you know you're not going to get better and really if he doesn't i like about the bond suddenly like four guys in the land i think it's ok it's funny you know it's amusing like ross has been a surprising revelation for russian audiences despite having few domestic players and just to be clubs one each in moscow and st petersburg this poor state sure is growing and every match between the rivals is a big event at the moment suring fans are in the majority in the stands. i think in russia it's a it's an upcoming sport it's you know it's
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a brand new sport and i think you know we have a lot of americans a lot of british people here on the child play with the russians and teach the russians how to play the cross and hopefully integrate it into russian culture is a great game for young people because it's it's of the us but i dynamic you know it's good to get out there to become fit to get stronger and to make friends to be a team like ross has been a tool in big games in one thousand know for a night and no weight with canada topping the podium on both occasions it's also the national summer sport of the country the physically demanding pastime with its full context stands not too dissimilar to the country number one sport ice hockey i was looking for team mates to play hockey but got into lacrosse and now i like it not a lot of people here know anything about the game and i like to watch people's amazed . faces when they see my stick and helmets in the street it has a lot in common with hockey so i mean the shooting i mean the game itself strategy
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involved it's pretty similar to hockey hockey is popular here so i mean i think you could definitely grow in russia there is still a long way to go for cross before it becomes a well known sport on russian soil but if the enthusiasm of the people really playing it here is anything to go by the signs are that it will happen sooner rather than later his name out of archie. but very sad news italian rider marco simoncelli has died after a crash at the malaysian moto g.p. event in sipping a bit twenty four year old was hit by two parts of an after veering off on edwards and valentina rossi the american rider also a skate serious injury but fellow tell you he was able to return to the pits the rest was immediately stopped after the tragedy to mattel had been and now to be rather full two seasons following at checketts career in the lower classes so yet another tragedy in which a spot. where the medical staff arrived on him he was
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unconscious on the us because their house arrest them started this. association with joan ask immediately the medical center post of the doctor of our stop didn't come on local doctors he was intubated too as possible to wait to take off some blood from the dogs and the c.p.r. was continued to that for forty five minutes unfortunately it was not possible to help him and sixteen fifty six we had to declare he was dead. ok add to that now i'll be back with more into i stand here not say bye for now. live. from a list. like
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. this.
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wealthy british style. time. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. great. journey. so to. moscow. to make his news in the week's top stories and on t.v. a blood stained end to an era in libya without occasions colonel gadhafi was executed by the interim government's troops. the breaking point this week violent clashes erupted in greece as people were hit with more austerity measures like the beat is up against the clock me to try and resolve the debt crisis. battle over the
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barricades nato forces failed to remove roadblocks of the disputed serbia kosovo border as ethnic serbs called the blockade to stop the peacekeepers of violence. historic moment to russian soyuz rockets settle from a print space based in the tropics carrying europe's first satellite navigation system aiming to become a serious rival to america's g.p.s. . have a look back at the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly on r.t. the libyan interim government has declared the symbolic liberation of the country following the death of colonel gadhafi he was gunned down in unclear circumstances while fleeing the city of sirte on thursday the incident sparked in.


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