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tv   [untitled]    October 24, 2011 10:31am-11:01am EDT

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patrick mercer is a member of parliament of the conservative party and a former shadow minister for homeland security he's been a frequent commentator on defense and security issues patrick thanks for speaking to r.t. now even very outspoken on the human rights act on how essentially is allowing foreign criminals to stay in the u.k. on the grounds of human rights what does that say about britain are these as a britain has surrendered far too many powers to the european union. is interpret ing the the rules and regulations and the strict strictures of europe in a much more proper but in this way in this case and helpful way the most of the members of the the loopholes the foreign criminals can exploit to stay in the case is that making britain a target do you think i think if you look at foreign nation. attitudes towards the united kingdom particularly issues like terrorism for instance. london
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widely called in french circles londonistan for the ease with which jihadists etc can live prosper indeed in place in particular in london and also in britain i think it's worth also remembering that forty percent of america's external intelligence efforts are directed at the united kingdom and i'm not because clearly because of the actions of a majesty's government but because of actions of islamicists fundamentalist cetera inside this kingdom directed at the us now if we have that if that is the case of this is just the way that we are regarded it was seen as being a soft touch for insurgents for four malcontents or ones or rather yeah i mean i just that is terribly unhelpful to this country surely that's a concern with the olympics coming up you could argue it two ways of course you can say well recently these people here they don't want to spoil a good thing. all the. right britain of course is going to be targeted and she's
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labeled as the little satan on the islamist web sites and all those sorts of charming places i read so much so much of. britain's a target she's been attacked before her soldiers sailors and airmen are under every day attack in places like afghanistan pakistan. of course we remain a. very high on the terrorist list of priorities so how does the government get out of the situation now and obviously human rights have to be respected but of course where do they draw the line i think is very important that human rights of course have to be respected and that's one of the reasons why our servicemen and women are dying abroad at the moment to make sure that that nations don't respect human rights or make a partner rephrase that not nations but causes that don't respect human rights or the we fight against that sort of narrow mindedness human rights are crucially important but there's a difference between the human rights of those who would endeavor to kill british
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citizens and the human rights of british citizens what greater human rights is in the right to life he or she who would try to take your life away from you must be dealt with realistically it must be dealt with sensibly we must bear a gate from the from from from the strictures of the human rights act and we must replace it with a bill of rights as the current prime minister promised before the last election is the case of the government be hamstrung by europe or is this too weak to stand up to the. i think things have not been made any simpler by the fact that we don't have a conservative government per se that we have a coalition albeit a conservative led coalition but a coalition the liberal democrats of course have set their face against any with the human rights act and therefore individuals like myself who. campaigned on the fact that we would have a british rule a bill of rights i fear are going to be frustrated for some considerable time how damaging are these directives from europe and. we recently just had another with
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the e.u. threatening to sue the u.k. if he doesn't relax his welfare system for foreign migrants well i mean you're a skeptic so i'm afraid you're you're not going to get any any warm words of praise for me about the european union it is damaging to the kingdom we are a sovereign nation and sometimes one wonders what sovereignty will still show was the european rules of history as a place to hold we do need to have a referendum on our continued presence inside of the european union other all our entire persons all the terms of which we find ourselves well again this was part of the conservative money faster before the last election given what's happening in the new euro zone crisis the financial crisis do you think this is the death knell has his has sounded forceful even though the concept of europe well i think the concept of europe the post-war concept of europe is constantly evolving and constantly changing i think that's a healthy thing what i hope is that britain in the same way that we very sensibly
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stayed out of membership of the euro itself i hope that we could send you to be skeptical about off further of all the following the recent riots across the case the police were criticized for not acting more forcefully is this a case because the respect for human rights has gone too far do you think. human rights is a question of a balance between the majority and the vocal minority. the rights of the individual are preeminently important we live in a democracy believe in a civilized democracy where individuals are allowed to live their lives or should be allowed to live their lives and safety freedom to speak speak what they wish will say what they wish and to an extent do what they wish trouble is that because of influences such as the human rights act because of the influences of that of what i would regard as the. as the less sensible members of the of the saloon the liberal press and the liberal establishment that those who would seek to disrupt
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society are the by deeds words or actions inconvenience and danger the majority of and endanger the majority of society unnecessarily so how many people did we see protesting say in the student riots before christmas well i don't know how many were but clearly a tiny tiny minority inside the country were they were they protesting legitimately for the most part absolutely of course they were should they be allowed to continue protesting of course but not violently now the police must protect the majority from the violent or the disruptive minority that is as much a part of my human rights are huge human rights as to say that once a man or woman is arrested they should be treated decently by the police of course they should but it's a question of balance it's a question of proportionality now the police god bless them please please understand i only big supporter of the police force have been so lambasted by the
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loony livid conduct of the last government that when we have things like the g. twenty protest the death of ian tomlinson etc and i'm not saying that things won't go wrong by the police of course they were but this nonetheless has colored. so much of the police approach towards these sort of problems that we have a. institutional nervous breakdown from the police in these in these cases and helped by the fact they don't get robust and stringent support from politicians including those of my own party most of them done right see how should they dealt with them they should have dealt with the rights with due proportionality i'm not saying i wasn't there and i'm not a police officer and i'm not going to start making specific indictments about policeman but those in my experience of dealing with riots which i regret to say is considerable most view is that once someone starts being violent there are very
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very very few options left you as a member of the security forces other than meeting violence with proportionate and measured violence we didn't see enough of that. and water cannons potentially possibly i don't i wouldn't i guess i wouldn't talk about the sort of weaponry and i wouldn't i wouldn't specify the sort of weapon all i would say is that imports of this country things like water cannon things like plastic bullets are used almost were i would say without without thought of course or use with thought but in northern ireland violent extremism violent disorder is dealt with extremely robustly by the police service for all the and i don't see why we treat our rich thugs in a different way from the way that we treat english thugs let's talk about afghanistan now could be argued ten years on the gulf between the western arab world's a bigger than it was before now you're a former member of the armed forces what would you say was it was the campaign wrong to begin with would it veer off course afghanistan is
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a difficult place i think that if there was going to be allied of allied intervention in afghanistan we should have looked at particular from the british experience in the past if you go into afghanistan you go with limited aims and you go with a limited time period in mind to get to enter afghanistan in two thousand. two with no clear mission statement with no clear limitations upon when their lives were going to withdraw or indeed what their aim was is very very difficult particularly for a former military man to understand can anything good command for the thinking of a achieved anything positive that i think i think there is plenty of positive things that are being the being achieved that first and foremost is we've got to stop talking about afghanistan as if it is as if it is the kernel of the problem it's not it's a regional war and it stretches from the borders of iran to the borders of russia and encompasses the nuclear armed country of pakistan that the presence of our troops in afghanistan or should i say more properly on the afghanistan pakistan
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border is as much about maintaining the relative stability of pakistan and the relative stability of pakistan's nuclear arsenal as it is about reestablishing afghanistan as a relatively civilized country what's the best possible outcome here they've promised to withdraw troops by twenty fifteen is that likely will it be met and where will that leave the country it was an extraordinary statement by the president the united states saying to his enemies that whether he had won or not he would be withdrawing his troops can you imagine at the altar conference they are allies deciding that there are no unspent to hit that would be that by month x. or of year x. that they were to what the outcome they'd be withdrawing their troops i don't think . it was. his job but now that has occurred to me the best way i don't personally see every american every professional realized soldier leaving afghanistan between two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen numbers will leave pools and infrastructure to be able to be rolled down but there's going to be
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no i presence in afghanistan for the foreseeable future one was announced and so damaging. well you can no tenet of military strategy or operations at the operational and strategic level allows you to say to your enemy this is when we get a surrender that's not war. thank you thank you very much the. leak is. just simply.
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say. to. look see. wealthy british scientists think it's time to practice. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy because the reports. he. libya's new rules order an investigation. with an islamic on the ruins of a once prosperous nation. the health of egypt's former leader hosni mubarak is shrouded in mystery sources suggest a heart attack has left him in
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a critical condition but his lawyer denies those questions. a leak clogged wiki leaks suspends its. american the financial institutions refusing to accept donations. to fight the financial blockade. also the e.u. summit in brussels. sprouts as tension over the debt crisis boils over the british government meantime faces a revolt in europe leaders who want to thank you. and the sports. hello there welcome to. joining us the south. making headlines around the globe. as you were finished.
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saying two point advantage over. to both sides going away games. here in moscow. in the west i'm told friends. in the russian premier league matches in game week twenty eight take place on monday. remain in the domestic league on today. this time they claim back to one away a victory. and. the game will seeds in their seats in the standings taking place.
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in the times it remained the same to catch in the russian premier league they sent but his backside made tending their two point lead over tests come moscow with a convincing victory wager a stealth that is just needed nine minutes to open the scoring has done a registered and now they tell their ten minutes in defend a very small make a foul that extent of the highest in the area so the referee had no other option so point to the sport and look at each making no mistake they soon know now by that fell to second marriage and it extended belly to three goals at a time off to take the boss has it become also a cold one go back straight after the break but that was it for the house so free want to finish and in a pastel on top of it tends. to scar remain well in the front to challenge in it for summit supremacy after coming out the right side of the eight ball thriller with unshy sammael
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a tall three gave the heights are now late in the four minutes then it was time for star shell as the muscovites eighteen five goals in a row say to dubai have made the biggest contribution as i did the trick on the night and olanzapine royce scored one apiece to make it five one and he was able only for too late though soon leave the final score line with a more respectable that was no doubt to control proceedings in texas and for free to express how the funds for their much higher i. spot that moscow meanwhile have gone forth in the standings as their fresh rock bottom i sit on felicity stadium for nail marks and i opened the scoring for the muscovites in the tenth minutes then brazil a strike up doubled the lead just before the break ice had plenty of time to fry his powerful shot into the top right corner of the break spot on substitute matric or you know of contributed with his courageous first goal for the team to make it
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three. and finally found the net once again for the hound side two minutes before the whistle to seal the final result before. meanwhile in the english premier league current leaders manchester city have gone five points clear of their closest rivals united that's after threshing cross-town rivals six one at old trafford my ability and. with a double there for the visitors fletcher added that consolation go for status as men. come up three one win is against stoke city editor men will take time off if points in other games for them especially when it tries as they defeated. to go to one less chance is surprising the last two leagues you boys queens park rangers one . i saw you know and in the kontinental hockey league
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school have gone fifth in the western conference following a six one victory against slovak side. to open the scoring for the hosts of the minutes before the first break. check. levelled matters five minutes into the second period and gave supporters hope for the last come but those hopes were dashed by center. who contributed the greatest ten minutes afterwards simply call finished a demolition with six go on the night six one to the men in the russian capital. moving on and for the second straight season their russian has failed to win the kremlin comp the country's premier tennis tournament no locals in sunday's two finals with monopolizing the men's decider reigning champ of victor troitsky went into the clash as a slight favorite but it was his fellow country men today which started to try to
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eventually. securing the opener in a six for school life the second set a more straightforward affair for tips there which winning its own so six six two was a final score the winning difference this season takes home the kremlin cup. i . think it's a group of them in a while red top her first have a double take title in their russian capital the eighth seed it's what they think. a single spinal to bilk are fighting back against the stone and take it for a six seven six seven five tough two hour and forty minute battle. now what a year it's turning into for luke donald the english man who took over golf's world number one ranking in may becoming the first european to finish a top the north american patriot munna list this with canned the thirty three year
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old doing so after an amazing final round. but simpson had led donald by over three hundred sixty thousand dollars in the cash race the americans to base on sunday to control britain needing to finish tied for second to top the list and did one better running off his straight birdies on the back nine. are the successful top simpson part two strokes you cannot become the first of a golfer to win that magic crown in both europe and the u.s. donald leads almost two million dollars with five twenty minutes left this side of the pond. there'd be a lockout is meanwhile showing no signs of calming turn at the first two weeks of n.b.a. season are lost and all games until christmas could be called off didn't stop the league's top stars from putting on a show for a charitable cause in oklahoma city kevin durant has worn through and a scoring titles and
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a local parish showed just why the twenty. three year old posting it to two points twenty six rebounds and eleven assists last year's and a final showing up with one change. hands with the missing this year and in between honest matt for the federal mediator for hours over three days this week but left without a new collective bargaining agreement. to the world rather championship now was to draft have wrapped up the construct to start with for the seventh time in a row thanks to sebastian love's victory at the penultimate event of the in spain that seven time defending champion and his win trout having gone without a victory since july the fall to seven year old forgetting all about that with a surprise brown during the final stages jarome up to luck for was. to tame mate and make a haven in itself is now just points behind and take the season's title well done it sold his medico but missed out on the boardroom load now he's fifty three in the
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bag with one race to go. it's the scenes the rugby faithful have been waiting for for twenty four years the all blacks claiming the twenty eleven world cup on home soil that the crown coming in one thousand nine hundred seven also won in new zealand plenty of time passing since that very first world cup final and all blacks right to work much harder for their second and it to some victory over made on the adults front instead of a much bigger weren't as expected by many regardless that almost quarter of a century wait is over for new zealand with webb ellis trophy paraded around town to auckland to the delight of all. the great players. ok have to do it on more sports news from around the globe for in toys time who not weather is next good buy.
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sure is that so much of the spirit ali i mean it was never real serious weapons of mass mobilization you tube facebook and twitter are your favorite tools able to bring segments of society together in the name. but i'm dumb but i still struggle for thirty australia in new zealand in the early nineties so you get to the man. if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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someone from feinstein. whose friends starts on t.v. . be sure to type the hotel. his the groom photo.
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springs. hotel royal she plans on posted a photo. page. full points. to the photo. how would. the british government. crisis. libya's a new ruler. to introduce.
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the ruins of a prosperous nation. critical condition. wiki leaks. refusing to accept donations. on the strong notes with the. bailout fund that's been expanded to one trillion euros more on that.


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