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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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it looks like a state of euphoria here and everybody is happy and you know. even though there is no formal you know law and order but are they ignoring the price paid for freedom in libya some thirty thousand civilians are said to have been killed with four thousand still missing this house was one of nato's misses a single family lost five people including children. but i apologize to all governments but no one toss who is going to rebuild my house who will compensate honest follows much of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed finding water is now a serious challenge in the capital when you don't have running supplies and try to collect what they can. have a family with six kids we knew what to do live and to come here every day and get water is very difficult. they bombed the electric station in ben walid
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for ten days they haven't fixed the problem at least we can come here for now. but maybe not much longer. before the war libya could boast one of the best living standards on the continent with high life expectancy and low tiled mortality rates but after months of heavy bombing and fierce fighting the country's social and economic achievements have been brutally reversed its people now betting on a heavily armed and inexperienced group to govern them through a fresh start in the wake of destruction ali asked us not to reveal his face fearing he might pay for saying this. that if you talk or see anything positive about gadhafi you will have serious problems with the rebels there is no government speaking out on to the end of you he tells me if people were truly happy about the end of gadhafi and the way he was killed there would be millions not thousands on the streets. i'm sure some sixty to seventy percent of the country does not approve
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of the way gadhafi was killed we expect them to be tried as a prisoner of war. and we are told a new libya there will be justice he was the head of this country and there was no justice in the way he was killed i have no hope for the future but it's just the beginning don't you think very quick get better with time but things will take time to change in the country. i think there will be a lot of fighting in the future right now and jamal and some are there is fighting going on between tribes and anyone with a weapon has power and can do what they want. so many celebrate this new era in libya's history people like me are quietly bracing for the worst. and he's now a r.t. . many years her coverage from levy on line on her personal twitter feed while her latest tweet she notes that the. and he sees pushing share i'll although
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khadafi has been buried in a manner considered by some as anti islam were also tweeting her r t underscore khan. meanwhile human rights watch has called on the new libyan authorities to investigate what they saying could have been a massacre of khadafi loyalists in seared fifty three dad bodies mannie was their hands tied behind their backs were discovered and abandoned hotel in the city political blogger karl shower says the interim government has little control over fighters on the ground you can see the tension between the and to see. some of the more islamist led groups on the ground and in fact if you see some of the fight there the ground they have the characteristics of islamist fighters the long. history of from afghanistan's own wards so this illusion that the n.p.c. has full control on the ground is not actually correct maybe another party in libya could have it presented the evolution of the aspirations for the legitimate
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aspirations for change but there is that and then in d.c. that still has a lot of former gadhafi associates and cronies within it so that's really the nub of the problem. and if you want to have your say on your top story then log on to r.t. dot com where we're asking why colonel gadhafi was killed take a look at the sight of the vast majority believe gadhafi is dead because could have exposed dirty dealings in the area by western governments and corporations well twelve percent of the respondents think nato just ran out of money for more aerial strikes a slightly larger number of people believe khadafi is to blame for his own death because because of the way he treated his people and others say he was killed because many empty seats members were former subordinates well let us now what do you think on this issue by logging on to our web site which is our t.v. dot com. and later today max geyser and host stacey herbert
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discuss whether colonel gadhafi could have found safe haven in an unexpected place . if moammar gadhafi. got nona jet landed on wall street so at some point the last three months he would have been immediately put on the board of directors of j.p. morgan they would have given him a multi-billion dollar bonus and he would be doing fantastic he would be on all the talk shows talking about his plan to monetize this country's assets in the greater good of a global oil kleptocratic dream state of never ending gusher of profits for the top one tenth of one percent now the occupy wall street movement and the global insurrection against banker occupation has to ask themselves why the justice was selectively served against gadhafi and not tony blair or jamie diamond or lloyd blankfein how come those guys are not hiding in a spider hole somewhere. the
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british parliament has voted overwhelmingly against holding our affair and him on leaving the european union a petition of over one hundred thousand signatures from the public had called for the debate from government earlier word it's m.p.'s to vote against a motion or face ballot he's a spy this doesn't have david cameron's party members defy the order and what's been the biggest internal challenges faced as prime minister by john gone from the vote to u.k. out of the e.u. campaign says britain never signed up for what the e.u. turned out to be. we've got just still sting attack on democracy then the whole room the mother of all parliament square these m.p.'s are not voting with their conscience or with their constituents opinions they're voting or the way their leaders tell them to because if they don't they'll get the sack that isn't democracy is an absolute disgrace i don't actually think we need to be part of
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a political super state no one signed up armed fifty seven but in the age of fifty four has not a vote on this and certainly my dad when he voted for a common market he didn't vote for the united states of europe that's what british people are upset about there's a disconnect between the political elites in our great country and the people the political elites in westminster mark try and stop those but a very chilly we will get our referendum and we will get out of the let me tell you it's not our problem to sort out the problems in greece and tell me why we should work to the age of seventy two or seventy three to pay for staff ross who lives in downtown athens to retire at fifty we shouldn't we're not going to it's the end this euro's state is collapsing as we speak meanwhile in the heart of the e.u. leaders are desperately trying to find a remedy for the raging debt crisis they promise to come to a clear solution at
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a final meeting in brussels on wednesday but now it's all for raj and an appeal from the u.k. new pants party believes that far from being a uniting force the e.u. is quickly becoming a catalyst for conflict. but the strange irony with the whole eurozone project is that what it's done far from bringing people closer together it's pushed people further apart not just for soccer is he being rude to cameron we now have the greeks abusing the germans they now bernie you flags in athens openly with swastikas drawn on them and we have the germans slagging off the greeks as being lazy and useless and the irony of this project is far from us all becoming friends together in this new european house actually we're beginning to argue and bicker in the most extraordinary way you can all take twenty seven different countries with twenty one different languages all with their own different histories and different forms of government you cannot take them and force them into one unitary form of
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government without first getting their approval that approval has never been given and the european project actually is dying as we look at it oh it may take many years just as a soviet union dead but it's dying as we look at it because right across europe the voters are saying we don't want this model we rejected. and more on the wider fallout from the young going to babes in the e.u. in our business but i'm. in global markets swing between gains and losses as investors await the results of this european summit where leaders are to hammer out details of containing the region's bailout plan details coming up in our business boards. but i'm defining this. for some of you on. the newsroom
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we thank you so you get to the money. if you want to have sex go and have sex. i.
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think the. occupy wall street protesters are planning another global rally later this week ahead of the g twenty summit to demand world leaders impose a robin hood tax on financial transactions the movement against economic inequality
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that start in the lower manhattan has gained widespread support around the globe but it's in new york that peaceful protests have seen most arrests as well as allegations of police having handedness argues more in a fortnight has more. oh six weeks into the occupy movement nearly one thousand unarmed activists have been arrested in new york city. thrown to the ground beaten netted like flies and pepper sprayed. the n.y.p.d. is tactics have been harshly criticized yet the most profound and public condemnation recently came from u.s. marine sergeant shamar thomas while defending demonstrators in times square. tonight. the lone man that stood up to dozens of new york cops comes from
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a family of honor my step father he was he went to ghana stand in two thousand and six and my mother were actually in iraq the same time sergeant thomas completed two tours in iraq before returning to his homeland where he now aligns himself with the activists he says are being targeted by aggressive authority in uniform have a scene and. take on a person one on one it's always a few of them you know three four five of them on one person these are you know protests as much as this is police will tell you hands down the twenty five year old war vet says it's come to a point where iraqi activists are treated with more respect and humility then their american counterparts he recalls an incident when hundreds of iraqis got violent with u.s. soldiers a few people started throwing rocks and everybody kind of started the rocks and we actually had a marine get hit in the face he was on back of a truck but at that ad you know the people were free to go you know what i mean
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we've been a rest anybody we didn't go beat up on anybody so to see the police officers doing this to on our civilians in our own country was just it was you know us. i was amazed like i was in shock visiting the protesters he stood proudly to defend sergeant thomas received something of a hero's welcome in zuccotti park or so yes by you they were bluffing and really you know we've been gestures of appreciation towards the marine that completed combat in baghdad but just began his battle against police brutality here at home sergeant thomas lossing of the n.y.p.d. has reportedly inspired the birth would you hold off the pipe dream it's called my new what's better it's all military brats join the anti wall street protest and with roughly forty thousand soldiers coming back from iraq by the years and the international grassroots movement may grow even mightier arena for nigh on r.t.
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new york. plenty more on the protests sweeping america and cloying a true taste of revolution occupy the eats t. shirts pens modest only a few of the three thousand pieces of merchandise on offer with occupy wall street turning into a successful brand for businesses to stir up sales. one of georgia's richest man who was known for his harsh criticism of president saakashvili is facing some strong obstacles as he tries to answer the country's political fray his plans to run for high office haven't been welcomed by the current authorities they have revoked the new for tanner's georgian citizenship and now a court has refused to and the decisions are based on barton reports from tbilisi.
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the man who could challenge psychos really billionaire bidzina ivanishvili he's entering georgia's political battleground according to his lawyer that's frightened to make else really the president of eight years. when he said he's going to create a political party has gone into politics and he's starting to get ready for elections the government panicked they panicked so much they took away a vanished willy's georgian citizenship officials did point out that he had french citizenship as well which is against georgian law and that he might be deported he says it's politically motivated and is appealing the decision. our government has a way of accusing people of treason the authorities violate their power and then use their position as an excuse for their actions the georgian government has also raided a bank of an issue really owns amid accusations of money laundering designed and removed some of his security guards and arrested people close to him to vanish
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really is famous as one of georgia's richest businessmen he's funded the building of churches and theaters and now he's funding the return of a well known georgians to to recall t.v. show the show's director says he has confidence in a banish really but he's still new to politics. he's learning how to be a politician he used to be a very significant businessman but now the methods he used in his business have to be changed because he's a public politician but he adapts very quickly. and he'll have to because while of an issue he himself is confident he'll win the next election many around him aren't even sure if he'll be in it. it's hard to tell if it's in the rivonia surely the reports of george's political future will naught but it's easy to see his case as a metaphor for the overall state of politics here to welcome in him to form a political force would be clear evidence of the democratic spirit that so often
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talked to the georgia that's not so often sure tom watson our chief tbilisi georgia now is take a look at some other stories from around the world funerals are already being held for some of the victims from sunday powerful earthquake that hit the eastern turkish city of van over three hundred fifty people have been confirmed dead with over a thousand injured in the seven point two magnitude quake rescue teams are now struggling to find survivors trapped under the debris thousands of people whose homes were destroyed are spending the night outside with temperatures forecast plunge below zero and snow all expected. american and north korean diplomats are in geneva discussing the resumption of six party nuclear disarmament talks pyongyang agreed to stop its nuclear program six years ago in exchange for aid and a peace treaty with washington but then withdrew from talks in two thousand and nine north korean leader said his country is ready to return to negotiations which also include the us russia china south korea and japan during his visit to russia
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earlier this year. to these areas as long as party and now there is claiming victory in the country's first democratic elections official results are to be announced later on tuesday but preliminary results suggest the group will win most votes its main rival a secular center left party has admitted defeat for president ben ali he was overthrown nine months ago after a mass demonstrations have been in power for twenty three years. while another country affected by the arab spring syria still a long way from holding elections but the government has promised to implement crucial reform. with a six month record short period of time according to syria's foreign minister for his exclusive interview with r.t. if coming up in about ten minutes but here's a look at what he had to say. the country's leadership is not slowing down reforms and the deadline set by the syrian president are very short and in less than six
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months but in the country will see these reforms carried out that is why i'm asking that if the opposition really cares for the future of this country why it wouldn't begin dialogue as lay out some serious approaches to creating a new syria as for the bloodshed let me ask you whether there's a regime anywhere in the world whose purpose is to kill its own citizens or rather it isn't its direct purpose to protect its own citizens from terrorists when we are confronted with an armed terrorist groups who have nothing to do with recording. and a fan out for the business of date with kareena stay with us. welcome to business news here in r t russia's natural gas monopoly is going to buy the german energy and telecom company and a call the company produces electric power using green energy and sells and sells natural gas and internet services the talks have been going on for several months
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but no final decision has been made so far last week the german authorities approved the sale of a portion of and mccollum to gas problem if the deal is completed it will be the first time castro will get access to the uses of natural gas in germany and mccall was an independent energy provider with a turnover of her own seventy five million euros. let's have a look at the markets oil prices are struggling for direction of to reaching a two month high in the previous session light sweet is trading close to ninety two dollars a barrel brant blend is just over one hundred and eleven dollars for the asian stocks one between gains and losses to make you finished under eight percent lower chinese markets gained with the hang up over one percent and european stocks are heading up as traders a digesting earnings reports and pricing in the possibility to resolve ease debt crisis british oil major b.p. is adding around three percent in london after its reported third quarter net
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income nearly tripled. here in russia markets of fall and global trends stocks are trading mixed with the r.t.s. less than a quarter of a percent of them isaac's half a percent lower let's take a look at some individual shambles allies x. this hour most of the blue chips are trading in the red is very ragged losing half a percent hydro is trading slightly better company has consolidated stakes of five more electricity plants and russia's largest carmaker alfa vase is in the black as well more than doubled net profit for the first half of the year compared to the same period a year ago here's maxine fears suffer from metropole and i have. i mean soon it will serve to rule or even metals. can sure be a good potential girls is the word always one of the can when it is the correct march it's all set the record years difference of story when both its big involved michael's mining company and its main exporters from russia good growth some of the
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russian ruble depreciation also it's a bit of stalks which really are a bone for us. in the market. and other new canadian developers are aiming to invest around six hundred million dollars and russian state over the five years we have is the newspaper says that trinity development group and shanklin corp are to create a new company which will invest in building retail parks in the moscow region investors are counting on long term contracts for up to twenty years. russia will be producing champagne for another ten years at least that's the time a local sparkling wine makers can keep the word champagne on their bottles the move is part of an agreement between russian producers and those from the french champagne region it twenty twenty two deadline may be extended if rebranding russian bubbly proves more difficult than first thought the fight over the champagne appellations started in two thousand and nine french insist that
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champagne is a geographic location and can only be used for wines produced there. that's our best the top that for this hour join me in less than one hour from war.
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to the limits. to. see. if.
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any. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street sprinters they are. ladies and gentlemen your chance to choose to set a good mood for example the status of the human experiment is exploding or will. we put your problems in this rap music or to expose the cool was allegedly trying to make sense of global economy and it's on changelings us financial templates each of the research scrambling to maintain our confidence in markets and taking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look keep the nation's close to collapsing a sub prime loans foreclosed homes people. to fail simple
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a bank's again field level i think is a us crash and imminent smashed ceiling tinkling just like ultimate control just enough and free for the i.m.f. imports strikes me i'm just programs increase the total economy. would be soo much brighter if you move out sun from funds to crash and so.
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these funds don't totty don't come. in the czech republic ulti is available in just a hotel as science central hotel premier of the new sun most regal. would start by you to which are limited in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each college who told you big but you know who to put you know. to make her toes you're going to. turn toes. in serbia booties available in a minute regency they are going to. put them out here watching our t.v. these are the top stories the body of colonel gadhafi is finally laid to rest at a secret location in the even desert after days of being on public display but
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questions about the way he was killed and the future of the country remain whether jubilant mood among some levy is giving way to fears more bloodshed is to comp. anti wall street protesters promise he had another global rally ahead of the g twenty summit aimed at pressuring world leaders to tax financial transactions and currency trait that's as a growing number of its supporters in new york criticized police for their fears response to demonstrations. and a georgian billionaire is stripped of his citizenship after voicing political ambitions in which he vowed to win next year's parliamentary elections his announcement was preceded by harsh criticism offer as and. who he hopes to stop him from staying in power. for the start he says down with syria's foreign minister to discuss how the government sees the way out of the bloodshed the country's been plunged in since march.


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