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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 12:01pm-12:30pm EDT

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on the koran that they will never reveal the site obviously the entity afraid that it could become some kind of a shrine to the late leader but also i think it's fair to say we'll hear this from analysis throughout the day that with him to the grave when a lot of the secrets of his reeling and dealings as they call it with the west's very close ties with a lot of western countries before they decided that this dictator needed to go down with him being buried today it needs to be pointed out that it was completely not in accordance with islamic law and he was on display for some of those days in a shopping center after being kept you know walk in refrigerator for days you see these pictures coming out of that site people actually wearing masks because obviously the smell despite the fact that he was being refrigerated was getting to the people that he's been portrayed as now and the first some of the first announcements that we're hearing in fact from most of. that he sees the country moving towards should real long which of course is
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a very hard line islamic way of leading the country at the same time just recent elections in tunisia where official results are expected to come in later on tuesday but so far it looks like the leading party that will take over most of the positions in parliament will be and is for mr hardee the ennahda party so really is something that in a way is ironic i think it's fair to say the west very strongly pushing for these so-called democracies to be born and it may not play out the way they actually wanted but again huge challenges ahead for libya and what people here are certainly basking in the celebration of gadhafi is just a few of them it seems seems a really thinking about what that means for the future of the. cars of liberation are loud and clear. looks like a state of euphoria here where everybody is happy. you know. even though there's no formal you know law and order. but are they ignoring the price paid for freedom in
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libya some thirty thousand civilians are said to have been killed with four thousand still missing this house was one of nato's misses a single family lost five people including children when. their poll joy is top government but no one toss it in who is going to rebuild my house and who will compensate honest follows much of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed finding water is now a serious challenge in the capital and supplies and try to collect what they can. for the have a family with six kids we knew what to do live and to come here every day and get water is very difficult. they bombed the electric station in ben walid for ten days they haven't fixed the problem at least we can come here for now. but maybe not much longer. before the war libya could boast one of the best living
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standards on the continent with high life expectancy and low tide mortality rates but after months of heavy bombing and fierce fighting the country's social and economic achievements have been brutally reversed its people now betting on a heavily armed and inexperienced group to govern them through a fresh start in the wake of destruction ali asked us not to reveal his face during my play for saying this. that if you talk or see anything positive about gadhafi you will have serious problems with the rebels there is no government speaking out on to the end of you he tells me if people were truly happy about the end of gadhafi and the way he was killed there would be millions not thousands on the streets to get their free movies i'm sure some sixty to seventy percent of the country does not approve of the way gadhafi was killed we expected him to be tried as a prisoner of war not killed like what we are told in new libya there would be justice
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when he was the head of this country and there was no justice in the way he was killed i have no hope for the future but it's just the beginning don't you think that it could get better with time but things will take time to change in the country. i think there will be a lot of fighting in the future right now and jamal and tamara there is fighting going on between tribes and anyone with a weapon has power who can do what they want. so many celebrate this new era in libya's history people like me are quietly bracing for the worst. and he's now a r.c. tipperary. and is continuing her coverage from libya online on her personal twitter feed and one of her latest tweets she posted images of. libyan kids rummaging through what's left of colonel to death these arsenal. even know libya was declared liberated it's no closer to peace and freedom but that's the view of chandan he's a spokesman for british civilians for peace in libya into the civil war
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between the rebel factions and the m.d.c. is all about to blow up even the leadership of the n.p.c. our state in this very clearly so there is no peace in libya so where is the substance of any type of liberation or freedom there is none or all my friends who were involved in the media before the fall of tripoli refused to speak on camera refused to speak to any international journalist because they're being hunted literally now so this is the state of affairs in libya the explosion in sirte which killed one hundred people is definitely in indication of the complete anarchy which is libya now we need to have a central government that brings security in order which they had under gadhafi for forty two years look at iraq and they were security and there was some semblance of safety for the people under saddam hussein and now it's the wild west it's completely an acoustic but i think the resistance will grow and let's see what happens nato are stuck in libya and they cannot run in syria because of russia and
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china so one can only hope who has a sense of humanity that things will improve for the libyan people the point i'm making is that islam never has the west allowed a modern progressive and team player list islam islam to really develop. still to come on the program for you the thorny path into georgian politics but a critic of the current president who is stripped of citizenship and threatened with expulsion from the country after announcing plans to run a government. that's a little later for you here on r.t. but first the quest to pull the eurozone out of its debt spiral has hit another snag several key meetings aimed at forming a plan have been canceled at a summit on wednesday heads of states will still meet but there's great doubt about whether e.u. leaders can overcome their differences well for more on what tomorrow may or may not bring when are joined live from germany dr michael fox he's
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a member and deputy chairman of the german parliament dr fox thanks very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. now a report on greece presented to leaders on saturday painted a very grim picture saying that athens might need hundreds of billions more in bailout cash is europe's commitment to athens that strong. well first of all good evening to moscow yes indeed we want to solve the problem and i'm quite sure that we are on the right parts first of all we have to acknowledge we have to know that there is a lot of problems risk. is not really competitive at all there is a lot of money going into greece but i see at the end of the day we will find a suitable solution tomorrow evening where we will indeed get an indication of germany's position on its commitment to more understand that the whole german parliament not just originally the budget committee could understand that was going
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to be voting on the issue tomorrow but i understand the whole parliament is actually voting on planned guidelines for this in large euro zone rescue fund what do you expect to come out of that vote and what impact will that have on your izzo members. i think it's very important to the whole parliament as well to forward and we have made this afternoon already in all parties almost only the leftist the communists are not walking along but all you are those are the first after european financial stability fund we wanted to be safe tomorrow we rule be sure that we have the where huge majority in the german parliament tomorrow which will safeguard first of all the situation of other european countries because we have to ring friends other countries in case of any quick default i would like to obviously talk about the whole of the eurozone but just quickly on the domestic matters there where you are in germany if that fund is increased it will of course have even more
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of a pressure on the german taxpayer so politically more pressure on angela merkel then no it is not increased we have four hundred forty billion available and it will be not more and germany share of that four hundred forty billion is two hundred eleven billion and there will be no single euro more than two hundred eleven billion but we will have a possibility to. take to you look into the e f s f and to make it stronger by kind of leverage possibilities and i see this is very important that we have great possibilities in the first half that has been decided today and will be parliament tomorrow you're very optimistic but many are saying there's so much political disunity arguments going on obviously between sarkozy and merkel that the root of the problem is the political disunity do you really feel that we are perhaps on the brink of a solution for the eurozone despite the tensions we're seeing behind the scenes. i
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am quite positive that we will find a solution tomorrow evening because most of the difficulties between america. are solved and you have to know but america mention it today in our city you see as you fraction that there will be first of all no be. in the picture will be not in war you see you support bank and has to step allies the euro zone but the year for all the possibilities now available which is very important in seeing is going to have do to the possibilities which we are going to give to the office tomorrow a new world perspective it's going to be up to a billion or even more possibilities the first half of which is a lot does that mean then greek economy the greek economy could well be saved we may not see a collapse some may say actually that could be the best thing for the eurozone for
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the greek economy obviously to collapse and maybe indeed even leave the eurozone. well that's another question which is not to be decided by european congress it can be only decided by crease as such because in the european constitution it country cannot be forced to step out of the euro it can be only used. to something which government has to decide first of all we have to see how we are going to software create problem it is create cannot pay back. stab at all will be there will be a sort of hair card talk about maybe sixty percent or even more which is not decided finally yet but that it is a massive haircut isn't it and for banks the implications for then athens is somewhat in some ways as a cash cow for banks fed with those a huge bailouts do you think the banks really will be willing to help out i think
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they have no other choice because either greece of default called. default if you're talking about a selective default the banks have to accrete because otherwise they don't get money. and just could we talk about the overall effect this is having on europe britain's return to its old internal anti europe squabbling which we saw yesterday in its parliamentary vote is growing disenchantment across eastern europe riots across the south what overall impact could this have your sounding optimistic about tomorrow's meeting but clearly this future isn't looking that rosy as it. i think we will overcome the situation first of all the euro is still a very stable currency and you can see it in these markets in the states the euro has appreciated against for instance the euro star quite a lot it was a one thirty a couple of weeks ago and now it's already almost close to one forty
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which shows that confidence in the euro and the euro as such is a good currency is the only problem we have is some countries in the euro zone and are we doing well by far too high debts but i have the feeling each and everybody has understood that they have to change and they are on the way to change even italy is now changing and they are doing reforms which is necessary in order to have a smaller national debt and just very briefly greater economic governance over those countries do you think those eras own members those countries that have appeared to be profit in the past really want to lose their autonomy in the way that they control their public spending and the taxation do you not think there will be those who want to rebel against being controlled centrally just briefly no i think there is still the only way in order to stabilize the euro and the eurozone as such is to come to a creator cream and as far as national debt is concerned as far as new debts is
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concerned as far as a budget is concerned the budget has to be evil and there should be no more new particularly in those countries which are already in a way not according to the masses quite area and we have to follow them our search criteria very intensively dr michael folks thanks so much for your time we really appreciate you being live here on r.t. with this deputy chairman of the german parliament the bundestag thank you andy. thank you. well as the situation in here up worsens the once fermentable unity of the european union is cracking and lead a wave of euro skepticism sweeping the bloc. tell me why we should work to the age of seventy two seventy three to pay for stuff their lives in downtown athens to reach fifty we shouldn't we're not going to it's the end and you can catch a full interview as well as share your opinion on it all at. dot com.
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we'll keep our eye wall street movement is gearing up for another round of global run is this week intended to coincide with the upcoming g twenty summit these latest protests and to pressuring world leaders to introduce a so-called robin hood tax on what they say is the virtually unregulated global casino of financial transactions but it's always more important reports it won't be easy to achieve. six weeks into the occupy movement nearly one thousand unarmed activists have been arrested in new york city. thrown to the ground beaten netted like flies and pepper sprayed. the n.y.p.d. east tactics have been harshly criticized yet the most profound and public condemnation recently came from a u.s. marine sergeant shamar thomas while defending demonstrators in times square.
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the lone man that stood up to dozens of new york cops comes from a family of honor my step father he was he went to ghana stand in two thousand and six see my mother works in iraq the same time sergeant thomas completed two tours in iraq before returning to his homeland where he now aligns himself with the activists he said. as are being targeted by aggressive authority in uniform i haven't seen it and while pv. take on a person one on one it's always a few of them you know three four five of them on one person there yes these are you know protests as this is hands down the twenty five year old war vet says it's come to a point where iraqi activists are treated with more respect and humility then their american counterparts he recalls an incident when hundreds of iraqis got violent
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with us soldiers a few people started throwing rocks and everybody kind of started on rocks and we actually had a marine get hit in the face he was on the back of a truck but at that ad you know the people were free to go you know what i mean we've been a rest anybody we didn't go beat up on anybody so to see the police officers doing this to on our civilians in our own country was just it was you know stuff like i was amazed like i was in shock visiting the protesters he stood proudly to defend sergeant thomas received something of a hero's welcome in zuccotti park i'm sure yes i you know i think it really you know we can gestures of appreciation towards the marine that completed combat in baghdad but just began his battle against police brutality here at home sergeant thomas's public lashing of the n.y.p.d. had from fort lee inspired the birth of a new movie called occupy marine it calls on u.s. veterans of all military branches join me and my wall street protests and with
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roughly forty thousand soldiers coming back from iraq by the years and this international grassroots movement may grow even mightier arena point i am artsy new york. you tube channel you can find plenty of footage shot by journalists protesters of on the streets with activists of voicing their cause you can log on to youtube dot com slash i'll tell you this and other stories we're covering for you at the moment. more news today. again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of. operation. it turns out politics in georgia is not for everybody when one of the country's
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richest men announced he was starting an opposition party would run for government and his wife some he found himself without citizenship appeal was rejected in court . examines the case the man who could challenge sacco's really billionaire bidzina ivanishvili he's entering georgia's political battleground according to his lawyer that's frightened to make else really the president of eight years. when he said he's going to create a political party has gone into politics and he's starting to get ready for elections the government panicked they panicked so much they took away a vanished belief georgian citizenship officials did point out that he had french citizenship as well which is against george law and that he might be deported he says it's politically motivated and is appealing the decision. our government has a way of accusing people of treason the authorities violate their power and then
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use their position as an excuse for their actions. the georgian government has also raided a bank of vanish really owns amid accusations of money laundering designed and removed some of his security guards and arrested people close to him ivanishvili is famous as one of georgia's richest businessmen he's funded the building of churches and theaters and now he's funding the return of a well known georgians to to recall t.v. show the show's director says he has confidence in a banish really but he's still new to politics. he's learning how to be a politician he used to be a very significant businessman but now the methods he used in his business have to be changed because he's a public politician but he adapts very quickly. and he'll have to because while a vanishing really himself is confident he'll win the next election many around him aren't even sure if he'll be in it. it's hard to tell if it's inner ivanishvili part of george's political future or not but it's easy to see his case as
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a metaphor for the overall state of politics here to welcome him to form a political force would be clear evidence of the democratic spirit that so often talked about in georgia but it's not so often show tom watson r.t. tbilisi georgia. twenty three minutes nearly past the hour here in the russian capital it's international headlines now at least ten people were killed and dozens injured in clashes between the yemeni government security forces and protesters in the capital sanaa in the province of tony's that's despite the declaration of a cease fire between president ali abdullah saleh and his opponents sally has for months refused to step down after more than thirty years in power despite ongoing protests and international pressure. human rights activists claim patients in syria's state run hospitals are being killed in an attempt to quell the opposition it follows reports that at least six people were killed in fresh clashes with government forces in the city of homs china is increasing pressure on syria by sending a special envoy to the country to word president assad to fulfill some of the
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demands of protesters and syria's foreign ministers told r.t. the government plans to carry out reforms within six months. the country's leadership is not slowing down reforms and the deadline set by the syrian president are very short and in less than six months the country will see these reforms carried out that is why i'm asking if the opposition really cares for the future of this country why it wouldn't begin dialogue got some serious approaches to creating a new syria as for the bloodshed let me ask you whether there's a regime anywhere in the world whose purpose is to kill its own citizens or rather it isn't its direct purpose to protect its own citizens from terrorists we are confronted with an armed terrorist groups who have nothing to do with record. syrian foreign minister is exclusive interview with r.t. is coming up in about five minutes that'll be after the business news but first
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let's take a look at help politics and technology combine on a farm russia's president turned p.n. joined forces again and this time to get the harvest in they went from steering the country to stereo combine harvester around a cornfield into them apparently bringing in six times who to. farmers and i would culture officials to visit to one of russia's key grain producing regions. and i'll be back with the summer of our main news stories for you in about five minutes from now the meantime the business is next with dmitri. thanks bill investors around the world are banking on a solution to europe's debt crisis hoping for a comeback of growth from world markets e.u. leaders will be meeting on wednesday but the effect is already being felt in russia's banking sector as we've seen moody's giving it a negative downgrade. even though we would say that russia today is
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relatively better than many other countries in the u. . as an international i mean partner to many of the e.u. countries russia will feel the pressure from countries that are suffering more and that has an impact on the old nurse of the international banks in russia and on the russian banks as well in terms of international wholesale lending or wholesale founding so unfortunately the general perspective as well the worldwide banking segment has an impact on russia as well that's why i think moody's s. s. made these. notes. the markets how they're faring vis w t i rise to trade at the highest level in twelve weeks on signs of improving u.s. demand the world has gained more than twenty percent in the past three weeks lightweights is up two dollars twenty two cents this brant is down almost to the. us markets are trading lower after of course showed consumer confidence declined in
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a job investors are moving out of stocks and into two bills video rental provided netflix is down thirty five percent that's amid broken down grades following so pessimistic full quarter outlook. here's russia where the day has also been negative of money worries over what is to come out of the tomorrow's meeting of e.u. leaders still maintaining a level of fifteen hundred points similar to what's been moving the my six energy shares were mostly down look poor losing more than one percent but that's despite higher world prices actually the company said it plans to invest one hundred billion dollars in ten years produce the last two percent almost one percent actually have to say it plans to spend what five point eight billion dollars to boost production capacity eighty percent in ten years and russia's largest car maker after valdez among the few gain is up one point eight percent is first up now for the doubles for two hundred eight million. dollars the company also says it
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plans to points rival after friday and next. russell bridge world joint venture to run k.b.p.s. posted record high financials for the first three quarters of this year the company's net income grew seventy five percent to almost seven billion dollars its chief financial officer johnson told the business see the results were helped by high oil prices we believe this will also remain the case next year it will be looking for again production growth year on year probably in the one to two percent area we've got some integration of our international assets to do terms of vietnam and venezuela. and we hope to see again a strong environment which will allow us to maximize our. business artie's back in fifty five minutes time with an update on.
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in some pieces but forty's available in grand hotel europe grand hotel emerald marco polo full of a club small hotel so close hotel in the big old circus hotel was really a ski corinthian escape on its read a book in the book of sky book in the sky now so to. good to have you with us if you just joined us here in moscow top stories now this may be laid to rest but the controversy surrounding it lives on that speculation could have taken a trove of potentially damaging secrets to his son mark does a great. trouble looms for the eurozone as the promise solution to the worsening
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debt crisis becomes modern political bickering and leadership rivalries. york by wall street movement ready for yet another round of world wide protests to mark the g twenty summit and calls for governments to crack down on the global casino of currency trading. with syria's foreign minister to discuss how the government plan to stop the bloodshed that started back in march and continues today that special interview right now here on r.t. . today we're talking to syrian minister of foreign affairs. thank you for joining us . reserve at the last meeting of.


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