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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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good to have you with us if you just joined us r.t. live here in moscow top stories now the psychopathic maybe later rest of the controversy surrounding the lives on that speculation could have taken a trove of potentially damaging secrets to his there's a great. pressure trouble looms for the eurozone as the promised solution to the worsening debt crisis becomes modern political bickering and leadership rivalries. by wall street movement readies for yet another round of world wide protest and not the g twenty summit and calls for governments to crack down on the global casino currency trading. is up to take the moment next. with syria's foreign minister to discuss how the government plans to stop the bloodshed that started back in march and continues today that saw special interview right now here on r.t. .
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today we're talking to syrian minister of foreign affairs well mr vali done while i'm gone thank you for joining us for. you expressed reserve of the last meeting of foreign ministers of the streets in cairo and the situation in syria where is the opposition welcomed them do you think the arab league has been playing a constructive room or that. unfortunately due to the so-called arab spring some countries that had been playing a significant role in the arab league's operation are now busy with their own domestic issues and this doesn't help consolidated solutions hopefully this is the way she will be resolved in the short term and these countries will become a solution to get it consolidated the common arab cause this is first and do you think it would be reasonable to discuss a country's problems without its participation. second i propose it was made at this consultative meeting to free syria's membership of the arab league this is
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very dangerous those participating countries spoke against this proposal how can one imagine resolving common are big problems without syria. and thirdly this proposal contradicts the league's charter as the board of the arab states leaders have the power to suspend or freeze membership and your call this number was reached when making a decision on libya and we're all well aware of what happened then to have the u.n. security council use the arab league's decision when talking its resolution and then nato used this decision for its purposes when arabs are speaking up with such proposals but they understand the purpose of these actions and which is to undermine what remains of the common are of course. well you know as you know the opposition states that the syrian leadership has little time left keep them and the reforms announced by president bush. they're saying of the syrian people agreeing with their blood could unite in these reforms why is there such a delay in implementing this how are they sound that first of all there is no delay
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lark on the kultury a universal reform program underway in syria will be implemented in a record six months compared to other countries including russia where reforms lasted for several years i repeat that this is a record short period of time and those who speak about reforms know that certain laws should be passed to see them through the included laws on political parties and parliamentary elections slated for next february there are also elections to local self-government bodies and a law on the media should also be passed a commission has been set up to draft the country's new constitution and how fast should these things go and these are crucial issues solutions to which will determine the face of the new syria a pluralistic and democratic country a model example to other nations in the region these hasty action reasonable these are serious problems that require serious approaches based on experience and international norms judging from that i would say that the country's leadership is
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not slowing down reform and the deadline set by the syrian president are very short in less than six months because we will see these reforms carried out and that is why i'm asking if the opposition really cares for the future of this country why it wouldn't be good dialogue as lay out some serious approaches to creating a new syria. as for the bloodshed award let me ask you whether there's a regime anywhere in the world whose purpose is to kill its own citizens or not or isn't its direct purpose to protect its own citizens from terrorists or we are confronted with an armed terrorist groups who have nothing to do with reform these groups are being armed and financed. from abroad and every day syrian television reports new arrests of these groups numbers which are sowing terror with a lot of ject as do they have other than how to earn more money therefore we should differentiate the national opposition which is that favor of political and economic reforms from these armed groups. and can you please tell us who the friends these
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groups belong to and who's giving them during so-called hour long national news. into our information these are al qaeda groups operating from iraq also traditionalist forces and muslim brotherhood units have been discovered these units are financed from two sources and by his nice organizations in the arab world including the gulf states as well as organizations based in european countries the second source is weapons and drug smugglers when nobody goes in. and a lot of statements are made in the west one after another with the security forces continue to use violence against the protesters we actually saw the security forces in the armored vehicles on the streets would be found in their own homes are soon three hundred eighty to syria where so many troops are needed in syrian towns like councils. to start with the west only pretends it is worried about human
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rights violations in syria in fact it was the west that imposed economic sanctions that have hit the interests of the syrian population so hard if they were this is an obvious discrepancy within the western approach in syria that they have a plan which clearly foresee the parents of the ruling regime in syria followed by its complete overthrow that why are they doing this one to minimize syria's influence in the region and force it to abandon its independent stance on the west seems to think that economic sanctions who helped topple our government though this is exactly why we should try to prevent this plan from being implemented secondly we have not used tanks for seven months we did use the. in the very beginning to provide proper protection for our soldiers who were safe inside them but no time has fired on the battlefield so far it is natural that no country would welcome a terrorist group financed and arms from abroad these groups are a threat to citizens security and the work of state institutions and schools
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yesterday three children were killed in one family there was a baby girl among the victims who was not even seventeen months old they why is that what they call reforms and more is it terror and now you understand why i can openly confirm that we did deploy our security forces in the regions where militants are operating with well you are seeing a real opposition maintains that russia's security council resolution the two was supportive of the syrian government's position whereas you say to this step prevented foreign intervention into serious domestic affairs as you know russia proposed a new resolution through a security council which is under consideration now here would further steps can we expect serious salient should this new resolution be approved by an whistlin crowley element for. the world. first of the war we do not expect the west to approve russia's new resolution. secondly vetoing the resolution has created benefits for syria but not only syria if you gave us more time to implement
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reforms russia above all other states of course the syrian government to implement the reforms in question and maintain a comprehensive dialogue we did more than just make use of russia's veto we used to linux are among russia's from our reforms process but the things we agree with russia that any foreign intervention into our domestic affairs as an example just as any attempts to increase economic sanctions against syria since they infringe upon the interests of syrian citizens. in the course of our consultations it became clear that russia is even more demanding than only one reason or urging syria to completely forms and maintain a comprehensive political dialogue. another issue here is that russia is between the proposed resolution gave new life to the security council itself by stripping the usa of its decision making on the international stage oh yes that's a very important thing and just look at what there were not only did in libya iraq
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and afghanistan the truth is that the policy of the united states is trying to implement here in our region is far from unbiased and they're not even their own tell us it is a policy that serves israel's interests that home truth i worked in the united states from ten years and i know this to be true right here in the well as it could work ahead here that you have seen steps to livy the fact that we can only thank sions in place it will syria were true is russia playing and what plans have been made with most. and resolve the situation in the world with you know. a lot of problems with the west and that is the european union usaid levied economic sanctions against us and that impede our economic development if they get these actions to bring down the ruling regime quite naturally under such circumstances syria must rely on its own resources and capabilities i am here by say. that we have enough for teaching resources we have over
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a year's supply of food and basic products to meet the populations demand starting with grain and so on and secondly we need to develop economic ties with countries pursuing an independent policy in countries which haven't joined this western land i mean such countries as russia india malaysia and china and there are enough states with developed economies advantage events in science and technology and these are the states we shall develop our relationship with us by relying on our own capacities and building cooperation with frank states we hope to make it through the current situation accordingly. it seems that ciggies close to recognizing the national council and will syria respond if these thinks playing. i don't want to get ahead of events but turkey knows the scope of syrian turkish relations we signed the intergovernmental agreement followed by growth in trade and cultural exchange and the end goal is to establish strategic relations between the two countries we have been working towards this which in practice means that
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citizens of both countries can visit each other under a visa free regime hopefully we won't goes far as to destroy the results of all our efforts over the last ten years. i was merely a. kid we moved to a different sort of. good damascus today any preconditions before agreeing to receive palestinian prisoners it's known that the west has been pushing russia and syria for hosting the hamas leadership or did syria and there aren't any specific conditions of grains to receive palestinians that were released from israeli jails we're. just an equipment we have to remember that syria has been part of the palestinian issue we handed over the golan heights in an attempt to resolve the issue it's impossible to break the strong link between syria and the palestinian problem which is manifested both in our support for the resistance movement and in attempts to resolve the problem at regional and international levels so while there for. it's natural that there could be no conditional requirements.
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stores are not a gadhafi may be laid to rest of the controversy surrounding him amid speculation he could have taken a trove of potentially damaging secrets to desecrate. fresh trouble for the euro zone with a promise solution from listening to crisis becomes modern political bickering and leadership rivalries. wall street movement ready for yet another round of world wide protests from all the g twenty. and calls for governments to crack down on the global can see you know of concentrating. on their stories a little later and fifteen minutes from now in the meantime and i just spoke with the man and woman tell us how the russians doing in the tennis at the w t a season finale taking place in a moment in istanbul that's right thanks bill well there are two or russian athletes participating that's the biggest representation of this tournament this year and so we have maria sharapova who will step on the court in a little under its own minutes but one russian that has gone that obama has already
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lost her first round robin match against the wimbledon champion that from the czech republic it's about good details on that in just a second so let's stick around and i think from. hello welcome to the sport here an artsy coming to you from the russian capital with your month plenty of ahead but first the headlines. slow story that is about all the loses out to test rugby to fight in her opener at the zone where you see championships after both learned they will lead russia and the czech republic in the cup final next month. ravines that winning run continues as this side from the feeds suniel here in moscow. and the texas rangers iran against st louis to close in on baseball's world series title.
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tennis first then former finalists verizon out over has lost her opening round robin match of the season ending championships in istanbul hampered by shoulder injury shipmates and the moscow tournaments last week the russian went down to check that examines. in straight sets the rating wimbledon champion winning in just under an hour and a half to six to six for the final score and actually right now. brand name carrot in boys now who's up against her friend i want to go off poland and the screen over there right now is so for suits or advanced now later on three time grand slam winner maria sharapova will take on current u.s. open champion sam stosur from australia and certain men's is a chance for sure asked was now his world number one following her shoulder problems is the first time sharapova as made into the championship since two thousand and seven and in order to have a chance of finishing the season as world's top player she has to at least make the final also in her white group he's world number four victoria azarenka and french
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open champion. you know it's one of the took us competitions of the year and then to know that you made it in many here and you're battling for you know the top spot and since trying to make you want to give it all you have you know it's a privilege to be here again you know without winning the u.s. and i doubt i would have played out a good case so it's amazing how quickly the content around it what goal is that can i have been winning a tournament might be us i think. a lot of my career might be. trying to finish finish my good year off with a good. in related use sharapova who has just recovered from an ankle injury will not help her country in the cup final next month that doesn't mean that although it will once again lead to four time former champions after a coach i mean the ship names an unchanged squad for their children with the czech republic in moscow. and i see a problem and you guys even i got
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a all start in their seven final defeat of outgoing champions into the in april world number three patrick spearhead the strong czech side and so on that all but will once a bench or a defeat in some bull. czech republic is very strong and very consistent they have a lot of good players they are not only good in singles but they are also good intel goals so it's going to be yeah it's going. to be a tough challenge but we're excited about it i like challenges and i will try to enjoy it and i will try to do my best football now and in the russian premier league twice former champions rubin have claimed their third wood in a row with the two nil away the three already in our moscow just last night's no goals in the first half but alexander resigns a broken deadlock ten minutes after the restart and shortly afterwards be brusque not the second list stunning free kick so after that it's a ravine remaining six in the table while the not of the had their chances dropped
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for both teams are guaranteed to make the top eight at the end of the regular season there are just two more games left of that and then the table splits into two teams in the top half continuing to play for another six months to contest the big title and european places while the bus in a school fight to al boyd relegation extended season is a one off to bring russian football in line with the european talents are. looking at seed meanwhile are up to third after their two one compact when at sports like magic a lot of found themselves a goal down by half time room on concert dollars for a kick coming off the woodwork and into the path of the neil de generes the muscovites walcott in the second half and finished the match on the right side of it so once we're aligned to establish a cough and young do it on the scoreboard for the visitors it means a locker remain unbeaten in the league in twelve games since manager joe the cosier arrived back in july. a look at the table then lead the way but only six one
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separated saw four sides in fact it's all seven of our guerin see their place in the championship post-season amazingly big standing on jeet are not yet to reverse across and samuel it's all side currently holding stocks but could still lose that's across the dark with two games left crossman's all four points behind angie with those two remaining games. at the bottom of it's parts and occupy the drop zone. that sexist rangers have taken a three two lead in baseball's world series after a force of victory over the st louis cardinals it means the rangers can wrap up the title in game six in st louis on wednesday nights but they didn't have it all their own way and sexists they found themselves two runs down by the second inning. and then skip shumaker giving the cardinals and. the rangers started with
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a run from mitch ball and off ordinals ace fisher crisp markets are in the six even bill trade belted a solo home run the game for mike not that he secured the big three with bases loaded needed to run to the right center field and four two was out finish the rangers with a three two series these in the best of seven contests and just a win away from being crowned champions. because they want to try to play the best game we can when. we can't be thinking about we've got a women's game because all of a sudden we might miss something we want to stay in the moment we just want to play our game and if it's good enough when we win if not we play thursday but we certainly won't be out there thinking about we just got going on game i've been there before and that doesn't work. g.p. rider marco simoncelli has arrived back in italy after that's when a four year old was killed in a crash at the malaysian grand prix last week so much of his father paulo and
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fellow rider balance in rossi were on board this flight to rome seven signed world champion rossi had mentored someone surely but wasn't bowled in the horrific collision at this circuit on sunday someone surely lost control of his hands of blight during the race and sustained fatal injuries after his helmets came off a public viewing of so much of his body is planned for wednesday in his hometown of corrie on up with the funeral due a day later while in the wake of the tragedy they'd sadly unseen agree xeni racing pulls out of the season ending grand prix in valencia next month. and it will end with kickboxing rush as a restaurant tells leon fail to defend his super lightweight so isolate gets one of the world's toughest send up fighters kill wilson from the netherlands it was a bruising encounter with poles leon admitting he was overpowered by the dutchman watching the bout for us was a robert. meet twenty two year old to slump as leon good
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time will kick boxing champ and currently kicking on the door of the stand up fighting awaits facing up a title challenge from the sport's powerhouse the nuance the former it's show time champ was there joe wilson had his eyes and as leon's w five belt the five round blowout was one of the main events of the tournament held by world living w five and five code promotions and must go on saturday night the defending champion was quick to drop the contender in the first round although the number down didn't hurt the dutch much the twenty four year old promptly fall back with a bunch of heavy strikes done and cut diamond. wilson kept him so busy with low and high kicks fulfilling a game plan he revealed afterwards. the game plan was not to box with him because
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of but boxer you know oh it was kicking thinking that was my off my strategy for this one and the strategy proved to give wilson the edge in the night the dutchman winning the five but split decision to become the w five world champ down at sixty kills however there is little time for the winner to rest on his laurels as he confessed he still has some unfinished business with the current it's show time champ and how we are now on this planet the future's next fight for my child time and nothing to fix i will be ready to fight again i'm a. kid spain spain again somebody that has my my job done both titles i want to back. he's a very strong fighter it was a close fight with who was giving our all i think the first round was mine fair and square. from ranch runs to be honest his kids really hurt big nonsense but it
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wasn't only the tool will be some more spectacular action taking place in the night the fight could rhino on a tournament entertain the crowd with who had to wait battles pretty kma it was unanimous decision victory over milan in the june apparently still the show meanwhile ukraine's roman mylo. zaki and present in japan be under sixty five kilos clenched between my thighs and taekwondo specialists respectively so my yellow the younger man by ten years claimed his thirteenth career victory in style or much more than on r.t. moscow. as it were out please join me in a couple of hours meanwhile our channel as our team sport news is always available so i had there so comments and rates are somewhat on some of the stories said here bill and the head right here are up next few.
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