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could happen maybe later arrest but the controversy surrounding him lives on amid speculation he could have taken the truth of potentially damaging secrets to his desert great. california police race to the ground imaginable street to protest the shoulders apart and arrest dozens of peaceful demonstrators. and fresh trouble looms for the eurozone as the promise solution to the worsening debt crisis becomes modern political bickering and leadership rises with. pools and fierce fight for fallujah resurfaces a new study it chooses u.s. led forces a point secret uranium and polished weapon systems during the infamous iraqi battle it's alleged the consequences of radiation are still being felt.
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international news in comment live from moscow this is r.t. within twenty four hours a day after five days of being on public display inside a meat market fridge the slain former libyan leader moammar gadhafi has been buried his body was taken to a secret location in the desert to prevent his grave becoming a shrine for sympathizers or being finalized. is in tripoli keeping across developments and this is her report. the cars of liberation are loud and clear. it looks like a state of euphoria here and everybody is happy and you know. even though that there is no formal you know long order but are they ignoring the price paid for freedom in libya some thirty thousand civilians are said to have been killed with four thousand still missing this house was one of nato's misses a single family lost five people including children but in the living room they
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told joyce to all governments but no one saw us who is going to rebuild my house who will compensate us wallace much of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed by the water is now a serious challenge in the capital and they don't have running supplies and try to collect what they can. and a family with six kids would have to leave to come here ever again and get water is very difficult. it will be gone be electric station in bed will eat for ten days they haven't fixed the problem but if least we can come here for now. but maybe not much longer. before the war there be a good boast one of the best living standards on the continent with high life expectancy and gold tiled mortality rates but after months of heavy bombing and fierce fighting the country social and economic achievements have been brutally
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reversed its people now betting on a heavily armed and inexperienced group to govern them through a press start in the wake of destruction i'll be asked us not to reveal his face during my pay for saying this. that if you talk or see anything positive about gadhafi he will have serious problems with the rebels there is no government speaking out on to the end of you he tells me if people were truly happy about the end of gadhafi and the way he was killed there would be millions not thousands on the streets to get the free movies i'm sure some sixty to seventy percent of the country does not approve of the way gadhafi was killed we expected him to be tried as a prisoner of war not killed like and we are told in new libya there will be justice when he was the head of this country and it was not justice in the way he was killed i have no hope for the future but it's just the beginning don't you think that equate get better with time but things will take time to change in the country it's not a new agreement as i think there will be
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a lot of fighting in the future right now and jamal i'm smarter than this fighting going on between tribes and anyone with a weapon has power who can do what they want. so many celebrate this new era in libya's history people like me are quietly bracing for the worst. and he's now a r.c. tipperary. organo join and he's alive there in tripoli and he said the bodies of colonel gadhafi has some top aide have finally. being buried off the days on public display to libyans make of the way they were treated to death to those who you've been talking to make. the first of all some libyans that we've been speaking to understand that bury it down we are his secrets on his connections and dealings with the west which is very active in close relations really if you just look back a couple of years before many countries decided that he was the number one dictator and had to go without so the whole world watching food in libya those brutal
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pictures that we saw over the weekend of how gadhafi was killed still argument over whether or not he was killed in crossfire as the n.c.c. says clearly the footage there makes it look like he was in fact executed it's a very strong statement but a lot of people been looking out that footage go as far as to say that an investigation is being promised by the n.c.c. another world organizations but the people we've been speaking to a lot of them are afraid to say it but horrified by the way gadhafi was killed even those who despise him and his forty decade rule really feel like we've heard just now from our lead that i spoke about the way he feels about gadhafi that he should have been tried at least as a prisoner of war and that if the n.c.c. really wants to run this country is a new democracy and according to law this was not the way could tap he should have gone so very different views on the situation here but most certainly for those who do want to speak out about gadhafi they feel like they don't have the right to do
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that they're afraid for their lives really a lot of our contacts that we were dealing with i drink a war we can't get in touch with their phones or switched off and some of my colleagues have already confirmed that many of those people in fact have been killed and another think we're not hearing a lot of talk from the empty seat about their plans to rebuild the country what they're going to do infrastructure completely destroyed people are celebrating very much so in tripoli and across the country but very few people it seems are really thinking about what kentucky's death really means for stability and the future of the bia what about nato now its situation it said it's going to leave by the end of the month but what is its role there in the country. it did say that when we first heard news of the town for the death of most immediately nato officials and other european investor conference western countries basically said that by up to over thirty first they would be out today a request from the national transition committee for later for nato to stay alone
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girl so it does look like they're going to be in post for jaffe libya longer than the end of october an exact date has not been given but in terms of the infrastructure no no words from nato or official so far as to how they're going to help rebuild why they're staying in the country most likely of course because of security there are a lot of buttons in this country many of them although again conflicting reports on how how these weapons were given out some say came from nato themselves there in the country there are huge warehouses we travel today with some of the t.c. military if you call them a field commander who took us to checkpoints to see them checking for weapons and we're just talking about hand weapons here we're not talking about any kind of major arsenals in terms of hand weapons or a lot of buttons on the streets of tripoli. i should point out that you do feel safe there's no kind of aggression with them so far but a lot of weapons out why this is the first night we actually don't hear and
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shooting celebrants were shooting i might out but still a lot of weapons out on the street there checking for those weapons but we went to the place where the m.t.c. is is is the mandate that people bring back their weapons and throughout all of today there was one week ten or so on a manic a k forty seven that have been returned so so far their plan of getting back these weapons at least from what we saw today is not working out they really need to to come together and somehow convince the population to give up their lisa thanks very much indeed for that not update from tripoli that's aunties and lisa not only. well you can log onto our website r.t. dot com to have your say in our poll we're conducting at the moment asking you what's the worst thing in libya could have in store for the world but so far the vast majority believe that war bloodshed is to come because the civil war hasn't finished thirteen percent think about his family could use the late dictators goal to revenge on the west almost the same amount believe that was looted weapons may end up in terrorist hands rather say
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a new business government may cancel gadhafi era oil contracts good to hear what you have to say not on to politics dot com. well for more on the story let's now cross live to clone allen and he's a columnist for u.s. based think tank foreign policy in focus good to have you with us here in our take on the libya's interim government has asked nato to stay at least one more month in the country just two days after it declared liberation nato says it's going to leave at the end of the month what do you think me and d.c. wants nato to carry on with its presence for another month i'm not sure of that they really think that situation is entirely stable. and is stable in libya at this point i think one of the surprises in fact is nato commanders were. explicit about what they expected when nato when the end very quickly the khadafi forces would basically run for the desert roll up in an air no surrender well they did it went
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on for at least thirty five weeks and i think that was a shock and i think it also became clear that it wasn't just the fact that they were up against a dictator and that there is a division in country it's really partly a civil war partly it's between west and east partly it's between different tribes there's also ethnicities involved in terms of the north it's much more complex than most people were led to believe and so i think if you're asking nato to stay because they are the interim guy. it does not have control over the militias as your reporter said the place is absolutely a swamp with weapons some of those weapons extremely dangerous and if they get outside of libya then to cause a distressing amount of damage in a lot of different places of course libya's interim leader and of course the whole of the n t c has said look we're here as an interim government transitional government we're promising elections in about eight months from now even before
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those elections are imminent they're now talking about building a democracy with an islamic overtone is this really what the west wants to see there in the near. probably not. you know i think you know one of the problems was that there were no. nato way and when they went to the united nations they said we're going to protect civilians and we're going to build democracy well for seen a good words that they may drop protecting civilians and one for regime change. they didn't mention the islamic part of it all the way along and now suddenly we're talking about terror and islamic government what kind of islamic government however you know makes a tremendous amount of difference is it going to be like tricky for instance or what looks like it's a developing you can initiate this or you know or will it be. a government more like iran or more like saudi arabia or the gulf state but we don't know at this
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point that is we don't know who these people are we've made up a lot of kind of three tales about who they are and now their reality is is coming home and some of it looks pretty grim if you use the khan well let's quickly talk about a point raised by our correspondent he said now in tripoli allegations that some western leaders like nicholas accorsi an expert opinion tony blair they profited from their relations with the half a regime how many secrets do you really think he took with him to the grave something that many people are speculating about and i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitol so in western europe i don't think it was miss king when the hillary clinton u.s. secretary of state said that he should be killed or captured in what forty eight hours forty eight hours later he was killed this is a guy who knew quite literally
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a grid of who will divide it were very this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french and also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think. they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not in the slightest bit surprised that he was captured alive if you very quickly ended up there. very briefly you're talking about the different scenarios we're seeing into his ear at the moment and other countries do you hold any optimism whatsoever we talk about these elections i mean of course elections involve a lot of different political parties but of course after whatever forty years of gadhafi regime there's been no real political opposition able to develop but do you see any glimmer of hope whatsoever for the future so many analysts are talking about more civil war and division i'm not i'm not pessimistic i can't be probably overly optimistic i do think that what did happen here was that there's
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certainly was. a majority of the libyan people rose up against coffee and they certainly played a key role in nato played the other key role in always throwing crafting and so i have to take a certain amount of optimism from that i mean i think that people have seen the power of their own power expressed politically and that one hopes very much that something is going to come out of that if i'm being a hard headed realist i have to look at and say you know there really is no center in the country which of course was deliberately created by coffee but there was no center there are a lot of tense ethnic relationships in the south and the arab speakers in the north i think that there are a lot of tribal differences and i think there's an all use them very much as always been a division between western part of living in the eastern part of libya how are those
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things going to get together is truly to say but i am an optimist and i think that. you know one can only hope that this is what happens on always interested talking thanks so much your time comes for us based think tank foreign policy in focus joining us live there in the states thank you pleasure. we're staying calm is part of the world of the moment because police in oakland california have arrested seventy five occupy wall street protesters and torn down that camp in front of the city hall but they say no one was injured despite tear gas and rubber rounds being fired into the crowd the protest movement is gearing up for more global runs this week intended to coincide with the upcoming g. twenty summit he's like his predecessor and of pressuring world leaders to introduce a so-called robin hood tax on what they say is the virtually unregulated global casino of financial transactions at a point i reports it won't be easy to achieve. six weeks
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into the occupy movement nearly one thousand honor and activists have been arrested in new york city. thrown to the ground beaten netted like flies and pepper sprayed . the n.y.p.d. says tactics have been harshly criticized yet the most profound and public condemnation recently came from a u.s. marine sergeant shamar thomas while defending demonstrators in times square. the lone man that stood up from dozens of new york cops comes from a family of honor was that he was he want to stand in two thousand and six see my mother works in iraq the same time sergeant thomas completed two tours in iraq
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before returning to his homeland where he now aligns himself with the activists he says are being targeted by aggressive authority in uniform have a scene and want to. take on a person one on one it's always a few of them you know three four five and i'm a one person these aren't you know protesters marching. this is for hands down the trench the five year old war vet says it's come to a point where iraqi activists are treated with more respect and humility then their american counterparts he recalls an incident when hundreds of iraqis got violent if u.s. soldiers a few people started throwing rocks and everybody kind of started on rocks and we actually had a marine get hit in the face he was on the back of a truck but after that you know the people were free to go you know what i mean we didn't arrest anybody we didn't go beat up on anybody so to see the police officers doing this to on our civilians in our own country was just it was you know stuff
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like i was amazed like i was in shock visiting the protesters he stood proudly to defend sergeant thomas for seats something of a hero's welcome in zuccotti park schieffer yes i you know well i think it really you know we can gestures of appreciation towards the marine that completed combat in baghdad but just began his battle against police brutality here at home sergeant thomas is the last thing i'll be on my feet for what we conspired with birth that we were called on the primaries it falls on us veterans of all military branches securing anti-war street protests and with roughly forty thousand soldiers coming back from iraq but here is an international grassroots movement may grow even mightier. more naive artsy new york. you tube channel you can find plenty of footage shot by journalists and protesters a light filled the streets where occupy activists are voicing their calls to you tube dot com slash r.t. for this and other stories we're covering pretty much.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corporations rule today. he used to have a new quest to pull the eurozone out of its debt spiral as had another snag several key meetings aimed at forming a plan have been canceled the summit on wednesday heads of state will still meet but there's growing doubt over whether e.u. leaders can overcome their differences michael food any chairman of the german parliament told me earlier that he's urging europe to get off the financial rollercoaster as soon as possible. we want to solve the problem and i'm quite sure that we are on the right parts first of all we have to acknowledge we
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have to know that there is a lot of problems with squeeze crease is not really competitive at all and there is a lot of money going into greece what i think at the end of the day we will find a suitable solution which will safeguard first of all the situation of other european countries because we have to ringfence other countries in case of any qui default and the german share is two hundred eleven billion and there will be no single neurosis and more then destroy hundred eleven billion it is create cannot pay back loans its status at all i think it will be there will be a certain haircut we'll talk about maybe sixty percent or even more. the euro as such is a good currency is the only problem we have is some countries in the euro zone but i have the feeling each and everybody has understood that they have to change and
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they are on the way to change and they are doing reforms which is necessary in order to have a smaller national debt. and is the situation in europe worsens or wants for notable unity of the european union this cracking little wave of euro skepticism sweeping from a bloc. tell me why we should work to the age of seventy two or seventy three to pay for stuff ross religion downtown athens jury trial fifty eight we shouldn't we're not going to it's the end and you can catch that full interview with me and john gaunt as want to share your opinion on its war at r.t. dot com on. the high court in london is to hear a case over the use of uranium enhanced weapons by u.s. led forces during the infamous iraqi battle of fallujah in two thousand and four and spread in the number of reports alleging their use was much more widespread than originally thought well i spoke to christopher busby who co-wrote two of those reports we found extraordinary high levels of cancer very high levels of birth
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defects and we also find a rich a in the sex ratio and the ratio of boys and girls which appear to begin after the battle of fallujah in two thousand and four and what we found was we looked at fifty two elements so we'll see all the possible elements that could be in the air and we found high levels of strontium. calcium and i would mean human and various. substances but what we did find was a high level of uranium and that high level of uranium was it from from depleted uranium. probably this was what was surprising it was not from depleted uranium it was actually slightly enriched uranium which was what it was was fairly astonishing as far as it was it was not something that we really expected and it led us to believe that the. modern military systems use a whole new set of weapons i mean one suggestion is that the people using this weapon have been covering their tracks because there's been a lot of talk about the piece of uranium and its effects and it can actually be
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measured using sophisticated instruments and so if you use slightly enrich uranium or natural uranium then you cover your tracks and then you cannot be sued afterwards when people come along and make measurements that's one possibility we did find patents which showed the existence of a whole new type of uranium weapon not like the ones that used to be used where they destroyed projectiles tanks or tank battles we found patents for direct to charge weapons and a new type of explosive which contains uranium proud of mixed in with explosives in order to cause a very powerful directed charge and this is this is an anti-personnel weapon which which answers the other question why they would have used such a thing in fallujah because there were no tanks in fallujah and many of the ngos in the world have been busily trying to have depleted uranium weapons banned and of course that that's quite right they should be banned because they cause all these effects but of course then the military say well of course we didn't use cleated you raney and that inwardly laughing i guess because they've been using these new
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weapons which are not anti-tank weapons which are anti personnel weapons which are thermobaric weapons which cause huge pressure waves and collapsed lungs or char the victim and then you know a lot of very very peculiar injuries being discovered on modern battlefields that doctors have never seen before and quite and can't quite figure out. and i think that with recapping our top stories very shortly that will be brought up in the business update with the mitri. thanks no one will melt into business r.t. unless around the world are banking on a solution to europe's debt crisis hoping for a comeback of growth from world markets e.u. leaders will be meeting on wednesday but the effect is already being felt by russia's banking sector with moody's giving it a negative downgrade even though we would say that russia today is relatively better than many other countries in the e.u. as an international i mean partner to many of the e.u.
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countries russia will feel the pressure from countries that are suffering more and that has an impact on the oldness of the international banks in russia and on the russian banks as well in terms of international wholesale lending or wholesale funding so unfortunately the general post but it will be worldwide banking segment has an impact on russia as well that's why i think moody's s. s. made these. notes. now of russia's world pipeline operator transnet says china will settle with seventy five billion dollar bill if it will deliberate from russia within a fortnight and money is owed to russia's top well company of course an afghan pipeline operator transnet in return russia promised to consider the price of existing and new will contracts with china and he'll follow his prime minister putin's visit there earlier this month problems between the countries arose in march when china decided russia was overpricing its world by two to three percent
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and complainers according. speaking of world cyclical how it is trading this hour w c i is rising to trade at the highest in twelve weeks and signs that improving signs of improving us tonight oil has gained more than twenty percent in the last three weeks light sweet is up to two dollars sixty eight cents this brant is correct on twenty five. u.s. markets are trading lower after a poll showed consumer confidence declined in october investors also moving out of stocks and into t.v. bills due to the uncertainty of the meeting of european leaders sergio once a video rental provided netflix is down thirty five percent amid brokerage downgrades following its pessimistic fourth quarter. and this is the closing picture in russia where the r.t.s. m i six was accused of declines of points or someone from some space of the most energy majors ended down with new coil one point two percent in the red despite
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high oil prices the company said it plans to invest one hundred billion dollars in the next decade producer while carli was also down a plan to spend five point eight billion dollars to boost production capacity like eighty percent in ten years and russia's largest car maker after buzz was one of the few gain as its first software profit more than doubled to two hundred eight million dollars the company also say that plans to buy its rival is by the end of next month. in other news russell british oil joint venture to. record high financials for the first three quarters of this year i believe net income grew seventy five percent almost seven billion dollars and chief financial officer jonathan moore says results were helped by high world price and he believes this will remain the case next year it will be looking for again production growth year on year probably in the one to two percent area we've got some integration of our international assets to do terms of vietnam and venezuela. and we hope to see again
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a strong environment which will allow us to next was on it but it's not often the business does go for today when i call agree milliken she'll be here eight twenty am moscow time join her if you can. wealthy british scientists are not on to the title of.
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market finance come the. find out what's really happening to the global economy with months concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our cheap. morning news today violence is once again fled up the food these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada to come shining corporations are on the day. to come.


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