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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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isn't archie cheering the killing of one man while ignoring the deaths of thousands of civilians in libya alison pointed out the problems of the u.s. media's approach to the dolphins demise. while some saving big euro already received as a crucial meeting of european finance ministers this council ahead of wednesday's in new summit casting doubts over the prospects of a solution being found in the deepening crisis. and a new international study says the u.s. news secret deals with them based weapons in iraq causing high levels of cancer and birth defects are she talks to an author of the report. is just after two pm here in the russian capital and you're watching far welcome to the program now live is a new rulers are increasingly being accused of the kinds of abuses they were
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rebelling against when they overthrew colonel gadhafi insert the number of people legibly executed has risen to three hundred now this comes on top of criticism that gadhafi is body was put on public display inside a meat market fridge for five days artes and he said no way reports out from tripoli. one of the major concerns here are my pins of firearms that are massively in the hands of the population here there are efforts from the empty seats trying to collect and get people to reeling week disarm and bring their weapons back but so far it doesn't look like that idea is working out we went to one collection center if you will yesterday it covers an area of tripoli and for the entire day only about ten or twelve a k forty seven have had been returned just to give you an idea what that number means walking down one or two blocks here in the capital you can see maybe two times or three times more about amounts of automatic weapons being waved around but even more serious concerns here in terms
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of security about weapons storage arsenals unguarded where houses full of weapons what happens if those weapons get into the wrong hands already human rights watch has expressed grave concern about ground to air missiles that could essentially hit civilian aircraft if they get into the wrong answer the security situation here very very sensitive just recently some three hundred people were from murdered in sirte with their hands tied behind their back that is sparking accusations of political executions which is exactly what these from the rebels were fighting against i know others think that they just stinks if you will of the prophecy of course is the way they could defeat was killed i mean we saw the brutal gruesome footage that went viral the whole world watched including of course libyans here and although a lot of the things you're seeing are in the mass media as people just full of elation that gadhafi has done that dead when you go out and speak to people and push them a little bit you do find that there are
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a lot of people here that are hesitant to express just just horrible feelings about the way he was killed not to mention the fact that he wasn't of course very different from muslim tradition he was put on display for days and only after thousands of people came to see him was he. newly married so so it's not exactly as it seems from afar what people feel about you know we come here and actually start talking to them that however not the case in the last three of how some people very outspoken unhappy about the way gadhafi was killed this was really the mass media experts are telling us not speak azerbaijan's you with him to the grave with many of his secrets and dealings with the west well you can get a nice reports from libya firsthand by following her on twitter and in her latest we should discuss this to get a reaction to pictures of young fighters with guns as one reader wonders if the next gadhafi is among the crowd while you can find out on her personal for you then r t underscore calm is of course retreating. now as and he said in her report
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mainstream us media reacted to get off his death with a chorus of cheers and approval our reports from washington on how a brutal lynching was trumpeted as the dawn of a brief new world. it's funny because cheers. for the joy of killing the african leaders spread like wildfire in the us it was just a trillion dollars to get saddam and a billion dollars to get gadhafi and libya says they're going to pay back the billion that we spent too so it's going to end up being sort of free for free for nothing so let's get in on the ground there's a lot of money to be made in the future in libya there's lot of all to be produced no american soldier killed probably greater opportunities ahead seems like the perfect and you were the one that's meant to be a lesson to others i think it's sense of an important message to other leaders in the region but i tell you that these are a big gators they are not very original just like saddam hussein caught amid
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a whole new market da he was a bad guy although many libyans would argue how bad he was for them considering what the dark evil done and for the social welfare and women's rights but not in the eye of the western audience as presented by the media he was the ultimate evil it's a demonization every step of the way against gadhafi in the media today always one one man becomes the justification one leader of a country becomes a justification for destroying an entire country. for a few days the media savored the bloody music. and laugh that similarities between this character in a ditch and out of saddam hussein all the cheering about could all face killing in the eye of the public effectively always is the bad taste after the nato campaign no mention of thinking is that millions killed in nato strikes none much talked about the destruction in the country cost by those strikes conduct this killing is
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presented as a triumph a triumph which can create a perception that somehow it's perfectly ok to invade a country and help its leader be lynched but if it's presented as such a success doesn't become more campaign to try the same methods somewhere else i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . conn hallinan a columnist for u.s. based think tank foreign policy in focus says that the west should be outraged rather than pleased by the way gadhafi was killed i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitals in western europe i don't think it was . mis speaking when you know hillary clinton the u.s. secretary of state said that he should be killed or captured in forty eight hours forty eight hours later he was killed this is a guy who knew quite literally written where the bodies were buried this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the
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italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any research and i am not miss lightish that surprised that he was captured alive and you very quickly ended up there how the role of the alliance and i get off is death is also the topic of debate for peter lavelle and his guests and the latest edition of crossfire well here's a preview of what's coming your way next hour. i just don't think there's any sign that there's a war crime involved here and i don't think it's murder i think it's it's part of an ugly process that we call war the murder was in the ambulance so far as i can tell by young libyans and you know maybe he should be he should be held responsible for that but i just don't think that the attack on the convoy weeks ago even the selfish never the big this was
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a drop of american drone plane that attacked his convoy alongside a french one war plane and these two so really this was a joint french nato u.s. and murder could r.p. the fact that he was technically alive but he got out as he scrambled out of his convoy hardly negates the role of the united states in his murders. and was a solution to the european debt crisis promised by e.u. leaders has been left in serious jeopardy that's after a key meeting of finance ministers before the leaders summit on wednesday was cancelled many now doubt that the heads of state will be able to come up with a rescue package on their own and while hopes for a political ray out of the crisis are fading some are finding inspiration elsewhere as our concern for the ports. as the talks continue to try to find
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a resolution to the financial crisis let the people who are cutting through the political rhetoric and telling it how it really is. the. meat soul sister and the greek. these political rap lyrics have been striking a chord with people. who were in. the protests and the squares the situation in greece is really tough everything is reversed from what we used to know a few years ago that we use our own lyrics to show how we perceive things that are happening in our society. was the feeling in unison may come naturally to the group you're using leaders have increasingly been failing to sing from the same page you take twenty seven different countries with twenty one
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different languages all with the road different histories and different forms of government you cannot take them and force them into one unitary form of government i do european project actually is dying as we look at. the basle continues to come up with a rescue plan for the e.u. to be marred by bickering amongst member states. we now have the greeks abusing the germans made alberni you flags in openly with swastikas drawn on them i we have the germans slagging off the greeks as being lazy and useless and the irony of this project is far from us all becoming friends together in this new european house actually we're beginning to argue and becca in the most extraordinary way. has great struggle to do with the sturdy measures including cuts to jobs wages and pensions does in the streets claim please in paris france is anakin as it's a plain and simple it's who gains the food and needs of the people all the
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politicians have to speak it's other nobody spits on them that's the big problem that's the big problem everybody doing everything he wants from his party left by the party and nobody here and the people this is this is a. major piece of the decisions and talks continue to take place behind closed doors the system is determined to take the discussion back to the streets. in the us if we get our message across to people and help them understand we feel we've succeeded in something we don't know where the situation is going to why this started but we don't know where and. when you see you're using crisis mumbles on his assertions that they can't find a solution and then standing something like breaking records.
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the u.k. parliament voting against a proposal to hold a referendum on leaving the european union they remain strong and sentiment in the country conservative party m.p. douglas carswell told r.t. the ve a structure simply doesn't fit the global financial environment anymore so here's a look at the interview coming up in for about fifteen minutes. the european union it's a nine hundred fifty s. political structure it's an outdated architecture for a modern continent when we joined the european union or what became the european union in the early one nine hundred seventy s. western europe at that time accounted for thirty six percent of global g.d.p. today the european continent accounts for far less not by twenty twenty it would account for a mere fifteen percent of global g.d.p. we joined what we thought was a prosperous trade block it turns out we shackled ourselves to a corpse i think we're better off.
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china has repeatedly called on the e.u. which is beijing's biggest trading partner to get its house in order and as a debt crisis shows no sign of letting up it could be the asian powerhouse that comes to the rescue but professor from the university of international business and economics in beijing believes that china will tread carefully following mistakes made by e.u. leaders in tackling their problems. china will join the bandwagon of all the saviors by china will not be a white knight in this regard because the understanding is that it is those individual countries who are having the problem will be also the problem solvers in the first place and then what will be the neighboring countries of the community of the of the eurozone can come up with a specific solution in which china kind drawing to help china is not very satisfied
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satisfied with the for. those that the austerity plan didn't come on the right time and there are still the war between different stakeholders within within this fall not. on the other hand the in the size of the slow pacing of their members particularly those leading members in solving those issues so that really saves several taj the number of people in terms of their patients to come up to the rescue plan. and so had for you this hour the police versus the protesters. and corporate rallies spreading across the u.s. see more clashes as officers use tear gas to disperse crowds of demonstrators plus . and business russia's gas monopoly gasper made the record did its base
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here twice the amount paid a year ago to have more for you on this program. the u.s. used secret new weapons in iraq that cost increases in cancer and could travel illness says innocent civilians that's according to a new international study the researchers found that the use of uranium enriched arms by american forces in the infamous battle of fallujah in two thousand and four was not righter than previously thought earlier r.t. spoke to christopher busbee one of the authors of the report and just a warning you may find some of the images in this interview disturbing. we found it scrawled in really high levels of counts very high levels of birth defects and we also find a rate of change in the sex ratio in the ratio of boys to girls which appeared to begin after the battle of fallujah in two thousand and four well in the latest study what we did was we looked in the hair of twenty five mothers and twenty five fathers of children with congenital anomalies what we did find was a high level of uranium and it was not from depleted uranium it was actually
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slightly enriched uranium and it led us to believe that modern military systems use a whole new set of weapons which contain or produce enrich uranium for various reasons which are not entirely sure about the secret weapon and we and it does cause these indiscriminate effects on populations which are really quite horrifying and poison the genetic integrity of the whole area where they are used and possibly travel around the globe also there's been a tremendous cover up of the use of this stuff because the people who are using are perfectly aware but it's a kind of poison gas that has until a defect you're not allowed to use poison gas is in modern warfare and all sorts of conventions and it is easy to argue in court that this is a kind of poison gas it has indiscriminate effects these effects are not immediately apparent but they're much more terrifying for that because they echo down the whole generations of the people who have been exposed and these are not people who are competencies of people who are non-confidence who live in the area
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but also the troops themselves i mean we know that the americans of gulf war veterans have got a high level of congenital malformation is in their own children but the urine measurements that have been made on them so no depleted uranium so the idea that these congenital malformation have been caused by uranium has been discounted and this needs to be revisited. and as always you can log onto our web site for plenty more on our top stories and also online for you right now conquering the whole russia and they'll say eight billion dollars plan to build the first several city artificial climate in the arctic plus. we bring you a first. look at moscow's lavishly refurbished all through theater two days before his grabs the opening rounds that and other picture galleries are to dot com. the.
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police have clashed with hundreds of demonstrators at the u.s. city of atlanta it happened when hundreds marched show their anger at police clearing out all wall street can't. officer shot several rounds of tear gas into the crowd who were trying to reclaim their position within the city center earlier on tuesday eighty five people were arrested after they refused to take down that their tents as part of the nationwide movement against corporate greed but the campaign has been going on for more than six weeks now attracting increasing numbers of people it is obvious and this is the trick in our reports. from riches to rags an american fairy tale gone sour eric smith walks by a luxurious manhattan hotel the chef here for six years he whipped up posh meals for the rich and famous we did a bank which for five thousand. we did parties for the past three presidents
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they're really high and the recession changed everything today eric is jobless and broke after you laid off right now collecting unemployment which is. about three months because ingredients are changed to we work with a lot of high end. now it's lettuce and tomatoes for simple vegetable broth in a brooklyn soup kitchen where he volunteers as one of the cooks for occupy wall street protests are the thirty eight year old detroit native dreams of starting his own business at taco truck but doesn't have the money you know it's been a struggle. think about. the realization that one in six americans are living in poverty. has led eric to the occupy wall street protests calling for change.
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and it's really happening all over the country the food he and other volunteers cook at soup kitchen shows everybody so lovable. gets delivered to the protesters who spend day and night camping out howard erik also sleeps here at the end of the night when there's people here to the comforts of the sleeping. ground usually even though the chef is penniless in this revolution he says he's been waiting for it his entire life cooking for the rich back cats in manhattan and trying to. look for the rich. this is something that's really going to make the difference in the future and even though life is tougher than ever before eric says he would not choose to be anywhere else but here from relatively well off to flat out broke is not an exceptional biography out in the west these days eric story is one of millions but
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he is one of only hundreds that have found their way here so far he said archie new york. well you can find out more videos from protests against economic inequality across the globe available on our you tube channel you can watch for the shanghai artie's correspondents as well as crowds of us by logging onto you tube dot com slash our team of course you also find many other stories there. more news today vorlon says once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians to rule the day. well time now for a quick look at some other international stories rescue efforts are continuing in
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eastern turkey where emergency workers have pulled a twenty seven year old schoolteacher and a teenager from the rubble they were trapped under debris for three days in the city of van that following a deadly earthquake that left over four hundred fifty people dead the government has requested foreign aid to shelter thousands of pointless families meanwhile an aftershock of the quake has been blamed for sparking a riot in a prison within those reportedly setting fire to the jail because authorities refused to welcome out. an explosion in the western a swiss city of even a bone that bone is left one person dead and fourteen injured the last struck before floor of an apartment block in the city center eight of the wounded were taken to hospital for treatment and we say they're still trying to determine the cause of the explosion. latest jet airliner has made its first passenger flight from tokyo to hong kong the dreamliner seven eighty seven is said
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to be lighter and more fuel efficient than its current rivals in the sky the flight came after a three year delay is boeing dealt with glitch a sample of research backs one seats on the maiden flight was bought for more than thirty thousand dollars in a charity auction on e bay. but software this hour next is a business with. welcome to a business up at this price for joining me it's a red letter day for scientists business men working with knowledge of russia is hosting the fourth and the no take forum as part of the drive to modernize the economy and make it less the plans of the natural resources president meeting with various promises the program will get funding. well again let me say the expansion of funding and scientific research remains an absolute priority for us we invest a lot into the modernization of universities research centers and more trees and
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encourage the creation of new programs for this purpose we plan to invest almost eight billion dollars by two thousand and fourteen with. that's i guess what i'll be gassed on my pay i will record dividends this year the and i've had time to pay up to six billion dollars twice the allowed paid a year ago it will be a record high for gas coal a cascade i would move the power grid into a same league as russia's lender and dividend payments tank. let's have a look at how the markets are doing now oil prices are makes by trading close to twelve with prices rose as much as a point four percent head of the also american petroleum institute reporting that crude stockpiles are climbing in the u.s. the world's biggest consumer of the commodity. european stocks are mixed this hour best on the sidelines and listening for the eagerly said way to the summit of the eurozone leaders in brussels that's happening this moment drugmaker company merck
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is the top winner on the tax where shares up over six percent after the company reported strong quarter earnings and nokia is among the gain as with shares growing over two and a half percent ahead of the mobile phone makers of world events seem to be getting loved the rights to. russian stocks out in the black and afternoon trading session as crude is about advances for the fourth day however of the trading volumes remain a lot. as investors are waiting for news from you or europe now let's take a look at some individual shammal some isaacs the solid telecoms provider was telecom is gaining on news the company's buyback program could reach five hundred million dollars energy holding and our scale is also off its first half net profit growth fifty one percent to eight hundred fifty six million dollars bucking the trend is electronics retailer video the company has failed to agree on the merger with its elder brother come monday from a peter investment bank gives stock tips for those expecting good news from today's
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meeting. if you have a very strong of these resolutions you're a good model for the year you would start which are more positive for home risk i suppose you could buy groceries or you would be selling out of the cash position of us over a better position you can hold in the last few months on your bill or from your stocks so that's all right it's a global growth you get your aims and there is progress no growth stream each year so. especially bearing in mind that your own run straight specs are decent size of one. of them just roasters. around one hundred russian insurance companies will be forced out of business next year due to new capital requirements starting from january a company must have at least four million dollars however analysts say the loss of a six of the country's insurers will not have too great an impact as the companies involved are too small to fact the market. work lease
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a bank is to sell its retail operations in russia to a group of local investors the british lender will continue to operate in the country through its brokerage subsidiary capital the bank says it has crossed assets of about eight hundred million dollars and russia to lead the claims the sale would have little impact performance barclays cited intense competition in the market so many by state controlled banks for its decision to quit. that's all we are paid for this hour stay with us for headline news coming up next.
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