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welcome you're watching r t with me kevin irwin tonight it's nine pm here in moscow and our top story for you it's make a date brain make strike again it's make or break day in brussels as european leaders try to gather and put the final touches to pull the eurozone out of its spiraling debt but the mood remains grim nonetheless with growing concern the bickering and rivalry between politicians is getting in the way well i don't know bushell has more now on the summit that's already underway in brussels tonight. parliament has agreed to approve the bailout fund basically as an insurance for loans taken out by nations it did happen despite insults being really thrown across the palm and even directed at the merkel herself she was accused of gnawing to taxpayers to get this deal through germans of course particularly angry point a deal because germany will have to pay the vast majority of any of any bailout that does come parliament was also suspended for a short time today there's a new there's a fight breaking out between paul and terry and being forced by brussels to take
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out a new round of measures silvio berlusconi offered to resign government refused to raise the retirement age you need to be to sixty seven as france and germany are demanding he also reportedly told his cabinet there's no point in going to brussels today if he doesn't have a full mandate and all that was the support of his cabinet and government own little things on looking good for a resolution today senior diplomats negotiations on greek write downs all proceeding very slowly officials want banks to write off seventy five percent of their loans to greece if you lent a million euro to athens you can forget about three quarters of that banks are obviously angry they say anything above forty percent right and europe's whole banking system is in trouble and it's really sheltering with the world for the whole says bolted but the e.u. today is also trying to raise the amount of. that the banks have to hold to avoid exactly the same crisis next time. some conclusion so no deal for recapitalization
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of banks in other words banks remain vulnerable in the event of a greek default take a major hit and many are in fact expected to collapse but also unconfirmed reports that china has agreed to invest in the european financial stability fund on the one hand it's in china's interest to prevent a collapse of the european union and the euro because that will have a negative knock on effect on the rest of the world economy in the other and these alone so if everything does go off ok then china will own that only its investment . so your correspondent daniel bushell the end of the long big considering a big considered a bastion of stability but the struggle to keep your afloat is dealt that reputation a serious blow with it is a rising wave of people who won out such as in britain where rebellious politicians try to force an e.u. exit vote no their bid failed but one of the leading party members tells r t that he still wants a referendum because of the e.u.'s out of date as he sees it. the european union
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and one nine hundred fifty s. political structure it's an outdated architecture for a modern continent when we joined the european union or what became the european union in the early one nine hundred seventy s. western europe at that time accounted for thirty six percent of global g.d.p. today the european continent accounts for far less than that by twenty twenty it would account for a mere fifteen percent of global g.d.p. we joined what we thought was a prosperous trade bloc it turns out we shackled ourselves to a corpse i think we're better off out. let's get some more thoughts on this big story dr marcus curve is a political economy professor at the burton institute of technology he is the man who tried to get germany's bankrolling of other states deemed illegal we're delighted to have you on the program tonight dr kirby thanks being with us so here we are despite your very best efforts of all the publicity around it germany has
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not only upheld the legality of bailouts today it's also just approved those two hundred billion euros more in contributions to the e.u. bailout fund how does that make you feel tonight. i think this is only a mandate for the chancellor to begin negotiations in brussels is not a mandate to look conclude it is as a matter of fact a great ally of the german parliament who irrespective of the different opinions between certain members of parliament has expresses a bill to keep german budgetary veto powers in germany within the institution constitutionally in charge of voting on resources so it is a vote may a major a mess of vote in favor of fiscal sovereignty with that vote the chance america cannot conclude anything because anyway the guidelines the different options of leveraging the so-called rescue mechanism have been discussed but they are
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so vague general that they are not mature enough to to to decide to deliberate apart so this will go it's going to be a second stage for the time being germany has not said no it has not said yes but do you think it will say yes at the end of the day. i hope it will say no and i as you know i have always hoped that germany sooner or later is going to wield the power to bring the continent to back to economic reason because we are in a phase of the euro agonizing and if a certain concept is agonizing he should bring it quickly to an end the money we have spent on greece is lost money and we know this i have said this in spring two thousand and ten we should have kept greece out of the eurozone from the very beginning of the crisis but it set up quickly but i think you know i think you have any way. i think generally there is a growing debate and there's
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a growing debate within the parliament which are with all the repercussions is eighty five percent of the germans disapprove the government's bailout policy and soon all. that massive popular opposition has to be faced by the german parliament they have to pay tribute to that they cannot go on pursuing a policy which has turned out to be failing. i put it to you as well that of course germany for the last twenty years or so did very well out of the whole euro project in may. well the economic success of germany is not at all due to the euro this is a french propaganda the people who say this have not read the figures germany is doing well because germany improved their competitiveness and i remind you of the fact that germany at the beginning of the euro of the year history. late ninety's beginning two thousand was classified as the ill man of the continent then germany made an enormous effort to to improve compared to venice and cheesed it whereas
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other countries like portugal greece. not to mention island stepped away from that path a third hugh compared to thirty or so germany is today getting the harvest of its sound economic policy at the beginning of the year two thousand totally disconnected with the lot of the ironies you know your argument is used by french politicians saying germany to the euro its success a success and that's why germany is obliged is committed to continue beta policy and you don't see this happen i was going to say one of the ironies dr is that the greek army currently feels almost as many german battle tanks as germany itself i'm talking about the way that germany has benefited from having people like i have to tell you when i hear is a place i have to cut you short there. and i must remind you of the fact that the
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front is now delivering friday gates for almost nothing to greece and that at a moment where greece is factually in a situation of default what is scandalising is a scandal is not that many men. a years ago. greece has been receiving german tanks. as in the. turkey to receive german tanks but that's now in the period of deep crisis of greek fries as france continues to deliver thriving we may lose the lowing to tarry seconds we may lose the lines in ten seconds i'm afraid you might go black in the middle but thank you for being on the program we really do appreciate your thoughts and putting your stance so firmly there dr marcus kerber professor of political economy at berlin institute of technology. well let's take a look now and see what else we're covering for you tonight mama gadhafi is most problem son saif al islam could appear at the war crimes tribunal is reportedly ready to surrender to the hague where he's wanted on charges of crimes against
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humanity he's been on the run since revolutionary forces took control of certain last week and is thought to be somewhere near libya's southern border with. relatives of the slain libyan leader look to the hague to bring a war crimes lawsuit against nato wilber alliance troops deliberately striking gadhafi is calm voice which they say pose no threat to civilians he was only allowed into libya of course by the u.n. solely to protect citizens. a decision now as well to ended so libyan mission by the end of the month after calls for the interim government stay home and the saudis in this and i discovered gadhafi is dead isn't making the country any safe either one of the major concerns here are white weapons are fire arms that are massively in the hands of the population here there are efforts from the empty seats try to collect and get people to willingly disarm and bring their weapons back but so far it doesn't look like that idea is working out we went to one collection center if you will yesterday it covers an area of tripoli and for the
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entire day only about ten or twelve a k forty seven have had been returned just to give you an idea of what that number means walking down one or two blocks here in the capital you can see. maybe two times or three times more that amount of automatic weapons being waved around but even more serious concerns here in terms of security about weapons storage arsenals unguarded warehouses full of weapons what happens if those weapons get into the wrong hands already human rights watch has expressed grave concern about ground to air missiles that could essentially hit civilian aircraft if they get into the wrong hands of the security situation here very very sensitive not just recently some three hundred people were found murdered in sirte with their hands tied behind their back that is sparking accusations of political executions which is exactly what these former rebels were fighting against another thing that they just stinks if you will of hypocrisy of course is
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the way that gadhafi was killed i mean we saw the brutal gruesome footage that went viral the whole world watched including of course libyans here and although of lot of the things you're seeing in the mass media is people just full of elation that gadhafi is dead that dead when you go out and speak to people and you push them a little bit you do find that there are a lot of people here that are hesitant to express just just horrible feelings about the way to be killed not to mention the fact that he was of course very disappointing to muslim tradition he was put on display for days and only after thousands of people came to see him was he finally very so it's not exactly as it seems from afar what people feel about gadhafi we come here and actually start talking to them that however not the case in the last three how some people very outspoken and happy about the way gadhafi was killed especially the mass media experts are telling us that's because gadhafi with him to the grave took many of
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his secrets of dealings with the west. and correspondingly let's get some more reaction out of the situation in libya with us a lot to talk to someone. with us let's start with him the reports that could duffy's fugitive son saif al islam is ready to turn himself in out of the hague why would he do that. i think that he seen what happens to anyone from the birth or family for that matter if they fall into the hands of the rebels who are completely disorganized and who. wind no no so maybe he decided instead of living as a fugitive for the drying. time he said or in the himself to leg where he can. have two things which his
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father and brother did not have which are i say. and just try it and i think. both things are only. to be expected of him since he is a liability to the try to wire. that holds him instead of being and. that's the very thing i was going to ask you you talked about a trial where in your view what sort of trial do you think he will have will it be a fair trial. if he turns himself in i think you know i think that. if. love is going to be a ploy that. humanitarian know if he will rights
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are going to be applied to him who are. safe in the teeth they are going to be treated. the problem is as we have seem tragically. what is really surely justice which is no justice at all. but more. make up the rules as the good while i'm saying. this is exactly it will even get as far as being able to hand him self in and be in safe hands do you think. yes i hope he succeeds in. himself to. save. the hague trial at the end because i think. the murder of here and his son why they're more of. a rebel.
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gangs let's say. quite a low for. any great with the past i mean they would not agree. rejean. preceded reviews so there was no. there was nothing that one can explain. human rights or civil rights or political rights or anything at all i'm. just want to ask you about another point of this is what nato is considering now staying longer in libya after the national transitional council as i mentioned they're just at the top. not to ask you to stay on longer util surprised about that . i wasn't at all surprised by that i think the need to is free luck to me believe as it is. there is why it
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is. because i hear plenty of room for. the future of libya being in because there are rumors. the al qaida or the fundamentalist one sort or the other are going to charge for the very libyan. weaponry. which is huge all. is going to. be. smuggled of course which do not really exist. to neighboring countries and their poor. countries and their regimes. and i think. it will be a watching the situation very carefully of course as well here on our team for now
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dr sam our political analyst thanks for your thoughts on the program thank you. well we all saw the most gruesome images of gadhafi is lynching were met with cheers and applause in america's mainstream media which is quick to held his demise as the dawning of a new libya not he's got a future campaign finding out whether dancing on gadhafi is grave was justified. it started with cheers. the joy of killing the african leaders spread like wildfire in the us media it was just a trillion dollars to get saddam and a billion dollars to get gadhafi in libya says they're going to pay back the billion that we spent to so it's going to end up being sort of free for free for nothing so let's get in on the ground there's a lot of money to be made in the future in libya there's a lot all to be produced no american soldier killed probably great opportunities ahead seems like the perfect new word for years but one that's meant to be a lesson to others i think it sends of an important message to other leaders in the region but i tell you that these are big traders they are not very original just
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like saddam hussein caught amid a whole new market da he was a bad guy otoh many of us would argue how bad he was from them considering what the donkey have done for social welfare and women's rights but having the eye of the western audience as presented by the media he was the ultimate evil for me it's a demonization every step of the way against gadhafi in the media today always one one man becomes a justification one leader of a country becomes a justification for destroying an entire country. for a few days the media savored the bloody midget. and laughed at similarities between his capture in a ditch and out of saddam hussein all the cheering about could office killing in the eye of the public effectively raises the bad taste after nato campaign no mention of libyan civilians killed in nato strikes not much talk about the
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destruction in the country caused by those strikes and his killing is presented as a triumph a triumph which can create a perception that somehow it's perfectly ok to invade a country and help its leader be linked but if it's presented to such a success doesn't it become more tempting to try the same method somewhere else i'm going to check our reporting from washington. art. police in oakland california have been trying hard to scare off occupy wall street protesters that kept coming back to the city hall there the activists wanted to reestablish a tent camp torn down earlier ninety seven people were arrested more important as been following the developments for us. the scene that transpired on fold in oakland california is arguably the most violent scene we have seen thus far between us police officers and activist activists taking part in the occupy wall street movement police had fired tear gas flash grenades and rubber bullets at protesters
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hitting one man in the face with a rubber bullets and now this was all taking place and unfolding as about three hundred fifty occupy activists did not want to leave the camp grounds that they established weeks ago in front of city hall in oakland and the police in oakland california were removing them were trying to remove them and told them they cannot be there about three hundred fifty activists have set up camp there five hundred riot police reportedly went to the scene and not when the clash took place it is being reported that police have fired off tear gas four different times now another man aside from the one that was hit in the face with a rubber bullet was caught in a cloud of tear gas this man was in a wheelchair and from what images show police police kept. lobbying canisters at him police were also seen throwing flash grenades right into
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a group of people that were trying to help and injured woman clearly as you mentioned this is just the latest kind of incident clash between police officers and these activists a lot of police officers in new york city and throughout the country have been accused and criticized of using brutal force against u.s. citizens that are just trying to authorize and use their freedom of speech now police officials say they had no choice but to use these heavy handed tactics with the protesters they said some of the protesters began throwing rocks and bottles. at police officers city officials say two police men were injured in the clash that unfolded tuesday morning in oakland california but if it's going to be the last one many people highly doubt it because as artie's been reporting the occupy wall street movement has been growing louder has been growing bigger and has been gaining a lot of support. but important there's going to be
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a bit earlier on i also spoke to independent jonas just wolf to he witness from self the police crackdown on protesters in oakland he puts much the violence down to law enforcers having no sense of the community with those the demanding change which i think that anytime the people demonstrate that they have power the authorities the city government is fearful of that i mean we live in a democracy supposedly but when the people come together in rallies and demonstrations we always are frequently see that men with a very strong arm of the law are and this is no exception this was a case where people had held his ground two weeks spreading all across the country and suddenly the government is seeing it as a threat and government is stepping in to shut it down most of the officers in oakland don't live anywhere near the city they don't relate to the people as if they're their neighbors they relate to government this is some outside city that they're there trying to keep the people from overtaking the city is oftentimes the
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perspective that i hear when talking to police and so there really isn't a feeling of community between the police and the residents it really does feel like a different kind of occupation of the police are you trying the city and we're seeing this in many cities around the bay or in the country much more coverage of course what's going on as well by wall street protests to from online from dot com coming up to twenty five minutes past nine at night on the way complete change of a special report for you from the power of those all and where sex is for sale it's the women who are doing the buying coming up shortly after wednesday my business update with dmitri. thanks kathy good evening and a warm welcome to business as a red letter day for scientists business been working with minutes. most disgusting before another set for most part of the drive to modernize the economy and make it less dependent on natural resources this is ultimately the cost or is that.
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an image or any tax can't be printed on water and just a matter of seconds and this is just one example out of a dozen seer russia of course is not exactly known for it's a national technology industry but that's what these people here are now trying to change it's a crucial for russia to diversify its economy and find other ways to make money especially now when the risks are growing to global energy demand and that's why the government created a nano technology corporation called the nano of what this company is trying to do is develop the industry through cowen best man and projects with significant economic potential or social benefit so far they have approved the copilot and send all over one hundred projects worth around eighteen a billion dollars and so they of course they're looking at sue get more so when it comes to what they've actually achieved in the past four years there's not much to
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show and that's what's a war right in many and right now it's crunch time for them to prove what they can do with all of that money well of course today is that what everyone's been saying is that nanotechnology is a great way for russia to achieve the modernization of its economy bring innovation and a secure cash in the long term. so you get the markets the south prices have been coming down from twelve week highs light sweet since down two dollars per barrel also american petroleum. institute has reported that crude stockpiles are climbing in the u.s. the world's biggest concern of the canarsie baffle the fall in the oil price has pressure is mounting on you'd need is to come to some kind of resolution of the debt crisis u.s. markets have come down from earlier gates that we saw at the beginning of the session when they were initially lifted by hopes that you will do the right thing
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at this summit boeing shares however are still off in the screen a half percent of the released a better than expected you'll see. this is the closing picture in europe where european stock markets ended today mixed pussy gating help us said the dax declining by pretty much the same amount because cautious trade ahead of this summit we'll have to wait for the reaction of pretty much on thursday drug maker company merck was one of the top gainers on the dax in frankfurt shares up seven percent culture it will close its strong course of the turnings and here's the close in russia much more rosier than anywhere else the r.t.s. up two percent my six to hoffa said if you look at the individual stock movers on the my sex roles navigating author of course an almost twenty six percent increase in net profit for the first nine months of the year energy holding m i risk a also up on positive results bucking the trends out of tanishq retail and video the company has failed to agree on the merger with its rival overbroad. the markets
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are you know quite buoyant today you know basically there's a sort of positive noises coming out of the e.u. summit in addition to that the oil price is still hanging above all hundred ten dollars which is quite strong and good signals from china that it may ease it's a monetary policy which is encouraging and later in the day the market down another boost from better than expected durable goods orders coming out of the us and that's the business news for now but do stay with us here because the headlines are next. join us on a trip to a magical land where pesticides anymore children can live without ever opening a paper book. the laws of physics no longer apply and we're big can always
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be bigger don't be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology safe here. wealthy british style. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy. stronger. global financial headlines kaiser reports. international the top story tonight.
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nato. the wall street protests spread police in oakland california to take nearly one hundred activists and chased the rest off with tear gas and. your fate hangs in the balance as the leaders try to stop squabbling and solution instead you could see the biggest yet. some it's getting underway now and it's opens with. a massive expansion of. next why women worldwide are heading to bali these days seeking. bally's seduction by the local. probably slept with a lot of women from america. from canada.


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