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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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it's an oakland raider blitz this as police in riot gear blindside peaceful protesters with pepper spray pure gas and stun bullets so it brutality becoming the norm in cities across the country is this a symbol that elites have had enough of a growing occupy wall street movement and is this a sign that america has had enough the banks are as well. but it's not just the u.s. struggling economically the greek tragedy also plays on so greece defaults will america's pillars be the next to crumble and obama are going to collapse with an executive order. where are you that these are dictators very very rich destroyed so the hussein caught in the hole will mark a dot he was a bad guy well you know what they say it didn't believe it leads and that was the case with gadhafi the mainstream media welcomed the news with open arms and
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celebrations but what about the scary precedent his that sets for nato. it's wednesday october twenty sixth four pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our team well the occupy wall street protests turned violent in california on police start resorts using pepper spray force and here gas to subdue the mobs of demonstrators. dozens were arrested last night in the city of oakland as police respond to orders to crack down on demonstrations the movement which has spread across the nation and the globe continues to escalate over a month after it's hard to to stick show that much of america agrees with the movement's message there. rallying against corporate greed and
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a system that they say favors the top one percent on the blessing the interests of the middle class and everyone else a new poll shows that forty three percent of americans agree with the views of occupy of the occupy wall street movement a minority twenty seven percent disagree thirty percent aren't so sure but if these harsh tactics to tame protesters show that the top one percent has had enough and is corporate is the corporate elite now trying to silence of voice that is growing louder in america going to me now for more from our studio in l.a. tony kept host of the tony couch spectacular all patriots media dot com and from bozeman montana charlie mcgrath founder of a wide awake news thank you both for joining rejoining us and i want to start off by showing you some photos of former marine and two time iraq war vet scott olsen he was wounded in the protest and open last night after he was hit in the had by a police projectile he's now in
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a hospital recovering there yet on the ground there mark i'll start with you police are resorting to violence and other tactics do you think this is an effort to silence the protests before to grow before grows even louder. charlie i'm going to direct that question to you. well yes absolutely i mean it's it's i think the realization is very that this isn't as the mainstream media try to portray this for the last month and just the far left movement it is growing it's spreading energy is a very much real and the moment it is spreading across this country and the world i think the power elites you know if that was their intention it was a far worse intention to start this occupy movement than it is rapidly spiraling out of their control because so many people the this this mass ninety nine point nine percent. planet who simply are completely disenfranchised and so these first
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ration is going to continue to spread and grow and the powers that be are certainly going to try to rein this in before it becomes a real move it would be to change tell me what do you think is the top one percent scared i don't know you'd have to ask somebody in the quote unquote top one percent but i think that when you take a look at what's happening forgive me i don't have a monitor i wasn't able to see the photo that you put out i don't think anybody is going to be in favor of cortical police brutality but let's take a look at the whole picture what's happening in oakland and atlanta specifically in oakland with reporters being threatened. will break your cameras they may get hurt the paper thrown at the police this is not a conversation about advocating poor or explaining away or condoning police brutality this is a conversation about what's happening you referred to it as a mob in the beginning i don't think this is a good way to protest if this is occupied wall street for whatever their message is
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is trying to get a message across this is no way to do it well these people say that they aren't being heard in any other way and this is their last resort. i mean what other map it can they use to get their voice heard. the tea party got their voice heard we never once threw paint at police officers we never had to sleep in a park for a month we never had to abuse the businesses around us by using their bathrooms using their water using their toilet paper using their napkins using their paper towels and not spending any money in that facility it never happened there are numerous ways to get your voice heard listen i'm a believer in the founding fathers i've read the declaration of independence i understand why they engaged the second the moment in the constitution i understood what they meant about long suffering the ills but there's a conversation like can be had here if we want to talk about cronyism that's a legitimate conversation we can have that what oakland is engaging in with the
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conversations about anti-semitism and it's the jews faults and the basically usurpation of this movement by communist and socialist means and thought processes that's not going to get you anywhere and that's what's happening. and you know some argue that the occupy wall street protests they are revealing a military police force in the us and that we're seeing here. are you asking me that question i'll ask you all of this question over to charlie what do you think charlie is it are we seeing a militarism military examination was a holy thing that's or is this really is this now being revealed. three absolutely i mean since nine eleven since the patriot act we've seen the security industrial complex go up throughout the country we've seen police departments become militarized and now we have the army sixty thousand strong army of uniformed t.s.a. agents just typifies you know the direction we're headed in the last decade and i
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want to address tony if i may tony nice to meet you and i agree with you that violence is not the answer i agree with him because i'm i was out there with the tea party under george w. bush protesting for a still to government corruption and illegal wars i don't see a difference between the tea party movement and the occupy movement i see a level of frustration difference that is very apparent and i think that is because in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight the people that were marching in the tea party were looking forward what was coming down the road in this country and now we have it here we have a nation that is led by these too big to fail complete corruption between wall street and main street and now we have millions of people in this country that have become non-persons not effective and their voice is not being heard so well i agree with tony that there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for violence i think we're seeing the in result of people's was not being heard i was there with all the town
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hall meetings occurred i was there we wrote letters and called senators and congressmen trying to get real effective change and what happened in the end is the tea party ended up being completely and totally co-opted used in the midterm election to get a wave election to give us a description of congress that maintains the status quo. now you know i want to be a and go ahead. i was just saying that that's where charlie and i split i don't believe that the tea party's been co-opted as the guy who was put together organize host and spoken at many many at tea parties i believe that the tea party is more effective today than it has been ever it's just that we're not necessarily rallying in the streets we're precinct blocking we're phone banking we're getting candidates elected we were instrumental in the elections of twenty ten like we will be in two thousand and twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen twenty and beyond the comparison between the tea party and occupy wall street charlie and i also agree on the idea that there's no such thing as too big to fail when president bush said he'd go against the free markets to fix the free markets i knew that was
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nonsense or created websites about i created videos about it but that's where if any slim similarity exists it ends because the tea party is in favor of the constitution capitalism fiscal responsibility and smaller government and no one can actually explain what out my wall street is in favor of right now because anything that they once may have believed in has been co-opted by other groups i've already mentioned tony i don't i don't disagree with you the principles of the tea party aren't the people that were involved in your original tea party they still feel the same way they did. right now what i'm saying is the mainstream media has grabbed the tea party and ran into the far right wing of the republican party and both you and i know that that is absolutely not the case the tea party is against two big government plane and so now i want to take a break here i want to play for you a clapper that we have where rate against the machines come around and get your reaction right out there. why didn't the present visit but i think that's very
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obvious you know he's he's you know he's considered a you know a fire breathing socialist that isn't as easy as a half kenyan harvard graduate from illinois who is a fire breathing social somebody sort of the president is not personal but you know he didn't want to be painted with the. with the article movement because he considers he's got no problems as it is but he will later come begging to our doorstep a guarantee that. now tony is this a wise political move for president obama to distance himself from the occupy wall street movement i think it's never a wise political move to engage the lead singer of rage against the machine is that when you look towards for moral clarity or political purpose the guy with the entire band has they have shape of our on their website who was a murderer he wasn't a revolutionary he admits that he's a socialist he was just one image that he's a communist let's talk about what people won't admit to so i don't give him any
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credence whatsoever communism is absolutely horrible and people who believe in communism are indeed fools is should president obama tie himself been with it we've already seen the d. triple c. put up on its web site a page where you can join where you can actually sign a petition and support occupy wall street so there's no question that the detroit will see that the democratic party not by wall street do see themselves hand in hand even though there are some of the quote unquote occupy wall street movement who want to distance themselves from it and you know the media has that has painted this picture of the protesters as an arc as part of the extreme left boxes using the method of portraying the movement as anti-capitalist and that we're seeing here an anti-capitalist movement i'll direct that question entirely. well i first want to be with tony i don't know if you go into a race you can submit to get my or my political ideology satisfied but i love their music i want to say that you know the fact is the president is is not
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a communist he's not what we have is a corporatocracy and he is absolutely the exact same as george w. bush serving the masters on wall street if you think that that is not the case then you're not based in reality the fact of the matter is he's doing everything that george w. bush did in order to make sure that the too big to fail state exactly the systemic juggernauts if they are and he will play lip service to being part of the occupy movement and in fact he started out with taking a stance but i think i think as this movement continues to grow we're going to see that party and the occupy movement we have a lot more in common than we have acquired the fact of the matter is it is the massive ninety nine percent again of have nots versus a very small house and no matter what kind of propaganda or how they the democrats or republicans with blue or red team want to spin this we're all in this boat together or their goal is to drive this which between tea party and occupy between
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red and blue so that we consider a battle with each other rather than look at the people who truly bark ronsard and you know i mentioned earlier a new poll that shows that at least forty three percent of americans agree with the occupying wall street message do you think their method you are their thing on issues on the economy is resonating with more and more people in the u.s. is this to me telling. i'll gladly take that first of all you can't say that they're not anti-capitalist the signs are out there the videos are out there just take a look at the edge of breitbart video when he says capitalism yea or nay and we've got the really just as i'm sure i did you just was doing is just what. it is it is out there you can check out a by party b. it is an example of the fact that yes they are be eminently opposed to capitalism because capitalism and prevents them from just being able to take this is where some of that serious disagreement happens it certainly appears from the outsider
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looking in based on who has co-opted the movement that they believe they should be given something for nothing just like you see on the websites that they want a living wage they want to be paid even if they're not working they want a single payer health care which means they want free health care because if you're getting paid for doing nothing you still get health care that health care didn't cost you anything i guess what i would say is that there has to be a good conversation open conversation about what free markets provide the world and how free markets create free societies and there can be nothing said nothing good said about markets that are not free they do not create three people they did not create openness they did not create trade in not create opportunities for the world at large they actually enslave people free markets allow people to live free. you know i'd like to respond it out because you know the thing is i know no more do i believe the occupy movement is completely a west is communist movement and i believe that the tea party movement is some kind of
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a mean old fascist movement we talk about capitalism with free markets. that doesn't exist on this planet anywhere right now we don't have capitalism here we don't have free market capitalism in this country period we have some kind of book was like masters of where the elite corporations are controlling our government so you know i agree that i was co-opting all of this is taking place and it's french i think the majority of the people just thirty or feeling the frustration of what is happening through the too big to fail the abyss aeration of this economy and this is why you're seeing this would continue to spread and grow the mainstream media is going to do everything in their power to make this into a blue ridge debate to keep us arguing amongst ourselves so we don't look at the people who brought us here plain and simple. and it's not a good read it is indeed a right wrong but the conversation that somehow the occupy wall street crowd is in favor of free markets is something that i certainly won't believe in based on
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the evidence and yes the conversation should be about cronyism the problems with cronyism and the removal of cronyism from our system i am going to play one more clip read about. this one once again and tom morello. this tree stump really. didn't pull i'm. sure you please or gently or. the kids running. this. kind. of. billion years or banker or. it's not a five. month old little bunny to run. i wonder who can be bought. out some might find their sheep. some stronger than they are. i'll stand or fall right here. below if i
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could. because the low. low. as tom are taking the lead there are protests and i alway history being made by the ninety nine percent what do you think county. i first of all i don't consider him a serious person he's a socialist he's a communist is the guy who thinks che guevara was a good guy it's important to remember that che guevara was a murderer and that communism is for fools it is the great lie told over and over again and repeated to other fools who want to believe the lie do i think occupy wall street is going to make history i'll leave that for the history books but if they continue to push forth a violence name if they continue to throw paint to police then they continue to
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have these incursions with these police where they get arrested by the s'pore some of them very peacefully though some of the video i saw out of atlanta some but not so peacefully what i saw in oakland it looks bad for them they don't look like serious people they don't look like people who actually want to make a nation better they look like people who want to overthrow a nation or change the status of the republic as some people on this network have suggested and they want to create some direct democracy which is mob rule kelly what's your response to that well first of all i agree one hundred percent on direct democracy we should not be led by the tyranny of the majority i want you to know is this going to be a historical event if it is into being co-opted as the mainstream media is trying to portray this as being co-opted by the department or left only and i'll tell you this on my radio program i've had multiple people on from her occupy movement and just about every single one of i will say all of them because there's you know there's all different social of points of view in this country but the majority of them have the same exact beliefs that we have started the tea party here in two
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thousand and seven and two thousand and eight and into corporatism and into cronyism and into too big to fail and return to the constitution where we have a true representative republic once again and not this was not a national corporatocracy that we are living in now so will it make history absolutely if enough people are motivated to do something about it and that's getting in the streets occupying space or getting in the streets and protesting and rallying when they can then absolutely you will hear from mainstream media gets their way and turns this into a red blue game then it won't make you feel and back. ok thank you so much charlie just said that he sounds way more like in that segment sounds like more like a tea party than an occupy wall street guy i thought as he grows eames based on all the evidence the occupy wall street people are not it's a little there is no economist robert tween you and i it's already there is division i and this is the message that we need to get out of love we have more in common than we have a part of the catchphrases the coper sticker slogans those are what's not biting
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people the reality of it is the occupy movement the tea party movement there's way more synergy there than there is this well thank you i'm going to have to end the laughter day between there you not necessarily with the movement thank you both for weighing in on this very heated debate that was tony katz host of the tony have spectacular all patriots media dot com and charlie my ground founder of making news . and from the united states to europe turmoil already economy in the euro zone as the has of state gather in brussels today the fact of the problem of a likely greek the thought here is that if the gold in the country could send shock waves throughout europe starting a domino effect how would subsequently sink the economies of italy france and even reach here in the u.s. the i.m.f. now considering coming to the rescue and contributing for the e.u. bailout but what are the consequences of a greek the fall and how can the economic downfall in the euro zone a fact the already troubled economy here in the u.s.
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well the answer these questions joining me now here in studio with our harrison founder of credit right that was at work thanks for joining us here so first off if there is a default what will the impact be the impact will in the first instance be on the banks and the creditors of greece primarily like the greek banks and also it will be insurance companies mostly throughout europe in places like france and germany. and if there were to be of default what would that mean for us here in the u.s. . i think my view is that a default would mean that greece would actually have more fiscal space going forward right now they have to undertake enormous austerity in order to make ends meet and a default would actually mean that austerity would be less and as a result the negative impact of. cutting government spending
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would be less and the question is you know what's going to be the impact on the banking system and you know you have to recapitalize the banks in order to make the follow so i think that a default would actually be positive for the united states if you can make sure that there's no contagion. ok and could you talk a little bit more under out how american institutions financial institutions are tied to greece is that you know there's a c.d.s. market that's the the credit default swap more that is potentially to greece but the direct. are not necessarily that large sums of the amount of debt that american banks hold of greece so i don't think the directors are really that large it's really more about money market funds that are invested. in european banks that are also invested in greece and so it's more of an indirect
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outside of these credit default swaps which are basically insurance on greek. ok and you said earlier that a greek default nail even be a positive thing what do you say to some out there that say such a greek default had leads to. an economic collapse a collapse like that spread throughout europe and could spread here in the u.s. i mean what's your response to that fear to my response is you know obviously if the default is done in a messy believable way could. says that greece has a much higher debt to g.d.p. in terms of government debt than all of the other countries within the eurozone italy has one hundred twenty. four to go has ninety percent spain something like seventy percent so those are much lower numbers if you will to recapitalize the banks and then greece is different than these other countries and these other
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countries can make the grade and you will actually credibly back start them in some way through the cd the european bailout. i think. it will stop agrees and i am baffled as you just mentioned they are considering participating in the e.u. bailout fund the fair it's the first indicator that the fund is playing. a bigger role than previously thought and the us is a major subscriber to the i.m.f. they contribute over it seventeen percent of the i am not worried about the eurozone what does that mean for taxpayers here in the us i mean are they starting to go for the us well i'm concerned about the u.s. footing the bill in the world what i'm really concerned about in terms of the bailouts is the fact that the bailout fund itself is not necessarily credible you know in the united states the interest which are incredibly low our debt to g.d.p. is equivalent to the same thing in the u.k.
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it put the frets they have very low interest rates the french the italians the spanish they have much higher interest rates the reason is because it's not credible. that is the european bailout fund can backstop those governments the united states has a backstop in terms of the federal reserve the e.c. big could play that role but has chosen not to do so so my principal concern is the fact that the european bailout fund really is not a credible guarantee of the sovereign debt of all the european nations ok i've read i'm going to switch the focus here a little there president obama is promoting a series of executive orders one of them announced this week would make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages the day we saw him he announced another executive action that would allow students to better manage their student loan that and the white house says this is a way to get things done quickly and a timely manner without the approval of congress which going that direction at this
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point doesn't seem to be. going anywhere how do you feel about the president now exercising has executive powers who only because measures are going to. make a huge difference basically. what you really need to see is credit in these of these loans that are unpredictable but the reality is if the. beg start writing specific loans to specific individual student loans mortgages that everyone's going to start wanting to get a right and in truth only a minority of the people who are underwater are going to be the ones who end up the faulting that everyone is going to default so you can actually make the problem bigger but. everyone to try to get some sort of right there really were sort of stuck here with you know there's no systemic solution to the problem. thank you so much for your insight on all of this was edward harrison founder of
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credit write down now make sure you stick around for our next half hour we'll have that story on the libya that we promised along with pepe escobar with his thoughts on the future of libya and i dasn't for now for more on the story that we covered at r.t. dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at liz wall and be sure to tune in to our t.v. up next is the capital account lauren less earth today she'll be talking about europe as europe tries to save itself will u.s. taxpayers end up footing the bill plus there's a really heat up in italy as a fist fight breaks out in parliament that's all new coming up next but for now i'm liz wahl.
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the. guitar sometimes you see a story and it seems so please give things you understand it and then even something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't touch i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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