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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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it's an oath linda greater lift this least in riot gear blindside peaceful protesters with pepper spray tear gas and stun bullets so it's brutality becoming the norm in cities across the country as this is a symbol that the elites of how did not put the growing occupy wall street movement and is this a sign that america has had enough the banks are. but it's not just the u. last struggling economically the greek tragedy also plays on the of greece is the fault of all america's pillars be the next to crumble and obama prevented collapse was an executive order. where are you the big brute just like saddam hussein caught in the whole new market doc he was a bad guy well you know what they say if the believe that it leads and that was the case with gadhafi and the mainstream media welcomed the news with open arms and celebrations but what about the scary precedent his death sets for neda.
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it's wednesday october twenty sixth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. well the occupy wall street protests turned violent in california where police resort to using pepper using force poppers spray ends here gas to subdue the mobs of demonstrators. dozens were arrested last night in the city of oakland a police response to orders to crack down on demonstrations the movement which has spread across the nation and the globe continue to escalate over a month after it sparked as its effects show that much of america agrees with the movement's message they are rallying against corporate greed in a system that they say favors the top one percent while the. lect in the interests
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of the middle class and everyone else a new poll shows that forty three percent of americans agree with the views of the occupy wall street movement a minority twenty seven percent disagree thirty prison aren't so sure but it is harsh tactics to tame protesters show that the top one percent has had enough of the corporate elite now trying to silence a voice but is growing louder in america earlier i talked to joshua holland he is a senior writer and editor for alter net he's in oakland and here's what he had to say. josh thank you for joining us i want to start off by showing you some photos of former marine and two time iraq war vet scott olsen he was wounded in the protest in oakland last night after he was hit in the had by a police projectile he is now in the hospital recovering so just are police resorting to violence and other tactics do you think it's in africa to silence the protests before it grows even louder. i do and i think it's
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a way to handle the aftermath of their choice to effect the protesters who have been camped out in front of the city hall for three weeks but it's a short sighted strategy the protesters that i spoke with were. resolute in their in their desire to get back in their interest a. part of an occupation of oakland i think that if anything it causes more people to join. and what do you think some say do you think that the top one percent is scared scared of this movement growing bigger scared of their voice getting louder . well i will say that the movement has shifted the discourse in this country dramatically just a few months ago the national journal did a study that found that the mainstream media was just focusing much more on the deficit then on the unemployment crisis the foreclosure crisis student debt these
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issues have been thrust into this century old these are the center of our discourse by this occupy wall street movement and that is that's already having a significant impact and you just said that it is shifting the conversation in them in mainstream media to the economy some say that it also is bringing attention to the issue of police brutality some argue that occupy wall street protests are revealing a military evasion of the police force in the u.s. is that what we're seeing here. well i don't know if we're seeing so much that's new this is been going on certainly since the battle in seattle and one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but i think that it's opening a lot of eyes and what's different now is that everybody has a cell phone camera there is millions and millions and millions of cellphone cameras that are just photographing all of this stuff it all ends up on you tube so i think without having
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a greater impact than it it might have had in the past when you know if if a if an act of police excessive force by a police officer wasn't captured by c.b.s. nobody would ever see it. and that now i want to play a clip for you that we have a great against machines tom around. i didn't present as i think i think that's very obvious you know he's he's he's considered a you know what else so you're breathing socials as it is a little bit as a as a kenyan harvard graduate from illinois who is a fire breathing social somebody sort of the president is not personal but you know he didn't want to be painted with the you know. with the occupy movement so i think he's got a he considers he's got enough problems as it is but he will later come pagan to our doorstep and be guaranteed that. now what do you think is it a lie of political move for president obama distanced himself around the occupy wall street movement well you know certainly he has just as tom morello
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said he's facing the kind of thoughts of the cation of his image and i do think it probably wants to distance himself to some degree the flip side of that of course is that the movement itself is not terribly partisan most of the protesters that i've spoken to a few would call themselves loyal steadfast democrats so i'm not sure that the movement is as readily co-opted pull some ability. and but what about the fact that you know these protesters a lot of them are young and obama. he won the youth vote so do you think that it would be his advantage too to listen up and say to pay more attention to these protesters i think it's the it's to the advantage of the country and the entire leap from left to right to pay attention to these issues i mean these are the real issues that are facing main street americans in terms of you know their
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economic security these are these are important issues and we have an economic crisis in the middle class in this country and it's it's absolutely in everybody's interest to address that i mentioned earlier a new poll showing that at least forty three percent of americans agree with the stance of the wall street occupy wall street movement do you think that their message is resonating with more and more americans in the last well i do and it shows in the polls as you mentioned. you know people understand even if they don't have a terribly well the key view. you know the economy they understand their own economic security has been devastated over the years so i think of his message that the occupy wall street movement is putting out resonates for that reason. and
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that was joshua holland senior writer and editor. and as americans protest any quality across the seas a plan to tackle the european debt crisis is underway this as greece is on the brink of ruin so if the country defaults volatile the consequences before the u.s. we search for answers next. this is the police corruption of. what a protest nobody seems to know. that never appropriate to face but the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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and. i'm more or less for. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions. who can you trust no one. is your view with a global missionary zeal where we had a state controlled capitalism school sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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and from the united states to your up turmoil over the economy in the euro zone as has a say gather in brussels say the tackle the problem at a likely greek default fears that a deep hole in the country could send shock waves throughout europe starting a development a fact that would subsequently sent the economies of italy france and even reaches here in the us the i.m.f. now considering coming to the rescue and contributing for the e.u. bailout and what are the consequences of a greek default and how can an economic downfall in the euro zone affect the already troubled economy here and the us let me answer these questions earlier i
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spoke to add harrison founder of credit write downs start things off i asked him a simple question if greece does default what would the impact of be take a listen my view is that a deep thought would mean that greece would actually have more fiscal space going forward right now they have to undertake enormous austerity in order to make ends meet and a default would actually mean that austerity would be less and as a result the negative impact. of cutting government spending would be less and the question is you know what's going to be the impact on the banking sit system and you know you have to recapitalize the banks in order to make the fall so i think that a default would actually be positive for the united states if you can make sure there's no contagion. ok and could you talk a little bit more under out how american institutions financial institutions are
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tied to greece is that you know there's a c.d.s. market that's the the credit default swap more that is potentially to greece but the direct. are not necessarily that large in terms of the amount of debt that american banks hold of greece so i don't think the direct ties are really that large it's really more about money market funds that are invested. in european banks that are also invested in greece and so it's more of an indirect outside of these credit default swaps which are based on greek. ok and you said earlier that a greek default may even be a positive thing what do you say to some out there that say such a greek default hard leads to. an economic collapse a collapse like that spread throughout europe and could spread here in the u.s. i mean what's your response to that fear my response is you know obviously if the
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call was done in a message not believable could the reality is that greece has a much higher debt to g.d.p. in terms of government debt than all the other countries within the eurozone italy has one hundred twenty percent. portugal has ninety percent spain something like seventy percent so those are much lower numbers if you will to recapitalize the banks and then greece is different than these other countries and these other countries can make the grade and you will actually credibly back stuck them in some way through the c b the european bailout. i think. it would start agrees and i am baffled as you just mentioned they are considering participating in the e.u. bailout fund for it's the first indicator that the fund is playing. a bigger role than previously and the us is a major subscriber to the i.m.f.
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they contribute over at seventeen percent and if i am not worried about a euro zone what does that mean for taxpayers here in the us i mean are they fighting the bill for that one concern about the u.s. footing the bill in the meanwhile what i'm really concerned about in terms of the bailout fund is the fact that the bailout fund itself is not necessarily credible you know in the united states the interest which are incredibly low our debt to g.d.p. is equivalent. same thing in the u.k. it put the frets they have very low interest rates so the french the italians the spanish they have much higher interest rates the reason is because it's not credible that the that is the european bailout fund can backstop those governments the united states has a backstop in terms of the federal reserve the e.c.b. could play that role but has chosen not to do so so my principal concern is the fact that the european bailout fund really is not
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a credible guarantor of the sovereign debt of all the european nations ok i've read i'm going to switch the focus here a little there president obama is promoting a series of executive orders one of them announced this week and made it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages the day we saw him he announced another executive action that would allow students to better manage their student loan that and the white house says this is a way to get things done quickly and a timely manner without the approval of congress which going that direction at this point doesn't seem to be. going anywhere how do you feel about the president now exercising has executive powers and what only these measures are going to give. that makes a huge difference basically what you really need to see is credit in these of these loans that are unpayable but the reality is if the. banks start writing down specific loans to specific individual student loans mortgages then everyone's
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going to start wanting to get a right and in truth only a minority of the people who are underwater are going to be the ones who end up defaulting not everyone's going to default so you can actually make the problem bigger by inducing everyone that tried to get some sort of write down really were sort of stuck here we have you know there's no systemic solution to the problem. thank you so much for your insight on all of this that was edward harris and founder of credit rights out. well still ahead on arteta mainstream media celebrating this as news about as news outlets show images of gadhafi is down but the cheers of joy calling it a dawning of a new day for libya so with dancing on the doppies grave justified the answer next .
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political. posturing more than archie does such as. he's put a picture of me when i was like nineteen years old that she told the truth. he. says and i am a total get. i love rap and hip hop is a pretty. letters kind of the jester that. i'm very. pleased.
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lead. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything is or you. are part of the.
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whole lot of the world of gravels and of that of the gory death of longtime libyan leader moammar gadhafi the jubilation fueled by the mainstream media's portrayal of gadhafi as a heinous evil dictator but as the killing of gadhafi is that a fairy precedent proving that nato can topple any victor they please. and kick you can take a closer look at the media coverage of the death of the duffy and what it may reveal about the power of nato. it started with sheer. joy of killing the african leaders spread like wildfire in the us media because there's a trillion dollars to get saddam and a billion dollars to get it done for you but in libya says they're going to pay back the billion that we spent to so it's going to end up being sort of free for free for nothing so let's get in on the ground there's a lot of money to be made in the future in libya there's lot of order to be
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produced no one there can soldier killed great opportunities ahead it seems like the perfect new world but one that needs to be a lesson to others i think it sensible and important message to other leaders in the region where i tell you that these dictators are not very original just like saddam hussein caught him in a whole new market dot he was a bad guy although many of us would argue about you work for that considering what saddam people don't like the welfare of the right but in the eye of the what's on the inside as presented by the lead here you will see ultimately it's a demonization every step of the way against gadhafi in the media today always one one man becomes the justification one leader of a country becomes a justification for destroying an entire country you know for a few days the media favors the bloody news you just don't see a map of similarities between his character in
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a ditch and out of saddam hussein all the cheering about is killing in the eyes of the public effectively a rape is a bad taste after nato campaign no mention of libyan civilians killed in nato strike now much talk about the destruction in the country caused by those strikes and his killing is presented as a point of twenty if we can create a perception that somehow it's perfectly ok to invade a country and helping with the link but if it's presented as such a success doesn't it become more tempting to try the same method somewhere else i'm trying to strike our reporting from washington. and for more on this earlier i spoke to asia times correspondent have a escobar i asked him to assess the media coverage on the dow is off and here's his take. even my cat was terrified when she was watching fox news c.n.n. b.b.c. and all of that you know it's expected you know what do you expect from the one percent we are denied to nine percent we don't have to follow their narrative it's
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all of us that from the beginning of this was a reaching change operation and it's obvious that from the beginning you will be of violence regime change operation so you know there's there's nothing unexpected about it it's the build the main do sure it was arafat's summit in a job still it's assad it was a lot in what saddam hussein and now qaddafi and the narrative is so shallow like you know if i had an empty nine the ripper you know what i would do i would put all of these one percent's and all their images to rest and what do you. feel about the power of neda. well it's terrible first of all it's the unified power of africa and nato don't forget this war was started by the french at the same time the top hearts were launched by the african command then it was
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transferred to nato and those incompetents nestled in brussels it took them seven months to conclude that operation that they set in to begin it would conclude ensue weeks so why it took seven months first of all because they're incompetent second didn't have to be for me certain they start to win the war when president obama had about erected both their eyes in the pentagon to pass the best intel satellite to tell it to the domestic of course to nato commanders in the base in system and then plan b. kmart's plan a was always to cut off it from the beginning usually look at what nato commanders have in say from the beginning there was always plenty and there kate may be plenty of the troops that cut out there the qatari said trained in cup out there it's ari this also western bird bears the pacer movement misrata brigade would take over tripoli it work tripoli found twenty four hours why because can't
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it's the fact that it can't just recreate the best. army division in the libyan army piece vanished and nobody knows why to this day and you know beyond a gap and awfully at the city where he was cal it's now in shambles there's an untold number of civilian van food and water and medical care reportedly of an accessible why aren't we hearing about all that. of course not because it goes against the narrative. here is the new lucia. at the end of two thousand and four is serious in oktober two thousand and eleven what the marines did to city which was that this troika. in order to save it they t.n.c. anita didn't see it in this year. forty thousand made to forms in more or less seven months let's assume that one bomb killed one libya
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which of course very optimistic we have at least forty thousand libyans killed it's more than a hundred thousand in orbit to be on the ground to count it and this proves there are complete from the beginning was a sham what kind of death it didn't do when people were saying oh he's going to ortiz and a massacre in benghazi need to end it and see the it would certainly city is a shame it's listening weird week and you know they you laugh and other western powers they've known about gadhafi is criminal that criminal activity. and why that only and referring here that he deemed that as as the evil dictator that needs to be toppled that needs to be careful. well there is a list. that could go to the moon with a list of reasons that he was a terrorist then he became our bastard then he is at this posable dictator so saudi arabian interests bet a lot between the house of saud and qatari interest they want to take over
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commercial operations in the north in africa nato interests nato did renney is a nato lake so libya has to be african we need the peace because we are basically stood there germany so you believe you can have the peace as well and the penetration often go on inside africa basically this is a war between the pentagon and china believe it is a colony and all this not to mention the france interests as such because he who wanted to sell. nuclear power plants to leave via the french water companies want to privatized the oil in libya look this thousands of reasons so who is sewed up and last week on bent out of south qatar that's it last question doesn't lead me a fan of whining for the brass and we're about i mean a rigged game can be toppled by nato powers absolutely and now nato they say that they want a war against milosevic they didn't because the russians pull off their support to milosevic that's why the war and we need to lost the war and we will lose
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a war forever in afghanistan and all nato six that the big one a war in libya sold next other countries in africa next other countries in the middle east starting with syria next in the near future sense or any of in south america i was talking to some strategists in south america they're discussing it was if you didn't need a one b. we're going to try to do polls ever more hours into which i was going as well so we asked nato is the global robocop and b. where they're coming to catch and let's talk a little bit more about what what you think is coming accept you had to make a prediction. no no crystal balls but these on facts on the ground it's already our civil war in libya number one civil war the islamists they gassed the defectors in the cut off the regime they will never set up a government because they're militias fighting against militias it reminds me of iraq in two thousand and four two thousand and five sec second possibility if they don't capture saif islam and that's the reason why the c.s.
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needed to stay until two d. end of this year in fact two more months later they want to capture say five of those number that i say focused on is going to organize a guerrilla war i guess the t.n.c. government as well so what i predict is plunder of the libyan resources minerals oil and gas water you name it nato running libya as a kind of protectorate puppet government because i style in. tripoli and civil war all over the place welcome to liberate the libya poppy thanks so much for weighing in on that that was agent times correspondent had to ask. well that doesn't bring out more in the stories we covered but our if you dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at me as well the big picture is coming up in just half an hour but that doesn't permeate unless well have a great night.


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