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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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plus nine pm thursday night here in moscow thanks for watching us review watching around the world this is r.t. and these are all top stories tonight nato gets his marching orders from the u.n. to leave libya destructive air strikes but leaving the country's biggest struggle to deal with the population is armed to the teeth. the rest of new york is on the wall street protesters encounter rough police resistance as campaigner showed solidarity with oakland activists who fell victim to a crackdown. europe's leaders to clearly finally got a debt solution plowing it more money into greece and telling banks to write off powerful what they're owed what the collapse in terms of what the epicenter of the crisis is it back to basics this cash crop greeks pattering for goods at least the startling weirdoes ation that maybe just maybe things aren't quite so bad after all
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. next artie meets the boys from bali whose carnal careers mix work with pleasure. yeah i think if question is more fun. because it will be them then you know different. and the what and who i know i think years at those i think everyone knows. so if you hook up with a japanese woman put a plug then you're truly very lucky to get so lucky lucky with the like you like it almost everyone's assume equally horny equally this is that was just about if you want to have sex go and have sex but do it for yourself not just because he wants to and. don't be ashamed that you like it they. just like kids and they tell you how they should sex they do it all over the world so why can't we. japanese women use this song for
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money. so. that's how the. chains. as i'm like a song that's on the. pincian. that's my. kind of friends me easy to have. some but i don't like. japanese or what they call much to me they're very serious and traditional in the past they would follow their own culture. they had very strong customs and traditions but in reality there's a mix of cultures. whites japanese and so on i don't there are no
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cultural taboos or regulations just an overall tourist lifestyle good plan. if you sneaking around sweden you get that if it's a ship that's. here yeah of course you can get. a small son here he should appreciate six is a good thing to have questioned. it did a really good i'm a. very special. guest i have usually i practice safe sex. sometimes if i'm very drunk both she and i lose control and i don't use a condom. also a lot of those who commit taishan. have known me for a while and trust me they don't want to use condoms either. they trust their
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intuition the energy is good they don't want me to wear a condom. never being tested and i trust that i am healthy and disease free because i reckon the europeans to be healthier than people from asia they are more diligent about medical check. the first reported case of aids in indonesia encouraging bally. it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven but the patient was a foreigner who wasn't bally at the time but at the valley. you about that run case involving a foreigner and. my colleagues wanted to find out how deep the problem was and. how far had a chevy spread across badly. we tested
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four hundred blood samples but as one came back positive. it was from an indonesian in as well in these in fact it was so obviously he wasn't just a tourist problem so. i went to australia. to observe and learn from the aids cases there. even a nine hundred eighty seven bed many cases that had reached the hospitalization stage. got some paid no wonder if we had as many gays as well would be fine to hospitals here as i recall though we don't have the same medical facilities in indonesia let alone barely.
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we can't be pessimistic ok but i'm afraid if people don't change their attitudes if they stay close mind it. and don't acknowledge the situation and ballet dancers the disease will continue to spread like we've sat in the media but then we could witness an aids tsunami in the next five to eight years of a band that was starting. they're
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left here they are they asking when they get married. it's kind of serious to see their parents but it's not like a protestant ok so parents can be here but. not for me. and i understand because of this. man's many. people you're asking the. planet. and it is because. you never see the. men and plan of course. that is to get back their profile on you but let's say i get among the many
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japanese women i slept well there was one who i felt truly loved me i get the girl i love church. she asked me to go to japan with her yeah but our thoughts are all. good because. really in the clear. and. the american dream only. now well yeah i won't say i want to be in other countries or. in europe and i want. too much money if you. ask. people she claimed. to. be.
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very. very married. yeah i really did a study. groups. there went. from a married. couple. from them. and their and then she said she'd find me a job at a restaurant up here because i ended up working at a restaurant in the sugar your district office. for six months i thought i was undergoing unpaid training like that yeah. the system in japan is different from here at gallup set up. soon as you start work that's about the show you begin to
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get a salary so i get up out quick as i am i didn't know that very. cold i asked the manager he said they have been paying my salary to my wife since i started working there what about the account sorry. i thought i was shocked. at how come my so called wife didn't tell me about my salary and. she said i gave you a lot of money every time i was in bali. back then she transferred a stack of receipts so every cent she spent on me and bally was recorded in there. and in total. yeah i still owed her. son i was so stressed during my time yeah i guess i heard about you and i realized
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she had brought me to japan to work so she wouldn't have to any more stuff to get by without telling her then go to bed that i took up a part time job in another place. where i met another japanese girl get a bit lustful she was ten years older than me and said three thousand mourners told her my whole story and she really fell for me at the fire and we made a promise three children cut a long story short i returned to. chapel by the. sounds of the legal body and once i go by i called my first wife and said step on tomoko i'm in bali now the local i started by as a doctor she was totally stunned that i was back here to look at the good but she couldn't do anything about it right he will get to get it at the shop. and get that
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going so i. could be out put on the plane about two weeks later a roomie came to palliate to get me she had to meet a second wife but it was her name is a room and the big was like i was on my honeymoon in hollywood with the second boy in the ad to put say about me and dad. say yes but the we stayed in the valley for about a month before returning to our country together is not a good idea. i think for them they may see they do see their way of maybe and nice tryin their french girl boy or american girl to. to their country they could be set for life but it doesn't always work that way because the conscience and different these guys because of the guru background think that if they go with a white woman they will go in an airplane and they will be in another aisle another
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place and they can travel but they don't realize that you have to pay for everything or suddenly the whole dream bursts that this suddenly realize they can't do what they're doing here in bali. look the main thing is that there is love and if there is love it doesn't matter where we are slowly whether i have to adjust to the food or to the cold climate is irrelevant as long as she's there i will like the place if i marry her it won't be because she's red shore or whatever it will be for love if our marriage i come here i would never take him to sweden that would never work it depends whether we're sitting here seriously out here for second comes. but if you marry be spoiled. you know if you do get married it will be. because i think i could do it but i don't. think he would just crash. make. us today i can see life here
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because i've been here already. if i was here he got some friends here. trying to. be one of them you see is the beginning of the year. and the sun god is the one in sleeping with the lights of the situation sleeping so there's a bombshell to sit in the city with. the something we broke up when it was time to come in yeah yeah my wife second wife had never lived in the past a get it i doubt she can even live entirely. there but and i had never lived in japan because she and i were from freely different cultures. it was a four year course laura but i left after
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a year when it could i was i didn't want to study anymore every day every day was stressful if you do not just for your appearance. but for me to me. why i was always stressed about school. and they missed indonesia the. i don't like her for. now graham bell goes i want to know in their. traveling in europe well maybe. i won't. and here they come hundred days relax don't have to do really saying i'm working but now a slur i haven't seen asked for a one year so.
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i mean it will be ok if there is something i mean like because you never know what i was doing. you can see other people with. i can well you can see other people with you know. you would you really. go. there. it's the kind of an open relationship.
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i don't really know was the way at any outing newcomer country to be because i'm a local that i'm still alive still and he like take me in i like it and then they call me later battle really that was the real meaning why i didn't because like my little brother they caught my. brother. so you've been to new zealand yes probably selling some seal felt safer all of. which coffee. hour. for style only keeps thin because she says fifteen days. and then and six pack remembers that memory for that. we're very good.
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friends see this catholic country for us of course i want to. about. life and. then these even events of parade yes we gave the study for my. man t. . man to man t. it's. also with girlfriends to ask out. when they like their life they wonder. woman and then one then on. because they are really wanting the pain and. just be nice all right be nice having
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business when not. so she took me out of there as well then she left you. stayed in touch. and that's how the lay in the lake with european like. the. heart. and i swear that i can see it. wasn't things i couldn't find then in my apartment were things like this the nobody talked to me. they are yapping on and on and here i have lived together for years with the new zealand one struggle. but the still still the same still. my love life smash. peace make the correct thing. so why never marry
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a local man he met. no i didn't. know something and didn't like and it also scared. now and for and he said. if i'm more than thirty years old not so easy to not then when i want to that's gotta. be from really hard to get but i still can't do it. because. i didn't get. there at that if i have to. yes. now do you feel lonely you don't miss the companionship. that's
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when it suits you it was a complete response. to everybody tired ticker and. ready. to crack. i have known i have. boys you know what in the fifty's. and the sixty's dead serious doing it then says because. of some senior defined by the beach chair that says it performs some use to you or. it's a different you said so and so kind of the nation should use. this because that is the private life that you can get anything you get the right man.
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has always been that sort of element anyway women coming here. campbell boys and men that's been around for forever in. i think it's all to do with mater and how you present crisis anywhere it's not really paradise but for those women i guess it is that it. all is on the page. it was like. it's really life. someday i would love some to. keep coming she didn't it's why i find a customer who reads this and really. if it's not just there for. the customer just fifteen. hours you don't want them to go. to.
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the. the woman.
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i'm ok and some of them i want to marry three foreign women. when there was a good one so i have three four and wives and then i'll stop fishing for women then it's not the same like me better i'll start a successful business the business. the son came to. be true. before you get it done before you. know you to. the world. when i mean seen or twenty years old i'll look for japanese women that's what my friends say they'll do when they're at that age we'll find
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a foreign woman and go abroad with little to tell where the life of a clue. in
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. the.
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