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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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kroeger daffy son reportedly tries to arrange a surrender to the international criminal court meaning western links to the old regime could yet get a very public airing. because sarkozy says greece's u.n. membership was a mistake it's a deal to avert a crisis is finalized no hopes now and one nation. they want is to give in and work for them to promote their message and i can stoop to. their list in georgia claim they're being bullied by a government that won't tolerate criticism some say it's become so bad they're seeking a some of them elsewhere. and restored to its former glory brushes the legend of both showing theater reopens in full nineteenth century splendor after a massive overhaul. seven hundred million dollars after years of the least scandal only charges russia's crown jewel of. its finest that's
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a real. costing around the world and around the clock this is r.t. the top story now the late colonel gadhafi son and key right hand man saif al islam has reportedly crossed the border from the libyan desert into new jab it's believed that he's trying to negotiate a surrender and himself in the international criminal court if he does eventually stand trial he could yet spill some of the secrets of the regime's oaky dealings at the same governments that helped topple his father what's he's reports. to some market deputy was a man too much secrets which will supposedly he buried with him the more i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitals in western
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europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not misled is it surprised that he was captured alive if you go quickly ended up there returning from diplomatic was spectacular hugs and shakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him get that he's now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from buried. it could go on for years total his grade three c. . but the shooter dealing with it was true most. of it was in school will go away or seriously think that this is also situation was fishing will probably grow shrinks it marriage iraqi leaders traditional big as it were who the
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reduced then british prime minister tony blair was instrumental in get definite rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven at play didn't leave empty handed trade between flourished so did the cozy relationship it was six most quick meetings after clare left office his people denying they were about releasing the lockerbie bomber apple pass it on the granny or britain would lose its lucrative libyan deals i regret myself and obviously that gadhafi was but should he should have been said to the international criminal court put all the trial and forced lots of questions through all the terrible things he did and if it davidge diva temporary world leaders or previous regimes leaders tough we need to go. watch his garbage day with people some details of a murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics agreed to contracts to pick it
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up the regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds its future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli it's annoying during the morning battle french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy and greeting the daffy even letting him pitches tend to nearly safe palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man the one who could still tell all the cause he had ever had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded it and we have all the details. and a ready to reveal everything every sign i get happy son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court so you he's going to have learned from asian and i think we're sorry if there tony blair intervened form to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics when. he was plagiarized there's
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a lot of things that have gone on that so you thought gadhafi knows about psychopathic he's wanted to answer for his own actions in libya is drawn out battle for control because what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father is keeping the western power players sweating after bennett's r.t. london. libya's interim authorities will take on full responsibility for security in the country starting from next month that's after the u.n. security council voted to end the no fly zone there in his campaign but we expect the nato council to act in accordance with this decision of the security council of the united nations and to suspend its operation at midnight. thirty one so we hope. indeed a new chapter is being opened in libya and a libyan people will be able to take advantage of the new situation to build
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a new libya they desire. well the plan proposed by russia comes after colonel gadhafi was killed last three days hometown of sirte nato which has been operating in the country since march from reaching the u.n. mandate it should go to protect civilians and many people died on the air strikes and the campaign will be worthless ability to reduce leadership they're tasked with rebuilding and restoring order a country where much of the civilian population is the homes. now admitting it agreed to the euro ten years ago it was a mistake according to french president nicolas sarkozy who says the country provided false figures when it was allowed in its current quarter talks in brussels where the it is agreed a set of measures to deal with greek debt when it was ventures include banks writing off fifty percent of greek debt. so they can cope with possible losses
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expanding the bailout fund to a staggering one trillion euro to achieve that officials are hoping to attract investment from outside europe to help me out because it's in china to try and persuade beijing to contribute to saving the year to get some insight on this let's talk to dr verjee senior research and skulk of the institute for emerging market studies in beijing and thank you for joining us here or not yet so evenly this admit mistakes were made while creating the euro zone and now they're turning to not only european countries to help sort it out how do you assess that. they have no choice i think. we want to increase. the pound that march for we have to feed our help so why would china be interested in helping the e.u. do you think what can it get in return i think it will be more would be great after
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all the european market nadir export market for chinese with the us economy will all fall and china. so i think china will be involved if. you see a stable european economy there but does europe risk anything by involving a foreign investor on this scale. well i think from the chinese perspective. it will be a pure financial investment so. it's just like a contract in a creditor and that her so their contract will be fine and i would demand third and protection against you thought. from the european side they have certain obligations. so. the. now and
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now day i mean now we don't and we don't have been amazing about how anything wildman will be realized. and will go through a long negotiation. financial investments indeed but a senior advisor to the chinese government has been quoted as saying that the last thing china wants is to throw away the country's wealth and be seen as just a source of the money what are the charges of that happening. well it's certainly a possibility thought so as i said i would do a lot of precautionary measures so that the money will be returned after all the financial market evaluates the. european financial stability of the lutie. a. borrower so. i think the risk is. if it's under control when there are of course
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trying to mr vireo about. possible defaults and also. for exchange rate risk. given that the chinese are indeed still rising in value. i need to make sure that. we lose money because of the turbulence in the. european currency there is a view that china's economy and economic growth could be unsustainable in the future in your view if china does agree to control its credit in danger itself in any way. i think. china's economic growth. will slow down for sure because no country growing at double digit rate or whatever. you saw you saw china's. problem china and
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used to talk with. us. to solve the problem like a ration bubble in a real factor etc are listening investment in the european union actually it's not a critical issue for china in my view i view the investment into an engine vessel and if china could help europe to stabilize the economy. china has a major export market. well the fall for that certainly benefit china. other than that i think the main problem is you a master ok we'll see you a syria research fellow the skulker institute for emerging market studies in beijing are ready for joining us here today glad to be here. the economy continues to spark heated debate within the e.u. but in germany there are also other issues causing concern including religious studies producing islam classes in schools with no hope you'll divisions on why
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it's ended up having the opposite effect. and a peaceful response to a wave of brutality of people who want street protestors are preparing for a general strike the details just ahead. georgia likes a present an image as a fledgling democracy and a free and open society where persistent stories of state interference in the media are changing the perception of any journalist saying they're being bullied by the authorities it seems tom burton hears from one reporter who says the situation has become so bad he's seeking political asylum. recently those who make the news in georgia have been becoming the news john doe nine a touch of the leader with the founder of an opposition t.v. station applied for french political asylum just days before nicolas sarkozy to ride on a visit but he was disappointed. i contacted the french embassy and i was sure my
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problem would be resolved quickly but i was mistaken they didn't make an appointment and i've had no news from them if they don't contact me in the near future i'm determined to go to other embassies. clearly t.v. is a small station in the north of georgia john doe and his staff say it's mikhail saakashvili which pushed him to apply for asylum he says they're putting pressure on him because of his channels criticism of policy and to show an opposition being used as well as those of the government or the he is the most we have to work on difficult conditions as we cannot get any comment at all from officials when a government official gives a press conference reporters from other channels are allowed inside to do their job but your letter reporters are denied entry we are clearly being discriminated against and the georgian government strenuously denies the claims but others doubt
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his sincerity some brand don't burn our cash release asylum request or publicize the stunt but the serious insistent with jordan author of these are after him just because of what the channel say and that in by the record in recent years he's not the only one in two thousand and nine the widow of former georgian president appealed to germany's angela merkel for asylum a numerous others have left the country clear letty has need of the resources nor the audience to seriously compete with the large pro-government channels for jondo sais he sure about the government's reasons. it's because we're not position. station they want us to give aid and work for them to promote their message but i can't stoop to that. and this is the symbolism the frustration felt by mr carter's billy and his fellow opposition media a mock you know the mentoring put it the death of george free media. tamati
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party. over in our website you can always find plenty more analysis of other interviews in the us as a taste of what sat r.t. dot com right now cleared up on the horse murder russian investigators say that neither the millennium the kremlin officials and soon order to shoot the da sas family also. the u.s. pastor who first called for people around the world to set fire to the qur'an was to run for the presidency and tells at our website party. in germany the government's attempts to unite different religious groups seem to be turning sour introducing islam classes in schools was meant to help educate non muslims without he's done it with reports that russia has been in a very different result. this is a typical german school but here this teacher is preaching hate vice christians who
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go to discos drink alcohol and have a boyfriend they perform evil deeds christians and jews says i believe in the qur'an before it destroys your faces germany started islam classes and schools to think the religion spreads peace you won't find. a phrase a sentence of koran it tells the buglers you have to persecute. their members of other when you. find them hit them muslims admits the close is a fall from suv tensions the relations between zero officials and systemic cummin it is under should review is a code of conduct in arab states where punishments can include i'm pretty sure i'm storing campaign as war muslim youths are trying to spread shari'a across europe
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they teach them that they. have more rights than the nonbelievers and the nonbelievers can be treated like pigs and young muslim are say how can german law be higher then. that is not possible therefore we must in the sharia everywhere follow was like perino the christian parents he's converted to islam every muslim here must swap german laws for sure real he says and chop off hands adulterous and floored homosexuals germany's policy of islam is asian may not be going to play with them students are leaving europe schools radicalized by. this move by authorities as well meaning but it may be producing a generation. of extremists who detest the west anti immigrant policies are seeing a surge in popularity in frankfurt almost holds the residents of foreign the free
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voters group is getting elected with this message for muslims integrate well leave our country more young man but also young women. who were born in germany. extremists government efforts to heal conflict with germany's three million muslims but experts say the country splitting apart it's a pro and anti islam camps can you push your r.t. frankfurt's. coming up in just a few minutes and historic unveiling a world renowned also i theater reopens its doors and huge excitement after years of lavish restoration. the empty corporate occupy wall street movement is organizing a general strike next week to another rally over police brutality during
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a rally in oakland california rock war veteran was badly injured this crackdown on thousands of activists. has the latest on the protests that have been growing for the past five weeks. but we now have all of these giant tents that have popped up across the park liberty plaza as like to call it and that raises some interesting issues spoken to at least three different protesters who now came out specifically because they were shocked to see this kind of level of crackdown in their own country before essentially nonviolent actions it has been sort of interesting to see how it's changed the nature of the protests here some of the organizers that have been here in new york from day one said that this sort of you do a lot of this nonviolent training where you know they ask people to stay home and sort of make their get their message across without actually getting arrested with the police and a lot of that they said went out the window last night where several hundred if not a thousand protesters marched across the north getting a little bit more aggressive police shaking barricades in some cases pulling
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netting the infamous are internetting out of the police hands and what many protesters said to me is that they were really surprised by the sort of mild unusually mild response by the police force here because remember this is the same police force that pepper sprayed women drove a scooter over a scooter over an attorney's leg and beat several protesters down the road here in the park is quite wary but there isn't a mass sort of action plans along the line like so what we saw with the brooklyn bridge rally or times square but they're doing a lot of sort of defensive training because again as i mentioned the general mood here is that something's going to happen so i guess wednesday's you know the but november second general strike would be a day to watch war but a lot of focus also later in november november seventeenth and twenty eighth mass rallies are planned not just here in new york or across the country and the world so we'll have to see how that plays out but lots of you see come from the office
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following the developments all the occupy wall street protests on her twitter page but they insist it's not that it's awesome sicko. russia's intercontinental ballistic missile the build up has been successfully test launch for submarine in waters off the country's far east coast sarka ten warheads as far as eight thousand quantas designed to withstand the blast will become a fundamental part of russia's nuclear arsenal after successful launch in june decided to put the missile into mass production. now that it's taken the six years during which time there's been plenty of delays drama and scandal but moscow's historic bolshoi theatre is finally reopening today after a spectacular overhaul. of which over has had a first look ahead of the glittering performance the red and gold curtain will raise for the first time in six years at the legendary bolshoi theatre revealing a restoration that ranks as the most meticulous and expensive and the theater is
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history and over seven hundred million dollars the restoration was directly supervised by the kremlin which sits nearby built in eighteen twenty five the theater was almost destroyed by fire thirty years later it was formed by the germans during world war two and was a political gathering place in saudi a times. restoration has been painstaking for many reasons the blinds were set and meets shortly upon the closing of the theater in two thousand and five shocked engineers found wide cracks running through the walls of the building and foundations reduced launch a little dust actually the bolshoi theater could collapse and moments when the site workers only electrical wiring was holding it out until the office of the president took control of the project management it was a mark hasse with different departments issuing competing directives and working at
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cross purposes prosecutors opened a criminal investigation for possible embezzle months saying the state had paid a contract or three times for the same work for a total of thirty one million dollars the president officially visit the newly reopened leader on its first night will be the russian president german chancellor angela merkel and the hands of the law scholar theater the vienna state oprah and common garden pressures opening night tickets were available for the wealthy and well connected all the office of the president and brother is happy to watch oprah was long and in the cold the opening night gala concert will be shown on dry and television screens and sold in front of the run of its restored bolshoi theater examine the church over art. great to see it back to its former glory of the business news is next i would create.
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welcome to our business for joining me some progress appears to have made russia's efforts to join the world trade organization georgia the only country which still oppose us russia's accession has agreed to new proposals from swiss mediators in the negotiations russia says it will need some time to consider the source proposals u.s. officer wanted from georgia rag outlines the benefits that the country is likely to get after joining good work the world trade organization. one of the key benefits of russia's accession to w t o would be the ability to diversify its economy by exploiting more goods and services abroad better non oil specifically this would refer to structures such as steel such as fertilizers chemicals but would also probably with time refer to a. broader scope of sectors including i would cultural goods including perhaps. some of the high tech products that russia could offer as part of its modernization
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drive but another aspect but i think will be very important is russia's capability out through w.t. accession to forge alliances trade alliances across the globe. this time around to look at the markets one is low after the biggest weekly gain since february weighing on the sentiments are reports saying that the japanese adjust for fell in september alice expect a further decline in crude price next week and there are concerns that the recent debt resolution effort by the european leaders i provide limited relief grand plans is trading at over one hundred eleven dollars a barrel while because the sky is that around one thousand three hundred ninety three dollars a barrel now it's time to asia where markets rise for the second day japan's nikkei is up point super point three percent almost and hong kong's hang seng it's getting one point seven percent banks of the main bounces up to the european measures were announced hong kong's heavyweight h.s.b.c.
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climbed three percent bank of china rose two and a half percent call makers are gaining as well in japan along with other exporters shares of honda motor climbed over three percent ime toyota motor improved by two percent and here in russia markets have a good start as well from isaac's up point eight percent in the first minutes of trading is the third day of gains for russian stocks that are heading for their strongest closing level since september eighth but peter weston from adelman investment group says the sentiment could be short lived. given that a lot of turns are sitting on cash we could see a little bit of a continuation of this rally i think it's very weak in tone towards foundation the sort of optimism that we've seen on the back of what happened in europe i think is very fragile because now what people will be doing is looking ahead and basically asking yourself what are the countries come knocking on the door for and this kind of help that's recently and then we're back to the same agenda again there also as
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far as i understand a few issues regarding the facility increase that has not been decided yet so i don't think we are completely out of the woods for now the seems to be the sentiment in the rest of the voting with the money and this could maybe continue for a little bit but as i say it looks fragile to me. the world's top they could produce a noise makers aiming to find a place in the global mining top five the company has approved a new strategy which will include thirty five billion dollars of investment within the next forty years its plans to increase nickel output by ninety percent while copper production growth almost fifty percent well known disney is to become the largest foreign investor in the russian media market the company has agreed to buy a forty nine percent stake in the country's free to air television channel seven t.v. the deal is worth around three hundred million dollars seventy me seventy will be rebranded as the disney channel which will be able to reach seventy five percent of russia's audience say u.s.
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media conglomerate will now having infrastructure to build a national t.v. network and russia disney has long been hoping to cash in on the rusted t.v. market it only wanted to buy half of the country's holding media one which controls thirty regional state t.v. stations however the deal was clogged. someone else or it's. that's our object for this hour we're watching the markets in the next hour as the transom.
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a legacy that survived the russian revolution and nazi bomb. the most showing is by looking more splendid than the din for the rest century. the grand decorum czarist times this does link the audience again after a six year refit. the long awaited resurrection of the bolshoi theatre and keep. the faith.


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