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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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time now for a look at the main stories we're covering for you today carol not go to the office son reportedly agrees that and himself both at least national committee court exchanges safety for some leaders of quest means then the next level you get into a very public panic. the french president says allowing bracing for a year it was a mistake a new leader has hammered out a deal to stave off the debt crisis threatening to engulf thanked the euro zone hopes are now in the nation europe's bailout got lost trying to ask for help. and russia's allegedly bolshoi theatre reopens in its police opiate glory around the garden on friday six years of civil innovation marred by countless today's standards and on occasions of corruption. but in
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a moment our weekly entertainment show where we find out how moscow really never sleeps. military. history. dynamic. friends. my co.
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l. o. welcome to the podium this week's episode will be exploring moscow by lights this is he has completely changed over the past two decades and today even the capital is transformed into a fair grounds and bright lights. as we explore various lights it was just sites and blogs starting off here at the magnificent spectrum but. after decades of appearing in monochrome and finally seeing itself in bright striking technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes dramatically as the city transforms itself into a brightly colored pay grounds as the largest city in north moscow is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams of one hand streets full of people late at night and restaurants and bars open around the clock. traffic changing trunkless the captain stays to
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bright billboards neon signs and illuminated buildings from stallin street was subsistence transcriptionist to the. the true landmarks of the kremlin and the christ the savior cathedral the russian capital is well worth exploring it's not a visual feast. personally i like the fact that unlike many european cities moscow is lit up oh like alone the lights dunghill shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital at three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still be able to see the nomination very thrilled to see you in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy in the daytime night the lights make it much more glamorous amazingly beautiful. but it's framus imposing towers and red stars the kremlin and neighboring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks would have a season present spectacular images visitors will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i just love this
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building the good apartment store it always arise me i love that in harrods especially red lights but our taste is just spectacular case of rites of red square about. him it's one thing though however wonderful it looks that way i would not like to be the person that trades those libels out of the store. in a similar start of the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this eliminated building is one example of architecture that is more impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off no they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill will be fifteen sites just the bolshoi theatre is university building and many others are taking part in a special event called the second night. an international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians an artists a working on
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a project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an advance to remember. exciting for all especially as red square is being turned. a special jury consisting of poppy figures of arts and culture presenting their recent wards to the witness of the most striking and fullest provoking work. has a range of spectacular stories could pass and i'm just enjoying cool cocktails and marveled at the views from. many venues in the russian capital. of the city at night this research city space is one of them the three hundred sixty degree panorama is something to be see. some of the best rooftop bars restaurants night life in the world. how important is the image of the capsule and muscovites obsessed with the look and feel of contemporary life and can my time illuminations
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simply be too much to discuss these questions a move that's nice to speak stressed chris christie you see you know you've been here most here for eight years yeah what do you think the russian capital would look like before you came here i was critical you know years ago i came here nearly said come to moscow check it out you know it's a lot of energy where he was from new york is by the way i came from. i expected it to be very very frustrating. and my first impression was like that actually because if you go on the streets eight years ago you went to the streets people are very. well of nobody was smiling it was time for our freezer and just started again winters i was really bad but i started to love the city and also now if you were to give any tourist some advice about where to visit in moscow or join the night where would they be definitely of course is very like they were and if you didn't look at the stars on top of. the four special of it it's nice.
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it's very beautiful i think you should come to this hotel here you have to talk you can see the city downstairs. it's very beautiful it's fair use amazing yes yes this is really great. i think you know it's just a cap and right around the city it's not so expensive to spend five hundred rubles that's approximately fifteen euros twenty dollars and they can write pretty silly and you with your offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards to be a problem here in moscow yeah it's a little much so you know i think it's people were doing it i would prefer a little bit less but yeah you got much more you got much more life much work for typing much more too much in your head you know you could think of myself i think
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for me personally it's tiring because you get is like this whole. tension you know you can't stop you from here something from the whole day something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me really tired from this great request and thank you good luck with all your policy projects here in moscow for my party the next i will look forward to thank you you. make some trouble in the southwestern russian unmask original location through the run from cookie park and the screws the sand if you want wonderful views of the city at night staring is the place to come also a well known spot for many ceremonies and find his dozens of seemly and food stores both compounds and this is to come here every week while the views from the area aspera hills are just peaceful i think it shows some of the best images of the capital and the city seems so relaxed and calm from up here in the distance the skyline you can make out the science academy the list the stadium the knowledge of
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actually converts most the city and the majority of silence the famous skyscraper is of course the seventh or largest of the la marks is the university building located right behind us. the spectacular building was designed by architect never rudeness as a close one your classic tower the i miss you main building was the tallest building in the world outside of new york city at its heart of its construction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters tool thirty six stories high and i sit in same a total of the answer three kilometers of corals and five thousand rooms a celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the master state university building is transformed into twenty five thousand five hundred square and it's a screen with a spectacular for the light show masterminded by david actions the show which ends with the guinness book of world records for being the world's largest and amazing show featured a flaming phoenix and innovative graphics the pitts is in the building structure.
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moving on and let's take a look at other ways we can explore the city lights the cars and restaurants and after the famous carriage from the swedish tombs books cars and on the roof is located on top of the central city tal business center has a sensational glass roof and his visa bill is a kremlin circles in moscow that you the area and other breathtaking sights. the history of the lights illuminations of the russian capsule and we discovered in studies uneasy and cold in the starlights this is not only see displays of lamps lanterns and other light sources but also trying to switch them on and control the street i live in a she's. a museum also houses a collection of photographs of old moscow she can witness what the city looked like at night situation guys. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in a city game there are several projects including encounters that's in combat that
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often take place in moscow during the weekends the main idea is to find secret locations in the city after receiving clues in totes from the internet the team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots receives a pop. just so. tonight i'm meeting mikheil who i'm told offers highrise extraordinary excursions here the sky is the one of the new limits for curious tourists when you build with typical city ground level walking tours when i explore the capital from a different viewpoint. it's all started with my interest in photography so i climbed up various structures to take pictures of interesting g.m. but first i discovered abandoned buildings radio television towers and then started climbing reeds and decided to share the experience with other people up there for the eighteenth century it was an informal ban on surpassing the height of the kremlin's tourist belts out and even today there is no unified sense of regulations as to how shiny new buildings can be as my moscow is getting decidedly tulips
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enjoying high life on a rooftop is becoming more and more popular the capital's kind of rama is a little run at night city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights every year but blaze of light in confidence swells as a true symbol of growth and development moscow's is truly a heaven for those aiming higher than the sights seeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe it might well be dazzled by the desire to joining. what amazing sights but unfortunately that's that's all we have left on this week's program about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week for more shenanigans around the russian capital and so that for me and the rest of the current advice for now.
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credit office sunroom or to do grease to hand themselves in the international criminal court stranger and safety of the some leaders in the west that means they thinks the old regime could get to get to every copy kerry. the french president says allowing three since they knew it was a mistake the new leaders have made out a deal to stave off the debt crisis to engulf the entire usa all hopes are now pinned on asia europe's bailout fund boston heads to china to ask for help. and russia's legendary bolshoi theater reopens in its crease a view to glory grabbing the colorful friday six years of massive renovation like compass today's standards and allegations of corruption. itself saving us in sports desk and underfoot.
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hello there nice to have a company and here's a taste of what he's coming up short defeat world number one was we ask you crash exactly deputy a champion she was on the field his chances of survival. plus greenies in need extend their lead at the top of the russian premier league after a three nil crushing of polgar. coddles comeback in the brings the same baseball's world series into the decider against the texas rangers. stop by with the tennis while world number one car in a mostly ascii has been knocked out in the season ending w.t. eight championships the russian there is of on rio vista chances are progressing to the semifinals are looking slim to say the least she squandered pretty much points against holmes i guess going to advance because the deciding set seventy five and that means the russian learn to make the senate different brands get loses in straight sets because beat about friday will be the better woman champion already assured of a place in the last ball after she knows that i am one of the ascii i was the us
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the look drained on cause the dana even had to have her blood pressure checked at the end of the first set when she lost six four and she demonstrated badly in the second sixty bradley competition but the upside is that she will remain the world's number one after rival racial rap over it's not that. i that's a great achievement for me to finish. it's amazing actually. i think it's a great achievement specially because the second year it's looking very. interesting. victoria azarenka was the first player to reach the semifinals from the white group the better russian made short work of lean are sweeping the french open champion aside in straight sets to make it to winston to be safe in this competition. so it's the football is and it's in petersburg have extended their lead to five points at the top of the russian premier league after an easy three no
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win at home to volga then he didn't have to wait too long either to get their noses in front the hosts taking the lead just two minutes could you see a big presuming there alexander who could all of them double belly just before the break. and thank you as a bit put the result beyond any doubt if he scored from the penalty spot in the second half afterwards coach levy said he was places i hadn't taken their foot off the gas until the final whistle. for their champions league match was shown to the net next week but will be relaxed right there alexander. told today it is the moscow will try to cut the gap on the need to two points is a welcome lonely spot now the army men have lost in over a month welsh strike is sitting down by is in the form of his life scoring six goals in his last five league games however since these men will have one eye on wednesday champions league clashes and sport into the picture it would give the
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army many three chance of qualifying for the latter stages of that competition. and the rubin they are in action tonight they play rostov because and side have won their last three league games at this game also being played in for the weekend to give the side more recovery time they europa league clash with spurs next week. now an england manchester city of hard collar services finds a two weeks' wages after the play's union refused to support the initial four week penalty the club had found the argentine guilty of refusing to play for the breaches of contracts during a champions league game against by munich in september however. pier fairy who represented tears during the club's internal inquiry say the evidence shows the only refuge to warm up as a result you can only be fine a maximum of two weeks wages. meantime russian billionaire a man album overage has been dealt a major blow in his bid to move chelsea to a new stadium the club wanted to buy back the freehold of stamford bridge and then
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probably sell it to raise funds for a bigger more modern arena but the current shareholders a group owned by fans otherwise and it means the blues will stay put the venue that has been our home for one hundred six years with a capacity of just over forty thousand stamford bridge is only a large stadium if we wish premier league. and basketball russians i mean excuse and have bad breath to win this season's you're really a late rally saw them they got a task right any standoffs sixty eight points to sixty four the hosts controlling most of the match and were ahead at the end of the first three periods but a final quarter surge from the russians so then claim an unlikely win and even they can be uniques with sixteen points. russia side and i for three d. which is led by i want to see an ambassador that has both won last night taking one hundred percent grass court that's he wins from. so i thought in our last night's
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moscow darby saw the nonis not their team game losing three with a gritty to no victory over ts got their second when i would air rifles and less than a week watching it was comforting to top off. this second must be between in our minds this guy didn't turn out to be a match to remember as the blue and white suit with the result of their first question just seven days ago with little effort in a low scoring game the house easily put their noses in front when new awarded in four and three when the fifth minute and maksim sabio found himself unmarked on the sport and fired it into the nat deny was home irene is weekend central moscow with some of their top flight encounters played at the much bigger and more comfortable nigga sports arena nearby it was a big gathering like that in the games. when it got a place where kids play but if you good luck plays in that area to change up get.
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it almost up to get to be that added should be played. against the target in the second and third period it's with few scoring opportunities for both sides eight minutes before the final wasn't says castillo the indies culpepper from dunam decided to drop the gloves and change sports to boxing the fight should have fired up the blues to attack within hours and xander you don't think it was like a brick wall between the pipes to recall his poor child out of the season. the army man stepped in everything for an equaliser to go out and believing that you always open for dinner want to kill off the game. scored an empty netter to signify no to nothing when i watched it there might have been less tension in the normal for a derby but still the game was very tough and we were eager to win tonight after two straight losses fortunately we won and we played much more accurate and defense systems are going to wasn't easy to win the calendar was drawn so that we have lots
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of cross city clashes in the first part of the campaign but next year we'll have less encounters with our rivals. after the game both sides kept their positions in the rankings deny my broke off their two loss ron and seed third in the western conference behind scott st peters and in a minsk well to scott eleven points behind the blue and white in the six place because they are team. over in the states baseball's world series will go down to the wire and again i had to win the st louis cardinals got a ten nine extra innings victory over the texas rangers to tie the best of seven contests and force a decider said lewis had to fight hard to fight back and to run deficits in the ninth and tenth innings and i lot to bat with a phrase he had to run triple here in the ninth the semi going to an extra innings at seven seven. and then in the tenth texas took the lead again with
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a josh hamilton to run homer. but lewis rallied one small bergmann single stay at drawing his side level after ryan had an r.b.i. ground. in the eleven single victory with the solo shot to center field back from the brink then the series started three games all the teams return to the bush hating on friday for a winner takes all. the feels good. you know i feel like it wasn't part of the circus out there and some balls of my. will i just wanted to you know we tired a little we had some going to be untied a lot of no we just don't. let the fines or team you know their game the way we just hope coming back and we've been doing that for you know a long time and it was you know next to me from day one has taught me so much as
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far as of just how to go about this game nine goal for america roy has made an impressive start to his bid for the sport's biggest cash prize the u.s. open champion seizing a one stroke lead after the a round at the mega rich shanghai masters in order marshman. five of them on the back nine and he stayed clear of paganistic out an eight on the six and four in china the twenty two year old said since he's happy how solid his plays fair enough michael roy will be hard to catch i think kinks is not however american and i might come to my just bringing down his neck in seven birdies and what i whisk away from posting is a on the eighteenth hole. however the shot of the day alongside cories white gang for his agle for final whistle number level shot by the shanghai moss is not sanctioned by any offering any rankings points but it still are trying to big names and played in ten major champions maybe the two
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million dollars prize money for the winner a something to that. and only european tour stop in trichy ramsey has a t.v. show laid out these undelete shia mosque is the first round of sixty five for him which included this fifteenth england french from gregory operate the titan second go around this is beautiful. now they know you've got it straight you go maneuver your ball in the wind and you know it's over marrying you control your spending and i think that creates it in my short game is it's really nascent and i stay patient a whole day because i knew that it's a kind of course that suits me in short play. sports and i'm more like her.
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missile strike for somalia australia i do want to be on islam and know with monkeys see the film on the street if you want to have sex go and have sex.


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