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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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so there time now for a look at the main headlines. his son reportedly agrees to hand himself over to the international criminal court in exchange for the safety of some leaders in the west plains there thinks the old regime could get gets a very public airing. the french president says allowing greece into the gear it was a mistake of the even leaders summit out a deal to stave off the debt crisis threatening to engulf the entire euro zone hopes are now pinned on asia europe's bailed out on boss heads to china to ask for help. and russia's legendary bolshoi theatre reopens and it's free so be nori the ground god on friday sixty years of massive innovation were marred by countless today's scandals and allegations of corruption. but next an r.t.r. technology update show which heads for the holiday vacation and russia's silicon
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valley. hello and welcome just as the leaves here are starting to change color we on technology are changing things around as well in this episode will be highlighting some of the biggest developments in russian science and technology from just the past few weeks. our first stop this month takes us to the annual forum hosted by ruth's nano russia's leading nano technology company and many of its partners are showing off all their latest developments both big and small i just gather in moscow at the end of october there are new products raising from a nano printer that can create images on water to the newest innovations in nano
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medicine and cutting edge energy production there's even a friendly robot to answer all the participants questions as well as the so-called futurist or who equipped with. bringing us one step closer to a world free from long checkout lines there's plenty to please the eye here at the roof nanotech forum for us the star of the show is this much hyped plastic logic one hundred company execs hope that this winter device will eventually replace traditional school textbooks this sixteen ounce device can replace the huge stack of text is higher libraries where the books several regional governments have already started trials in schools around russia. and the. start of this project with. original of the company was from the british. experience. plus the
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koreans for korea and. together with. a new project in russia the purpose we create. one of the regions. suitable for this. this will be the largest going to transfer from the world. because there was a reader. and also some just professional other voices based on political trends but until that plant is up and running the new devices will be built here at plastic the largest existing production facility certainly the most important breakthrough in this electronic reader is a breakable plastic backplane traditionally electronic tablets are fitted with a glass back screen which approach a breakthrough relatively easily the first generation of bendable displays have been made from stainless steel oil companies so-called plastic paper technology
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this electronic book is lighter and more durable than ever. but one of the possibilities for using this in the classroom has some benefits both the paper books for example you can. get from come come through. the whole set of books or you can the more you know in the home library if you knew this particular the worse books for six and so on is great so this is the clear of the other advantages that you come and of course there has been some criticism that a black and white display may not be the best to use for school textbooks you know for something like the history of art maybe black and white isn't that that's true but what do you think about that question of course work in west print is not the best option and in case of some subjects like biology or brain it would be clear of course greenstone the book and was well this is different on the fourth. and so on the crucial thing because if we understood that there were just twins both because
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in this case the screen complete paper books which means a much easier to read and so much more so for the first. school your poor this was a ruse nano isn't the only russian company coming out of an innovative new digital reader. given the fact that the country is home to one of the most literate and have it leading populations the market for more traditional the trolley books is certainly an attractive one on the moscow metro if you're sure to find one of your fellow passengers putting open piers or her trusty reader and in russia there's a good chance that one of them was made by wexler on a company offers traditional readers with cheaper but breakable glass backstreets is about to launch its own fully legal but the latest plastic backley technology it considering where the consumer markets heading this little reader could make a big splash what's the future of the e-books market in your opinion. first of all
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it's a growing market but it's the fastest growing segments in the auto industry with a hundred percent annual increase over the last three years and this year alone we expect more than a million e-book devices to be sold in russia and terms of trends flexibilities definitely the one and we will continue to produce flexible displays. will be used in educational institutions there for the displays launch not compact because it needs to comply with standards. of compact them and we're all for a genuinely compact reader which has a flexible body as well as display. our target audience is a broad one any kind of consumer can use it that it will be for sale for everyone. but here. the market seems to have spoken regarding general new readers there's no
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shortage of different approaches to integrating digital technology in the classroom the latest trend here seems to be high tech tablets which range from the expensive name brands to the remarkably cheap. in recent weeks there's been one piece of news in the world of science that has the potential to change how we understand just about everything around us. could this be the biggest development in physics since einstein's day well it's all relative. now russian scientists are doing their part to find out if that little particle actually does go as fast as it appears what these tiny particles lack in size they make up for with their potential to explain things yet unknown. neutrinos play a crucial role in the theory of the evolution of the universe. because
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. certain stages this particle could become the main vehicle for transporting energy from an object. now they're still not completely understood but much of what we do know about neutrinos comes from this research center here of laboratory for nuclear problems back in the mid one nine hundred fifty s. italian. moved to do the research neutrinos during his life he was responsible for some of the biggest theoretical breakthroughs in the field of neutrino physics as a result and this. has remained at the center of the discipline to this very day. our live oratory takes part in many international experiments that involve studying neutrino was. the work on discovering and measuring new yes no known
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characteristics. of the operate sturtevant experiment. a lot of offer as heavy lifting is done that institutes in russia in france none of their work would be possible without the european organization for nuclear research from the facilities underground here. and billions of particles are created several times a day using the super proton synchrotron the accelerated protons are sent along a tunnel where many turn into moronic neutrinos a pint sized particles are then focused into a beam that sends them through the earth directed at the detector seven hundred thirty kilometers away the thirteen hundred ton detector in grand sasso italy is made up of one hundred fifty thousand bricks of a motion film and lead plates the unexpected discovery about neutrinos speed may have grabbed the headlines but it's actually just a side experiment under most circumstances move neutrinos travel in a straight line and when they break down we witness and observable mu on leptons
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and a few other particles the crucial thing here is that the wanted lepton breaks off straight from the path of the neutrino in two thousand and ten however they finally saw what they were looking for they found what's called a decay kink that is to say that i'm the one lepton appears not directly from the path of the one of the tree know that little gap or kink the physicists at opera believe show that i'm the one that neutrino oscillated into a towel on that one which then gave rise to a towel lepton that vindicates into the moon wanted lepton you know that among other things this is important for understanding of the fundamental basis of our existence as fairly mysterious that the universe has evolved in this way i mean the reason mass and almost no answer you treat of physics could give us a clue and help to explain this fact so long as the neutrino remains so important and so mysterious physicists like those here and do keep toiling away trying to peel back our ignorance sliver plus sliver for the time being these scientists have
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more than enough on their plate whether it be trying to find further evidence of neutrino oscillation or checking and double checking the surprising result from grant sasso if these neutrinos are found to be able to break the universal speed limit it could lead to a major rethinking of many aspects of modern physics. yeah. the independent experiments proving that neutrinos speed is faster than the speed of light revolutionize our conception of the world after now everything was based on this that the speed of light is the top the laws and see that nature has devised to communicate a signal that actually it's difficult to predict how science will change. but the main thing to do now is to make sure the initial results have been correct. leaving all that high minded particle physics stuff behind for now we've come back
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down to earth. and we're focusing on an innovative russian solution to the problem of pesticide related pollution. closely associated with industrial agriculture intakes pesticides are just as much of a threat in cities and russia environmentalists got together to highlight here in gorky park in the middle of september. right here in russia these green advocates hope to breathe new life into the ground in more ways than one. among so the facts the substance cuts the level of toxic elements in the soil and at the same time plant and root led growth it can be used to seize treatment but shoots emerging much earlier it produces a general wholesome effect that balances out the soil when we conduct our cleanup operations we take samples to identify contaminants and concentration levels and then take the right dose and application right. science behind this product didn't
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appear overnight. ten years the right bacteria strain that would attack a wide range of harmful pesticides same time remaining of. the effort to come up with the right science spearheaded here at moscow state university. for this breakthrough product called. the powder with water activates the destructor bacteria. immediately attacks the remaining effects of harmful pesticides in a matter of weeks eight percent of the killing poisons are gone. quite complicated. is surprisingly simple. now we're sprinkling a special solution over the contaminated plot of land it's a biological substance consisting of activated cells of strains of bacteria to structures it's been designed to destroy. science this pesticide type is now on the
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u.n. list of toxic contaminants that are banned from use. this year russia rectify and the un sponsors the concord mention and persistent organic pollutants under the treaty there's a list of twenty substances that are considered hazardous and now a genocide kills about eighty nine thousand of them in russia some two hundred thousand tons of pesticides are still stored especially refused almost the same amount is buried under the ground in many russian regions the roster friesian out-i region moscow region and of our own issue region. in the mire these are people aware of the risks of using pesticides we see that people are not indifferent that they want to make a difference and i believe it will soon become more popular as interest in a greener planet grows by old russia will be there to help foster such beliefs at their office in moscow they're trying to raise awareness actually using social networking sites even craze a comic to bring their message to
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a wider younger audience and this miniature graphic novel little movie greed is one of the dangers of pesticides which leads her to a life of science to try and break their hold on earth of course her efforts are going up against powerful forces determined to stop her and all her green activists dreaming of a planet free from dangerous pesticides right approach it philosophy is based on very simple things that every person can understand it's only a joint ethical to help us restore the environmental balance on the planet thanks to bio russia and for knox places such as corky park and moscow state universities but tentacle gardens are becoming cleaner and cleaner green awareness is on the rise in russia but lately there's been something else on a lot of people's minds. the talk of the town lately here in moscow has been that of the bolshoi theater is grand reopening the russian engineers responsible for this massive undertaking have leaned on the latest technology to make this world renowned performance all bigger
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and better than ever. after six long years of waiting russia's most famous theater is opening its doors to the public again at the end of october despite some early setbacks both engineers and r. does it have been working around the clock to get moscow's iconic theatre ready in time for its much anticipated reopening crystal chandelier or glistening again the interior is more resplendent than it's ever been when visitors come in for their first look they're sure to be amazed by all the work that's gone into the renovation and those concerns the biggest of tests down to the smallest detail those behind all the changes are certain that thanks to both ancient methods and new technology seeing the show at the new bolshoi would be like nothing you've ever experienced before the acoustics have been vastly improved and noble innovations in
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theater technology will allow directors to do things only dreamed of until now sure this place up great is what everyone's talking about now but it certainly hasn't been the bolshoi's first facelift the original theatre called the bolshoi imperial burned down in eighteen zero five twenty years later the bolshoi patrol seat was built in its place the theater got its distinctive main facade and named after rid of ations ahead of a coronation of alexander the second the current restoration work is to correct damage done over the previous eighty years. were underway back in two thousand and five well the project was ambitious enough to start with nobody had any idea just how big of a job ahead once they got down to business it was discovered that the damage the theater was much greater than previously thought white cracks were discovered in the walls and the buildings foundation had been reduced to mere rubble engineers
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say the building was seventy five percent unstable. course at the beginning none of the builders or restorers had an idea of the amount of work that eventually needed to be done but that's because they got the opportunity to assess the state of the walls in the foundation only in two thousand and five after the theatre had been closed the walls were about to collapse and it was decided to put the building on a thousand piles of steel pillars that held it up in the air the builders have to remove the remaining foundation blocks piece by piece the cell structure wasn't capable of holding the building anymore it was in such a critical condition that the theater would have easily collapsed the replacement of the substructure took three years it was then apparent that the problems could have been solved only by implementing complex engineering projects. in two thousand and nine suman group became the largest shareholder in the firm responsible for the massive project soon as the main task was to sort through all the problems that had arisen and get work back on schedule based on the progress from the past few years
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it's clear the company was more than up to the task ageing statues have been restored to their original chlorine the famous apollo's quadriga that adorns the entrance was repaired for the first time in over one hundred years the fears historic bills were given new luster thirty five of them including one teaching back to the early sixteen hundreds were posted back up to the theatres unparalleled belltower. massive amounts of gold was put in place by skilled russian artisans specially trained experts were brought in from all over the country to apply over three thousand square feet of gold in the interior a certain shimmer own but last decades ago the gilding was late using a particularly russian tactic dating back to medieval times involving a white clay and get this vodka the bolshoi it was made over from head to toe with nothing left untouched the final project demanded tons of metal stone rebar and concrete to put the whole building back on firm footing. but the renovations
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weren't just concrete and steel. after years of neglect beautiful fabrics that were once the pride of the bolshoi had to be replaced the size the glimmering gold leaf throughout the most noticeable update is the redone plush interior here in the renamed coral hall embroider cloth panels had been badly damaged over the years a major work was needed to give these textiles a new lease on life. however some fabric items had to be completely remade from scratch for the biggest of these jobs the bolshoi looked about four hundred miles southeast of moscow a historic russian textile company was tasked with the gargantuan feat of totally recreating one of the most prized possessions. textile mill in the kinzer region skilled workers but their know how and you need machinery to the test they might not employ that absolutely just technology they lose here are matchless in their
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ability to produce large scale high quality bricks all one hundred fifty years of the mills experience were needed to totally reconstruct one of the grandest objects of the theater because right to use a college curtain and that was a task only source project liber on. the a couple but initially the bush i see it has sent the following requirements every tension contract is the fabric can't be twenty metres wide and should not contain any scenes from a fest and passing the tender there was also a german company among competitors who offered a fabric made of two pieces stitched together by some hidden in conspicuous stained glass the bolshoi theatre flatly refused saying it had to be a single fabric of top notch quality without any scenes the other recently won the tender was that this is a unique type of luna and the six of the night in the world and only two is still up and running one here in stewardess and the other in the us. thanks to the know
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how and machinery here and source their fifteen hundred pound guy. well i proudly welcome spectators to the theater for the first time since eighty ninety six the original curtain which depicts the triumphant arrival of medieval military leaders and has had to be taken down over a century ago due to wear and tear of the artisans remaking the f a curtain nothing more than two surviving documents of the original. one was an archival photograph the other hand painted dating back to eight hundred fifty nine artist labors on the curtain only possible because of the skilled textile workers. have to be works by hand even the slightest mistake means that machines have to be shut down and work has to be done to correct the error of this beautifully redone curtain is one improvement that will be apparent to everyone in the audience while it may not be evident straight away out here on the back side of the theater is actually into
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real part of what is easily the bolshoi's biggest new technological improvements. the innovation starts out on the streets of the northern facade of the theater from here specially designed trucks can bring all the necessary stage equipment including seem decorations lifts are able to move the heavy loads back and forth between storage and the backstage area individually mechanize sections of the floor music every part of the stage can be adjusted to fit the director's needs movable force easily get the props and prepared sets in the front with the d. and the orchestra could also be adapted to allow for new pieces like those from wagner to be performed for the very first time new lighting apparatus have been installed bringing the bolshoi to the forefront of theater production in terms of both technology and size. contemporary architecture
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standards that suggest to theaters production space must be four times. and there are make up and storage rooms and other backstage facilities. such proportions are required for a theater to be able to stage twenty first century performances to stay at the cutting edge of theater related technologies in fact before the bolshoi theater closed in two thousand and five this proportion had been one to one now the reconstructed theatre will boast a one to four proportion of what made this possible first and foremost it's due to the unique engineering that's all the theatre expand the details around the square now when walking across to a planet where you should always keep in mind that you are treading on the roof of a six story building has twenty point five meters deep under your feet an orchestra is having a rehearsal or a chamber concert is under way. this hidden gym is a literally right under the noses of people on the square in front of the theater the now damed beethoven hall this completely new space gives the bolshoi's
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performers not only an additional place to rehearse but a totally new states to host concerts thanks to new innovations and powerful motor driven jacks there's no limit to what this hall can allow for much the chain of the draw consists of linked plates it's a so-called leaf chain connected by axles. each plate is linked to the other by two axles the third axle well you can have a look from this angle functions as the log for the plates. and when passing through the gear unit the leaf chain can change its position from vertical to horizontal there's a metal unit and side where it can collapse insert safe line. this is a great tool to be used for tiny spaces and you don't need to drill any holes. the platforms work starts actually here you turn the engines on the first one behind me
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and the second up front over there. i think starts work similar to saying yes lee and through a system of gear boxes and drive shafts the transferred the tour to all the chains which begin to go up all at the same sun but. in this unique space those deers in chains in each hour five separate four segments which in each be raised and lowered is needed this newfound flexibility allows the bolshoi to accommodate a large orchestra of full ampitheater or numerous rows of seats masterfully combining beauty and utility now with everything in place this and all the other stages are ready to host any number of events like never before the bolshoi has the ability to change things around to fit the exact requirements of each performance and that would give even the most seasoned theater fans a new reason to head to a show so see you next time and it's till then enjoy the ride.
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