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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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it's just after seven pm here in the russian capital you're watching well it's taken six years of refurbishment delays drama and scandal but moscow's legendary bolshoi theater is finally back to the limelight well we do have our correspondents standing by there let's cross over to our correspondents first let's see if she's there. are you there. because. there you go sorry we've been looking well before we get to you let's go to you got to be there going to show what can we hear you there you are even trying to find you ok very you are so what is happening over there where you are i mean it's it's a very hard place to get into right now lots of glitz and glamor very exclusive tell us what it's like in their. own unfortunately we can't hear you can try to get back to her but sara you're
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outside of the bolshoi we were looking at pictures of the a red carpet there we saw some high profile guests walking the red carpet they didn't see the show but what about what about the millions of other theater lovers who didn't get a ticket to the show. well no one's going to be missing out on the a for the night everyone joining in the excitement you can see the crowds behind me gathering outside the front of the boat now they're going to be able to watch the live performance oh on the big screens that we've got ahead of the moment we've just been looking at people take to the red carpet everyone looking very glamorous as they get that first glimpse of the inside of the rebound. in the making that restoration process taking a long time and it was very expensive but everyone hating it will be was the way ahead of tonight's performance and it really is i'm going to tell you to be spectacular we got a sneak preview head of the performance of the red. yesterday in the chaise i was
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simply stunning is going to be a journey through the ages of the bolshoi productions for anyone watching it takes up fragments of lots of some of the most famous shades of performances and for attic saying it is coming to the states as los a very famous guests will be taking to the station night and many of them will be watching as well the great and the good of the thing as well a president dmitri medvedev will say be attending but as he said it really is something that is very important to a lot of people not just in russia but around the world this is a world renowned and it really has a very special place in people's hearts and we've been speaking to some of the people here in the crowd about just what the poster with this it means to them. i think it's a simple yes to draw. them i'm choreographer and then. a respect. for. the pleasure to see this
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monument alive again yes i'm very him to be here during the opening of by showing the history of my country and it's the thrill of my life and i'm going to hate fear that i can participate in this. stuff the viewers around the well as it's also going to be a book called life on the cheap and you can catch a lot of the fullness of course on our website called we called late of additional information and insight on the bolshoi as well it really is an institution amongst the fullness and amongst the people here is you can see as he said lots and lots of people wanting to be a part of what's said to be a really much you can leave. are all thanks very much for that sara certainly a lot of people looking forward to seeing what the bolshoi looks like right now after six years behind closed doors thanks again. all right well live here lou. at live pictures right now this is from the inside of
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the bolshoi theater people getting ready to see the performance the opening night performance right there now again the bolshoi has been closed for six years and for those of us who managed to watch performances at the theater there's a small theater beside the grand theater there is nothing nothing compared to what we're looking at inside we had a sneak peek arty did get a sneak peek there you go wide shot of what it looks like inside back to the soviet era a looking style in their nineteenth century there you have it preparing for the opening performance waiting for the curtains to go up but we do have correspondents a correspondent inside standing by for our she is lucky to be inside it got to be very good to see you again you're very lucky to be in there not very easy to get access to an event like this so what's it looking like from the inside. just heard the final. one because it's such
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a big opening night so they came with more than. these big opening nights of russia's landmark theater the bolshoi theater. raise hundreds of guests. and expensive renovation in the history of. challenging has been recreated according to the original vision of the jars of the romano how many sequels were replaced with the original. eagles the emblem of the. big reopening get a little feature oprah guest such as. fred i'll have to cut here for now because we're waiting for the curtain to go up thanks very much for bringing us that tidbit right there i'm sure it's going to be an amazing show certainly looking forward to it all right let's see if we can get some
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images from the inside of the theater there. let's just have a look all right so waiting for those pictures will our team does go backstage and underground to bring you this story of the bolshoi as the biggest ever face lift. and of course it was an epic production to revive russia's most famous theater makes of artistic ambition and engineering excellence. there go technology updates shows you how it was done right here at seventeen thirty g.m.t. . ok we're still looking at pictures now from the inside the show that we've been waiting for is about to start. this a patient's certainly right there six years close and now the first performance of the bolshoi theater back if it's ninety three. you can see this right you can see live pictures on our web site of course we're
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streaming all of this live so if you want to catch it you can just log onto our to dot com and see the live pictures streaming from inside the bolshoi where you can also enjoy the performance of the people inside there are enjoying right now again awaiting for the curtains to come up. all right well moving on now to other stories today it's a thought colonel gadhafi most influential son saif al islam has fled to nigeria and is looking to hand himself over to the war crimes prosecutors say they're in talks to bring him in but what's keeping western leaders nervous is that saif could spill the beans on the recent deals they made with his father parties other bennett's explains. to some moammar gadhafi was a man too much secrets which will supposedly be buried with him i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitals in western
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europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not misled is that surprised that he was captured alive if you very quickly ended up dead that gadhafi is returning from diplomatic exile was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him gadhafi is now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from buried i don't feel that his great to see it but the shooter dealing with him is constant and it. will go away or seriously becomes that this is an uncertain situation was sufficient will probably grow shrinks it may actually a romantic lead to a situation where they were true veterans then british prime minister tony blair
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was instrumental in get to effie's rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven but blair didn't leave empty handed trade between them flourished so did the cozy relationship there was six more secret meetings off the player left office his people denying they were about releasing the lucky boma abdel baset al mcgraw he or britain would lose its lucrative libyan deals i'd regret myself enormously that gadhafi was but should he should have been said to the international criminal court put all the trial and force to all its questions for all the terrible things he did and if it davidge diva contemporary world leaders or previous regimes and leaders. we need to. walk. with. some details of the murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of
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economics agreed to contract with the gadhafi regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds of its future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in creating good data even letting him pitches tend to nearly say palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man the one who could still tell all that of course he had never had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. seinfeld is a good afi son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court so you he's going to have low information and i think we're so used that tony blair intervened formed to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics one. degree or apparently was
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plagiarized as a lot of things have gone on so you knows about get their fees wanted to answer for his own actions in libya's drawn out battle for control but it's what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father keeping the western power players sweating after bennett r.t. london. and it's as agreed to ship out of libya by monday after the un decided to cancel the alliance is not that russia's envoy to the world body says this should pave the way to an independent country. hope that indeed a new chapter is being opened in libya and the libyan people will be able to take advantage of the new situation to build a new libya they desire. well the u.s. led alliance has been bombing libya since march under a u.n. resolution to protect civilians and carried out nearly ten thousand air strikes one of the last of which stopped
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a convoy carrying colonel gadhafi allowing him to be captured or killed but the intervention doesn't end there tars now proposing to head international operations in libya once nato pulls out the well claims it's already deployed hundreds of troops in a support mission to the country well that moves not being sanctioned by which he's got to respond to qatar's offer. and still to come for you this hour the freedom of selective speech where in georgia where me to achieve say speaking up means being hounded out to seek asylum by the government doesn't like what you say. now the french president gunning for greece saying letting the beleaguered country join the euro was quote a mistake speaking after the emergency brussels summit nicolas sarkozy said greek membership of the currency club has pushed europe to the brink e.u. leaders decided on thursday to have greece's private sector debt to one hundred billion euros bags agreed to write off fifty percent of what they're owed european
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banks must also have a bigger cash balance to guard against another crisis while the emergency bailout fund will be expanded to want trillion euros to help expand the rescue fund of the europe is hoping it to attract investment from asia but it would be a lot of fun cheap has visited china to persuade beijing to help finance to huge rescue economists there see the you you having a little choice but to turn to asia for help. we welcome you chris this side of the phone march we have to seek out help i think it will be involved degree of all the european market major export market of chinese of course china needs to worry about the possible default trying to needs to make sure that it doesn't lose money because of the turbulence in. europe. well coming up later in the program. our georgia works hard to maintain
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a positive image of a country that welcomes free speech and open minds but that's not the experience of local media there many of whom would feel a hand on their shoulder for say quote the wrong things are reports. recently those who make the news in georgia have been becoming the news john doe none a touch willie or the founder of an opposition t.v. station applied for french political asylum just days before nicolas sarkozy arrived on a visit but he was disappointed. i contacted the french embassy and i was sure my problem would be resolved quickly but i was mistaken they didn't make an appointment and i had no news from them if they don't contact me in the near future i'm determined to go to other embassies. tria letty t.v. is a small station in the north of georgia john doe and his staff say it's mikhail saakashvili as government that's pushed him to apply for asylum he says they're putting
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pressure on him because of his channels criticism of policy and pressure in opposition views as well as those of the government all of that is then look we have to work on difficult conditions as we cannot get any comments at all from officials when a government official gives a press conference reporters from other channels are allowed inside to do their job but to lead to reporters are denied entry where are clearly being discriminated against. the georgian government strenuously denies the claims and others doubt his sincerity sunburn john doe no tash believes asylum request are published that he stunned but he's deadly serious consistent with jordan all four of these are after him just because of what he and his channel say and judging by the record in recent years he's not the only one in two thousand and nine the widow of former georgian president appealed to germany's angela merkel for asylum a numerous others have left the country trill letty has need of the resources nor
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the audience to seriously compete with the large pro-government channels but john doe's say's he's sure about the government's reasons. it's because we're in opposition. they want us to give in and work for them to promote them but i can't stoop to that. this is the symbolism of the frustration felt by mr bush and his fellow opposition media a mock funeral dementing as they put it the death of free media. although i will as you know tonight is a big night for the bolshoi theatre it's reopening after six years of being under renovation ever looking at live pictures there we've been watching pictures of the gas coming into the new renovated ball for theatre and that it was closed in two thousand and five and there's been a lot of scandal a lot of drama behind it but tonight is finally the first performance after all
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that restoration work it's back according to those who have been handling the restoration it's back to its nineteenth century splendor and the show that they have tonight is going to be showing the magnificence of this hall according to those who have been getting the reopening and they're expecting to have classical performances showing the greatness of the era the sorrow. they want to show past shows doing it in a rather modern way right now you're looking at some very interesting pictures actually we don't see the ballet tutu's right now but this is the show at the bolshoi theatre a lot of important guests in the crowd including russian president dmitri medvedev . there are four i mean this is only got to those people who want to watch it while of course you can watch it live on a restraining it on our t.v. dot com and also if you're here in moscow you can go right in front of the ball
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show theater there is a big screen there showing what the performance inside let's just have a quick well these are live pictures. thank you what they have in store. doesn't seem to be possible at the moment but they do those and had a sneak peek say that they will have those performances. this is a big open six years of renovation and tonight is a night that millions go as leader lovers have been waiting for. right for now let's go to other news now a key suspect has been charged in the murder case of russian journalist anna politkovskaya. who's from cheshunt was charged friday with being one of the
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reporters killers investigators allege she was part of a group contracted to kill the journalist in july two thousand and six and was promised a reward for the murder the suspect denies the charges but it's called sky's murder was led to her work as an investigative journalist and she was shot in october two thousand and six out side her apartment block. strike elsewhere now around the world. where troubles erupted following the first democratic election results troops fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse angry crowds after one party's winning candidates were disqualified but gathered in the town that sparked an uprising which then set off a chain of revolts across the arab world as long as party secured forty one percent of parliamentary seats. floodwaters creeping closer to the center of bad call with officials desperate for innovative ways to hold back the worst in decades the capital's already undergoing a mass evacuation and head of this weekend's seasonal as well as water heading down
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from the country's flood plains the disaster is claimed over three hundred seventy lives since august and affected millions of others. serious security forces have clashed with abdi government activists leaving thirty seven people reportedly dead people headed on to the streets after. getting demonstrate against president assad's regime syrian opposition figures are now calling for a protective no fly zone in the country the u.n. estimates that months of government crackdowns have killed three thousand. young germans are being taught lessons about islam in schools as part of the government's drive to integrate its religious communities it was meant to educate about muslim life but is actually having an adverse effect turning people's stores extremism as our correspondent daniel bushell reports it's another multicultural division that's splitting the country. a typical german school.
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teacher is preaching hate christians who go to discos drink alcohol and have a boyfriend they perform evolved christians and jews says alan i believe in the qur'an before it destroys your faces germany started islam classes in schools think the religion spreads peace you'll vote. a phrase a sentence of koran. you have to persecute. the members of other religions when you. find them hit them yes muslims admit the close is a fall from suv tensions the relations between zero officials and systemic communities are not so good should really is a code of conduct in arab states where punishments can include m putin and stoning
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campaign as war muslim youths are trying to spread shari'a across europe they teach them that they clash of people. who have more rights than the nonbelievers and the nonbelievers can be treated like picks and young muslim say how law be higher then law that is not possible therefore we must install the sharia everywhere followers like perino the christian parents he's converted to islam every muslim here must swap german laws for sure real he says and chop off hands stone adulterous and flawed homosexuals germany's policy of islam is' ation may not be going to plan muslim students are leaving europe schools radicalized by their lessons this move by authorities is well meaning but it may be producing
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a generation. which is true missed the worst anti immigrant parties are seeing a surge in popularity in frankfurt almost whole for the residents of foreign the free voters group is getting elected with this message for muslims integrate well leave our country more and more young men but also young women. which were. born in germany go to the extremists government efforts were meant to heal conflict with germany's three million muslims but the experts say the country splitting apart it's a pro and anti islam camps bushell r.t. frankfurt's. later in the program we discuss whether yours are somewhat sketchy of anything more than just calming the markets but first it's a business update dmitri.
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and welcome to business r.t. this friday evening good to have your company cracks are beginning to appear in global equities rally sentiment was given a significant left by this week's proposals from e.u. leaders on combat in euro zone debt crisis however as peter weston from out on suggests the bullish attitude could prove to be short lived. given that a lot of clients are sitting on cash we could see a little bit of a continuation of this rally i think it's very weak into foundation the sort of optimism that we've seen on the back of what happened in europe i think is very fragile because now what people will be doing is looking ahead and basically asking ourselves with other countries knocking on the door for and it's kind of example and then we're back to the same agenda again there also as far as i understand a few issues regarding the facility increase that has not been decided yet so i don't completely out of the woods but for now that seems to be the sentiment and investors are voting with the money and this could maybe continue for
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a little bit but it's looks fragile to me. it's a good idea to take a look at those figures right now well is although it has come back a long way from what we see in the drops that we've seen around an hour ago prices did drop of to around one half percent after japanese factory productions declined four percent in september analysts expect crude to decline for the next week brant is just six cents under one hundred eleven dollars per barrel light sweet is declining twenty five cents for. u.s. markets are mixed this hour they work correcting after a very bullish session on thursday the dow is still heading for the best monthly gain in twenty four years it's now point one percent european markets are correcting after the previous sessions rally although the dax has indeed come down they're pretty flat the banks have shown strong performance in the morning but have
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raised earlier games although h.s.b.c. is still one of the best performing stocks in london and in frankfurt chemical firm linda is up as a confirmed its full year outlook now to the closing picture in russia a remarkable week the best week in two years also. on a positive note the r.t.s. overall gained ten and a hof percent in just five sessions the mice x. is five hundred percent higher the difference is because of the strengthening ruble . if we look at the prices of shares on the my six what one is moving roll snapped up one and a half percent despite the kind of oil prices nora's nickel down two percent as the company misses the deadline for a share buyback and russia's top lenders burbank is down just a notch the company's head says the bank would be ready for the privatization of seven point six percent of the shares if the share price reaches around one hundred
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roubles still a long way to go to that price. business tsotsi is back in fifty five minutes with an update i'll see them join if you can't. discover it amusing.
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communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you on the. wealthy british style sun it's america it's not on the face. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headline news. welcome back this is our live from moscow this is a recap of all our top stories as. he saw that could blow the whistle
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on. if he gets his day in court and prosecutors say they're holding talks with. possibly surrendering to the hague where he's wanted for war crimes. greece joined the euro was a mistake but french president doesn't hold back on his beleaguered. after leader signed off on another massive rescue deal europe's now turning to kickstart for the bailout fund. to ask for help to save the euro. the balshaw is back millions of theatre lovers have been waiting for mark theatre unveils its first performance in six years. and coming up next for you as our debate with peter lavelle do stay with us right here.


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