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it's nine pm friday night here in moscow you're watching r t international with me kevin know it very good to have your company and first tonight it's taken six years of refurbishment delays drama and scandal but moscow's legendary bolshoi theatre is finally balancing back into the limelight tonight it is a country which over is inside the bolshoi for. the tickets for the first free opening gala concert were exclusively available only through the office of the russian president so no tickets were on sale for these big night and we were of course happy to be among the few to see the newly reopened restored bolshoi theatre from inside to see all its beliefs and glamour and its truly impressive as russia's landmark theatre has been renovated according to the original vision of the jars cameron sickles across the theatre were placed with a regional and glimpse of the ramana of dynasty well the main ample of the double headed eagle is above the czar's box on these big night is the russian president
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who is watching the opening night gala concert from those seats well and the red and gold curtain raised for the first time in six years and it has rebuilt renovation which was very expensive it cost over seven hundred million dollars it was supervised and sponsored by the russian state supervised by the kremlin i think it is an entirely spent well. if there's anything that society has to spend the leverage culture of all those things we can share. it's much greater spend that i don't mean anything else what we're doing outside. so i really think it's a it's a wise decision not to hold back but to do the best possible of the big reopening gellar features oprah great such as not telling the save me trade for a stove ski as well as the principal soloists and dancers of the bolshoi ballet including the thallium or supervise the gullible present the history of the main
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bolshoi theatre through the ages and it will feature at serves as staged by the best career will go first and directors of the bolshoi theatre and the least of those invited on these big night is also very impressive among the guests are going to but show we also saw vice president oprah zille here has all the less gala theatre the. yeah no oprah covent garden we were lucky to catch up with a few of those celebrities invited to the opening night at the bolshoi theater among them telling actress money could believe and here's what she had to say when her first impression from her first visit to the bullshit. you see someone you. like to. sit. through.
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and see i thought was kind of rushed to. see the time that i feel your life. i think that some people this is just. so truly impressive threat comp it event tip for russian theater lovers and it's no surprise that hundred of viewers hundred of guests were ready to watch the opening night gala concert in the cold at which is broadcast live now in giant television screens installed outside of the renovated restored will show a theater. culture and a good show for inside the theater for us was go outside into the ground who saw the two sarah ferguson in the crowds this chilly or so night tell us so was hobbling out her while the millions of fear to love those who didn't get a ticket to the show being catered for that. well the crowds are still gathered head out like the bossi we've been watching the bonuses on the big screen stared
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it's really been a magical evening as we've heard the out first thing is a what's the ballet dancers take to the stage we've had a lot of the productions that were put on throughout the bolshoi history from the nine hundred fifty eight production of prince eagle to more recent ones the two thousand and one production. it was a fragment of performance of swan lake close to the school on lake and it was just beautiful no less magical watching out out here and if i had all the most special actually because once you've got the elite guest list inside for the big opening night no one wanted to miss out on this has been six years since the post show it clay's is a vintage caissons tonight and seen the fullness take to the stage again and it's been really wonderful having members of the public able to join in the magic of the even we've been speaking to some of them about just what the bolshoi means but. i think it's a simple yes comfort role for them so i'm choreographer and then. i
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respect this crime of. opportunity to have the pleasure to see this monument alive again yes i'm very hip him to be here during the opening history of my country and it's the thrill of my life and i'm very sad i can participate in this. little boy supposedly this really does have a very special place in people's hearts estates in history dating back to save it times what the bolshoi theatre was able to do is provide this high culture at affordable prices to everyone so it's given access to the general public we're over the ages to watch these beautiful performances and i absolutely spectacular a feeling night tonight as we watched the prima ballerina take the stage to see that love out of the green ballerina wrote the post with dig
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a stunning performance in swan lake we watched a number of the other will this is what is really being exceptionally spectacular at the moment we can hear on the big screen here we're lifting some of the tributes from the late great people who took to the stage for mcdonald's is in the directors and they all say much the same thing about just how special the bolshoi this is is it. and how magical it is that the moment that they say. is when they make it they still. very very excited that the curtains once again lit will once again seeing more of the ground breaking. the post down with. marty. in the past. or i'd sort of bring you some today on a very big night there in central moscow updating us from outside the bolshoi. just let you know as well as backstage and on the ground to bring you the story of the
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bolshoi his biggest ever facelift production to revive russia's most famous theater the whole of the statement through a mix of artistic engineering excellence or technology or they show. it is done right here in about twenty minutes time tonight. the legacy that survived the russian revolution. is by looking more splendid than the. grander core of czarist time this does bring the audience again after a six year rethink. awaited resurrection of the bolshoi theater. on our t.v. . program coming up for you know the french president is gunning for greece saying letting the beleaguered country join the euro was a mistake speaking of the emergency summit nicolas sarkozy said membership of the
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currency clubs pushed europe to the brink the leaders decided thursday to have greece's private sector debt to one hundred billion euros after banks agreed to write off fifty percent of what they're owed european banks must also have a bigger cash pile to guard against any further crisis while the emergency payload . will be expanded to one trillion euros to get there europe's hoping to attract investment from asia the bailout fund chiefs persuaded china has gone rather to china to try to persuade beijing to chip in right across live to france now talk live to a political science professor from paris west university professor girl our thanks for taking the time to play on our good seats and some barely must disdain towards greece from your very own president sarkozy saying greece got in on false figures well i got a minute since france is one of the top two euro guardianship of the check the books properly in the first place does beg that question
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a bit in that well you know clearly it's quite true the books were cooked in greece. they were cooked by the government of the time and also by goldman sachs which helps the greeks actually hate the true nature of the deficit but if sarkozy said this it's also also political domestic political reasons you know he wants to show that this happened before it was president so it's not responsible and one has to add that italy of course it is a founding mum a member of the e.u. when it was only the europe of six countries in one thousand nine hundred six italy also cooked the books with the help of another american bank j.p. morgan so it's a complex phenomenon some countries do cook the books. and the it's not checked at the level of europe there are multiple responsibilities or hindsight it's always great isn't it but you know the chickens are coming home to roost as far as greece
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is concerned as folks in greece if it got in on the lie then why give it any more money why not just let it cut loose one why throw good money after bad is the next obvious question i guess. yeah that's a very good question because you know after greece they could be it to leave portugal and greece goes now i mean in economically greece is a very small country it's only two point five percent of the economy and so on so europe could survive without greece but in terms of symbols it would be a disaster so they want you to keep greece within the euro zone and within europe but europe in so decided is still short sighted because there's still a stereotype programs for everyone and it's not going to solve the crisis in the long term not just for greece there's even the debt was reduced by fifty percent most probably the problems will not be so. further sorry to packages seems to agree with you there they still see the rate increases john can't they so i guess as far as you're concerned it's just propping up greece again on that life support machine
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. it sounds like this but you know the deficit is still one hundred twenty percent of its g.d.p. so it's enormous and at the same time europeans are saying take your belt and your belts and so it's not going to work. so it's not like support. europe goes on like this in a few months there'll be another crisis another need for intervention and no real solution was what is tightening belts is also going to happen and of course the e.u. plans to expand that emergency fund so they want to one trillion euros is lobbying the chinese for some of its cash do you think china will be interested in saving europe. well actually symbolically it means if you ask the chinese to save europe you ask the chinese to become the new financial gain money power so this is something very serious and the whole thing the packs upon not letting the central
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bank in europe function as a central bank the way it does in the us in japan or even in britain so you've got all this not you don't have a central bank that can tell the markets we are in power we make decisions and at the same time you have a stereotype program so it's a very very bad recipe and asking china to count your first i don't think the chinese will do it for three they're not going to throw good money after that to save your of just because they love europe if the chinese helped it would be true of course for their own advantage there's always payback in that i mean it's it's ironic i guess isn't it if beijing does provide a lifeline of some kind of putting how much it buys into it it would have more influence over europe europeans have long been worried then they about surrendering sovereignty to brussels soon they could be answering to beijing. yes exactly you
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know. it's ludicrous on one level to understand but then you know if you look at the u.s. the u.s. is also involved in. china and it does not take the measures not financial measures but i mean the protectionist measures to fight against the end of value currency china it's as if the u.s. and europe were organizing the transition to chinese. professor period to learn from paris west university thank you be on the program tonight and give us your views on it thank you now coming up later in the program you're an r t tonight we report on russia's wealthiest most wanted woman and why interpol could be arsed to track down the wife of the scraped ex mayor of moscow. next that. georgia works hard to maintain a positive image of a country that welcomes free speech and open minds but that's not the experience of local media there many of whom think the hand on the shoulder saying the wrong
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things tom barton reports. recently those who make the news in georgia have been becoming the news john doe none a touch willie or the founder of an opposition t.v. station applied for french political asylum just days before nicolas sarkozy arrived on a visit but he was disappointed. i contacted the french embassy and i was sure my problem would be resolved quickly but i was mistaken they didn't make an appointment and i had no news from them if they don't contact me in the near future i'm determined to go to other embassies. korea letty t.v. is a small station in the north of georgia john doe and his staff say it's mikhail saakashvili as government that's pushed him to apply for asylum he says they're putting pressure on him because of his channels criticism of policy and pressure in opposition views as well as those of the government or that he is then look we have
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to work in difficult conditions as we cannot get any comments at all from officials when a government official gives a press conference reporters from other channels are allowed inside to do their job but your letter reporters are denied entry where clearly being discriminated against. the georgian government strenuously denies the claims and others doubt his sincerity sunburn john doe no attash believes asylum request a published that he stunned but he's deadly serious consistent with georgian authorities are after him just because of what he and his channel say and judging by the record in recent years he's not the only one in two thousand and nine the widow of former georgian president appealed to germany's angela merkel for asylum a numerous others have left the country tria letty has need of the resources nor the audience to seriously compete with large pro-government channels but john doe's say's he's sure about the government's reasons. it's because we're in opposition.
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station they want us to give in and work for them to promote their message but i can't stoop to that. and this is the symbolism of the frustration felt by mr natasha villi and his fellow opposition media a mock funeral lamenting as they put it the death of georgian free media. tamati r.t. . the key suspects now been charged in the murder case of russian journalist anna politkovskaya. got u.k. of who's from chechnya was charged on friday with being one of the reporters killers investigators allege she was part of a group contracted to kill the journalist in july two thousand and six and was promised a reward for the murder the suspect denies the charges because murder was linked to her work as an investigative journalist she was shot in october two thousand and six sider apartment block. russia's richest woman could end up on the world's most wanted list and interpol could be asked to bring her in for questioning about how
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she got her billions leadbetter and is the wife of disgraced moscow may your english go off for investigators want to talk to him too and they're threatening his arrest if he doesn't turn up to go to prison off scot that he tells. according to forbes in two thousand and ten he and about the don't know was the world's third richest woman her estimated total wealth was around three billion u.s. dollars her former company in to go on some of the most attractive construction projects in the city one billion about to do this husband was moscow's mere impressive and attractive projects like this entirely new residential block in the city but it seems in now these days of glory are going to the past since both even the most good in the end you are wanted for questioning in connection with a very high profile embezzlement case the story was. the bank of moscow received around half
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a billion years dollars from the city's budget this was at the peak of the economic crisis and it gave a loan warthe over four hundred million years dollars to a small unknown company shortly after this deal about the same amount of money appeared on you don't know about that in this personal bank account at the moment the couple is outside of russia and failed to show at the questioning sessions in february in march and in april and now authorities say that they may get interpol involved in the situation to get here in moscow for questioning yet about today is currently reported to be in london in austria they've been informing the authorities that they can't show at these questioning sessions because of that through their representatives but to the authorities say this still doesn't make it legal but according to the latest reports from you people scoffs lawyer he is planning to attend questioning session on the fifteenth of november here in moscow
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. elsewhere around the world tonight your first troubles erupted after the country's first democratic election results troops fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse angry crowds are the one party's winning candidates were disqualified they gathered in the town that sparked should mizzy is uprising which then set off a chain of revolts across the arab world the islamist party another secured forty one percent of parliamentary seats there. floodwaters creeping closer to the center of bangkok tonight with officials desperate for innovative ways to try to hold back the worst deluge in decades the capital's already undergoing a mass evacuation ahead of this weekend seasonal high tide as well as water heading down from the country's flood drenched plains the disasters claimed over three hundred seventy lives now since august it's affected millions of others. syrian security forces have clashed with anti-government activists it's left thirty seven people reportedly dead people headed on to the streets after friday prayers to again demonstrate against president assad's regime syrian opposition figures are
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now calling for a protective no fly zone in the country the u.n. estimates that months of government crackdowns they have killed three thousand people now. germans have been told lessons about islam in school as part of the government's drive to integrate its religious communities it was meant to educate about was new life but it's actually having an adverse effect turning people towards extremism as our correspondent daniel bushell reports it's another multicultural division that splitting the country. school. teacher is preaching hate christians who go to discos drink alcohol and have a boyfriend they perform evil deeds christians and jews believe in the courtroom before it destroys your faces germany started islam clauses in schools. religion spritz peace you won't find. a phrase
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a sentence of koran. as you have to persecute. the members of other religions when you. find them hit them yes muslims admit the close is a fall from sooth tensions the relations between zero officials and this that make a community is i'm not saying it should really is a code of conduct in arab states where punishments can include amputation and stoning campaign as war muslim youths are trying to spread shari'a across europe they teach them that they are period class of people. who have more rights than the nonbelievers and the nonbelievers can be treated like pigs and young muslim out say how can german law be higher then law that is not possible therefore we must install the sharia everywhere followers like perino the christian
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parents he's converted to islam every muslim here must swap german laws for sure rio he says chop of hands stone adulterous and flawed homosexuals germany's policy of islam is' ation may not be going to plan muslim students are leaving europe schools radicalized by their lessons this move by authorities is well meaning but it may instead be producing a generation of which through myth who detest the west anti immigrant parties are seeing a surge in popularity in frankfurt almost whole for the residents of foreign the free voters group is getting elected with this message for muslims integrate well leave our country more young men but also young women. which were. born in germany go to the extremists government efforts were
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meant to heal conflict with germany's three million muslims but the experts say the country splitting apart into pro and anti islam camps the new bushell r.t. frankfurt. in a few minutes like technology update shows us how the bolshoi theater as our big story of the night transformed from historic relic to the twenty first century centerpiece it is today so if you're caught up on the latest business news next week to be tree. well as you know i'm welcome to business school as climbed a few places in the league of the world's financial senses but it's still languishing in order to promote the capital to the top of the division the government has called on the help of specialist advisers such a cover ports. top of the best known bankers have been meeting president advantage to share there is a bias on how to turn moscow into international financial center most agree that
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russia is fundamentally a track to the state of the economy is a relatively healthy and the government that's is not think compared to they do reppion and america levels but investors unanimously agreed that the biggest problem is lloyd for cement and a lack of trust in the system the rule of law. here is so. it's perceived as being. that it is just during. the low world medvedev reminded investors that the steps were being taken he highlighted the merger of russia's two main stock exchanges the our chance and to my six and creation all be unified to cruise's deposit there is system which will make trading more transparent and weaker the working group responsible for the project says financial services in moscow may be brought up to
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the international standards in about three years a lot of reorganizing the city's infrastructure to speed up traffic and make life more comfy and for businesses is a longer process which may take up to a decade. and let's take a look at the markets shares in europe are moving between gains and losses on friday off to a rally banks did show strong performance in the morning but they reversed by the close to lloyd's is loser in london. down five point two percent commerce bank is four point three percent lower in frankfurt here in russia the markets saw their best week in two years and ended on a positive note the r.t.s. overall gained ten and a half percent in five sessions the my sixty five and a half percent higher that's because of the strengthening group of therefore the difference let's take a look at how shares were performing on the my sax most energy majors were up with was near gaining one and a half percent at the close gnarls nickel down two percent as the company missed
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the deadline for a share buyback and russia's top lenders burbank is down a notch the company's head said the bank would be ready for the privatization of seven point six percent of its shares if the share price reaches around one hundred roubles. disney is to become the largest foreign investor in the russian media market to the company has agreed to buy a forty nine percent stake in the country's free to air television channel seven t.v. the deal is worth around three hundred million dollars seventy will be rebranded as the disney channel which will be able to reach seventy five percent of russia's audience disney has long been hoping to cash in on the russian t.v. market early wanted to buy half of the country's holding media one which controls thirty regional t.v. stations however that deal was blocked by russia's anti monopoly service. coming up next on our see the headlines to stay with us.
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moves the first smooth. just seems.
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odd. welcome to the furnace college trip to a magical land where test decides club of anymore for school children to live and learn without ever opening a paper book for einstein's theories and the laws of physics no longer apply and where big can always be bigger still be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology i'm safe here on r.g.p. . nine thirty pm. over here in moscow very good to have you with this is
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a big night in central moscow because the bolshoi is back. finally reopened first ground performance in six years following its massive performances still on the way tonight. also happening is nato. admission that helped kill colonel gadhafi is key son could blow the whistle on deals the west wants to bury if he gets his day in court the prosecutors say they're holding him. on possibly surrendering today he's wanted from. greece join the euro was a mistake the french president doesn't hold back on his belief. after leaders sign off another massive rescue europe's now turning to asia for cash. visiting china to try to help save the. big story of the iconic bolshoi theater to this grand reopening state was no mean feat pushed engineering budgets and patients to the.


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