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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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it's on r t the bolshoi is back landmark fear it is finally reopened staging its first grand performance in six years following its massive referred which. they are battling against and what. that fact. not just being that it's got all the late. also coming up in this half hour of news is nato packs up its libya mission that helped kill colonel gadhafi his key son could blow the whistle on deals the west wants to bury if he gets his day in court we report and. letting greece in was a mistake the french president doesn't hold back on his beleaguered euro colleague after elite is signed off another massive rescue deal.
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hello is ten pm friday night here in moscow you're watching r.t. international with me kevin her in and first it's taken six years of prefer fischman legs dromard scandal but moscow's legendary bolshoi theatre is finally bounced back into the limelight bringing up today. a country there tonight good evening both outside the polls show you a grand laser show is just kicked off they're coming straight after that show we've witnessed the night so i will talk to you first of all may what about the millions of feared alone as you didn't get a chance to get in to see the performance of firsthand how they cater for. well no one was going to miss out on the excitement of the ground. and they were able to watch the performances polkas the big screen there outside the bolshoi theatre at the moment we've got a laser show going on in the background so everyone come outside to watch that
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every marking a spectacular and well being assembly magically made all the most special of course look at everyone was able to be involved it was such a huge amount of people coming out to some of the people in the crowd play with telling us just how special devotionally it is to the. i think it's a simple yes covered role for classic them so i'm choreographer and then time goes so i respect so much of this kind of for. the pleasure to see this. alive again yes i'm very happy to be here during the opening call by showing the history of my heart country and if the thrill of my life and i'm very happy here if i can participate in this. everything has been a very special evening in the hosiery place of course teaching history in case you
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got to so you did and it provided a means of getting high culture the food prices the people and we've seen the performances tonight at taking us through the ages of the ghostly productions productions fragments of productions a nine hundred fifty eight performance of prince equal to the more famous ones such as tyco ski slope and lake where we saw the prima ballerina. of it taking to the stage breath taking to watch it out in this useful as if slightly chilly evening in most everyone is really glad to be involved in the performance as well of course treading the boards that for the first time in six years it's been a long time in the coming but it's certainly worth the wait at the end of the evening on the big screen we had tributes from some of the late great performers at the post where they were talking about the very trepidation for of a coma and entering the postilion performing that could also exhilaration of it as well and we felt some of that exhilaration to this evening over going to get off of
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course with this guy calculated to say marty just a brilliance i can ignite the potion he doing of course but it always does providing performances to really capture the imagination. and of course press truck with a. true you know didn't go to inside hard just playing for us a picture of what it was like on the opening night it was incredible kevin as you know there were no chicken sprinted for the first opening night gala concert and precious tickets were invitations for the wealthy and well connected only were exclusively available through the office of the president so yes indeed we were very lucky to be among the first to get. restored bolshoi and at the current one top of the first time in six years it rebuilds i ran of a show that ranks as the most meticulous and expensive in the. vader's history and it was impressive because in the first place it was renovated according to the original vision of the torso but the room on
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a venus to all hammer and sickle emblems were replaced with the regional symbol loft czarist russia the double headed to eagle mill detail was considered as to expensive or challenging. as far as silk decorations they were made in special workshop by a number of monks in a most kimono street there are like eight specialists in the whole world who can do that kind of work would connell's were imported from the swedes alps so indeed very expensive meticulous work as for the show itself it featured some of the best excerpts from russia's belly and oprah and it featured pieces directed by the best choreographers and the best musicians and the least of those invited to come to russia to come to the bolshoi on this first night was very impressive among the guests we saw the whole gottschall the halves of the last scala theater the vienna oprah house called in garden i was so nothing about down
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the way here shortly before the big gala concert started we caught up with tell an actress when it could be lucci it was her first time at the bolshoi theater but not the first time in russia. by. syria. and since. i left russia to. see a time that i've been here. i think that some people see. i truly truly classic red carpet event of russian for russian period lovers and you know as the curtain came down
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big cheers of proud of from outside could be heard it raining inside renovate it restore it yeah but driving past that very site for six years with the city center be so nice to see the wraps come off because it's truly a stunning building isn't it catherine a great show but before that sarah ferguson thanks so much for joining us know what you're seeing there tonight well the bolshoi is a glittering reopening performance has taken its proud that we've got an encore online for you tonight if you missed it x. tracks from the much anticipated first night. also on our you tube channel two tonight illegal a concert so performances both of the world's leading opera singers and internationally acclaimed ballet artists if you couldn't get a hands on in those exclusive tickets you get a front row seat courtesy of us courtesy of r.t. dot com right now. the legacy that survived the russian revolution and. the movie showing is by
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looking more splendid than the century. the grand the core of czarist time this does bring the audience again after a six year. long awaited resurrection of the ball joint theater. on archy's. let me take you through some of the top stories tonight from us it's still couldn't get half its most influential son saif al islam slipped in the jab and is looking to hand him over now to the war crimes court prosecutors say they're in talks to try to bring him in but what's keeping western leaders nervous is that saif could then spill the beans maybe on the recent dodgy deals they made with his father other planet reports for t. to some market f.p. with the man too much secrets which will supposedly be buried with him i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitals in western
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europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i cannot miss lightish that surprised that he was captured alive if you very quickly ended up there is a definite return from diplomatic cakes are was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him gadhafi is now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from buried i don't feel his little his gritty sequence with it but he shan't dealing with his constant and. it's all will go way over seriously think that this is the situation was fishing the probably grew up tricks that men actually were acutely it was jewish big brothers who were their interests then british prime minister tony blair was
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instrumental in their fees rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven that play didn't leave empty handed trade between flourished so did the cozy relationship there was six more secret meetings after player left off base his people denying they were about releasing the look at the passage on the granny or britain would lose if lucrative libyan deals i regret myself in all this leave that gadhafi was put should he should have been said to the international criminal court put on trial and forced all it's a question through all the terrible things he did and if it gabby's the contemporary world leaders or previous regime leaders tough. we need to know. what is garbage day with. some details of the murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics the greedy contracts with the good
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acting regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds this future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in greeting good data even letting him pitch his tent in nearly safe palace that's currently bankrolling sarkozy's party to the presidency so says this man they one who could still tell all that of course he had never had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. saif al islam gadhafi son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court so you've is going to have low information and now i think we're so huge that tony blair intervened for him to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics when. degree apparently was plagiarized
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there's a lot of things that have gone on there so you know as a dark side get there he's wanted to answer for his own actions in libya is drawn out battle for control but it's what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father that's keeping the western power players sweating after bennett partying london. they has agreed to ship out of libya by monday after the un decided to cancel the alliances mandate russia's envoy to the world body says he should now pave the way to an independent post gadaffi country. indeed a new chapter is being opened in libya. the libyan people will be able to take advantage of the new situation to build a new libya early. well the u.s. led alliance has been bombing libya since march and the u.n. resolution to protect civilians it carried out nearly ten thousand air strikes one of the last two which stopped the convoy carrying colonel gadhafi allowing him to
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be captured and then killed but the intervention doesn't end there is no proposing to head international operations in libya once nato pulls out there are claims it's already deployed hundreds of troops on a support mission to the country but that moves not been sanctioned by the u.n. which is yet to respond to katter's offer. you're watching r t from moscow coming up freedom of selective speech in georgia where media keeps a speaking of me being hounded out to seek asylum for the government like you say. next though the french president gunning for greece saying letting the beleaguered country join the euro was a mistake speaking after the emergency brussels summit nicolas sarkozy said greek membership of the currency clubs pushed europe to the brink e.u. leaders decided on thursday to have greece's private sector debt to one hundred billion euros after banks agreed to write off fifty percent of what they're owed european banks must also have a bigger cash pile to guard against any further crisis while the emergency bailout
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fund will be expanded to one trillion euros they hit the market europe's hoping to attract investment now from asia a bailout fund chief spain to china to try to persuade beijing to chip in on political scientist in paris told me this would seal china's position as an economic superpower if it happens. if greece goes now i mean in economically greece is a very small country it's only two point five percent of the economy and so on so europe could survive without greece but in terms of symbols it would be a disaster so they want to keep reese within the eurozone and within europe but europe instead decided it's still shortsighted because it's a stereotype programs for everyone and it's not going to solve the crisis in the long term if you ask the chinese to save europe. the chinese to become the new financial e.g. money power so this is something very serious and the whole thing the the plan not
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letting the central bank in europe function as a central bank the way it goes in the u.s. in japan or even in britain so you couple this not you don't have a central bank they can tell the markets we are in power we make decisions and at the same time you have it's there it's a program so it's a very very bad recipe and asking china to help europe first i don't think the chinese will do it for three they're not going to throw good money after bad just leave your of yours because they love europe if the chinese helped it would be. for their advantage. toward you worked hard to maintain a positive image of a country that welcomes free speech and open minds but that's not the experience of local media there many of whom feel a hand on the shoulder saying the wrong things are things time pattern reports. recently those who make the news in georgia have been becoming the news john doe
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non-attachment the founder of an opposition t.v. station applied for french political asylum just days before nicolas sarkozy arrived on a visit but he was disappointed. i contacted the french embassy and i was sure my problem would be resolved quickly but i was mistaken they didn't make an appointment and i've had no news from them if they don't contact me in the near future i'm determined to go to other embassies. clear letty t.v. is a small station in the north of georgia john doe and his staff say it's mikhail saakashvili as government has pushed him to apply for asylum he says they're putting pressure on him because of his channel's criticism of policy and for showing opposition views as well as those of the government or the body of the family we have to work in difficult conditions as we cannot get any comments at all from officials when a government official gives a press conference reporters from other channels are allowed inside to do their job
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but to lead to reporters are denied entry we're clearly being discriminated against . the georgian government strenuously denies the claims but others doubt his sincerity some ground on the no attached bill is asylum request are published that the stunt but deadly serious and says the thought and author of these are after him just because of what the channel say and judging by the record in recent years he's not the only one in two thousand and nine the widow of former georgian president appealed to germany's angela merkel for asylum a numerous others have left the country clear letty has need of the resources nor the audience to seriously compete with large pro-government channels but john doe's sais he sure about the government's reasons. it's because we're an opposition station they want us to give in and work for them to promote their message but i can't stoop to that. and this is the symbolism of the frustration felt by mr nice
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trash villi and his fellow opposition media a mock funeral the mentoring as they put it the death of georgian free media. tom watson. the wall street protesters plan to intensify their campaign by hitting a system where it hurts and stage a war coat makes when the states offer another heavy police crackdown one of the peaceful protests video of an iraq war veteran being seriously injured in oakland went viral hardly campaign is resolved there's talks one of the wounded marines friends know it's not only yates she's also a war veteran himself and deed only very good evening from being with us tonight's pre-show to julius the very first of all how is scott olsen doing tonight we've been reporting on him. earlier on this week showing the video indeed earlier on of one of the happened how badly hurt was he and i was he doing now first of all. start listing into the hospital
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a fractured skull goal and he he was in he was in critical but stable condition for quite some time after after which it yesterday yesterday later in the day in the afternoon the doctors agreed it was condition to fair last night he was alert now able to speak i've been told it's because. the fracture in his skull. it is impacting doubt her to his brain each center and its brain so he's able to recognize people and it great can't spell as well as he could before and he can't and his family and all reports are optimistic that he won't need surgery. to good use that we have heard of course or thoughts with the use from the rest of his family as well now has there been any explanation or indeed apology from the authorities about what went
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on here. you know if we haven't gotten anything. the. sort of brush off well we're going to investigate this from the from the mayor's office nobody has stepped forward and it made it you being police officer. who threw or fired the projector. and we haven't we haven't really heard any any details about that we definitely have been having any real apology from any particular police officer. so it's still the situation is still really tense i think until until the city well to to admit it. committed asked error in judgment i feel like the energy of the protesters and of the movement is only going to get if it's not going to foster good relations and there
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is little there in lies the problem i guess. so far at least. power is in staying peaceful but you know as you say as tensions grow and either side is this campaign grows do you think there's a danger. you know the there will be violence people will get hurt somebody may even dog going to keep a lid on it. well i think that is that scott situation has taught us all in the race i hope it will continue teaching us all that violence no matter which side it's against is never a productive way to get your message across. we were all every i've got is a very peaceful person and he's a member of veterans for peace and iraq that it's against the war he's he's an enthusiastic. protester and demonstrator and he's and he's one of the most peaceful
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. he's four people i've ever met in my life and everyone can teach god's example and and look at this as an opportunity to be peaceful protesters and give the police no reason at all i mean not that they should have had a reason at all ever to do it. to the crowd. but we don't even want them to have the. faintest idea. that what they are is all great and that it was warranted. at the moment when the tear gas or whatever the projectile was they hadn't been heard for certain. either he was standing peacefully is it was not ranting and raving or even you know moving in an aggressive way he was standing still and well thought
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time for a number of thoughts with him continues to get better only yates in iraq war veteran a friend of the injured scott olsen talking to us from berkeley usa thank you thank you and bring it to their home some brief rather would most on tradition with their troubles vote for the country's first democratically elected result troops fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse crowds of one party's winning candidates were disqualified they gathered in the town that sparked these uprisings and then set off a chain revolts across the arab world the islamist party and now forty one percent of parliament from since the. floodwaters leaving closer to the central bank caught with officials desperate for innovative ways to try to hold but the worst damage in decades the capitals already of be going a mass evacuation ahead of this weekend season whiteside water heading down the country's french meeting in the disaster that claimed over three hundred seventy lives since august and affected millions of others. syrian security forces
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a clash with anti-government activists left thirty seven people killed of the dead people headed on to the streets after friday prayers for again demonstrate against president assad's regime syrian opposition figures are now calling for protection protective no fly zone over the country the u.n. estimates the months of government crackdowns and kill three thousand people. also has got some legendary night life for those that can handle twenty four hour life but we'll tell you where to go and a bit more about than a few minutes but catch with dmitri first he's got the friday night business news from moscow. those uniform open to business start seeing moscow as climbed a few places in the league of the worlds of financial centers but it's still languishing in order to promote the capital to the top of the division the government has called on the help of specialist advisers as such i would look over reports. top investment bankers have been may take president it's better to share
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their it's via somehow to turn moscow into any international financial center most think really that russia is fundamentally attractive the state of the economy is relatively healthy and a government that is not think from pad to the european and american levels but to investors unanimously agreed that the biggest problem is lloyd for cement and a lack of trust in the system the rule of law. here is so we're. perceived as being too large. yet it is just curious. the low world medvedev reminded investors that the steps were being taken he highlighted the merger of russia's two main stock exchanges the arts asked them to my six and creation all be unified six groups is the posit there is system which will make trading more transparent and weaker the working group
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responsible for the project says financial services in moscow may be brought up to the international standards in about three years but the reorganizing the city's infrastructure to speed up traffic and make life more comfy and for businesses is a longer process which may take up to a day kate. or let's take a look at the markets shares in europe are moving between gains and losses on friday off to day's rally banks did show strong performance in the morning but they reversed by the close a lloyds is top loser in london down five point two percent thomas bank has four point three percent lower in frankfurt here in russia the market saw the best week in two years and ended on a positive note the old c.s. overall gains ten and a half percent in five sessions the my sixty five an office and higher that's because of the strengthening ruble therefore the difference let's take a look at how shares were performing. on the my six most energy majors were up the boss never gaining one and
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a half percent of the closed door as they call down two percent as the company missed the deadline for a share buyback and russia's top lenders burbank is down a notch the company's head said the bank would be ready for the privatization of seven point six percent of its shares if the share price reaches around one hundred . disney is to become the largest foreign investor in the russian media markets the company has agreed to buy a forty nine percent stake in the country's free to air television channel seventeen the deal is worth around three hundred million dollars seven cd will be rebranded as the disney channel which will be able to reach seventy five percent of russia's small units disney has long been hoping to cash in on the russian t.v. market only wanted to buy a half of the country's holding media one which controls thirty regional t.v. stations however that deal was blocked by russia's anti monopoly service. kind of back on our scene the headlines and stay with us.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realm of russia. we've got a few jerk coverage.


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