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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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one was going to miss out on the excitement of the grand a fitting night and they were able to watch the performances polka big screen so everyone come outside to watch that every day marking a spectacular and me simply magically made all the most special of course because everyone was able to be involved it was sourced huge amount of people finding out we were speaking to some of the people in the crowd they were telling us just how special the bolshoi theatre is to the i think it's a. perfect role for them i'm choreographer and. i respect. for. the pleasure to see this. alive yes i'm very to be here during the opening showing is the history of my country and it's the thrill of my life and i'm very that i can participate in this everything has been a very special evening in the devotion beats in history and taken back to so good
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it provided a means of getting high culture and the political crisis to people and we've seen the film and since a night at taking us through the ages of the bolshoi production cut production fragments of productions from nine hundred fifty a performance of prince ego to the most famous one such a psycho speech swan lake what we saw the post prima ballerina. taking to the stage breathtaking to watch it out in this beautiful slightly chilly evening in most everyone just really got to be involved in the fullness as well of course treading the boards for the first time in six years it's been a long time in the coming but certainly the way to the end of the evening on the big screen we had tributes from some of the late great performers of the bolshoi they were talking about this very interested ation for a performer of entering the potion i am performing that but also exhilaration of it as well and we felt some of that exhilaration. said marty just
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a brilliant i think night the post meeting of course but it always does providing performances there really catches the imagination. surfer outside the country. shoes what a lucky few to make it to the bolshoi for the performance to see the curtain go up inside she's now got details on how the grand theater made its way back to the forefront of russia's cultural stage. that's the current one top for the first time in six years it revealed to have renovation that ranks as the most meticulous and expensive indicators a strain and it was impressive because in the first place it was renovated according to the original vision of the tsars self but the room on a dynasty all hammer and sickle emblems were replaced with the original symbol loved czarist russia the double headed to eagle that no detail was considered as to expensive or challenging and the least of those invited to come to russia to come to the bolshoi in this first night was very impressive among the guests we saw me
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held goodbye chill for the heads of the last skull of peter the vienna oprah house covent garden i was still in the thirty vijay on the way here as shortly before the big eloquence or it started with hotel we tell an actress when he could be lucci it was her first time at the bolshoi theater but not the first time in russia. so. here are some songs on her here i like to. see. the story. and see. the price i'm sure. the same time that i feel here by russia. i think that some people this is. a truly impressive red carpet event for russia and for russian theater
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lovers and you know as the curtain came down the cheers of bravo from outside could be heard ringing inside the renovated restored. the city look some of the news no it's not still colonel gadhafi is most influential son saif al islam has fled to new jersey and is looking you had himself over to the war crimes court prosecutors say they are in talks indeed to bring him in but what's keeping western leaders nervous is that saif could then spill the beans on the recent dodgy deals that made with his father he's of a better explains more. to some moammar gadhafi was a man too much secrets which will supposedly be buried with him i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitals in western europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial
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for any reason and i am not mostly just bit surprised that he was captured alive and he very quickly ended up dead returning from diplomatic exile was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him good that he's now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat obvious far from buried i don't feel that his group. but the. dealing with him is constant and it. will go away or seriously because that this is also the situation was fishing probably grew over drinks it marriage ironically to a situation where they could never see her through veterans then british prime minister tony blair was instrumental in get deaf ears rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven that play didn't leave empty handed
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trade between them flourished so did the cozy relationship there was six more secret meetings off to play left off base his people denying they were about releasing them look the bomber abdel baset al mcgrath he or britain would lose its lucrative libyan deals i regret myself enormously that gadhafi was but should he should have been said to the international criminal court put all the trial and force to all it's a question through all the terrible things he did and if it davidge the contemporary world leaders or previous regimes leaders tough. we need to know. what he's darby. with. some details of the murky dealings have already had merged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics agreed a contract to be bigger than the regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds of its future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the
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university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in greeting get daffy even letting him pitches tend to nearly say palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man the one who could still tell all that cause he had never had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. saif al islam gadhafi son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court saif is going to have a lot information on now i think we're sorry if that tony blair intervened form to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics one. degree or apparently was plagiarized there's a lot of things that have gone on so you fogarty knows about saif gadhafi is wanted to answer for his own actions in libya is drawn out battle for control but it's
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what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father is keeping the western power players sweating after bennett r.t. london. syrian opposition activists are urging protesters to rally for a no fly zone over the country thirty seven people have reportedly been killed by security forces after friday's anti-government protests with u.n. figures suggesting over three thousand people have died since troubles began seven months ago with as brian becker from the answer war coalition is joining us in our washington d.c. studio tonight brian hi there the idea of a syria no fly zone being mooted now what effect is that going to have on this civilian population bearing in mind the estimated thirty thousand fake teletubbies in libya when we last heard of this. well right i mean we're using the same lingo the same scenario the syrian opposition is borrowing a page from the playbook for libya they know that they can come to power only with
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the advance with the support with the intervention through multiple means of the nato powers of the western powers and i think what we can tell the syrian people is look at what happened in libya the issue of a no fly zone sounds like go a way to defend civilians it's really a way to begin the war to begin military operations against the syrian air force or air defenses which would be necessary to create no fly zone so it is a prescription for military intervention i mean now that they too is wrapping up its campaign in libya do you really think that syria could be the next project well i think the first step and this is the plan of the obama administration is not direct military intervention but to promote a civil war inside of syria i think they realize that the syrian government is substantially stronger militarily and within the arab world as compared to khadafi
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but they can use the human beings who have grievances valid or not to be the human materiel for a civil war and i think the actions of the u.s. ambassador in syria and the u.s. government officials both obama and hillary clinton signaling the syrian opposition and the syrian president that they should learn the lesson of libya is a clear message begin the civil war they want to weaken syria first as a as a prelude to a more direct intervention for regime change in the law just wanted to get your thoughts of the way nato something at what happened in libya the secretary general for nato is called the libya operation one of the most successful in nato is history so you've got some thoughts about. well just think of it that's a war in spite of the predilections of the obama administration to say it's not hostility in the traditional sense it was a war now on one side of the war the nato powers the british the french the
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americans those who bombed thousands tens of thousands of bombs and missiles on libya they suffered no casualties and on the other side there were thousands or tens of thousands of casualties when you have no casualties on one side and thousands on the other that's not a war that's a massacre and so i think we have to recognize it for what it is it's a war crime it's a crime against humanity and the nato powers are quite proud of it and they say that's our greatest our greatest victory yet that's not something to be proud of that's something that should land them in the dock at the international criminal court ok but is it a model do you think we'll see used in future by nature of this so please of what they've already done. yes in fact i think that they are patting themselves on the back of course within any coalition there are those who are more embolden those who are more constrained there are differences of opinion but this victory so-called in libya the massacre as i would call it the destruction of the old libyan government in the replacement of it with the client regime does give
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a gust of wind into the cells of those within the nato powers who want to go all the way in syria and carry out regime change they're trying to reconfigure reorganize the middle east according to the same sort of lines that existed in the past when the british the french and the americans were the dominant powers in the old colonial. back a direction of the coalition thanks ever so much for your thoughts of the program thank you. for the empty coproduction movement so when i was in a general strike next week in response to another round of police brutality during a rally in oakland california an iraq veteran was badly injured when police cracked down on thousands of activists that lucy caffein off is the latest on the protests have been growing over the past five weeks. well i'm here in zuccotti park liberty plaza as it's been dubbed by the occupy wall street movement here the scene of a tense standoff between city officials and protesters early on friday morning more than twenty uniformed police officers and fire department officials and two of the
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encampments and demanded that the protesters turn over anything that may be considered a fire hazard citing safety concerns in the end approximately six generators power generators were seized by the police and several dozen canisters of fuel including a vegetable oil for cooking now preventing fires is of course a very reasonable concern when you're dealing with a densely packed tent city such as what occupy wall street the cody park has become but at the same time a lot of people here feel that this is also a convenient way for the city to essentially crack down on the movements in a sort of backhanded manner as temperatures continue to plummet into freezing freezing degrees in fact the first snow fall is expected here in the cody the foot zuccotti park over the weekend so a lot of protesters feel that this is perhaps some sort of way for the city to freeze them out to try to dampen their the resolve to remain here no downtown new york security part was a force the scene of the original occupy wall street demonstration which started on september seventeenth and since then it's expired inspired similar movements all
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across the country in the world in fact from tokyo to chill wrong to as protesters continue to turn out into the streets protesting against economic inequality and what they say is corporate greed now one of the chance that you frequently hear here in the united states is we are the ninety nine percent a reference to the ninety nine percent of americans who are not in the same sort of economic beneficiary condition as the top one percent earners now this is a reference in fact to one of the recent economic reports that came out here in the u.s. citing that the top one percent of earners in the united states one adjusted for inflation and postdocs is actually solve their earnings for a by an astounding two hundred seventy. five percent from nine hundred seventy nine to two thousand seven hundred further perpetrating this economic inequality and social inequality that a lot of people are simply fed up with here in the united states. reporting for us
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money as kevin though it is no big night sixteen just after here in moscow that's a news roundup for you this program's continue to be the weekend it's next taking a look at a few places for those who like a big night out during the wee small hours here in moscow coming up this.
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great. come to. some. of the. moscow. hello welcome to the podium in this week's episode. the city has completely changed
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over the past two decades and today even the capital is transformed into a fair grounds of color as a white light. as we explore various. sites logs starting off here. after decades of appearing in crime is finally seeing itself in bright technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes its look dramatically as the city transforms itself into a brightly colored face around as the largest city in europe is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams at one am streets full of people late at night and restaurants and bars open around the clock. traffic changing the capital today is packed with bright billboards neon signs and illuminated buildings. to the glittering landmarks of the kremlin and the christ the savior cathedral the russian capital is well worth exploring at night
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a visual feast. i like the fact that unlike many european cities moscow is lit up all night lonely the lights dunkeld shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital and three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still be able to see the elimination that you notice you are in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy in the daytime while it's night the lights make it much more glamorous amazingly beautiful. famous imposing towers and red stars the kremlin and neighboring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks would have a season present spectacular images visitors will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i. i just love this . story it always a. space that. is just perfect to located right on red square about. him it's one thing however wonderful it looks
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day i would not like. in a similar style to the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this illuminated building is one example of architecture that is more impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off no they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill one hundred fifteen sites to. university building and many others are taking part in a special event called the circle of light. and international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians and artists a working on the project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an event to remember. exciting for all especially as red square is being turned blue.
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a special jury consisting of popular figures of arts and culture presenting very swards to the women of the mistry king and fools provoking work. has a range of spectacular skyscraper bars and lounges enjoy a cool cocktail and marvel at the. many venues in the russian capital. of the city at night this resort city space bar is one of them the three hundred sixty degree panorama is something to be seen. some of the best rooftop bars restaurants and not life in the world but how important is the image of the capital. subsist with the look and feel of contemporary life and can my time illuminations simply. too much to discuss these questions a move that speaks cast chris christie you see you know you've been here for years here what do you think the russian capital would look like before you came here i was difficult you know years ago i came here i mean he said come to moscow
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check it out you know it's a lot of energy he was from new york is way way i came from. i expected it to be very dark and very frustrating and depressing and my first impression was like that actually because if you go on the streets eight years ago you went to the streets people are very the face like. nobody was smiling it was time. and just started again winters and it was really bad but i started to love the city you know so if you were to give any tourist some advice about when to visit in moscow or join the night where would they be definitely of course is very beautiful like they were and if you didn't look at the stars on top of camden. and they're very beautiful especially in the winter it's nice. it's very beautiful i think you should come to this hotel here you have to talk you can see the city downstairs it's very beautiful. yes yes is it's really great.
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i think you know just taking cap and right around the city is not so expensive as they have to spend five hundred rubles that supposedly fifteen euros twenty dollars and they can write for the city and you would see it offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards that's a problem here in moscow. it's a little bit too much so you know i think it's people over doing it i would prefer a little bit less. yeah you got much more you got much more lights much more advertising much more too much and you had to. good thing. for me personally it's tiring because it's like this whole. tension you know you care something from here something from something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me
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really tired well it's great to be a thank you good luck with all your policy projects here with. thank you. make some trouble in the southwest along. locations further on from. the south if you want wonderful views of the city at night. is the place to come also a spot for wedding ceremonies and dozens of souvenir. thousands of visitors that come here every week while the views from the area hills are just. some of the best of the capital. from up here in the distance and you can make out the science academy the. city and the majority of. skyscrapers of course the seventh largest of the marks is the university building located right behind this. spectacular building was designed by architect.
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as opposed to the main building. in the world outside of new york city at the time of its construction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters tool. in a total of three kilometers of corridor and five thousand rooms the celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the master state university building is transformed into twenty five thousand five hundred square meters screen with a spectacular light show masterminded by david atkins the show which entered the guinness book of records for being the world's largest laser show featured a flaming phoenix and innovative graphics. it's in the building structure. moving on and let's take a look at other ways we can explore the city lights the restaurants the famous carriage from the books on the roof is located on top of the central city tile
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business center it has a sensational glass roof and offers views of. the area and the breathtaking sights . the history of the lights and illuminations of the russian capital. studied the newseum called lights. displays a. controlled street elimination. of houses a collection of photographs of. the city looked like at night centuries ago. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in city game there are several projects including. take place in moscow during the week main idea is to find secret locations in the city after receiving clues from the internet the team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots to seize upon.
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tonight. so i'm told off his high rise extraordinary excursions the sky is the one and the curious tourists when you build a typical city. when i explore the capital from a different viewpoint. my interest in photography various structures to take pictures of interesting. first undiscovered abandoned buildings radio television towers. and decided to share the experience with other people through the eighteenth century there was an informal pass in the height of the kremlin's tourist belt and even today there is no unified set of regulations as to how shy new buildings can be. and decide. school of enjoying high life on a rooftop is becoming more and more popular the capital's panorama is enduring at night the city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights every year but blaze of light in confidence swells as
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a true symbol of growth and development. is truly heaven for those aiming higher than the sightseeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe you might well be dazzled by the desire to joining. what's amazing sights but unfortunately that's that's all we have left on this week's program about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week for more snow begins around the russian capital until then for me and the rest of the current by now. close. monitoring. the story cold.
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dynamics. playing. moscow. the for. watching all the top stories. libya mission that helped kill colonel gadhafi his
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key sudden deals the west wants to bury if he does get day international prosecutors say they're holding him direct talks and. possibility of returning to the hague ways one. striking out in solidarity on the wall street protesters. after police injure an iraq war veteran during a peaceful protest. bolshoi is back moscow's bid is funny reopen its first grand performance in six years after massive refer to. getting the iconic bolshoi theater to this grand reopening was no mean feat either it pushed engineering budgets patients to the limit technology update next then tells us how they did it as well as bringing us up to date with the rest of this month's other eye opening innovations to enjoy.


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