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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 12:31am-1:01am EDT

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great. so to. moscow. hello welcome to the podium in this week's episode we'll be exploring. the city has completely changed over the past two decades and today even the capital is
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transformed into a fairgrounds of colors and bright lights. as we explore various. sites and logs starting off here at the magnificent. after decades of appearing in monochrome finally seeing itself in bright striking technicolor. every evening the russian capital changes dramatically as the city transforms itself into a brightly colored ground as the largest city in europe moscow is alive twenty four hours a day traffic jams at one am streets full of people late at night and restaurants and bars open around the clock. traffic changing trunkless the capital today is packed with bright billboards neon signs and illuminated buildings. to the glittering landmarks of the kremlin in the christ the savior cathedral the russian capital is well worth exploring at night a visual for. i like the fact that unlike many european cities most
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oh like lone delights dunghill shortly after midnight even if you take a walk in the russian capital at three or four o'clock in the morning you'll still be able to see the nomination. in my opinion moscow is a little bit crazy to daytime while at night the lights make it much more glamorous amazingly beautiful. when its famous imposing towers and bright stars the kremlin and neighboring red square is an image known to millions around the world illuminated landmarks would have a season present spectacular images visitors will never forget the area surrounding red square is also known for many other peaceful buildings too i just love this building the good apartment store it always advise me. especially when it. is just to located right. about. him it's one thing though however
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wonderful it looks day i would not like to be the person that say this there is light bulbs. in a similar style to the great nineteenth century train stations of london in my opinion this illuminated building is one example of architecture that is more impressive at night from a distance i think it looks like it's made from gingerbread you can see why it's a must have photographed. a few nights later and the twinkling lights of coombe switched off no they haven't forgot to pay the electricity bill more than fifteen sites to the bolshoi theater university building many others are taking part in a special event called the circle of light. and international festival with a difference hundreds of technicians electricians and artists a working on the project with dynamic projections at the forefront of the idea it's an event to remember. exciting for all especially as red square is being turned blue is. a special jury. presenting the winner of the most striking and fool's.
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spectacular. marvel. is one of them the three hundred sixty degree is something to be seen. in the image of. these questions. chris christie you know you've been here he is here. before you came here i was.
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i expected it to be very frustrating. because if you go on the streets. right. now if you were to give any tourists some advice about where to visit. definitely. i think you should come. to the city.
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yes yes this is really great. i think you know just take a cap and ride around the city it's not so expensive to spend five hundred dollars that's approximately fifteen euros twenty dollars and take a ride for the city and there you would see it offerings you know the one thing i've noticed about you know living in moscow over the past six years is its obsession with branding whether it be neon lights or huge billboards that's a problem here in moscow. it's a little bit too much so you know i think it's people over doing it i would prefer a little bit less. yeah you got much more you got much more lights much more advertising much more too much in your head you know you good thing or bad stuff i think for me personally it's tiring because you get it's like this whole. tension you know you can't something from here something from there the whole day something flickering there you know it's too much and it makes me really tired well it's
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great to be you chris and thank you good luck with all your policy projects here must go to the next i will look forward to thank you you. make some trouble in the southwest along the mosque original location through the run through goopy park and the the santa if you want wonderful views of the city of nice spring is the place to come also a well loved spot for wedding ceremonies and find dozens of seventy nine food stalls townsend's of this is to come here every week while the views from the area aspire hills are just beautiful i think it shows some of the best of the capital of the city seems so relaxed and calm from here in the distance the skyline you can make out the science academy the list the stadium the knowledge of. the city and the majority of silence the famous skyscrapers of course the seventh largest of the landmarks is the university building located right behind us following. this
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spectacular building was designed by architect. as opposed to the main building the tallest building in the world outside of new york city at the start of its construction. the central tower is two hundred forty meters tall. and as such in spain a total of three kilometers of corridor and five thousand rooms a celebration of moscow's eight hundred sixty fifth birthday the moscow state university building is transformed into a twenty five thousand five hundred square meter screen with a spectacular light show masterminded by david atkins the show which ends of the guinness book of world records for being the world's largest ever show featured a flaming phoenix and innovative graphics depicted in the building structure. movie on and let's take a look at other ways you can explore the city lights the coast and restaurants the famous characters from the swedish children's books on the roof is located on top
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of the central city tower business center it has a sensational glass roof and offers views of the litter kremlin historical area and other breathtaking sights. the history of the lights illuminations of the russian capsule. called lights. displays a. street a live in a she's. a house is a collection of photographs of. witness what the city looked like at night centuries ago. and if you want to explore the city at night you can take part in city game there are several projects including. take place in moscow during the week main idea is to find secret locations in the city after receiving clues from the internet the team which is the first to decipher and find all the spots to see the products. tonight i meet who i'm told offers highrise
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extraordinary excursions the sky is the one and the limits of the curious tourists when you build a typical city ground level looking tools when i explore the capital from a different viewpoint. it all started with my interest in photography so i climbed up various structures to take pictures of interesting but first i discovered abandoned buildings radio television towers and then started climbing routes and decided to share the experience with other people. through the eighteenth century there was an informal ban on surpassing the height of the kremlin's tallest bell tower and even today there is no unified system regulations as to how shy new buildings can be. decidedly enjoying high life on a rooftop is becoming more popular the capital's panorama is alluring at night a city totally transformed into a sea of colored lights. every year that blaze of light and confidence swells as
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a true symbol of growth and development moscow's is truly heaven for those aiming higher than the sight seeing and as one of the most vibrant cities of europe you might well be dazzled by the desire to join it oh what a sight but unfortunately that's that's all we have left on this week's program about moscow by night i'll see you again at the same time next week begins around there are some topics on so that for me and the rest of the current by now. the story. frankly. dynamic.
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to friends but long moscow. those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without the sky. and of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offerers is treacherous. marsh. between earth and the sky. the observed nature and discover is. the. communicate with the wild and learn the.
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test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you see. is the beauty it's. just to. see. american and to corporate protest is now have to battle the upcoming winter without any power supply offer authorities confiscate their generators and fuel however they remain on a positive note as their ranks so posted by marines on the now. germany's
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nationalist party sees support for its anti immigrant stance growing in the country but critics say the trend is giving rise to violent crime because even deeper social divisions. in the band. life savings and nineteen nineties is back he's once again promising still plenty of people ready to invest in his place and the enterprise. products without the union is next and intrigue aplenty in the russian premier league today there certainly is lots of questions today kerry can. finally win a game in six games sports actress's loco who's going to win the bragging rights in moscow it is all going on more in not coming up in just the same. have you with us this morning in the center of moscow this is sport today plenty
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ahead including. parts on the heels help themselves to a hat trick as c.s.k. moscow moved to within two points of leaders in eats in the russian premier league . and inside boxing legend vitaly klitschko confirms he used to call time on his fight career after another in the ring. champions back on track. to cure of spartak moscow in the cage in their three match losing streak. and he's the runaway top scorer in russian football on last night he helped himself to three more. helping c.s.k. don spore technology check in the second of friday's premier league fixtures plenty of talking points in this one starting with sports finished early also fredrickson saving surrogate which is ten minute penalty. but love me at all for that miss
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heading the opener soon after the how far mark however the brazilian would turn from hero to zero in the second half picking up a straight red card for this challenge. it should have h. though i numbered the home side never lost control thanks to be at the ivorian striker unleashing a bridge of cool to obvious three finding the net and stoppage time he leads the goal scoring charts with twenty two twenty three year old is also the top scorer in the champions league group stages with. three games for no wind putting to within two points of leaders as it meets since petersburg. before the clash twice champions in the past three seasons were being withheld by rust off after a dollar first half salvatore chetty was given the freedom of the penalty area just after the break charlie and makes no mistake from one new routine to their joy to
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be short lived as the visitors soon pull leveler amman shiran off feeling to the cross allowing the ball to fall to. the finish well one one hundred finished in rubin moved up the joint six days. x. two on this attempt to record their first win in six games at the expense of a car no love lost after that one in the southern russian city. with a home advantage against while expect fireworks. go out for the moscow bragging rights in the days late game remember this year the top eight teams play each other for the title in a round robin. manchester city will look to extend their lead at the top of the english premier league on saturday when they take on the wolverhampton wanderers citizens just four days ago. in the league cup proved to be
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a stroll in the park for the table toppers as the east to a five to win the f.a. cup champions have a five point lead at the premier league summit and have been scoring for fun so far this season finally in the back of the net on thirty three occasions in just nine games. to big tie start the day wayne rooney returns to his old club as manchester united take on everton goodison it's west versus north london as old chelsea and arsenal go head to head start for bridge. rock bottom blackburn sunderland entertain us the villa bolton are a new voice one see wigan meet while west brom will be aiming to stay on beaten for a fifth straight game when they come up against six seeded liverpool. brings us through the international gaber russian manager dick advocaat has named his squad for november's friendly against greece continue their preparations for next year's european championships the dutchman giving alexander to cork in his first call up
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to the national side of the twenty year old striker who plays for school wherever and been in the most prolific form this season scoring just three goals in twenty two games aside from the change squad from the one picked to play dora a notable absentee. and fear of who is still recovering from a knee injury and will be out for a few more months at least. let's talk tennis where. is into the semifinals of the end of season w t a championship in istanbul the russian getting there ahead of. world number one the carline wozniacki from the red group victoria azarenka is her next challenge on saturday maria sharapova replacement morion but only denting the bout russian is confident with a comeback win on friday azarenka though she had already become the first woman to advance semi's two days by the twenty two year old. taking the opener before the
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french woman find her rhythm five seven six four six four but tell me how it ended up next reza ranking personally six three and head to head with. knew that only a win against leno would do meanwhile the per bottle to get out of the white group the issue really and fully in control proceedings despite losing to the chinese star in all five of their previous meetings the truth coming now over defeat in three years advancing into the semi's on a dominant note six one six love the final scoreline. is going to need every bit of the top form as she faces a player who's been on a roll in turkey. that is true if each of us who hasn't lost at all of the tournament extending that strike against robert scales on the day both women had plenty of supporters in the crowd but the pool for the semifinal berth on the line was a bit of a was already through still the surging check made all the right strokes closing
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out the first set seventy six left. continuing to hammer shots home eventually improving her record to three straight wins in istanbul seven six six three how it ended on. boxing legend for telly klitschko has confirmed his much talked about retirement is just around the corner the ukrainian heavy with those stating he's got another couple of fights left in him before hanging up his gloves forty once again retain his w.b.c. belt against poland's march in september he also held the w.p. open a decade ago his career record stands just forty three wins two losses including an incredible forty not darts apart from his sporting exploits dr iron fist degree on this. plane to school dean here currently holds the other three main heavy with. now the twenty eleven edition of the volvo ocean race see six
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top level competitors setting sail for the first leg on saturday they run the world contest will begin with a sprint stage in spain the race which is held every three years starting from the same port of l.a. county as the two thousand and eight zero nine edition on the field is among the most competitive ever with emirates new zealand among the heavyweights favorites that particular vessel skipper by a stroll in olympic yachtsman chris nicholson team telefonica also a force to be reckoned with while the first french entry since nineteen ninety three. believe you have a shot at keeping the racist. when you look at all of the play this and great guys with a limp with medals everywhere and obviously camping everything you see and they're going to be they're going to be really good and obviously telephonic is going to be hard as well being from this from locals as well so i mean. it's going to be close no matter what it's going to be offshore and enjoy is going to be close brings us
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to ice hockey finally where sellers are finally back to winning ways in the kontinental hockey league the reeling champions hadn't won in three games heading into last night's clash with spartak moscow constantine but top off reports they went close to making up for defeats. both teams and through the game being poor and spartak one only once in their formative home series will disastrous goal difference minus well league cup holders so i want you i had just two wins from eleven majors including a three major losing streak despite enjoying possession and territory from the very start so i want you life wasted their opportunity well the hosts were counterattacking and waiting for a chance and they received one on the fifteenth minute and finally broke the deadlock alexander to come out is the was the quickest on the remount after a slap shot four minutes into the second period and the red in why it's doubled their lead marks all horse pass to step. to send it back in the top corner all
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anatomy with a restart however the muscular side got meccan to the game just two minutes later as. god lives get around the net and slid back with his backhand to cut the deficit to just to go to one after forty minutes of play in the decisive period it seemed like the muscovites will withstand and will secure the cushion but for millions before the end even to get him off rifled at home. and the game went to overtime where the visitors were lucky to claw to win as many doubled his telling style sponsor. who was flotus for all the game failed to deflect the shot i sometimes better when you're under pressure you know concentrating better. because you continue to write so much but. everybody i think one percent again you know the last four that's talking to you that season sometimes you are going to do you just go forwards never
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a good feeling to put. you just ahead so you have. to get someone to hopefully. get. the win grants to respond to you live who return home in a relatively positive moment while spartak suffer their third straight defeat on domestic guys and will try to get back on winning track on the road. already. and that is all the sport this hour where weather is coming up in just a second then carrie johnson is here with all the news at the top of the hour.
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american anti corporate protesters are stripped of their main power supply and left out in the cold but see their ranks both stood by marines in the national guard. a conflict of interests germany's nationalist movement takes an increasingly hard
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line against the country's immigrant population is the trend could cause even deeper social divisions. and the man who robbed millions of people of their life savings back in one thousand nine hundred it's come up with another financial scheme once again promising things well beyond their imagination. are you watching r t a very warm welcome to you on kerry johnston now hundreds of occupy wall street activists will have to battle plummeting temperatures alongside corporate greed without any power supply york authorities have confiscated generators and fuel from their campaign there in manhattan citing fire safety concerns. as the latest. from here in zuccotti park liberty plaza as it's been dubbed.


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