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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 8:01pm-8:30pm EDT

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where the anti-corporate demonstrations began officers are literally leaving protesters out in the cold they've swept through zuccotti park where hundreds have been camping out confiscating power generators and gas canisters saying they are a fire hazard this comes as an unseasonable snow storm hits the east coast as you can see here with up to ten inches expected as temperatures hit subzero police are also being criticized for cracking down on protesters across the country and oakland california the mayor has been forced to apologize after demonstrators there were tear gassed this week despite the violence the movement is picking up momentum . now reports on how war veterans are now helping fill protestors it's. america's autumn faeces covered up protestors fleeing from tear gas shot into the crowd by police. at least ninety seven arrests an old could california. on tuesday night. a twenty four year old marine and iraq war veteran scott olsen shot
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in the head by a police tear gas canister unable to even say his name. right. at the march of solidarity with the oakland protesters in new york leads to ten arrests of. protesters slammed into the ground and netted by police earlier in another marine confronts police treatment of protesters in a video now gone viral on the web i think i. give you those who risk their lives for america now part of the uprising marines and others who serve the u.s. go public in their fight for the occupy wall street cause let's find out what this means for them the fact that more and more personnel are joining us. they recognize that this is an american it's not about hippies in a negative stereotypes thirty year old gary briggs has served in the national guard . for the last two years he's spending his short be cation at occupy wall street
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got some marines national guard navy seals. more the better the guardsman is outraged at the fact that marines are getting attacked at home but proud that there should be fired up by. others here believe it won't be long however until the police join the crowds instead of restricting them you're going to see a lot of reporters it's protesting that they're going to work twenty years and they're going to see that it's zero but even if this doesn't happen the movement won't be scared away any time soon with marines and other military vets pledging to have the protesters back. yet again i know. i think that everybody has banded together and the rope that's being created here you know a sword will cut an associate churkin r.t.e. he or. us author david korten has been studying the root causes of why thousands
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are protesting across his country he says police crackdowns on the demonstrations are only fueling anger against an unfair system. the bulk of the protesters are deeply committed to nonviolence which is extremely important and i think the police sometimes fail to recognize that when they attack nonviolent protesters it really exposes the the corruption of the system and the fact that the police are fielded to protect the one percent and not to protect the free speech rights of the rest of us that actually draws more support for the protest they are finally drawing attention to the fact that we have an economy actually not only in the united states but in the world that is predominantly working for the for the one percent of people who control the financial system it is not working for the ninety nine percent we've had so much conversation in the united states fueled by corporate media focusing attention on the problem is the problem is the government skipping
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over the fact that wall street has created and that is devoted primarily to making money for rich people through trying financial teams we have to address that issue you know people are complaining that the occupy wall street people don't have clear demands that's actually quite clear what they want they want their economy back they want their government back they want their future back and they actually want a country that operates by principles of true democracy and real markets which which work for everyone. and later in the program we give the demonstrators in new york a chance to let their voices be heard. these we are so greedy and so. money and wealth and materialism and consumerism gloria hard for us to head down to occupied zuccotti park in the big apple for past protesters and for their message to wall street. and to germany's multicultural melting pot boils over as
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immigration and drives a deepening divide through communities archie reports from berlin. activists say syrian security forces have killed at least thirty people during mass protests calling for the downfall of president bashar assad's regime this comes after the arab league condemned of the continuing killings of civilians in the country the arab ministerial committee is due to hold another round of talks with syrian officials later on sunday to help end the crisis the u.n. estimates more than three thousand people have been killed since march when the entire uprising began some of the protesters have also been calling for a no fly zone over the country and aerial support from nato warplanes dissident syrian a writer and democracy campaigner in shock told r.t. that most of the population doesn't support foreign intervention. of the second or against military intervention whether it's today tomorrow or in ten years' time
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even if the regime is to ny late every one of us would still be against military intervention we fight for freedom and we don't want to add external slavery to our domestic law we don't want it to become a part of the struggle between the international and internal forces syrians are peaceful they want to progress under conditions of freedom and development and they don't want to turn into a concentration camp a poly go on phonology countries and. from the foundation for political economic and social research you know believes that a no fly zone will not help resolve the political crisis. i don't think that no fly zone would be an official way to face with the assad regime because when we see the development of the protests and the brutal crackdown of the cedar ridge email against the protesters we see that the syrian regime had been using its its land forces a lot except for the occasional use of helicopters to shut down the protesters
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and using a no fly zone like the one in libya i don't think would be an official way to face with police. crackdown of to regime strong parallels have been asked between the libyan case and the syrian case i think this is a grave error because there are grave differences between the syrian case and the libyan case when we look at the syrian case i think it's completely different i mean if you look at it's like social fabric or the sectarian lines in syria we see that all. he'd from the opposition and also the fighting this regime groups have been living together the syrian giora if you get dorothy does all let you know a scenario like the one in libya and now to israel where thousands of demonstrators protesting against social inequality and government spending policy took to the
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streets of tel aviv again after a nearly two month break artie's parsley or brings us the latest. the last demonstration back in september in early september sold a million people come to the streets of the country logan i was satisfied with that turnout and after that a lot of the protesters many of them are university students return to process and things that didn't take a little bit of it out but said he now what we have seen in the last few hours is not only attention on what is happening internally here from the israeli air force has also strikes on southern gaza eleven people have been killed five of them are members of the islamic jihad organization that is what holds a sponsible for a grad missile that was fired into israel earlier in the week the concern here though talking to people is that this story of social demonstrations will not be missed by many in the international community as it focuses on what is happening externally and certainly the mainstream international media is making a lot of what is going on in gaza to the detriment of what is happening here and
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with me to talk about this is nicholas simmons who is one of the social protesters nicolette why are you back on the streets after a two month lull. the knesset the parliament is returning from its recess tomorrow that the day after i mean. we just hope that they'll reconsider their budgetary considerations and the problem has been that the budget considerations have been about parties and politics they've been about leaving the tycoons and seem to control everything we want the budgetary considerations to consider just the general good of the country here in israel it's very very important to realize we are not in economic recession a problem isn't that we don't have enough money problem is that it's being mismanaged the government decisions about what to do the money is bad oh bolos so that's what we're certainly when you hear the cries of people here and really they slogan is the people demand of social justice people here saying that the
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government can do what it wants to attract attention but they certainly will not give up. on what they say are very legitimate demands. reporting for us there now millions of russians have lost their life savings in the one nine hundred ninety s. in what proved to be a massive financial pyramid scheme and now it's back its eccentric founder has come up with another financial plan and in ukraine savers are getting in line to hand over their hard earned money. explains why. the twenty eleven russian hit movie the pyramid depicts a robin hood of the nine hundred ninety s. a businessman who promises well for people and confronts the only guards. the real story behind the split was a sad episode in russia s'posed soviet history the financial pyramid. attracted millions vowing to multiply their investment many times in the end it went bust up
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to fifteen million people lost their life savings. i don't feel like i'm a sinner what about ninety four it was undermined by the government so i knew m.m.m. . was virtually unlimited resources salut i'm control of the situation was not acceptable and everything was done to donated seed a game of orgy the driving force behind the m.m. movement spent five years in prison for fraud but now the man often called the russian bernie madoff is back seventeen years since his financial pyramid had walked the post soviet space if back with another financial scheme and while you could hardly find any commercial enterprise the streets of ukraine cities have been literally flooded with calls to join in with the. weekend do more is the slogan of the new complain at mit's it is another pyramid and is a risky venture but still promises people that they will make money this. is
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a virtual currency called dollars which constantly goes up in price from twenty to sixty percent a month at this price only i can sit some individuals exchange money between themselves without any obligations counties and conditions it is a fundamental point when there is no legal entity joint account with new office in other words everything is shared between millions of private accounts that means no one can put an end to it. financial experts in ukraine see little surprise in my latest scheme given the rough patch the country is going through the national bank is like in order to not the depreciation of national currency is like introducing in your restrictions and a lot of people on. government machine the bureaucracy is again something like a minister told the press in the financial markets and people looking for an exit nobody claims his actions are legal ukraine's politicians disagree the ruling party
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wants current laws tightened to block them and from making off with vulnerable people's nast ags that they should demand two thousand and eleven there's a provision for a national service and requires a license providing financial services without a license is a criminal offense. m m m twenty eleven already has one point five million investors and counting. again convinced it is a road to riches try telling that to the many millions of victims left with nothing and still reeling from his previous ponzi. scheme see reporting from kiev in ukraine. financial problems all around the world there in ukraine as well and in the country of the rising sun there are also financial worries. stay with us to find out why the world's third largest economy may be teetering on the brink of collapse. germany is seeing a rise in neo nazi ism as voters eyes are eager eagerly turned towards hardline
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right wing parties after decades of multicultural policy proved ineffective the ethnic communities of the country only grown for there apart and as reports the worry is that the cultural divide will only deepen. what do these two very different pieces of music have in common. they're both before and in germany and they increasingly represent clashing forms of society here we want. immigrants german trust the illegal ones yes and after that the other day i was told that's the view of the national democratic party or m.p. d. here in germany they've supported many concerts attended by right wing supporters but their opponents argue they promote hatred they achieve that in some regions in east germany there are no immigrants. it's not because of economy poisons but it's
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because nobody wants ready to go there because it's there always threatened one anti nazi group recently managed to do right wing concert goers into wearing their bogus t. shirts when they were washed the right wing slogan dissolved to reveal a message urging the wearer to leave their near nazi group. however german police intelligence estimates that there are eight to ten thousand hard core militant neo nazis in the country those behind the stunt say that those numbers mean germany's problem is in the top three in europe every year in germany statistically you have about fifteen thousand twenty thousand hate crimes. of them about eight hundred violent crimes so that's also been in the top five from europe when we put accusations of inciting hatred to the n.p.t.
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yes they were unmoved germany is the state of the germans but if you are today you have parts in berlin with more than thirty forty percent of foreignness when it's just too much germany has large ethnic minority populations from turkey the arab world and beyond many families now have second and third generation members with german citizenship and they're gaining political representatives who defy anyone who says they don't belong here m p d or other party this. could not to say to me or take to this part of me to be german whereas most political parties are now finding candidates from the ethnic groups they represent those on the right are posting up banners and slogans with the message go back where you came from with such a political divide the potential is there for german politics to become a lot nastier it's not immediately obvious that this fruit and vegetable store is
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at the edge of the turkish district in berlin it looks much like a fruit and vegetable stall elsewhere in the city but the question being fought over in political debates is will this region become a route for cultural exchange or a border between essentially foreign territories tom watson r.t. . now for a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. this. violence in south sudan a worry suspected rebel attack killed seventy five people officials say it was a strike on an oil rich province most of the fatalities were rebel fighters but fifteen civilians also died there south sudan has been plagued by tribal violence since it began declaring autonomy from sudan in two thousand and five around three thousand people are thought to have been killed in the country this year alone. there has been a series of insurgent attacks in afghanistan and one incident to seventeen people were killed when a taliban suicide car bomber struck
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a convoy of foreign troops in kabul hours later a man in an afghan military uniform fired at u.s. troops in the south killing two the attacker was killed at the scene there have also been reports that a suicide bomber targeted government offices in the east. seasonal high tide has passed and was lower than expected reducing fears that bangkok would be swamped in the world flooding in decades nevertheless parts of the capital remain under water officials have asked the u.s. military to help survey the damage the prime minister said the water was expected to recede in the first week of november the flooding has claimed more than three hundred seventy lives since july. most influential son claims he is not guilty of crimes against humanity there have not been in direct talks with prosecutors at the hague to bring saif al islam in but his whereabouts remain unknown all these launches wanted for
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a suspected war crimes during the libyan uprising which the u.n. says killed over thirty thousand people and ended with his father's violent death. for more on libya you can head to our website r.t. dot com. there we have an exclusive interview with moammar gadhafi is personal driver who witnessed the colonel's last moments and secret funeral he says that the former libyan leader was scared and prepared. for the inevitable when the rebels came for also for you online. the consequences of the fukushima disaster will be emerging for at least several decades the japanese government says it will take up to thirty years to completely clean up the radiation released from the reactors . and within a hair of bigfoot the russian academy of sciences claims it is highly likely that the yeti really exists find out why at r.t. dot com.
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clouds are gathering over the land of the rising sun with japan lurching worryingly towards a financial crisis the country's run up a huge national debt as it struggles to recover from this year's earthquake and tsunami disaster. komatsu looks at how japan's dire circumstances are leaving it trapped and teetering on the edge. in many ways the japanese economy is like this fish. caught dried out frozen and now having great chunks of value sliced clean i'll. take this industry itself japanese sushi shops who rake in about seventeen billion dollars annually with hungry customers consuming nine million tonnes of sisterhood along the way.
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it's an addiction repeated all over around the world but it's not helping the main exporters which has been left floundering. japanese food is the most popular food in the world and definitely i think there are many other companies like ours doing the same business and everywhere else in these companies are suffering major consequences from a strong. when the national currency is up it pushes exports down japanese goods just too expensive to compete on the wild stage and its profits disappear so do people's livelihoods stagnant growth the strong man and the massive national debt some economists fear the japan may be all of a few years away from its own major economic crisis and since this east asian nation remains the world's number three economy the consequences of the big global this is something japan's political leaders are determined to avoid and many are
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calling for urgent action mother. jump anees industry can probably enjoy the current seventy five year into the dollar level for a little while but if this situation doesn't change over a longer period i think we're going to see japanese factories and large companies move their operations overseas places like vietnam thailand or china this would lead to a hollowing out of japanese domestic industry and creates unemployment japan is facing an extraordinary. only growing says. that despite the horrors of the ruling party lawmakers it is not clear there's anything the japanese government can really do to prevent the soaring from leaving japanese businessman stop money. in japan going in supply industry is gradually losing its ability to sell their products in machines to just start selling and since the world faces these
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condition it's japanese companies have to look for whatever opportunities they can discover but that's not going to be easy in a country where the government itself is the plea in the red japan has the highest national debt among major economies owing almost twice as much as the economy makes in an entire year couple that with the funds needed to rebuild after the devastation unleashed by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year and it seems japan is fighting a battle it may not be able to win she hurried to r.t. tokyo now as thousands continue to protest across america as part of the anti-corporate occupy movement the mainstream media is at pains to point out there's a lack of a unified agenda to return to where it all started in new york to discover that every demonstrator has a special something to say to wall street. the
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protesters of occupy wall street are clearly bad up with wall street and with washington so what do you think they would have to say to their would be oppressors this week let's talk about that i would like to say you're human beings also do you see the suffering that people are going through do you know what it's like we want the health insurance that you have everybody should have that health insurance we should have the basic rights in the basic care we the people more than your venture care we need you to join us because they're just people to be an us versus them we need your help poor pretty personhood what is that and corporations that are have felt as though it's ok to exploit people and exploit the planet for profit and profit alone so what do you have to say to those corporation well i don't have to say anything other than i don't support them how do you say be fair and share to
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someone or something that does not know what what kind of concept this is and do qadi we practice we're a community where we share our resources these people are so greedy and so by money and wealth and materialism and consumerism do you still have a message for all these corporate bigwigs who are taking millions and not supporting their people in my messages and to them my message is to make sure that these soldiers that are here that they continue to believe that this conversation is important and that these people are involved in a process of constructing a role where dreams are possible right now dreams are impossible in america for a lot of people these people need to believe that dreams must continue that's why we're here so it seems like the bottom line is the protesters are less interested in talking to wall streeters and washington themselves and more interested in keeping the conversation and the power among the people themselves.
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for us this hour i'm sean thomas and thanks for watching r.t. international i'll be back with the headlines in just a few moments. but
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i define it as a struggle for somalia australia i do know that leon there's really no we're going to see the film on the screen if you want to have sex go and have sex. least.
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a. week. wealthy british sign it's time to rise. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports. and broadcasting live direct from moscow this is
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a i'm trying thomas and these type of headlines. still. occupy wall street activists remain defiant in the face of police pressure and an early start to winter in new york big apple in new york big. news campaigners heaters and power generator saying they posed a fire hazard. activists say at least thirty protesters are killed in a new clashes in syria as the arab league calls on damascus to end violence techs and billions arab ministers are due to meet syrian officials on sunday in the qatari capital doha and in the. attempts to resolve the crisis. plus a special report on the man responsible for the biggest financial pyramid scheme in russian history would cost millions of their life savings is now attempting ukrainian savers to hand over their hard cash. thousands of israelis took to the streets of tel aviv a.


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