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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is going to be glad to have you with us let's take a look at the top are. still going to. wall street down the street main defiance in the face of police pressure and early start to the winter in new york big apple authorities are really serious campaigners commuters and power generators same day as i closed fire has. activists say at least thirty protesters are killed amid new clashes in syria as the arab league calls on damascus to end the violence and protect civilians arab ministers are due to meet syrian officials on sunday i'm sorry capital doha and the attempt to resolve. plus a special hour to report the man responsible for the biggest financial climate scheme in russian history that cost millions their life savings is now attempting
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ukrainian savers to hand over their. thousands of israelis who took to the streets of tel aviv again angered by the government's excessive military spending protesters and their demands social justice and a call on the authorities to concentrate more on the welfare rather than. this is our team next kaiser is next. thanks guys or this is the kaiser report let's talk about. the market and assorted other psychopaths states. herbert to you max is the first headline banksy presents new artwork to occupy london movement now of course as with every single banksy art nobody knows whether it's his or not and this
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controversy already on a banksy forum there suggesting that this could be from the keiser report itself that created this our work and presented it to occupy london because as you see in this little image keiser wart dot com everybody's taking this as the max keiser but what's then sasuke is that now that we're on three times the way it goes out to two hundred fifty million people around the world everyone kind of looks over their shoulder thinking about cars record all day long max and stacey that's all anyone thinks about because that's all really that matters in this new post occupy wall street world post global insurrection against banker occupation world this is all there is we are here we are talking we're no don't kill all the. the law watch the show so your kids go play to the printing machines just watch the show well that's a clever thing about this everybody takes this guy's report dot com but if you look
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at it it's kaiser wart and one of the original meanings of the word warts comes from london slang meaning fine splendid jolly or boisterous nobody can accuse you of being too boisterous max oh so it's a triple entendre well i'll tell you the other two meanings yeah it's already sussed out up because of a laser like pyne well the other option is in new zealand and australia refers to a financial impropriety particularly relating to a government program defrauding the government program while defrauding the public has become the de facto modus operandi of all the g. twenty nations as they perpetuate their massive ponzi scheme europe is going to be ok with leveraging the european financial fun thing that they've created that just means more. currency fraud gold and silver to the moon gold and silver to the moon i can't wait you know talking about banksy one of his clever pieces of
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art and that was when in response to a father b.'s auction where his artwork was selling for seventy thousand pounds of pop he created this piece of art called i can't believe you morons buy the. again we have to bleep that word out of course i'm sorry but i thought this would be a great piece of artwork to be plastered across every single prospectus every single collateralized debt obligations or mortgage backed security that goldman sachs and j.p. morgan tried to sell to a pension fund is it has a say in bold images right up front i can't believe you morons are buying this toxic waste well in postmodernist are seen the value of art is determined exclusively by art enabled propaganda and you know as the transition from representational art to abstract art to post abstract to post data isn't to post post modernism we only have art now that it's value is determined entirely by the
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ebb and flow of mass hysteria as it relates to fetishism as it pertains to something of perceived value post and he warhols campbell soup cans where he turned something common a soup can into a fetishistic object that had to be bought at any price enter banksy who rightly called on the kaiser report as being completely in chain with the current design of post post post information age were our value is determined by the collective unconscious winching and the central bank policies are similarly affected pure propaganda ben bernanke he says he's trying to promote inflation but in fact he's scared to death of deflation it's deflation that a put bed. bernanke you know a soup line and we can only hope that his fate is the same as moammar gadhafi remember it's either banksy or it's kaiser report that created that art let's move
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on to why i think we need to have i can't believe you morons buy this toxic waste plastered across even the foreheads maybe of the central banker or too big to fail banker guess who is even more leverage than the european banks this is on zero headshot common occurrence in phoenix capital research and they're saying that while the world is awash in liquidity no one seems to notice that it's actually in the form of leverage or cheat debt not real capital or equity so this is important to know as these g. twenty nations meet in the south of france this week and the u.s. banking system as a whole is leveraged at thirteen to one which means that an eight percent drop in asset values mean they're totally wiped out the european banking system is leveraged twenty six to one which means that a four percent drop in asset values mean they lose all equity but max guess who is the leveraged the most the federal reserve bank of washington d.c. what is the exact number their leverage is there at fifty three to one right so it
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has a value collapse of less than two percent means that the entire federal reserve is bankrupt now here's the thing about estates here but is that if we listen to the propagandists see n.b.c. or c.n.n. united states like erin burnett for example she had a video out there castigating some poor occupy wall street protesters by saying that the g.m. and bank bailouts are profitable now that's not true because they just took the debt and put it on the fed's balance sheet and now when the fed goes bankrupt all you need is a less than two percent swing in asset values and the entire dollar collapses into a pile of horse spenders and their ship of course will still get her salary for telling lies and propaganda every one of c. and b. c. will still get their salary james cramer who's killed more people in the equity markets then even bernie madoff will still get his salary and bonus because the. it's all about perception not about actual value speaking of perception and not actual value look at smart the american population is they sense this the hill poll
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voters say us is in decline or resound and sixty nine percent of respondents said the country is in decline the survey found while fifty seven percent predict today's kids won't live better lives than their parents absolutely true and sooner or later you're going to see this reflected in the stock market so people who are concerned about the value of their net worth should start to make negative bets on the united states economy in particular companies that are exposed to the global the sense of like i'm thinking maybe coca-cola for example our friend adam curry has got an occupy coke campaign running on top of the campaign we had a few years ago these are the kinds of companies that once the faith in the dollar in america collapses that stock could go to zero and if you're making negative bets you've got a hedge against collapse and leisure preserving your own wealth well the theme of the show is i can't believe you morons buy this but weep now we're saying here it
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only the g twenty guys only the circle isn't berlusconi's and obama's and geithner is of the world meeting down there in the south of france this week by this they push on us but population itself knows it's a hoax they know it's a joke they know there is no hope in their ponzi scheme economy yeah that's right the awareness is building and on the margins were economically speaking all price discovery and price action begins that's why we're seeing a fundamental change in other words like barack obama talked about change but his was a top down change all talk no action you know as they say in texas all hat no cattle this is a fundamental grassroots change incremental on the. margins which of course will could change the center change the dynamic that's why all these occupy movements are extremely important every new individual that sits down and says no stop that
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enough it triggers gets closer toward a global collapse of the dollar which is the world's prison currency well the other important ingredient in this financial collapse is the price of oil not a myth the skyrocketing cost of new oil supply and this is from the a annual energy review and it shows that the capital required to add an additional barrel of oil to reserves experience step change starting last decade and you see from two thousand and three to two thousand and four max straight up what of course happened in two thousand and three the iraqi regime iraq invasion and invasion a war without any intent to pay for it via taxes that's the first war to be financed by a just inflation i.e. stealing from the population so the iraq war has caused rapid inflation and we see this down the cost of getting that barrel of oil out of the ground and processing
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it the absolute absolute price of brant crude prices cetera has moved in it's quoted often and you get the sense of where the oil market is but the people don't understand is the cost of actually pulling barrel of oil out of the ground and what you're talking about here is that the prices skyrocketed because all the inputs that go into getting a barrel of oil out of ground those prices are skyrocketing due to all the money that was flown in the system to pay for america's genocide of a million iraqis for tony blair's retirement fund speaking of tony blair i have in this headline max tony blair's team have set up an office in kazakhstan says presidential adviser so believe it or not any body who calls tony blair in to advise them they usually end up buried at sea or in a own marked grave in the dead. lo and behold apparently cause i president nursultan nazarbayev has hired tony blair associates to advise him
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now the article points out that with his vast energy supplies central asian state is increasingly confident and prepared to spend millions to promote itself tony blair himself says he is not personally making a profit directly or indirectly through tony blair socialists or any company on this but i buy and put on all the leadership in this country that tony blair just entered because nobody is safe now that tony blair is there they're all in the crosshairs if you're if you're a leadership there you go you look at your life you should leave immediately because tony blair is in the house and tony blair is in the house the big house of the vatican house of course and this brings me to blair's buddy pope benedict vatican calls for essential world bank to be set up pontifical council for justice and peace and a document called towards reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of a global public authority yes they're calling for a new global economic authority an essential world bank to be run by the un under
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which tony blair now in riches himself around the world i mean to think that the pope is coming out and saying the vatican will this be a world bank because everything that's caused millions to die is a centralization of financial thorney in too big to fail institutions so here you have the vatican saying let's create an even bigger too big to fail situation to create more murder more cessna nations more war this is completely inconsistent with anything that philosophically or theologically speaking but he says he represents this is no connection and c. a b. c. max here says it should be news to the ears of occupy wall street demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn . first of all we are not protesting against the economic downturn we are protesting fraud against banking fraud occupy vatican occupy vatican
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is the global insurrection against baker occupation we're not saying who cares if they economic downturn this is economic collapse caused by financial fraud on checked plus the vatican bank is one of the most corrupt banks in the world it's as corrupt as goldman sachs and j.p. morgan it's crap is a just me saying it's a corrupt as any big bank but i think he he was concerned about stephen schwarzman and lloyd blankfein getting you know is god game trying to rob goldman sachs and and all these press right lloyd like i said he's doing god's work yeah like oh wait a minute i got a big head. all right thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max they'll go away much more coming away so stay right there.
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in the only. guys are welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to atlanta georgia speak with yell for byrd gallo's an actuary who writes our finite world dot com and you can also follow her on twitter at. twitter dot com forward slash gal the actuary gal the actuary welcome to the kaiser afford ok q all right gal according to wikipedia an actuary is
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a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty so the question is with a risk an uncertainty in mind a tell us about your latest article on the united states as debt bubble and risk pose for the america and the whole world this time well i think they're probably contributes to g.d.p. growth as it goes up but as you start reaching limits in oil supply or whatever kind of brother finite resources that we grow into limits and then your debt bubbles the flailing and it acts the reverse direction it hardens d.d. g.d.p. to be greece rather than increase i mentioned oil there to what extent is or has oil supported the that bubble in america well i think it helped us have economic growth that was especially true prior to nine hundred seventy when it was our own
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supply that we were coming out on and our growth rate was higher back prior to nine hundred seventy then we started importing more oil using while from around the world the while that we have from elsewhere we're. sorta but not quite as well as they were we had ourselves and our growth growth rate slowed down after you know going one hundred seventy nine hundred eighty eight period and so we didn't have any lower g.d.p. growth rate but the fact that we had our oil in there helping us keep the growth rate up has helped us to maintain our bad growth which has resulted in a combined high growth rate right now at all certainly the g.d.p. is them bouncing around over the past twenty or thirty years they had a nice pop there during the reagan years but oil was certainly contingent on the
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growth of the debt bubble g.d.p. there is a relationship there so now that america occupies iraq libya they've sent troops to uganda with these oil reserves secured by the american empire will this unable to this debt bubble perhaps to resume growing and maybe is this the way the u.s. will see its way back to growth well i don't see the military approach really has worked very well in the paris three yet all kinds of military interventions in your breath and even now no oil production in iraq is just barely growing how to oil exports aren't going up at all because they don't have the export capacity even if they do have increased while production there's no direct translation of our military efforts to higher oil production and i suspect we'll have the same situation elsewhere i can tell what you're describing here in terms of
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a debt bubble collapse is deflation something we saw in the one nine hundred thirty s. after the run up on the stock market and other assets in the one nine hundred twenty s. you had a big pop the big crash then you had the i d flash mary depression and what you're describing here is a deflationary depression of debt. the implosion and inability of policymakers to restart the inflationary possible the reserve bank is however trying to. restart inflation by putting as much money into circulation as a possibly can over there the fed is the deflationary debt implosion going to continue at this pace in your view in so we end up out in one nine hundred thirty s. style depression. worse than we are now or will there be any intervening force to counteract that well i think we probably will hedge word something that
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looks like a one nine hundred thirty style the pression on i'm not sure exactly how it works out but i think what happens is the the prices of goods that people use on a day to day basis you know that food and clothing are going to continue to rise what's going to happen has it's going to be increasingly difficult to sell assets that normally and debt are associated with their sale and so there's going to be slavish in in home prices or just inability to sell them in commercial businesses or even stocks and things of this sort are are going to be affected more by. the crisis here day commodities that everyone needs right so this is it's a bit of
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a mixed bag isn't it because although you have you have what's called cost cold inflation with energy and food at the retail level that people point to and say oh look at inflation when you compare that against a backdrop of the housing collapse and the bond market collapse the net effect is still deflation isn't it yeah i think the best the way. you would describe it but for a good point of view the ordinary person who maybe making not a whole lot about minimum wage i think they may see it is important sherry right now let's talk about china for a second because one of the primary reason really why you haven't seen inflation in the u.s. despite all the money printing is because of the offset that comes from chinese labor force that has knocked the u.s. worker out of the box and has contributed to this massive wave of deflation and china of course sucks up all the cash and out there hoarding it more last year got trillions of dollars of the reserves they're not research elating it not sense they
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keep the u.s. dollar you went paid in place so china is really i would say the biggest obstacle to the u.s. being able to grow its economy again. how is that going to play out in your view gail going forward but i think there's another aspect to the chinese economy too and that is that at least their internal rose has been propped up with a lot of debt of their own building all kinds of a current buildings every where i was just over there in may and saw for myself how much building had gone on but there are all kinds of government projects and there's a lot of debt that underlies all of this and so china needs growth to support all of its debt as well but what's happening is that its customer base is slowing down the price of its coal inspiring is rising the price of oil
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prices rising as well so it's starting to feel some effects so there are some definite issues with china actually being able to keep up the pattern that it's headed. past and it may stare hitting recessionary impacts as well and not to ok well what used what you're describing areas in the past if one country's economy is slowing down another one might pick up and this has gone on for many decades it is part of the global scenario economics for quite some time but now if china starts to slow down in a meaningful way we're talking about a global depression so post collapse what happens to the dollar and does this affect the currency markets in any way like we saw after world war two when they came together and they created the bretton woods agreement having to reconfigure
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the global currency markets you see anything like that developing yeah i think there's great peace and major upsets in the currency market i think then the euro their way you know all of the activity we're seeing all compare i'm afraid we're going to see is not really a breakout here are some of the. countries leaving the euro or the euro just falling apart or yeah there you know there's kind of a race towards the bottom everybody wants to have their currency lowest so they're better able to sell exports but the whole situation just doesn't work i think there's going to have to be some sort of like you say a reconfiguring and i know it should be able to reach an agreement right now you mentioned a call there a moment ago and i want to pick up on not a little bit you know the history of energy usage over the years you know you had whale oil which gave way to coal which gave way to oil that's
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a chemical oil now is there another energy source in our future that's going to be able to pick up the slack in your view i don't see the areas i think i hope back in the seventy's where i was that it was going to be nuclear energy but now we've seen so many bad results from nuclear that i don't think barriers really high. the bats the run that's going to really take us to the future maybe if we had tried for am back forty years ago and got all the wrinkles worked out and used and stolen uranium maybe that would have worked right at this point it's really getting too late again to find a new energy source and get it going can you give us a one minute breakdown on thore and i just was reading about this recently we had a point going back into the dawn of the nuclear age of choosing. nucular substances and can you just give us a one minute summary of that story well thirty m. is in some sense similar to your a.t.m.
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but it doesn't leave you with all of the radioactive residue it's a problem after fact so it would be a much better source from their point of view it also is available on much larger quantities so it wouldn't be as much about problem for extraction from around the world and also when it's right it doesn't cause all the problems that the uranium right so i'm assuming that the lobbyists for the iranian industry had their way and that's why we have uranium today. but let's wrap it up of you've got about a minute left your final thoughts on what happens when the debt bob ward peak debt meets peak oil which is the moment we seem to be at right now these two developed simultaneously over the past thirty years the debt bubble grew as the oil market grew now that we've had peak oil we've also had peak credit or peak debt so once
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they go forward from here again i think we end up with a situation that looks a lot like the limits to growth growth was forecast back in one nine hundred seventy two in the book was originally written where you have a downward spiral in all areas of the economy it is driven by. management resources all right well that's all the time we have thanks so much gallant for a bird for being on the kaiser report thank you all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i will thank my guest you can follow her at her website at the actuary now if you want to follow me on twitter i'm at twitter dot com forward slash max keiser stacy herbert you can follow her to using her name or you can also go to facebook dot com slash kaiser report to keep up on all the updates and we asked you for questions on our show so we rely on you to help us and if you want to send me an e-mail you can do so it is
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a reported r t t v dot are you until next time this is nice guys are saying by all . of the.
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