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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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great. comfortable. journey. so different but be a little. moscow. the latest news and the week's top stories on our team made so shipping out of libya after helping topple gadhafi but his secrets haven't been buried with him his son is threatening to spill the details of western leader shady deals with the late colonel if he gets his day in court. as occupy wall street resists growing police pressure to pack up the spike in dozens of arrests and then during a freaky weather conditions. and outbreak of deadly fire between israel and gaza all that's a slauson return to the streets of tel aviv to protest against disproportionate government spending in favor of the military.
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plus the curtain zappala legendary home of russia's finest ballets and operas the bolshoi theater reopens in style after a couple of capital refurbishment. just after seven pm here in the russian capital this is sarkozy now the late colonel gaddafi is most influential son is looking to have him self over to the international criminal court where he's wanted for war crimes saif al islam claims he's on the sets and is threatening to expose details of his father's dealings with western leaders if he appears in the dock or bennett explains. to some market deaf ear with a tree not much secrets which will supposedly be buried with him i think that there were tremendous sorry sir relief all over capitol in western
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europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french would also get a grip and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well. i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not misled is that surprised that he was captured alive if you really quickly ended up getting to death is returning from diplomatic exile was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him is that he's now silenced with the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from a very. i don't feel the history you see. the shooter dealing with mistrust. it's all going to go away obviously this is also a situation was fishing probably cruel trick certain interaction ironically it was to wish they could reverse it were reduced then british prime minister tony blair
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was instrumental in good daphne's rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven the play didn't lead empty handed trade between flourished so did a cozy relationship it was six more secret meetings off the player left off base his people denying they were about releasing the lucky paula abdul basset on the granny or britain would lose its lucrative maybe in deals i'd regret myself it obviously would get back he was put should he should have been said to the international criminal court put on trial forced all it's questions will the terrible things he did and if it davidge the contemporary world lose all previous regimes and leave his task we need to know. what he started it out day with people some details of the murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics
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agreed to contracts with the gadhafi regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds with just civil servants but the wrecked here was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in creating good daffy even letting him pitch his tent in the elise a palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man they want you could still tell all that was he had never had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded and we have all the details. and a ready to reveal a. sign a get that he son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court so you he's going to have low information and i think we're so used to tony blair intervening formed to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics when. he was plagiarizing as
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a lawyer things have gone on so you knows about it their fees wanted to answer for his own actions in libya's drawn out battle for control and it's what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father is keeping the western power players sweating other than it are to london. live in resident ali al kasey for the city of sirte days before colonel gadhafi was killed there and he claims nato has committed atrocities during its intervention which only helped to destabilize his country. they used every possible think through to make this so called the revolution successful they used gunships. helicopters they used fighters all sorts of weapons. disposal so they can. make this successful
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kill so many people through to succeed in this operation moshtarak i don't think it's a success because if it was a success every libyan would have been so happy about it i doubt very much there's a big divide in libya there's a huge. between libyans. i mean parts or partially because of. their feelings and partly because of let's be honest and say partially because of gadhafi. but but the way they killed gadhafi the way they treated him the way they bombed my city you. have a lot of civilians inside it who were killed as well i mean this just. generates anger and generates revenge. which
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which is in the future would be the fuel of another war in libya which i think it will be sooner or later. nato winds up its intervention in libya it's leaving behind a country full of weapons in the hands of people with a shady past to stay with r.t. for a special report on the ground in an hour's time as reveal how some former rebel commanders have no clue how to tackle the crime problem. syria's president is warning western nations that intervening in his country will cause an earthquake that will tear the middle east but shall messiah told britain's sunday telegraph newspaper that international involvement. turn his country into another afghanistan his comrades follow the un she's made us call for the repressions to end after we can play a record of fifty lives there are readers also weighing in with strong criticism and we're going to syrian officials later on sunday the u.n. believes more than three thousand people have perished and the rest since march but this is a syrian writer and democracy campaigner michel kilo base most people there don't
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want a military solution to the crisis. we're against military intervention whether it's a date tomorrow or in ten years' time even if the regime is to deny late every one of us would still be against military intervention we fight for freedom and we don't want to add external slavery to our domestic law we don't want it to become a part of the struggle between the international and internal forces syrians are peaceful they want to progress under conditions of freedom and development and they don't want to turn into a concentration camp a political philology country and brian becker from the u.s. based antiwar coalition answer believes that unlike libya syria is too strong for the alliance to intervene and that's why the west wants a spark a civil war to bring about regime change. we're using the same lingo the same scenario the syrian opposition is borrowing a page from the playbook for libya they know that they can come to power only with
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the advance with the support with the intervention through multiple means of the nato powers of the western powers and i think what we can tell the syrian people is look at what happened in libya the issue of a no fly zone sounds like a way to defend civilians but it's really a way to begin the war to begin military operations against the syrian air force or air defenses and i think the first step and this is the plan of the obama administration is not direct military intervention but to promote a civil war inside of syria i think they realize that the syrian government is substantially stronger militarily and within the arab world as compared to khadafi but they can use the human beings who have grievances valid or not to be the human materiel for a civil war and i think the u.s. government officials signaling the syrian opposition and the syrian president that
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they should learn the lesson of libya is a clear message begin the civil war they want to weaken syria first as a as a prelude to a more direct intervention for regime change. and still to come this hour an r t another outbreak of violence in the middle east were reported how a deadly exchange of fire between israel and gaza has overshadowed a peaceful balance protests that government spending and i love the. scores of demonstrators supporting the occupy wall street movement have been arrested across the u.s. overnight right police in denver moved in detaining activists who refused to leave their camp earlier police used pepper spray to disperse the crowds meanwhile at least thirty people were arrested in the states of oregon tennessee and california after police rams into force curfews moving protesters belongings now it was nature threatening demas in new york after the city was hit by a unseasonal snow blizzard over the activists say they're ready to withstand harsh
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weather conditions to make their point and as art is going to report. part protesters are serious and their determination. the peace school nationwide movement that turned violent overnight in oakland. police attacked protesters with tear gas stun grenades. flash thompson rubber bullets we had been there for weeks we have been taking care of ourselves there's been no incidents with the police and they came in one of the most terrifying shows of force that i've ever seen in my entire life and they came in and they either flushed everyone out of the camp or west of them and then they began to systematically trample all of the tents up in the part and this new people were really really angry a former u.s. marine an iraqi war veteran was seriously injured by a tear gas canister that police fired. footage of the wounded veteran and police
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brutality spread quickly the shock of it galvanizing the nation and the occupy movement across the country ira google says the company received requests from local law enforcement agencies to remove you tube videos of police brutality they did not comply the stronger of the force of the response five establishment the stronger the movement will get the larger the protests will become the protesters through these past six weeks of being careful not to taint the movement's reputation with violence but a march roast report suggests that this movement has been almost entirely peaceful but some in the u.s. media use the night of violence you know pledge to portray the protestors as radicals and more violence from the occupiers a lot of these people are professional agitators a good number of these people are radicals no doubt about it you might ask how radical was this elderly woman in a wheelchair who was tear gassed by police or jasper father of two who was working on his ph d.
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at the university of california berkeley you know they characterized you know it's a big. perspective of the movement and. marginal and radical fringe you know order to discredit it this movement really is about all americans it's not just about people that make a story we've been poor this is about now it's to the middle class that is starting to feel the impact of corporate greed that has run this country for so long as the movement grows bigger and more structured it's becoming harder to ignore the message of the campaigners who call themselves the ninety nine percent and protest against corporate crime and government complicity protesters hands march room throughout the country there will be more the movement is only expanding several weeks ago police crackdown on protesters with pepper spray this week it was here yes and stun grenades protesters now want to hit big business where it hurts a general strike next week demanding banks and corporations shut down for
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a day but will the police response be anyone more brutal crackdown i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. who are keeping a close eye on the protests that are hitting the united states from coast to coast just ahead on live from more of our coverage. of. the. marching in harmony just go to our you tube channel to check out the chance which the occupy protesters are using to rouse the rallies across new york and. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians to rule today.
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now israeli air strikes in gaza have killed at least ten of palestinians and response to rocket attacks on the jewish state that left one dead it's the worst outbreak of violence in weeks following a successful prisoner swap deal between its all a bit and hamas let's get the latest details now from paul a slayer in the east. but allison has are yet to receive a hundreds of people from israel as part of a swap deal because it looked as if the violence now could have further process. but it certainly does look as if the violence will play a role this has been one of the most deadly weekends here in gaza around as well of course several months now at least ten palestinians have been killed one israeli has also been killed and egypt brokered cease fire last only several hours in fact with israel who broke that cease fire a strike it's it was
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a cell that was planning to fire rockets into israel now all of the palestinians have said that they are willing to abide by a truce with israel must first stop with its a strike but as i'm speaking to you those airstrikes are continuing now the israeli government held an emergency session this morning sunday the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that the gazans and that's not the case to quote in our resolve and this was reiterated by the israeli defense minister a would be rock he say that we will do everything to protect our people now the violence began back on wednesday when the is not making jihad palestinian group launched a grad missiles into israel israelis responded and since then the violence has been escalating the israelis say that they hold. the goal that it doesn't matter to them which we can particularly in the gaza strip that is claiming responsibility but it's still worth noting that one of the concerns people have is that among the
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hundreds of palestinian prisoners who are still in his radio jails and who still need to be released as part of that prisoner exchange deal that saw one israel. the soldier returns to israel in exchange for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners many of the palestinian prisoners who still need to be released belong to the democratic front for the liberation of palestine and that is one of the palestinian groups that has claimed responsibility for a number of these rockets that have been fired into israel in recent days so there are many people here saying that this does jeopardize that prisoner exchange deal and that it will be almost a convenient excuse for the israelis not to release the hundreds of palestinian prisoners that it is still committed to release as you know and of course up all of this is unfolding as some twenty thousand israelis killed a television streets last night to protest that their government spending policies and you were there what was the mood like was there frustration. well the environment's reached its peak as these demonstrations were due to get under way
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and there was some concern that some of the demonstrations in fact would be canceled one demonstration was canceled the native town of best shared which is not to thaw from the gaza border but certainly here in tel aviv there were more than twenty thousand people that took to the streets of tel aviv they were not surprised by the violence they say that this is something that has happened in the past and it is the government's way of detracting attention away from domestic problems and so if you look at the international media coverage the international media was much more focused on what was happening in terms of security concerns and on israel's border with gaza and then on what was happening domestically and this is exactly what poachers to say they say that they want money to not be screened so much on the hour on the defense budget cuts they have to be made so that more money can be sustained domestically and certainly this increase in violence and the government's response in terms of the fact that it is going to be a gaza a harsh hand tracks attention away from what people here say is the ongoing
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situation where they have very real demands that are more often than not overshadowed by the excuse of security concerns. all right thanks very much for that report artie's policy or lived there for him to look at thank you. all coming up in just over an hour simon israeli politician explains what exactly is hampering a peace settlement between television and the palestinians and also ahead for you at this hour the goods all the way. from the space all jewel south saw from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to carry tons of vital supplies for the international space station. the first so you managed to strike a last minute deal on the eurozone debt crisis on thursday to try to save greece and avoid further collapse of the banks like a bitter pill to swallow they ended up agreeing to write off fifty percent of what greece owes them after eurozone leaders decided to half the country's private
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sector death to one hundred billion euros your subversion of cash will also swell to one trillion euros well after the summit in brussels french president nicolas sarkozy said allowing greece to join the euro was quote a mistake you are invited over fell's who runs two of belgium's leading business magazines believes it's only a sticking plaster solution and greece needs amputating the euro zone. it's just buying time this is really not the bazooka everybody has been asking for i would describe it as a water pistol this of course prevents for the moment that we really get to a kind of thing escalation of the greek in depth level which is now going in the direction of hundred and eighty percent of g.d.p. but you cannot call this a structural resolution to the difference real problems they are a little bit afraid to really bite the bullet here because if you look at it closely there is only one solution for greece and it to have been put on the table
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already several months ago that is for greece to leave the euro zone but that is a decision everybody's afraid of and what has for example not being discussed now but which is very much on the minds of several of the european leaders is that there is a huge problem brewing in portugal because this country is going down to greet the greek road quite rapidly now so if one does the action today on greece one immediately has to put a similar kind of action into operation with respect to go ahead a few minutes report for the most anticipated cultural event the russian capital in years. the bolshoi is back if they gave me new book theater lovers had been waiting for as moscow's landmark theater and bill gates brought in sixty years after the massacres it. russian cargo space ship is on its way to the international space station delivering a tons of supplies for the orbiting crew. so
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is rockets the progress module from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan it should reach the i assess in three days to live bring food and fuel and other supplies for the three astronauts who are currently there are russian and american and a japanese well there's only half the normal crew there right now after a similar supply emotional crash or blast off in august temporarily suspending flights nevertheless is the end of nasa shuttle program in july so use is the only transportation to the space station. where you can get the back story on the so use missions as the space station's only lifeline at r.t.e. dot com there's more for there for you to discover as well on this date fifty years ago the soviet set off the most powerful explosion in human history flexing its thermonuclear muscles with a device it was never going to put your real you just head to the rose or previous section or. also the pyramid the rich russia's most
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notorious for national ponzi scheme that robbed millions of their life savings in the ninety's back all this time in ukraine and it's getting surprising number of investors the details and the small print that are to call. voters in the central asian nation of kyrgyzstan have finished casting their ballots in the first presidential election since a bloody uprising toppled former leader back you have last spring will count is now under way and current interim leader a result of by a vote will step down later this year late way for the winner now out of the three main contenders the front runner is the country's former prime minister is a wealthy businessman who promises to bring stability and prosperity to the nation the vote is seen as both a democratic. all stone and
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a vital chance to repair the country's dangerous north south divide in april last year at least ninety people were killed in the capital and the address that ousted buckey of it led to massive ethnic clashes in the south of the country that left more than four hundred people dead. and more of today's world news now and in pakistan a six militants have been killed in a suspected drone attack pakistani officials say they think on bad u.s. aircraft fired missiles at a vehicle near the afghan border it happened in part of north waziristan which serves as a base for many taliban and al qaeda militants the u.s. has carried out many strikes in the area in recent years but officials never publicly acknowledged having a cia drone program in pakistan. presidential loyalists troops in the yemen have reportedly shelled a petrol station killing at least four people most of them children dozens of others were injured in the attack north of the capital where local tribesmen in the
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outback and the regime protesters yemen's endured months of violence that's left more than seventeen hundred people dead and on the verge of civil war you want to push for president saleh to leave mine with the gulf states transition. to a struggle you know where them urgency court hearing has ruled that a strike which grounded all quanta spites lost and immediately the country's prime minister had called for the problem to be resolved as soon as possible because he's been in dispute with three unions for several months over cost cutting plans almost seventy thousand passengers have been affected and among those stranded are some unseen world leaders who have been attending the commonwealth summit in. or the legendary glamour of sarrasin opera and ballet has made a big comeback in the heart of the russian capital as the bolshoi theater reopened this week after years of renovation our show was needed to be exclusive ground relaunch abbess to find out whether the weights and the fortune spent was worth it
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. just so we made from scratch it seems hard on paper but here are jews in reality over seven hundred million dollars of state money and six years of work to bring back old people and send glory to russia's landmark theater even the president side with. the. it's been a painstaking process going through this nightmare was not only to feed us company but also the government on the side construction workers. site workers one of the first for the theatres orchestra sang an ode to. a real truck driven onto the stage just showed the scale of renovation the theater underwent unesco has already taxed the works as unique the stage has doubled in
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size and not by growing wider the bolshoi has remained in its historic on tours but by growing underground i think it's absolutely wise choice to drive would wish to get within the old into the building and drive the water as it without making it a more real and modern looking it is definitely not kilo's a braided gold tons of crystal and hundreds of metres of silk woven by monks all setting the scene for some of the world's greatest beauties but. there is something. all right. here and. what is the word bolshoi associated with in the west a full day is this a ballet. this a. this a chandelier. credible. and was this
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a rush to see the stage with all salvi and symbols now removed came the last president of the u.s.s.r. me heil gorbachev bell a legend my aplysia square as well as directions from the competition world class values including last scholar the vienna opera and common garden precious opening night tickets of the wealthy and well connected only work school lucidly available for the president's office and for others happy to watch in the chilly autumn and the opening night show yellow concert was displayed on giant t.v. screens and as the curtain came down the cheers of rubble from outside could be heard ringing inside the renovated restored welsh. it's been a great show but art see. only a few moments part two our special report into why we met women tourists are being drawn to bollywood to pay for sex as much as for the tropical beaches whatsapp
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a recap of our top stories. we'll. bring you the latest in science technology some realm plus. we've done the future coverage.


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