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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. the. latest news the week's top stories from r.t. there's no farewell to arms in post gadhafi libya as nato pulls out leaving the country's new leaders to tackle its heavily armed public the security. america's occupy wall street resist growing police pressure to park up despite dozens of arrests and having three g. or freaky weather conditions. an outbreak of t.v. fire between israel and gaza as tens of thousands of israelis that turned to the streets of tel aviv to protest against disproportionate government spending in favor of the military. plus the curtains up on the legendary home of russia's finest ballets in operas as
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the bolshoi theater reopens in style after a capital referred to. welcome its ten pm sunday night here in moscow you're watching the weekly our roundup of the top stories in the past seven days with me kevin owen and by midnight on monday nato will be out of post gadhafi libya but the regime would help into power is left with a nationwide gun problem the late colonel's weapons were plundered jury eight months of civil war now those who were once to work who were once united to defeat him a split over their agendas international observers say infighting is already happening between former rebels and they're armed to the teeth are these innocent now reports from libya. the war is over but the
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weapons are fully loaded. human rights watch has expressed grave concern about leftover arms in libya their number one fear warehouses to hold ground to air missile out which could in the wrong hands take down passenger aircraft it's through nato and nato allies in the region which these weapons have been flooding by libya and also libya is quite a world country anyway the population has has quite a lot of light weapons in his possession and those light weapons are becoming a heavy burden on the national transitional council now relying on an army of former rebels for security we try to control the bends and we check if there is somebody who has worked and we ask him if he has authorization for this we are not. the. checkpoints have been set up across tripoli to check that
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those carrying weapons have proper documentation and those who do have the paperwork are being called on by the national transition committee to return their arms the question now what if they don't and what does that mean up for pulse gadhafi in libya and its stability and now as you can see is being secured here everything's under control and the only thing that you will make some mechanism how to give back the weapons we see something very different i asked the head commander . to disarm the population. i swear i don't know if you. like that we have some of the c.b.i. men who would. like to run and a makeshift arms collection center that covers one neighborhood in the capital we are showing. you went through these other weapons people grows to me today not many . not down one block in tripoli twice as many firearms.
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so you know how many weapons there are in libya i think it's like after we've been sitting here i think everybody have. some think the fun of arms in the country could spell disaster ahead in the vacuum after gadhafi holds true fault chaos as proof i doubt this is battle power. what you have now in libya is schools or armed factions who have no respect for each other and who have no respect for mates or actually either they've opportunistically used nato to achieve some aims and nato has been foolish enough to go along with this so i think what we're going to see now is the intensification of the civil war between increasingly the factions which have overthrown good because off the regime. and he's now a r t tripoli. with his national transitional council which was never elected he's
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now in power some of its members are ex gadhafi loyalists and many of its fighters and links to al qaeda at least commentated color shero things libya has turned into a volatile country now. people have way too much faith in the n.t. which is quite obviously not in control of this generation on the ground in libya at the moment and in fact you can see the tension between the n.t. sea command and some of the more. groups on the ground and in fact if you see some of the fighters on the ground they have the characteristics of islamist fighters had a long. history of from afghanistan on words so this illusion that the m.d.c. has full control on the ground is not actually correct and i would say that it be events that we are seeing them could be personal could be the norm around or war but maybe another party in libya could have represented very well usually a split nation that's the villages to make speeches or change that in d.c.
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that still has a lot of former. associates and cronies within it so that's really the nub of the problem. comes at a cold shower. maybe dead and buried but for some western leaders there are some skeletons that probably won't stay in the closet now because the late dictator influential son is signaling you know hundreds of over the war crimes court and could spill the beans on how libyan cash was courted to help nicolas sarkozy into power among others more of that but now it's time. syria's president is warning western nations that intervening in his country will cause an earthquake that will tear the middle east. told britain something telegraph newspaper the international involvement could turn his country into another afghanistan his comments follow the u.n. chief latest call for the repressions to end after a weekend clashes claimed forty fifty lives the arab league is also weighing in
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with strong criticism of serge damascus to take the necessary measures to protect civilians he went believes more than three thousand people have perished in the unrest since march but this isn't syrian writer and democracy campaigner michel kilo things most people there. though one for military solution to the crisis. we're against military intervention whether it's a day tomorrow or in ten years' time even if that regime was to ny late every one of us would still be against military intervention we fight for freedom and we don't want to add external slavery to our domestic one we don't want to become a part of the struggle between the international and internal forces syrians are peaceful they want to progress under conditions of freedom and development and they don't want to turn into a concentration camp a polygon for larger countries and brian becker from the u.s. coalition and said believes that unlike libya syria is too strong or for the alliance to intervene that's why the west wants to spark a civil war to bring about regime change. for using the same lingo the same
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scenario the syrian opposition is borrowing a page from the playbook for libya they know that they can come to power only with the advance with this intervention through multiple means of the nato powers of the western powers and i think what we can tell the syrian people is look at what happened in libya the issue of a no fly zone sounds like go a way to defend civilians it's really a way to begin the war could begin military operations against the syrian air force or air defenses i think the first step and this is the plan of the obama administration is not direct military intervention but to promote a civil war inside of syria i think they realize that the syrian government is substantially stronger militarily and within the arab world as compared to khadafi but they can use the human beings who have grievances valid or not to be the human
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materiel for a civil war and i think the u.s. government officials signaling the syrian opposition and the syrian president that they should learn the lesson of libya is a clear message begin the civil war they want to weaken syria first as a prelude to a more direct intervention for regime change. so the commonality this hour another outbreak of violence in the middle east we'll report on how a deadly exchange of fire between israel and gaza is overshadowed a peaceful mass protests the government spending in television. schools demonstrators or supporting the occupy wall street movement have been arrested across the u.s. overnight riot police in denver moved in detaining activists who refused to leave earlier police used pepper spray to disperse the crowds at least thirty people were arrested in the states of oregon tennessee and california after police went into in force curfews removing protesters belongings it was nature threatening demos in new
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york retired after the city was hit by an and seasonal snow blizzard however the activists say they're ready to withstand harsh weather conditions to make their point and it's not his gun if you can reports now from washington your prior protest is a serious in that it's had the nation's. the peaceful nationwide movement that turned violent overnight in oakland. police attacked protesters with tear gas stun grenades. flash thompson rubber bullets we had been there for weeks we had been taking care of ourselves there's been no incidents with the police and they came in one of the most terrifying shows of force that i've ever seen in my entire life and they came in and they either flushed everyone out of the camp or arrested them and then they began to systematically rampal all of the them apart and this new people really really angry a former u.s. marine an iraqi war veteran was seriously injured by
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a tear gas canister that police fired had. to ditch of the wounded veteran and police brutality spread quickly the shock of it galvanizing the nation and the occupy movement across the country. google says the company received requests from local law enforcement agencies to remove you tube videos of police brutality they did not comply the stronger of course of the response five years that was the stronger the movement will get the larger the protests will become the protesters through these past six weeks have been careful not to taint the movements recognition with violence by and large most reports suggest that this movement has been almost entirely peaceful but some in the u.s. media use the night of violence you know pledge to portray the protestors as radicals and more violence from the occupiers a lot of these people are professional educators a good number of these people are radicals no doubt about it you might ask how
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radical was this elderly woman in a wheelchair who was tear gassed by police or jasper father of two who was working on his ph d. at the university of california berkeley you know they characterized you know it's a big. perspective. as marjah. and radical fringe in order to discredit it does not really is about all americans it's not just about people that have a story we've been sure this is about now it's to the middle class that is starting to feel the impact of corporate greed that has run this country for so long as the movement grows bigger and more structured it's becoming harder to ignore the message of the campaigners who call themselves the ninety nine percent and protest against corporate klein and government complicity protesters hands march through and throughout the country there will be more the movement is only expanding several weeks ago police crackdown on protesters with pepper sprayed this week it was tear gas and stun grenades protesters now want to hit big business where it
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hurts a general strike next week demanding banks and corporations struck down for a day but will the police response be anybody more brutal crackdown i'm going to check our reporting from last r.t. . we're working very closely on those protests that are hitting the united states coast to coast head online for more about the club with. my. arm around a. good many go to our you tube channel to check out the chance which the occupy protesters are using to rouse the rallies across new york. israeli airstrikes on gaza have killed at least ten palestinians in response to rocket attacks on the jewish state that left one day it's the worst outbreak of violence in weeks following
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a successful prisoner swap deal between tell of even us. isolate us from israel for you. one of the concerns people have is not among the hundreds of palestinian prisoners who are still in israeli jails and who still need to be released as part of that prisoner exchange deal that saw one israeli soldier return to israel in exchange for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners many of the palestinian prisoners who still need to be released along to the democratic front for the liberation of palestine and that is one of the palestinian groups that has claimed responsibility for a number of these rockets that have been fired into israel in recent days so there are many people here saying that this does jeopardize that prisoner exchange deal and that it will be almost a convenient excuse for the israelis not to release the hundreds of palestinian prisoners that it is still committed to release as part of that deal they were more than twenty thousand people that took to the streets of tel aviv they were not
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surprised by the violence they say that this is something that has happened in the past and it is the government's way of detracting attention away from domestic problems in certain if you look at the international media coverage the international media was much more focused on what was happening in terms of security concerns and on israel's border with gaza and then on what is happening domestically here and this is exactly what protesters say they say that they want money to not be spent so much on the on the defense budget cuts they have to be made so that more money can be sustained domestically and certainly this increase in violence and the government's response in terms of the fact that it is going to give gaza a harsh hand extracts attention away from what people here say is the ongoing situation where they have very real demands that are more often than not overshadowed by the excuse of security concerns. staying with were caught and sentenced a former israeli soldier to four half years in prison for releasing classified military documents some of the league files detail military officials approving the
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assassination of published in the west bank but those claims ali bring investigated i spoke to a legal expert who says that undermines israeli law. in this case a whistle blower blew a loud and disturbing whistle the military is violating international law and the directors of the israeli supreme court in carrying out assassinations in situations in which they are required to try to make an arrest and so the state attorney's office prosecuted the soldier but failed to seriously investigate the conduct revealed in the stockings conduct with raises serious questions about rule of law and democratic system that pattern of behavior violating orders by the supreme court because of the supreme court said that if they take you must try to arrest it's part of a pattern of practice within the israeli system and it's something that's very disturbing because when the army does not obeyed orders by the supreme court the supreme court is actually more reluctant to issue those orders because no court wants issue orders that are going to be ignored and then of course you have
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a serious threat to the rule of law because in a democratic system the army is of course supposed to listen to what usual system tells them to do. leaders managed to strike a last minute deal on the eurozone crisis on thursday to try and save greece and avoid further collapse of a bitter pill to swallow though they ended up agreeing to write off fifty percent of what greece owes them for eurozone leaders decided to have the country's private sector debt to one hundred billion euros europe submergence the port of cash will also swelled to one trillion euros after the summit in brussels french president nicolas sarkozy said allowing greece to join the euro was a quote mistake. for belgium leading business magazines leaves only a sticking plaster solution and greece needs amputating from the eurozone. it's just buying time and this is really not the bazooka everybody has been asking for i would describe it as a water pistol this of course prevents for the moment that we really get to
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a kind of an aching escalation of the greek the depth level which is now growing in the direction of hundred and eighty percent of g.d.p. but you cannot call this a structural resolution to the difference in greek problems they are a little bit afraid to really bite the bullet here because if you look at it closely there is only one solution for greece any truth have been put on the table already several months ago that is for greece to leave the euro zone but that is a decision everybody's afraid of and what has for example not been discussed now but which is very much on the mind of several of the european leaders is that there is a huge problem brewing in portugal because this country is going down to greet the greek road quite rapidly now so if one does the action today on greece one immediately has to put a similar kind of action into operation with respect to portugal. he may have agreed on how big the bailout basket should be but now it's got to fill it with
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cash to develop leaders are looking to china and they sent the fund chief there to try to generate a bit of economic enthusiasm but beijing's hardly jumping at the chance it seems believe china is treading carefully as it doesn't throw good money after bad. china will join the bandwagon of all the saviors about china will not be our white knight in this regard because china is not very satisfied satisfied with the fact that those that the austerity plan didn't come on the right time and there are still the poor between different stakeholders within us within this format and on the other hand the indecisive sickness and the slow pacing of their members particularly those leading members in solving those issues so that really sees sever ties to a number of people in terms of their patients to come up to the rescue plan if
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you go and see or not see report from the most anticipated cultural events in russian capital in years. to call so even if they'd meaningful theatre lovers have been waiting for as moscow's landmark theatre and build its first performance in sixty years after massive repurposed. and reporting of a landmark moment to a russian cargo ship is on its way to the international space station delivering tons of supplies for the opening crew two months after its predecessor crashed. there she goes a soyuz rocket says the progress module from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan they say should get the eye assess in three days living with it food fuel and other supplies and the three astronauts who are currently up there that's the russian and american the japanese is only half the normal crew there right now because a similar supply module crashed after blast off in august temporarily suspending
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all flights since the end of nasa is shuttle program in july the soyuz is indeed the only transport to the space station these days you get a backstory to on the soyuz missions as the space station's only lifeline on our web site out. there about it for you to discover these stories to fill in on this day fifty years ago the soviet set off the most powerful explosion in human history flexing its there with nuclear muscles of the device it was never thankfully going to put and we'll head to the russell pedia section find more about that. and also the pyramid rick says russia's most notorious financial ponzi scheme that robbed millions of the life savings in russia back to nine hundred ninety is back again this time it's targeting ukraine it's getting surprising number of investors interested to the details because crucially that small print about it with r t can .
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vote is in the central asian nation of start to finish casting their ballots in the first presidential election since a bloody uprising topple former leader coming back of here last spring counting is now underway current interim leader roza otunbayeva will step down later this year to make way for the winner of the three main contenders the front runner is the country's prime minister a wealthy businessman who's promising to bring stability and prosperity the vote is seen as both a democratic nod and a vital chance to repair the country's dangerous north south divide in april last year at least ninety people were killed in the capital in the unrest that ousted but here it led to massive ethnic clashes in the south that left more than four hundred people. ten twenty two pm moscow time for today's world views in brief now the kenyan jets of the southern suburbs of julie if it's killed at least twelve would hit over fifty they were targeting islam is rebels but somali officials claim
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those killed were in fact civilians including six children i witnessed since a jets bombarded the military base there under nearby refugee camp kenya sent troops into somalia in mid october to fight somali insurgents thought to be behind assaults on the border. presidential loyalist troops in yemen have reportedly shelled a petrol station it's killed at least for most of them were children dozens of others were injured in the attack north of the capital where local tribesmen now regime protesters yemen's enjoyed months of violence that's left more than seven hundred people dead so far the u.n. is pushing for president saleh to leave in line with the gulf states transition plan. is trailing along quantas has been ordered to end the bitter union dispute immediately and get back in the air the flag carrier grounded its entire fleet straddling tens of thousands of passengers and threatening to lockout stuff taking industrial action but independent work tribunal over rule the airline and the union
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should be flying again by monday afternoon or the long running row over pay and cuts is yet to be resolved. but legendary glamour of czarist opera ballet has made a very big comeback to the heart of the russian capital as the bolshoi theatre reopened this week after years of renovation that is a country which over was at the exclusive grand relaunch to find out whether it was worth the wait and indeed the fortune spent on. just slim made from scratch it seems hard on paper but it appeared arduous in reality over seven hundred million dollars of state money and six years of work to bring back old pillin senate glory to russia's landmark paper even the president side with. it's been a painstaking process going through this nightmare was not only defeaters company but also the government and the construction workers. site workers were the first
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to the theaters orchestra sang an ode to. a real truck driven onto the stage just showed the scale of renovation the theater underwent unesco has already taxed the works as unique the stage has doubled in size and not by growing wider the bolshoi has remained in its historical interest but by growing underground i think it's absolutely wise choice to drive which from within the old into the building it drives water as it without maybe the mortar building and modern looking it is definitely not kilo's of braided gold tons of crystal and hundreds of metres of silk woven by monks all setting the scene for some of the world's greatest beauties of. paris the i.
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see all right. here. is what is the word bolshoi associated with in the rest of the day is this a ballet. this a. this a chandelier. that credible friendly. and of course this is a rush to see the stage with all salvi it's symbols now removed came the last president of the u.s.s.r. we heil gorbachev bela legend maya p.c. at school as well as directors from the competition world class values including last scholar the vienna opera and covent garden pressures opening night tickets of the wealthy and well connected only are exclusively available for the president's office and for others it's a watch in the chilly autumn and the opening night show calico surge was displayed
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on giant t.v. screens. and as the curtain came down the cheers so rabble from outside could be heard ringing inside the renovated restored. exhibit about your art scene. had this hour we hear from inside israel's political circles to why peace feels as allusive as ever with the palestinians got up for you plus the sunday sport as well with dimitri and the a top flight fight to win russia's premier league football i'm kevin owen here in moscow this is our team international.
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