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and welcome back you are watching live from the heart of moscow russia's capital i'm john thomas and these are your top headlines in an interview with russian television channel syrian president bashar al assad says he is willing to cooperate with all opposition parties that have emerged during the seven month uprising against his reign but he also raised questions about the true nature of the forces that are fighting against his regime. today we have hundreds of soldiers police and security forces among the dead but how were they killed during peaceful demonstrations or because some slogans being shows you don't know they were shot and this means we're dealing with people we don't know whether the weapons reach syria from israel or any other state that possesses such weapons but there is evidence of mines and grenades that were put in place is packed with civilians this
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led to casualties in a number of cases mines also targeted security personnel police officers and soldiers their work ace's of using anti-tank mines these are new and very dangerous facts because no seven months down the line since the beginning of their people in syria we possess clear but not detailed information but the information obtained during the latest interrogation of terrorists shows the smuggling to syria from neighboring states become pain was funded from abroad and we have a list of those who are responsible for this. through the assad also warned of the west of that intervening in his country will cause an earthquake that will tear in the middle east their statement comes as arab league demands a diplomat excuse me top syrian officials to promote dialogue between authorities and the opposition meanwhile the united nations says more than three thousand have been killed in the country since the start of protests in march and call on the syrian leader to end of the violence but dissidents syrian writer and democracy
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campaigner michel kilo thinks most people there don't want a military solution to the crisis. we're against military intervention whether it's a day tomorrow or in ten years' time even if the regime is to ny late every one of us would still be against military intervention we fight for freedom and we don't want to add external slavery to our domestic law we don't want it to become a part of the struggle between the international and internal forces syrians are peaceful they want to pry. under conditions of freedom and development and they don't want to turn into a concentration camp. country's. with colonel gadhafi silenced for ever and his most influential son is now looking to hand him self over to the international criminal court where he is wanted for war crimes saif al islam claims he is innocent and threatens to reveal murky details of western leaders dealings with his father. benedict's plates. to some market deaf ears and
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too much secrets which will supposedly he buried with him i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over at capitals in western europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french but also the british and the italians and to a certain extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not misled is that surprised that he was captured alive and he very quickly ended up dead is that gadhafi is returning from diplomatic akes all was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him gadhafi is now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from buried gadhafi has to go to his grave to see with but the. dealing with him is constant and it. will go way
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over seriously because that is uncertain situation was fishing the probably cruel tricks that marriage and a romantic lead to a situation they could never see were true veterans then british prime minister tony blair was instrumental in get to effie's rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven that bled didn't leave empty handed trade between them flourished so did the cozy relationship there was six more secret meetings off the plane left office his people denying they were about releasing the lucky boma abdel baset al mcgraw he or britain would lose its lucrative libyan deals i regret myself enormously that gadhafi was but should he should have been said to the international criminal court put all the trial and force to all it's a question through all the terrible things he did and if it davidge the contemporary world leaders or previous regimes leaders tough. we need to
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go. walk. with. some details of the murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics agreed a contract to begin acting regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds of its future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in creating good daffy even letting him pitches tend to nearly safe palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man the one who could still tell all that because he had never had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. saif al islam gadhafi son and key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes
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court saif is going to have a lot information on now i think we're so used to tony blair intervening formed to help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics one. degree or apparently was plagiarized so there's a lot of things that have gone on so you knows about saif gadhafi is wanted to answer for his own actions in libya's drawn out battle for control but it's what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father is keeping the western power players sweating after bennett r.t. london. libya's national transitional council which was never elected is now in power some of its members are ex could argue world lists and many of its fighters are said to have links to al qaeda middle east commentator thinks libya has now turned into a volatile country. people have way too much faith in the n t c which is quite obviously not in control of the situation on the ground in libya at the moment and
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in fact you're going to see the tension between the n.t. see command and some of the more islamist led groups on the ground and in fact if you see some of the fighters on the ground they have the characteristics of islamist fighters that have their long kind of history or from afghanistan on wards so this illusion identity has full control on the ground is not actually correct and i would say that the events that we're seeing them could be personal event that does could be their normal run of wars but maybe another party in libya could have presented that evolutionary a station just to delegitimize the station for change better that and down there in d.c. that still has a lot of former gadhafi associates and cronies within it so that's really the nub of the problem libyan resident ali al cassy fled the city of syria to days before colonel gadhafi was killed there he claims that nato has committed atrocities during its intervention which only helps to destabilize his country. they used
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every possible thing to do to make this so-called revolution successful they used gunships. helicopters they use fighter is all sorts of weapons that the. disposal so they can. make this successful so they've killed so many people to succeed in this operation which i i don't think it's a success because if it was a success the libyan would have been so happy about it i doubt that very much there's a big divide in libya there's a huge gap. between libyans. i mean parts or partially because of interference partially because of let's be honest and say partially because of gadhafi. but but the way they killed
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gadhafi the way they treated him the way they bombed my city. which i have a lot of civilians inside it who were killed as well i mean this is just. generates anger and generates revenge. which in the future would be the fuel of another war in libya which i think you will be sooner or later and now on to israel where recent airstrikes on gaza have left at least ten palestinians dead the action came in response to rocket attacks on the jewish state that left one dead it is the worst outbreak of violence in months and follows a successful prisoner swap deal between israel and hamas artie's policy or brings us the details from tel aviv. one of the concerns people have is that among the hundreds of palestinian prisoners who are still in his radio jails and who still
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need to be released as part of that prisoner exchange deal that saw one israeli soldier return to israel in exchange for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners many of the palestinian prisoners who still need to be released belong to the democratic front for the liberation of palestine and that is one of the more palestinian groups that has claimed responsibility for a number of these rockets that have been fired into israel in recent days so there are many people here saying that this does jeopardize that prisoner exchange deal and that it will be almost a convenient excuse for these rabies not to release the hundreds of palestinian prisoners that it is still committed to release as part of the deal they were more than twenty thousand people that took to the streets of tel aviv they were not surprised by the violence they say that this is something that has happened in the past and it is the government's way of detracting attention away from domestic problems and certainly if you look at the international media coverage the international media was much more focused on what was happening in terms of
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security concerns and on israel's border with gaza and then on what was happening domestically and this is exactly what protesters say they say that they want money to not be spent so much on the on the defense budget the full cuts they have to be made so that more money can be sustained domestically in search for me this increase in violence and the government's response in terms of the fact that it is going to give gaza a harsh hand to tracks attention away from what people here say is the ongoing situation where they have very real demands that are more often than not overshadowed by the excuse all the security concerns are reported there and staying on the topic of tel aviv where a court has sentenced a former israeli soldier to four and a half years in prison for releasing classified military documents some of the lead files detail military officials approving the assassination of palestinians in the west bank but those claims aren't even being investigated legal experts sorry says that undermines israeli law. in this case a whistle blower blew
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a loud and disturbing whistle the military is violating international law and the directive the israeli supreme court in carrying out assassinations in situations in which they are required to try to make an arrest and so the state attorney's office prosecuted the soldier but failed to seriously investigate the conduct revealed in those documents conduct with raises serious questions about rule of law in a democratic system that pattern of behavior of violating it waters by the supreme court because of the supreme court said that if that said you must try to arrest is part of a pattern of practice within the israeli system and it's something that's very disturbing because when the army does not obey orders by the supreme court the supreme court is actually more reluctant to issue those orders because no court wants to issue orders that are going to be ignored and then of course you have a serious threat to the rule of law because in a democratic system the army is of course supposed to listen to what the system tells them to do. scores of the demonstrators supporting the occupy wall street movement have been arrested across the u.s.
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riot police in denver moved in detaining activists who refused to leave their camp earlier police and there used pepper spray to disperse the crowds at least sixty people were arrested in the states of texas oregon california and california after police went in to enforce curfews removing protesters belongings it was nature threatening demonstrations in new york after seeing the city there was hit by an unseasonal snow blizzard however activists say they are ready to withstand harsh weather conditions to make their point and is gonna try to carry reports from washington the occupy protesters there are serious in their determination to. the peaceful nationwide movement that turned violent overnight in oakland. police attacked protesters with tear gas stun grenades. flash bombs and rubber bullets we had been there for weeks we had been taking care of ourselves there been
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no incidents with the police and they came in in one of the most terrifying shows of force that i've ever seen in mind our life and they came in and they either flushed everyone out of the camp or arrested them and then they began to systematically trample all of the tents cut them apart and this need people really really angry a former u.s. marine an iraqi war veteran was seriously injured by a tear gas canister that police fired. footage of the wounded veteran and police brutality spread quickly the shock of it galvanizing the nation and the occupy movement across the country i are google says the company received requests from local law enforcement agencies to remove you tube videos of police brutality they did not comply the stronger of forcible response five establishment the stronger the movement will get the larger the protests will become. the protesters through these past six weeks of being careful not to taint the movement's reputation with
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violence by and large most reports suggest that this movement has been almost entirely peaceful but some in the u.s. media use the night of violence you know plans to portray the protesters as radicals and more violence from the occupiers a lot of these people are professional educators a good number of these people are radicals no doubt about it you might ask how radical was this elderly woman in a wheelchair who was tear gassed by police or jasper father of two who was working on his ph d. at the university of california berkeley you know they characterize you know it's. the perspective of the. marginal and radical and fringe you know order to discredit it this movement really is about all americans it's not just about people that have a story we've been poor this is about now it's to the middle class that is starting to feel the impact of corporate greed that has run this country for so long as the movement grows bigger and more structured it's becoming harder to ignore the
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message of the campaigners who call themselves the ninety nine percent and protest against corporate crime and government complicity protesters tens mushroom throughout the country there will be more the movement is only expanding several weeks ago police crackdown on protesters with pepper spray this week it was tear gas and stun grenades protesters now want to hit big business where it hurts a general strike next week demanding banks and corporations shut down for a day but will the police response be anybody more brutal crackdown i'm going to check our reporting for washing our teeth. in a few minutes we report from the most anticipated cultural event in the russian capital in years. millions of dollars and six years of meticulous work brush. after
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a major overhaul in our t.v. special report coming up. and the whistle was blown over which side is forced to suspend operations as it struggles to find growing financial pressure. a russian cargo space ship is on its way to the international space station delivering tons of supplies for the orbiting crew two months after its predecessor crashed. a series of rockets sent the progress module from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan it should reach the eye assess in three days delivering food fuel and other supplies for the one that caused minot and two astronauts from russia america and japan there's only half of the normal crew there right now after a similar supply module crash after blast off in august temporarily suspending flights since the end of the shuttle program in july the so is the only
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transportation system to the space station. and you can get the back story on the soyuz missions as the space station's only lifeline it are to dot com there's more for you there to discover as well. the pyramid returns russia's most notorious financial ponzi scheme that robbed millions of their life savings in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. back this time in ukraine and it's getting a surprising number of investors. all a matter of time russian digital devices switching from daylight savings time ignoring a presidential decree not to put the clocks back details are on our web page. a crucial deal on the eurozone debt crisis was agreed upon on thursday in the e.u.
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efforts to save greece and avoid further economic collapse the banks are required to write off fifty percent of what athens owes them after european leaders decided to have greece's a private sector debt to one hundred billion euros europe's bailout fund will be boosted to one trillion euros in order to protect larger economies of the region based political economist dr marcus kerber says extending the bailout is a worry for germans because they don't want to pay for others' mistakes. i have always hoped that germany sooner or later is going to wield the power to bring the continent to back to economic reason because we are in a phase of the euro agonizing and if this concept is agonizing we should bring it quickly to the money we have spent on money and we know this i have said this in spring two thousand and ten we should have kept out of the eurozone from the very beginning of the crisis to stop contagion eighty five percent of the germans
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disapprove the government's policy and i would sooner or later that massive popular opposition has to be faced by the parliament they have to pay tribute to that they cannot go on pursuing a policy which has turned out to be failing to other stories making the headlines this week whistle blowing web site wiki leaks has temporarily suspended publications in order to concentrate on raising funds the organization has been under heavy financial pressure after a boycott by the bank of america and pay pal they stopped doing business with the site after a long trail of secret u.s. diplomatic cables were made public the founder of the website julian assange claimed the freeze was illegal and promised to take the matter to court the president of the british national union of journalists. long says hitting out at wiki leaks will not deter others from publishing sensitive material on mine. these acts have been taken outside of any legal process side of any international
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political agreements yet they seem to have the ability to shut down a website that some governments find troubling. it's very unclear exactly what the motivations what the power behind them and it is it's deeply unsettling because there were of the very beginning of the situation questions about. tension members of the u.s. government had suggested or asked companies like amazon which was the first to take action against leaks because they were hosting this and what there may have been asked by individuals within the u.s. government so. obviously one of the issues is that there aren't really any rules regarding what companies can can or cannot do with their customers companies are generally entitled to reject customers if unfortunately wiki leaks was forced to close down that we would see other sides seeking to do the same kind of thing and getting around the restrictions of wiki leaks faced. almost all the votes have been counted in kyrgyzstan's first presidential elections since a bloody uprising toppled the former leader coming back but kiev last spring
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leading the polls sixty two percent of the vote is the country's prime minister almost back at them by a wealthy businessman who is promising stability and prosperity this means that a second cold will be necessary current interim leaders of the central asian nation rose by a vote will step down later this year to make way for the winner of the vote is seen as both a democratic milestone and a vital chance to repair the country's dangerous north south divide in april last year at least nineteen people were killed in the capital in the unrest that ousted but it led to massive ethnic clashes in the south that left more than four hundred people dead. and now to more of today's top news stories kenyan jets have bombed the southern town of killing at least twelve people and wounding over fifty they were targeting islamist. rebels but somali officials claim of those killed were in fact civilians including six children witnesses say jets bombarded
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a militant base and a nearby refugee camp kenya sent a troops into somalia in mid october to find somali insurgents in that it blames for assaults on the border. yemen has shut down its international airport in the capital city of sanaa after several explosions rocked a nearby air force base earlier presidential loyalist troops reportedly shelled a petrol station killing at least four people twelve others were injured in the attack north of the capital where local tribesmen now back and protesters. endured months of violence that has left more than seven hundred people that. australian airline has been ordered to end of a bitter union dispute immediately and to get back in the air the flag carrier grounded its entire fleet stranding tens of thousands of passengers and threatened to lock out staff taking industrial action independent tribunal over ruled the airline and the union should it be flying again by monday afternoon although the
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long running raúl over pay and cuts is yet to be resolved. the legendary glamour of czarist opera and ballet has made a big comeback to the heart of the russian capital as the bolshoi theatre reopened this week after years of renovation. was at the exclusive grand relaunch to find out whether it was worth the wait and the fortune spent on it. it's three made from scratch it seems hard on paper but it arduous in reality over seven hundred million dollars of state money and six years of work to bring back glory to russia's landmark even the president side. it's been a painstaking process going through this nightmare was not only pretty but also the government construction workers. site workers were the first to the theaters
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focus truck sang an ode to. a real truck driven on to the stage just showed the scale of renovation the theater underwent unesco has already taxed the works as unique the stage has doubled in size and not by growing wider the bolshoi has remained in its historic contours but by growing underground i think it's absolutely wise choice to drive with the best within the old to the building and try to modernize it without making it a modern building and more than looking it is definitely not kilo's of braided gold tons of crystal and hundreds of metres of silk woven by monks all setting the scene for some of the world's greatest beauties i think the fairest of the.
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civil right. here. is what is the word bolshoi associated with in the west of course they use this a ballet. this say. this a chandelier. that credible standing there. and of course this a rush to see the stage with old soviet symbols now removed came the last president of the u.s.s.r. me heil gorbachev bela legend maya p.c. at school as well as directors from the competition world class values including law scholar the vienna oprah and covent garden precious opening night tickets for the wealthy and well connected only were exclusively available for the president's office and for others happy to watch in the cheek autumn and the opening night show gala concert was displayed on giant t.v.
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screens. and as the curtain came down the cheers so rob will from outside could be heard ringing inside be renovated restored. it fit in a great show but our team. it's good to have a big stage open again now a recap of our top headlines coming up in a few moments i'm sean thomas thanks for watching r.t. international.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they have. come to the joining us on a trip to a magical land where test asides are just plausible anymore for schoolchildren to live and learn without ever opening a paper book for einstein's theories in the laws of physics no longer apply and we're big can always be bigger still be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology update here on r.g.p. .
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and welcome back you are watching our team with us let's take a look at your top. interview with russian television the syrian president bashar al assad and one western leaders not to meddle in his country's domestic affairs claiming weapons were being smuggled to protesters from abroad. as international pressure mounts on damascus with the arab league calling for an end to the violence against anti regime protesters. ready to depart libya but concerns rise over a few gun problem as former rebels fight for power and arms control and colonel gadhafi may have gone but his most influential son saif al islam threatens to spill the beans on western leaders and backroom deals if you get. israeli airstrikes on gaza. today as opposition grows against the government's excessive military spending thousands of israelis took to the streets of tel aviv this week.


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