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but they. did general conference as does the. draft resolution and decided to add me to palestine as a member of. the story they palestine has achieved its first full membership to a un agency but meantime the us about has to cut nearly a quarter of unesco's funding in response. firing back syria's president claimed the campaign against his regime is being funded from a pool and warns of the west not to mess with his country. clash of the russian tycoon two of the world's wealthiest men. take their billion dollar dispute to
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a london court and spare no money on the last. seven billion people now calling scientists worried the planet can't cope cast their eyes to a new world where humans could once. and business was to start dropping the first day in four on monday as crude oil and metals hurting the outlook for companies in the world's biggest energy exporter we'll bring you the closing figures trying to stop. this insanity live from moscow with me will recent share welcome to the program the cultural united nations has accepted palestine as a fully fledged member the first time palestinians have achieved full status to any u.n. body but you know. paid for it decision with
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a major part in funding that's what you've done your bush will you can explain more in depth to see you so over two thirds of you know ask your members who are present there voted in favor of admitting palestine but now the u.s. is going to cut over twenty percent of the agency's budget why is that. washington says the vote goes against its laws that against u.s. jurisdiction to cause any organization and funding the organization that recognizes palestine as an independent state israel's foreign minister said that they also oppose palestine's vote but it doesn't have much fun and political leverage on the world stage in practice america tends to the us tends to give israel the support it needs it on the world stage. the european union states several e.u. states also voted against the palestinian bid for you know membership. of the palestinians had already gained elevated status of observer entity in the un
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general assembly but i do think today's admission to unesco can actually have any bearing on palestine's bid for full un membership. well it's the clearest sign so fall that palestine will find opposition from the un security council if it goes to the full full membership there is a meeting of the council next month and the us has signaled that it will oppose that and it will use its veto so if palestine does move towards that it seems that will be the final stumbling block for full palestinian membership of the u.n. israel and the u.s. in fact say that there should be any bilateral deal for israel and palestine must come to the negotiating table and find a conclusion between themselves but palestine says that israel's refusing to negotiate despite efforts from the middle east quartet the palestine applied for the u.n. membership last month the quartet said israel and palestine should resume talks within
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a month now the month has now passed there has been no resuming of talks the main stumbling point is the doesn't want to negotiate with israel as long as it continues settlements only its land on the west bank which is palestinian territory even by international law now and israel has deemed bad news continuing the moment to build new settlements televisa says the core of the conflict is the palestinians just won't recognize israel on the back drop violence has flared up again at the weekend goals with israel and at least eleven people were killed right out he said daniel which will be a lot of brussels thank you. we are always interested in your opinion so we're now asking what does palestine's acceptance to unesco mean if you know it r.t. dot com you can take part in our latest web poll and let's see how they vote the stuffing up here the vast majority believe it changes a little but palestinians on the ground the second most popular view it paves the way for statehood some say you know scope will have trouble paying its bills now
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and few think it sweetens the pill the future rejection by the un if you take the time to go online to cast your vote at r.t. talk. syria's president has told russian television that the forces fighting his regime are armed and dangerous and putting civilians at risk but shot at al assad also said he's ready to work with the opposition parties that have emerged during the months of uprising against his government so are similar reports. strong words coming from syrian president bashar al assad the way the conflict this country's been going on for almost eight months now in that interview to the russian channel he did say that any attempt to destabilize the country will result in what he called an earthquake that will reverberate not just in the region but will have global implications he also stressed that syria is most definitely a different situation altogether and he did voice out what he and his government think is a real cause of the conflict in his country. today we have hundreds of soldiers
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police and security forces. during peaceful demonstrations. you know. people we don't know. syria israel. possesses such weapons but there is evidence of. this lead to casualties in a number of cases the information of. terrorists. from neighboring states. and we have a list of those. since the uprising started in march of this year the government has tried to put forth some reforms and the president has said that they're planning problem elections in february of next year and also they put forth this so-called multi-party law which allows other political parties outside of the ruling party to participate in parallel to that those reforms that the government
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wants to put forward their protests of course continue according to the u.n. about three thousand or more than three thousand people have already been killed since march and i was in live in syria just about two weeks ago talking to those protesters who are continuing to go out into the streets a government again maintaining that if these are the armed forces inflicting the violence the protesters say in fact they have by and large been peaceful and that it is the security forces firing a part and it is true that some of them are calling for this no fly zone to to end the violence that they see however it. to be said that there are opposition voices such as the national coronation council was shot tries to bring together the different voices in syria they're saying that while they're very critical of the reforms the forth by the government is saying it's not enough they're also wary of calling or forcing a so-called no fly zone because they do see this this could just result in more bloodshed they don't want to see that in their country now the arab league of course has had been actively trying to find a solution as well trying to us speak with syrian officials they put forth
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a plan to president assad he said that he will be willing to talk to all of the opposition voices including those formed during the conflict however these are words for now they want to see actual negotiation table and that's not to say that i mean there the external pressure is increasing that even if there's a lot of hesitation to any form of foreign intervention our words coming from the western leaders as well as china and russia who as you know had vetoed that u.n. resolution calling for sanctions on syria all of them are calling for a dialogue for a real results to see the violence really stop and that's really the main focus right now of the pressure coming from the outside they just want to violence to stop. reporting right there well that's another discuss the syrian crisis with political analyst wasn't life rough in beirut thank you becoming on the program today so the arab league's waiting for a response from president assad on an offer to end the conflict in syria but damascus has said it will so solve its own problems so why one of the neighbors
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still getting involved do you think. i think it's a conspiracy by the regional power they wanted to change the regime of bashar al assad they wanted a different regime different government with different had and that's why you can see the regional power hasn't been friendly to the situation taking the place inside syria actually some of these country has been funneling what pens and money . i just lizzie to a couple of the regime of president assad so i think assad has taken a very strong position in the past support in the resistance part of regional alliance. against israel in that region and has a very good relationship with resisting whether it's been on or iraq or to reigne and i think some power specially. arabia
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qatar backing with the backing of the west do not like i cannot say you know it's. interesting what you say because a lot of people have given the west a lot of flak when it comes to their intervention in libya but you also say that you believe in a conspiracy theory that regional powers around syria have political motivations to oppose the assad regime but if i may just for a moment the head of nato has ruled out imposing a no fly zone over syria which is according to what has our serious recent report which is what some protestors have been calling for but do you think it's a possible u.s. act unilaterally seeing how its voice the strongest opposition to president assad's regime. i think by the united states a western power fire because the situation in syria is much different than the situation in libya we have to remember that qaddafi had
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a peace deal was that american he gave everything he has to the west and the united states and he has his corporation with american intelligence and he put his money and all his resources with the united states. against him the syrian is different situation actually the syrian army are more capable more determined and more unified and they have the capability and the moon and they have the the community and the self determination to defend their country and i think the west knows very well that syria is not alone and would not be signal will not be left alone in any confrontation with with with the west on the border with israel obviously. there is a regional international power still believe in syria and still believe in the reforms that it's been called by the president of syria there is no reason for all
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that rhetoric that they. make all the time it is challenges from and i do apologize for interrupting you i just want to clarify are you saying that the opposition movement to assad is big and credible and that's the main source of the tension in syria or you know you saying it's the support behind the government the major. no i think the president has a still the largest support within the country we've seen millions turn out in supporting the regime of bashar assad but the president of syria acknowledges there is opposition in the country and he extended his hand to become fully ation within a within his country for those people who are asking for change and that's why today they have a constitutional reform and the leave for or trying to reform the constitution but there is an external power or what they say in opposition and exile those are
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backed by the western powers and some persian gulf countries they have devious intention and i think the president the syrian people as we have witnessed and seen a drop of a million support in the president and that's why the president of syria is very strong because he's still. going to buy his detail on in trucking again we are running very very long time i do apologize here as you are saying according to you the majority of the movement in syria is actually pro assad but if i may russian lawmakers went on a fact finding mission to syria recently concluding that damascus is indeed carrying out the democratic reforms it promised do you think a solution to the conflict is simply a matter of time or is it going to wind up with external regional influence. i think the president will try his best to consult. country around him but
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i think the western powers they have been that out with the president of syria and this is what we say this is that we have to see wait and see but there is that the malaysian on the president and the people of syria to find closure but conspiracy in my ask them it will continue on from the west and some of the persian gulf this is like. personally. the president of syria live from beirut their political analyst was and you many many thanks indeed. you with r.t. now the russian billionaire owner of chelsea football club. is appearing before a london court it's in connection with a five and a half billion dollar lawsuit being pursued by a russian businessman and. other self exile tycoon but as he claims that his former associate illegally forced him to hand over the money and now he wants it back parties either bennett reports on one of the most expensive disputes in history.
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well this is the first time around a row which has actually given evidence in this trial has already been going on for four weeks for the first time he's actually and is now in the trial and it was fascinating to actually because this is the one of the world's richest men with an estimated fortune of over ten billion pounds and until now he's rarely speaks publicly i've never heard him speak and to see him actually in the dog and for all the press it was fascinating because as i say no one's really heard him speak before and seem reduced to being just another member of the public really put in the dog put on the spot and being grilled was absolutely fascinating now none of the details of the actual case have been discussed just yet because he's only been given evidence for a small fraction of the session so far in the cases of course mr berezovsky is suing mr abramovich alleging that he was blackmailed to sell these shares and. cofounded oil company for a fraction of their true value so none of that was actually discussed because this is the cross-examination clearly designed to actually unsettle mr adam overage and
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to discredit him really all this is the first chink in what's a very thick layer of armor really these men arriving it's called in huge entourage is he always arise in a black. blacked out windows mr average parked his car is still the same reason black range rover around the corner he always arrives and with huge entourage of lawyers translators and legal aid bodyguards the courtroom itself is packed it's just a dispute between two people but it's packed with three layers each behind each man fifteen or more legal age translators lawyers and such outside the courtroom all body guards are on the corners of all work all the buildings were blacked out he says it's fascinating to watch because these are two of the richest men in the world really although the rumor is the poorest party is dwindling to a mere five hundred million pounds and and to give you an idea of just how much
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money is being pumped into this case all the legal fees the average agreement to be between four and eight million pounds and so it's going to make a really fascinating viewing over the next few weeks. now it is i've been reporting right what are you with r t now and are still ahead for you this hour looking for a spacious new home outside of the way up mankind's options for exploring other planets and cultivating a new life away from the seven billion people who now call earth there. were about a five minutes away from business here are two for now though the new york trial of think to boot the russian businessman accused of international arms trafficking and supplying weapons to terrorists is close to a conclusion he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation by the u.s. and then flown to new york to face trial our correspondent. is following developments in new york. he was arrested in a sting operation conducted by the united states drug enforcement agency where
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special agents were posing as members of his group and trying to lure him into a business deal with them so that they could promptly arrest him now the prosecution says that should face from twenty five years to a life sentence behind bars whereas his lawyers see that the only thing i was doing was trying to sell two old cargo planes to these people and according to groups lawyer was perfectly aware that he was not exactly dealing with members of the far through and we're expected to hear the verdict in the hours to come and this is something that could potentially make a great picture booch we have to remember that earlier in september in a similar case or another russian businessman was sense of twenty years behind bars basically the hunt for victor boot has been going on for roughly a decade before his arrest in thailand in two thousand and eight we know that u.s.
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agents have spent tens of millions of dollars in attempts to build this operation to arrest victor boot while he was peacefully living in moscow actually and then catching him in thailand and bringing him over to the united states and what really seems like a hollywood movie they snatched him away in the middle of the night from thailand where technically his legal documents still remain we have to remember that tie courts found not guilty twice but still he was taken to the united states where he has been facing a trial for the last three weeks and the controversy started really a long time ago because this man was dubbed the merchant of death in the united states way before he was even taken here with even a hollywood film made about this man and the judge was even forced to make the jury sign a pledge that they would not look this man up on the internet because unfortunately for boots in the court of public opinion in the united states he's most likely already lost this case. i missed a theater and i'm reporting right there time for the world update here on r.t.
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some other international news for you in grief a suicide bombing in the southern afghan city of kandahar has claimed at least four lives a truck laden with explosives was detonated near a u.n. aid agency checkpoint several people were wounded in the blast and be ensuing gunfire between insurgents and afghan security forces where the taliban has claimed responsibility. nato is set to wrap up its mission over libya by midnight on monday it's marking the official end to its military intervention the responsibility for national security will be handed over to the country's interim government now faces the difficult task of collecting countless weapons and firearms from civilians weapons that use became widespread during the eight months of civil war that ended with the violent death of libya's former leader moammar gadhafi. in yemen and shoot blasts of locked in an air base just outside the capital sanaa prompting north or at least to shut down the city's international
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airport officials say that explosive devices were planted inside twelve fighter jets was not yet clear how insurgents managed to get access to the heavily guarded area yemen's capital has seen months of anti-government rallies with protesters demanding an end to decades of president salih. well on the final day of october it's been revealed that the world's population has reached a whopping seven billion it's raising concerns over the potential overcrowding of our planet but experts warn in a few decades the problem could become unmanageable with dire environmental consequences but the news is inspiring some to seek a new home somewhere far far away peter oliver has more. so when next mercury too hot. too cold mars thus will do nicely as the population of earth passes the seven billion mark some of suggested the red
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planet as a replacement for our current blue warm however nice times of tightening purse strings the cost of going to mars could be a problem in the not so a one man expedition to mars and back would cost it is safe to say over three billion dollars preparing for these flights would cost about thirty or fifty times more than a two way ticket in other words we're talking about colossal expenses regardless of what price those who have been into space say the time is right for mankind to yet again boldly go where no one has gone before everybody realizes that it's time to reach out and explore the universe beyond low earth orbit we have for many years just for ten years at least we have been on the international space station in very close and we have been somewhere else or with people since the lunar landings which ended back in one nine hundred seventy two there's no shortage of take years to be
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the first to set foot on mars and potential red planet trailblazers have started their training young sir good that it is still just a teenager but he's putting in the hard yards in the hope that he can help create a potential new home for humanity millions of kilometers away not much i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well as the moons of jupiter saturn you can leave there in future we're still a long way from science fiction becoming science fact with human setting up home on the surface of mars even if we put a huge cost of a martian settlement to one side there are some serious hurdles to be overcome not least we have no idea if life existed there previously and if it is. whether whatever killed it off could be dangerous to us why should we even think about finding a new home if. that's resources are finite therefore we will eventually have to either restrain population and production growth risking losing both or we find
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a foothold on the planet no matter how much it cost us with the retirement of nasa space shuttle the only way for people to get into space at the minute is the russian soyuz rocket currently with the science available our chances of a global relocation anytime soon a pretty much zero took the way in central moscow but mars five hundred project is simulating the effects a mission to mars would have on a crew in search of a new home. but there is one obvious reason why the experiment has been so popular the world is still dreamers who dream of exciting projects that unite people international projects. is not on the as its terms we might have to learn to deal with the soaring global population and young surrogate key bomb training hard and the hope that he can do with live dreamers. r.t. . time out of the business with korea.
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or welcome to the us government is putting some numbers to the help like offered to your presidential college says this could mean up to ten billion dollars for the debt plan this could be done through the i.m.f. lateral agreements with individual countries. as well. russia helping the eurozone makes both political and financial sense europe is russia's largest trading partner so ensuring its recovery could only be positive for this country's well being killed you know when this should be easy to add to the worlds but it's not all financial all truism russia will be seeking some sort of reassurances as to the structural reforms in europe's most indebted nations also buying european bonds offers russia the prospect of diversifying its reserve holdings which are now dominated by u.s. treasuries on the downside money that does go for the aid is not available to be spent at home although economist suggest it is not enough to make
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a real dent in russia's plans i also say you know what can bill and also which can be important amount from a business of a country and the european union and so on but for russia to take into account the central bank reserves five hundred billion dollars we are really talking about them on the financial decisions politically there's also majlis to be neat russia wants closer relations with western europe to coming to its rescue in its hour of need can only be to its credit something which may come in handy when discussions focus on matters closer to russia's heart such as energy relations. and russia seems to be all set to join the world trade organization that's agreed a final report on a succession russia's chief negotiator said there are still a number of technical issues to resolve but those would be completed in a week i should also house to finalize agreements with georgia which until last week was the only country to continue to oppose russia's obsession however it now
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looks like both sides will agree to a proposal mediated by the swiss clearing the way for russia to potentially joined by december fifteenth let's have a look at some of the markets now oil prices are heading lower on monday europe's move last week to resolve he says debt crisis sparked a rally on global trading floors but now traders are turning. their attention to weaken sponsorship of the global economy some market watchers expect the slump in crude process to push gasoline prices higher and undermine the mild. and u.s. stocks open sharply lower with wall street relinquishing some of its recent rise banking stocks are among the losers bank of america j.p. morgan stanley dropped more than four percent going to kinds of european levels and stocks in europe are lower in evening trading banks are among the biggest decliners as well shares of barclays fell point nine percent in london after the bank said its third quarter profit increased by five percent beating estimates mining stocks
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are weighing on the putzing with been down to resources and xstrata losing over seventy percent. and here in russia stocks close in the red for the first day in four on monday as crude oil and metals fall hurting the outlook for companies in the world's biggest energy exporter now let's have a look at some individual shareholders on them isaac's banking stocks are among the main route traders were country's biggest lenders bear bank losing three and a half percent fertilizer were old carly raised earlier games as well it's considering a premium listing on the london stock exchange bucking the trend is a russian british or a venture tank a.t.p. the company has acquired a forty five percent stake in brazilian law project for one billion dollars. rather make it somehow for you but i'll be back in less than one hour at the.
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culture is that so much we're going to make a lot of the play here yeah but this is the world populated as the world reaches still another population benchmark the debate continues as to whether the planning . for.


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