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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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media has decided to miss. hey guys i need some scripts over here soundbites are so you know what the made free media has decided to miss. guys but where is everybody. what's not. we are the mainstream media. i would welcome a daily insider baseball b.s. rundown everybody huge political news today coming from within the white house news it'll probably only facts about one hundred people talk so all those we will spend an entire hour discussing as if the future of the world depends on it and i'll continue getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to talk about things that no one else in the country relates to while trying to distract them from that fact by
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playing really intense background music so let's begin with the white house of the day it's always so looks like they're trying to get festive over in the west wing this morning pumpkin curry soup is what's on the menu now personally i'm a huge pumpkin fan pumpkin pie cookies and cheesecake. oaken pie french toast. and pumpkin bread. are going to stop but you know i could go on all day anyway back to the super the day pumpkin curry actually a little skeptical about what was a big weekend here in d.c. lot of how we even parties pretty sure the half of the press corps is still hung over our indian spices that really the best idea. curry gurgling. every kind of the white house but all right let's move on from the soup with a day to the other news the only matters to a small and exclusive group of people right here in washington d.c. . just over sixty days left until the iowa caucuses and until we start having fewer
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candidates to talk about on a daily basis here on the daily inside baseball b.s. rundown just a thought that makes me want to die inside a little bit but enough about me let's talk to the candidates opinion polls the car collection of certain lawmakers republican voters still seem completely lost on it which candidate is to their liking a new poll done by the low. show is very telling so joining me to discuss the poll and much more is not as you heard on the hill reporter for roll call and alex siteswap assistant editor for think progress or our guys thanks for joining me tonight so is this poll i mean are you with me here right the republican voters don't really seem to know what's going on there is suffering clearly from this flavor of the month mentality. it's very important poll and i'm glad we're getting down to the bottom of it well i'm not i'm not really sure if you've ever seen anything like this before so this is quite a new poll and if we take a look at the results here it says that sixty eight percent of the voters say that they could be swayed if herman cain was white forty nine percent say they could be
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swayed michele bachmann was a man and seventy three percent a whopping seventy three is that they could be swayed if romney was such a deed that. almost prize whether mitt romney number has a large portion of republican voters it's important remember our bags themselves though so i would think you'd have a much higher proportion of voters would see themselves in romney a little bit so i think we might be having some people who are misidentifying themselves in the polls and then watch out for that's a really good point that as part of the roll call reporter law i think you know the bachmann being a man probably would make sense most presidents of the united states if not all of them have been men so it would make sense that that would be comfortable for voters to about this herman cain thing i mean is the republican party clearly have a fear of black people i mean i don't. i mean you know it's color i i don't see i mean you know i don't think that's that's really appropriate to talk about i don't always think yeah exactly i don't think that color is really the story i think that
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there was a really good headline a few months ago about is america prepared for two african-american presidents back to back should we get some other color in there. right straight a little low a little pumpkin curry in the white house what do you think about that i mean right after halloween it was kind of vomit. axelrod pumpkins grown in iowa clear message the i will voters you think about the republicans but don't forget about me i'm still the president i'm going to serve your soup really got a two thumbs up and we're going to be a little different this time they're really getting in there they're going to it's no more mr nice guy everyone's been talking about you know how the gloves are off and i think they really make that statement with the spices in the curry in the pocket and not to mention harkening back to the obama's you know no blue american no red america orange america orange orange america yeah i mean i think that's the new america here goes orange let's move on to another little issue here if we're going to talk about pumpkins really take the gloves off it's this issue of loyalty
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when it comes to your state and so somebody compiled a few numbers out there and they took a look at every debate that rick perry has participated in this far so it turns out that in the five presidential debates that rick perry participated in he's used the word texas eighty three times and that is more than four times than any other candidate has referred to their own state i mean is that is that a forgivable offense when it comes to the other candidates or is that just treasonous it's almost treasonous extrapolating way too broadly from the one cab driver i spoke to in iowa the last time i was there i would say that i would voters care tremendously about how many times people mention their states they're looking for at least thirty forty references a debate so rick perry is clearly well ahead in this particular metric here and i think that's going to pay a major dividends in the caucuses now do the i'm not sure maybe you guys caught this did this study show how how often he mentioned iowa because that same cabdriver told me that he prefers iowa to be mentioned twice to everyone for texas
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well i mean i think one of the things we constantly forget about the political system right when we decide that i won new hampshire matter more than everybody else texas largest state i think that maybe maybe it's right that rick perry mentions texas eighty three times but i think a good eighty five could really put him over the edge well if you do the more there's still. we have five debates i'll be looking forward to i will be counting as i'm sure you will how many times texas is said absolutely i think you know in the rankings of g.o.p. word priority you want to get reagan number one obviously taxes number two and then texas they're almost the same word you know you can maybe kind of mashing together get two points for each time you mention it tax this tax taxes i like that when i think of to use the next time during the debate. let's move on to another issue here to talk about. and i have a picture here for all the viewers to take a look at this is representative john campbell's ferrari five fifty and it was
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parked outside to get a little on a recent day and so this is causing a bit of you know people are upset about it right this is the moment when you don't want to pretend like you're the one percent we have this whole ninety nine percent rhetoric that's going on you know if you have you somehow are putting it out there what was the reaction like on the hill medics i know they are every day you're there every day when we saw this ferrari actually this is a hard hitting story that i've been following for months. john campbell represented campbell is actually he's a collector of cars he has something like fifteen classic cars every six months or so he ships another one out here this is a fact people and so but the ferrari is his day to day car it's a commuter car this is where he goes to and from work he has another car that's kind of like a weekend car and he actually has a home for them in virginia. where they can rest between their long voyage but so he actually drives this on his. every day yeah i mean if you google it actually
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this is this is true if you google it there's like a sighting of him in the car in like two thousand and one or early you know you know i believe you know actually there was a sighting of him in a car in two thousand and three two outside of the checkers down in southwest washington now fortunately running out of time today but so before we go very quickly it's here shameless plugs done a thing for me. i've got a new book called game changing the game change how the web two point zero twitter ocracy will revolutionize buzz words from bangalore to. beijing to the washington d.c. optics. i also have a new book which is better than yours and it's about serious stuff about the capitol hill about the capitol hill i just want to say happy birthday to to my aunt's kitten out there fluffy just turned one year old. thanks guys for joining me tonight thanks so much for the road. seriously protesters now the occupy protests
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have entered their seventh week and what started as a few people who have never worked a day in their lives squatting in a privately owned park is now thousands of losers and they're spreading across the country but one of the drains on society actually protesters i still have no clue so we decided to brave the stench and the filth and i mean filth one more time to find out now despite what you've heard the now respectable americans of all ages and all backgrounds i'm joined in here's what i saw on top of the people drumming and sucking off the teeth of the government the ones i told you about before now there are all kinds of people at occupy d.c. but still the kind of people that you'd never want to associate with they found parents instilling a hatred of capitalism in their children at a very young age people whose only real skill in life is dancing. and this. seriously guys it's all tossed salad now since they're all losers and have no jobs
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they are willing to take some time in their pathetic efforts at self-improvement their attempts to make themselves somewhat presentable there for a start dining experience and yes these people pretend to be suffering while eating to search. for you. and their expensive clothing and that's why you saw correctly that as a designer surfer and they. even step out from their luxury accommodations to help us get to the bottom of all this socialist nonsense now this is james calling i decided to ask him a gotcha question that i knew would completely miss the point of the movement but still leave him with no way to answer correctly like if he's still using his wall street backed a.t.m. card occasionally when my dad put money on it for me. just what i thought i've been using it to feed the kitchen so the only thing we can all agree on here is that they're all worthless dirty hippies. or
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can we the idea that there are people starving in america is unconscionable by the banks teaming up with big corporations that it's the ninety nine percent of the people that you know wind up being pushed to the bottom and that's exactly what happened separation of corporation and state we need a democracy rather than an oligarchy right now we have the rule by the rich and what we need is the rule by the people. who. whatever. our guys coming up on the other side of the break michele bachmann herman cain and rick santorum debate on this special holiday edition of a long. well. reviewed the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered.
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ok everybody welcome to our g. street northwest republican presidential debate now we at the mainstream media have been selectively allowing candidates to participate over the last couple of months leaving people out like gary johnson and so tonight we're going to continue that tradition actually going to make it even more exclusive joining me are republican presidential candidates herman cain rick santorum and michele bachmann rick perry could be here tonight as campaign hasn't commented but word on the street is he's in rehab and since mitt romney just schools the other candidates every time and ron paul to say it on foreign policy we've also left them out newt gingrich and his
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wife are on a luxurious vacation at an undisclosed location and jon huntsman well mr huntsman has been bitten by a goat while campaigning in new hampshire so we want to risk allowing a rabid candidate on the stage right let's get started candidates thank you so much for joining me tonight and we're going to start with issue number one on the mind of many americans right now recent census figures have shown us that in two thousand and ten poverty levels went up so now forty six million people forty six point two million people in this country are living below the poverty line if you look at the official unemployment numbers over nine percent if you look at the real unemployment numbers as measured by the you six sixteen over sixteen percent in poverty. i'm sure what's going on here where you plug it in about an applause line you know this is this is this is what the serious issues that are facing the nation right now poverty they want a president and as a candidate do you have any good promises any good ways that you can promise to bring this country back onto its feet to fix the economy to drag people out of
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poverty. well look look our economy is rusty it's old it could use it could use a good lube up and that's why what i would do is i would i would take the corporate tax rate that we have and i take it down to zero right now we have corporations spending hundreds of millions of dollars to hire tax evasion a lobbyist so they do spend that money to put people to work and that's what i would do with my plan and with my plan we create this great for. jobs and profits and get that economy back moving again bachmann michelle please tell us how you would lube up the economy well i also agree that we need to be waging war on the tax rate i think that we need to go down to a lower tax rate so that the good people of america who are creating jobs can
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continue to do that but do you want to wage war on the tax rate or on the people of america that pay taxes well now that it's a little confusing i know but it's really the tax rate it's the tax rate ok moving on mr tate how about you i mean any lube plans. ahead of the problem with sharon or alone or whatever coming this name that you have with him for all that's a matter of fact over that now. i would actually feed the poor to the rich. especially those occupy wall street people who are they are just living in a fantasy zone and i have a song about that which i'll sing a little later. but i'll get back to the fantasy. i'm very much looking for of the song looking for the fantasy but let's stop talking about the economy nobody cares about that crap anyway let's move on to what really matters in this country social issues and i'd like to play you a little video as i said rick perry one of the presidential candidates could not be
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here tonight and word has a he's in a rehab and some of it could have to do with this latest speech that he gave take a look. thank you. i come from a state you know there's a place called and they declare victory or do you work any of those slogans man is live free or die. it's a candidate i want you to respond in preferably thirty second to one minute answers what exactly do you think rick perry was on while giving that speech well i would say oxycontin because he's a lot like a pizza very cheesy when you know it's. like rush limbaugh told me that. well if i had to make a decision about that. i think he was doing the
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marijuana. it's a gateway drug which comes after the gateway action of masturbation which i strongly am against mr santorum you have any suggestions here for what you think went wrong i know rick perry i know he's a good guy but i think i think he's had a little too many services with all the illegal immigrants he's partying with down in texas if i was president i'd build the wall there and i would end rick perry's party with the illegal immigrants down there in texas. my nine nine nine tax plan is much better for him because nine nine nine is is a round numbers he favors a flat tax but we're not we're not talking about nine nine nine right now i know you know that you would you larry i would take it because you were you and i did get the radio may have stolen my my tag a little a little really quickly the audience actually has weighed in on this question as
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well that i just asked you in terms of what rick perry was on and some people out there are thinking that perhaps gardasil may have something to do with a little too much h.p.v. vaccine has finally. gotten up to his brain ok so now i want to show you a clip as we all know it's hollow when today and this is a horrible horrifying thing according to some that's happening right here in this nation's capital take a look at a clip. of the twenty fifth anniversary of the ideal routes twenty five years ago decided to just run down the street at a lot of fun and then report everybody drinks and it's going to. one of the top ten events to see in the so you know there. are so that's something that is called the high heel drag race right here in washington d.c. in the capital of the nation get any thoughts on that. i do i just would like to
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say that if i were made president the first thing i would do is offer my husband marcus's clinic to anyone who is involved in that kind of. run and well i think i think it's time the first stories told us here please move on mr santorum how would you eradicate or would you eradicate the drag queen high heel race if you were to become president well of course i would i would rather take it it looks like an occupy wall street movement to me looking at that video but i would lock everybody up there and maybe ship them on down to texas where rick perry can finish them off. mr cain well i would have locked all these people up but one of those men looks like a woman that worked for me at the national restaurant association so i think i better be quiet right now. we're going to get into the natural national restaurant association in a little bit but really quickly we have to take a break please hold tight audience we'll be right back.
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listen pixie's. for obama get you to. go to guard you got it if you i just graduated from college i'm hundreds of thousand dollars and don't i don't have friends i don't have a job but that doesn't matter because i just made a best friend like that. every day sometimes twice a day for you how i love going out drinking with all the ladies i mean tendo martin sure. i mean i just got laid out but. i think that. it's very you know. this is been a paid advertisement brought to you by the evil debt collectors association of america. ok everybody welcome back to our g.
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street northwest republican presidential debate let's continue on with the candidates tonight here we have in our company mr herman cain michele bachmann and rick santorum now first of all i want to question you about the president president obama currently has been hailed as a foreign policy success on the economy might not be doing so well he took out osama bin laden he took out on we're all locky and he took out moammar gadhafi not only that but he's also winding down the both the wars in iraq and in afghanistan so how would you compete with that would you follow on in obama's footsteps if he were to become president or do you reverse any of his foreign policy actions bring people back from the dead perhaps. i think he's making a terrible mistake here we're losing the iraq war and i i happen to know for a fact from inside sources that it wasn't. it wasn't obama who killed bin laden dick cheney was all not a helicopter with those navy seals. what we need to do is bring back the way i was
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speaking hurry up hurry up there you got to be out of his of evil iran syria and san francisco and we'll take care of this problem iran syria san francisco interesting choice there well along i would like to expand on our previous thing that i said about iraq needing to pay us back i would also like to see countries like guatemala who we so generously gave syphilis i would love to see them you know pay us back for that or japan i mean we did we ended the war for them in hiroshima so if they could pay us back for that to reimbursement mr kay would you support any reimbursements of those type. reimbursements for pizza but i think we need to do that now for bad foreign policy come in on it myself because i have no. idea what i'm talking about with form san francisco should be
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part of the axis of evil i think it should be there are too many gay people there however again what i saw at the drag race i'm going to keep my mouth shut because she does look like somebody. i'm afraid that's all the time we have for that question now i want to move on to mr cain you were a guest on the sunday morning talk show face the nation of bob schieffer the other morning the topic of discussion was this controversial ad that you put out that included your campaign manager mark block smoking a cigarette and so here mr schieffer decided to question you and what message you think that sends let's take a listen. don't know if since this signal that it's cool to slow no it does not mark block smokes best all that it says we weren't trying to say it's cool to smoke you have a lot of people in this country to smoke but. so you've said your piece you don't think it's cool to smoke that's not what you're trying to say in the ad do you think it's cool to smoke mrs bachmann i can tell you alone that a woman outside
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a rally told me that smoking can kill you so i'm going to go with no i believe that that's perhaps a scientific fact that a lot of you know science would back up that claim that smoking can be incredibly detrimental to your health and also can increase your chances of lung cancer stroke well i do i trust the good american people to give me information like i would be i would be the anti-smoking candidate on this stage because it is an assault on the family now not because of secondhand smoke but i happen to know because i have heard from someone that smoking causes homosexuality and that is an assault on the family that i won't stand for. you but i believe that we're already at a time unfortunately of china running out and i want to starting over time to kick their butt we're running out of time i want to get to the last question here because i want to have a little bit of fun and so very quickly for each of you we have a would you rather is bachmann going to start with you would you rather have sex
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with a welfare recipient or an illegal immigrant. oh well miss alone i have to say i'm highly offended by the very notion that i would associate with either of those people it's a would you rather you have to pick one i. know. ok i mr santorum would you rather have sex with chaz bono or marcus bachmann. what the what is the you know to be on shows bono i think that may still be for for debate but. we have to we have to go here so mr cain would you rather have sex with one of the women that you sexually assaulted in the one nine hundred ninety s. or one of your future victims that you have yet to sexually assault future victims know the car gas you are candidates i have to wrap it up that's all the time that we have tonight thank you for joining us and thank you at home for watching this northwest republican presidential debate. our welcome back everybody we're going to
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do a little bit of post-debate coverage right now try to wrap up all of the loose and we thank you all for watching on t.v. all of you for participating online looks like we had a lot of viewers today for this special place in politics republican debate that we have this evening now let's take a look at what some of you had to say we took a few online polls and first of all i wanted to know who won the debate we decided to ask people and it seems like there's a lot of confusion here right i mean look at first the people were going with what bachmann and then they started going over to herman cain. better we're going to dragged on over to santorum going back to bachmann and then what. looks like i mean this is a little odd it's as wrong paula just knocked everybody out of the park ninety nine percent i think what really happened here is that our viewers just got a little bit confused and that's ok that's ok we'll let it slide but i think what they all really mean by are here. let's not forget right the one
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true republican that really can only win every debate so it looks like ronald reagan really came out as the clear winner tonight now we hope is that we had a lot of audience participation so i think all of you for giving us your word now we have one more poll to that we decided to take see what people thought. let's move on to the next slide here. all right. a lot of words you hear repeated over and over again right a lot of talking points that are used when it comes to debates so we decided to have a little fun we want to get the young people involved so we couldn't get a hologram in this time we did decide to ask you what you think would be the best word to play a debate drinking game with and which would have gotten you the most wrong so. nine nine nine said sixty nine times over the last debate sixty nine times it's not ninety nine right i guess it could have worked a little bit better ronald reagan as i say ronald reagan was clearly the obvious
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winner here but ninety eight times for the ronald reagan and then war and. i mean this is really more of like a war is i mean we've got the drug war you got the war in afghanistan you got the war in iraq we have the war on morals in america war on poverty long gone but that was said at one hundred one hundred and five times for war. i think we all know what that means right early so think you know which one i was drinking for all right so basically what happened is a little drunk but that's that's all the coverage we got time for tonight we're going to take a break. broadcasting
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live right. the heart of moscow this is our right to have you with us let's take a look at the top editor. palestine it gets a seat at the u.n. cultural agency for the first time in a move widely seen as a strong show of support for the nations a bid for recognition unesco voted overwhelmingly in favor of the move but will pay a hefty price as washington cut its funding of the organization in protest and us is against the recognition of palestine outside of peace talks with israel and palestine veto the next un security council vote on the issue. syria's president claims that the deadly anti regime uprising in the country is funded from abroad and warns western powers to keep out this comes as nato rules out a military intervention while the opposition in the country remains divided over the introduction of a linear style both lines of president assad says music ready to work with the opposition as a new constitution is being drawn up and multi-party elections are set to take place next year.


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