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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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chelsea football club owner roman abramovich is in court. for allegedly out of a multibillion dollar russian oil company. strongly denies the claims testifying. to. the case goes against him he could see five and a half billion dollars shaved off his fortune. that does it for me my colleague will be here in about thirty minutes with a full look at your news but now it's time to go back to washington for part two of the show special don't go away. ok so it's time for tonight's ridiculous and rumor has it the white house spokesperson jay carney has been trying to put a rear end to the sophomore at feud between pennsylvania avenue and kim's ass worth of you apparently bragging michelle don't agree on letting their daughters keep up with the car dash which is face it only one of the most important family values
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programs to be seen on modern television. and two very relaxed. family groups together. and in fact michelle sold barack out to the stir and admitted that he's the one that doesn't like the girls watching and since the card actions command a legion of faithful followers or as they call it the cardassian mafia the news didn't really sit well we just think about it a lot of back to find a seat for a really somebody from within the mafia must have scared the president because he seemed to backtrack as soon as he got on the card actually and astroturf in hollywood have you seen the show a lot of us are the sure it is just a good joke well that it was. so mr president you never actually watched the car dash really i call bull obama be honest you've watched you just never turn the sound on and personally i tune in for that cutie drop but if i may let's examine how these two families have more in common than they think and i don't just mean
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their penchant for hanging out with rappers or loud mouth drunks with long hair and bad spray tans kim has actually undertaken a massive jobs act of her own but instead of hiring fourteen million americans she offers services to fourteen fourteen looked at. sorry sorry that. it's never happened before it's where. all right speaking of employment president obama isn't making a regular appearances on the television sets of american households to show the country that he's capable of putting jobs in the laps of americans something kim
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already did years earlier actually but only with her ex singer ray j. that footage ended up on the t.v.'s of millions of americans as well but unlike obama's appearances which have lasted three years and only gotten worse most men that got a gander at kim's jobs act only needed a few minutes to come to a happy ending and actually the contrast between the two was almost uncanny right obama has been trying to pass his bill to no avail but can regularly passes hundreds of them a fashion boutiques nationwide let's go back to what these two families have in common big white house tons of bodyguards big entourage and let's not forget the personal papa razzi there every opportune moment to get that perfect snapshot the president played golf with beitar is a p.r. gimmick and can pretend that she actually married for love should be doing. really nothing more than owed money. so you're sure you don't like reality t.v. mr president because you kind of seem to be living it it was the last time you
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tried to have a smoke without fearing the whole world would see it you think that's rough at least being president has an end date bruce jenner is going to have to croak before he can stop seeing his daughter sex tapes every single time that he signs on the internet but then again moroccan bruce both have strong women to support them in times of need especially when your daughters want to start running off mary basketball players after dating them for just a month. a shell would literally break the bear their balls would literally break their balls with her bare arms chris well actually i think chris actually kind of like the ballers and their balls you know like mother like daughter but since we got of the topic of basketball this is clearly a love that both families share the president played high school ball makes a bracket every year for march madness even sat courtside at the wizards bulls game in two thousand and nine while simultaneously leading the free world to mccloy they act like they're in high school they dated half of the n.b.a. and they treat courtside like their second home while simultaneously having no idea what's going on on the court but from banging basketball players to hanging with
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basketball players the similarities just don't and these two families both slug it out from time to time all the time to show their fans that hey they're just like them the car dash and now the less expensive clothing line at sears to make money off of the masses in a store that they would be caught dead shopping in despite what this ad might lead you to believe. when you see the cameras just keep taking pictures. introducing. only seniors now the meantime michelle obama thinks that wearing j. crew shopping at target that makes her relatable come on the show you're going to have to trash it up a lot better than that your wal-mart has great produce and it t.j. maxx you can get this season styles for less so in the end obama start to look like a bad car dash in knockoff i think they could actually learn a thing or two from them about marketing fake relatability i mean let's face it the
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cardassian brand made sixty five million dollars just last year a lot more of the obama's you had there are still more popular with the one percent hating every man and the first family so obama i suggest that you check out a few episodes of your daughter's the show is like a guidebook for little girls that are famous for their daddy's a call bushman's let's be honest defending o.j. pretty on park. being the defender of the free world. john smith you got to be honest i've never seen i don't know anything about her past policies or her record but there's one thing that's made clear she's a we are all of america. and all things and there. will be some maybe from italy i don't think it's any more american than all of them because while one from the candidate who is. so we're going to be on somewhat. together we keep this country going down the toilet.
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to nat we will look into the stories that are rocking this nation discussing the most minute details as though they are earth shattering i look at every case big or small with the same enthusiast and i will make decisions about cases based soley on information leaked to the press and we will use this information to determine whether or not someone is guilty and at the end the most important thing is the conclusion that i myself come to because let's be honest doesn't matter what the jury says based on all of the information that is given to them during the trial now the only thing that matters is a decision that i am my viewers come to piecing together by piecing together information from tabloids and limited documents that we are provided by the court
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because the bottom line is you may be innocent in the jury but if i can sway public perception to guilty you will never go free and you will pay for your sins so the big story tonight is the trial seeking justice for michael jackson but first i want to tell you about a case out of jackson mississippi tonight i want to tell you the story of sweet little second grader kelly so you have a story in particular touches my heart because there are. the two most special people in my life between now right so back to kelly sue what happened in jackson is the most egregious case of a race or theft ever to occur in this state break down the details of this case this is what we know first kelly sue had a razor before she went out to recess eraser was white with a purple unicorn on it second after recess the eraser was missing third notorious second grade bully bobbie butcher did not go out for recess because his recess privileges have been revoked due to his indiscretions. i think the pieces are starting to fall together here but wait it gets better let's take a look at bobby the butcher's parents it appears that they have never once
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chaperoned a field trip wow so what we are dealing with here is a suspect with a past record of misdeeds and i am a parents an opportunity to commit the crime need i say more but there is more and a razor was found in bully bobby butcher's desk and a racer with a purple unicorn that's it right case closed well not so fast there is a twist in this story school officials lost the race or recovered from the bobby butcher's desk fumbling this case and losing it key evidence that in billy bob the butcher go free in the process discussed i think all we can we can all look objective lay the facts of this case see the bully bobby butcher is guilty but the devil is dancing tonight because bobby is a ferrari man and little kelly sue is a race in this i think we have a caller right now who wants to weigh in on this case call or tell us what's your name and location how not machine green car i'm from car carolina i don't
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actually care you are one of the shadow and i want to try and see how a one car team. now i am a gene i want to hear what is your question tonight here are me alone out there are a lot of repeat that i love i don't. see how a wing calls. me oh thank you so much you know the twins are the most special people in my world where. can i ask my question now when i had go ahead and ok well i just want to know that since i lost the evidence you know do they have surveillance footage in our classrooms. you know i don't think if they do you have any surveillance footage in that classroom but all i know is that any school that my children are going to go to will have a camera so that there can be surveillance footage now imogene i have to hang up on you here we're getting an update i have breaking news from the michael jackson murder i mean death trial it appears that the jury may have reached
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a verdict so let's go straight to lauren lyster who is live on the scene and who's been covering every detail lauren tell us what do you know you know nancy at this point we are hearing that the jurors have passed a note to the judge and that possibly a verdict could be delivered as soon as any minute here but as you mentioned earlier he has really dr conrad murray already been convicted in the court of public opinion after being called a murderer so many times on your show but as i said we are awaiting the verdict and it's highly anticipated controversy ok's now lauren i hear that that isn't the only interesting thing that's happened here also here that there happens to be some kind of a sighting in the courthouse we are hearing reports that local police have been inundated with calls that done under that casey anthony is inside the courthouse as we speak now of course she has been fielding death threats ever since her acquittal however we have heard from a few key sources that perhaps because she was voted the second most creepy celebrity after only marilyn manson she was feeling the pressure so you are there
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are let me cut you off there are you say the people are calling saying they have seen tot mom casey anthony at the most high profile case in the nation and nancy that is absolutely what we are hearing but at the same time i do have to point out that police have also received calls that possibly tupac should coeur as well as elvis presley are sitting on that jury there so there are other calls coming into local police given a number of. sightings that are believed to be all involved in this case do we hear from any more credible people any more credible calls have they said. we think about what the tot mom was wearing how she has her hair we are hearing that her hair is down but on like when she was acquitted and when she would deliver her sentencing when it was handed down it is not exactly in the same style as opposed to the flowing locks we're hearing that it's more of a house down which isn't there it is actually made here i hear we have another breaking update here i hear that a viewer has sent in
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a picture of tot mom casey anthony at the trial now now wait a second wait a second controller i think we've got the wrong picture that's that's lauren lyster our reporter knows that's that's the right picture all right we have to go to a break but we'll continue looking into this bombshell when we get back don't go anywhere. those who are fascinated with history. to those who have
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a sweet to. those who can't live without the sky. and of course to the nature love to use this magnificent land offers is treasures. between earth and the sky. on our team. on. the economy. to the limited to just say. six years to say.
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i am committed. to. the chance to be soo much brighter than if you knew about someone from funniest impressionists. sleaze from the stunts on t.v. dot com. well here on the factor we like to cut through all the spin hype and p.r. nonsense and break it down for you so get ready for tonight's edition of pansies and patriots over the weekend the very left leaning web site politico did a hit piece on g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain now according to his liberal parasite while cain
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was head of those association national restaurant association in the one nine hundred ninety s. at least two female employees complained to colleagues in senior associates and officials about inappropriate behavior by the slimy site goes on to smear mr cain by saying that too settlements were reached with those women but they can't talk about those settlements for legal reasons so politico is writing a story about the first black conservative g.o.p. presidential candidate it all comes from unnamed sources come law that's of the left leaning media d.c. in new york love to do always smear a conservative any chance you get so here's my question for politico where is the hard hitting investigation of john edwards the man finished third in the presidential race in two thousand and eight while having an affair with a campaign worker and fathering a child and this happened at the same time that his wife was dying of cancer it took the national enquirer to break that story and tabloid what he did is far more egregious than what herman cain is accused of where is the media outrage of bill clinton's sexual escapades let's face it our former president is a horndog how many women did he bed while in the white house and of course let's
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not forget that famous blue dress and cigar but of course the liberal media is always going to rush to protect one of their own and now politico has decided to atack a g.o.p. presidential candidate was smart peace so that's why they're tonight's pansies now for our patriots herman cain eight this pizza exact term candidate is not letting the ankle biters in the media get to him he was at a washington d.c. think tank today and he refused to engage with the media on this issue but as you're well aware there is a there's a big cloud right now that is affecting your ability to get which is the story in politico and i just wonder if you can clear it up for us right now. but you and i think that question is a kind of question is inconsistent with the ground rules that we have. i really he's going to be at the. rules that. that. good for you mr cain standing up against this type of irresponsible reporting now
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later in the day cain decided that he would go out set the record straight so he came with a fair and balanced fox news to talk about these scurrilous accusations i have never sexually harassed anyone let's say that secondly. i've never sexually harassed anyone and yes i was falsely accused while i was at the national restaurant association and i say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless. keep telling the truth herman don't let the leftwing mainstream media derail your campaign and that's why herman cain is tonight's patriot he now says that he knows what it feels like to be the front runner he knows the attacks will just keep on coming you know they will from the left the same left the want to turn this country into a socialist marxist beating trout while we here at the factor will keep it fair and balanced and keep america great. i welcome back to phone friends now today we
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have more video of the anti-capitalist anti freedom loving protesters that are spreading across the nation like a disease getting what they deserve from police take a look at this video from denver colorado over the weekend where police pelted rubber bullets at the hippies. thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. now kills me i mean this hippie scum is getting what they deserve who think they are going into public areas and actually try to stay there oh i definitely agree i think that it's wonderful that we are reigning justice down on these people i mean you want class warfare class warfare oh you did a drug test i'm dumb because i'm sure they stole and you know they yes they should but i think the police were a little busy because these protesters have been throwing stuff at the police i say
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more rubber bullets and then drug test them good good idea they're still bring in the dogs too it could be a good photo op right. let's move on to the next one too this is something that you are just outraged over right now this of pictures came out from two thousand and ten but no this is a foreclosure firm that's called steven j. baum and you know that is not a little hollow we party so take a look at some of these pictures people are outraged thinking that they're being insensitive to to all the people that they've you know whose houses they have foreclosed upon it's all the way in and this is america you know you have the freedom to dress up as whoever and whatever you want it's clearly a joke i mean it's a cartoon people i mean if we can't pass up on how we as whatever we want then i feel like we just don't have freedom in this country anymore is just professional they have to work with this people so. the only think they can think about. so we'll see but it's like i do have to say i personally feel really bad for the
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bankers this year because i heard that evil banker was was a big howling costume and that's just wrong. let's take a look actually it's something that is wrong if you want to talk about halloween what's wrong it's not getting to dress up as whatever you want it's the continuation of giving handouts something of the obama administration has gotten very good out take a look at the abomination handing out hollowing candy at the white house. ok we're . going to do over. we're. ok. we're all the carrots grow the carrots or gummy carrots from the white house garden where we drink care of these kids are so bad they make you sick that is that they try to impose i am not see a right is not a show obama's thing or something like candies bad for kids it makes you
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a visa now here they are giving away the hypocrisy isis ridiculous i completely agree i mean i think that how we know is the perfect time to teach your kids a lesson and the lesson that i taught my kids was capitalism i had them hire some other kids to go around and get their candy for them and then those kids got one piece of candy while my kids got all the rest of the candy because that's how capitalism works and that there are no welfare cases they're not going to the white house trying to get free candy that is just ridiculous where the ministration is taking this country i don't even recognize it anymore i completely agree and you know speaking of not recognizing things the other day i was driving down the road and you will not believe what i saw a billboard on the grass above the lord it was a billboard and it had people on it of of the black color and. the g.o.p. it is the new bull out like what's. one of the lord oh no i
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think everyone to see i think we have a clip of somebody actually that videotape this billboard the talking about let's take a look here. this billboard just went up and so if you shoot along six to and it's got a street going to say should behind us it's called that so. it's a conservative group dedicated to attracting more americans of color to the republican party. i mean i don't really know what to say here but i think that we need more republicans in this country we need more good citizens that know what party to vote for. but do the right where they have to. can we find where a white one well. i think that the problem we run into is we don't want the immigrants so we have to turn to another group i think of this is i think this is all a ploy by the obama administration they want more black voters to go to the republican party because the more black voters in the republican party they think that they're
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going to try to subvert our politicians to more giving out candy at the white house more welfare more you know the government feeding all the hands i think we're just running people. that's why you know hold it. to racial already paul he was you know he anybody can join a big joint think that. well let's talk about why we don't want to be part of a liberal club take a look at this this new teacher this is a horrific horrific story. stacy schuler she had a bizarre defense citing the drug zoloft and alcohol for actions she even blamed her very good diet and irritable bowel syndrome for what she did with the pair. personally i think hollywood has a little something to do with this well. that's what happens to those so hollywood is liberal exaggerating leaves a totally healthy food if they go to the occupy wall street is that you look in those tents i'm sure they will find people who do you know you know there is anywhere they like you we're beyond no no i don't there you go you have been on it
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so if you go you have no sleep with your user you have it all wrong what happens is when you don't get the right portion of meat in your diet then you start to act irrationally and with her i agree this is a really good thing is frightening it's frightening and it's sweeping america because hollywood has made it cool and it's not ok we need to get rid of the vegans are threatening our children in our schools while they're not shunned her children are sure of the old know with those right those tents and god knows what all the time you know there right now it's time sorry guys we have to wrap it up tonight that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in if you enjoyed our holiday and special dean baker is going to be back on the program tomorrow now in the meantime got to get to become a fan of the on our show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's or any other nights you can always catch the you tube dot com slash the on a show coming up next. commission
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a last ditch effort to end the bloodshed in syria the arab league demands that president assad talk to the opposition and withdraw tanks from the streets. costly
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recognition washington to halt its funding of unesco hours after the u.n. cultural agency granted the palestinians full membership by a majority vote. america savors the resurrection of a case of code named ghost stories as f.b.i. releases five videos featuring russian sleeper agents uncovered in the u.s. last year. eight am in moscow i matras a good to have you with us here on r t our top story the world awaits for syria's response the arab league demands to pull the tanks off the streets and begin dialogue with the opposition earlier syrian president assad said he would only talk with parties that he said have no links with quote foreign powers or terrorism assad's.


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