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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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welcome back to live from moscow and brought to show you. by the arab league makes a last ditch effort to end the bloodshed in syria demanding that president assad talk to the opposition and withdraw from the streets in a violent clashes between anti regime protesters and security forces have claimed at least three thousand lives since the rest began although about since. washington to stop funding all of us go i was offered the u.n. cultural agency krog the palestinians full membership by a majority vote but the move is seen by many as
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a sign of growing international support for palestine spending un statehood. and a real halloween treat for the mainstream media resurrect a russian spy ring case code named ghost stories as the f.b.i. releases for future featuring sleeper agents uncovered in the u.s. last year of course including the famous femme fatale. ok now with syria at the epicenter of the arab spring we talked to author and historian ed william on what or who he thinks could be behind the uprisings in the middle east and north africa that discussion is coming your way. today we're talking to a foreign angle the author of several books among them are gods of my wall street and the death of our fanatic and century and he is also a political risk consultant so we're going to discuss several more several of the
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most burning our political and economic issues in the world today mr engel thank you very much for joining us so to be here to start off basically a never never before has the world faced so many economic and political problems all at the same time would you say that these conflicts which we're seeing today are in terms of if you're in the dollar situation and what's happening in northern africa and the middle east these conflicts feed off each other are they somehow related or not particularly what i see in these conflicts the decision to libya the crisis with the dollar crisis with the american economy and the conduct of american foreign policy in the last period. is all part of the breakdown of the entire super power structure that was built up you have to be on the border to and nobody in washington wants to admit just as nobody in britain
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a couple of years ago wanted to admit that the british empire was an interminable climb all of this is related to the attempt to keep this sole superpower not only intact but to spread its influence over the rest of the planet and that. not surprisingly much of the world is not going to see that so would you say that what's happening in the middle in the middle east or northern africa right now is basically an attempt are on the behalf of the united states to keep its came up very much so the. plan was first announced by george w. bush when he was president just after the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at a g eight meeting and it was called the greater middle east project and that project he published a map of what they had in mind was the control and the. democratization as they call it of the entire islamic world from afghanistan pakistan down through iran syria. the persian gulf area the oil producing states there and across north
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africa all the way to morocco and the events the so-called arab spring had been planned years back and the instigators of those the so-called spontaneous protests that he's put a revolts in cairo and tunisia and so forth over the last months have all been. organized deciduous leaves some of the people leaders of the protests have been trained in belgrade in serbia by oh poor activists financed by the u.s. state department. this thing has state department and u.s. intelligence all over it. and why why are they doing this well two things in my view one. there is vast wealth in the hands of the leading circles in the arab world vast wealth sovereign wealth funds of countries like kuwait to other countries but also just the resources and one of the agendas
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is to introduce as was done in the soviet union after nine hundred ninety one with the collapse of the soviet union the agenda of i.m.f. privatization free market economy and so forth so that western banks and financial agencies and corporations could come in and take with plunder the second agenda is to militarily in places such as libya or south sudan and the so-called republic of south sudan to militarize those oil sources that are directly strategic to china's future economic growth so this is all about controlling eurasia somethings we can abridgements he talked about it back in one thousand nine hundred seventy his famous book the grand czeska. and controlling especially russia and china and any potential cohesion of the eurasian countries economically and politically but as
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a result of that they are the so-called arab spring what can we honestly say that the middle east and. north african countries which have come through with the changes have they really become more democratic gyptian tunisian friends of mine say that it's just the opposite the economy is in far worse shape libya had the highest living standard old africa before the bombing of nato the day the country is in ruins because of those bargains not because of could often. the economy of egypt is in dire straits the military remains in control they were and the military high command of egypt was sitting in the pentagon when the colts kicked off and waited for a signal from the pentagon when to return and take control of those events so while the instigators of the conflicts turned into being you know the united states and maybe some of the european powers that you know look at libya will they be able to restore now let's say in these countries or is it not even in their interest i
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don't think they give a moment's thought to normality or normalization i think what their concern is especially the pentagon is military control the next step will be on this so-called transitional national council in libya is just to have that puppet government give me your permanent basing rights inside libya something they never had before i'm quite often saw sudan some of the things defenseless unless they have nato forces in there the african army is coordinating as the pentagon's africa command which is . interestingly enough created just after trying his two thousand and six africa diplomacy where forty heads of african nations were invited to beijing and enormous deals were signed with the chinese companies for oil exploration to build hospitals give soft loans everything the i.m.f. didn't do in africa in the last thirty years and the chinese began doing and that had enormous results for china i know that you have a very interesting opinion of this who was you say pays for wars that were raised
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by the united states well you have to go back to the role in the last twenty or thirty years actually began in the eighty's with the role of the dollar as world reserve currency and china has an enormous trade surplus wal-mart is essentially an outpost of chinese manufacturing in america today so the three hundred billion plus surplus dollars that the central bank of china masses are your what do you do with that well there's few markets big enough to invest in i suppose a really big could buy gold for their central bank reserves which they are doing by the way but the only place they can invest it as they see it right now or into a very recently is either in dollars or in the euro or they've got something like three trillion dollars of u.s. dollar treasury bonds or bills as their reserves today so in effect the u.s. would not be able to finance the deficit that they're running. to wage those wars
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in afghanistan or wage source wars in iraq or in libya unless the chinese were buying u.s. treasury bonds so ironically the chinese are financing wars directly directed against trying to use national interest for energy security what you say the united states is going to has any chance of resurfacing from the crisis that it's finding a parking right now and the only way they can they can survive and keep the dollars their instrument of wall street i'm talking about is the gods of money and so i call it in my book. is to find new areas of loot so the arab spring is directed against grabbing and privatizing the vast wealth of the arab oil world and the arab world generally just as the use of the i.m.f. in the former soviet union was consciously designed by wall street and boy washington in order to plunder the vast resources of russia and the former soviet
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union and warsaw pact countries so if the dollar does not retain its superior status do you think there's any likelihood that the euro look at some point or inheritance rather well one reason that there is this difficulty with greece and these so-called euro zone or weaker economies is that this is part of a kind of a call for financial warfare between the dollar and the euro was a reserve currency that started when the chinese started complaining publicly about the. flawed economic policy of washington running up deficits and endangering the value of trying to use treasury bonds so now. just from that became public. suddenly there was a greek crisis and the greek crisis was put in place in two thousand and two before greece and of the eurozone none other than goldman sachs the most powerful bank in america arguably today politically well connected in washington so. it's very clear if you follow the money trail that that the. crisis was programmed to
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be detonated at command by wall street and the us treasury as well as the federal reserve in order to defend the reserve currency role of the us dollar but i don't see the european economies endangered as the us because one great difference europe still produces things europe still has a real industry which i believe that. going back to look at the beginning of our interview where you believe that there are some european countries this benefit from the situation reveling say in libya right now like france when i was just going to say sarkozy had a meeting in march when the the whole drama in libya kicked off he invited leaders of the so-called transitional national council to paris and made them whispered sweet nothings in their ears about having control of the oil resources of eastern libya and poured money weapons and cia in them and the french intelligence have
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been pouring arms into these insurgent groups inside libya this is an armed insurrection financed by nato countries and libya it's an all peaceful twitter revolution of accounts of kids who have a dream of american style democracy or something this is raw power grab by the french but what do you predict or in your opinion what do you think will happen in libya now i mean the need to talk still have to pull out at some point and then worked well with you. i imagine in iraq like scenario or afghanistan what do you have in afghanistan you have seventeen permanent u.s. military bases in afghanistan most of them air bases who are not bombing the taliban and they're preparing for a coming war and perhaps ten years with china or maybe with russia they've got a military bastion in the heart of central asia something that they never had to win the cold war. so i think libby is best known for some of what role do you think process it playing in the in the events what's going right now i think russia given
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the history going back more than more than the cold war era. russia can play a very stabilizing role as a as a counter force to this highly dangerous strategy of the greater middle east project of needle in the us in that region russia can play a very important role blocking. some untoward events from the side of the un security council in syria i don't think trying to read as they did on the p.k. story are you in action aside from the action in syria but in more ways than that russia can play a very constructive role i think in the region to try to counter the statistical sation i would hope they do. thank you very much for your time.
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those who are fascinated with history. to do those who have a sweet to. those who can't live without discomfort. and of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. between the earth and the sky. down to your official antti hopefully cation. called touch from the choose armstrong. jobseekers life on the go.
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video on demand exceeds my rules costs and r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. questions on the dot com. the headlines on t.v. and in the arab league makes a last ditch effort to end the bloodshed in syria demanding that president assad of the opposition and withdraw tanks from the streets clashes between anti regime protesters and security forces have claimed some three thousand lives since the unrest began old way back in march. washington stops its funding of unesco just i was off to the u.n. cultural agency granted the palestinians full membership by a majority vote by the move is seen by many as a sign of growing international support for palestine's pending un state. i do real halloween treat here the mainstream media resurrects
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a russian spy ring case code named ghost stories yesterday i releases footage featuring sleeper agents uncovered in the u.s. last year including of course the famous femme fatale and chaplin. a brief pause in the hard news to get your world of sports off what i understand as it is simply this both are gearing up to step into a uncharted territory and exactly right we're tell you what if they win tonight in the champions league again shocked they will be top of their group never happened before it will be a good night to be as a need to find more on that coming up in just a sec. thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes or so including these stories in pretty. continental quests in meets and petersburg take
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on shocked or at home tonight knowing victory will propel them to talk of champions league group g. . capital gains system also to boost their title credentials this season with thirty three constant a hockey league win in four games at the expense of metzeler. take your pick we recount all the strikes that made the difference in the penultimate week of russian premier league action it is. and we begin with local words it's in petersburg are preparing to kick off game week four in the champions league choose these early class seeing luciano levy's charges entertain ukrainians shucked are russian champions have been riding high in the competition to date already with three more points at the same stage down in their soul previous european cup adventure two years public victory over portugal at the end of september their own dog could highlight no alexandr this evening the russian international striker
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rules are with them until injury shocked or meanwhile will travel on the back of an away win in their latest domestic fixture against alexandria the three two result putting that to net side within a point of leaders to be on the kiev auction gets underway eighteen forty five central european. elsewhere in each group portugal aim to get back to winning ways when they travel to surprise people talkers up a well off cyprus. barcelona meanwhile will have group h. supremacy on their minds when they take on say on plays in respectively the european giants. they are joint top of the standings with seven. over in group game will be our for revenge against chelsea the belgians going down by nil last time out against the blues palencia host informed buyers leverkusen top place arsenal vs second city is marci is the pick of the group after fixtures while winless brazil are home to libya cuts. to the english game we go where it's a good time to be
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a new cast of fun and present the magpies sitting pretty in third place in the premier league following victory away to stoke in monday's only game demba by helping himself to a trick up at britannia stadium with stokes jonathan walters netting the whole insides gold newcastle hunt subjoin third with chelsea in spurs heading into the game but not thrilled second seeded manchester united by a solid three point newcastle on leaders manchester city are also the only and taking sides so far this. let's talk ice hockey now or saskia moscow's hopes of a first ever occasional crown have improved somewhat the army men beating one of the league's eastern power since it metzeler magnitogorsk here in the russian capital constantine pathak off reports. to sky have won just two majors out of eight against mean old when you go sit in the cage and only once on home ice this time the home side produced an electric start in the search for third wind to
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discuss striking first as witches luckily i'm in the red and losing hand just two minutes in a minute and a half later to discuss top scorers he gives you a lot of double duty forcing me to say what goaltender discouraging store for the visitors and he seemed confused and the host left for the intermission with a comfortable two mckinley's after some probable had dried treatment from still makers head coach for the county. trying to get back into the game but he wants to increase their lead with a powerful you go because the person was the first little bones up to sure of spinal flu. slapshot to make it into the goal game with four minutes to go in the second however meet old managed to pull one back early in the decisive period as and on boot send it back home on the counter-attack to make it three one but four minutes later chase can regain their three goalie pulling in positive interest while the rough chicken and the twenty four year old ethan are maybe four one four
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minutes before the final buzzer mcculloch's and releasing the revived intrigue cutting the deficit to two goals in a power play and the visitors put everything on the line into the goal for next to where it failed to get a wizened a chance is a serious cause it was just last minute confidence between the pipes short to the final score you have been through games in a row for us now so when we got the two zero lead we knew what happened the last game they tied it so we didn't want to happen again and. we battle hard and in the second period we really got lucky will be there because they really pressure us and we scored thirty goal and powerplay so i think that was the point for the game we came out hard. wired to where we are and were successful with. a couple shots in the start of the match against terrible first or second ball or to scotland one line up and now sci fi from the western conference well last season's
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going in cup semifinal is make a little continue their relatively poor before lunch and stay fief in the east and find out of r.t. . graham henry is no longer head coach of the new zealand rugby team the sixty five year old leaving on a high after seeing his country second world cup triumph last month against france he had had the all blacks for seven seasons i'm stepping down from. how they are enough. i've been involved in arden three to spread since we were regular hundred forty in total it's been a privilege to be involved with your grades. a real privilege the enormous privilege of birth proud of what i have done i will last i. wish it added to the legacy. rugby. and that's very important at this stage.
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it's not certain that russia's first ever formula one driver for telly petrol will be with lotus renault next season the driver said to be replaced by roman for the early circuits sessions at this season's final race in brazil not great news for the v board rocket at all g.p. to chopping rouge on will also get to ride instead of petrov stablemate produce center that can open it up and down the events the team have struggled this year with patrols third place finish on the opening day of the season in melbourne far and away their best result twenty seven year old petrov finished eleventh this season in the indian grand prix drawing criticism from his stable for a quote uninspired performance. there's a three way tie in the n.f.l. to the west stuff for kansas city pique their rival sunday a go on monday night the full in chargers on the victorious chiefs joined by the oakland raiders atop the division the chiefs not cuss or firing in the past and jonathan baldwin for the team's first big score fellow rookie marcus gilchrist
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staying tight but unable to stop the ball when touched on the chargers feet in the game though courtesy of nick novak's field goals in the game was tied here at twenty apiece when a closely from zero by sunday ago quarterback philip rivers late in the fourth set up ryan soak up for a field goal in overtime thirty yarder ceiling straight down the middle the chiefs take it to a twenty four win number for. finally not a single game ended goalless this week in the russian premier league as the sides preferred to split into eight for the second half of the longest ever to mistake season so let's get a recap of all twenty two strikes to find the back of the net during the penultimate round it is called score.
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