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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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on the streets of canada. the international community pushes syria's president for filled from the arab league to end the bloodshed and start talks with the opposition. u.s. versus at unesco. funding to the u.n. cultural body after it granted an historic membership to palestine. the f.b.i. joins the halloween celebrations by sharing the story releasing surveillance footage starring. other alleged russian spies. and global markets around the volatile trading greece's prime minister george papandreou a referendum on. the country more on this coming up in our business. it
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is now a just after five pm here in moscow this is life with me roar reception all eyes are on syria as the world awaits president assad's response to the arab league's demands to hold the. dialogue with the opposition but the president promised to talk to his apartments but only those with no links to foreign powers. gates who the syrians blame for the bloodshed that's now claimed just over three thousand times. the protests government crackdowns and violence have continued to plague parts of syria the capital damascus is still largely sheltered from but beneath the calm many will remind you that in syria walls most certainly have ears the more but
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out the country's intelligence service has political clout in syria that's hardly state secret and says the unrest began in march protestors have accused them of violent interrogations. before i was chased and arrested by security forces in a very tiny cell they beat me severely damaging my back and deal which could be accused of sort of receiving money for taking to the streets they said were agents of america and israel after forty eight hours of detention and torture they took all my money and belongings and threw me out into the street. city and corey is a lawyer who deals with detention cases she says the influence of the security police extends even into the court room. we have three authorities in the country the legal authority the legislative and the executive but it is the security police who make the real decisions the court judge with for their decision and i feel sorry for the judge because he's not in the pens and will see it in court he believes this constant state of fear is thanks to decades of living under the
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emergency law in place since one thousand nine hundred sixty three in two thousand and eleven as repealed or to appease anti regime protesters this man whose work for the more but after twenty seven years sustained gunshot wounds in what he says was an ambush by a group of terrorists we asked him about people's fear of the mob but not accusations that they are behind the violence detentions and torture. this is the wrong idea we are protecting our people but the terrorists shoot civilians who shoot us and then accuse security forces of doing such things accusations that we instill fear also wrong if this person has political activity without any intention of harming the country then he is free to do this and no one will chase him. if he has links to terrorists and works against the country naturally he will be brought to justice we posed the same questions to the deputy foreign minister you know it depends on the people you talk to if you ask me as a citizen i do
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a different view i have never ever been asked by the security or anybody for something which i would do those who fear are either people who. illegally because or carry arms or put themselves in suspicious way it's this right here is a very open and colorful slice of syria but when it comes to talking about security services like everywhere it is shrouded by country but here their presence is so widely felt that it's not possible to determine just what local feel is normal. and when twenty percent of the population is rumored to be in the intelligence service it's no wonder many prefer to keep their voices down in the light of day but within a crowd that fear is temporarily forgotten oh yes i'll take to the streets again and again i'll raise my voice and i will fear nothing and no one on one freedom of expression but we get nothing only bashar al assad and security him and enjoyed it as for us we are nothing more used. our.
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meantime they were debased the political analyst come all of us and he thought irritated that the syrian regime fell out of favor with foreign powers which is why they are pressuring president assad to step. i think it's a conspiracy by the regional power and they wanted to change the regime of bashar al assad they wanted a different regime different government was different had and that's why you can see the regional power hasn't been friendly to the situation it's taking place inside syria actually some of this country has been funneling weapons and money and certain ideology to topple the regime of president assad the president of syria acknowledged there is opposition in the country and he extend his hand to the
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consolidation within the his country for those people who are asking for change and that's why today they have a constitutional reform but there is an external power or what they same opposition an exile those are backed by the western powers and some persian gulf country. well western interference in the arab spring has left the middle east and north africa deeply wounded according to historian william angle the full interview is coming your way in about an hour's time here on our team but for now a short preview. for worship in libya had the highest living standard in old africa before the bombings of nato today the country is in ruins because of those bombings not because of gadhafi. the economy of egypt is in dire straits the military remains in control they were the military high command of egypt was sitting in the pentagon when the reports kicked off and we did for
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a signal from the pentagon when to return and take control of those events. could have you with us on this tuesday you're watching arts he palestinians have valid to try to join the other u.n. agencies within weeks follows a triumph at unesco it's where they were granted full membership of the move has now across the un's a cultural are a lion's share of its budget which comes from washington and if you can explain its . there certainly was a lot of jubilation in paris cheers went up in the assembly hall where the final tally was announced but the vote problems at a price welcoming palestine to the united nations educational scientific and cultural organisation means saying goodbye to as much as twenty two percent of the organization's budget washington as being the agency's biggest contributor so far and the state department has confirmed that they will stop sponsoring the organization on what grounds a u.s.
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law passed a nine hundred ninety obliges washington to cut off funding to unesco if it is mitt's palestine but nonetheless this u.n. body facing huge budget cuts voted one hundred seven four and fourteen nations against the admission of palestine a very sensitive and jubilant moment for the palestinians and it's our point for the israelis and for the united states it seems they've been doing everything possible to do rail to vote but to no avail although the u.n. body in question deals with science education and culture the vote is being seen as very much political as a first step as a reminder of the popularity of the palestinian bid for full u.n. membership that application is now pending before the u.n. security council where the united states is threatening to use its veto power most of the international community is for palestine becoming a full member of the u.n. and the u.s. position on this is considered to be very much by its. and of course we are always
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interested in your opinion if you log on to r.t. dot com right now it's where we're asking how the admission of palestine to unesco is likely to play out growing up the numbers are right here so far forty percent don't believe the move will change anything for the palestinians just over a third think it's it clears the way for the country's statehood and the rest are more or less evenly divided between those who say you know sco will now have a tough time footing of bills and those who think that we think palestine will sweeten the pill of future projections by the un let me take the time to have your say on the issue at heart dot com. well you know sco is no stranger to being cut off by the us managed to survive without washington's handouts in the past and many believe the organization will have no trouble keeping afloat this time either. it's. going to show us what exactly what it is and the sad
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thing is that you union members and the congress. was a conservative republican thinking tragic. for the us to use its. function. as. international body do you. wish. you could. and i was going to. seriously you. if it is from the b.b.c. trying to discuss such throughout the years. of this one hundred forty two my drinking. and. one point. how do you know what happened to survive this well. hour ten minutes past the hour here in moscow still to come in this program indebted and integration. they called the american dream
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because you have to be asleep to believe unemployed graduates with massive student loans vent their frustration by joining the powerful occupy wall street protesters . and it's all change at the top of the european central bank. stepping down after eight years of the last recession. this halloween saw the f.b.i. tell its own story released surveillance footage of anna chapman and other alleged russian sleeper agents uncovered in two thousand and ten the agency says the videos show a spy ring at work. reports from sky. perhaps spookiest over all is that this would each doesn't contain any actual spooks there was no charges of espionage leveled against the ten people who were arrested in the united states in june of last year and said they plead guilty to conspiracy to act as
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a mule full agents of the foreign governments know this these videos are to be released cooking cool stories course released on halloween something which did raise a few eyebrows however the f.b.i. how they shoot. this is just purely coincidental now the footage shows members of this alleged spy ring. doing such things as shopping in macy's and using laptops in popular branches of bookstores the f.b.i. saying that operation ghost story sends a clear message to any foreign spies wanting to operate in the united states other critics have suggested this the release of these documents is something of a publicity stunt. he's probably right there what are you can follow the story of russia's fatal on our website of course parts he dot com to find out how the alleged undercover spy literally turned herself into a trademark after becoming a star attraction. and
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a russian love paraglider miraculously escapes the claws of death landing safely articulating with a vulture in the air that spectacular footage of a particle. party is coming to life from moscow. to show his pass the baton of the european central bank. draggy shows eight years as e.c.b. head took in recession and europe's massive debt crisis still rumbling on his successor is going to have to hit the ground running out of trouble claimer a professor of economics at erasmus university in rotterdam thinks it will be immensely difficult for the iraqi to handle the crisis. b.
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think that actually he will be more prince old even then and he will try to hold our very strict course holding on to it. assignments to control inflation. being reluctant to step in to sell her governments were excessive in its however we are seeing that the european central bank functions on the great political pressure no one knows what's going on no one knows who it is that solutions brought forward in the latest europe are will do their job there's a great deal of uncertainty and so it's very hard to tell how this guy this bank and credit will handle the situation. and maybe he will also do what creature do and take these what they call unusual steps to try to stem an almost inevitable crisis right now talking of
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a quarter past the hour here in moscow the occupy wall street movement now into its seventh week is drawing ever more university students into its ranks and they are frustrated by the record cost of student loans and high unemployment for many of them it'll mean a lifetime of debt that article as well other parts. they call it the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe a student debt is crushing the american dream for millions of students and college graduates it's this thing that eventually you'll have to kind of face but until then you kind of pretend it doesn't exist because if you did then it's it's a bit daunting vast majority of youth are only able to pay these pay for college and this year which burns for the first time in the u.s. total student debt has surpassed one trillion dollars now more than the nation's credit card debt this as unemployment amongst college graduates is at an all time high president obama recently announced his plans ease student loan debt we're going to make it easier for you to have one payment. at
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a better interest rate and this will pass it will cost taxpayers a guard but it will save you money and it will save your truck but his plan won't help millions of americans already drowning in debt and it excludes private loans which is where many students run into trouble due to their high interest rates move on dot org launched a petition's who eliminated student debt which has garnered over six hundred forty seven thousand signatures if you put more money into the people they're going to spend and that will create demand it will create economic growth and it will create jobs robert out obama says bailing out students rather than banks will stimulate the economy by putting more cash in the pockets of the educated middle class they're not starting businesses they're not buying cars they're not buy houses they're not starting nothing in other developed countries getting a financial education isn't such
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a financial burden you have free tuition in france. denmark and sweden finland they don't pay anything at public universities and when they do pay the price tag isn't as shocking as it is in the u.s. twenty one countries in europe for which we have data. is only for. or who have two is more than two hundred dollars compare that to an average of over eight thousand for public and over twenty eight thousand dollars for a private u.s. college as many cost much more the average schools are charging thirty five to forty five thousand dollars a year. and we myself personally i work at two universities and i net about. twenty eight thousand dollars a year and it's not getting any better over the past two decades to asia has skyrocketed over four hundred percent this year alone the pasta policy shot up over eight percent occupy wall street protesters camped out here and across the nation say this is yet another example of rising inequality and shackled to college debt
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for years and in many cases decades in washington liz wahl r.t. . and it's not just dissatisfied students people from all ages and walks of life are out on america's streets protesting against corporate greed in the face of a polling scrap down around one hundred activists have been arrested nationwide over the past three days as police attempted to ted down and remove to ten cameras in parks. and central officers in riot gear used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds eyewitnesses claim police thought manipulating evidence to discredit the protesters. showed up. ready for it you know before the chance went out at all totally armed to the chief and ready for war so to speak and they moved very quickly we do know that one protester the in fact the german army should cheer was shot for climbing the tree and those actually
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we found out afterwards were ever balls they're going on they're like people's filled with chemical agents not going to see in a few videos want to rest in particular where an officer drove his motorcycle into the crowd this one was kind. tweeted out by the right wing saying look at this guy ritchie up at this break we did a second most likely analysis of it you know. and you can clearly tell the gods here is the gentleman you see is propelled backwards then seems to interest rate because he jumps back onto his left foot and then in frustration he gives the founder a shot at which point also comes to control start ups off the brake just him down and ask lots. coming up here in our theater three pm g.m.t. max and stacey about to unearth some of the fundamental differences between the occupy wall street protesters and the big bankers they're so angry that here's a preview of the kaiser point. either politely protests around the world or you can
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scream and shout and get your way first headline here max bank stocks. you know we have a trillion something european wide bailout and the bankers were happy their shares soared so this is moral hazard times moral hazard it's a moral hazard to the answers degree and the worse you are paying back your loans the cheaper the interest rate gets and the more money you get i don't get that deal in other words let me explain something i say to her if i ever throw up into a bucket of vomit if i'm part of the top one percent i can take that to the fed and get a billion dollar loan as collateral but if i'm in the bottom ninety nine percent all i've got is a bucket to spew. because reporters are just over two hours from now here are but for the mean time in the world update here and i see some other international news headlines for you more
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than one hundred protesters have been arrested in the poll after staging a demonstration against chinese rule by the exiles gathered for a prayer meeting and began chanting and see china slogans and demanding independence for tibet the port is home to tens of thousands of the battles with origins say they will not tolerate any and see beijing protests. china has successfully launched an unmanned spacecraft from the gobi desert in the country's northwest it's expected to join another more do you all within days of some three hundred forty three kilometers above the earth's surface if successful it will be the first chinese docking in orbit and launch is considered a milestone in beijing's preparations for its own space station by the end of the. massive floods have driven thousands of people to high and dry aground in thailand's capital bangkok but the few residents who refuse to we've been suffering a lack of food and clean water for six days sandbags and other barriers have been
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used to try and contain the floods they've been caused by heavy monsoon rains and have killed almost four hundred people to try. russian police have arrested a giant picture during an authorized opposition march in petersburg this one couldn't fly away because he was just a man in a suit detained along with fifty others clearly human protesters pitching man is a regular opposition rallies but this was the first time he's been caged by police they've always struggled so you get the traveling they're bad before but manage to squeeze them in this time activists say the picture isn't actually part of their movement but sherry's are way. well time now for the business with kareena. so welcome to business here and actually thanks for joining me we go straight to
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our top story this hour global markets plunge into another round of volatile trading as uncertainty comes rushing back. as prime minister george papandreou unexpectedly called for a referendum on plans to bail out the country but last week european leaders agreed to hand out and one hundred thirty billion euro bailout and a fifty percent write down on the enormous debts in the referendum could be held as soon as next week. now for more i'm joined by. r.b.c. capital markets thank you for joining the program with i was so after what's happened in greece what the sentiment on the markets right now. but i think the general sentiment in the market has been a flight to safety the flight to quality this is this the brief relief rally we saw following the euro summit last week was short lived due to good lack of details coming out of the agreement and happened to use overnight announcement which caught
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not just the markets but i think all the european leaders in his own cabinet by surprise have driven that so we're seeing the equity markets are pretty my financials treasuries. german booms are all or have all come down and we're seeing increased pressure once again in the end of that sort of peripheral europe. now what will happen next greece rejects the bailout. well we don't know yet where do the greek people even get your eternity to just have a say and of on the build first there's going to be a confidence vote on the government on friday and even if they're to goose through . probably drew has already lost one for him piece of his majority started just to piece they're still question marks as to whether to be allowed to will see the light of day there are a lot of risks and. uncertainties which have just returned to before as a result of his announcement a greek hard to default is no longer out of the table there is question marks as to
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whether there will be continued trickle support for the program and you know if. people supposed to vote on a second program which still does have to be to afford but actually also how would leaders and private bondholders be agreed on those details if they don't know whether the government will be there to actually implement it or not but if the you know if the vote fails do you think greece would have to leave the euro. it's not it's not so much a question that greece will have to leave the euro but that possibility which was very close to zero has increased a little bit as a result of this announcement it was said before. last week's summit it was a serious hard line from european leaders saying there will not be a hard default coming out of greece with this announcement it calls into question as to whether that really will be the case in our greece has sizable redemptions that it has to meet a december for it requires the payment and it's not just the current tranche of
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truck a truck a family but also the subsequent trench and even then it's clearly could meet all speed limits and clearly this this announcement this is not going to help the sentiments of leaders in both washington and brussels when they make those decisions oh well let's just imagine that if the pope fails and greece does default will this raise some pressure on the other nation from portugal and italy. i think so i think this is definitely. the n.t. if you will in terms of building up the firewall so last week's agreement on the short and detailed short. perhaps as well and really what this means is there's a lot of pressure on italy on spain on portugal. to be fired one of different ways so there is a possibility even though we could see literally going to the i.m.f. for some sort of precautionary lending line in the next few weeks if if sentiment continues to deteriorate and well let's just get back to the markets for why it's just can you see any way in which can be returned to the markets before january. i
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think in the short term we're going to see a lot more volatility a lot more uncertainty a lot lot more seesawing as we have seen over the past week so fortunately. the reason for that is because with the grand plan that was announced last week there were still a lot of details to be ironed out there is still question marks as to how do you for certain everything would work in place as to how many private bondholders would actually sign up for the fifty percent. as to what the next bill that would look like as to how bankrupt our positions would work so even those announcements were really going to create a lot of uncertainty the market added to that now the renewed worries about the greek a must have political situation and we're in for a long ride again. ok r.b.c. capital markets thanks very much for sharing these parts with us on the program thank you thank you. and that's all we have time for in this in this edition of our business bulletin but i'll be back in about twenty five minutes with more.
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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from a realm for sure. we've dumped the future of coverage.
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wealthy british scientists and. sometimes the type of. market dynamics come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes cars are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.


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