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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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any sign these protests could turn ugly well no protesters say that they bring the spirit of the other protests that are going along around the world at the moment really they want to achieve their goals with gnome violence i mean it's really connected a lot of people which believed in the occupy wall street movement in america as well as the anti you are rallies that we're seeing in europe at the moment and people have really come across from all over the globe not just greece and spain to countries that are particularly suffering from the crisis here in europe but also from countries like canada have spoken to middle eastern people have come here especially saying that they're fed up with the way that capitalism seems to be treating with more attention is being given to bankers of finances than to people the other fish to organizations like leading trade unions also greenpeace here backing up these people now we've spoken to some of the protesters here's what they have to say. here because i won't say garrity people.
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because we don't trust in all these magical power. due to. the fact that a few people are just a few people that money in the world are just. running everything running all the people all the governors of states of this world that decided they own the world and they control what it should be we believe the people have their word should have their words not something to say. well daniel clearly there's going to be a big turnout of protesters so how have the authorities been preparing for these forthcoming protests around the g twenty. well the thieves that she quite chaotic i mean roads around here have been locked down and shut off to even local residents who needed but just to come in there's been a very heavy handed approach from police are on side streets here in reserve ready to really fight back if the protest does get violent but there's been no sign of that there's been a very peaceful march from put protesters across the town of nice of course they've
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been blocked from going to cannes where the g twenty summit itself will take place but really there's been a contrast between the reaction of the police with the helicopters overhead and the police sirens going all around the city and the preschool mulches they just want to get their message across. thanks very much indeed for that live report there from in the south of france more than you no doubt over the next few days thanks to well protests around the g. twenty meetings and nothing new but james midway from the new economics foundation told me earlier on to r.t. that this year demonstrators have a good chance of making their voice heard i think there's a chance the pressure on the g twenty will start a proof if not quite overwhelming but very very substantial mass pressure from all quarters all of the leaders meeting today no if they go back to their countries when the summit is over and and see populations increasingly discontented with the
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way they've been running the world in the way the crisis is being handled up til now i think what you're seeing in next is a reflection of that of course on the security precautions you know indicate just how little we just see this creep really hurts he should be so the world's leaders have to be going to great big steel framed seas or the police out and all the rest of it if they enjoyed legitimacy of the people they claim to represent so yes there is a huge amount of pressure on them and there is also i think the potential for change . live from moscow this is r.t. a little later in the program this hour what awaits the euro zone's rescue efforts after greece's prime minister stuns european leaders by calling for a national referendum on with a prefix want to be bailed out of the debt. but first israel has reportedly given approval for its military to take any action necessary to stop rockets coming from gaza after dozens were fired over the last week it could reportedly include a ground operation political blogger larry definite told me earlier that the attacks on israel come from minority groups out of the masses control. there's not
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that much happening there aren't that many missiles or rockets falling in israel at all relatively speaking there's not that much happening in gaza. but the main thing is the people who are firing these missiles from gaza are not calm us which is in control or relative or let's say the by default in control of gaza it's a relatively marginal group called islamic jihad jihad cannot fight israel unless. commerce felt that an israeli invasion were imminent commerce so far has never gone that far to say commerce itself will hold to a cease fire relative ceasefire commerce so far has not stopped these smaller groups from prior firing these rockets doesn't do that and. i don't see it doing that unless it was afraid of an imminent invasion. he's been rights groups say the number of revenge killings by revolutionary forces in libya is escalating sharply
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new york based human rights watch suggests that n t c fighters are terrorizing displaced residents of the coastal town of for supporting the old regime well for more on this i'm joined live by fred abrahams he's from human rights watch one of the authors of the report outlining these abuses fred thanks very much indeed for being with us here on r.t. so tell us what is happening in libya now just help out all of these alleged violent reprisals. well in some places the violence is. it's quite bad the town we looked out in was called and the militias from the neighboring town of misrata are terrorizing the people of to where they accuse them of having fought for qaddafi of having committed atrocities. in his name and you know the problem here is that the militias are not under the control of the political authorities the civilian authorities and vats the big challenge for libya going forward is bringing the many militias under
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a unified civilian command and that will help solve this problem do you think though the n t c could be capable of doing that or do you think there really is a real threat of the country slipping back into civil war. will the n.t. see leadership on a political level has been very good on this they condemn revenge they say libya is about building a future with human rights and the rule of law the problem is that the many militias hundreds of militias sometimes from just a neighborhood have many weapons now and they say look we fought we lost comrades in this battle and now we want to have a stake a seat at the table and bringing them under control will be difficult i don't think libya is facing a civil war but i also think there's going to be rough times ahead as we shift from the military phase to a political transition and trying to build the in a more democratic manner never the less should there not be still
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a military presence does the m.t.c. not need some help nato says and has indeed ended its campaign but is not a very good reason why nato should perhaps stay on after all its mission was to protect civilians. well i think that nato mission is essentially finished but that doesn't mean the international community is finished far from it you know this was an intervention to protect civilians there was a military action that caused this dramatic transition in libya so there is a responsibility now to make sure that the transitional works that the new libya is actually better than the old libya and that means the united nations first and foremost it means the governments that were active in the nato campaign france britain the united states it means arab states like qatar and all of them have to be engaged in helping lydia libya move forward in a democratic manner it will not be easy and they have the responsibility i suppose
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it is expected in the media aftermath of such or a tense and bloody time for the country that you are going to get a lot of tension and violence and indeed reprisals but with the promise of elections coming up in about seven or eight months time do you have any optimism that they could indeed be stability in the country in the near future. i have guarded optimism look people have deep grievances from four decades of tyranny just like after the fall of communism there is an emotion towards revenge and and cleaning the system of the no one club as it was called in the eastern europe and former soviet union so there is a lot of challenges but there is also hope because the libyans now want to build something better it's a small country they don't have divisions like in iraq of sunni shia and kurds and they have a lot of oil the oil could be a curse but i think in this case there is potential there is potential for libya to
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become something better something more democratic just what osceola our correspondents are reporting from tripoli saying that those speaking against the new transitional government to being persecuted of course we've heard about and we're talking about now those tensions in misrata and to go where we had these were part reprisals but why do you think the international community is is not really being kept informed on a much wider bases on the current tensions there is it something that the media and those who clearly that the western media is an issue that they want to brush under the carpet to say look this is been a successful revolution so far. well you know look there is definitely a trend to say we did the right thing meaning nato governments they want to say that this was a successful operation so there is a tendency to downplay the conflicts and the tensions now but at the same time in our discussions with them of some of these governments they're taking them very seriously because they know that this will cause problems in the future they want
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them addressed now trying to support the more open minded and democratic minded forces within the new authorities and to move libya in the right direction so there is concern and i think that governments are nervous about this these tensions their revenge and they're trying to to take steps to to quell it and clearly the likes of you human rights watch and they're monitoring the situation so keeping an eye for the rest of the international community to see what's going on there thank you very much indeed fred abrahams for sharing your experience and your views on what's happening there in libya at the moment thank you american troops may be pulling out of iraq but they're staying in the gulf region kuwait is top of the list of countries likely to take them in and that's according to the pentagon who said stability in the middle east is a priority jason ditz news editor antiwar dot com told me a little earlier that redeployment is a way to control the whole region. it sounds like. the united states is
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determined to keep forces in the way in the region and poised to launch attacks into iraq whether the iraqi government agrees to it or not kuwait as a likely place for keeping a lot of these troops they've been talking quite a while about the decision to put massive amounts of combat troops into kuwait much like they had before the two thousand and three invasion secretary of state hillary clinton said this was proof of an ongoing commitment to the future of the region but in reality it's an ongoing commitment to try to interfere in a region in which the us track record is far from stellar french president nicolas sarkozy has called in the margins the meeting with key ministers to discuss the potential for help from the greek crisis and also discuss the situation with the german chancellor angela merkel it comes off to greece's pm stunned european leaders by calling a national referendum on the latest by you know how to deal pitch a pony a financial advisor a wealth management told me that the biggest fear for the european economy lies in
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the possible snowball effect. the european way of dealing with things is to to fudge things to patch things up and to try and sustain things and delay dealing with the fundamental issues in my view the best the best option for the greeks is to default of course there is much bigger financial consequences for the for the rest of europe and for the rest of the world if that happens the big fear here is the snowball effect effectively greek defaults then you have to look at who actually owns the debt and that's principally owned by other sovereigns by the e.u. and by by the banks and pension funds and the consequences of that is that it would make the financial system the banking system much less stable and the worry is of the snowball effect how we felt the banks and then other european sovereigns and whether that would then lead to further defaults on
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a number of sovereign defaults at the same time and how many banks would be affected as well. we always welcome your opinion don't hesitate to log onto our website is r t dot com online all the time and then you can say what you think lies behind the greek prime minister's surprise decision to hold a referendum on the honda blog and rescue plan let's see how the result so far while forty percent of you think the greek prime minister has made a wise step population have their say twenty eight percent believe the move is just pure populism to quote protest sixteen percent say drew is looking for a part way to an honorable retirement and an equal part of you think that the decision is a knife in the back your reaction r.t. dot com. international atomic energy agency investigators say they've discovered a secret nuclear plant in northwestern syria it's claimed the complex has a similar design to a uranium enrichment plant moammar gadhafi trying to build in libya and there is apparently no evidence of nuclear production at the site which is currently used as
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a cotton spinning plant dr david hope and british antiwar activists has been telling me that it's the same old story that we saw with iraq here we go again the main feature text for invading iraq were weapons of mass destruction inspectors went into iraq for years unscom i'm told one of the tasks was referred to identifying defense installations in iraq. and making sure the physicians would learn my second thought is the labor of syria still holds on its lands the golan has bowl of cards a large. armor if it is ironic we should be talking about syria when the israeli nuclear armory has never been inspected. and the information war against syria stop funding and supplying weapons to the
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armed gangs claiming to be the opposition and lift sanctions against president assad's regime these are the demands put forward by damascus in exchange for implementing the changes suggested by the arab league the international body has urged the regime to halt violence and start dialogue with the opposition syria has more for us. the protests the government crackdowns and violence that continue to plague parts of syria the capital damascus is still largely sheltered from but beneath the calm many will remind you that in syria walls most certainly have ears the more but at the country's intelligence service has political clout in syria that's hardly state secret and says the unrest began in march protestors have accused them of violent interrogations for before i was chased and arrested by security forces in a very tiny cell to beat me severely damaging my back and be electrocuted and be accused of sort of receiving money for taking to the streets they said were agents
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of america and israel after forty eight hours of detention and torture it took all my money and belongings and threw me out into the street. sitting in cooley is a lawyer who deals with detention cases she says the influence of the security police extends even into the courtroom of the mohammad of we have three authorities in the country the legal authority of the legislative and executive but it is the security police who make the real decisions the court judge for their decision and i feel sorry for the judge because he is not independent. good he believes this constant state of fear is thanks to decades of living under the emergency law in place since one thousand nine hundred sixty three in two thousand and eleven assad repealed it to appease the regime protestors this man whose work for the more but after twenty seven years sustained gunshot wounds in what he says was an ambush by a group of terrorists we asked him about people's fear of the mob but not accusations that. are behind the violence detentions and torture. this is the wrong
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idea we're protecting our people but the terrorists shoot civilians and shoot us and then accuse security forces of doing such things accusations that we instill fear also wrong if this person has political activity without any intention of harming the country and he is free to do this and no one will chase him but if he has links with terrorists and works against the country naturally he will be brought to justice we pose the same questions to the deputy foreign minister you know it depends on the people you talk to if you ask me as a citizen of syria i have to do a different view i have never ever been asked by the security or anybody for something which i do those who fear are either people who take part in illegal activities or carry arms or put themselves in suspicious where's all this right here is a very open and colorful flights of syria but when it comes to talking about the security services like anywhere destroyed by country but here their presence is so
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widely felt that it's not quite possible to determine just what local feel is normal and what isn't. and when twenty percent of the population is rumored to be in the intelligence service it's no wonder many prefer to keep their voices down in the light of day but within a crowd that fear is temporarily forgot. yes i'll take to the streets again and again i'll raise my voice and all fear nothing and no one will want freedom of expression but we get nothing only bashar al assad and his security him and enjoy that as for us we are nothing why is that. our team. and with syria now at the epicenter of the arab spring we talked to author and historian if william engdahl on what or who he thinks could be behind the uprisings in the middle east and north africa that special interview coming up next and i'll be back with a summary of our main news stories about ten minutes from now stay with us here on
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r.t. . today we're talking to him and all the author of several books among them are gods of money wall street and the death of american century and he is also a political risk consultant so we're going to discuss several more several of the most burning our political and economic issues in the world today mr engel thank you very much for joining us to be here to start off basically a never
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a never before has the world faced so many economic and political problems all at the same time would you say that these conflicts which we're seeing today in terms of you are in the dollar situation and what's happening in northern africa and in the middle east do these conflicts feed off each other are they somehow related or not particularly what i see all these conflicts the decision to libya. the crisis with the dollar crisis with the american economy and the conduct of american foreign policy in the last period. is all part of a breakdown of an entire super power structure that was built up after being of the world war two and nobody in washington wants to admit just as nobody in britain a hundred years ago wanted to admit that the british empire was in terminal decline all of this is related to the attempt to keep this sole superpower not only intact
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but to spread its influence over the rest of the planet and that. not surprisingly much of the world is not too eager to see that so what you say that what's happening in the middle in the middle east or northern africa right now is basically an attempt on the behalf of the united states to keep its game up very much so the. plan was first announced by george w. bush when he was president just after the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three at a g eight meeting and it was called the greater middle east project and that project they they published a map of what they had in mind was the control and the. democratization as they call it of the entire islamic world from afghanistan pakistan down through iran syria. the persian gulf area the oil producing states there and across north africa all the way to morocco and the events the so-called arab spring had been
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planned years back and the instigators of those so-called spontaneous protests these twitter revolts in cairo and tunisia and so forth over the last months have all been. organized sid you asleep and some of the people leaders of the protests have been trained in belgrade in serbia by old poor activists financed by the u.s. speed department. this thing has state department and u.s. intelligence all over it. and why why are they doing this well two things in my view one. there is vast wealth in the hands of the leading circles in the arab world vast wealth sovereign wealth funds of countries like kuwait. and other countries but also just the resources and one of the agendas is to introduce as was done in the soviet union after nine hundred ninety one with
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the collapse of the soviet union the agenda of i.m.f. privatization free market economy and so forth so that western banks and financial agencies and corporations could come in and take the plunder the second agenda is militarily in places such as libya or south sudan the so-called republic of south sudan to militarize those oil sources that are directly strategic to china's future economic growth so this is all about controlling eurasia something zbigniew brzezinski talked about it back in one thousand nine hundred seventy s. famous book the grand chess game. and controlling especially russia and china and any potential cohesion of the eurasian countries economically and politically but as a result of. the so-called arab spring what can we honestly say that middle east and . northern african countries which have gone through with the changes have they
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really become more democratic gyptian tunisian friends of mine say that it's just the opposite the economy is in far worse shape libya had the highest living standard in all of africa before the bombing of nato today the country is in ruins because of those bombings not because of could offer. the economy of egypt is in dire straits the military remains in control they were in the military high command of egypt was sitting in the pentagon when the revolts kicked off and waited for a signal from the pentagon when to return and take control of those events so while the instigators of the conflicts turn seem to be you know the united states and maybe some of the european powers that you know look at libya will they be able to restore normality in these countries or is it not even in their interest i don't think they give a moment's thought to normality or normalization i think what their concern is especially the pentagon is military control the next step will be on this so-called
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transitional national council in libya is to have that puppet government give nato permanent basing rights inside libya something they never had before under gadhafi sudan some of the things defenseless unless they have nato forces in there the african is coordinating this the pentagon's africa command which is. interesting enough created just after china's two thousand and six africa diplomacy were forty heads of african nations were invited to beijing and enormous deals were signed with the chinese companies for oil exploration to build hospitals give soft loans everything the i.m.f. didn't do in africa in the last thirty years the chinese begin doing and that had enormous results for china and starting to thank you very much for your time.
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if you join is a very welcome this is in moscow top stories this hour focus on people not finance the message of thousands of protesters on the french riviera as it prepares to host the world's top leaders at the g. twenty summit. from one crisis to another the arab league reportedly persuade syria to end the violent crackdown on protesters just as u.n. investigators claim to have found a secret nuclear facility in the country. troops at the ready israel considers a ground campaign against gaza following an escalation in rocket attacks over the last week. so those are our top stories at the moment but with more often off and on the meantime we visit a remote set of russian islands where a population of just seven people live cheek by jowl with two hundred beds a documentary the shanta are islands braving the storm is next on. russia's fall at least the nikkei yalta.


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