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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize that everything is all you. are welcome to the big picture. i'm more or less for.
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the police corruption to. test nobody seems to know. that never appropriate to face but hardly argument that they're being overly dramatic. i did sign for showing how long tonight's program last time we told you about the violence of my oakland protest last week including police firing off an tear gas canister which left an iraq veteran critically wounded after people express their outrage at this man's situation and thousands came out on the streets the police right now but if the purpose of the turning point for the occupy movement so to produce separate reason to send you to find out what you have to say. last week you
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know rock war veteran protesting at occupy oakland was critically injured i hear gas canister and the blame seems to be on the police the mayor of oakland has publicly apologize the chief of police has also apologized and even gone to visit the injured man in the hospital with a straight play in oakland tomorrow the city is allowing employees to ask supervisors for the time if they want to attend and in san francisco the city board of supervisors are ready to approve a resolution that calls for no use to dislodge demonstrators in their city so how is the critical injury to occupy protester an iraq war veteran scott olsen brought about a turning point in this movement the emir said i think so the turning point usually happens when people start getting seriously hurt or killed barbara three g. are said the actions of the police in oakland have given the movement its flag to rally around zachary believes that the violence is itself a turning point he predicts that if several more incidents like this happen we will
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see people within the occupy wall street movement coming out of the woodwork as aggressors a lot of our viewers who wrote in seemed to feel that the violence in oakland is a turning point for the occupy movement and with the lessons learned by this incident let's hope that all sides can find a way to turn in the right direction because we all know there was no turning back . now as always we appreciate your responses and here's our next question for you know at home we've witnessed hundreds of arrests of occupy protesters all over the country from new york city in nashville you see cities and states use arcade legislation or passing around new laws to get it done but it's not anything we think of are losing our first amendment rights to free speech and assembly of americans if you respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and he has a response just like me on. this. the line will come down. so let's still flyers will be singing.
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well tonight we have yet another glimmer of hope surrounding debit card fees the five dollars debit originally proposed by bank of america is dead in the water just over a month it was proposed by the bank and met with the ire of everybody ranging to consumer groups congressman even president obama and last week we brought you the news that wells fargo and j.p. morgan chase announced that they would be abandoning their plans for the five dollars yesterday sun trust and regions bank and also they too will be giving up the feed and it reimbursing customers for all these incurred and today the bank that started it all announced that they would not be continuing with their plan for that five dollars fee which is i think a very rare victory for consumers but before i get too excited about this consumer victory over bank of america i do a few questions for the bank and when i originally announced the plan for a five dollars fee in september they claimed that he was simply economics work to do with the new regulations levy just part of god frank they would simply have to pass on that these to their customers and of story c.e.o.
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brian moynihan simply reaffirmed that banks quote have a right to make a profit now of course those opposed to operate a new banking regulations in general jumped on the new fee as an example the costs of regulations being passed on to the consumer and an editable result of trying to rein the banks in but if that was the central argument which is that if he's a civil response of the economics of the day and you regulate. well i would love to if you could explain to me what exactly has changed in the economics of the last two months other major banks deciding not to change the fee doesn't change the economics of the day this isn't change the new regulations in dodd frank what it does show us that banks are full of it especially bank of america who have the audacity to come out and make the claim the regulations the market levers and simply not greed made them create that the other banks are going to do is find consumers' fee. charged consumers be the excuse me as much as they can get away with and use any excuse that they can but this small victory for consumers also shows that people do have some power against the banks so they helped organize
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consumer groups the power of occupy wall street and also economic arguments of the banks are brought out in the open and exposed for the fraud that they are and i'd say that's a true glimmer of hope. now since the occupy movement began as a car park and spread across the country it's raised a lot of questions about just how far our freedoms of speech and assembly can really go we've seen city after city use obscure laws even passed last minute legislation to try and keep the occupiers from exercising those rights one of the latest examples being tennessee where legislators have passed a last minute curfew to make it possible to arrest protesters trying to camp out every night now a federal judge ruled in support of the protesters yesterday an a.c.l.u. they've taken up their cause but it's only one small victory so let's look at what other obstacles they see and still might see in the future discuss this with me as my creator says the editor at reason magazine and reason dot com mike thanks so much for joining us tonight let's start with just this example and trying to see where they just decided to say you know what we're just going to pass a curfew on
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a public space and say that you can actually occupy it is actually how far you know lawmakers city leaders are willing to go to try to suppress protest i think so to maintain order that's like one thing they might do it's also it's not particularly new i mean there are other things that you can't do in public spaces in the middle of a city that if you didn't have sort of if you weren't offering the umbrella of the first amendment you probably couldn't couldn't you couldn't generally start a fire or a cook or stuff like that and so those are the permits and the regulations that are being used now against protesters or generally just i think used against. you know people to keep parks clean and stuff but. you know while the first member says you know congress shall make no law abridging free speech right to assemble and all that stuff we know that's we know that's not true i mean we have federal agencies that exist solely to make laws that inhibit speech the f.c.c. regulations the f.c.c. the f.c.c. saying regulation apparently made big area of credit card consumers why this is i
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mean this is a good person as much as i love it like we don't get to practice it in full very often at all but what do you think some of the most ridiculous examples are that we've seen. you know throughout this occupy movement in cities and across the country i mean i remember reading about the men who were arrested for wearing guy fawkes masks in new york city because of some archaic law that you know didn't allow more than one person to be wearing a mask because of masquerade parties and god knows what here what else yeah i can't i can't point to anything that specific i mean in general the most disturbing thing i've seen is this idea that police in order to keep the peace or to prevent violence are actually trying to incite it and entire denies it i mean what we saw in oakland you know that was just absolutely horrendous and told me on necessary and i think reacting with violence or extreme force in anticipation of protesters acting violently is like pretty extreme in new york we've we've seen all over the place i mean we're going to have our fair it's really really peacekeeping is what
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you call it and york it's all over the place i mean they've gone from simply totally antagonizing the protesters to now that they're having these problems in zuccotti park with stuff like rape and assault and refusing to intervene at all so that's this it's old it shifts from location to location protester protests i think the overall ambition of most of the politicians and all the ones who have been sort of signed on or so that they support it is basically to try and get things back to normal as soon as possible well we've also seen a lot of mean for example if you like the open marriage inclined she was ok with the police tactics until we you saw an iraq war veteran scott olsen be injured by it here yes yes turn to you saw that because you know story that everybody latched on to and then suddenly she changed her mind and she supported and then she went visiting the hospital and so i'm just wondering you know do you think there is a big numbers or is it p.r. that finally my might save the day might get police to back down because at that
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same day two thousand people came out in oakland and the police backed down occupy . oakland p.d. said they were very confused about they released a letter today saying they have no idea what they're supposed to be doing the climate is all. the place i think what we're seeing across the country right now is police forces that are not trained for protest i mean when you think about it i mean a shining example for handling this stuff i shining maybe a bit strong but a good example i think is probably the metropolitan police department for the district of columbia there they're used to process they're used to large crowds that could cause damage often don't it could cause damage so we have police departments across the country who have no training for this whatsoever we have mayors of cities of all shapes and sizes who have no training for this whatsoever and who also like sort of don't like this government does not like this politicians who pretend to like it or say that they endorse it you know partly for covering their asses they're trying to stay in office and this movement is not going away some people say it will go away in the northeast because of the weather but it's not going away all of them are concerned about reelection all of them are concerned
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about what damage or medications could do to their image so i think for the most part we're seeing a lack of training and also a sort of attempt to co-opt the movement what would you say that our police officers are trained for this point they seem to have a lot of gear that makes them resemble the military very much they also have a lot of former veterans coming over from iraq from afghanistan and then are going into the police force and so then you have essentially war tactics being used. they are there they're trained to destroy i mean they're trained to suppress it's not i don't think it's an exaggeration to say that american police forces over probably since i mean at least since nixon to you know declared the drug war have definitely been moved towards becoming these like really efficient like the number of the city police department swat teams in the number of city police departments have all kinds of tact weapons it's gone through the roof there are extra curricular training that they might do i mean because swat is a voluntary commitment for most police officers really coveted one of the training
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that they're doing is for busting down doors it's for taking out suspects with as little resistance as possible they are definitely not being trained to stand back to use disk. rush in to sure they're not trained for any respect for the constitution because most of them violate the fourth amendment on a regular basis i guess hopefully we will start to see that change. if the movement continues on if it continues to gain momentum i think so much for joining us tonight thank you. congress hard at work away face time with their latest resolution i have on our full time segment and then happy hour that is the obvious obama e-mail by the g.o.p. in virginia go to far plus the insane way that a woman wanted to remember her dentist course i think.
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you believe the rest. but what a protest nobody seems to know. that never appropriate to face but i thought the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else and you hear sees some other part of it and realize that everything is or you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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i did sign for tonight's tools on awarding tonight goes to g.o.p. members in the house of representatives all the problems currently facing our nation the item on the agenda today in washington d.c. is a vote to reaffirm in god we trust as the national motto i kid you got this morning the headlines are splashed all across the web the washington post says social issues returned the forefront with the in god we trust resolution that lifetime's details of the planned resolution and of course fox news supports the idea with the headline the motto america needs right now i've got one tiny little question why the hell is this being voted on right now of all times and why the something the congress is even addressing after all in god we trust is actually already the us motto became the official motto back in one nine hundred fifty six that hasn't changed and as far as i know nobody is trying to change that so why do we need to
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reaffirm it's seriously is that a pressing issue but with this new resolution congress is pushing for the display of the motto in all public buildings meaning all public schools courts and other government buildings so not surprisingly that whole separation of church and state thing doesn't really mean all that much to g.o.p. lawmakers especially when there is a culture war to win and economic turmoil to distract from and i'm sure they will see all sorts of court challenges if in god we trust starts appearing in public buildings just like the lawsuits over displaying the ten commandments in public buildings a few years ago so maybe they're looking at this as a job creator could employ a few lawyers but tonight i've got a novel idea for congress instead of reaffirming in god we trust is the official motto of the united states why are you trying to earn the trust of the american people have you heard god know they don't really think all that much of you right now how do you actually do your job the current unemployment rate is nine point one percent if you go by the you six the real unemployment rate stands at sixteen point
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five percent nine some people are out of work maybe you could pass a jobs bill that might help the economy moving again but wait you did vote on that issue recently in the house and the g.o.p. said no to. president obama's jobs bill could have provided money for states to build repair roads and bridges along with tax breaks for businesses but because president obama wanted to pay for the plan by increases increasing taxes on millionaires the g.o.p. said hell no so democrats tried to send the bill through into a broken or broken into little pieces and the first part would provided funding for states to hire teachers cops and firefighters but again the g.o.p. said no so it's no wonder that recent polls that we discussed on the show have congress's approval rating in the single digits it's the main reason the president obama's labeled one hundred twelfth congress the do nothing congress as he seeks a second term. i have always open negotiations what is also true is they need to do something so bill the answer the question then is will congress do something if
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congress does something that i can't run against a do nothing congress if congress does nothing but it's not a matter of me running against them i think the american people will run them out of town. that's right the american people are hurting but g.o.p. lawmakers are simply choosing to do what they do best and that is to deflect deflect to defunding planned parenthood or a court or n.p.r. or in this case wasting it time and taxpayer money voting on the in god we trust model so for once again shirking responsibility is elected officials focusing on waging an exceedingly unimportant culture war that's why we're giving one hundred twelve g.o.p. and congress tonight's tools i'm more.
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hi guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening producer jenny churchill and mike riggs so see other reason magazine and reason dot com thanks for joining me guys and you all right so we all know that yesterday was a we hopefully you all enjoyed our hala we had a lot of fun doing it and so for the whole the we there's this banner that has a lot of people really really upset take a look at the depiction of president obama as a song with a bullet hole in his forehead was part of the illustration in an e-mail sent to members of the loudoun county republican committee asking them to help decorate a float for the leesburg how we break. it how obama with a bullet in his head looking like a zombie it also had nancy pelosi all disfigured a throng of flesh hungry zombie obama supporters and the the people of the loudoun county g.o.p. chairman mark cells apologize he said it was just a light hearted attempt to inject some tired humor into the whole we holiday and
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you guys thanks i i mean i recently was i think any time that you're saying g.o.p. . semi southern state obama golet hole in the ad. that's. why i didn't think i was going to upset people i mean it's like a flyer campaign that is basically just a series of red flags photoshop together really really well maybe it's more for the bolt hole of the been more comfortable i mean obviously they're not inciting like an assassination attempt or anything it was sort of in keeping with the season you seem skeptical. is the funniest thing right right right right. maybe because he was actually a zombie by the time he died but i don't know i just i feel like and again if this had been a white politician i probably wouldn't feel uncomfortable with it but yeah i don't know i guess i guess the race and the bothers me a little bit and i think that's often the answer but at the same time it's kind of like this was so unbelievably unnecessary you're going to develop something like this just for a newsletter to send out asking people to help with the flow. as it is the
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resources i don't know if they've got the money somebody on that team is a great photoshop or and they got they got the attention they got all the p.r. in the world that they wanted but i was there they like us airways or not ok very actually you know right now this could have been a lot smarter i mean based on the amount of money herman cain raise this morning after sort of singing about sexual harassment yesterday this could be great for the republicans. well they actually actually we in there now this next story is just like this just seems wrong in so many ways to look. this is actually a local woman who climbed inside the carcass of a dead horse without her clothes on to pose for pictures but there was more to all of this photos of the woman and her boyfriend holding what appears to be before she was hurt. so apparently they're not being charged. apparently she did
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it so she could feel one with a horse i don't think it was her horse it was her horse you story no that's really sure i don't know if it was her horse but the horse was old and it was being killed and they then slaughtered the horse to eat the horse and they did end up eating her and they did enough or so this was kind of like in the oh there's an empty carcass here i don't know what to do maybe i should climb inside and take pictures that was that moment do that yeah that made me sort of nauseated seeing that but i don't know like maybe they're just doing like this mishmash of cultures right you know the way you waste not want not use the whole animal plus star wars crawl inside it to keep warm i don't know but i mean there's memories a lot of time. totally her boyfriend to tell you that part of your memory is bad yeah we're just playing with what i think they're like from what i read to you now they're moving on to some other city where he wants to find another horse to do this with i was really confused because the same article that said that also said she just wanted this whole thing to go away and i was like you should produce you
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when you go away do you mean go to a different state and you are something. so i don't i mean yeah maybe like it you know those good software move on to the next one. i get like if i want to see a picture for you i could tell you margaret fellers i'm from kentucky this is a little much for me to hand it over so it was like a counterpoint would you be ok with you know we cannot marry horses you know i think that has been explored there actually and cal carcasses now i also have an affinity for crafts. i'm going to say no. i mean i was now can we just revisit that this is not a whole lot different i mean this is like an intermediate step between like wearing a dead animal on your body like for something you know so really you know it's ok i mean we're there for you to write aren't true that it. was you know it was we are getting real with it ok she's not ok you before you came on tonight he's actually
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thinking of you don't you know peter has to tell you just like this is just the intermediate step ok which is playing with a horse or whatever ok moving. or. robots take a look at the girl who can't go to school so the robots are. with this wire was called of ego the words teachers and friends can see and talk with her while she's safe at home controlling the ego from her keyboard. so apparently she has an allergy what was gary and so because kids come to school with their hands and types their desks you know drinks melkor and cereal. for breakfast mason scrambled eggs that may have a little milk in there. so you know a lot of. getting hungry. give me a break. that's according to the robot go to school for you i guess forget about
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you know going to prom or anything but am i the only person bothered by the fact that really preserving all these elements of the gene pool like a hundred years ago when i just had to like tough it out or get out you know i know i don't want anything bad to have got here i don't follow you very much i don't want to be like that man's eyebrows was but i would think about it like that like in the western world or just going through the roof it's really ridiculous i mean you know mike what do you stand well so how do we deal we ask why because allergies are going through the roof we ask what i can recall so no letter or no no no you are right that is all you have to say to get through this because it's completely took me away from i probably comment i was clearly i wasn't a typical what would be a nation of bubble boy there's something about this i propose kids in to walk around barefoot more often you know just stay out. there and i don't think that we would we don't know what we're eating half the time look i'm not a pretty disgusting i everybody thinks i'm
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a robot and that's the future we're moving towards a lot and i'm really worried about why don't you send a robot you want to send a robot in to do the most boring part of school sit in class you don't get to like go out for recess don't get to go to dances she thought of the social strata darwin is spinning it was ok i think it's going to have a big maybe even more weird there may have. in a u.f.o. sighting at an n.f.l. game watch this video and i'm going to show you a close up afterwards but watch closely. what do you say you have or you well you know we have feeling oh i think others are still holding. on with a little more of the track all right really well i don't know you know if you're in the are that's kind of like well maybe it's a go in the dark for israel or maybe the snow birds are saying that this is
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actually a bug that flew really close to the lens of the camera and the issue with that theory however as the middle spire they're clearly is behind it so how could it be close close to the camera lens behind the building i don't know i love you've explored this and. yeah on your website right. jim if you have. those your pose exist we just don't know what they are we don't know clearly a lot of the right there but i do like all of. you know you know this we're not saying it's an alien's we're not saying that it's military your welfare now is out there you know you just heard even more mysterious things on t.v. and by and it is a flying objects and it happen in front of tons of people just like the two thousand and six o'hare sighting ok if you could we went not to thanks for joining me tonight that's a good night so thanks for tuning in and making it back tomorrow as the baker is going to be on the program by wall street any legislation that might give them some
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of the cases they want any time just get a family a lot of show on facebook and all this on twitter penis anything you think you need to stop for actually want to fail and come here for next spring. i've. led mission free. education free lance for charges free to make amends free. brief periods life free.
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old free blogs just plug in video for your media projects a free media oh god party dot com. well slick. new the latest in science and technology from the realms rush. we've got the future covered. i.


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