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but. a woman in. it's a familiar scene thousands protesting against capitalism i am globalization and just ahead of the g twenty summit the people are making sure got the government hears them loud and clear the report from the alternative summit in these rounds. of the two twenty summit or movie but the fact that it's a very democratic system that doesn't allow for people's voice and that's a lot of what this is about. and those in france are not alone the occupy wall street movement stands united with the protesters so as demonstrations break out world wide as global unrest on the horizon. and it's
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a former administration that just keeps talking this time connelly's rice cuts up some tensions with the release of her memoir no higher honor so is the nature of politics eat or be down the line will be see the obama administration to each other out as well. it's tuesday november first seven pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching our t.v. the world's twenty most powerful nations are sets of gather in france and a couple of days of protests are already heating up outside the summit site today was day one of the planned four day demonstration thousands of protesters are in nice speaking out against globalization and capitalism france now trying to prevent a repeat of mass demonstrations turned violent unease back in two thousand when riot police and an estimated fifty thousand protesters clashed in the streets and
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r.t. correspondent daniel glacial is in the thick of the action and earlier i spoke to daniel here's what he has a sec. well what's really interesting here is that the protesters are getting smaller if you previous g twenty summit we've seen a lot of oil and a lot of provocation we've seen a lot of those with riot police and so on this time where actually seeing a very big contrast a lot of protesters around here at the moment as you can see it's really getting quite difficult in terms of the police reaction which is getting very heavy handed but by contrast the people themselves are getting small town they have a message they're very clear that they're tired of the capitalist system and they also want to see less attention being paid to the. from the protesters who are officially being backed up by organizations greenpeace trade unions other sorts of organizations whereas on the country the police are
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being very heavy handed they've come for greater numbers than we've seen in previous occasions so we're seeing the protesters really getting their act together and the police also getting very heavy handed in the response about a decade ago things turned violent on the streets exactly where you are now is there a feeling that the protests can ask escalate to that point again. well i'll tell you why not because the police have done everything to stop people getting anywhere in solmes of sensitive areas they've actually blocked off the whole of which is where the g. twenty summit will take place just a few minutes down the road from here but also here in east to seal the saud street police reserve ready should the protesters take a new route and decide to go to some of the sensitive buildings if you like the administrative areas for example the view which is sort of like the mayor's office but the protesters as i've been explaining of no really wanted to do that they wanted to get their message across in
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a peaceful way whereas the police have really come expecting boylan's and in fact they're having go to ok these protesters they're protesting against capitalism against globalization can you talk to us a little bit about more specifically what their message is what they're protesting against and what they want to bring to the attention of the world's most powerful leaders will be arriving there in a couple of. yes i call this an extension of really what's your thing going on in the states with the occupy wall street but also here in europe what i've been covering the anti euro movements and also the anti growing because of course europe just as in the us is really suffering under what's being called the black hole of bits and now the g. twenty protesters have been saying this for years they really feel that they've been vindicated now with the global protests that your previous speakers have been talking about something that they've been about for years is now crystallizing across the world but if you like this g. twenty summit really brings it all together you have the world leaders you have the
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finance chiefs who are really responsible will persist as a safe and not just the mess that's going over the moment so this really is something where the protesters can bring all those ideas together from all parts of the world america also the middle east you've got people from the middle east coming here saying really why you are attacking us why are you attacking libya when you really need to be saving that money from what we see for health care for education back home because we're seeing on our television screens you've got problems in your own backyard what are you coming to us from certain reasons when you should be dealing with the problems at home. and then you know this is a. proud task can you tell us maybe what to expect in the coming days. yes there's a lot of programs loaned out for the next four days in fact as soon as the g twenty summit will start in terms of also festivals and music because as i say the protesters want to get their message across they really coming across and saying we
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don't want violence the police are prepared for this sort of canceling us and trying to get us into areas where they want us to be but there's no low point we're not coming here for violence we're really coming here to get our message across as you say the anti capitalist really a message that is getting stronger here and that is what we'll be seeing over the next four days the protesters trying to get the media coverage that they're trying to get across but also just trying to bring it across to the people here in fact locals are quite angry with the way the police have responded because several locals have actually had to move out of the area because they need special budgets to get into their own hotels in their own streets so as i say there's a bit of a distance between the protesters who have a peaceful very first message to get across the police who are very heavy handed in their response. thank you so much for keeping us updated over there that was r.t. correspondent daniel bashar. and the g twenty protests come at the heels of the
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occupy wall street demonstrations that are going strong across the u.s. and around the world to rally share some of the same grievances both are speaking out against a system that favors a corporate only without the expense of the average person so how do the occupiers feel about things heating up outside of the g twenty are things on a starting a church and i had the biggest occupy wall street encampments and find out. from france to the u.s. from an alternative g. twenty summit in east. ok to occupy wall street in new york a lot of protests around the g. twenty summit and they are they about the fact that it's a very undemocratic system that doesn't allow for people's voice and that's a lot of this about to the biggest occupy camp in america stands united with the g twenty protests demanding. we're participation making decisions that affect everyone some of the objectives of the g.
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twenty nations make sense things like you know stopping global warming and you know stopping world hunger and all that these are things that everyone would be onboard with it's just the process the way that they go about actually making these decisions is the thing that people feel excluded from and rightfully so the protesters call for a total revamp of the system that they say excludes the ninety nine percent while those in power play dangerous games getting money they keep spending money they keep killing people and wars inequality across the globe is what keeps people out on the streets on both sides of the atlantic this is a really big crisis where they are living in such luxury and not sharing it and other people are just struggling to find somewhere to stay warm or to eat food and this is a huge discrepancy that all of our world leaders and in fact all of us should rise up and deal with this crisis g. twenty leaders are set to concentrate on ways to prevent a greek default and get europe through a crisis protesters want these to not just be quick fix bandaids on what they see
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as a broken system if they prevent these economies from failing and that would be a good thing i just hope that they would do so in a way that provides for a long term sustainable economy that if everyone hopefully they can look at all of these you know uprisings or occupations or movements across the world and take a cue from that and if they don't the mass movement of resistance i think still has a lot of potency. it happened in the middle east different location same goals as protesters in france are kept at a safe distance from where the leaders are gathering global demonstrations against wealth inequality and financial irresponsibility are unified to have their voices break through to those in power and party. and for more on this i spoke to charlie mcgrath founder of wide awake news dot com to start things off i asked him if you could draw some parallels between both movements take a listen. you know it look the whole world is protesting and whatever name they
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want to call it you know as i was on your program here last week i talk about i don't consider a difference between the occupy movement and the true spirit of the tea party movement so whatever they call it you know if they're going to protest outside the g twenty and call themselves g twenty protestors or they're going to call themselves occupy protesters the root of all these protests is the same these insanely greedy banks terrors and their financial base capitalism that has led the world to the brink of a sovereign debt meltdown completely by design so all the all the juggling going on right now one of the people interviewed talk about trying to fix the european debt but make the economy sustainable this is an absolute joke there is no goal in mind for the people of europe the goal is to save the banks inside of your financial institutions inside of europe so you know whatever the label there protest i'm just happy to see people are waking up to the fact that they have no representation it doesn't matter if you call yourself
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a republic or democracy or dictatorship we all have the same level of representation which is if we are fat with cash we have the reserve representation if we're not if we're the ninety nine point nine percent we are just told to take it and we're seeing some of these new pictures here on our screen. as you sat at the g. twenty the protests outside of the g. twenty had occupied last week when they share this similar message protesting corporate greed do you think you have these protests that receding and france now could help to strengthen the. absolutely yeah the g. twenty these gain of twenty or whatever you know whatever financial group comes out next to talk about saving the world's economy every single time they do this you know if you cure at least a hope in ism of the cure has a shorter and shorter shelf life you know it's just logged an initial return we spent trillions of dollars to build the financial terms and we're. gets one percent g.d.p. people we spend one hundred six hundred billion dollars a quantitative easing we
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get a half a percent g.d.p. the law of diminishing returns the same thing applies with hope to ms and they're going to get together they're going to talk about some kind of deal that's going to see greece and the rest of europe and we'll get a run up in the stock market we got it for four days on this last one so my anticipation is the next one will be a few days but the realization is these bankers have to be held accountable for what they've let the world right know they need to be accountable plunging the world into debt and tell we hold accountable these bakers and perp walk some of them some of which are right here on the country we will never have any kind of justice or any kind of sustainable economy we have to start over again one planet or this cabal of globalist elitist bankers have to be brought to justice and surely you know as i'm sure you've heard one of the biggest criticisms of the occupy wall street movement is that they don't have a clear demand are a clear message they are making runs amanda and this in relation to the g twenty
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summit they're calling on the g. twenty leaders who impose a so-called on grab and high tax on financial transactions it's a one percent tax proposals for members of the e.u. many countries are against us what do you think about that proposed tax. that i don't think that would do any good to go after you know leave that leave the criminals in place but we're just going to tax them a little bit one percent on their transactions isn't going to save the world you know in the united states alone from two thousand and seven and now we've nearly doubled our national debt if you thousand and eight we president bush said we're going to suspend free market capitalism in order to save it and then president obama marched right down the same road saving the same too big to fail so the notion that we can tax our way out of it even going after the rich it isn't going to work we need to turn these financial institutions and what they deserve to be right now which is utilities we've already paid for all these coverings the fact that we're getting headlines today. but people like joan corps i former governor of
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new jersey former senator of new jersey former head of goldman sachs and is now involved in the complete bankruptcy of f e m a global. and we find out that he's using his own clients' money mixing it in with the company's money shows that the crushing still continues the greed is still out there nothing has changed so what percent tax you know that sounds well and good but we need to get rid of the current system we have we've bought and paid for it let's turn it into a utility ok right and you're saying that that's not that's not enough and you know we're seeing these demonstrations occupy wall street across the u.s. across the world now thousands more in france what is you know they have a similar message what is happening and now in the world that we are seeing this global uprising protesting against the economy against the political and financial system. well what's happening i think is we've had
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three half years you know where people in the light the light switch went on three and a half years ago when the credit crisis occurred around the planet or and everybody on this planet has a form of representative government or at least thinks they do has been told for the last three happy years just give us a little bit more time give us a little bit more of your financial trees are pretty don't let us suspend our constitutions a little bit so we can save the economy and then we realized that unemployment isn't getting better we realize that the the too big to fail banks are not getting smaller and less systemic they're even larger and more systemic so i think this awakening we see is people just absolutely having enough and when you when you talk about the people who are in the streets now we're seeing more and more you in the west take to the streets because they realize that their financial future has literally been stolen from them and you know some statistics point to exactly that fact when eighty percent of the kids graduating in two thousand and eleven need to go back home and live with mom and dad because they don't have a future we turn the country into nothing more then a police state where we're waging war around the planet to try to keep the economy
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going to cheap oil and the powers that be are going to continue to do everything they can to keep status quo that's what you'll see talks about forty one percent taxes here are pulling back and clawing back said well this is there but the reality of it is intel we have true change in the financial system make them utilities rather than these for profit kid teams we don't have any change that is that will lead to a sustainable economy on this point charlie thank you so much for your thoughts on this balance founder why don't rank news and dot com autonomy graph. and while americans are fed up with the good with government corruption it seems the former white house administration has no problem shedding some light on that misconduct former secretary of state consul is a right as dishing all the dirt of what really happens behind the scenes during the bush administration her memoir released today reveals a strained relationship with former vice president dick cheney as well as former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld and rice is now more in titled no no higher
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honor a memoir of my years in washington rice admits tensions ran so high that it forced her on the brink resigning so what goes on behind closed doors in washington earlier i posed that question to ross baker added or who what why dot com and he is also the author of this book right here family of secrets the bush dynasty here is his take you know in every administration you have exactly the same thing there are always disagreements and then people leave you want to make their mark they want to be the. the best it's ever been since they've done it is you know. if you can sneak through times really get really hard to get anything in there of interest the primary idea is that condi rice is not as much of a hawk as cheney and rumsfeld and that you really didn't have as much influence as they did and that's hardly surprising because she was running largely as
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a kind of figurehead in a sort of a representative of bush's father's group who are much much more cautious. about foreign and military policy and congolese are right she writes about the secretary of defense kind of degrading her and sarcastically calling her a bright and is it surprising that this kind of bickering and name calling goes on in the white house. you know why it goes on in every institution what i find so disappointing is that the american corporate owned media all over. the it's always make a big instead of doing the job they ought to be doing which is asking the basic questions of why did the united states go into iraq in the first place those are the real stories condi rice is not saying you'll notice she's only sort of pumping up these little disputes and then she says but actually i respect these guys anyway so you know you have to ask yourself what's the bottom line here is very very
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disappointing that the american media doesn't feel any kind of deeper probing and to these things. and it rusts over with all the as that they you know she's revealing all these things that are at that are happening there behind closed doors i mean and some of it gets pretty nasty. is this the nature of politics to insult those you work with is that just the way it has the name of the game. i mean i think it depends on the personalities i don't think anybody would save it dick cheney or or don rumsfeld they're particularly nice people they're awfully blunt and focused on their objectives so i don't think that that's so surprising i think the same kind of thing is going on right now with the obama white house some of it's about personality some of it's about strategies but the reality is that foreign policy of united states is not necessarily get created by any of these people it's dictated by other institutional players that are always behind the
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scenes particularly of course the corporate establishment wall street and corporations and their tremendous been doing a tremendous profit centers and in military contracting business i'm told the story i've read it i believe the right would tell has been growing. and that was ross baker investigative journalist and author of the book family of secrets the bush dynasty and syrian authorities have reached a final agreement with the arab league this following the arab league's demand that tanks be pulled off the streets and a dialogue be established with the government opposition president assad had stated earlier that he would only be open to talking to parties that had no legs to foreign powers or what he called terrorism some three thousand and counting have been killed since violent clashes between protesters and government security forces erupted in nearly a month ago arts he's a test arcilla reports from damascus. the protests government crackdowns and
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violence continue to plague parts of syria the capital damascus is still largely sheltered from but beneath the calm many will remind you that in syria walls most certainly have years more but at the country's intelligence service has political clout in syria that's one of the state's secret and says the unrest began in march protestors have accused them of violent interrogations. before i was chased and arrested by security forces in a very tiny cell p.p.t. severely damaging my back and me electrocuted and refuse the soul of receiving money for taking to the streets they said were agents of american israel after forty eight hours of detention and torture they took all my money and belongings and threw me out into the street. to go. sit in cooley is a lawyer who deals with detention cases she says the influence of the security police extends even into the court room mahathir mohamad up we have three
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authorities in the country the legal authority of the legislative and executive but it is the security police who make the real decisions the court judge with for their decisions and i feel sorry for the judge because he is not independent. and could he believes this constant state of fear is thanks to decades of living under the emergency law in place since nine hundred sixty three in two thousand and eleven assad repealed it to appease and usually protesters this man who's worked for the more but after twenty seven years sustained gunshot wounds in what he says was an ambush by a group of terrorists we asked him about people's fear of the mob but not accusations that they are behind the violence detentions and torture. this is the wrong idea we are protecting our people for the terrorists shoot civilians you shoot us and then you security forces are doing such things accusations that we knew fear also wrong if this person has political activity without any intention of harming the country and he is free to do this and no one will trace him. if he has
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links with terrorists and works against the country naturally justice we pose the same questions to the deputy foreign minister you know it depends on the people you talk if you ask me as a citizen of syria i tell you a different view i have never ever been asked by the second what if or something which are those who fear either people who. are illegal activity or carry arms or put themselves in suspicious words or this right here is a very open and colorful flights of syria but when it comes to talking about security services i can see where it is probably by entry but here their presence is so widely felt that it's not quite possible to determine just what local feel is normal and what isn't. and when twenty percent of the population is rumored to be in the intelligence service it's no wonder many prefer to keep their voices down in the light of day but within the route that fear is temporarily forgot oh
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yes i'll take to the streets again and again i'll raise my voice and i'll fear nothing. one freedom of expression but we get nothing only bashar al assad and security enjoyed it as for us we are not used to. our team. and syria might not be the only country having problems keeping its act together as i cannot and political turmoil continue our around the world what all other an historian believes the current state of affairs might be a sign that the us might be at the beginning of a collapse so are we seeing the end of an empire artie's arena delusional sat down with mr and dealt its heart a little bit about the u.s. and its standing on the global political stage second lesson. never before has the world faced so many economic and political problems all at the same time would you say that these conflicts which we're seeing today in terms of curing the dollar
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situation and what's happening in the northern africa and the middle east these conflicts feed off each other are they somehow related or not particularly what i see all these conflicts the decision to move by libya the crisis with the dollar crisis with the american economy and the conduct of american foreign policy in the in the last period is all part of the breakdown of an entire super power structure that was built up after the end of the world war two and nobody in washington wants to do it just as nobody in britain a hundred years ago one of the big that the british empire was in terminal decline all of this is related to the attempt to keep this sole superpower not only intact but to spread its influence over the rest of the of the planet and that. not surprisingly much of the world is not to me you can see that so when you say that what's happening in the middle in middle east or northern africa right now is
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basically an attempt are not of the behalf of the united states to keep its game up very much so the. plan was first announced by george w. bush when he was president just after the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three and he g eight meeting and it was called the greater middle east project and that project the people he published a map of what they have in mind was the control and the. democratization as they call it of the entire islamic world from afghanistan pakistan down through iran syria. the persian gulf area of the oil producing states there and across north africa all the way tomorrow. and the events the so-called arab spring had been planned years back and the instigators of those the so-called spontaneous protests these twitter revolts in cairo and tunisia and so forth over the last months have
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told been creepy organized to the situation in some of the people leaders of the protests have been trained in the belgrade in serbia by old poor activists financed by the recipe to prop. this thing has state department and u.s. intelligence all over it. and why why are they doing this well two things in my view one. there is vast wealth in the hands of the leading circles in the early world vast wealth sovereign wealth funds of countries like kuwait. and other countries but also just the resources and one of the agendas is to introduce as was done in the soviet union after nine hundred ninety one with the collapse of the soviet union the agenda of i.m.f. privatization the free market economy and so forth so that western banks and financial agencies and corporations could come in and take the plunder the second
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agenda is militarily from places such as libya or south sudan and help the so-called republic of subset and to militarize those oil sources that are directly strategic to china's future economic growth so this is all about controlling eurasia something's bigger brzezinski talked about it back in one thousand nine hundred seventy s. famous book the grand just get. and controlling especially russia and china and any potential cohesion of the eurasian countries economically and politically. well for more of our if you sit down interview with author william and don't go ahead and visit us online at our team dot com well that does it for now for more of the stories we covered go to our dot com slash u.s.a. and check out our youtube page it's youtube dot com slash art see america you can also follow me on twitter at less well be right back here and thirty minutes is what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to
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break through get through to be made who can you trust no one. is in view with the global mission of the region where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called sessions when nobody dares to ask what we do r t question more. you just put a picture of me when i was like no new years old and then she told the truth. i am a total ghetto and i was so proud because he is sick and tricks. he was kind of the jester. i'm very proud of the world without you its place.


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