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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 12:01am-12:31am EDT

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financial system reinforced with the global occupy movement demanded governments focus on people more than corporations so if you daniel bushell reports this time leaders will find it even harder to ignore the outcry. g twenty host from says it wants this summit on its picturesque mediterranean coast to reflect the importance of emerging nations in the world but this financial crisis deepens in both the u.s. and european union economists self interest behind that noble claim to involve more rising economies is really to try to convince those rising economies to put money on the table. and sustainable currency union of europe in the first place developing countries which still the west quick to back civil unrest among their population they now see those same western countries coming down hold on public movements in the room backyard and she was like to describe double standards in the primary powers within the g twenty the united states germany britain france the
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real dominant economic and military powers they want to show a world order and a system of states that still has stability when in fact there is instability this summit is an attempt to put a shining face on what is really a failed system there's a scene of chaos not just from the side of protesters but also from the police because there is helicopters overhead at the moment you can hear police sirens so there's police really have mounted this military style operation to shut down and stop any of the protesters going where they don't want them to go one former diplomat says western leaders can't continue to just block criticism this whole idea that. they can simply ignore popular protests against what's happening could come back to bite the leaders of the g seven energy twenty summit this protest different from summits of the post was billed jim's dicksee of the latest western bank to get bail dealt with public money growing numbers here worry there's something fundamentally wrong with the current set up we have basically
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a financial system where corporations and financial institutions are able to write themselves favorable legislation quid pro quo. corporate lobbyist police roadblocks demonstrate just gets in from the nearby town of cannon with the g. twenty takes place but it's becoming ever holder to stop world leaders hearing the voices of protest then you see in these fronts russia's leader will be among the presidents taking part in a summit in france r.t. caught up with his aide arkady dvorkovich ahead of the event and he told us he thinks is important for leaders to have a chance to come face to face. without this kind of direct dialogue and the country . could face much more difficult consequences so financial turmoil that happened in two thousand and eight in your phone conversations are too formal for those kinds of decisions especially given the differences in. the traditions
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in fuel. various nations let's take united states and china for conversations that do not help they need to talk to each other that have to to teach some kind of compromise and global issues. greece will hold a referendum on the latest belo deal calls by the country's prime minister have gotten unanimous support from his cabinet george papandreou as announcement stunned european leaders and plunged the world's markets into the red you know it was a shock to the greek government was some members calling for the pm to resign marco peter pollie a financial adviser with r.m. wealth management says if greeks vote against the bailout deal it could signal the end of the eurozone. this may well finally bring it to a head i think the europeans have been patching things up and patching things up and it's now getting to to crunch point and the deal that was reached last thursday
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was was a nothing deal really because it doesn't address the fundamental issues that there is too much sovereign debt in the u. and it's unsustainable in my view the best the best option for the greeks is to default of course that there is much bigger financial consequences for the for the rest of europe and for the rest of the world if that happens but if we're talking about what is in the best interest of the greek people then then then there's probably the best outcome but effectively greek defaults then you have to look at who actually owns the debt and that's principally owned. by other sovereigns by the e.u. and by by the banks and pension funds and the consequences of that is that it would make the financial system the banking system much less stable and the worry is of the snowball effect and how they would face the banks and then other european
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sovereigns and whether that would then lead to further defaults and a number of sovereign defaults at the same time. remember on our website r.t. dot com we're asking what you think lies behind the greek prime minister's surprise decision to hold a referendum on the bailout deal here's how things stand right now nearly forty percent think the greek prime minister is made of why step two of the population have their say about a third think the move is pure populism to quell protests the rest. of the decision is. looking for a pathway with honorable we're tired. of you can watch our latest business border to find out how the markets will react to the approval of the bailout deal referendum that's coming your way in about fifteen minutes. we have greece already up to its neck in economic and political turmoil it seems yet another crisis could be around the corner coming soon we report from athens where an anti immigration sentiment is reaching boiling point adding to the existing mood of austerity anger and desperation. but first the u.n.
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nuclear watchdog says it's discovered a secret facility in northwest syria matching the design of uranium enrichment plant the findings every suspicions that the syrian government may be trying to produce nuclear arms but there is no evidence that the building that resembles a textile plant has ever been in operation situations led some experts to draw comparisons with the w m d a allegations that led to the occupation of iraq here we go again the main streets exploring the aging iraq with weapons of mass destruction well if i was president assad i would be rather worried about letting anyone stick his in because the inspectors would into iraq so he is unscom i'm told one of the six walls of identifying defense installations in iraq's ended and making sure the positions with my second school which is. the syria still holds on this lands the golan has comes
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a lot. and the weapons to diseases to some thousands of miles it is ironic we should be talking about syria when the is really very has never been inspected turn now to libya where newly elected prime minister says protecting human rights will be the top of the government's agenda but his statement is in contrast to some activist claims that n.p.c. fighters are terrorizing displaced residents of a coastal town once loyal to gadhafi for abrahams with human rights watch says current atrocities are being downplayed by the libyan government to end some nato nations. well in some places the violence is quite bad the town we looked out in was called to where gaza and the militias from the neighboring town of misrata are terrorizing the people of to where they accuse them of having fought for qaddafi of
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having committed atrocities. in his name and you know the problem here is that the militias are not under the control of the political authorities the civilian authorities and vats the big challenge for libya going forward is bringing the many militias under a unified civilian command and that will help solve this problem there is definitely a trend to say we did the right thing meaning nato governments they want to say that this was a successful operation so there is a tendency to downplay the conflicts and the tensions now but at the same time in our discussions with them of some of these governments they're taking them very seriously because they know that this will cause problems in the future they want them addressed now trying to support the more open minded and democratic minded forces within the new authorities and move libya in the right direction so there is concern and i think that the governments are nervous about this these tensions
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they're revenge and they're trying to take steps to to quell it as libya and the wider region undergo drastic change r t will continue examining the role of foreign intervention in the arab spring. well. protect. the league's founder julian assange will learn later wednesday the verdict in his fight against extradition to sweden over allegations of sexual misconduct denies
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the claim saying they're politically motivated r.t.s. laura smith reports from london. the moments of truth is approaching the julian asked soames is he learns here at the high court on wednesday whether a judge will order him to be extradited to sweden to face questioning the sex of the still how the case since that's own and the swedish prosecutor have vowed to take the case to the supreme court's if it does go to the sea point because it's like me that the entire basis that the european arrest warrant under which people can be extradited to the e.u. countries to face questioning with very little evidence will be put under scrutiny many in the u.k. would welcome that so if the judge rules out further appeals one of two things will happen could be step three immediately off to eleven months living on district bail conditions pull his feet might not touch the ground he could be extradited to
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sweden within the team days only the way his life is under threat which he didn't crippling financial trouble and maybe forced to close in the new year. will stay with us here on r.t. still ahead india's revolutionary fighters move from the jungles to the big cities . the maoist argue that the arrival of multinational companies here is that actually cause a further divide between rich and poor we look at how after a twenty five year long fight against the government indian communists are ready to take up arms to combat globalization. but first israel's reportedly told its military to take any necessary action to stop rockets from being fired into gaza it's a move that could lead to a ground operation and it comes after dozens of missiles were fired into the jewish state last week political blogger laurie derfner says the attacks on israel come from minority groups that are out of hamas his control. there's not that much
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happening there aren't that many missiles or rockets falling in israel at all relatively speaking there's not that much happening in gaza. but the main thing is the people who are firing these missiles from gaza are not calm us which is in control or relative or let's say the by default in control of gaza it's a relatively marginal group called islamic jihad jihad cannot fight israel unless the list comus felt that an israeli invasion were imminent cama so far has never gone that far to say hamas itself will hold to a cease fire relative ceasefire comments so far has not stopped these smaller groups from prior to arriving these rockets doesn't do that and would not and i don't see it doing that unless it was afraid of an imminent invasion. remember those are always more if you discover at r.t. dot com here's what's a click away right now. fighting for their rights former liquidators of sure noble nuclear disaster trying to force their way into the ukrainian parliament protesting
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planned cuts to their benefits. and amazing miracle landing a plane carrying more than two hundred passengers belly flopped on the runway after its lending their help to deploy check out the footage in full on our website our team dot com. greek sort of vote for the e.u. bailout deal as soon as possible and the country's economy teetering on the brink of collapse austerity hit public struggling with poverty and unemployment and other frustration also being taken out on the immigrant population as r.t. sarah for ports. on the streets of greece protests have become a common occurrence this gatherings not one of the usual demonstrations this is an
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anti immigration rally aspersion athens it's really a dangerous time for refusing in the last three years illegal immigration into europe increased in particular has skyrocketed as the greek economy has plummeted the crisis has led to unemployment poverty creasing to a lot of people not being able to make ends meet face to these tough economic conditions it's not just extreme factions a society that has seen a rise in the current sentiment but every day greeks he faced with exceptionally tough social circumstances have begun to the point the finger of blame. it on the club on the streets of athens has now become a kind of limbo for illegal immigrants who are struggling to make money and to survive even second generation immigrants who've lived in the country many years feeling the tension we've come to one of greece's neighborhoods of the dangers
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a first high immigrant population the local park here has become isn't mine a battleground. on the course we had to close the pork because it was overrun with immigrants no one could cross the course everybody was scared and no group of people could come here it was not a playground anymore. children are now forced to play their games here outside the closed gates of the part of the best area with a name the dangers say whether or not the threat is real the fairness neighborhood certainly is it's definitely contrition issues and getting yesterday's initial because it's a symbol of fear yeah baby leave me thinking that the place is not good because of the immigrant in many areas of the world they close these things after midnight after night night out there. to go would be opening them up in the daylight and close in the night but because like the weather to the bank i don't see the reason
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but is the year a crisis continues ethnic tensions have been growing eating to an extremely volatile and sometimes dangerous situation we couldn't we couldn't go out of our house out of our house at the nighttime. we operated to go there greece is a country now in the midst of not just a financial and economic crisis but immigration crisis to the chilling to find a way to rebuild say showcase he's in here is no easy. emigration praised the ethnic tensions here in the city didn't see any becoming more and more of a concern that they happened. to notice some other headlines making stories making headlines across the globe two trucks carrying explosives were set off in southwest china killing seven injuring more than two hundred fifty people rescuers have already wound up operations to search for survivors and retrieve the dead local authorities mobilized almost thirty ambulances to rush the injured to nearby
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hospitals an investigation into the cause of the blast is underway. the condition of a cargo ship stranded on a new zealand reef for nearly a month has worsened authorities say they're preparing for it to break apart crews have been in a stop start a race to remove the oil from the vessel to keep it from leaking into the ocean more than a thousand tons of the stuff had been removed before bad weather halted efforts sunday the vessel spilled more than three hundred fifty tons of oil into the sea damaging the coast and killing wildlife in the area. urging change a growing maoist group in india wants multinational companies out as globalization is causing a widening gap between rich and poor in the country as artie's preassure to reports a revolution could be brewing and possibly spill into the streets. these are the images people recognize when they think of india as maoist rebels for almost twenty five years the group has attempted to overthrow the government using violence and
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intimidation to turn india into a communist society in their eyes the government is not taking any interest in the indigenous people of rural india and is actually displaced the population from its mineral rich land for development projects the government has called the maoists the single biggest security threat to india and its hold them responsible for displacing and killing thousands of civilians. but far from the jungles of india a new maoist revolution is brewing the maoist argue that the arrival of multinational companies here is actually caused a further divide between rich and poor they want to stay in india without the presence of quote unquote dominating western companies where everyone has access to basic right meet var of our rao the brains behind the uprising the highly educated man is in most senses the opposite of his counterparts in the jungle armed with
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a pen and paper and sitting in his relatively modern flat in hyderabad rao is seen as the intellectual leader of the maoists and a voice for a growing group of indians against globalization if the investment is from the. engine companies and. the monday edition of the hyderabad is a symbol for many indians of the countries booming economy and presence on the global stage the city has the biggest microsoft research and development office outside the united states and is home to several major multinational groups i.t. firms and bio pharmaceutical companies and for many in the city the presence of foreign firms is welcome yeah providing us the opportunity and we wanted to get to do a lot of getting to. that getting to is being used by the m.n.c. but if they're not using a video going to be stared at boarding different obligations for needs like
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a small market says be a medium should deliver would only occur because of corporate companies educated people are getting more jobs they can earn more money within short periods of time with dignity but the maoists aren't convinced that modernization means a better quality of life for everyone those who did not get the fruits of this globalization that then could be faster and lundy their genin grievances are not addressed and cited all in all of us including middle class who are sitting idle while most indians are convinced that communism is the answer many agree that india needs to find a way to improve on its own. that dear think that india has such a rich who do these sorts of minerals. all of whom on science and technology has probably been human resources that we can produce and
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if we are not depend on him and us it is immense is who need india while they watch the uprisings around the arab world they believe it's the sub continents turn to demand change preassure either r.t. hyderabad india news up next with helium after a short break stay with us. i'm discovery to be. communicated with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without the sky. and
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of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. between earth and the sky on our. hello and a very warm welcome to the business news global markets continue their march into the red as greece's recent call for a confidence vote and referendum raise doubts about europe's latest efforts to stem its debt crisis the decision was supported by the conscious cabinet with a vote of confidence expected to be made on friday but a weston at the tone believes greece is playing with fire and could get badly burned. i think it was the grease obviously with. the leadership now putting this to a referendum is playing with fire i think it's inevitable given loose thirty measures
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and the unpopularity that you see from the report relation i can't really blame them for doing what they're doing but it is playing with fire and we might have a solution to the crisis more quickly than otherwise expected because clearly these players have been pulled all the inevitable default right now their position is if you look at the opinion polls in greece they would vote no and that's probably a quicker move towards towards a default whether that's a good solution or a bad solution totally up to how they actually exit. let's have a look at the market's reaction now oil prices are in the red and worsening concerns about figures own and we global economic data pointed to the slowing why it was trading at around ninety one dollars a barrel while brown just below one hundred nine dollars. asian markets are also heading down with the nikkei one point seven percent in the wretch strongly worsens the losses of japanese exporters can make us honda and mazda both have
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a four percent in the red this hour and financials are among the main retreat as in hong kong with both h.s.b.c. and bank of china losing over two percent. and here in moscow the trading session will kick off in about two hours time on tuesday the russian markets had their steepest today drop in a month or test most five percent while the mindsets close just under three percent in the red alexander rifkin from metropole says news from greece will once again rule the roost on wednesday. after years of this correction i would say that we have to concentrate on news coming from europe because in the still so basically looking over the use. potential results of the problem solution we see different sources. but most of the water is going towards saving one. despite that we also from other sources here that some people think that the measures will not be approved in fact is hardly the point of the poll which will go i will stay in the
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coaches mode i would wait and see how the news for goes still we see some room for improvement still we see some upside in the market in the coming weeks but for today i would say stay calm stay tuned to. see how it goes and russia has lost its last low cost carrier license the sky express has been ruled out the move was not a surprise given the company's poor financial results and huge debts in addition skanks bret's has been considered russia's least reliable ally for several months to save his business the company had earlier decided to merge with their regional cuban airline analysts say new low cost carriers are unlikely to be in the russian market in the near future due to insufficient legislation that brings you up to date more business stories in less than one us time for you here on archie's so do stay with us.
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news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china corporations are on the day. come. bryanston. from plans to. start on t.v.
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don't come. wealthy british style it's time to. look at the. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.
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eight thirty am in moscow the zero. thousands of europeans occupy the french riviera where the g. twenty summit due to kick off thursday crowds angry with the current dire economic situation demand the world leaders focus on helping people rather than. leave while you leaders left stunned by the greek cabinet decision to hold a referendum on the latest bailout deal the move led to world markets plunge and predictions that voters will reject the rescue package could spark the euro zone's downfall. the world's most famous a whistleblower julian assange awaits the high court decision on his extradition to sweden over controversial sexual misconduct charges this as his project leaks faces financial troubles that could see the website shut down. up next the russian president is participating in that g twenty summit going on in france r.t. sophie shevardnadze spoke with his aide arkady to are coping what russia is planning to achieve their.


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