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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sure is that so much in it is each musician appearing on the market as to easy so does the rest of the arab world peace has successfully holds the first election of the arab spring with that islamic party. twelve thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines thousands of europeans occupy the french riviera where the g twenty summit is due to kick off thursday crowds angry with the current dire economic situation demand world leaders focus on helping people rather than corporations. meanwhile new leaders left stunned by the greek cabinet's decision to hold a referendum on the latest ballo deal the move led to world markets plunge and predictions voters will reject the rescue package and they struck the euro zone's downfall. and in a moment of truth for the world's most famous whistleblower julian assange and
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awaits the high court's decision on his extradition to sweden over controversial sexual misconduct charges this as his project leaking weeks faces financial troubles that could see the website shut down. the russian president's participating in the g. twenty summit due to happen this week in france r.t. so b. shevardnadze spoke with his aid arkady dvorkovich on what russia is planning to achieve. i've got it backwards thank you very much for being with us today so the global economy is in a pretty bad shape and it specially the euro zone regardless the last e.u. summit is going to influence the g twenty summit it will focus on the state of the global economy clearly. related to the possibility here or for
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supporting sustainable growth will be in the center of the discussion between the first day of the sun and. for more technical nature real move far away from the passions that can scale honestly for example last year's g twenty summit was worth something or at one billion dollars. people don't really think that anything comes out of the stands especially when it comes to plausible solutions to the real problems world is facing. for example last summer suggested that world needs more financial regulation and that countries with big budget deficits should cut those deficits and the countries with large surpluses in external trade should encourage internal consumption any incremental. back to the sun it's so it's cheaper and cheaper from five percent and mind you being spread out more efficient way than before the second are as important to understand that while
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you're in the sun it's more are specific decisions are being made. accordingly tional for policies conducted by national governments are important result this kind of for direct. face much are more difficult than finance or so financial turmoil are the preference. thousand take a book but what are you guys deciding on this summit some shit way that you can't inside of the thought are when leaders look to that i thought for each other final outcome is much more efficient when you phone conversations are too formal for those kinds of fusions especially given the differences. in the traditions and use of the various nations versus the united states and china from commiserations of them might help bring it purplish other better to reach some kind
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of compromise where the issue in your opinion what would you say so far has been the biggest achievement to concrete achievements of the g twenty in europe or are i would say that. just trying to play a. role for the decision. making process so cumbersome and europe now that he was mistaken one could argue with the so called deceiving or number decision were were there to be sufficient not to resolve the crisis in europe but the result different there are pressure would be no decision but we're still like left with faced with fundamental problems in global economy in the us that the eurozone crisis or the euro crisis we still have the lack of global financial oversight what do this factor leave us with i mean are we headed for a recession or a second round of social commitment from all different countries to cut budget
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deficits where budget deficits are high and we expect to all contest for our policies for our encounter with the committee so. to do in this will help to achieve for the degree of fiscal cliff the nation needs to call the markets and will. start so the new cycle of world's second three was clear and. claiming that we're stronger financial oversight of the needed some progress in creation of the new brain from standards our position is that for the pace of reform is sufficient we should not call so fast since they do so tougher because it is creditors of frenchness interest now we still have a negative impact on growth so i see or have a good chance to prevent another recession where it is rational stand in all of this class russia ari is interested in the global stability of this is why russian
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president is particularly going to sense he makes his contribution here stance we're just trying to position russia is for when called the commitments really aren't made before budget based is down. you still reading more there so what i'm supposed to have all said the real the correct from the recession hurt themselves and you have nine percent of them and her four percent growth when i was a senior just. according to all international benchmarks we are in a good position but what i'm interested in is. the really bad shape of the united states economy and the really bad shape of think european crisis is equally if not us. global foreign currency would have crushed it's clear the question is where the problems will be be a coup or more there and second with russia is prepared to face the challenges we
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do have is yours we do have instruments storm or stimulus markets and we do believe that we want to place the same kind of crisis as you can just wasn't there but kerry for instance with president obama when he calls for the whole world to stand united proud the years calling it saying state of the se it is a selfish call. we're there mr critical it's a gracious same time you think honestly because for them and for our never cared for the run for the united states to affect the global economy of. the american way. i would. reassert by things that we should all support the trouble. that could turn a curious should do its own work as well to reduce budget deficit and that also think open rift between sarkozy and cameron and confirms one more time how divided
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the european nations really are are the decisions that are taking up at that have been taken out that you submit enough to prevent the spread of the euro zone crisis let's hope that the european decisions are sufficient for a program of credit of the crisis. amounts of money you know corporate beaut. but. the effect is conditional on what national grounds and the second step. equally spraying portable parliament or some other protest. me to continue to undertake very serious we have mirrors this could be waste public crisis. as well but that the time has come when russia is actually in a position to advise its mentors would be wrote to me here for a sufficiently good results to him. was. an advice if the advice
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you've requested. and also with the war contributes to the stability here we have. our own financial resources we. need in the european package and why the international mindfuck from the right we can all sort of money that could be used in different way or otherwise are you ready to lend financial support to the european union like china for instance we were looking to provide any direct financial support plus your review at separate where the international monetary fund if you are requested to provide the director mitchell support will consider this and you consider the most efficient ways to deal with those what about the clincher is a lot of people look up to that as like the last part of the hope what should they do to maintain global financial stability all greek or interests. on trying to provide for highest growth rates possible current circumstances in player
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and should encourage growth rates the key words there were before initials the beach or chinese who were presumably russia. or for the old think that important for the global economy are very strong and throughout the show. big sponsors were very big in the global g.d.p. . a new direction of the gross big contribution to the higher risks in the global economy occupy wall street i know that you guys are used to having protests wherever you go whether it's people who are against globalization or environmentalists the occupy wall street have promised this time team to the states protesting clinton do you think maybe after all these people have a coin i mean introducing one person tax or financial transactions and currency trade that's actually enough money to finance most social and environmental that is
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in the world i think that people who. go to the streets in the sequel top of the government scope point and. the point is that all things that the government should be doing currently should be related to the people thirdly it's. one example in russia it's the creation of international financial center moscow some people believe that can just totally your brain creates and. it is for brains and other financial institutions to florida but they've not. been built of financial center in such a way when people. go into occupy moscow financial center and wall street should be our financial center in such a way that people keep going good services cheaper services.
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so to her for more on the life in general. as far as the tax and financial transactions concerned i think current countries can decide on their own not with them to reduce such a tax or not we believe that russia would prefer in that enough taxes for all kinds of threats the sin of the structure sufficient to finance oh all social programs if properly used an appropriate so we don't if another parks. in russia we believe that the threats will hurt. but in some other countries so. good use of those this kind of stuff might be useful why not are going to poke which russia is g. twenty share point to the russian president thank you very much.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street they have. something which is to get the status of the human experiment to give the signal with. this rock music was it knows it was allegedly trying to make sense of the economy and it's all changed things as financial template the reason to me to you don't think that it's in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look b.p. missions close to collapsing the sub prime loans to close. some failed freeplay votes against the little thing is the u.s. crisis and seven it. seems just like the budget crisis in athens greece the i.m.f.
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imports to experience just programs increase the total economy. mission's three couldn't take three stroller churches three. three. three stooges three. old three broken videos. free media. in india she's available in the grand central shirts and the. president. made which result beatriz will. help her to. cement hotel. hotel. in the radio and leave the.
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church and. maybe her syrian connection among the close of the maidan. part was a movie. shift that was promised for. thousands of europeans occupy the french riviera where the g. twenty summit due to kick off thursday the crowds are angry with the current dire economic situation. helping people. look meanwhile leaders left cabinet decision to hold a referendum on the latest bailout deal. predictions of voters may reject the rescue package starting the euro zone's downfall. moment of truth for the world's most famous was a. decision on his extradition to sweden over the controversial sexual misconduct charges. faces financial troubles that could see the website shut down. sports
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next farmer stay with us. hello there welcome to the sport with it has been a busy night of european football coming up. for the knockout stages of the champions league the one where i have ukraine rival shakhtar. while most schools have three can pass alone as ac milan become the first side secure places in the last sixteen. of the czech tennis stars talk of their chances of beating russia in this weekend's cup final. to start the champions league there was a need to have boosted their chances of qualifying for the knockout stages a narrow one they were victory against shakhtar donetsk in st petersburg last night keeps them second in greek chain belgian defending
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a close long but only goal right on half time it is second when a big campaign and there a point behind surprised leaders up on this see that for to see what. the reigning champions barcelona are three to the knockout stages are they right on or fracking a ten man big toward it kills and scoring a hat trick of becoming only the second play to score two hundred goals and barter was also coached that guardiola two hundred game in charge he's now aim to finish on top of the group of boss will have to fight over the first place with ac milan who also regret after a one one draw at a party. he doesn't know they got the keeper from and it was a good match and if we win in milan we will be first in the group i am satisfied clues in did pretty well in the first ten minutes they did plead excellent and were dangerous i have to congratulate missy for his record we are satisfied with the result of the match other big matches that we didn't feebly but in the champions league we are without problems for elsewhere chelsea were held for
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a one one draw by belgian side gangs were mirrors have put the blues ahead and go to ease then this the penalty before the home side. politely yet he votes in this wide result like chelsea stay on top of that two points ahead of parlay because in the last three one for then see if they keep alive their hopes of qualifying for the next day. to be constant going during the whole ninety minutes is not an easy task we still cool against these champions league teams amidst a difficult to use might seem unsure in many positive signs and if you take into account the final result and it's even more positive because we now have the goal average enough over. everything to play for increased peth don't men have moved off the bottom after a one zero win over creekside in p.r. costs while arsenal stay top of a point ahead of mass a after being held to the goal distraught by the french team at the emirates. but it was
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a game with. the not the sharpest tonight masi started strong within our sendoff can we go back in again my skin feeling the first off you had to choose to keep the game. cost. so it was just you know it was a service that would little more determination we had a lot of strokes through and for our for your instrument from that's a good point throughout the match there were moments when we could have time it was possible. well champions league action continues this evening in tears in moscow preparing for a crucial game in turkey the only one taken clubs and scored with a big three nil in moscow last month both sides run for points in group b. two points behind into milan that is a really tight group with only the team making it to the knockout stages leaders in to entertain at the san siro deceive me italians have been
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a blow for home imagine mystically five defeat in nine games but will look to get their second win in three weeks over the french after one victory last time at a house where manchester city boss roberto mancini has offered exile striker call us terror as a way back into the side ahead of city's champions league clash with villareal mancini said as just needs to apologize to him and the place for recent events in munich the strike it was alleged had refused to come on and play games by in september tenth as hasn't played since the city were third in group a three points behind by one behind napoli. i said all you. mean is the president was going to say apologize in every situation this is the culture wars is easy was. elsewhere real madrid are the only team in the competition who remain unbeaten they get to conceal that goal to date and
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a win against leon in france tonight would see them through to the next rain. man fancying their chances having beaten early on four nil at the pin about a fortnight ago. in other news three top pakistani cricket is a facing possible jail sentences after being convicted of match fixing and how to see the scene here and former captain sound but were found guilty so that crown court yesterday another poll and how many amir and lifted the charges before the trial began all three thought into deliberately bowl no balls at certain times during a test match against england at lord's last summer they will be sentenced by a judge today and tomorrow and could face seven years' imprisonment the so-called spot fixing scam was exposed by a british tabloid newspaper i mean to national cricket council says it hopes the verdicts will deter others from corruption. of course we know the drugs because you can determine the approved symbols needs for the blue years so i do not
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comment. but i do hope. you seen as an. individual who did movies of. good objectivity with the nose. now let's switch to tennis and this weekend's fed cup final between russia and the czech republic the czechs are led by wimbledon champion patrick a veto over who's also just won the w.t. a championship but despite that they still consider themselves the underdogs for the tie in moscow where russia haven't lost their eight years rich or poor fleet talk with the czechs double star better pets. it's definitely a great gift human i think all the players which are nominated very happy so they will play here and we'll try their best to maybe make the impossible possible i mean we have a great we have really good singles players and i mean also our doubles as
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strong as well and so we're looking forward to it so we would all push make everything it would we can to get this title i mean that will be fantastic for everybody for the country and yeah we are looking forward to it and how much for buses that are going to be public about the effect. oh i can i can imagine i was going it's crazy for sure but i couldn't really tell because i was in there for some time now but there's what i can read and of papers i mean everybody is excited and preparing everything for the trip here and so i hope we are all good prepared and we will have a good week for sure. if you can. but you think you are going in. two thousand for it i do think so we are the underdogs but i said that we have a strong team so better watch out what we bring with them hopefully we have
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a nice game. a little towns in the city but he. will to never give up on the middle east because strength. oh i think the team you know the spirit of the team it's a really nice is a past six years with our captain we have really great relation. yeah i mean if we play and the team i mean that's all what it calmed son. really supporting me each other pretty well and. everybody's making. point. should be a good contest now a legal battle has erupted between russian boxer dennis lebedeff and former world champion james toney just days before their cruiserweight fight promoters claim tony's breached his contract by not taking part in a public training session hundreds of fans had turned out to see tony spartak moscow shopping center before saturday's but when he was introduced by levitt as
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a promoter. of tony stepped into the ring dressed in jeans and a t. shirt it is the second time in a week the form of three division champion has refused to play ball having walked out in the middle of a press conference just a few days ago penney's lawyers have been contacted by one off about an apparent breach of contract. and finally it's not certain that russia's first ever formula one man drove all the way next season the driver is set to be replaced by our own man goodall jan for the early sessions this season's final race in brazil g.p. two champion grows and we also get to ride instead of petrol stablemate. notes from abu dhabi event the team have struggled this year with petrels third place finish on the open race in melbourne far and away their best result twenty seven year old petzl finished eleventh at the recent indian grand prix is before it was even criticised by as a team for being quote by so. and that brings us to the end of the sport i'm back
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with more into our stuff. well. creaming new the latest unsigned stints in college from around russia. we've dumped the future coverage. come to those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without the sky. and
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of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. washed. between earth and the sky. an arche. wealthy british style. pastime. market finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our cheap.
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