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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 7:01am-7:31am EDT

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global news twenty four seven this is r.t. live from moscow i'm rory sushi and a straight to our breaking news for you this hour london's high court has ruled that the wiki leaks founder julian assange can be extradited to sweden to face accusations of sexual misconduct and he says he now plans to appeal to the u.k. supremes court following the verdict laura smith is joining us live from london for more details on this and laura hello to you are tell us what is all this news mean for us and what's the what's next for him. well we are hearing that julian assange is planning to appeal this decision he has fourteen days to apply to take this to the courts essentially now that permission is not automatically granted at the supreme court and the high court will decide together whether he is able to take this court this case up to the highest court in the land and they will only allow
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him to do that if they deem that it is in the public interest to do you say and meanwhile we've heard that the judge has dismissed all four counts of assault his defense which included the allegation that he wouldn't receive a fair trial in sweden and also that the swedish prosecutor had no authority to issue this european arrest warrant now i'm joined by ben kristin who is the spokesperson for veterans for peace in the u.k. he is what has been a supporter of the songs for some time and this is not the first time i've seen you here outside the court why are you supporting our songs myself and other veterans see junior songe as a war resister julian assange has done important work over the last few years he's responsible for the release of the collateral murder video which shows. the true nature of the war in iraq in the video where the apache gunship shoots dead reporters on and goes back for seconds and shoots up the van he's also released the afghan war logs an iraq war logs veterans like myself who have been to iraq and
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afghanistan and seen what's actually happening over there you know we're talking about killing which is about torture and theft of resources from those countries when we come back to this country the report in the press and shown on the news doesn't match up with our own personal experiences so you essentially believe that this entire case is politically motivated related to us on his work with. i think there is critical pressure jr saunders might seem very powerful enemies in the last year the cable guy releases i think with the last straw as far as the british and american governments are concerned. so you have to ask the question if this was a private individual who was at the head of wiki leaks and was facing allegations and that's all he's facing these allegations in sweden would this whole process have been going through with this whole with this amount of money being spent on extraditing someone who wasn't head of wiki leaks and i think the answer to that question is no and i saw this team has repeatedly said in the past really not so
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much recently that they fear if he's extradited to sweden the next step is extradition from that to the u.s. do you believe that that could happen that's a possibility julian could also get extradited from this country to the u.s. i think what's going what's happening at the minute is was julian is happy to fight this legal battle is distracting him from important work and the important work is shining the truth in light of truth on what really happened in iraq afghanistan what our government really do but what they actually get up to and of course the important work has been undermined by this a wiki leaks is on its knees literally and i found himself says it may have to place in the new year. and thanks very much for talking to us now we are expecting further developments here at the high court as students are prepared to make a statement to this old fashioned media scrum that's assembled outside it will be bringing you more throughout the day indeed laura we can see all the press behind you there there in central london you're on standby we're on standby as well as we expect to make his statements are following this latest verdict laura smith many
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thanks. you with our to you now over ten thousand people have marched in nice to protest against the g twenty summit that will kick off on thursday further down the coast in cannes the crowds angered by the current financial system and reinforced by the global occupy movement demanding that governments focus on people rather than corporations and authorities daniel bushell reports this time world leaders will find it even harder to ignore the outcry. g twenty host from says it wants this summit on its picturesque mediterranean coast to reflect the steve emerging nations in the world but this financial crisis deepens in both the u.s. and european union economists self interest behind that noble claim to involve more russian economy is really to try to convince those right economists to put money on the table. and sustainable currency union of europe in the first place
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developing countries which still the west quick to back civil unrest among their population they no see those same western countries coming hold on public movements in the room. and she was crying double standards in the primary powers within the g twenty the united states germany britain france the real dominant economic and military powers they want to show a world order and a system of states that still has stability when in fact there is instability this summit is an attempt to put a shining face on what is really a failed system there's a scene of chaos not just from the side of protesters but also from the police because there's a helicopters overhead at the moment you can hear police sirens so there's police really have mounted this military style operation to shut down and stop any of the protesters going where they don't want them to go one former diplomat says western leaders can't continue to just block criticism this whole idea that. they can
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simply ignore popular protests against what's happening could come back to bite the leaders of the g seven energy twenty summit this protest different from summits of the post was billed jims dicksee of the latest western bank to get bail dealt with public money growing numbers here worry there's something fundamentally wrong with the current setup we have basically a financial system where corporations and financial institutions are able to write themselves favorable legislation when. pro quo be a corporate lobbyist police roadblocks paul demonstrators getting from east to the nearby town of canned with the g. twenty takes place but it's becoming ever harder to stop world leaders hearing the voices of protest the new bush you are seeing in nice france. while the russian president will be taking part in the french summit with russia having its own outlook on how to overcome the financial crisis we caught up with his aid on
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a card he had one of corporate head of the event is a quick preview of that interview that is coming your way next hour here on r.t. . result this crane the. nation could face much more difficult consequences so financial turmoil that happened in two thousand and eight in your phone conversations are too formal for those kinds of decisions especially given the differences in. the traditions in fuel or. various nations of the stick united states and china for conversations that will not help they need to talk to each other that effort to reach some kind of compromise some global issues. and if and if you are next hour here on our team now greece will hold a referendum on the latest e.u. bailout deal calls by the country's prime minister has received unanimous support
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from his cabinet george papandreou as announcement stunned european leaders it also came as a shock to the greek government with some members calling for the prime minister to resign eurozone leaders agreed to write off fifty percent of the greek debt and small loans in exchange for yet more austerity measures markhor financial advisor and our own wealth management says if the greeks vote against the bailout deal it's signal of the end of the euro zone. this may well finally bring it to a head i think the europeans have been patching things up and patching things up and it's now getting to to crunch point and the deal that was reached last thursday was was a nothing deal really because it doesn't address the fundamental issues that there is too much. debt in the e.u. and it's unsustainable in my view the best the best option for the. weeks is to default of course that there is much bigger financial consequences for for the rest of europe and for the rest of the world if that happens but if we're talking about
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what is in the best interest of the greek people then then then that's probably the best outcome effectively a greek defaults then you have to look at who actually owns the debt and that's principally owned by other sovereigns by the e.u. and by by the banks and pension funds and the consequences of that is that it would make the financial system the banking system much less stable and the worry is of the snowball effect and how they would fit the banks and then other european sovereigns and whether that would then lead to further defaults on a number of sovereign defaults at the same time and on our website our two top com we're asking what you think lies behind the greek prime minister's surprise decision to hold a referendum on the bailout deal there let's see how the numbers of back up your party nearly forty percent of you think the greek pm has made a wise step to let the population have their say about
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a third believe the move is just pure populism to quell protests by the restaurant rather split between two options here if you can see whether the decision is a knife in the back or passenger i was looking for a pathway to an honorable retirement to log onto r.t. dot com have your say. well with greece already up to its neck in economic and political turmoil it seems another crisis is just around the corner we report. immigration sentiment is reaching a boiling point adding to the existing mood of austerity anger and desperation also . of course in markets. the dominant sentiment is still fear over the fate of greek bailout package business in about ten minutes. here with r.t. let's go back to our top story now here the interstate aviation committee has revealed the crew applied the brakes during takeoff causing a plane crash in russia that killed forty four in september investigators say the
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crew had little flight experience in that particular model of aircraft and that this inexperience could have caused the fatal mistake the second pilot also showed traces of a strong sedative in his system the findings also said that the pilot was suffering from a condition that affected his movement and coordination the forty two crashed in september killing most of the local motif russian hockey team. and our correspondent. has been at that press conference about the whole plane crash updating us on. twitter tweet tweet you can see right here she describes a horrifying video simulation of the plane crash which doesn't feature the voices that pilots she will be joining us just a little bit later today on. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says it has discovered a secret facility in northwestern syria that matches the design of a uranium enrichment plant or the findings have raised suspicions that the syrian
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government has been trying to produce nuclear weapons patrick hayes a reporter for the independent online magazine spiked says the international atomic energy agency has assumed a political role and should not be playing. it's really important to stress here is that no one is actually saying that syria is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb or nuclear missiles what they're expecting at the moment is what is now a cotton spinning plan to some extent it shows just how these kind of these situations which are normally independent from the united nations like the international atomic energy agency basically shows how political they actually are i also think yes this is a way of heaping more pressure on syria during a time when the uprisings are taken place i think it really brings about the worst of both worlds in many way it brings about kind of western intervention but in a very insidious kind of i would say dishonest faction basically doing what they did in iraq which is to use the guise of weapons inspections to basically poke
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their nose into all areas of countries that are seen to be a bit suspicious a bit dodgy all of that kind of international sphere they want to appear to be you know the kind of the new bogeyman that they can focus their attention upon. a star attention out of libya where the newly elected prime minister says they're protecting human rights will be top of his government's agenda but as a statement is in contrast to activists claims that n.t.t. fighters are terrorizing displaced residents of a coastal town at once loyal to gadhafi fred abrahams from the human rights watch says that current atrocities are being downplayed by the libyan government and indeed some nato countries. in some places the violence is quite bad the town we looked out in was called and the militias from the neighboring town of misrata are terrorizing the people of to where they accuse them of having fought for qaddafi and you know the problem here is that the militias are not under the
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control of the political authorities the civilian authorities and vats the big challenge for libya going forward is bringing the many militias under a unified civilian command the problem is that the money militias hundreds of militias sometimes from just a neighborhood have many weapons now and they say look we fought we lost comrades in this battle and now we want to have a stake a seat at the table and bringing them under control will be difficult there's definitely a trend to say we did the right thing meaning nato governments they want to say that this was a successful operation so there is a tendency to downplay the conflicts and the tensions now but at the same time in our discussions with them of some of these governments they're taking them very seriously because they know that this will cause problems in the future they want them addressed now trying to support the more open minded and democratic minded
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forces within the new authorities and to move libya in the right direction so there is concern and i think that the governments are nervous about this these tensions the revenge and they're trying to take steps to to quell it. the wider region undergo drastic change we will continue to examine the role of foreign intervention in the arab spring and we have all the analysis on our facebook page and there's a heated debate going on there right now in the comments section i want to join in and have your say i just find us at facebook dot com.
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with r.t. and straight back to our breaking news story here we're going to go live to london now where julian assange making a statement follows the decision of the high court which rejected his appeal. to sweden to face accusations of sexual misconduct that's have a listen to what he has to say. the timing there was just a bit too late there. was addressing the press there and ultimately he was making a statement following the decision of the u.k. as high court which ultimately rejected his appeal against extradition to sweden to
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face accusations of sexual misconduct julian assange as we hear is planning to appeal the decision he now has fourteen days for that here we have continued live pictures here on r.t. i can say that before the judgment. julian knowles said that if permitted a further appeal he would. likely stay on bail for a couple of months if not he will be extradited within ten days that's the prediction of extradition lawyer julian we can keep you up to date here on r.t. and of course on our website dot com now greeks are to vote for the e.u. bailout deal as soon as possible and as the country's economy teeters on the brink of collapse the austerity hit public is struggling with poverty and unemployment now that frustration is also being taken out on immigrants that sarah for three points. on the streets of greece protests have become a common occurrence this gatherings not one of the usual demonstrations there isn't and say every gratian fright that the ethnic tensions here in the city evident and
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of becoming more and more of a concern is the last three years illegal immigration into europe increased in particular has skyrocketed as the greek economy has plummeted the crisis has led to unemployment poverty creasing to a lot of people not being able to make ends meet face to these tough economic conditions it's not just extreme factions a society that has seen a rise in the current sentiment but every day greeks he faced with exceptionally tough sation circumstances have begun to point the finger of blame. for. their problems on the streets of athens has now become a kind of limbo for illegal immigrants who are struggling to make money and to survive even second generation immigrants who've lived in the country many years feeling the tension we've come to one of greece's neighborhoods of the danger is
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a high immigrant population the local park here has become isn't mine a battleground. among the we had to close the poor because it was overrun with immigrants no one could cross the call everybody was scared and no group of people could come here it was not a playground anymore. the children are now forced to play their game say outside the closed gates of the part of the best area with naked dangers say whether or not the threat is real the fare in this neighborhood certainly is it's definitely controversial issues and it's getting yesterdays an issue because it's a symbol of the baby leave me thinking that the place is not good because of immigrants in many areas of the world. after midnight after night meadows. they're not to be open to. close the night but the close like that when they're to the bank i don't see the reason this is the year
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a crisis continues ethnic tensions have been growing into an extremely volatile and sometimes dangerous situation greece is a country now in the midst of not just a financial and economic crisis that immigration crisis that trying to find a way to rebuild say showcase he's in here is no easy. thing. ok in just a moment is the business with you but for now the world update here on our through some of the international headlines for you this hour a new york court will continue deliberations over the future of russian businessmen . accused of international arms trafficking the jury was expected to deliver its verdict on tuesday but the decision was postponed because it was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation by the u.s. and then later flown to america to face trial if found guilty he could face life imprisonment. the offices of the french or satirical magazine charlie hebdo have been destroyed by a petrol bomb the attack comes
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a day after the publication jokingly named the prophet mohammad as its editor in chief but have been no reports of injuries those website has also been hacked with a message in english and turkish attacking the magazine. the supporters of the occupy oakland movement have rebuilt their camp in front of city hall and according for joining the strike struggles are planning to shut down one of the main u.s. shipping ports saying they'll also picket thanks and businesses in the city but comes a week after police in riot gear tear gassed occupy oakland protesters activists across america saying they will hold solidarity protests. ok let's get your hourly update from the world of business with. thanks warrior that's right time to delve into the world of business and russian stocks are giving up gains made early on wednesday well global equities are still
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reeling from the greek decision to hold a referendum on the e.u. bailout throwing the whole plan into doubt france and germany now say the eurozone along with the i.m.f. will hold new talks on aid for greece artie's tom barton who's at the r.t.s. stock exchange has the latest. it's not looking so confident at the moment. the russian markets at the r.t.s. and my six are starting to slip back from the early gains that they make they made and markets across europe that are opening are also slipping back we saw big losses yesterday all of this of course to do with the drama unfolding in greece the government there decided it would have a referendum on the euro bailout plan they want to put that to the greek people to try and get more of a clear mandate for that but that has really a nerve to a lot of the creditors of greece across the world the fear is that the greek people
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will simply say no so far austerity measures of her greece a lot and this new bailout plan contains a lot more very severe government spending cuts which the people of greece do not like the potential if they did five zero zero could be to create nothing short of a financial catastrophe it is very likely that if they did greece would default on its payment greece could also leave the eurozone altogether and there is another possibility that another bailout may have to stop being rolled together all three of those alternatives to greece going along with this plan of very painful alternatives indeed and they would send even bigger shock waves through international markets. e.u. ministers themselves are saying that there is to greece that there is no alternative to making these big cuts but they themselves are staring in the face the collapse of this plan that they tried to put together which they had announced
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would stop the eurozone crisis altogether it looks like that it is now teaching on the brink of collapse itself. barton down let's have a look at those figures it's still all the tile both of the main bosses have slipped a little from where they were away in the day the r.t.s. is gaining one point two percent while the my six is a bit behind with point seven percent of gains let's have a look at some of the individual sure moves on the my six most energy majors are up with gas from gaining two point seven percent the company school subsidiary gasp from left has resumed operations in libya russia's biggest lenders burbank is one percent on the rise and telecommunications major telecom is gaining more than a third of a percent off true from four to twenty nine percent for the insert quarter net profit. in your of the markets the mix keeping an eye on the u.s. which spoke to reveal its latest poll a statement billiton is leading mining companies hire and scorpio snapped
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a two day slide. and oil is higher the solid lights were just trading at around ninety two dollars a barrel while granted that one hundred nine dollars. now russia will accept ukraine's offer to pay for imported not chill gas in rubles state energy company enough to grasp a is between five hundred and one billion dollars a month for the imports the potential move would help ease to push a should pressure on the gradient. well meanwhile the head of the russian gas so say she believes all energy should be sold you. this is the trade of russian energy resources whether it is oil or gas or the enrichment of uranium should be done in rubles it's. in line with the president's decree to turn moscow into an international financial center and this is one of the steps so i welcome the decision to convert specific contracts into rubles but on the whole russia should be trading all its energy one hundred percent in rubles. that's all
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we have time for now another business update as last in less than one us time for you here on r t so do stay with us. culture is that so much a given to each musician a person finding the market as tunisia goes so does the rest of the arab world to
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be sure successfully holds the first election of the arab spring with an islamic party. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street center they are. leads in canceling your chance to choose is a good book for example the status of the human experiment is exploding with. problems in this rap music would expose the busy lately trying to make sense of global economy and its arcane trends and us financial templates these are the resources gambling to maintain our confidence in markets and make you want to want to be seen trade imbalances recession look even the nation's close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail circle a banks again feel
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a little like think is a us crash and eminent smash the ceiling team feels it's a call to the classes in athens three the i.m.f. the world sports me and john. programs increase that to an economist. those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without discomfort. and of course to the nature of this magnificent land offers this treasure those. between earth and the sky.
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come back with a lot from moscow on our breaking news for us this hour the world's most famous whistleblower julian assange is to be extradited to sweden over sex crime charges but the wiki leaks founder now plans to appeal the u.k.'s supreme court just so of course following the photo. pilot error is officially named as the cause of a russian a plane crash that killed forty four including an entire hockey team to save the investigators revealed the crew mistakenly applied the brakes during takeoff adding that the second pilot also showed traces of a strong sedative in his system. thousands of europeans occupy the french riviera where the g twenty summit is due to kick off on thursday but the crowds angry with the current die economic situation demanded world leaders focus on helping people rather than corporations. well the voting and islamic party into power and the same likely to happen in each.


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