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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the dots come. in the room. the sense of disillusionment dominates the protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial man and the greek announcement of a referendum on the euro zone's rescue deal has only fueled the flames. wiki leaks julian solves his that his appeal against extradition has been rejected it becomes out on the steps of the high court to criticise the european arrest warrant. results of the investigation into september's plane crash that killed the russian hockey team name pilot error as the cause and speak of traces of a strong sedative in the co-pilot's.
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international news in come and live from moscow we are with you twenty four hours a day the upcoming g. twenty summit in the french city of can is set to begin with what's becoming something of a tradition of massive protests suppressed by police and rage behind the banners remains the same this year economic hardship and seemingly disconnected leaders daniel bushell reports there's a growing sense that corporate interests are taking precedence over the public's will. g twenty host france says it wants this summit on its picturesque mediterranean coast to reflect the importance of emerging nations in the world but this financial crisis deepens in both the u.s. and european union economists sports self interest behind the claim. more. is really to try to convince those right economists to put money on the table. and sustainable currency union of europe in the first place developing countries which
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saw the worst quick to civil unrest among their population they no see those same western countries coming down hard on public movements in the room backyard and she was like to describe global standards their primary powers within the g twenty the united states germany britain france the real economic and military powers they want to show a world order and a system of states that still has the ability when in fact there is instability this summit is an attempt to put a shining face on what is really a failed system there's a scene of chaos not just from the side of protesters but also from the police because there's helicopters overhead at the moment you can hear police sirens also there's police really have melted this military style operation to shut down and stop any of the protesters going where they want them to go one former diplomat says western leaders can't continue to just block criticism this whole idea that.
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they can simply ignore popular protests against what's happening come back to the leaders of the g seven energy twenty summit this protest different from summits of the post was billed jim's dicksee of the latest western bank to get bail dealt with public money growing numbers here worry there's something fundamentally wrong with the current setup we have basically a financial system where corporations and financial institutions are able to write themselves favorable legislation quint. pro quo will be a corporate lobbyists police roadblocks all demonstrators getting from east to the nearby town of karen with the g twenty takes place but it's becoming ever harder to stop world leaders hearing the voices of protest the new bush or see in meets france. we can leaks founder julian assange may find himself in swedish soil very soon after losing his battle against extradition from britain there he'll have to answer sexual misconduct allegations which he denies and describes as politically
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motivated artes nor smith was at london's high court. well he's certainly one step closer to the playing following today's proceedings this rejection of his appeal against the extradition it's not certain that he will. he has said that he will appeal he's got fourteen days to do that but in appeal is no longer also matic he has to be granted permission by the high court to appeal to the supreme court the highest court in the land and that will i mean he be granted if it steamed by the high court that base case represents why depressed it that it applies to the wider public in its results now that he and i phones did come out on the steps of old the high cools does make a short statement following the announcement he said that he and his team would be considering what that next steps would be in the days ahead and who's to warn people of that which he intended just didn't know what had happened at the cool
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head today and directed them to the face of websites the phones versus wait to hear it from the horse's mouth what has happened what has happened and he also criticised the european arrest warrant what he had to say about that i have not been charged with any crime in any country. despite this the european arrest warrant is so restrictive that it prevents u.k. court from considering the power over case as judges have made clear here today. to our sons and his team considering that next steps in full on really on the european arrest warrant time joined by jim carr and he's the chair at all then organization called civil rights international to jim if this case does go to the sea pretty cool but it looks unlikely that the european arrest warrant itself could come under scrutiny is that something that you would welcome your son i would welcome dr you know i do think the european arrest warrant should come under
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scrutiny because it is being abused for political purposes. because where you know song was in sweden he did call before record should not allow him to leave sweden once he was here he should be tried if they thought there was a case against him and then he was allowed to come here to england. and i believe that there was pressure part. of a new perhaps by the american government or by other governments who were a virus as a result of the revolutions that we can be exposed to the international community and i believe that that is. try to get to make sure there is very great concern here in the united kingdom about extraditions to the united states because many people believe that there would not care to fear here in in the united states in current thank you very much as you heard that talking to us outside the
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high court where she has now left she's gone back presumably to the house all full in smith in norfolk outside london where he has been held under strict bail conditions for the last eleven months he's considering his next step this case is not safe but it certainly does look less likely that he will walk free at the end of a civil. war smith reporting there from london now to greece where it's being confirmed the prime minister's proposed referendum on the latest e.u. bailout will go ahead george papandreou as call short leaders and spark a also in world markets and even came as a shock to greeks themselves with proof and police calling for his immediate resignation promise is now due to clutch of the g twenty meeting in cannes to explain his actions to the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president nicolas sarkozy the chief sponsors of greece's financial life support machine well for more on where this puts the eurozone i'm joined live from toronto as well is
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the founder and is. in chief of the daily dot com well after all that's been done both by athens and by the e.u. to keep greece afloat just why would george papandreou a staunch euro back a call for a referendum that in all likelihood is it could undo everything well i'm not sure what the actual personal motivation was that george had to make that move but i for one indorsed the move i believe that the people of greece should be the ones who determine their future and not the euro crowds who who are trying to regain your control and centralized power over the various nation states within the . by giving his people at least the opportunity to make a decision for themselves as to whether or not perhaps even they want to remain in need you is probably in the best interests of the people of greece are really is eating up well. you say let the greek people make the decision which is in their
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interest but of course that decision is now being seen as wonder could in fact lead to the collapse of the euro zone in effect all the eurozone members. and i say that that's a welcome situation if it happens i mean it's the eurozone is a is a stepping stone towards one world governments and the fact is you cannot take these various nation states with various cultural backgrounds and needs and desires on the on an individual level forget about a national level and expect we'll put them all into a basket and to accept a federalized control via brussels that is in the best interest of the people on a localized level zero zone is a planned experiment that is that has come into being since ever since world war two which is all about generating one world power for the money power itself stands behind the central banks of the world and central banking of the money power that stands behind it is at the root of the euro zone experiment period i suggest it
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would be a wonderful thing in the greek people would recognise that they'd be better off getting out of the euro zone he would say look this is a global problem countries throughout the world of facing economic crisis but if you look at the past the eurozone has actually been a huge success trade barriers have been dropped people could be employed in various countries around. europe perhaps it actually has been a success despite what's happening now and what we're seeing is the eurozone itself showing some sort of unity in an effort to keep it all together. i don't know how you can call it a success when greece is bankrupt portugal spain italy and hotshots france all these countries are dysfunctional ie mismanaged economies managed being the mismanagement part of the whole equation because you cannot manage an economy only a free market can govern itself and these economies are trying are looking for more centralized control these economic situations that we see today are planned in my opinion and i believe that they are planned with the intent to create even more centralization more regulation and even less civil liberties for the people
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involved in the respective nations nations that make up the actually you this is nothing i don't see how anybody can brand the e.u. is a success when you have a bankrupt overall conglomerate of nations and you're asking the those better off to bail out with even more debt more central banking assistance that is more money power standing behind the bailouts in order to create more centralized government government governance i don't see how that's a success at all i think it's a total failure let me just ask you how is this referendum going to affect the g twenty summit tomorrow there were high hopes i understand that developing nations were looking to help the e.u. with its crisis how willing will they be to help now obviously a lot of eyes turning towards asia for example. well as far as the referendum is concerned i would i would look back at what happened in ireland and what happens when a nation decides to vote negatively against anything that comes out of brussels or an e.u. superstate type of solution i believe that the greeks will be forced into accepting
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whatever a sturdy measures or whatever bailout packages are dropped in their laps of brussels and your g. twenty i don't believe that it will be anything more than more chaos more confusion which once again leads to more globalized solutions and certainly within the european superstate itself with interest the we have to say thanks very much for your time and you will find an editor in chief of the daily com thanks. well with greece up to its neck in economic and political strife another crisis could be just around the corner the existing mood of desperation caused by austerity part pushes some greeks to make immigrants their scapegoats. we're going to turn now to our top story and that is that julian assange has lost his extradition case where he will now be by the looks of things extradited to
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sweden and we had our report a little earlier from laura smith outside the courts there in london and i understand now we can go live to talk more about the implications of today's verdict with the journalist the right action returns the action thank you very much indeed for being with us now is there any chance of a solution avoiding extradition and if not what does he face once. it's getting murkier and murkier in a stall is showing verdict here in london they have fourteen days of course to appeal but one thing that's interesting is that the swedish foreign minister carl bildt was in town in this. with david cameron ironically irony of ironies at the summit to discuss cyber security i wonder whether the british prime minister and the swedish foreign minister at any time to talk about the. case this is this is a man who exposed the violations of so many governments around the world it seems they want to render him sweden for torture in the united states where you're
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a journalist what does it tell you about the aspects of freedom of speech we're seeing wiki leaks as an organization obviously means financially strangled at the moment now we're seeing this case with. what fears do you have. it is astonishing here in britain to see the way the case is being covered through organizations i used to work at the b.b.c. the guardian newspaper the guardian of course had a deal with wiki leaks the kinds of character assassination around the world by mainstream media trying to attack this and it just goes to show what a state journalism is in. new york where the london stock exchange protesters recently i don't suppose many of us mainstream journalists really understand what's going on over there i think one argument here is that the craft of journalism is in crisis julian assange should become some sort of overall professor of journalism and they should close all the university courses in journalism down because he
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really did teach a lot of people that it's about speaking truth to power and speaking for the power less and the idea of him being in court and now the idea of him being rendered for torture in a state that as we know has been carrying out rogue assassinations of its own citizens is is just pressed and he's saying all this is politically motivated but do you really believe that u.k. judges are actually facing pressure from the u.s. and it would make a decision not within a legal framework but from political pressure is julian assange to be saying is that really a case of the u.k. locals can actually be influenced in that way. i guess your viewers will have to judge the judge lord hutton decided on the inquiry into the causes of the death of government scientist david kelly ahead of the iraq war british judges are notorious being in this country i can't speak for this particular case and this particular judge it is a cause of judas here in this in this case of as they wait for the appeal but it is
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it is a terrifying indictment i think because this is so obviously in the public interest and he has had no charges there are no charges against truly innocent and yet he spent a year like this i mean ron paul the republican presidential candidate has even been supporting julian assange no support in this country and what on earth is the government of australia doing for this it is interesting he said no formal charges from sweden but of course no formal charges actually from the u.s. at this stage although people are saying this. journey to sweden will be just one stop on the way to the u.s. but why has there actually been no extradition request from across the atlantic and why are people assuming the fact that the u.s. will actually try to incriminate him. what a great big mystery it is of course we know that the obama administration is i'd resignations high approval resignations as well as press secretaries when they even expressed some kind of some kind of sensitivity about the holding of bradley
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manning seen by some as the source of wiki leaks stories one thing is for certain there are more c.d.'s there are more u.s.b. drives exposing the misdoings by governments against their own people in circulation and whether they close wiki leaks down by a combination as you said of master card pay pal and so forth more information is forthcoming and i don't believe that the american government the european authorities and there was a guy in this very strange julian assange case can't stop the free flow of information it's too late and i think that's probably why julian was speaking to your people a movement i think that too can be amalgamated into certainly a new type of journalism and certainly a new type of information for the masses about how misgoverned they have been as we reach arguably the beginning of the end of capitalism as we knew it ashton thanks very much indeed afshin rattansi joining us live in london journalist and writer
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thank you. well we're also interested what you think of the u.k. courts to dot com that's our web site which is online all the time so far half of those who've responded think the u.s. is using the u.k. as a puppet again well the same amount of people believe the verdict is the result of a conspiracy to gag internet freedom four percent say it was a legitimate step towards a fair trial and the rest think the supreme court may overrule the decision anyway so that you'll vote at r.t. dot com. to libya now where the new prime minister says making sure human rights are respected is a top priority it comes after a string of war crime allegations claiming n.t.t. fighters are torturing people who want support on the side of gadhafi michael sure he's a former cia intelligence officer says it's an inevitable consequence of the west interfering in other people's affairs the europeans and the americans wanted a shirt access to european oil and on top of that american leaders are not unlike
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the leaders that were in moscow during soviet times and they believe in the inevitability of democracy everywhere just is as marxism was it once believed to be inevitable and as a result they're upset in power structures centuries old and they're going to pay for it by an increased power among islamists and by civil war in those countries we have just created enormous reinforcement in terms of the people who are released from libyan prisons and in terms of supplies of weapons for the islamists across north africa. russian investigators concluded the crew applied the brakes during takeoff causing a plane crash and yet a syllable that killed forty four in september but he's not old enough to have a listen to what the investigation committee had to say. occasion has shown that those pilots were trained how to operate forty planes for a very long time and then they had just reached forty two's and according to the committee those two planes have
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a very different break because all systems which share the pilots didn't have enough time to get used to and so that could have been done by mistake another reason there is suggesting is one of the pilots was suffering from a strong neurological condition which shows strongly in fact someone's reflexes and was also under the effect of strong medication perhaps he was using that medication to treat that condition that he was successfully hiding from the aviation medical for all this time a lot of the documents a world full thought apparently and from the conversations records from the black box during a press conference that we were listening to it was pretty clear that. they sounded very negligent there was a lot of swearing. the interstate. aviation committee i was actually saying that it sounds like the pilots did not culture weights all the parameters for the takeoff before hand so they were not prepared for flights. on the website you can
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find all of these. tragedies. survivor if you can on how the families and fans coach you can see the drive to rebuild. for next season and. also a lot of moments fighting for their rights. trying to force their way into the ukrainian parliament planned cuts to their benefits that's a moral. leaders of turkey and germany met on wednesday as the nation celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his guest part of hundreds of thousands of times west germany food industry the anniversary comes during heavy debate over the concept of multiculturalism you rich. he says failing haps simplifying this the office of a satirical french newspaper with a large bond after in named prophet mohammed its editor in chief for the week sort of this person and people from the danish people's party says that happened because
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extremists simply don't understand free speech it's quite obvious that showed he has been targeted by by fanatics who do not accept any critique separate of their religion and want us to get there too to the airwaves thereby destroying the freedom of speech in europe and that's really what the search for a bit it's about it is a question of effectiveness them it's one thing to decide what can be said one can be written and what can be drawn in a way challenging our freedom of speech and i think that's one of the most cherished freedoms that we have as well so we should not except this by any chance and i think that all right that might be provocative also what you just prosecute also what surely you don't do in work in order to say you know we have a stand here we will say will be like we will laugh at what we like i think it's also very humid there's a lot of humor in what you show your good deeds and it's
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a shame that these muslims cannot learn this think about all the lectures that christianity has received throughout centuries my goodness in my country i mean there have been marked. by all sorts of persons during the last two three hundred years we've been laughing at those christians who was fanatics but wanted to keep quiet who do not want us to have my critics the religion that is part of our our system i mean we need to say to these people you know you are not the one to decide either side how about a free speech we all say what we like. and no r.t. sarah firth reports from greece where anti immigration sentiment is reaching a boiling point fueled by the country's economic woes. on the streets of greece protests have become a common occurrence this gatherings not one of the usual demonstrations and integration frights that the ethnic tensions here in the city evident in
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a becoming more and more of a concern in the last three years illegal immigration into europe in greece in particular it skyrocketed the stick weak economy has plummeted the crisis has led to unemployment poverty seeing a lot of people not being able to make ends meet face to these tough economic conditions it's not just extreme factions a society that has seen a rise in. the everyday greeks he faced with exceptionally tough station circumstances as becomes a point the finger of blame. for the problems the streets of athens have now become a kind of limbo for illegal immigrants who are struggling to make money and to survive in second generation immigrants who've lived in the country many years of feeling the tension we've come to one of which is neighborhoods that the dangers say first high immigrant population the local park here has become is
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a mine of battlegrounds. we have to close the current because it was overrun with immigrants no one could cross that everybody was and no group of people could come here it was not a playground. that children are now forced to play their games here outside the closed gates is a part of this area with maintain to say whether or not the threat is real the fairness neighborhood certainly is it's definitely contrition issues and it's giving us things an issue because it's a symbol of fear you may believe. that the police is no good because people in many areas of the world they do things after midnight i think night night hours. the logic of it be opening to be the big blow that night but it looks like the weather to the bank i don't see the reason it is the yearly crisis continues ethnic tensions have been growing into an extremely volatile and sometimes dangerous
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situation greece is a country now in the midst of not just a financial and economic crisis but it immigration crisis to say that trying to find a way to rebuild say showcase he's in here is not skeins easy. r.t. athens. twenty six minutes past the hour here now in the russian capital time to update you on some other international stories now in thailand there is a dispute over which areas to rescue forces from what has continued to rise in the country's capital bangkok officials at the city center will be largely spared causing anger among those living on the outskirts and outside the capital residents in northeastern bangkok and destroyed part of a canal floodgates in an attempt to divert floodwaters away from the homes with or he's had to station police to god floodgates to prevent more damage. to independence activists attempted to hold a protest outside chinese embassy in new delhi they ran towards its heavily guarded
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ghouls waiting to flags and chanting slogans and blocked the way and detained some of the young protest as activists say they're trying to draw attention to twenty leaders to human rights violations in tibet head of this summit in camp. officials flew over a cargo ship that's been stranded on a reef in nearly a month now to assess its condition following reports that it was about to break apart crews have been in a race to remove oil from the vessel to avoid more environmental damage of a thousand tons of world was removed before the halt efforts on sunday the vessel was already spilled more than three hundred fifty tons into the sea effectively devastating the region's wildlife. to bring to think for the moment i'll be back with a recap of our top stories very shortly stay with us live here in moscow this is r.t. . to
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