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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EDT

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the u.s. in two thousand and ten to face trial. brings us more now from new york well just one day after deliberations began a jury of twelve handed down that verdict and the verdict is that they found russian business that businessman victor food guilty on all the charges that were leverage against him by the united states on those charges include conspiring to kill americans are conspiring to kill u.s. officials trafficking rockets and also he was charged with supplying arms to the revolutionary armed forces of colombia an organization the united states deems as terrorists now this this trial victor boot went on for about three weeks but his presence here in the united states has garnered a lot of attention as we've been reporting the u.s. fought very hard to get victor victor boot extradited from thailand to the u.s. over
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a year ago but that fight was was taking place since mr boot was arrested during a sting operation in thailand in march two thousand and eight. as pled not guilty on all the charges and he still maintains his innocence his attorney albert diane did speak to the press following today's events that took place in court he believes that this is not the end that he still has a chance that we have a chance to will again we can appeal to this judge. that the verdict was rendered against the weight of the evidence but then we could also proceed to the united states court of appeals but we are disappointed at this word now that he's been found guilty on these charges he faces a sentence of anywhere between twenty five years and life in prison. arena porton are reporting their will to discuss boot verdict further i'm now joined live by international extradition lawyer douglas mcnabb he's there in houston in the usa now would you call this a fair trial given the fact that we just heard from the defense saying that the
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court wasn't given enough evidence in this case. well the jury disagreed in us federal criminal cases the jury is required to return a unanimous verdict and so twelve jurors have said that he did it. the defense has the right to file a motion for a new trial they'll ask the judge to throw out the conviction i do expect that the judge will not do the ira and mr boot is facing some time saying come february of the eighth of this next year when we've had the prosecution saying that that should have been rearrested even if he wants found not guilty or as we've just heard all said that if the sentence was deemed to be too light some might say the american justice system is being manipulated here what would you agree with that. well mr boot is facing two indictments the first indictment is the one that you just went to trial on. and there is
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a back up indictment alleging violations. of office of foreign assets control assigned sions violations as a result of activity in africa as well as allegations involving fraud and money laundering i suspect that what is going to happen is that the u.s. government will white to see what sort of a sentence that mr blue received come february and then make a decision at that point as to whether to proceed on the second indictment if the government were to proceed on that second indictment and assuming a worst case scenario that mr blue were convicted on bias that he would be looking at whatever sentence he gets on undocking going to one coupled with added to whatever summits he would receive on on on indictment number but number two so i think the government is going to stay pat on indictment number two and see what sort of a sentence mr hooper so use your word save any chance of and it's
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a successful appeal that's pretty remote doesn't. well no i wouldn't say that because when one appeals a case where you're basically saying that someone made a mistake citing either that the jury made a mistake because they found that there was sufficient evidence when in fact based upon the record of the case that there was insufficient evidence or perhaps that the judge erred by allowing evidence iand that the judge should not have allowed evidence in so mr boot has the right to appeal but case he must file within fourteen days following the day of sentencing a properly prepared notice of appeal and a bad appeal is taken up to three judges none of which is the original judge so no he's got us he's got a second chance of the cry to overcome the jury's decision that's to talk about an element within that appeal now you are an extradition lawyer what about the question of the legality of boots extradition from thailand and could that have an
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impact on his a panel or is that too late now well i'm also an expert in u.s. federal criminal defense with regard to the extradition arena there is u.s. supreme court authority that says that it is ok. to go into a foreign country and in contravention of that foreign country's law kidnap an individual and bring him to the u.s. to stand trial in the u.s. and the fact that that individual was kidnapped in contravention of local law does is not the base those to have the indictment the smallest so i see that that potentially issues could be right with regard to the appeal i'm not hopeful that those who are going to be successful issues given the state of the u.s. supreme court authority with regard to extradition i think we're beyond but i take it we've got to be able to clue a show that he that there was a conviction and that that conviction was wrongly kike thanks so much for your
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explanation on how you see this case really good to hear from me thank you to. douglas mcnabb international extradition lawyer joining us live on r.t. thank you. in. the upcoming g. twenty summit in the french city of cairn is set for it now traditional beginning massive protests and clashes with police the rage behind the banners remains the same this year economic hardship and seemingly disconnected leaders because artie's daniel bushell reports this year the protests may be the least of the g twenty has problems. greece's referendum decision has really overtaken everything here at the summit it's really forced the high end of those who thought the e.u. project in the euro project would continue smoothly really is the strongest indication yet that greece could potentially quit the euro upsetting the whole eurozone project. nicolas sarkozy have summoned george papandreou the prime minister of greece for emergency talks all of the situation they want to find out why mr pope and to consult with them before making this decision the prime minister
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of france france who we feel said that it was a concern to him and the regretful that this. had been made he added that the greeks must say quickly and without ambiguity if they want to keep their place in the eurozone or not so strong words that almost soiled lines of the summit the officials here of the of that from the e.u. are trying to persuade greece not to go ahead with this with this referendum they're really concerned of the effect that it could have on both confidence of investors in the eurozone project and also more specifically what it will do if there is a no votes in the greeks decide to sort of split and not go ahead with this whole bailout deal e.u. leaders had promised here at the cannes summit to resolve their differences and really come up with a solution to the e.u. debt crisis but he seem increasingly likely that they won't do that with the greek spanner in the works mr pop and just position within greek is it within greece is
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weak he's a majority his policies majority in the parliament there has been cut so wafer thin two seats and also the ever growing roy is that we're seeing on the streets of athens seems to have had an effect on this decision it seems the sun the politicians all being swayed by people power more on that now in this report. g twenty host france says it wants this summit on its picture wrist mediterranean coast to reflect the importance of emerging nations in the world but this financial crisis deepens in both the u.s. and european union economists sports self interest behind that noble claim to involve more right economies is really to try to convince those right economists to put money on the table to the unsustainable currency union of europe in the first place developing countries which saw the west quick to back civil unrest among their population they now see those same western countries coming down hard on
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public movements in their own backyard and she was like to describe double standards the primary powers within the g twenty the united states germany britain france the real dominant economic and military powers they want to show a world order a system of states that still has the ability when in fact there is instability this summit is an attempt to put a shining face on what is really a failed system russia's president dmitry medvedev has warned for several years the world financial system needs reform his word it could but other emerging states thousands of protesters in the western no getting behind the calls for change. the fact that people are just. money in the world are just. running everything running all the people all the governors of states of this world that decided they own the world and they control want to be we believe the people have their word
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should have their words something to say one former diplomat says western leaders called continue to just blow killed criticism this whole idea that they can simply ignore popular protests against what's happening could come back to bite the leaders of the g seven energy twenty summit this protest different from summits. of the post was bill james nixey of the latest twist to get public money growing numbers here worry there's something fundamentally wrong with the coverage that we have basically a financial system where corporations and financial institutions are able to write themselves favorable legislation quid pro quo be a corporate lobbyist. bullring demonstrates is a good thing for the g. twenty venue in the nearby town of but it's becoming ever. hearing the voices of protest for all. fronts so greece's planned bailout is likely to dominate the g
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twenty summit and it may be the country's last chance to retain its sovereignty that's according to me while he's found an editor in chief that they did bell dot com he spoke to me. i'm not sure what the actual personal motivation was that george papandreou had to make that move but i for one indorsed the move i believe that the people of greece should be the ones who determine their future and not the euro kratz who who are trying to regain to gain even more control and centralized power over the various nation states within the and the fact is you cannot take these various nation states with various cultural backgrounds and needs and desires on the on an individual level forget about a national level and expect we'll put them all into a basket and to accept federalized control via brussels that is in the interest of the people want to localize level i don't see how anybody can brand the e.u. is a success when you have a bankrupt conglomerate of nations and you're asking the those better off to bail
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out with even more debt more central banking assistance that is more money power standing behind the bailouts in order to create more centralized government government governance i don't see how that's a success at all i think it's a total failure. we could leaks founder julian assange may find himself on swedish soil very soon after losing his battle against extradition from britain he'll have to answer sexual misconduct allegations which he denies and describes as politically motivated ortiz or smith was at london's high court. he said in the one step places the plane following today's proceedings of course this appeal he made to the high court was rejected at the end of the road tear at the high court and he now has to apply for permission to appeal to the supreme court and the high court that decides whether he will be granted that permission he could see in days to do that now permission would only be granted to go to the supreme court the highest court in the land if the case is deemed to be in the wider public interest and if
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there are precedents that could be set by this case which could apply to other people and this seems more unlikely off to today particularly as the judge here rejected full points of us on his defense which included the allegation that he wouldn't receive a fair trial in sweden and also you that the swedish prosecutor had no authority to issue they said european arrest warrants now following that we think that a judge in essence came out on the steps of the high court to make a short statement he said that they would be in the legal team which consider that next steps in the days ahead he also warned that spin would be applied to what had happened to today and that if people wanted to know what had actually happened they should go to his website sweeten buses the songs and he also criticised the european arrest warrant and say what he had to say i have not been charged with any crime in any country. the spark with the european arrest warrant
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is so restrictive that it prevents u.k. court from considering the power over case as judge to have made clear here today that if this case does go to the sea priem courts it appears likely that the european arrest warrant as a whole the basis for the european arrest warrant under which of course european citizens can be extradited to other countries with very little evidence being presented and at the sounds that himself. how the coolest themselves being able to look at the evidence will come under scrutiny. of course there are also many who still maintain that this case is entirely politically may survey say it's identity that if i sound effects are tied to sweden he will go from that to the united states and if indeed that is the case then it looks like it's what wiki leaks his life's work essentially is and serious threats they have a critical still to a shortage of funding and found himself has said that it may be forced to close in
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the new yam. with reporting from london michael pries know an iraq war veteran and civil rights campaign has told me that the us will do everything in its power to have a song extradited the us government is really doing whatever it can to pull the strings and really get its hands on julian a son should know that the accusations against him we don't know if they're true or not we know that it's standard practice when the us government are running perience governments want to go after an individual person or embark on this slander campaign and of course with enormous resources available to dig deep into these people's personal lives and dig up whatever they can i mean this is done to dr martin luther king jr and a range of other figures throughout history and we know that you know as joining us on that in that piece before even though no charges have been brought against him that he's under this extremely restrictive warrant where he can be sent actuated to another country and we know that that is nothing more than an excuse to get him into the hands of a country that the u.s.
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government is confident will extradite him to the united states to face trial for what they call espionage we know that the swedish government already has actually dated a large number of people to the cia in really what is in violation of international law. well we're all all always interested in what you think about the u.k. court verdict and r t v dot com always interested in any of your views on any of the stories and today we're asking you about your view on the u.k. court's decision to extradite a social so far the majority of those who've responded think that the u.s. is using the u.k. as a puppet again in the same amount of people believe the verdict of the result of a conspiracy to gag internet freedom and six percent say it was a step towards a trial and the rest think the supreme court may over all be decision anyway submit your vote at r.t. dot com. the us a free one of the cuban five a group of intelligence officers branded terrorists but he still can't leave
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florida to meet his family ready gonzales served his thirteen year sentence in a federal prison in full but u.s. authorities are forcing him to stay in america to serve a three year long probation period he was arrested together with four other officers and jailed on charges of spying and terrorism cuba insisted they were in the u.s. hunting a group of castro exiles who were planning terrorist attacks in the communist state caught up with the man's wife who said the case was biased from the start. but. turned out to use authorities be the media to pin the case in black the media labeled them spies and terrorists charged incenses them from the very beginning those who had the full information picked out the details that were in line with the accusations and they kept doing that for twelve years but when you take a newspaper or turn on the t.v. or the radio which speaks of five spies and then you get a summons to testify on the keys and you come by you have to either be very smart
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not to have a lot of information igniting the you know it's not else where people are informed enough would get but it's not. investigators have concluded the crew applied the brakes during takeoff causing a plane crash in the russian city of dallas level that killed forty four in september ortiz meton an overcomer listen to what the investigation committee to say the investigation has shown that those pilots were trained how to operate forty planes for a very long time and then they had just reached forty and according to the committee those two planes have a very different brake pads all systems which share the pilots didn't have enough time to get used to and so that could have been done by mistake another reason there's a jesse is one of the pilots was suffering from a strong neurological condition. in fact someone's reflexes and was also under the effect of strong medication perhaps he was using that medication to treat that condition that he was successfully hiding from the aviation medical for all
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this time a lot of the documents a world full thought apparently and from the conversations records from the black box in the press conference that we were listening to it was pretty clear that. they sounded very negligent there was a lot of swearing. the interstate. aviation committee is actually saying that it sounds like the pilots did not culture weights all the parameters for the sake of before hand so they were not prepared for the flight. well that brings us now to twenty minutes. in the russian capital and the protests accompanying most g. eight and g. twenty summit show this great dealt with the meetings can actually bring ordinary people any good but stay tuned to r.t. for an interview now with our divorce which represents russia at this year's summit for an insight from the inside that's coming up next here on our team.
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i've got to go to college thank you very much for being with us today and so the global economy is in a pretty bad shape and especially the eurozone ricard list the last e.u. summit is going to inflows to g. twenty summit twenty summit will focus on the state of the global economy clearly.
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you. are supporting sustainable growth we'll be in the center of the discussion on the first day of the summit and. more technical nature of real way from the passions that you can ask a honestly for example last year's twenty summit was worth something about one billion dollars. people don't really think that anything comes out of this especially when it comes to plausible solutions to the real problems world is facing. for example last summer suggested that world needs more financial regulation and that countries with big budget deficits should cut those deficits and the countries with large surpluses in external trade should encourage internal consumption any of this been implemented. conductor or sun itself is cheaper and cheaper from time to time and my. being spent in
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a more efficient way than before second are the important to understand the while doing the science nor specific decisions being made in. the current deletion of policies conducted by national governments important result this kind of direct dialogue the nation could face much more difficult consequences of financial turmoil that happened in two thousand take but what are you guys deciding on this summits and g. twenty that you can't decide of the phone. when leaders look to the iso for each other final outcome is much more efficient being informed conversations are too formal for those kinds of decisions especially given the differences. in the traditions and use of various nations but like in your opinion what would
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you say so far has been the biggest achievement concrete achievement of g twenty in europe are i would say that. trying to play a role for the decision. making process. in europe the result of the twenty year pressure would be not easy but we're still like left with faced with fundamental problems in global economy with the u.s. debt the eurozone crisis or the euro crisis we still had a lack of global financial oversight what do this factor leave us with i mean are we headed for a recession or a second round of recession there is a commitment from all g twenty countries to cut budget deficits were budget deficits are high and expect to all countries to. implement what they commit. to do and this will help to achieve the degree of fiscal consolidation needed. called the markets and the. start of the new
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cycle of growth occupy wall street i know that you guys are used to having protests wherever you go whether it's people who are against globalization or environmentalists the occupy wall street have promised this time t two states protesting can do you think maybe after all these people have a point i mean introducing one person tax or financial transactions and currency trade that's actually enough money to finance most social and environmental that is in the world i think that people who. go to the streets to send a signal to the governments whole point and. the point is that all things that the government should be doing should be related to the people's needs. one example in russia is the creation of international financial center moscow some people
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believe the just that your brain creates and. it is known for brinks and other financial institutions to florida but not if you. built all financial center in such a way then people real go into occupy. financial center rise and wall street should be our financial center in such a way that it will help people to get. good services cheaper services. to her for a more convenient life in general. as far as a tax and financial transaction is concerned i think current countries can decide on their own with introduce such a tax or or not we believe that russia would prefer. enough taxes for all kinds of taxes and those stocks are sufficient to finance. all social programs . if color properly used properly so we don't need to know the facts.
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in russia we believe that stocks will hurt the economy but then some other country . believes that this kind of stuff might be useful why not are going to rush twenty eight to the russian president thank you very much. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. for asians are all.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they have. to choose seems to get with the status of the human experiment. to see this rap music or was it goes to movies illegally trying to make sense of global economy and it's all changed things as financial template. to maintain confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look even the nation's close to collapsing in some foreclosed homes people. fail switchblade banks again feel like think is the us crash and imminent smash the ceiling. just
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like all the clocks in athens three the i.m.f. strikes me i'm just programs increase the total economy. wealthy british style. time buyers. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or no holds barred the global financial headlines to conjure report . within twenty four hours a day this is all to live here in the russian capital top stories now
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a jury convicts russian businessman vick to boot. to sell weapons to colombian terrorists the sentence will be announced later only faces anything from twenty five years to life in jail. winded by verdict the high court in london rules the wiki leaks founder julian assange should be tried in sweden over controversial sex crime and occasions. a sense of disillusionment dominates protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial mayhem and the greek announcement of a referendum on the eurozone rescue deal has only fuel the flames. that's it for me today my colleague sean thomas will be here as the news continues and about thirty minutes from now but in the meantime which one is your voting and islamic party into power and the same likely to happen in egypt freedom of the losses panel of experts should the world now get used to the idea of islamic democracy cross-talk is next.


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