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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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occupying plaza that and chanting and making a protest sign for really seeing that they're capable of actually hurting the so-called one percent as they like to call themselves a property owners of the black. and it's not going to really sort of ten evening or one of the shocking things that the we know this is in fun part two of the heavy handed tactics that the police use last week we have police officers in this area and so what i'm seeing right now in is a photographer's basically building the ground some are sitting down some are walking back to the plaza we saw some instances of our cars trying to ram through blue supposed masters but no injuries but i thought here but one place this is actually killed a close to the plaza this evening that is something all right thank you very much jim with the go thanks a lot of the lucy and of course interesting events will keep you updated as they happen in oakland but first aid is back to our washington studios for part two of the only on the show don't go away.
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i did sign for you said it read it right take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you too because you've got something to say i listen now first don't respond if you are who watched our interview with lawrence korb on military contractors threatening the over a million jobs could be lost if defense cuts were made robert bennett said on facebook absolute crap it's a matter of prioritizing taxpayer money there's infrastructure education research
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grants ad infinitum what does military hardware produce and i couldn't agree with robert more on this of course all government spending creates jobs spending on the military employs americans and injects money into the us economy but the real question here is how we want our government to be spending its money how we want our government to be employing americans with taxpayer dollars we want the government is spending billions upon billions trillions of dollars on military projects which kill people and fuel and less war and create on the whole less employment for the american people because they require more capital or do we want our government to be spending taxpayer dollars on roads and schools and things that can employ americans while creating a better and more prosperous country doesn't really seem like the heart of a choice to meet one responder of you who watched last night's glimmer of hope about bank of america choosing to go back on their five dollars debit card fee but a boomer rock said on you tube nice to see we do have a little power the power of the money when we all work together and yes it is a rare victory for the consumers over the banks turns out the occupy wall street
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movement has created change it's great. a change in the way the banks operate and has elevated the disgust and americans feel towards not only the corruption of our government but also of our financial institutions write to the banks themselves now while there's still a lot of work to be done in this case it looks as if the power of the people was properly exercised with real results now finally i want to thank all of you who watched our hall the weans show like joe johnson who tweeted hilarious hollowing show it's obvious the whole team had a great time putting the show together instant classic and i'm really glad that our viewers enjoyed our efforts efforts at being funny there's always it really was a blast and we had probably a little too much fun putting it all together but watch out for more attempts that being funny coming through that's of my ranting today and i'll be back with more as usual next week. well there is a legal setback tonight for wiki leaks founder julian assange the high court ruled in britain today that he should be extradited to sweden to face questioning over allegations of sexual abuse last year to even make claims against a songe but
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a scientist fought all the extradition efforts the forty three page ruling is just the latest twist in the eleven month battle that assad has fought in the u.k. as you may recall he was arrested briefly held in jail last december after swedish officials filed an arrest warrant and to wiki leaks volunteers were accused accused of sexual molestation a lawful coercion and rape saw and says the sex was consensual and he says it will continue to fight these charges. i have not been charged with any crime in any country. despite this the european risk or the third restrictive that it prevents u.k. courts from considering the for over case as judges have made clear here today. and now scientists been fighting tooth and nail against going back to sweden because he believes that sweden will extradite him to the us the history of complying with us in cases passed and as we reported to you many times on this show a grand jury has been impaneled in virginia to investigate songe and wiki leaks
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website now the jury is reportedly looking into espionage charges against assigned after wiki leaks released hundreds of thousands of state department cables earlier this year and the first session of the grand jury was held over the summer in alexandria but could a songe actually face charges for espionage for just publishing state department cables of the guardian pointed out may the u.s. might have a very hard time getting a grand jury to indict him the espionage act is never been applied successfully against a nonet government party so in order to secure an indictment prosecutors would have to convince the grand jury that a song encouraged or assisted the source of the leaked documents so in effect the u.s. would have to prove that a songe encouraged or assisted bradley manning who's accused of leaking the material of which there is absolutely no evidence of us on his right in sweden does send him over to america he will really be meeting many friendly faces there are plenty of lawmakers and t.v. pundits here who think that he should be prosecuted. being credited beginning with the reality that
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a large could be lost because of that we know today really continues to go ahead so i try to actually disgracefully should be prosecuted to the espionage act and given his room the prison trove is actually possible but one leaking the material is deplorable agree with the pentagon's assessment that the people at wilkie lease could have blood on their hands we can act unilaterally we can we can go and get him without without another country's permission we did it with general noriega there's also already in the office of legal counsel that we can go in and take somebody anywhere in the world. so perhaps a son does have a reason to fear an indictment here in the us but whether he'll be sent back to sweden is yet to be seen his lawyer has fourteen days to file a last ditch appeal to the supreme court in the u.k. so we're going to continue to follow this case as it moves slowly through the british court system and will keep an eye on all the details of the grand jury right here in the u.s. . now all the occupy wall street movement doesn't want to work within the political system with that with more than we have or the politicians that are part of it it
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does seem like perhaps some of their calls are being heard on capitol hill and number of pieces of legislation are being introduced that could be seen as going along with the movements desired changes today legislation is being introduced in both the house and the senate to impose a point zero three percent transaction tax on every single trade of stocks bonds options futures swaps and credit default swaps now it's already law in other parts of the world and it's going to be discussed at the g. twenty but considering that u.s. banks just lost up to eight billion dollars in revenue by not getting to impose a five dollars debit card fee how hard are they going to fight against it earlier i caught up with dean baker co-director of the center for economic and policy research i first asked him to tell us more about the transaction tax and if he supports it. i mean the basic story here is that it's a very small tax on financial transactions like buying and selling stock options futures credit default swaps a whole range of instruments and the rate that it's in the build it's being considered are coming to the floor of the house and senate is just three one
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hundred percent so for someone who ordinarily is investing for their kids' education or their retirement this is being consequential in fact probably won't even notice it because they reduce their trading have no impact on the other hand for people who are buying by the day or by the hour or minute this would be a very big cost so it both raises a lot of money to raise probably around twenty five billion a year at this level very low level and also it discourages a lot of speculation eliminates waste in the financial sector and makes it more efficient twenty five billion dollars i mean that's no small chunk so you're saying about average person that might be worried about their retirement there for a one k. they might be like a dollar a year or something to that even be close to zero because basically remember most of us who don't have a lot of money we have money for when we have mutual fund will they're going to respond the person managing our mutual fund respond by trading last so might cost more free trade but they're going to trade less might end up being a total wash so for most people this is basically nothing do you like the title
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robin hood tax and some people are giving it do you think that's fair taking the range given the poor well you know you can think about in different ways i would say the people end up paying it will be primarily wealthy people so in that sense that's true but i see it first and foremost a tax on waste you know one of the things that compared to if you want to gamble city you pay taxes gambling is taxed if you gamble in your state lottery that's tagged very heavily so basically is saying forgive and gamble in financial markets you're also going to pay a tax and that's something that at this point the financial markets have got to do right when these traders can make what is it thousands of bets a second if they want to because it's all automated and they never get charged for it all for free there's no tax that's right that's exactly right so on like gambling in other venues you know this disorder. gambling gambling financial sector which again tends to be wealthier people that goes all together on terrorist ok so this is not a novel idea it's not something brand new there are other countries out there that already have it it's even to be discussed at the g. twenty so does that mean that the entire world is kind of starting to wise up
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realize that there's so much trading going on there could be a profit made off of this well i think both of there's money that could be made they recognize the financial sector needs to be reined in so it's important people recognize this is something being very seriously considered the european commission which is the decision making body for the european union actually recommended to tax a higher tax a tenth of a percentage point on stock so they actually recommending their tax strongly supported by the conservative heads of government of both france and germany are closing in merkel and this tax actually already exists the united kingdom i get a big kick out of it often economists tell me oh you can never have a single you have to tell them in england because they think they have it and they think they're raising a lot of money that way they've had a tax of half of one percent on stock trades that dates back for centuries but here we are in america and so what do you think the chances are of something like this actually going through and getting past i mean let's not forget that recently all the banks announce that they will not be holding that five dollars debit fee that bank of america originally was going for them bank of america decided to read that
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and some estimate that they're going to lose up to eight billion dollars in revenue because of it sell i'm betting my money that they're going to be lobbying very heavily against this transaction tax well there's no doubt about it they're going to be very very strongly opposed to the tax and to get people supported tax me no one likes the idea of any tax but the point here is that we have in the current context with the supercommittee that's coming up with proposals to cut medicare cuts or security and i think the relevant question is ok which do you think makes more sense do you want to see your social security or your parents or security benefits cut or uterus and taxing wall street and i think when it's posed that way i think it's like would be a much more popular proposition again i would put money in betting this year but i think getting it into the mix makes it very likely that something like this could at some point get through what do you think about. by the way by the banks and by bank of america is that a bit of a win for occupy wall street or at least for this anti-bank sentiment sleep in the country absolutely i mean you know obviously the banks i just take it for granted they're going to try to make money wherever they can and when there was this change
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in the fees they could charge they said ok we care less about these people the smaller council charging five bucks if they want to go away they'll go away but they really can't head about it and they prompted this huge outcry and they had to back down so i thought it was great to see well they backed down for now but i'm just i'm curious you know i guess you could say that i'm very skeptical because of the end of the day the banks are not motivated by satisfying their customers they're motivated by profit they're motivated by greed and so are they going to find some other way to you know stake in some extra fees maybe not have a brand new fee that everybody can react to but fees that already exist are just a start you know raising them here and there one of them are to do that i take it for granted but again you know there is some competition and you know what was going on here is a lot of people are saying ok well i'm going to go to a credit union they're not going to charge me this so there is some competition you know i take it for granted if they could raise the fee they will raise the fee what they did here was really him headed that they rushed out there and said ok we're going to start charging one five dollars a month and it was easy for people to see what they're doing and react to that more
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typical you're right it will be a little bit here a little bit there but you know people do have options a lot of people get credit unions and we might see more of that that was part of the design of this legislation that they actually lower credit unions to charge retailers a higher fee the point being to give them some some benefit relative to the large banks now really quickly i just want to ask you to we've been talking what's going on in oakland today they're calling it a general strike it isn't technically a general strike because all the unions are involved but if we look back through the history of general strikes in the u.s. do you think of those paint a promising picture for for where occupy wall street could go if they keep doing more actions like this will be certainly draw attention and we had general strikes some thirty's in san francisco seattle that was going to minneapolis organized by the team. so there's some history of general strikes the focus of so if you have our people support for it i mean that's one way to show you know for people to express their views it will get reactions from people in washington while they're definitely expressing their views and i guess that we could say that some kind of
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reaction is happening in washington i don't know if it's going to be enough for the occupy wall street movement after all you know piece by piece little bits of legislation i guess could be a start a way to start changing and start progressing but it's still not entirely formation of our system dean thanks so much for joining us tonight. so the council to all time involved herman cain and donald trump and jon stewart explain the connection in just a moment and then happy hour ron paul weighs in on the firman cain sexual harassment problem with a ridiculous comment plus an old people militia busted in georgia back in. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they
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have. to try to get the status of the human experiment. to see this right because it would. be trying to send some really clear to me and it's all change things as financial templates. to me to you don't put it to kids and you don't want to be seen as recession look keep the nation's close to come. close. to fail aaa but again i think it's a us crash and seven it. seems. to just. the i think we'll just programs increase the total economy.
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bring you the latest science and technology from. the future covered. in canada and the us so that it is legal for you to use a bubble bath on your baby that contains a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most of the most independent they are sponsored by industry and most of the things they claim is a conflict of interest today an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month oh my god nobody with cancer. therefore i protest. because ninety to ninety five percent of cancer hurt people with family history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and administration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in
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washington d.c. than members of congress. i doubt it's time for tonight's told cyberwar the tonight guest in new york a loud mouth donald trump now this man has never stops giving his opinion to anybody out there who will listen why drum feels a need to inject himself into every national conversation is beyond me and he doesn't have an empire to run a low rated t.v. show to attend to well i think really he was just missing the limelight so he decided to say something crazy to get back and now trump has decided to weigh in on the herman cain sexual harassment scandal but he's got kind of an unusual target here. how come jon stewart gets away with a very very racist rant about herman cain nobody else could pull that off where is
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reverend jackson where is reverend sharpton we are all the critics that have somebody else did it it would be a disaster all right so trump thinks that jon stewart is racist and really what could have led trump to make these accusations against jon stewart it's not what he said but the way he said it he told his voice inflection believable if anybody else deep deep trouble really donald you're basing your belief of jon stewart as racist because of the tone in his voice the inflection i mean let's listen to a clip of stewart's tone and you the viewer here decide. a commercial just always going to play we're different music in people's heads now.
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larry king live that's what's funny with a little funky music tossed in trouble must not understand that what jon stewart does every night is a little something called comedy his acting while he is by the anchor desk it's parody and satire it's not real news and trump says that he likes to what he should probably be taken off the air for a while for punishment i just love the audacity of that trump thinks that jon stewart should take a break from the air for a while i'm sure stewart is one of the most powerful media personalities in the country really cares what donald trump has to say not to mention the irony of donald trump calling somebody racist here when trump was pretending to run for president he himself was accused of being racist to the claims that he thinks obama was not born in the united states let's revisit his great moments. but you know he was born in this country i am really concerned and i will tell you where this all started a week ago i used to look it up you know doctors that remember you have no knowledge this is a president of the united states the reason i have a little doubt just
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a little because you grew up and nobody knows when you interview people if i haven't got the nomination if i ever decide to run you may go back and it's a few people from i can dig are there remember me nobody ever comes forward nobody knows who he is until later in his life it's very strange the whole thing is very strange i have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding you have people now they have their literature and then in hawaii absolutely and they cannot believe what they're finding yeah it turns out that obama was born here but just after the president releases birth look at perth's birth certificate trunk then called on obama to release his grades i mean really donald how low can you go of course trunk wants us all to know that not only is he not racist he's the least racist person that there is. well you know if it comes to racism and racial is trying to least racist person there is and i think most people that will be will tell you that i am at least racist i've heard great relationships in fact randall think it one on three as you know on the apprentice
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a little while ago a couple years ago i read it was been outstanding every way so i mean i am the least racist person but there's a guy trying to get support so somebody black won the apprentice and that proves that donald trump is not a racist but jon stewart on the other hand who use the wrong tone of his voice clearly is so for trams but then a good time to just stay in the spotlight we're giving him tonight's tool time award. hi guys it's time for a happy hour and joining me this evening is our chief correspondent christine and david cantonese from politico thanks for joining me guys and all right so our first story night is sort of funny story i guess is just well i mean it's it's sad and i guess you could be happy that they got the guys but we'll get into the details in
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a minute let's first play the clip. for an elderly georgia men will appear in federal court a few hours from now on charges of a homegrown terror case prosecutors say they're part of a fringe militia group they're accused of plotting to attack government officials with explosives and a deadly toxin. are its own militia groups can be a dangerous problem here people who plot violent things at home that also happen to not be muslim what a shocker but the guys are old they're seventy three one is sixty seven and one is sixty eight and let me just say let me read you a quote from one of them as to why they felt they had to do their duty says there is no way for us as militia men to save this country to save georgia without doing something that's highly. highly illegal murder that's effing illegal but it's got to be done scary sounds to me like a bunch of grumpy old men i mean it is scary and i'm totally glad they caught these people but from what i understand they called them after they recorded this
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conversation the f.b.i. recorded a conversation in the person's house it just goes to show they love to do that the f.b.i. you know i know but how do you know this is a group of four people and yet they found out about it. we got do they have any actual evidence as to plots or is it just for a grumpy old men sitting around being like god dammit i just don't think you could do anything i think they had evidence of explosives i mean i'm trying to build i totally get what i mean are you thinking the way that i was reading i mean i think there was evidence that they had you know were trying to make a bomb or an explosive explosive device i mean but i mean i've read about militia movements before but seventy three years old i mean that is kind of scary that they have the capacity to do that and these guys are going on and on for too long and i mean are these guys grandfathers do they have kids if families are they i mean how do we know we just got a good question but i guess i just you know to look out for the old ones to let's move on to something that people are just going crazy over this so this is an
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italian american model who got fired from her role as the face of an international telecommunications company because she spoke about her passionate love affair with want to cut off these sons take a listen. but she said that she had been dating with the same gadhafi for four years and she said this to the magazine and i'm quoting she said i didn't have contact with him since the uprising broke out but our relationship was one of passion so she also called their relationship a very beautiful love story and she said that she felt like the good offices were a normal family and you know there are a lot of bad things you can totally say about moammar gadhafi but do she need deserve to be fired for saying what her opinion is on the family and you know the love affair that you had i don't think so on one hand there's the freedom of speech issue right you should be able to say that you want to be fired for but she's a brand remember tarver woods what he did and he lost all his endorsements she's her own brand right this is a model modeling agency poulder what they have the right to not want to be
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associated with her just as much as she has the right to say i dated you know moammar gadhafi son and he was a great guy you know there are private group and they have that right where was the right decision or not it's guilt by association but they thought that probably it was going to hurt their brand and hurt their momentarily i think it's an important point and here you have to think about i mean you think about what you read about their relationship how he spent two million dollars a month i mean this is a person who was able to probably keep his passionate lovers shielded from a lot of the bad stuff that went on that he probably wasn't directly related to either so i think that's how it normally go just shower them with diamonds and assume that they don't see anything else that's going on because it's just glistening so much ok let's move on to some of their rand paul from kentucky you know i don't like talking about this herman cain scandal because i think that just too much there's too much on the news twenty four hours a day about herman cain's sex scandal and there are other things going on in the world like we don't know all the details yet rand paul decided to weigh in though
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and this makes me angry he basically says that women these days can't take a joke he says there are people now who hesitate to tell a joke to a woman in the workplace any kind of joke because it could be interpreted in correct. i don't i'm very cautious. blame it on me for a sensitive women can't take a job you want there you go there was a settlement worth thirty five thousand dollars here's the thing a female washington post columnist actually wrote about this today that women generationally have different interpretations of what is a joke in the workplace what you could say you know let me try women or six of these is different than what you could say to a woman or twenty's as far as you know getting a job going to being actual harassment i think harassment allegations are always very difficult because you don't know there's such a wide spectrum there and it could be special and how it's interpreted and what his intention was what was his motivation how much did he say it was should rand paul be being like run away by the way only i hadn't heard opinion because i've seen all
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the legal documents i think that women don't have to take it as rand paul's brand right he wants to be that's the republican brand anti political correctness can i say something not alone or you agree you look pretty you know. exactly exactly i just thought rand paul because we should mention during his campaign weren't similar accusations yes. scandal of his own in the past but there that they did know so because women are overly sensitive and dramatic according to rand paul you just shouldn't say anything to them you know the women sex scandals why don't we hear about the female. hundred up no female sex scandals because they're either just coming either don't do it their women get in office or they're just smart about it. martin. thanks for joining me tonight i think what a night tell thanks for tuning in thanks for the come back tomorrow candidate buddy roemer is going to be back on the program and meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any
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of tonight or any other night you know it's cash don't you think dot com on here we'll find the interview as well as the show posted the entirety. leaders of the world's biggest economies meet for a g. twenty summit where center stage is taken by the euro crisis now intensified by the
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greek decision belo referendum. russian businessman victor boot found guilty of on trafficking by a us jury facing life in jail but the peeps claiming he's innocent. the first casualty of social unrest in the u.s. a protester dies after being struck by a car during a massive and tell you what rally in oakland california that led to the blocking of one of the u.s. major seaports. am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story leaders of the world's twenty biggest economies about to meet in france during a shaky time the eurozone trembling after greece's shocking announcement that it will hold a referendum on the euro bad.


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