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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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europe's financial chaos hijacks the g twenty meeting in prague the leaders of the world's richest nations discuss what to do about the greek debt and the teetering euro zone. oakland's streets are littered with tear gas canisters and spend the rubber bullets after a riot police crackdown on a massive occupy protest that left america's fifth largest port. plus russia questions the fairness of businessman a victim boots trial and want to bring him home after a new york jury finds him guilty of arms trafficking.
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a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me recent shea well against the opulent surroundings of the french riviera the political heavyweights of the g twenty discussing how to stop europe's economy being dragged down by greek debt eurozone leaders are holding back the latest rescue payouts athens until a referendum on whether greeks even want to be saved that's past season is now using khanna to get across the relevance of the g twenty anything good to see you gloomy weather gloomy mood i was the atmosphere like where you are. well in fact i was just going to talk about the weather i think president medvedev said it right on the dot when he spoke at the business g twenty he said the mood here in camp is very much like the weather it looks nice it's warm but it's much more complicated it's not that simple and of course that is after the euro crisis basically took over the can t twenty after the sell from the greek prime minister to the country
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would hold a referendum on whether or not to make cots and accept the latest batch of money which is very heavily being pushed by germany and france on the eve of the summit he would sometimes merkel and nicolas sarkozy sat down with the i.m.f. as well and the european central bank and they told him his decision was unilateral that the country can go ahead and hold this referendum but they will get no cash unless they make those cuts and of course the greek people out on the streets for over a year they don't want those costs to go through it if the no vote happens what then happens to the euro that's what people are talking about the leaders are talking about of course over this two day summit a big question though how much can get done at the g twenty and what about the emerging economies that won't be directly affected by the euro and want their issues to be brought up as well indeed and you started just a moment ago what really can be done what can be achieved at the summit of course as you know the g twenty is an annual happens every year two thousand and eleven alone we've had multiple e.u.
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member meetings as well about the eurozone crisis we've had protests across the eurozone we've had protests ongoing with occupy wall street i'll be really being serious when we think any major initiative is going to come out of this g. twenty summit this year. well that's the interesting thing it's always been a debate let's not forget the g twenty was created in the midst of the height of the two thousand and eight financial crisis in order to spread the power to not just how to be the world's richest seven nations the g. the g. seven making the big decisions emerging economies saying we need to change and completely remodel the global financial system and that's exactly what these occupy protesters are saying that's exactly what people in greece are saying across europe but will they be heard analysts we've been speaking to have been saying that the g twenty cannot keep up these security walls or is that just a symbol for the fact that they need to hear the people or things are going to get much much worse protests meanwhile taking place
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a nice about twenty five miles away from cannes were security of course is very high tens of thousands of people out on the streets in the rain hoping that their voices will be heard but many critics say they don't think it's going to happen this time around and the protests will continue all right aussies and he said i would live in for the annual g. twenty thank you but i mean talking eurozone leaders will have their eyes on the last fortunes of foster about looking economies like china and wondering if it could have a financial crunch so it although raging is refusing to invest in the european financial stability fund until the surrounding greece is removed and there are some who are concerned that chinese help could come at a high price for europe. alyson china will likely be asking for some major concessions one route for china's funding of the bailout fund would go through the i am not for an i.m.f. finds the i.m.f. historically has been dominated by the united states and european powers and it's
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evolving countries of long argued for greater voting power and more of a voice in the i.m.f. so it's possible that china would demand greater voting powers within the i.m.f. for having its money go through the i'm after the euro zone and so that's one thing and that of course would diminish the the influence of western powers in that and that finds another thing that china may ask for is greater opportunities for foreign direct investment into europe and i that means sensually buying companies technology companies and so on and europe and the us so china will i think you see if china decides to help the. in a crisis china will use every bit of its leverage that it carol. here in the program here at r.t. financial guru max keiser and our co-host stacey her but look at the current financial problems through the prism of the past but here's a quick preview of what's coming your way at three thirty pm g.m.t. . john and yoko ono were actually watching the kaiser report during their
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famous bet in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and you see you know this is a unique perspective not very many people look at this shot from that time but as you can see they were also saying all we are saying is let the banks fail and kaiser karma at the time nobody thought to look at the four three sixty of that stock exactly to look at some of the posters on the wall like make love not dead now suddenly in the year two thousand and eleven john and yoko were close alliance they saw john was a visionary who saw the future he knew it was coming. with our new reports coming out of oakland california say the police there are withdrawing after a series of running battles with occupy movement protesters riot gear clad cops once again deployed tear gas flash bangs and rubber ammo all in an effort to move
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entrenched penetrators but the city's port fifth largest in america remains shut down our correspondent who see capping off has more from the scene. you can hear behind me a crowd of about. two hundred three hundred police officers or riot gear standing before me about ten feet away from me a rather intimidating like oh they're. lined up shoulder to shoulder. just moments ago they should order for all of the protesters. are they had also said that anyone who remained in the area regardless of their business area. and they said that they do have permission to use the. agency possibly.
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the earlier we saw but basically what happened three minutes ago. taken over by the carriage already really. really creepy we. are you hearing chants we are. going to be marching broadway where we're standing to reclaim the base and. just a bit out here up to ten thousand demonstrators turned up opens a general strike to voice their displeasure and what i see as a just practices in the u.s. economy to see was altered that's about as those events unfolded she sent us this report. we're here at the port of oakland where the occupy wall street protesters
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have successfully shut down the port for the crowd you see behind me is gathered here because one of the workers tried to speed through the crowd almost running over several protesters trying to get through the human mind the human barricade the presence or surrounding the car and to them from going he's now backing out but a lot of folks here furious thousands of people have gathered here now again at the port of oakland has effectively been shut down and several thousand people have marched from downtown oakland on to this area they shut down all of the gates effectively spending warning shot they say to the so-called one percent the corporate owners of the courts trying to hurt the at the top of the to where it hurts the most in the pocket in the economic sense whether or not this these kinds of topics are going to be repeated at other occupy wall street movements remains to be seen and i think that at the very least it's going to be a new tool in the arsenal of the occupy wall street movement those sort of the power that folks have to organize on short notice and to take out these kinds of
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actions that you know can't really be ignored regardless of whether you stand for or against this issue itzhak that's likely is that affect the pocketbooks the large corporations that do get noticed i think that protesters will sort of learn a lesson from that or perhaps for that in other areas reporting from downtown oakland at the port of oakland for our t.v. . you can also see his twitter feed for the latest updates from something you can read a description of some of the most dramatic events during project. tells us how the oxy crew was look from leaving the pool building and going through protesters all ending with a public vote on whether to let off for. much much more of lucy off the twitter feed when we will also be free we think on this. story coming up in a few minutes to find how the white social networking site. like twitter and
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facebook are in danger of becoming a surveillance tool for the british government that's coming your way short. about ten minutes past the hour here in moscow a russian businessman a bit computer faces a life sentence after a new york jury found him guilty of agreeing to sell arms to terrorists and conspiring to kill americans he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation and was eventually extradited to the u.s. despite strong opposition from moscow of course on the marina portnoy or has been closely following the story. just one day after deliberations began a jury of twelve handed down that verdict and the verdict is that they found a russian businessman businessman victor boot guilty on all the charges that were leveraged against him by the united states and those charges include conspiring to kill americans that conspiring to kill u.s. officials trafficking rockets and also he was charged with supplying arms to the revolutionary armed forces of colombia an organization that the united states deems
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as terrorists now this this trial of victor boot went on for about three weeks but his presence here in the united states has garnered a lot of attention as we've been reporting the u.s. fought very hard to get victor victor boot extradited from thailand to the u.s. over a year ago but that fight was was taking place since mr boot was arrested during a sting operation in thailand in march two thousand and eight. has pled not guilty on all the charges and he still maintains his innocence his attorney albert diane did speak to the press following today's events that took place in court so this is not the end that he still has a chance that we have a chance to again we can appeal to this judge. that the verdict was rendered against the weight of the evidence but then we can also proceed to the united
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states court of appeals but we are disappointed at this word now that he's been found guilty on these charges he faces a sentence of anywhere between twenty five years and life in prison. now russia says it wants to bring it back home and says that his extradition to the u.s. was illegal but he was flown out of thailand in a military style operation that moscow believes was outside the jurisdiction of u.s. authorities. europe is going off in hours details. russia strongly criticizes the u.s. courts decision saying that it's a big question into how lawful was it that the us managed to get a good bit of dollars to the jury in the first place since it was twice that a tight court could not find enough evidence to actually write him down all was sudden it changed its mind in just a few hours after that was on the plane headed to the u.s. back in two thousand and ten and the foreign ministry here in moscow says that this was a result of political pressure applied on silence by washington it also claims that
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a negative image has been created around the little book and this piece on purpose by u.s. media and all this makes russia question the u.s. course objectivity at the moment the foreign ministry says that its main goal is to get to the to move back to russia. if you're going to. going to journalist and author daniel estulin things it was used as a puppet and political tug of war between washington and moscow. it was a part of the international global game where russia basically was the n.b.a. game russia was the only nation in the world that actually owned up to enable the united states a russian a little out of the whole week to actually harbor we had one world government or new world order one who accompany when we were called whatever you want and we were was just an example would be was actually being done against russia's interests across the world be a leader who ruled how to do the smear will actually get access to weapons being
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a member of the rebellion the american government is called our mutual education the officer of course he was never going to be officer but during the years of that huge a b r us are going to get us closer any words unless our automation has case obviously the insinuation of the writer would actually help them and start climbing the webbers we basically puts russia in the same camp all the iran north korea are they were is well it's iraq or syria neutral i'm for sure who's up for this international game and of course there's been huge pieces come to an end. and then we've got another on another international celebrated legal wrangle of the wiki leaks founder julian assange pinch of us over on our website for r.t. dot com find the latest details about how his mother has been driven to despair and by the latest news from the u.k. court that he's to be extradited to sweden she says unless his homeland of australia steps then extradition to the u.s. is in africa. must be aware of the bears have hunted him
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hunger has driven them to russian road to say forage for food and find the full story at r.t. dot com. i'm. sixteen minutes past the hour here in the russian capital and the arab league has analysis it's reached a deal. with syria on easing the country's long running political crisis the agreement urges damascus to immediately withdraw all security forces from the streets release jailed demonstrators and start dialogue with the opposition that syria has also agreed to allow rights groups and ira beleaguered watchdogs into his country the u.s. meantime still says it wants to see president assad step down for more on this we are joined by independent journalist james corbett in japan who's been closely covering the story good to see you so president assad appears to have agreed to all
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of the arab league demands but still western countries are putting the pressure on why do you think that is. well i think what we're seeing here is a coordinated agenda it's really just the unfolding of a template that we've seen used a number of times in the past including the quite recent past which is to use humanitarian rights groups as sort of a front to recover for destabilizing the regime and we saw that quite quite literally happening with libya for people who were following what happened there the u.n. human rights council in january of two thousand and eleven was praising libya for its stance on human rights and in february a group of seventy n.g.o.s got together to file a letter to basically protesting what could i think the government and within a few days the u.n. human rights council could be discussion session in which they condemned libya and i think we see a similar pattern happening here where these human rights groups are used being used as a way of funneling stories so. there's no way to attribute them there's no way to
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verify them there's no we don't know whether or not these events are really happening at all and the latest example in fact it's just breaking now is that apparently they're trying to say that they're on the cease fire has already been broken by. syrian troops are firing on citizens in that and we're already hearing that it is interesting how you draw the comparison between libya and syria and you raise the issue of these are human rights groups and these so-called human rights campaigns that are any of these reports about actually legitimate of course as we know the whole u.n. resolution one hundred seventy three on libya was all about protecting civilians and we also have thought that when some other countries in the region might be quite happy to see regime change in syria we're talking to regional powers here if indeed they are eager to be removed what grand a plan and all this new thing well i think we see probably a similar thing playing out here as we as we did in libya which was to really take over the resources of the country but more than that i think with syria what we're
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looking at is a strategic or a strategic area which is a perfect place for launching. the result into iran and i think if if the endgame of this is a grand and seriously stepping stone towards that which is what i think we have to keep our eye on in all of this but on only the point of the human humanitarian rights groups we have a london based syrian observatory for human rights which is cleaning the cease fire has been broken and this was the same group that back in august but it seems to have started spreading a story about entropy in computer babies in syria he was armed when electricity was cut off in the city of hama and again we see that has direct parallels to the iraq war back in one thousand nine hundred one with the incubator baby story that turned out to be delivered by the kuwaiti investor a daughter although no one knew that at the time and that was one of the key events where you know the american intervention in iraq in one thousand and one and then we see this story which turned out not to have any basis it was again an
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unattributed and there were pictures circulated it turned out to be taken in egypt in both places had nothing to do with syria so we see this these types of organizations again and again coming up with these allegations and it seems to me that this is heading towards a type of set up for wide scale for intervention and that the public otherwise wouldn't have any reason for being behind it we had a story just just a couple of months ago from the region where a lady according to human rights groups had been taken by security forces and then the capitated then weeks later she she suddenly appeared on media saying well this is all untrue here i am perfectly intact now the syrian president has agreed to move government troops from the streets but as we as we know many of the protesters are quite well armed how do you think authorities are supposed to prevent the violence without further violence well that's a particularly good question and i wish it was one more media i was asking because one of the untold assumptions in all of this is that the protesters are somehow
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peacefully protesting and that there is no violence coming from their side of it which i think is categorically untrue and has been shown to be untrue by the fact that. syrian forces themselves are being shot at so so clearly there are there are armed protesters here this is not just some peaceful benign movement in a game like in libya where we saw the well funded and well. supported rebels taking over in libya well we see that happening again through covert means here with covert supplies going to the syrian opposition and that came out earlier this year that in fact the u.s. state department has been funding the syrian opposition for three years so again we see in exact same pattern ramping up and again on the case of building up stories that just were completely untrue we saw again in libya with the story of gadhafi forces be having their own biography great sessions which again turned out to be another completely contrived story with nobody says into the i.c.c. eventually have to drop that from their return quest for an arrest warrant so so again we see that and unfortunately now we see this story into the nuclear field
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with the latest being that. supposedly connections of interest between syria and the age you can nuclear network which we all know was supported and funded and protected from that by the cia from the one nine hundred seventy s. onward and it comes straight from the judge economics foreign minister. so you know we're also hearing the same type of alleged nuclear facility enormous area for the past two decades has been used as a cotton mill but i wish we had more time editor of the news website colbert report dot com thank you thank you. the british government has blamed social networking sites for spreading unrest during the august riots across england and attempt to prevent similar trouble in the future one part of london is now proposing to monitor online activity at youth centers laura smith reports it's a risky game that may breach the vital bond of trust between young people and social workers. the reality of life in east london young teens take part
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in a workshop on gang violence with the government laying the blame for august riots firmly at the door of gangs one london council is talking about making youth workers spy on their members and monitor their social network activities anything suspicious would be passed to a special anti gang unit but the m.p. for happening where some of the worst on rest took place says it's not the technology to play in when you had crossness cutting the cord there was no internet . text message so it is not so it's time to look at the real causes of rights rather than. the messenger and there's the real possibility it will backfire for some young people being used as a safe haven in the news and world and message monitoring could undermine the impatient relationship between you and phone or will teen making them less likely
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to turn to them in a crisis and more susceptible to overtures and also at least crime and violence during the riots social networks like twitter and blackberry messenger were used by rioters to pinpoint the next location in march for destruction the government went to star is proposing shutting down the services while two men were jailed for four years each for inciting rioting on facebook but teens say spying risks isolating the very people they're trying to help if that happens and people. do sometimes was established and there are undoubtedly social issues and solving them requires walking a fine line between coming down hard on troublemakers and preserving civil liberties for everyone but it's clear that this measure which would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to enforce could also cost the trust and goodwill of the same risk you the author of these are so concerned about nora smith r.t.
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london. twenty five minutes past the hour. welcome to business here in r.t. thanks for joining me in our top story this hour after almost two decades of negotiations russia now looks to have its foot in the door of the world trade organization it has accepted in principle a draft proposal and it's moving out remaining issues with georgia both sides hope to finalize the deal before you have a ten year low of from alpha bank outlines the benefits of precious entry to the doctors here. doubled to andrew office and bill to you know chip excess to global coal just and the cheap excess you know high high technology equipment which had the mormons are such a hot rolls were produces an even general you know the regime of management that cost them terrorists. to become more transparent so this is definitely was
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a diff to support investment growth in russia and i think second big benefits is a double digit and free will potential are all possible to russia to be on there always but you know they are seeing their way through a really awful window for russia to be called mean away more important you know not on the global political political level let's have a look at the markets now oil is gaining the light switch is trading over ninety three dollars per barrel both brant is at one hundred and ten dollars a barrel european stocks are high it raising earlier losses the traders are monitoring political developments in greece and awaiting the interest rate decision from the european central bank cable and wireless communications the top again here with shares up eleven percent in london after its results were well received. and here in moscow the markets ever makes on their last trading session on friday the russian forces will be closed for a public holiday. is over a half
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a percentage in the red the wise it's just the sort of stuff that's not a look at some of the individual shelves and the noise it gets from has bounced back from her losses the company has received operations in libya to get it would be in any newest nickel is low or the company has managed to acquire around one hundred twenty million shares probably market is back and it's about sixty three percent of its charter and air flawed is losing its two and a half percent the company has reported an eleven percent decline in net profits in the third quarter year on according to russian accounting standards. minority shareholders and take a b.p. have filed a lawsuit against their company for failing to support their earliest sweet suit against the british part of the venture the minority shareholders say that the board's decision was affected by levy's representatives who should have been banned from voting on the issue they now want
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a two point eight billion dollars compensation from b.p. for its failed attempt to form and its gratian deal and share swap with russia's role snapped the deal was blocked by the russian side of think it would be as it was against the ventures shareholder agreements. and the rocket to the south you can always find most stories if you log on to our website r.t. dot com slash business or two thousand and twenty. the.
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