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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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with me rove. so it's all top story for you political uncertainty and crisis hit greece is dominating the g. twenty meeting in france there were reports the prime minister was about to resign but it now looks like he could even end up as head of a national unity greek government and scrapped plans for a referendum on an e.u. bailout which would ultimately please the global leaders hoping to prevent greece from collapsing in debt and taking the entire eurozone with it on season is and now is and can. very much conflicting reports on whether or not the greek prime minister will in fact resign some people saying because of the pressure at that meeting that took place on the eve of this summit between angela merkel nicolas sarkozy the i.m.f. and the european central bank telling him his decision to hold a referendum on whether or not to make cons to receive another bailout would it was a unilateral they pretty much reprimanded him he defended the right of his country to decide the fate of their economic situation whether or not they would default
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stay in the euro zone and now this morning the finance minister of the country already hence maybe things weren't born as clear in his government as it seemed when he came and presented the situation to. leaders in the g. twenty leaders saying that the referendum sent in fact have a direct effect on the euro and the greek decision so a lot of different kinds of information coming out not just gives you more proof as to how unstable the situation is in terms of the euro crisis and the currency it's been a real mess with greece this week a lot of different reports the prime minister sacking most of his high ranking military staff rumors of a coup none of that of course has been confirmed so a lot of people here are biting their fingers waiting to see what happens will the greek prime minister resign or not and then what of course does that mean for the country's stability and the euro originally the agenda was supposed to be very wide
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at this year's summit basically it was hijacked by this sudden development i think it's fair to say in the euro crisis with that said a lot of the emerging economies this morning there was a brics meeting there president medvedev said that the leaders of those emerging economies agreed that they would come up with their own common strategy towards the euro crisis obviously it doesn't affect them directly as directly as the g seven per se or most of those european countries but president medvedev saying. that russia will support a bailout only thing goes through the i.m.f. but also for years a lot that for those concrete solutions to come out of these summits those brics countries the emerging economies have to have more of a say and that's exactly why the g twenty was created critics saying that those changes haven't had been that the emerging economies haven't their voices haven't been heard as much and that very much reflects the atmosphere of the protests just twenty five miles from here thousands of people in nice approach has seen you have the occupy movement in the states people out on the streets
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a lot of people saying that these protests are just going to get worse in months we see concrete results from these kinds of summits. and it's an hour there who is attending the g. twenty summit in cannes well actually away from the summit itself and t g twenty marches have been held all across the french riviera moore that i'm now joined live by all these daniel bushell who is waiting for us in nice good to see you daniel so what exactly are the people's demands. yes protesters must here at monaco really just down the coast from the g twenty summit in cannes because monaco is a tax free haven and protesters here are saying that for example who go to a million euro. public bailout could move here to even pay a single cent tax all the. world leaders that previous g twenty summit promised to shut down tax havens all types paradises as the demonstrators fight but
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no action is still being taken hold that demonstrators nicolas sarkozy. and barack obama most have given alternative summit press conference we've spoken to the fake nicolas sarkozy who says yes we can for a ritual going to his asian the g. twenty is a ritual going to asian for the rich and we don't see anything wrong with the world economy at the moment the fake angela merkel says we're quite happy for greece to have a referendum on whether it should have the euro bailout. as they vote yes considering the fairly vague official statements coming down just down the road in cannes some here have said that this is perhaps the more informative of the two summits if you like it follows protesters in nicolas sarkozy more seats on the military and sea coast holding up signs saying the g twenty is chile and we don't want to take any risks those are just really have a new strategy i mean it's avoiding the voyagers that we've seen during previous summits really more key world leaders showing up the fact that they seem so out of
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touch with ordinary people's problems at the moment right r.t. that anybody there live for us in monaco thank you very much meantime the eurozone leaders have their eyes on the vast fortunes of fast developing economies like china morning if they could actually offer a financial crunch so far though beijing is refusing to invest in the european financial stability fund intil uncertainty surrounding greece is removed and there are some who are concerned that chinese help could come at a high price for europe. a lesson china will likely be asking for some major concessions one route for china's funding of the bailout fund would go through the i am master and i am i find that i am at historically has been dominated by the united states and european powers and developing countries have long argued for greater voting power and more of a voice in the i.m.f. so it's possible that china would demand greater voting powers within the i am asked for having its money go through the i'm after the euro zone so that's one
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thing and that of course would diminish the influence of western powers and i am not find another thing that china may ask for is greater opportunities for foreign direct investment into europe and i that means sensually buying companies technology companies and so on and europe and the us so china will i think if china decides to help out the help of the euro zone in a crisis china will use every bit of its leverage that it can. and just a little bit later her financial group carcer and his co-host so you have a look at the current financial problems through the prism of the past quick preview of what's to come a little bit later for you this hour. and yoko ono were actually watching the kaiser report during their famous bed in in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and you see you know this is a unique perspective not very many people look at this shot from that time but as you can see they were also saying all we are saying is let the banks fail and
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kaiser karma at the time nobody thought to look at the full three sixty of that shot exactly to look at some of the posters on the wall like make love not dead now suddenly in the air twenty eleven john and yoko were clever boy and they saw john was a visionary he saw the future he knew it was coming. because report coming your way in about twenty two minutes from now police have withdrawn from the streets of oakland california after a series of running battles with occupy movement protesters riot gear clad cops once again deployed tear gas flash bangs and rubber ammunition all in an effort to move entrenched demonstrators but the city's port the fifth largest in america still remains shut down our correspondent catherine offers more from the scene.
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we're here at the port of oakland where the occupy wall street protesters have successfully shut down the ports the crowd you see behind me is gathered here because one of the workers tried to speak through the crowd almost running over several protesters trying to get through the human mind the human barricade the protesters surrounded the car then to him from going he's now backing out but a lot of folks here furious thousands of people have gathered here now again at the port of oakland has the fact that we've been shut down several thousand people have marched from downtown oakland onto this area they shut down all of the gates effectively sending a warning shot they say to the so-called one percent the corporate owners of the courts trying to hurt the at the top of the to where it hurts the most in the pocket in the economic sense whether or not this these kind of tactics are going to be repeated at other occupy wall street movements remains to be seen as. well according to witnesses police ring and various approaches to strongholds throughout the city including
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a number of abandoned buildings i want some position they attempted to smoke them out using flash bangs and to gas to one of the demonstrators much more serious allegations that police were deploying a rope of bullets with a force that at least one person was taken to hospital after being shot. also there was more. i don't think they're shouting from spirits or fear in reference to egypt where this force so closely with the arab spring by the media here and that was one of the biggest inspirations for the occupy wall street movement is that in just as many school runs as being on it was a long queue by the way that we saw certain countries in the middle east or africa occupying force the result in those countries where the during the war on terror both by the police officers but again as we report here on the streets of downtown oakland is actually good news for the riot police officers has tightened around us i'm going to step back here so you can see what's actually no you know thank you.
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so i didn't say rubber security and there's something i thought they said you know if you've ever bought one and you know that a year in the syrian. city this is right i mean it's fairly hefty actually you can imagine it something like that hits me and that's the speed you got for being in the eye but anywhere in the body they could actually hurt worse than they. were in that pleasant experience. you can also check out our lucy's twitter feed for the latest updates from the city and you can read her description of some of the most dramatic events during the protest. and she tells also how the crew was a lot from leaving the port after filming a car allegedly plowing into protesters hold ending with a public vote on whether or not to allow the r.t. crew to parse that and much much more on the new season twitter feed where we'll be also retreating our t.v. under school. and coming your way in just
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a few minutes find out why social networking sites like twitter and facebook are in danger of becoming a surveillance tool for the british government that's coming your way and if you. were twelve minutes past the hour here in moscow a russian businessman victor boot faces a life sentence after a new york jury found him guilty of agreeing to sell arms to terrorists on conspiring to kill americans he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation and was a venture be extradited to the u.s. despite strong opposition from moscow our correspondent marina portnoy has been closely following the story just one day after deliberations began a jury of twelve handed down that verdict and the verdict is that they found a russian businessman businessman victor boot guilty on all the charges that were leveraged against him by the united states on those charges include conspiring to kill americans and firing to kill u.s. officials trafficking rock. and also he was charged with supplying arms to the
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revolutionary armed forces of colombia an organization the united states deems as terrorists now this this trial of victor boot went on for about three weeks but his presence here in the united states has garnered a lot of attention as we've been reporting the u.s. fought very hard to get victor victor boot extradited from thailand to the u.s. over a year ago but that fight was was taking place since mr who was arrested during a sting operation in thailand in march two thousand and eight. has pled not guilty on all the charges and he still maintains his innocence his attorney albert diane did speak to the press following today's events that took place in court so this is not the end that he still has a chance that we have a chance to again we can appeal to this judge. that the verdict was rendered
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against the weight of the evidence and that we could also proceed to the united states court of appeals but we are disappointed at this verdict now that he's been found guilty on these charges he faces a sentence of anywhere between twenty five years and life in prison. reporting victor brother says that the u.s. media launched a campaign which ultimately ruin his reputation even well before the trial got underway. even before the court hearing started building news channels and websites practically all the mass media talked of nothing else but vick to boot his name is on the screen around the clock but apart from talking there is absolutely no evidence this is will surprise a lawyer who would prefer the prosecution could not give any they keep calling. and wanted all over the world because they said everyone was after him and tried to intimidate the jurors calling him a monster. russia says it wants to bring victor boot back home and insists that his
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extradition to the u.s. was illegal he was flown out of thailand on a military style operation that moscow believes was outside the jurisdiction of u.s. authorities our correspondent it appears can offer. russia strongly criticizes the u.s. courts decision saying that it's a big question into how lawful was it that the u.s. managed to get rid of all estates or in the first place since it was twice that a thai court could not find enough evidence to extradite him then all of a sudden it changed its mind and just a few hours after that who was on the plane headed to the u.s. back in two thousand and ten and the foreign ministry here in moscow says that this was a result of political pressure applied on thailand by washington it also claims that a negative image has been created around the equator boot and in this case on purpose by u.s. media and all this makes the russia question the u.s. course objectivity at the moment the foreign ministry says that its main goal is to
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get to the back to russia. reporting right when i mean time investigative journalist and author daniel a student thinks that buddhist being used as a puppet in a political tug of war between washington and moscow. they were to rule as a part of the international global game where russia basically was the end game russia was the only nation in the world to actually stand up to me even to the united states aggression and to the plans of the powerful we need to actually have there be one world government or new world order one of our company would call it whatever you want them as an example would be has actually been done against russia's interests across the world the idea is a good rule of business mirror will actually get access to weapons being and of course there would be in the american government it's called the router will be after of course it was never going to be opposite but the idea is that a huge b r us are going to get us going any weapons unless a bar or regime of this case obviously the insinuation of russia would actually help them and stock line with the weapons we basically puts russia in the same camp
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with iran north korea our cuba is aware that it was really a neutral i'm for sure who's up for his international game torture has. just come to an end. and with more on another celebrated international legal wrangle that of wiki leaks founder julian assange it's all at our website r.t. dot com you can log on there and find all the latest details for example find out how his mother has been driven to despair by the latest news from the u.k. court said he has to be extradited to sweden she says unless his homeland of australia steps in extradition to the u.s. is inevitable. plus a belated hello in surprise protesters in ukraine supporting convicted ex prime minister yulia timoshenko take a long pumpkins as they try to storm the country's parliament.
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just a few minutes away from the business news here on arts here but for now the arab league has announced it's reached a deal with syria on easing the country. a long running political crisis the agreement just a masochist to immediately withdraw security forces from the streets release jail demonstrators and start a dialogue with the opposition syria also agreed to allow rights groups and arab league watchdogs into the country but the u.s. still says it wants to see president assad resign independent journalist james corbett says the western focus on syria as part of a much much bigger game given the fact that assad. at any rate seems to have signed on to the to the deal quite quickly the fact that it's already being reneged on by the western powers seems to indicate that the empty promises are all on the side of the the nato forces again with the very same forces that were interested in getting into libya so one would have to assume that if there are any
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empty promises here it's coming from the the western side and it seems to be just an attempt to really be is assad into something where he'll have to see you know in which case the obvious answer for leave a nato in intervention aside would be to you to proceed with the u.n. security council resolution route which would then justify further intervention probably of a military sort with syria what we're looking at is the strategic a strategic area which is a perfect place for launching a further result into iran i think if if the endgame of this is a random syria's the stepping stone towards that. twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital the british government has blamed social networking sites for spreading unrest during the august riots across england in an attempt to prevent similar trouble in the future one part of london is now proposing to monitor online activity at youth centers resulting in the laura smith reports it's a risky game that may breach the vital bond of trust between young people and
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social work. the reality of life in east london young teens take part in a workshop on gang violence with the government laying the blame for all guests riot firmly at the door of gangs one london council is talking about making youth workers spy on their members and monitor their social network activities and i think suspicious would be passed to a special anti gang unit but the m.p. for hackney where some of the worst on record to place says it's not the technology to play in when you had drugs in this country in the twelfth when there was no internet and there was no. text message so it is not so that's. the real causes of riots. and there's the real possibility it will backfire for some young people being used the club is a safe haven in other words and message monitoring could undermine the impatient
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relationship between youth worker and vulnerable teen making them less likely to turn to them in a crisis and more susceptible to guide. and ultimately crying and violence during the riots social networks like twitter and blackberry messenger were used by rioters to pinpoint the next location for destruction the government went to spar is proposing shutting down the services while two men were jailed for four years each for inciting rioting on facebook but teens say spying risks isolating the very people they're trying to help you. happens done people. do send these type of things that are undoubtedly social issues and solving them requires walking a fine line between coming down hard on troublemakers and preserving civil liberties for everyone but it's clear that this measure which would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to enforce could also cost the trust and goodwill of the
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same at risk youth the old thirty's is so concerned about. party didn't. want us to come in here to check out some other international headlines for you this hour over twelve hundred passengers of a ferry the court fire in the red sea have now been rescued however one person has been confirmed dead at least twelve severely injured the blaze started shortly after the ship left the jordanian port of aqaba on its way to egypt passengers were evacuated on life rafts and other ships that went to the disaster site after the first s.o.s. was sent most of those on board were said to be egyptian workers returning home for the muslim holiday of the ied that starts on sunday. to undermine the chinese spacecraft have successfully docked in orbit it brings the country one step closer to launching its own space station plan for two thousand and twenty. eight was launched on tuesday as it reached orbit right on shuttle china started its own program for
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a space hub barger was rejected in its attempts to join the international space station. ok time now for your business news with current. how and welcome to our business update the south thanks for joining me president dmitry medvedev says russia's accession to the world trade organization will help liberalize trade and investments globally the president made a statement at the g. twenty meeting in cannes just hours after russia finally cleared the way to joining the trade club by settling all remaining issues with georgia. has latest it looks like this is finally. for many years that russia has been the biggest economy outside of the w t o and so eighteen years of these negotiations publications russia has been close occasionally it has struggled to negotiate with certain big partners such as the usa on other occasions it's been new members with troubles me sealing the deal and also when you have questioned over these eighteen
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years russia's own desire to always join the w t o other cations that russia has wanted to protect its own industries and has been dubious about all of the benefits of course over the last two years georgia has been the biggest obstacle and the obstacle is of course not just economic but political as well in nature under spoke this is on the two de facto independent breakaway republics it's south of thirtieth and a pause here because georgia refuses to recognize these places as independent it's sort of that wanted to supervise the border between these countries and russia it's not at all the access to this border and this is something that the the russian or these countries are prepared to give the deal was negotiated by so a sweet date is over the past two months how to deal with georgia and russia have accepted so this is really the key stuff to letting this happen in terms of the practicalities there's going to be another round of negotiations in about ten days and then if everything is ok by mid december russia will be
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a w t o member and of this does happen this will be perhaps considered one of the greatest achievements of president read of presidency. and to other stories it could be game over for greece in the euro if the people decide not to back the bailout package in a referendum expected early in december and a warning from france's president sarkozy at the g twenty summit will do little to reassure the markets which are pending hopes on a global effort to combat the debt. the european package that was announced to provided some security to the markets i think most people recognize that what you need to see from that is more follow up on its own is not going to stop the crisis is a good start but there's a lot of details that need to be filled in and in particular i think the markets would really like to see as if this is part of some sort of coordinated global. what is now a global crisis and it's mostly based in europe right now you see the implications on global so if the g twenty is able to come up with some statements that make it
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look like the world is supporting europe and i think that would be would be very positive. have a look at the markets now oil prices a mix flights which is trading at over ninety two and a half dollars per barrel what grant is that one hundred and nine dollars a barrel stocks climbed back on thursday although the european central bank says temporary called an investor's optimism the dow jones is up nearly one percent with twenty three out of thirty constituents higher food is adding three point two percent while j.p. morgan chase is down point seven percent in new york stocks are trading in the black markets were somewhat taken aback by the central bank's decision to cut key race banking stocks are hit by the by that decision world bank of scotland is losing over one of a half percent on the flip side. here in moscow the markets close in the black as well on the last day of the trading week gained half a percent of the point eight percent in the black friday the russian forces will be
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closed for public holiday let's have a look at some of the individual shamrocks on why is it has bounced back from earlier losses the company has resumed operations in libya together with the tally and any. also against the company has managed to acquire around one hundred twenty million shares from the market and its buyback it is about sixty three percent of its charter capital and bucking the trend. what's airflight at last want to have percent the company has reported an eleven percent decline in net profit for the third quarter according to russia's accounting standards. minority shareholders maintain k b p have filed a lawsuit against the company for failing to support their earliest suit against the british part of the venture the minority shareholders say the board's decision was affected by b.p.'s representatives who should have been banned from voting on the issue and now want two point eight billion dollars compensation from b.p.
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for its failed attempt to form an arctic exploration deal and share spoke with rosneft that deal was blocked by the russian side of tank and b.p. as it was against the ventures shareholder agreements. that's it for now but stay with us for headline news coming up here.
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in india on g.'s availability in the grand central shirts and the taj mahal bowing to president mubarak. they will resume on monday beatriz a book closer to home her toe ridges. cement her to. go to. the meridian to leave the g.o.p. who shares in new delhi who to. be her to carry election ramona pulls a. maiden believe paul. robeson it was punished but they promise.
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you with moscow a quick summary of the headlines for you now greece reportedly scraps plans for the referendum considers the creation of a national unity government g twenty leaders to meeting can to discuss how to prevent the eurozone being dragged down by greek debt. oakland's streets littered with tear gas canisters and spend rubber bullets after a riot police crackdown on a massive occupy protest that left america's fifth largest port paralyzed. plus a russia question is at the fairness of businessman victim trial and wants to bring him home after a new york jury finds him guilty of trafficking. ok my colleague bill daughter's here in half an hour's time before promised our latest edition of the concert report.


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