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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 12:01pm-12:31pm EDT

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international news and comment live from moscow we're with you twenty four hours a day. political uncertainty in crisis greece is dominating the g twenty meeting in france there are reports that the prime minister papandreou has scrapped plans for a national referendum on whether to accept another e.u. burnout it come under pressure from leaders meeting at the g twenty summit in france not to go ahead with the vote and put the eurozone on auntie's and he said now he is in cannes so at least it appears now that the referendum plans have been ditched what does this mean now. that's right it also looks like the greek prime minister is not going to resign earlier there were reports that it was pretty much imminent that he would step down it looks like the referendum which he announced very surprisingly just ahead of this summit on the next massive bailouts from the e.u. to try to save their economy will be cancelled he had just announced it would be held on december fourth on the eve of this summit pressure coming from angela merkel and host nicolas sarkozy that he can go ahead and hold that referendum but
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if costs are not made and the greek public does vote no then they would not receive well this morning he went back to athens emergency meeting was held and it became very clear that between the prime minister and the finance minister there was an agreement really the finance minister saying he doesn't think the referendum should affect the actual how it affects the actual whether or not greece should stay in the euro zone and then this announcement that we're hearing that if they can come up with some kind of coalition parliament that satisfies everyone that the referendum won't be held to answer a question about what that means for people going out on the streets in greece for over a year now protesting cuts so why don't we. instability at least in greece perhaps further violence and then in terms of the euro if you ask your across of course they'll say that this is necessary they should stay in. the euro zone euro skeptics
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of course will say you're just moving the problem down the road and eventually greece is going to have to going to have to default well focusing all this meeting have the leaders come up with any ideas on how to end this crisis. well the main session is just about to wrap up and we're going to hear from nicolas sarkozy and merkel and all of the leaders will be giving a press conference and we'll be hearing more details about any perhaps concrete plans on how to save the euro it is expected that nicolas sarkozy will be praising the greek prime minister's decision to scrap that referendum obviously there was a lot of pressure put on him on the eve of this summit critics saying they don't think any concrete results will actually come out of this day and a half or so summit on the euro specifically but one of the questions that still is very believe debated here and it was brought up in a meeting of the brics the emerging economies the reason the g twenty was created to kind of spread out the balance have more countries involved in that economies
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are perhaps not as affected by the euro but still very important in terms of the global economy and its stability there are voices being heard we heard from president it's very diffuse that on the ballot out russia does support any kind of money coming from the i.m.f. but that also what needs to be taken into consideration is how to remodel to reconstruct the financial system which was supposed to be done years ago and he said thanks very much indeed for that live update from away from the actual summit it's so. twenty marches have been held across the french riviera daniel bushell has more on that. protesters marched here at monaco really just down the coast from the g. twenty summit in cannes because monaco is a tax free haven and protesters here are saying that a banker for example who got a million euro. public bailout can move here and not even pay a single cent in tax on that bonus world leaders at previous g.
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twenty summit promise to shut down tax havens all types paradises as they're known and demonstrators the fact that no action is still being taken on that demonstrators in nicolas sarkozy dressed in local and barrack obama most have given an alternative summit press conference we've spoken to the fake nicolas sarkozy who says yes we can for a rich organization the g. twenty is a rich organization for the rich and we don't see anything wrong with the world economy at the moment the fake angela merkel says we're quite happy for greece to have a referendum on whether it should have the euro bailout as long as they vote yes considering the fairly vague official statements coming delta just down the road in cannes some here have said that this is perhaps the more informative of the two summits if you like it follows protesters in nicolas sarkozy masks on the mediterranean sea coast holding up signs saying the g.
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twenty is chile and we don't want to take any risks those are just really have a new strategy i mean it's avoiding the violence that we've seen during previous summits really marking world leaders showing up the fact that they seem so out of touch with ordinary people's problems at the moment. later on here on r.t. financial guru max kaiser and stacy herbert look at the current financial problems through the prism of the past now here's a preview of what's to come after seven thirty pm g.m.t. . john lennon and yoko ono were actually watching the kaiser report during their famous bed in in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and you see you know this is a unique perspective not very many people look at that shot from that time but as you can see they were also saying all we are saying is let the banks fail and kaiser karma at the time nobody thought to look at the fall three sixty of that shot exactly to look at some of the posters on the wall like make love not dead now
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suddenly in the air twenty eleven john and yoko were clever voyant they saw john was a visionary he saw the future he knew it was coming. police have withdrawn from the streets of oakland after a series of running battles with occupy movement protesters run get clad officers once again deployed to gas flash bangs and rubber ammunition in an effort to move entrenched demonstrators but the city's port the fifth largest in america remains shut down a correspondent you see coming off hundreds more from the scene. we're here at the port of oakland where the occupy wall street protesters have successfully shut down the port the crowd you see behind me is gathered here because one of the workers tried to speak through the crowd almost running over several protesters trying to
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get through the human mind the human barricade the protesters surrounded the car bent him from going he's now backing out but a lot of folks here furious thousands of people have gathered here now again the port of oakland has effectively been shut down and several thousand people have marched from downtown oakland onto this area they shut down all of the gates effectively sending a warning shot they say to the so-called one percent of the corporate owners of the courts trying to hurt the at the top of the to where it hurts the most in the pocket in the economic sense whether or not this these kinds of tactics are going to be repeated at other occupy wall street movements remains to be seen but. according to witnesses police ring various protests a stronghold throughout the city including a number of abandoned buildings once in position to to smoke them out using flash bangs and to cast on the demonstrators much more serious were allegations that police would appoint rubber bullet points that at least one person was taken to hospital after being shot you see a couple of has more on this. time they're shouting tough spirits are here in
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reference to egypt's tahrir square the source of. what's going on in the arab spring by the media here and that was one of the biggest inspirations for the occupy wall street movement is that in just a miniscule runs doesn't leave or it was a long fight in a similar way that we saw certain countries in the middle east or africa occupying force the result in those countries with the war on terror both by the police officers but again as we report here on the streets of downtown oakland is actually good news for the right these officers right around us i'm going to step back here so you can see what's actually oh yeah i think you know what is the rubber. i think . this is. it's fairly nasty actually you can imagine something like that hits me at speed not for being in the
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anywhere in the body that actually works. for it. and you can also check twitter feed for the latest updates from the city and with the description of some of the most dramatic events during the protest. she tells a crew from leaving the port after plowing into protesters all ending with a public vote on whether to allow them to pass that much much more. to defeat which we will. underscore. few minutes from now. working sites like twitter and facebook are in danger of becoming a surveillance for the british government that still ahead here on. british officials reportedly working on a plan to assist u.s.
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forces in a preemptive attack on iranian military facilities if one of these claims washington is moving towards a policy of intervention out of fear that iran is developing a nuclear weapons program something iran has always denied well for more on how this could affect the fragile power balance in the middle east i'm now joined by political analyst chris bambery he's joining us live from london now the british media where you are is full of speculation that next week's international atomic energy agency report will be a severe blow to iran's claims its nuclear program is peaceful surely then a strong case for military action. the evidence that. provided the evidence but i was. reading the press reports on these contingency. minister of defense here in london for an attack on iran must be worrying that if iran is not developing a nuclear missile it will be developing and you could missile face with the idea that the americans the british and these really are looking towards an unprovoked
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attack on iran and the world son of a much more dangerous place i cannot imagine a worse alliance with these three poems one power america is the only power in the world to have used atomic weapons israel has a secret illegal nuclear program which it denied for years but we know it exists it's the only nuclear power in the middle middle east and britain of course the former colonial power provided in the means to get those nuclear weapons all those years ago these are the powers which are blood in israel of course in power in palestine and in lebanon but britain and america britain america's involvement in iran goes way back to one nine hundred fifty three when they combine to overthrow democratic government to this is still remembered a radical government of the most nationalize the oil industry was overthrown by a. cia coup which installed the shah of iran and i think people in wonder motion of short memories about this but there's always been that perceived threat from iran
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after all that's the argument behind the anti missile defense system currently being proposed for europe so surely there is some threat here and it's a credible threat. well britain and america seem to redefine what threats are i mean for instance we had for all those years of the cold war the threat was russia nato is no. building a new missile shield which seems to be aimed at russia in part but also definitely against iran with setting up in tolkien we've seen nato intervening into the region all around rain around trainers and russia's borders it seems to be provocative you have the string of nato american bases along in the caucasus and elsewhere threaten interest of these of these countries of course we've also seen need to want to see years of operations most important in afghanistan but most recently in libya i am fearful that the so-called success of the would be an operation we followed by for the humanitarian was like we saw in former yugoslavia over
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a decade decade ago and nato is going aggressive role here is portrayed as a peacekeeper but it's an aggressive role in the missile defense shield is an aggressive act it's aggressive toward russia it's aggressive war china is aggressive towards iran why why i think why isn't iran being transparent and open and allowing investigators to and inspectors to check the facilities and also of course you mentioned israel the threat from israel a little earlier iran's got every reason has it not to develop a nuclear deterrent. well firstly around it claims that it's developing nuclear program for peaceful purposes personally i'm against all you quote weapons but i think it's a bit rich to be way around to be lectured by the likes of washington london and tel aviv on nuclear weapons when these are the people as i said the americans are the only people to use those weapons these are the nuclear pose and hypocrisy he seems to be here is that these countries the western countries can can have weapons which can destroy the world many many more times over but no one else has the right
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to develop this technology no i would rather have no nuclear weapons but i put the blame for it and foremost on america britain and israel here and as i say people in the region must have all the memories not just of the intervention in iraq and there was a contingency plan which donald rumsfeld which we took off the shelf within hours of nine eleven to present to george bush for attacking iraq but they must remember britain and israel involvement in the su is invasion of one nine hundred fifty six they must remember that britain and america put the shy in power they must remember britain's involvement in that region all those decades ago were getting a lot of rhetoric from the west and of course if a strike were to take place what would that do for president i'm a dad. clearly he would be absolutely entitled for some sort of recrimination what does that do for also his support there in iran. but i think people in the west seem to underestimate the strength of a reunion nationalism there may be differences in how around however there is a strong national sense
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a member and what happened under foreign intervention into the country and how that was been installed and maintained by britain and for america's long memories of the shi'a the way it's presented no in the west of the shah was a liberal regime there will be a bloody war if there is an attack on iran iran is not iraq as of two thousand and one there will be retaliation from our mass and the world is a more dangerous ways because of these reports it's just finally you talk about a bloody war and the consequences after afghanistan iraq and libya as well as of course talk of intervention in syria is there really any appetite among the people let alone the politicians for further military interventions like that. well it seems bizarre that you would have thought that anyone even thinking about contingency plans around would look at that and your position in this country britain for instance to the war in libya oh there was a majority against that but of course we're talking about economically declining pose in america and britain and the military assets remain they remain the one
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thing they can deploy we nor that britain and america don't want to pull in america are prepared to use their record in military power to try and buttress their economic position in the world in relation to china in relation to me so i think what we're seeing here we know this from history economic instability often leads to military adventures often leads to wars and i think we must be worried at the moment the one thing i would say is if i was an american president i would be worried about thinking about any attack on iran given the level of opposition to the economic policies we're seeing on the streets of all call industries of washington in new york and elsewhere with this occupy movement and of course the forthcoming presidential elections in november within a year from now so interesting political gamble that would be chris we could talk more but thank you very much indeed for joining us chris bambery political analyst joining us there in london thank you time. russian business from victim faces a life sentence after a new york jury found him guilty of agreeing to sell arms to terrorists and conspiring to kill americans he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation and was eventually extradited to the u.s.
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despite strong opposition from moscow our correspondent report nine has been following the story. just one day after deliberations began a jury of twelve handed down that verdict and the verdict is that they found russian business businessman victor boot guilty on all the charges that were leveraged against him by the united states and those charges include conspiring to kill americans are conspiring to kill u.s. officials trafficking rockets and also he was charged to supplying arms to the revolutionary armed forces of colombia an organization the united states deems as terrorists now this this trial of victor boot went on for about three weeks but his presence here in the united states has garnered a lot of attention as we've been reporting the u.s. fought very hard to get victor victor boot extradited from thailand to the
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u.s. over a year ago but that fight was was taking place since mr who was arrested during a sting operation in thailand in march two thousand and eight. has pled not guilty on all the charges and he still maintains his innocence his attorney albert diane did speak to the press following today's events that took place in court so this is not the end that he still has a chance that we have a chance to will again we can appeal to this judge. that the verdict was rendered against the way. that we could also proceed to the united states court of appeals but we are disappointed at this verdict now that he's been found guilty on these charges he faces a sentence of anywhere between twenty five years and life in prison. for it to breach promises that the u.s. media which the campaign which ruined his reputation before the trial even began. even before the court hearing started all the news channels and websites
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practically all the mass media talked of nothing else but vick to boot his name is on the screen around the clock but apart from talking there is absolutely no evidence this is what surprise the lawyer who asked for proof but the prosecution could not give any they kept calling victor an arms baron wanted all over the world they said everyone was after him and tried to intimidate the jurors calling him a monster. russia says it wants to bring victims back home and insists that his extradition to the u.s. was illegal he was flown out of thailand in a military style operation in moscow believes was outside the jurisdiction of u.s. authorities our correspondent. has more. brusha strongly criticizes the u.s. courts decision saying that it's a big question into how lawful was it that the us managed to get rid of blue dollars to in the first place since it was twice that a thai court could not find enough evidence to extradite him then all of a sudden it changed its mind and just a few hours after that it was on
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a plane headed to the us back in two thousand and ten and the foreign ministry here in moscow says that this was a result of political pressure applied on thailand by washington it also claims that the negative image has been created around the in this case on purpose by u.s. media and all this makes the russia question the us course objectivity at the moment the foreign ministry says that its main goal is to get to victor to move back to russia. and with more on another celebrated international legal wrangle that of wiki leaks founder julian assange website you can. find the latest details on that. front because mama be driven to despair by the latest news from the u.k. police that he's to be extradited to sweden she says unless his homeland of australia steps in extradition to the u.s. is inevitable. plus a belated halloween surprise protesters in ukraine supporting convicted ex prime
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minister yulia timoshenko take a long as they try to storm the country's parliament. the british government has blamed social networking sites for spreading unrest across england in an attempt to prevent similar trouble in future one part of london is now proposing to monitor online activity at youth centers. with reports it's a risky game that may breach the trust between young people and. the reality of life in east london young teens take part in a workshop on gang violence but the government laying the. blame for august riot firmly at the door of gangs one london council is talking about making youth workers spy on their members and monitor their social network activities and anything suspicious would be passed to a special anti gang unit but the m.p. for hackney where some of the worst on rest took place says it's not the technology
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to blame when you had riots in this country in the twelve when there was no internet no. text message so it is not so you know time with the real causes of riots rather than blaming the messenger and that's the real possibility it will backfire the some young people being used club is a safe haven in an uncertain world and message monitoring could undermine the agent relationship between you and vulnerable teen making it less likely to turn to them in a crisis and more susceptible to guy overtures and ultimately crying and violence during the riots social networks like twitter and blackberry messenger were used by rioters to pinpoint the next location in market for destruction the government went to spar is proposing shutting down the services while two men were jailed for four years each for inciting rioting on facebook but teens say spying risks isolating
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the very people they're trying to help if that happens. to use these type of things that are undoubtedly social issues and solving them requires walking a fine line between coming down hard on troublemakers and preserving civil liberties for everyone but it's clear that this measure which would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to enforce could also cost the trust and goodwill of the same risk you the author a teaser so concerned about laura smith r.t. london. or interview the sport and a recap of our top stories still ahead. first though it's time for the business update with kareena stay with us here live in moscow. how welcome to all this the subject this hour president dmitry medvedev says russia's accession to the world trade organization will help to liberalize trade
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and investment globally the president made the statement at the g. twenty summit in cannes just hours after russia finally cleared the way to joining the trade the trade club by setting all remaining issues with georgia artie's. has that score. it looks like this is for any and for sure for many years that russia has been the biggest economy that's outside of the w t o and so eighteen years of these negotiations on occasions russia has been close occasionally and has struggled to negotiate with certain big partners such as the usa on other occasions be new members with him with troubles funny sealing the deal and also when you have questioned over these eighteen years russia's own desire to always join the w t o other cations that russia has wanted to protect its own industries and has been dubious about all of the benefits of course over the last few years georgia has been the biggest obstacle and the obstacle is of course not just economic but political as well in nature hundred focuses on the two de facto independent
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breakaway republics it's out the thirtieth and a pause here because georgia refuses to recognize these places as an independent it's sort of that wanted to supervise the border between these countries and russia it's not at all the access to this border and this is something that the the russian or these countries are prepared to give for any deal was negotiated by so a sweet date is over the past few months how to deal with what georgia and russia have accepted so this is really the key stuff to letting this happen in terms of the practicalities if there's going to be another round of negotiations in about ten days and then if everything is ok by mid december russia will be a w t o member of this does happen this will be perhaps considered one of the greatest achievements of president of presidency. let's take a look at the markets oil prices and mix likes to you know straining at over ninety dollars per barrel while brant is at one hundred and nine dollars a barrel here stocks are rising for second straight day after the european central
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bank unexpectedly kind of benchmark interest rate the dow jones as a nearly half a santa with twenty three out of it out of thirty kirk higher kraft foods is that over three percent one thing morgan chase is down point seven percent and europe started bass after the central. bank surprised the markets by cutting the benchmark interest rates as well the positive sentiment on the market is also due to greek prime minister signals he will not resign banking stocks are lower the world bank of scotland is losing over want to have percent on the footsie and here in moscow the markets climbed to on the last day of the trading week as oil gained the r.t.s. ended over a percent in the black and in my experience point eight percent higher on friday the bush vs will be closed for a public holiday let's have a look at some of the individual shambles otherwise it gets a problem has bounced back from early losses the company has resumed operations in libya together with vitali and any notice nucular also games the company has
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managed to acquire around one hundred twenty million shares from the market in its buyback and its about sixty percent of its charter capital airflow it has lost one and a half percent of the company has reported an eleven percent decline in net profit for the third quarter according to russian accounting standards. so we have time for but don't forget you can always log on to a website on t. dot com slash business tax watch.
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luu move. just simply.
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this is all to top stories now this greece reportedly scratch plans for a referendum and considers the creation of a national unity government instrument to be businesses come to discuss how to prevent the euro zone being dragged down by greek debt. clean streets are littered with tear gas canisters and spend probably itself from a police crackdown a massive occupy protest. america's largest for paralyzed. us russia questions of fairness a business. owner wants to bring him home after a jury finds him guilty of trafficking. the ambitious russian experiment simulating a manned mission to mars will come to an end all friday and spoke to the head of the project to find out what's been learned and that interview is coming up next here on alt.


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