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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 1:01pm-1:31pm EDT

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international news incoming live from moscow we're with you twenty four hours a day the greek prime minister has backtracked and scrapped plans for a national referendum on whether to accept another e.u. handout to save the country from drowning in debt george papandreou whose decision to hold a public vote over the true criticism from abroad and from the opposition putting his government on the verge of collapse first joins us now from athens with more on this heated debate on the greek parliament getting very confusing to say the least so what has now been decided. well it was very difficult to make out from the words of the greek prime minister is he addressed his parliament just what the actual decision was we heard him speak for just under forty minutes and it's still a bit unclear to be honest exactly what the final decision is still don't really
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know whether or not there is going to be a referendum whether or not they'll be early elections of course we've got the confidence vote coming tomorrow that's going to certainly be one that everyone's looking at now because that's going to be a more clear signal of the way forward and we heard some strong words from the prime minister he was talking about unity about the country moving through this crisis together but of course the actual situation here in the country has been far from unified in fact it's been. between the government's decisions over the past couple of months and indeed couple of years and what the government continued to do you know it was unmistakable that in his words he did seem to be moving away from the idea of holding a referendum he didn't actually say from what we've been listening to the words that there wouldn't be a referendum but it's looking more and more like he's caving in a little bit to that pressure that we saw coming from both coming from paris coming from within his own part. yes we saw the concert that was triggered when he
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announced about holding a referendum that this it's been a really big problem since the very beginning here this is a much confusion around these decisions that a make people simply don't know what's going on they've lost oh all credibility with the population here and so we hear just happened today saying these strong messages about the country moving through this together but of course that's simply not how the people feel and again we've heard to once again doing a u. turn on his words he talks about democracy he talks about unity but absolutely no credibility here in the country let's talk more about the feelings of the people there in greece now you've been covering the greek crisis from the very beginning what will the people be thinking now about these latest developments will be happy or even more angry because we've seen a lot of anger in the past there enough. absolutely we heard the prime minister talking about this issue and he made reference to a number of times that the decisions reached on the twenty sixth and twenty seventh
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of october is saying this would open you her voice and this is firstly the way full they want to keep this on the table that any sort of early election would be disastrous to the country i could lead the country being bankrupt but the people here simply don't see this is a new horizon they see is a vicious circle these decisions going ahead they've lost all faith and their voices being heard when the prime minister announced that there would be a referendum that was actually from the people with a lot of cynicism they didn't expect that they'd have any say in this and that's really what they're hearing now with these talks continuing these messages coming from the prime minister everyone here is questioning just he's actually behind these messages the prime minister says one thing then this precious and for the paris from brussels all the focus comes once again to greece and certainly the story once again changes and it really seems like a lot of people have said that the parliament here the government is simply done saying to the eurozone leaders gene it really does have. a bit of.
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leading leading the decision that wasn't necessarily in the house. and the hands of the people and. when they have. it. will happen when the prime minister's got confidence within its government so thanks very much indeed for that update from sarah farewell political uncertainty in crisis hit greece is dominating the g twenty meeting in cannes the world's leaders are discussing how to stop europe's economy being dragged down by greek debt and auntie's and he said now he is there for us the main session is just about to wrap up and we're going to hear from nicolas sarkozy and merkel and all of the leaders will be giving a press conference and we'll be hearing more details about any perhaps concrete plans on how to save the euro it is expected that nicolas sarkozy will be praising the greek prime minister's decision to scrap that referendum obviously there was
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a lot of pressure put on him on the eve of this summit critics saying they don't think any concrete results will actually come out of this day and a half or so this summit on the euro specifically one of the questions that still is very heavily debated here and it was brought up in a meeting of the brics the emerging economies the reason the g twenty was created to kind of spread out the balance have more countries involved in a better economy perhaps not as affected by the euro but still very important in terms of the global economy and stability there are voices being heard we heard from president medvedev he said that on the bailout russia does support any kind of money coming from the i.m.f. but that also what needs to be taken into consideration is how to remodel to reconstruct the financial system which was supposed to be done years ago. and he said that away from the actual summit and t g twenty marches have been held across the french riviera bushell all. protesters must hear monaco really
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just down the coast from the g. twenty summit in cannes because monaco is a tax free haven and protesters here are saying that a banker for example who got a million euro. public bailout can move here i'm not even pay a single cent in tax on that bonus world leaders at previous g. twenty summit promise to shut down tax havens all types paradises as the demonstrators fight but no action is still being taken on that demonstrators nicolas sarkozy. and barack obama have given an alternative summit press conference we've spoken to the fake nicolas sarkozy who says yes we confirm we're a rich organization the g. twenty is a rich asian for the rich and we don't see anything wrong with the world economy at the moment the fake angela merkel says we're quite happy for greece to have a referendum on whether they should have the euro bailout as long as they vote yes
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considering the fairly vague official statements coming delta just down the road in cannes some here have said that this is perhaps the more informative of the two summits if you like and it follows protesters in nicolas sarkozy more seats on the mediterranean sea coast holding up signs saying the g twenty is chile and we don't want to take any risks those are just really have a new strategy i mean it's avoiding the violence that we've seen during previous summits really marking world leaders showing up the fact that they seem so out of touch with ordinary people's problems at the moment and a bushel there later on r.t. financial guru max kaiser and look at the current financial problems through the prism of the past and is a preview of what's to come after seven thirty pm g.m.t. . and yoko ono were actually watching the kaiser report during their famous bet in one thousand. sixty nine and you see you know this is
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a unique perspective not very many people look at the shot from that time but as you can see they were also saying all we are saying is let the banks fail and kaiser karma at the time nobody thought to look at the full three sixty you have that shot exactly to look at some of the posters on the wall like make love not dead now suddenly in the year two thousand and eleven john and yoko were close buoyant they so john was a visionary you saw the future you knew it was coming. rod right to give you a cloud police officers have withdrawn from the streets of oakland after a series of running battles with occupy movement protests according to witnesses police ring to various protests to strongholds throughout the city including a number of abandoned buildings it's actually attempted to smoke them out using
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flash bangs and take on the demonstrators much more serious for the geishas the police were deploying probably the force but at least one possible after being shot of course for your company has more from the scene. again we're still reporting from the so as you can hear behind me loud explosions possibly tear gas from the police officers there are at least hundreds if not two hundred three hundred police officers in full riot gear several him as you can see advancing behind us right now on the occupy oakland movement now we don't know how many officers are back there we saw a massive group of them sort of a walk down that street before that was the street of the standoff for several protesters had barricaded the street from the police several several pieces of furniture and whatnot were lit on fire but again not enough of an action to provoke this kind of a militant response by the police force here we have to remember that earlier today thousands marched peacefully on the port of oakland show. thing it down no arrests
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reported whatsoever in fact we didn't even see any of the police officers out there and yet this evening in the early and the early hours of the morning on wednesday after the peaceful march again this scene unfolding behind me on the streets of oakland no other media outlets no other television outlets here on the front lines we have been standing here we have seen tear gas fired several protesters injured from the tear gas in fact you can smell it in the air right now i wish i could describe it better but a very intimidating show of force when you have this line of police slowly marching forward with protesters in front of them the mood is an extremely tense we don't know how this will develop but people are sort of a running out from the side streets that perhaps there's more confrontations down that way whether or not they're going to clear the camp remains to be seen but as you can see these was theirs are marching behind as sticks and hands baton hand i don't know if you can get any closer on that shot but they're certainly coming here the crowd as you can hear is chanting oakland perhaps you can see over there
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several police officers with their weapons out of a shooting internet tear gas for these loud sort of downgrades that don't actually hurt anything but definitely here scare that the protesters and journalists on site . and you can also check news she's twitter feed for the latest updates from the season you can read her description of some of the most dramatic events during the protests. that. have. she tells us how the old t.v. crew was blocked from leaving the hotel to film a car plowing into protesters all ending with the public vote on whether to allow them to pass that's a much much more. twitter feed which we will be tweeting. that coming up a few minutes from now here now to find out why social networking sites like twitter and facebook are in danger of becoming a surveillance tool for the british government that's tonight. british
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officials are reportedly working on a plan to assist u.s. forces in a preemptive attack on iranian military facilities it follows claims washington is moving towards a policy of intervention out of fear that tehran is developing a nuclear weapons program something iran has always denied and political analyst chris bambery told me earlier that he believes it's the prospect of economic ruin that's motivating the older lete into action. anyone reading the press reports on these contingency plans being dropped by the minister of defense here in london for an attack on iran must be worrying that if iran is not developing a nuclear missile it will be developing and you could miss so faced with the idea that the americans the british and he's really he's are looking towards an unprovoked attack on iran and the world a much more dangerous place i cannot imagine a worse alliance with these three people in the west seem to underestimate the strength of a reunion nationalism that is a strong national
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a sense. of what happened under foreign intervention into the country and how the shah was with that installed and maintained by britain and for america's memories of the shah the way it's presented no the west of the shah is what the regime there will be a bloody war if there is an attack on iran iran is not iraq as of two thousand and one there will be retaliation from hamas and the world is that the more dangerous place because of these reports it seems bizarre that you would have thought that anyone even thinking i could see points around would look at that and your position in this country britain for instance the war in libya oh that was a majority get against that but of course we're talking about economically declining pows in america and britain and their military assets remain there i mean one thing they can deploy and we know that britain and america. are prepared to use the economic military part to try and buttress their economic position in the world in relation to china in relation to me so i think what we're seeing here we know this from history economic instability often leads to military adventures often
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leads to wars and i think we must be worried at the moment the one thing i would say is if i was an american president i'd be worried about thinking about any attack on iran given the level of opposition to the economic policies we're seeing on the streets of oakland the streets of washington in new york and elsewhere with this occupy movement. the defense preparing to appeal after he was found guilty in new york of agreeing to so. to terrorists and conspiring to kill americans the russian businessman could face life in jail he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation involving agents posing as members of colombia's group which the u.s. considers terrorists but was eventually extradited to the u.s. despite strong opposition from moscow this brother says that the u.s. media launched a campaign which ruined his reputation before the trial even began. even before the court hearing started all the news channels and websites practically all the mass media talked of nothing else but vick to boot his name is on the screen
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around the clock but apart from talking there is absolutely no evidence this is what surprise the lawyer who asked for proof but the prosecution could not give any they kept calling victor norm's byron wanted all over the world of what they said everyone was after him and tried to intimidate the jurors calling him a monster. he was flown out of time and in a military style operation that most companies was outside the jurisdiction all u.s. authorities. could not find enough evidence to try but you can gave in to the u.s. political pressure on russia insists that his extradition to the u.s. was in the legal and says it wants to bring it to that. more insight into the case let's talk to an author who's written already published a number of books on vick to boot camp goodman he joins us from oregon in the usa can't thanks very much indeed for being with this so come as any surprise to you. well no not really it was sort of
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a foregone conclusion i think like you said that was all all the press and all the media all there was was negative information about there to boot there wasn't any complicity in opinions on his innocence so if you really think that media pressure did swing the trial and make it totally unfair after all he was dubbed is the much of death. on us right even now that he's been found guilty in this one corridor you notice that the movie lord of war has been on t.v. quite a bit lately to supposedly based on his life. you can look everywhere on the internet anywhere else there isn't any kind of. there isn't any kind of information about his possible innocence anywhere so there's only one a one sided view. fortunately well does he have any chance and there is talk of an appeal possibly in february the defense says that they will of course pursue this happened does he have any child so was the evidence against him just too compelling . oh i don't think the evidence was too compelling at all at the problem is that
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too many americans have heard so many bad things about him the evidence against him obviously was just so supposedly selling these arms to the far corners of the park is only. considered a terrorist organization in america and many other countries around the world is considered a. a political party. but they don't take that to account you know when they're thinking about the trial but nevertheless within the legal framework yes they were talking to a lawyer saying he was found guilty on all counts it was a comprehensive verdict so when you question the evidence itself apparently intercepted e-mails lots of tangible evidence text messages into it as well and shown to the court you really saying that the legal framework would have been swayed politically those judges not just by the media but also by some sort of political agenda and i think the whole case is this smacks of
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a political agenda when he was taken from thailand especially since the thai authorities could find out that the charge with the we americans came in and grabbed him anyways so what is your place i couldn't just explain why then why would there be this real pressure to see this man behind bars not from a legal point of view but for political reasons. well i think he's taken over a lot of the business that the cia and other shadow organizations were working for themselves and africa was very big business supplying arms to africa and once things start to go downhill there the american businessmen that were supplying arms got out of the country and boot was one of the only people brave enough to you know be in there and i think we're trying to punish him for that sort of thing. here in russia you all day in the us apparently relations between the two countries are meant to be improving what does this mean for tipping that relations if as you say this really is all about political motives. i think just the way things are going
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now in america anyway as you can see we you know travel around the world and kill leaders we don't feel that we don't like. as got to make things a little bit worse so i would think and i know the russian president was not too happy about. obviously what's happening with food and probably a lot of the other things that are going on right now just seems to have a you know a warlike mentality of right now for some reason ok just briefly you published in the past books on boot does the publishing end here then do you think this man will end up behind balls for life or do you think perhaps he may indeed return to russia as the russian authorities want what do you think the future could hold well i think if they are assured the russians can exert enough political pressure then maybe something will happen at least with the american courts there is a many chances for appeal but that's very expensive too obviously the government is on the opposing side and they have unlimited expenses so if they can you know keep the pressure on maybe something will happen at least
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a reduced sentence can really get to talk to you thanks so much for your time joining us live there in oregon in the usa can goodman thanks. more on another celebrated international legal wrangle that of wiki leaks founder julian assange drove on our website. to find the latest details. to find out how his mother is being driven to despair by the latest news from the u.k. courts that he has to be extradited to sweden she says unless his homeland of australia steps in extradition to the u.s. is inevitable. plus a belated halloween surprise protesters in ukraine supporting convicted. take a long. as they try to storm the country's parliament. the british government has blamed social networking sites for spreading on restaurant august riots across england in an attempt to prevent similar trouble in future one part of london is now proposing to monitor online activity at youth centers but laura smith reports it's
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a risky game that may breach the vital bond of trust between young people and social workers. the reality of life in east london young teens take part in a workshop on gang violence with the government laying the blame for all guests riots firmly at the door of gangs one london council is talking about making youth workers spy on their members and monitor their social network activities and i think suspicious would be passed to a special anti gang unit but the m.p. for hackney where some of the worst on record to place says it's not the technology to blame when you had riots in this country in the twelfth when there was no internet and there was no. text message so it is not so you know time with the real causes of riots rather than blaming the messenger and there's the real possibility it will backfire the some young people begin to club is a safe haven in the middle east. and message monitoring could undermine the
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relationship between. well. it will change making them less likely to turn to them in a crisis and more susceptible to guide overtures and ultimately crime and violence during the riots social networks like twitter and blackberry messenger were used by rioters to pinpoint the next location in market for destruction the government went to spar is proposing shutting down the services while two men were jailed for four years each for inciting rioting on facebook but teens say spying risks isolating the very people they're trying to help if that happens don people. use these type of things that are undoubtedly social issues and solving them requires walking a fine line between coming down hard on troublemakers and preserving civil liberties for everyone but it's clear that this measure which would cost hundreds
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of thousands of pounds to enforce could also cost the trust and goodwill of the same risk youths the old thirty's are so concerned about laura smith r.t. london. i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few minutes from now but in the meantime business is next with korea. hello and welcome to business this hour president miter medvedev says russia's accession to the world trade organization will help liberalize trade and investments globally the president made a statement at the g twenty summit in cannes just hours after russia finally cleared the way to joining the trade club by settling all remaining issues with georgia artes. as the latest. it looks like this is following me. for many years that russia has been the biggest economy that's outside of the w t o
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and so eighteen years of these negotiations on occasions russia has been close occasionally and has struggled to negotiate with certain big partners such as the usa on other occasions being new members with him with troubles me sealing the deal and also when you have questioned over these eighteen years russia's own desire to always join the w t o on occasions that russia has wanted to protect its own industries and has been dubious about all of the benefits of course over the last few years georgia has been the biggest obstacle and the obstacle is of course not just economic but political as well in nature and the focus is on the two de facto independent breakaway republics itself the such an apology because georgia refuses to recognize these places as independent it said it wanted to supervise the border between these countries and russia thought it wanted to access to this border and this is something that needed russian all these countries are prepared to give the deal was negotiated by su a sweet date is over the past few months but it's a deal that was georgia and russia have accepted so this is really the key stuff to
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letting this happen in terms of the practicalities there's going to be another round of negotiations in about ten days and then if everything is ok by mid december russia will be a w t o member of this does happen this will reap a harvest considered one of the greatest achievements of president read of presidency. turning to markets now europe really don't thursday after the european central bank lowered its benchmark interest rates to one and a quarter of a percent from one and a half percent also affecting the markets was greek prime minister's decision to back away from plans to hold a referendum on the bailout package the forty finished over a percent higher while the tax ended up two point eight percent. here in moscow the markets climbed in the last day of the trading week as a law against the r.t.s. and over half percent of the black point eight. hi i am on friday the russian border will be closed for public holiday let's have a look at some of the individual channels on them isaac's gasp wrong as bounce back
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from our losses the company has resumed operations in libya together with italian any noise can make it also against the company has managed to acquire own one hundred twenty million shares from the market and its buyback it is about sixty three percent of its charter capital and air flow at the last one i have a sense the company has reported an eleven percent decline in net profit for the third quarter according to russian accounting standards. that's all we have for you but don't forget to log on to our website r t dot com slash business for more.
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the elite. lulu so sad to say. it's just so. secretly on.
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samoa koori new the latest in sign system six months from around the slush. we've dumped those you church covered. see the and. more news today violence is once again flared up the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as true for china corporations are all of the six.
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nine thirty pm here in the russian capital good to have you with. them and consider the creation of a national unity government all those g. twenty leaders meeting to discuss how to prevent the eurozone being dragged. down the road from twenty marches on the. police crackdown on a massive occupy protest america's fifth largest power lies. plus russia questions the fairness of business. for a new york jury finds him guilty of trafficking. now that great green threat next we take a look at the radical environmentalist groups that will go to any lengths to support their cause.


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