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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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would be soo much brighter than a few. songs from feinstein christian. news for instance on t.v. dot com. the greek prime minister moves away from plans to hold a referendum on whether to accept an e.u. bailout after coming under pressure at home and abroad. and events in greece dominate the g twenty summit in france where euro zone leaders are quick to praise the move away from the referendum. and down the road from karen and to g. twenty modules and alternative gatherings are being held surrounded by a massive police operation. oakland streets are littered with tear gas canisters and spent rubber bullets after riot police cracked down on the massive occupy protests that left america's largest port paralyzed. and putting
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at risk the last remnants of stability in the water on middle east britain puts the final touches on a plan to assist the u.s. in a preemptive strike against iran's alleged nuclear facilities. international news in coming live from moscow with you twenty four hours a day the greek prime minister has backtracked on plans for a national referendum on whether to accept another e.u. handout to save the country from drowning in debt george papandreou his decision to hold a public vote over the brain out drew criticism from abroad and put his government on the verge of collapse but the opposition says it will now support the idea of help from the e.u. r.t. sarah firth has more from athens. of course we got the confidence they coming to work that's going to certainly be one that everyone's looking at now because that's
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going to be a more clear signal of the way forward and we had some strong words from the prime minister he was talking about unity about the country moving through this crisis together but of course the chill earth situation here in the country has been far from unified in fact it's been. as wide as you can get between the governments decisions a for the past couple of months and indeed couple of years and what the government continued to do and it was unmistakable that in his words he did seem to be moving away from the idea of holding a referendum he caving in a little bit that pressure that we saw coming from coming from paris coming from within his own party as we saw. that was triggered when he announced that holding a referendum because it's been a really big problem since the very beginning here this is a much confusion around these decisions that a may people simply day to day will they lost credibility with the population here and so we hear just happened today saying these strong messages about the country
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needing to see this together but of course this is really not how the people feel and again we've heard once again doing a u. turn on his words he talks about democracy he talks about unity you know credibility here in the country. political uncertainty and crisis here greece is dominating the g twenty meeting in cannes the world's leaders have been discussing how to stop europe's economy being dragged down by greek debt well let's cross live now to ortiz and he said now you. you've been following the summit today how have the leaders been reacting to those extraordinary events in greece. i think it's fair to say that the euro crisis and into relevance in greece over the last couple of days have completely taken over at this summit here in cannes just on the eve of the summit of the greek prime minister summoned. here by what nicolas sarkozy calls the backbone of the euro so that of course france and germany also sat down with
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members of the i.m.f. and the european central bank in it but it's pretty much a good guess to said that there were some very serious talks behind closed doors openly we know that they told him that his decision to hold that referendum which of course now we know has been taken back was unilateral at the country is independent it can do what it likes but won't get money if that referendum basically doesn't go the way they would have wanted it to now we know it's not going to be how what that means for the girl is still a very big debate skeptics will say that it's just moving the problem down the line euro process will say that this is what needs to be done to save the euro euro and europe as a whole nicolas sarkozy in his press conference on this first day of the summit congratulated the greek government for making this decision. the leader of the opposition party in the statement today that indicated that he was supporting the twenty seventh of october plan that was to say that's very explicit very important
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element and i can't do anything but to congratulate him on that because it was very courageous to take that step and also. mr pope and raised statements also indicated that the referendum was not. an end in itself it was a tool that was going to be considered but this is the opposition would take on the twenty seventh of october plan then the referendum became less useful. than the other thing that we're going to be hearing from critics over the next couple of days is that the euro backbone or so mostly germany of course and france is basically has basically told greece that it sent listens to its people many people know that if that referendum went ahead it most likely it would be a no vote out so we're going to be hearing a lot about that most likely over the next couple of days and with that said the brics countries they met on this first day of the summit and there of course they discussed the euro. prices even though it doesn't particularly directly affect them they did promise that they would offer money and help the eurozone they have been
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agreed on this some of president medvedev boys out very clearly without hiding that there is a condition on russia and its partners of the brics giving money to help the euro say afloat in that is that their voice really needs to be heard within the i.m.f. and other financial institutions let's not forget that the g twenty was created at the height of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight and it was meant to widen the spectrum of countries that put in their voice and try to help with global economics solutions and a lot of critics say including these bricks that backhaul didn't happen yet. ok lisa thank you very much indeed for that live report there from karen in the cell of france more from over the next day or two well away from the actual summit itself i t g twenty marches have been held across the french riviera analogies daniel push has more. just as most here at monaco really just down the
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coast from the g. twenty summit in cannes because monaco is a tax free haven and protesters here are saying the banker for example who got a million euro. after a public bailout can move here and not even pay a single cent in tax all know that. leaders at previous g. twenty summit promised to shut down tax havens all tax paradises as they're known and the demonstrators are angry at the fight but no action is still being taken on that demonstrators in nicolas sarkozy dressed in england moco and barack obama must have given an alternative summit press conference we've spoken to the fake nicolas sarkozy who says yes we can for a ritual as asian the g. twenty is a rich organization for the rich and we don't see anything wrong with the world economy at the moment the fake angela merkel says we're quite happy for greece to have a referendum on whether it should have the euro bailout as long as they vote yes
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considering the fairly vague official statements that are coming delta just down the road in cannes some here have said that this is perhaps the more informative of the two summits if you like the fullest protest is in nicolas sarkozy most certainly it's rainy and sea coast holding up signs saying the g. twenty is chile and we don't want to take any risks those are just really have a new strategy but it's avoiding the boilers that we've seen during previous summits really marking world leaders showing up the fact that they seem so out of touch with ordinary people's problems at the moment. daniel bushell there the prosecutor for the international criminal court says an investigation will be launched into war crimes allegedly committed quite nato in libya alliance members will be investigated alongside former rebels and gadhafi loyalists for more on this i'm joined live from london by jeremy courtney's labor and member of the stop the war coalition well the i.c.c.
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didn't care where nato forces bombed countries like iraq or the former yugoslavia causing heavy civilian cute casualties so what do you think is changing now. i think the controversy around the bombing of libya in the first place the fact that it's been under forensic media examination ever since it began and the very credible reports from amnesty and other human rights groups such as human rights watch about abuses of civilians by both the gadhafi forces the pro-government forces i mean the by the going to transitional national council i'm very very disturbing reports about the treatment of african mercenaries or african workers who were in libya at the time of the bombing by the nato forces so i think there's going to be some very serious investigations undertaken interest in the russian command to. the i.c.c. investigate all aspects of this particular conflict and all the allegations but
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nato would say simply this is a case of war and accidents do happen they didn't deliberately target civilians in the way that these troops. well they were they no doubt will say that there will be people defending colonel gadhafi that will say the opposite it's very important to be a thorough investigation into this and there are also be an investigation into the killing of colonel gadhafi himself because this was not meant to be a war for regime change it certainly was not intended for the assassination of gadhafi i don't know the details of exactly what happened except he was alive when captured and dead a few minutes later what if a case is launched how far would it really go would we actually see individual military officials being put into talk or really shouldn't this be government leaders being put in a dark. nature can't put itself on a pedestal and say that it's undertaking humanitarian bombing campaign such as they
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claimed in the case of libya if civilian targets were attacked if nonmilitary targets were attacked their civilians die then those are war crimes and the i.c.c. must invest it. you know them who decided to bomb which target is usually a military decision rather than a political one so in the case of iraq or the case of israel bombing garza there was a clear line of political commanded instructed the things to be done i suspect that the politicians who decided on the nato campaign will say it was a military decision taken by commanders on the spot and i would imagine they would try to shift the responsibility to them rather than take it upon themselves i don't think they're going to be investigating sarkozy or cameron in his arm so what about the military now be saying hate what about the future for future campaigns if we are liable to be prosecuted this is going to be able to do our job properly well the bombing campaign that took place in iraq in iraq was directed from outside any
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i.c.c. country during the time the bombing actually took place this was this was directed from the base in italy and indeed other u.s. or british bases across europe and so quite clearly there within the purview of the i.c.c. yes it will it will make a difference but that's the whole point of the rome statute is the whole point about the international criminal court that it makes the commanders and the politicians absolutely responsible for decisions they take and for the deaths that follow just ask you about the immediate future now for libya the m.t.c. as you were mentioning a little earlier i've been accused of recent atrocities isn't that therefore a case that nato should stay on there in libya and provide security after all its initial mission was to protect civilians. its mission was to protect civilians to prevent any flying by the libyan air force at that time the mission is over allegedly been withdrawn but in arts or to
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a parliamentary question the seems to me to be some obvious question about what foreign forces and what special forces were in libya and indeed probably remain in libya the n.t.s.c. claim that they can disarm all the rebel groups and they can create a review of the five libyan army and it remains to be seen but i am very worried that we're going to the same bin sue lawlessness a civil war and they're going to find possible to collect in vast quantities of arms that are freely held by people all over libya at the present time jeremy kaufman as always great here we have to say labor m.p. a member of the stop the walk omission thank you for joining us live there in london. thank you. british officials are reportedly working on a plan to assist u.s. forces in a preemptive attack on iranian military facilities from its claims washington is moving towards a policy of intervention out of fear that iran is developing a nuclear weapons program something iran has always denied and political analyst chris bambery has told me earlier that he believes the prospect of economic ruin
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that's motivating the old elite into action. anyone reading the press reports on these contingency plans range of the minister of defense here in london for an attack on iran was we worried that if iran is not developing you could miss our will. and you could miss so faced with the idea that the americans the british and he's really he's looking towards should unprovoked attack on iran and the world a much more dangerous place i cannot imagine a worse alliance with these three powers people in the west seem to underestimate the strength of the reunion nationalism that there is a strong national a sense of. what happened for. the shah was installed and maintained by britain and for america's memories of the shah that we say to the west of the shah it will be there will be a bloody war if there was attacking iran and iran is not iraq as of two thousand
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and one there will be retaliation from hamas and the world is a dangerous place because of these reports it seems bizarre that you would have thought that anyone even thinking about contingency plans around would look at that and your position in this country britain for instance the war in libya it was a majority get against us but of course we're talking about economically declining pows in america and britain and their military assets remain they remain the one thing they can deploy and we know that britain and america. are prepared to use their economic military power to try and purchase their economic position in the world in relation to china in relation to call me so i think what we're seeing here we know this from history economic instability often leads to military adventures often leads to wars and i think we must be worried but one thing i would say is if i was an american president i'd be worried about thinking about any attack on iran given the level of opposition to the economic policies are seeing on the streets of local industries of washington in new york and elsewhere with this of occupy movements. fundamentalist details on this and all the stories you can find out how
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his mother. has his mother has been driven to despair by the latest news from the u.k. courts that he's to be extradited to sweden she says unless his homeland of australia steps in extradition to the u.s. is inevitable. plus a related how to surprise protesters in ukraine supporting convicted ex-pro minister you to take an old pumpkins as they try to storm the country's parliament . riot gear clad police officers have withdrawn from the streets of oakland after a series of running battles with occupy movement protesters according to witnesses police ring to various protest strongholds throughout the city including a number of abandoned buildings in position that attempted to smoke them out using flash bangs and to gas to on the demonstrators much more serious way on occasions that police were deploying rubber bullets with force that at least one person was
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taken to hospital after being shot a correspondent you see coming off has more from the scene. again we're still reporting from the it's about wentworth as you can hear behind me loud explosions possibly tear gas from the police officers there are a police hundred not two hundred three hundred police officers in full riot gear several as you can see advancing behind us right now on the occupy oakland movement now we don't know how many officers are back there we saw a massive group of them sort of a walk down that street before that was the street at the stand up where several protesters had barricaded the street from the police several several pieces of furniture and whatnot were lit on fire but again not enough of an action to provoke this kind of a militant response by the police force here we have to remember that earlier today thousands marched peacefully on the port of oakland shutting it down no arrests reported whatsoever in fact we didn't even see any of the police officers out there and yet this evening. in the early in the early hours of the morning on wednesday
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after the peaceful march again this was a scene unfolding behind me on the streets of oakland no other media outlets no other television outlets here on the front lines we have been standing here we have seen tear gas fired several protesters injured from the tear gas in fact you can smell it in the air right now i wish i could describe it better but very intimidating show of force when you have this line of police slowly marching forward with protesters in front of them the mood is an extremely tense we don't know how this will develop but people are sort of running out from the side streets that perhaps there's more confrontations down that way whether or not they're going to clear the camp remains to be here but as you can see these cars there's are marching behind this takes their hands baton to hand i don't know if you can get any closer on that shots but they're certainly coming here in the crowd as you can hear chanting oakland perhaps you can see over there several police officers with their weapons out shooting tear gas for these loud sort of downgrade that don't
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actually hurt anybody but definitely here scared that the protesters and journalists on site. and with the ok movement demonstrating residents to police crackdowns and cynicism in the mainstream media let's not talk to the martin founder of media groups got to walk. joining us live in oakland to understand that you were actually at a protest yesterday one of the biggest and see ok part movement because do you think the message was brought across do you think you got your message across. well it's funny a lot of people try to paint this movement has you know we're not unified we don't have a cohesive message but as far as i can see we have one message and it's corporate greed and we're not standing for it anymore and no matter what your signs say or what you're saying it all stems from the same source which is corporate greed running amuck so i'd say that we did have a unified message there were i mean i heard some estimates up to twenty thousand people peacefully marching and successfully shutting down the port of oakland which
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was huge yes but to say that would have upset many people shutting down america's fifth largest port is your message more important the disruption you cause. well i wouldn't really call it i mean it was almost necessary to get the point across no one's really listening to us the mainstream media's pain as they're trying to marginalize this movement so maybe it will take something like that to really get people to recognize our force in this talk about the mainstream media obviously a bit of a battle now if you to convince them what your message really is some saying actually you'll just simply being envious of the rich your idea of oh it's against corporate greed this is just an envy of the rich isn't it no no not at all it's about this enfranchise going to cannibalization of social services and the extreme disparity that we're seeing the rich keep getting richer and not just talking about people making a million dollars a year i'm talking about people making five hundred million dollars a year we're talking about corporations not paying taxes why should we there's
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a two tiered justice system. the corporations are not held accountable for anything that they do yet we are held to a different sort of justice system and it merica and we're not stand for it anymore one of it's a persuasive argument and clearly you got a little support for it but as we've been talking we've been showing some scenes of violence in oakland are you concerned that actually this movement could be hijacked by only because as we've seen with all the movements and by people with actually nothing better to do. well it's interesting that you see these hand artists come out when there is a peaceful protest where are they now why do they wait till there is a peaceful rally in order to go break stuff around town yeah it is true that there was violence in the streets last night it was very scary i felt like i was in a war zone in my own city i got tear gas very badly i saw a dumpster being lit on fire and i could see bottles thrown at the police officers after they tear gassed us it is terrifying but you have to ask yourself you know we know for a fact there was
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a complex video done in exposé showing police working as undercover agents into the occupy oakland movement so who are the provocateur as if there was provocation in that group is it undercover police we don't know all we know is that we mass masses the overwhelming majority of us remaining peaceful urging people remain peaceful and you have two people throwing things and lighting a dumpster on fire so were the cops we don't know but it's a shame to paint the whole movement as violent but it seems like there's just a few anarchists causing trouble let me just ask you finally. there have been ickes ations that the movement is lacking coherence and focus and there are too many messages within this movement. but nevertheless to do you think this could be a movement that would bring about a change in politics i mean we've obviously seen the tea party which obviously represents something very different but does the movement have aspirations for a new political movement. absolutely and i think people are waking up to the two
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party dictatorship and they're realizing that both parties mirror each other in relation to the political system doesn't represent us anymore this country is founded on civil disobedience is protected in the first amendment or bill of rights we have the right to peacefully assemble it for a redress of grievances for our government if it doesn't represent us and i think the sit ins with rosa parks was tear gassed we need to do this you know we can't follow orders anymore to a coverage that doesn't represent us so civil disobedience is the only way to go and i definitely think this has an enormous opportunity for massive change all right we'll leave it there thank you very much indeed abby martin founder of a.t.o. it startled pleasure to talk to you thanks for joining us by thanks so much. this is r.t. live here in moscow twenty three minutes past the hour now here by the way you can check out our t c twitter feed for the latest updates from the city of use of course our correspondent there you can read a description of some of the most dramatic events we've just been talking about in
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that interview there in oakland. she tells us how the crew was blocked from leaving the portal to filming a car plowing into protesters all ending with a public vote on whether to allow them to pass that and much much more on lucy in the twitter feed which we will also be retreating. under school code. i think to breach the fence a preparing to appeal after he was found guilty in new york of agreeing to sell arms to terrorists and conspiring to kill americans the russian businessman could face life in jail he was arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after a sting operation involving agents posing as members of colombia's filed a report which u.s. considers a terrorist who was eventually extradited to the u.s. despite strong opposition from moscow his brother certain he says the u.s. media launched a campaign which ruined his reputation before the trial even became. material.
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even before the court hearing started all the news channels and websites practically all the mass media talked of nothing else but victor boot his name is on the screen around the clock but apart from talking there is absolutely no evidence this is what surprise a lawyer who are for proof the prosecution could not give any they kept calling victor in arms fire and wanted all over the world they said everyone was after him and try to intimidate the jurors calling him a monster. he was flown out of time and in the military stone operation that most companies was outside the jurisdiction of u.s. authorities tycoon could not find enough evidence to try the cave in to u.s. political pressure russia insists that he's extradition was illegal and wants to bring him home and good when he's published something to believe has told me that the case against him was politicized from the start. the problem is that too many americans have heard so many bad things about him the evidence against him obviously was dissolved supposedly saw in these arms of the dark and but of course
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the charge is only. considered a terrorist organization an american in many other countries around the world is considered a valid a political party i think the whole case is a mess smacks of a political agenda when he was that taken from thailand especially since that high authorities could find out that the charges and the america we americans came in and grabbed him anyways and i think he's taken over a lot of the business of the cia and other shadow organizations were working for themselves an africa was very big business supplying arms to africa and once things start to go downhill there are american businessmen who were supplying arms got out of the country and loot was one of the only people brave enough to you know be in there and i think we're trying to punish him for that sort of thing. that to brings up to date for the moment tell me about with the headlines in about three hope it's now three time stay with us here.
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well to british scientists i. thought i'd supply the full. height. of. the market find out specifically to find out what's really happening to the global
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