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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 5:31pm-6:01pm EDT

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my call to you to shop on to show him the stuff and as the news continues in the meantime it's the latest edition of the kaiser report stay with auti. biomass kaiser this is the kaiser report i know you want to see max and stacey and bet we're going to accommodate you with a show coming up soon probably in december we'll be in bed not only that but you're not helping me by not following me on twitter and by following stacy herbert instead now she's catching up to me on twitter and the number of followers and that's not right is it it's called the kaiser report all right stacey everybody got forming max make love not that. that's the yobbo are sent in this week as you see apparently john lennon and yoko ono were actually watching the kaiser
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report during their famous bed in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and you see you know this is a unique perspective not very many people look at this shot from that time but as you can see they were also saying all we are saying is let the banks fail and kaiser karma at the time nobody thought to look at the full three sixty of that shot exactly to look at some of the posters on the wall like make love not dead now suddenly in the air two thousand and eleven john and yoko were clever boy and they saw john was a visionary he saw the future he knew it was coming well let's move on to the first headline here max the new world order fiscal austerity sectors in the line of fire this is a report from society in general and they say we are all greeks now max as we are all greeks you must say that in greek you must. even steal your daughter. and i always thought what i was saying was i mean another cup of coffee i thought
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that's what i was saying i don't know you sounded like a lady and you a soc gen says that no one can claim to be immune from a greek style spiral why because our economies are richer and we are aging so public expenditure they say will hit forty five percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and fifteen but. max i don't think it's because just because we're aging i think it's because we have too much crime too much banking crime too much debt. well that's this is the underlying kind of realisation that is slowly coming into the consciousness of those who are being victimized by banking crime you know member ten years ago it was the antiglobalization movement and then they figured out you know what let's let's get more specific here it's actually wall street is actually the banks we need to attack and then the next step would be to name individual bankers and then to get the pitchfork. but soc gen should talk
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because of course they wouldn't be in existence if greece actually went under because bailing out greece was largely bailing out society's general and bank. well this is an interesting comment on how modern banks work you have the research department then you have the m. and a department mergers and acquisitions then you have management then the other proprietary trading desk and these parts of this company this bank should all be regulated in some way so that they don't abuse their positions to make money at the cost of the overall integrity of the system and what's now known as the bottom ninety nine percent so the fact that a research department society general first of all society in general is technically insolvent that they have not enough working capital to to meet their monthly expenses that it's all coming from outside forces and through the shadow
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banking system same thing with b. and b. it's technically an insolvent bank doesn't stop the research department from putting out reams and reams and reams of research some of which is good some of it's bad but all of it is in consequential taken in the context of global bank meltdown global currency meltdown and the rise of gold and silver well you know that shadow banking system bailing out soc gen that shadow looks a whole lot like the us federal reserve. well the us federal reserve's balance sheet is them several trillion dollars in size and growing rapidly and what they're trying to do now with the f.s.f. which is the european version of what happened in american two thousand and eight they want to take especially the boom to spank the german banks and they want to expand their shadow banking system and according to the president of the e.u. they want to expand it to five trillion euros right away and probably take it up to
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twenty trillion euros the next six months but max we are all greeks now or even. greeks set to scream bloody murder as pension fund threatens to recruit eight billion euros in illegally paid out proceeds this is another thing you're going to see going forward and this is something we've talked about a few years ago that we predicted this is they're going to come up with all sorts of oh you illegally paid this to you and you illegally accepted this pension money and therefore you owe it. check out the the asymmetry here they're abrogating a contract a pension contract and they're confiscating billions of euros at the same time out of the thought of them out there saying that when we have to honor our debts to sovereign creditors become possible to abrogate a contract that's anti civilization so they speak out of both sides of both countries and always to the benefit of the top one percent always to the detriment
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of the bottom ninety nine percent the greek people are on the stream of course they're fighting back they understand as the banks now they understand a pop and dry in the pocket of the banks that he's a terrorist as in terrorism as in patriot act style terrorism and he needs to go so zero says very soon greeks will discover that not only are their pension funds about fifty percent underfunded courtesy of the first of many european bailouts but that they will actually have to repay pension proceeds back that's eight billion euros again and it's according to the social security foundation the i k a spiral produce the purchases are not under funded the great banks are overfunded ok drew needs to be showered in a mountain of lusaka up. he needs to be buried alive in lusaka that i can make him more appealing than he normally well definitely tastier well the other thing i thought of this of course is that you're going to have these your savings disappear
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for example and i'll say oh we illegally paid you your pension or you illegally collected your pension and it will be up to you to go up against the behemoth of the state to prove that actually you were owed this pension that they said you collected illegally and that reminds me in america all of these foreclosures that happened over the past few years where there was no paperwork no titles all sorts of illegal activity for which the banks have paid nothing but us some small fines here's the headline max disgusting fraud closure for mocks their victims at hollow party so this was on friday of last week and it was the law firm of steven j. bound who are known as a foreclosure mill and they represent mortgage lenders including citi group j.p. morgan chase bank of america and wells fargo and as you can see from these photos this is their theme of the homelessness of the people homeless due to their
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foreclosures so in this one image you see these two women who have the sign i lost my home and i was never served so specifically mocking the fact that their crimes all of these banks and these foreclosure firms that they are the ones that committed the crime and they're laughing at the people that they thrown out into the street right we're all great now i think we're all on the train to treblinka now basically have to use wall street banks to have their way you know what we was going to happen in europe is probably another. kristallnacht you know this is the night when game on you know when basically it just will take it all you're going to the ghetto you're going to concentration camp that's what the banks in france and germany are angling for now and let's turn to this other image here from that same . party there's one sign that says o.t.s. c. it stands for order to show cause which is a last ditch motion that often made by desperate homeowners about to be evicted
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from their homes and another sign saying bleep foreclosure on current so again taunting these people taunting the people that they've illegally foreclosed on and forced out of their homes based on mortgages from j.p. morgan citigroup and wells fargo that were illegally induced that were fraudulent lee induced mortgages well these mortgage bankers and bankers are demonstrating classic signs of the serial killers who they want to be caught you know they're sick and they want to they leave these clues because they realize that society needs to do away with them well i think you're right there max on the serial killer front because that is perhaps something you're seeing because of the lack of justice the fact that the obama administration and their department of justice refused to prosecute these crimes these people become very hubris stick they think that they are better than everybody else and they can mock them and then also there are some who genuinely feel guilty and want to be caught so they're leaving all sorts of clues to their crime i mean those women in that photo they're openly
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admitting to their crime but they sent a family out into the street and bill black who put fifteen hundred of these guys in jail during the eighty's he's very specific about saying eric holder of the u.s. attorney general is also on the hook for this type of negligence just to highlight max how disgusting this event was i want to turn to new york city homeless facts the homeless population of new york city rose to an all time high in two thousand and eleven a reported one hundred thirteen thousand five hundred fifty two slept in the city's emergency shelters last year including over forty thousand children so forty thousand children these two women are marking another talking about the final solution but i think the better neighborhood. live in is max keiser is neighborhood this is some more giago art currently somebody is making a film version of this show but let's turn to the european neighborhood jim rogers
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says new greece still can't save europe so going back to greece we're all greek now jim rogers was very surprised and happy that there's a fifty percent haircut and greek debt but he says it needs to be more because they're bankrupt and need to be one hundred percent so unless that happens europe is doomed well it was a fifty percent greek that haircut but a five hundred percent increase in recapitalization of fraudulent loans from the banks so the banks made money and the total indebtedness went up not down total propaganda well jim rogers concurs there because he says most european countries are increasing their debt rather than decreasing their debt until that changes the problems are going to continue just as they will in the united states jim agrees with me of course as always yes he wears a bow tie like you do. i got him into gold i'm the one who got jim rogers into gold . anyway final neighborhood story here iceland passes final hurdle in the
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eleven point four billion dollar payout so apparently their high court in iceland has accepted the emergency law which. essentially allows iceland to shaft the bondholders which include royal bank of scotland b.m.p. perry and deutsche bank and make whole the depositors you know what i think we're going to get into this in the second half our way i think said who i think you're talking to berkeley to you owns dr oh good so we're going to explore this more deeply states eric thanks so much for being on the kaiser report here max now go away much more coming your way including brigade there jones don't fear talking about this very icelandic screw up.
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five hundred days on a voyage to be. a breakthrough in space travel. returning from the red planet. mars five hundred touched down on r t. i'm going to. go back to the kaiser report imax kaiser so i've got to go to iceland and speak with bridget jones to tear she's a member of parliament in iceland brigitte welcome back to the kaiser report well thank you very much i'm happy to be back the last week the icelandic government and the i.m.f. co-host of the conference iceland's recovery lessons and challenges before we discussed the conference give the audience a brief outline of the collapse in iceland oh wow so in two thousand and eight we
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had thirty noticed financial meltdown in the history of humankind. we were the most developed nation according to the un two thousand and seven and two thousand and eight we were. under terrorist acts when one of our banks. asked some big name associated to it and yet the terrorist lace alongside with the north korea symbolic way ok let me let me stop you right there so in other words. some global authorities recognize that the icelandic bankers were terrorists and they put them on the terrorist watch list or they they've been hunting them down as terrorists oh no i have heirs to our investing fortunately one of them is still on the list though the richest people in the oil and unfortunately none of the people responsible for the constant scheme in relation to the banks has been persecuted to
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my understanding though it is very difficult to get these people charts because many of them people that run the banks think oh right the loss so they know which loopholes to use and which grayson's to scale so i'm not sure if the people responsible from dropping the banks from inside where would be held to come. and this is of course not only a problem and i ask them all of the it's hard to believe because they were able to get gadhafi saddam hussein what was the name of the primary terrorist in iceland that people are trying to find and prosecute hopefully hang what as they may go you're going to toss your person on her and he is sarah actually one of the prime and that's truth in a new data centers in iceland data center nice and cool when holden and he was responsible for i said but there are some good news no relation to the use three basic zero there was a court ruling finally in relation to hit them emergency law so we put through in
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order to deal with the financial collapse will hold or not they will hold and that means that the british and the ducks governments will get all their money back with us now the pex players. put on it because there isn't there so poor ruling eminent court case if we reach the year law yeah that's right david cameron and the government now the land they are being held hostage by a banking terrorist in their countries and they they may have the icelandic people to help them find the extortion money now when i say that is dealing with the i.m.f. how much debt did iceland take from the i.m.f. and what did the i.m.f. demand in exchange for their loans well this is all a very interesting story actually according to the finance minister and the central bank manager and i stand we are not to use any of the loan from the i.m.f. but we still haven't given it back to them even if we are supposed to be finished
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in the program the interesting thing is the i am at has now decided to use iceland's. promotional kick for them being the new curtly and so i am. i have to remind people i'm now in a conference not in the last week about the. their policy in the east and their policy program in their own now where they indeed have not changed anything from the previous disasters in asia but they're still trying to market so the i.m.f. if it has changed and i think it's dangerous many economists and so will look at the us one thing simple as proof that their methods changed now here my warning they have not and even if things they have not gone harshly and i was there there is for example one story that has not was not discussed that this company was
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a whore and that is the one of our energy companies and was sold to a foreign company like one of these group companies they created through a company in sweden in order to buy them they were from well the pan american civil corporation from canada and they managed to get a resource that you indeed remain in the ownership of the nation ok let me a cutter and therefore seconds on other words iceland did not use the i.m.f. loans but the i.m.f. is still going forward with asset sales of icelandic of properties anyway and they're using iceland as the poster child for their activities in greece i don't understand i mean they have the perfect poster child dominic strauss college used it's got to be the financial repost of the century how come they don't push you out as christine legarde bend your country yet to let you know the good
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news that the i.m.f. is there to help you no we don't seem christine and i stand yes but we have an i.m.f. with the managing director speaking of this conference and no power no see so that the i.m.f. had indeed united and how it's strengthening the welfare system which is of course looked across lucky we have basic. we only have to rather we both health care and education are since the mayor prior to the oneness of eighteen years of the independence party but we are we have accepted this oh we don't even have property stop hospitals and all the hospitals now are so they've been slashed so badly that we've been getting letters from all of them parliamentarians announcement just basically saying the thing can't cut any more unless you know we will have health hazards and help the same applies to you have to question him since them and of course usually the people that can't defend themselves have the
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most difficult time in that sort of austerity measures so even if we have women at the top of the i.m.f. i don't think it has changed yet and i don't think it will have a chance because we all know what the function of the i.m.f. is and that is not to look after the people but to look after the people who have the power so they're not they're looking after the one percent not the ninety nine percent all right now iceland did stiff the bondholders on the collapse of the banks in iceland something that you're out saying in ireland or greece or the bondholders are being made whole so that piece of the equation in iceland anyway same sort of gone in favor of the the population what are your thoughts on this aspect of the of the whole catastrophe well i think there are some things that can be learned from iceland but we have to bear in mind that i have some of this personally that special it was not because the icelandic government was so smart
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that they decided to let the banks fail if you couldn't get the money to save them and then you know everybody thought that that was really bad but that actually has turned out to be a great blessing the home the three banks were actually allowed to fail but one of the differences between i guess. and in many other countries is that and many of the people that had money in the banks or serious or you know on some of the toxic material inside them were not as numbers but they were mostly poor. who were in own something they collapsed or want to stay home to see that would not be the case was not with the bank would collapse in france so that was a blessing in disguise that we have been used as the house. who are the foreign trade of this now and but some countries might actually want to consider it to let the banks fail i think in general what people are calling for now all over the
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world is that the banks will become smaller now and then will be separate and more help more accountable and we should indeed use tariffs. community based facts for the people in the communities and then the people wouldn't run well with their bottles to do the piece maybe in the city of london well any any economy anywhere thrives on competition and if you have too big to fail banks that means you don't have competition and the i.m.f. is saying that wait a minute we don't want competition in iceland banking system we want to put it together with our global bailout funds to continue the too big to fail motif that has destroyed these economies that made our staff extraordinarily wealthy and everyone associated with their staff so yes competition needs to have actual
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multiple entrance into a market competing with each other but let's get back to the conference that you were recently attending because we were reading your tweets from the conference and you tweeted that citi group their chief economist william voter said that there should be a jubilee a debt jubilee every fifty years your thoughts on how that. it was received that was a surprise to many of you sir. do you believe every fifty years and we have reached the year forty nine or fifty so he was basically saying that we should have their own eyes then maybe that time has come everywhere maybe it's time that we. we start anew and i think that what i've been hearing everywhere is that people don't trust in the system any aspect of this is them because the system a sound that's matter if it's the benefits system or all their systems so yeah why don't we take these good goods months of crisis and have you believe them
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everywhere well the gold and silver vigilantes are going to force the issue one way or another the government can put off the inevitable as long as they want to stop stopping gold and silver from continuing to go higher well finally brigade a question from facebook dot com slash carves a report from jesse kersey who asks does brigade to believe that the greek and or portuguese lawmakers have the call harness to take back their sovereignty or is it too late for them and let me just also add here from what you're saying here today the i.m.f. is so intricately involved in the icelandic banking situation today that it's not clear that iceland really has avoided loss of sovereignty yet is it produced a yankee it's not clear on how you see the banks will rebuild you stastny well and we actually there isn't so much bank secrecy that even the finance minister
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that doesn't have access to who owns the banks that have been resurrected out of the old facts so there's still no transparency in the in the icelandic banking system even though you are unmercifully financially raped by a just b. c. barclays lloyds of london lehmann bear goldman j.p. morgan who are gangbanger unmercifully there's still no transparency in iceland incredible ways and we've been fighting me in a few other people in the parliament but we won't be speaking to deaf heirs and i think we have to bear in mind that most politicians or you know people in power are puppets they're puppets for the finest. and we just have to face it and it is really time that look beyond the traditional politics because let's face it there aren't democracies they are dictatorship many hats because we the people we don't have access to decision making want to make sure that they're doing their jobs in favor of our needs and they need some money but only the few brigade of jones
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don't there that's all the time we have for thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you so much and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i would like my guest brigitta jones dota you can follow her on twitter at burger j you can follow us on facebook dot com slash kaiser report or a twitter slash kaiser report you can also send us an e-mail and kaiser report it r t t v dot ru and follow me on twitter instead of stacy herbert i'm max kaiser slash twitter no it's twitter what you'll figure it out it's me that matter until next time this is nice guys are saying. we're going to.
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you. the greek prime minister says he's ready to scram plans for a referendum on an e.u. bailout after the proposal sparked uproar in europe and the parliamentary walkout
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at home. and also agrees dominate the first day of the g twenty in france where world leaders have been discussing how to tackle the financial crisis facing the eurozone and prevent a global economic downturn. politicians are not the only ones having their say at the g. twenty under heavy police presence thousands of activists demanding government to listen to the people and not just in big business. meanwhile in the u.s. and running battles in oakland as police and protesters go head to head after a massive occupy demonstration shuts down america's faced largest port. and britain is reportedly helping the u.s. finalize plans for a possible preemptive strike on iran's nuclear installations as pressure grows over ten rounds in richmond capability.


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