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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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twenty violin news live from moscow this is anti with me us with our thanks for joining us the greek prime minister has ditched his plans to hold a national referendum on whether to accept another huge cash injection to save the country's ailing economy the move comes after george but the decision to hold a public vote drew criticism from abroad and put his government on the brink of collapse r.t. sarah for the rings is the latest from athens. very difficult to say exactly what the plans were to come out parliament here just for and the prime minister george patton j it's been a very confusing day all round to be honest we saw a huge turn unmistakably on the plans to hold a referendum and they didn't specifically say in his address that that was off the table certainly the noises were being made that that was the direction we were going in and also that we heard from the greek finance minister he did
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categorically say that the referendum was off the table now when that was announced a little while ago that we saw. not just years in countries and their leaders but the financial markets as well and indeed within the greek government there was a lot of concern a for those schools by the prime minister for a referendum we've seen him backtracking now a lot of people saying that he's caved to that pressure from berlin from paris from within his own government now where he was saying was that they face a dilemma in the decision was always between whether they reach a consensus or whether they have a referendum say today the message is very much that actually in the small print of the decision to announce that they be holding a referendum was always the fact that if they could reach consensus about the bailout plans with the opposition in government then a referendum wouldn't be necessary. calls a lot of cynicism again here on the ground from the people because you know you heard the prime minister make these very strong statements
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a couple of days ago talking about the mochas in how you write that this decision she has now lie with the people and now of course we've seen this u. turn happening and he was saying here right from the beginning to be honest they were expecting the decision to be put in their hands they really feel like brussels is the driving force behind a lot of what they herring at the moment we've seen this time and again with the public me coming out onto the streets again some people outside the polling the building today a lot of discontent here in the country. and moon this is haitian greece and i joined by our producer dmitri katrina's demetri thank you very much indeed for joining us now is it would seem to prime minister first call for a referendum on the european bailout deal and then backtrack on these plans i'll be greeks happy with the latest developments from your pointy. i mean no one no one really knows what the majority of people think or anyone does it's kind of chaotic . i don't think anyone really understands why the prime minister called for
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a referendum in the first place it could have been a political ploy to try to get the opposition to join up on him and support the belzer he didn't have to continue to push this through with a very slight majority he's going to face a vote of confidence tomorrow he may very well very well lose that in which case his deputy may become leader of the coalition or the coalition will have to dissolve the new party may have to do this emergency but it puts it does put the veil in jeopardy and as your correspondent pointed out markets were relieved at the thought that the people wouldn't interfere with the dealings of merkel sarkozy and up on their own and right now there's a lot of pressure on george haven't tried to step down not only from the opposition but from his own cabinet but he says he's not resigning how do you think this will play out. i think what i mean it's a speculation entirely i think it's perfectly possible you could lose the vote of confidence tomorrow but i think that in such an event it doesn't necessarily mean
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that the government has dissolved the venezuela's could step in and take over the role here there's clearly a divide that's grown between those two men since two thousand and seven when venezuela's tried to take over leadership of the parties and back on that or made him recently that the prime minister which was an interesting move that happened over the summer so he could take over and they could you know they could create a unity government and the point is that you what you saw today what i saw and i got a few chances to look at speeches in the parliament what i saw were members of parliament were scared and frightened at the prospect that someone else might have to take over there may have to be some sort of the. dissolved end of the government and new authority because no one really seems to want to take responsibility for passing measures that are widely unpopular. so that's i think that's that's what we're looking at right now is. how does all they said frags. the whole european bailout the opposition says it now banks do you offer to how big is this deal really going
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to save the greek economy. no of course not nothing can there's no no amount of debt rollover can save the greek economy and it's a huge debt liquidation is a giant haircut and as such is a case for greece it's a case for a lot of countries in europe and it's a case for a lot of banks across the board there's a huge debt problem in the west in general is so great just a whipping boy in the fact that the markets and the markets is early but politician is so my opaquely focused on greece and how to solve greece and. and even there i'd be i did they can solve this in general by adding more debt is absurd greece is going to have to default in the way that it looks right now it's good it's more more likely that it's going to be a disorderly unilateral default and that i think you could you could if that happens and you could see that happen for ireland and portugal and on down the line . and there's a lot of speculation if you will about greece leaving the euro zone is that a possible scenario and in that case will greece be leaving the european union as
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well. well there are two separate questions are much sure exactly how that works constitutionally within the eurozone and within the euro the e.u. because they are two separate stations well two separate mechanisms. so i don't know constitutionally how that works but the it seems to be posed kind of in the threatening manner by a merkel that if greece does not accept the aid packages then they have to exit the euro zone which means they have to let go of the euro those are you those are technical questions i'm not sure i mean no one knows exactly but if greece were to exit the euro area the it's not in of itself a bad thing what's dangerous is when you have a government that isn't prepared to deal with that the greek government never actually provided an alternative solution to what the troika was offering so that's what's so frightening to people that's why if they were to pose a referendum on just do you want to be part of the eurozone or not it's a very it's a very unfair question of ask because the greek people should have the opportunity
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to vote if they're going to vote in a referendum. to clear paths if you have the truck stop in the one hand and submit the greek government is devised with the return of the drachma or something else on the other. producer talking to us from washington dimitri thank you very much indeed. the political turmoil in greece as i've assured it for seedings at the g. twenty summit in turn will be leaders have been discussing how to avoid falling into a fiscal abyss triggered by the greek debt anything not only brings us all. the euro crisis and the developments in greece over the last couple of days have completely taken over at this summit here in cannes just on the eve of the summit to the greek prime minister summoned here by what nicolas sarkozy calls the backbone of the eurozone that of course france and germany also sat down with members of the i.m.f. and the european central bank and it's pretty much a good guess to say that there were some very serious talks behind closed doors
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openly we know that they told him that his decision to hold that referendum which of course now we know has been taken back with a unilateral that the country is independent and can do what it likes but won't get money if that referendum basically doesn't go the way they would have wanted it to now we know it's not going to be how what that means for the euro is still a very big debate skeptics will say that it's just moving the problem down the line the euro cross will say that this is what needs to be done to save the euro hero and europe as a whole nicolas sarkozy in his press conference on this first day of the summit congratulated the greek government for making this decision. the leader of the opposition party he made a statement today that indicated that he was supporting the twenty seventh of october plan that was to say that's very very important element and i can't do anything but to congratulate him on that because it was very courageous to take that step and also. mr papandreou statements also indicated that the referendum was
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not. an end it itself it was a tool that was going to be considered but this the opposition would take on the twenty seventh of october plan then the referendum became less useful now the thing that we're going to be hearing from critics over the next couple of days is that the euro backbone or so mostly germany of course and france is basically has basically told greece that sint listens to its people many people know that if that referendum went ahead. most likely it would be a no vote so we're going to be hearing a lot about fact most likely over the next couple of days and with the brics countries they met on this first day of the summit and there of course they discussed the euro crisis even though it doesn't particularly directly affects them they did promise that they would offer money and help the euro zone they have been agreed. but president medvedev pointed out very clearly found hiding that there is a condition on russia and its partners of the brics giving money to help the euro
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stay afloat and that is that their voice really needs to be heard within the i.m.f. and other financial institutions let's not forget that the g twenty was created at the height of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight and it was meant to widen the spectrum of countries that put in their voices and try to help with global economic solutions and a lot of critics say including these bricks that that hasn't happened yet. and while the world leader is struggling to find a way out of the financial instability and g. twenty protests have been held across the french riviera she's done a noble show report. protesters must hear monaco really just down the coast from the g. twenty summit in cannes because monaco is a tax free haven and protesters here are saying that a banker for example who got a million euro. public bailout can move here not even pay a single cent tax on the bonus world leaders at previous g.
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twenty summit promise to shut down tax havens all types paradises as they're known and demonstrators are angry at the fact that no action is still being taken on that demonstrators in nicolas sarkozy dressed in anger merkel and barack obama mosques have given an alternative summit press conference we've spoken to the fake nicolas sarkozy who says yes we confirm we're a rich organization the g. twenty is a ritual going as a shin for the rich and we don't see anything wrong with the world economy at the moment we. all. make the food. and the rich and i want this because you know i don't have a very good brain and we want to moshe my fake angela merkel says we're quite happy for greece to have a referendum on whether it should have the euro bailout as long as they vote yes considering the fairly vague official statements that are coming down just down the
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road in cannes some here have said that this is perhaps the more informative of the two summits if you like it follows protesters in nicolas sarkozy most on the mediterranean sea coast holding up signs saying the g twenty is chile and we don't want to take any risks those are just really have a new strategy i mean it's avoiding the violence that we've seen during previous summits really marking world leaders showing up the fact that they seem so out of touch with ordinary people's problems at the moment. the prosecutor for the international criminal court thousand refrigeration already launched into war crimes. allegedly committed by nato in libya alliance members will be investigated alongside former rebels and gadhafi loyalists jeremy corbin labor m.p. and member of the stop the war coalition says humanitarian intervention is no excuse when civilians still die nature can't put itself on a pedestal and say that it's undertaking a humanitarian bombing campaign such as they claimed in the case of libya if
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civilian targets were attacked if nonmilitary targets were attacked of civilians died then those are war crimes and the i.c.c. must investigate the bombing campaign that took place in iraq in iraq was directed from outside any i.c.c. country during the time the bombing actually took place this was and this was directed from the base in italy and indeed of the u.s. or british bases across europe and so quite clearly there within the purview of the i.c.c. yes it will it will make a difference but that's the whole point of the rome statute is the whole point about you international criminal court that it makes the commanders and the politicians absolutely responsible for decisions they take and for the deaths that follow it's very important to be a thorough investigation into this and there are also be an investigation into the killing of colonel gadhafi himself. to other news now british officials have
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reportedly agreed to assist u.s. forces in a preemptive attack on a rainy and military facilities it follows claims washington is moving towards a policy of intervention fearing tehran's alleged nuclear weapons program but political analysts creates boundaries such statements only said to provoke. anyone reading the press reports on these contingency plans being dropped by the minister of defense here in london for an attack on iran must be worrying that if iran is not developing a nuclear missile it will be developing and you could miss so faced with the idea that the americans the british and he's really he's are looking to watch an unprovoked attack on iran and the world a much more dangerous place and i cannot imagine a worse alliance with these three people in the west seem to underestimate the strength of a reunion nationalism that is a strong national a sense of. what happened under foreign intervention in the country and how the shah was with that installed and maintained by britain and from america it's
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a people long memories of the shah the way it's presented you know the west if the shah is with the regime there will be a bloody war if there is an attack on iran iran is not iraq as of two thousand and one there will be retaliation from hamas and the world is that the more dangerous place because of these reports it seems bizarre that you would have thought that anyone even thinking i could see points around would look at that and your position in this country britain for instance to the war in libya oh there was a majority against that but of course we're talking about economically declining pose in america and britain and the military assets remain they remain one thing they can deploy and we know that britain and america paul in america are prepared to use their record in military power to try and buttress their economic position in the world in relation to china in relation to me so i think what we're seeing here we know this from history economic instability often leads to military adventures often leads to wars and i think we must be worried at the moment the one thing i would say is if i was an american president i would be worried about
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thinking about any attack on iran given the level of opposition to the economic policies we're seeing on the streets of oakland the streets of washington in new york and elsewhere with this occupy movement. right again police officers have withdrawn from the streets of oakland a series of running battles with occupy movement protesters according to witnesses we would various protests a stronghold for off the city including a number of abandoned buildings once in a position that tempted to smoke them out using stun grenades and tear gas to unnerve demonstrators much more serious the negations that from the east would going grab a bullet with reports that at least one person was taken to hospital after being our correspondent lisa has moved from this. again we're still reporting from the streets of oakland where as you can hear behind me loud explosions possibly tear gas from the police officers there are at least a hundred the not two hundred three hundred police officers in full riot gear several i'm as you can see advancing behind us right now on the occupy oakland
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movement now we don't know how many officers are back there we saw a massive group of them sort of a walk down that street before that was the street of the standoff for several protesters had barricaded the street from the police several several pieces of furniture and whatnot were lit on fire but again not enough of an action to provoke this kind of a militant response by the police force here we have to remember that earlier today thousands marched peacefully on the port of oakland shutting it down no arrests reported whatsoever in fact we didn't even see any of the police officers out there and yet this is happening in the early in the early hours of the morning on wednesday after the peaceful march again this was a scene unfolding behind me on the streets of oakland no other media outlets no other television outlets here on the frontlines we have been standing here we have seen tear gas fired several protesters injured from the tear gas in fact you can smell it in the air right now i wish i could describe it better but a very intimidating show of force when you have this line of police slowly marching
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forward with protesters in front of them the mood is an extremely tense we don't know how this will develop but people are sort of running out from the side streets that perhaps there's more confrontation. down that way whether or not they're going to clear the camp remains to be seen but as you can see these was theirs are marching behind us sticks their hands baton to hand i don't know if you can get any closer on that shot but they're certainly coming here the crowd as you can hear is chanting oakland perhaps you can see over there several police officers with their weapons out by a shooting here yes for these loud sort of done of raids that don't actually hurt anyone but here scared that the protesters and journalists on site. two of the occupy movement proving resilient in the face of police crackdowns are the knowledge in front of me to every still says that on the cover please could be the ones instigating divining a lot of people try to paint this movement as you know we're not unified we don't
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have a cohesive message but as far as i can see we have one message and it's corporate greed and we're not standing for it anymore and it matter what your signs say or what you're saying it all stems from the same source which is corporate greed running amuck so i'd say that we did have a unified message there were i mean i heard some estimates up to twenty thousand people peacefully marching and successfully shutting down the port of oakland which was huge but you have to ask yourself you know we know for a fact there was a cop watch a video done an exposé showing police working as undercover agents into the occupy oakland movement so who are the provocateurs if there was provocation in the group is it undercover police we don't know all we know is that we mass the masses the overwhelming majority of us who are remaining peaceful urging people to remain peaceful and you have two people throwing things and lighting a dumpster on fire so were the cops we don't know but it's a shame to paint the whole movement as violent when it seems like there's just a few anarchists causing trouble. those are the main stories here now t.
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and up next the ambitious russian experiment simulating a month mission to mars will come to an end late on friday and he spoke to the head of the project to find out what's been learned that's interviews that.
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question what mr murtha thank you very much for being with us to mars five hundred is your idea that your courage and own it's close to its completion but what the experimenting members are about to walk out of this chamber or whatever going to college how does it feel it's been seventeen months are you nervous with the question cognition of all and of course i'm anxious as we are more anxious to go when they just walked in now we're looking forward to the end of the experiment and of course such extensive isolation will require the crew to spend some time in rehabilitation will be hard work for us to analyze the results. from the very start there has been much controversy over marse five hundred especially among professionals when i mean yes people say that you can become a formula one driver by spending a year and i have any driver see ordinary people who don't know much about the
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experiment are likely to ask was the purpose of spending fifty million dollars to isolate six able bodied men and the rest of the world or seventeen month old. of course told. the purpose is as follows the experiment has been designed to define the limits of human capacities like a mission to mars is an idea that's been on people's minds for at least fifty years it will put space science on a new level in terms of technology's knowledge and extended limits of human capacities well it'll grow easier the experiment is supposed to stretch the limits of human capacities is it does it give you any specific answers like when can humans first reach mars who will be the shiny or to step onto its surface. with regular causal as a friend of mine once said it's not even the first step we've only lifted off to take that first step before we decide on the equipment that we use in
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a flight to mars we first need to have an understanding of the limits of the human body his psychological and physiological capacities secondly we need to decide on the amount of resources to be taken along on the way our life support system will operate during such long missionising communications between the crew and the earth will be a different ballgame in over two flights much of the work rests on the shoulders of the specialists on the ground an interplanetary mission is also characterized by autonomy independence you can't turn back it's a totally different situation and without testing and identifying the primary elements the life support system the volume of the resources needed the human capacities it's difficult to make plans even on and initial design of a future spacecraft research in human capacities should go before the design of a spacecraft though our scientists are quite active in resigning new vehicles for this is an experimental facility it can serve as a model or give us the data on the real science that we needed for
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a real flight anyway a mission to mars will most likely consist of four crew not six or more the mission will need to cut the amount of resources that we take on a board. that presents a problem the things that the crew members know that in any keys. sanchez and interfere at any point unlike in space and solve the problem in a way that would be different to space conditions so does this fact the scope of the experiment. doesn't although this is a major factor on a real trip you realize that you're away and you cannot make a u. turn even if you wanted to that you will take the road back only after you've reached that goal in contrast the crew locked up here is fully aware that they're not far away from the center of moscow it's very hard to take this in fact of life but what we can imitate is the isolation from the outside world it's a lot more of the crew motivated by what can encourage a person to stay away from their relatives and friends for seventeen months is not
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really as likes to mars to experiment one doesn't make them world famous and proud to be the first to learn a nurse that we're going to bed we know that there's a profession called a test engineer and i think i can only count myself as part of this group it's the people who are always one step ahead of what's actually going on in space in the case of an emergency so what they're just enthusiastic helping mankind to move forward to could grow just in a few. months in the month is a really long period of life it's really known. i'm among the fact. that there are surely had enough money for that with. no place is no big money in my view. is it a secret when you know it's not three million we promise to pay three million rubles. people don't get any sunlight given up on their favorite occupations earth but some time now what kind of psychological impact as it happened is there
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a risk that they. will encounter some kind of psychological follow on later. with. i'm not sure about the consequences but i do know that a person needs social rehabilitation often. such experiments because he practically drops out of his every day life according to long time but all i want to say is that such experience always leaves traces of a person gets used to living in a capsule is like it was never a good time to go to changes everything is planned for you know what other people were there the crew over the opportunity to take their own decisions or introduce changes from time to time mr merkel thank you very much for this interview thank you.
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soon which right if you knew about the song from songs to pressure. me please don't top teeth don't come.
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welcome back this is honestly the headlines the greek prime minister says he is ready to squash plans for a referendum on an e.u. bailout of the proposal sparked an uproar in europe and the parliamentary walkout it. also agrees dominated the first day of the g twenty in france where world leaders have been discussing how to tackle the financial crisis facing the eurozone and prevent a global economic downturn. also britain is reportedly helping the u.s. finalize plans for a possible preemptive strike on iran's nuclear installations as concern grows of a terrence in richmond capability. the gray green threat next we'll take a look at the radical environmental groups that will go to any length to support their cause that's in our special report eco warriors stay with us.


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