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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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change. the eye of the story and just program precisely the truth economy. of the lower show where the real headlines with none of the mersey are live in washington d.c. now tonight we begin another another update from occupy oakland thousands struck down the city's poor last night in a peaceful demonstration but in the midnight out it's a hundred clashed with police others vandalized banks and businesses so are we now seeing a breakdown within this group r.t. producer lucy craft enough to fill us in then g.o.p. candidate and former governor of louisiana buddy roemer will join us to talk about his support for occupy wall street as well as some staggering statistics about corporate tax dodgers and the world leaders are gathered at the g.
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twenty pushing for a solution to the eurozone sovereign debt crisis and greek prime minister george popper dros called off the referendum within greece still be saved and all the rest is going to join us for that one or how all that could hit us of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so the herman cain maybe or maybe not sex scandal continues on thanks to the mainstream media so doing a fully reporting on every single twist and turn as if it's a sport when i say twists and turns i really mean it. herman cain blames the campaign of a republican rival mccain campaign now blaming it texas governor meanwhile the campaigns are all seemed to be pointing fingers at each other and then pointed the finger at the rick perry campaign chief of staff for the cain campaign pointed squarely at the texas governor rick perry's campaign rick perry and his campaign.
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herman cain and his family an apology for perry campaign who was being accused by herman cain's campaign of leaking this information is flatly denying this simple but no pointing the finger at the romney campaign. now any normal person can see right through this campaign's love it because it takes all the attention away from their week candidates and their week all the seas i mean it's very media obviously they take the bait because they hate actually analyzing when certain candidates suck and are unfit to run and how their policies are all these are our economy further down the drain so they're busy with the he said she said finger pointing high school drama let me fill you in on a brand new report that you need to know about now we've told you before on the show that bank of america the exxon mobile so money is biggest companies paid no income taxes in two thousand and ten but let me tell you now that it's only scratches the surface a new report from citizens for tax justice highlights just how much is the biggest
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companies dodge their taxes and exploit the various loopholes and subsidies so next time somebody tells you that our corporate tax rate is too high that america isn't business friendly anymore you just throw some of these statistics their way i see to see t.j. looked at two hundred eighty companies all of them are fortune five hundred companies and they found that on average those two hundred eighty companies only pay half of the thirty five percent corporate tax rate and in fact seventy eight's of those corporations in the last three years have at least one year where they paid no federal income tax at all and thirty corporations didn't pay one single dime over all three of those years but they did break and collect. of one hundred sixty billion dollars in profits so some of those thirty corporations are names that you will easily recognize general electric wells fargo boeing arisan honeywell dupont not only did some of these companies not pay any income tax they actually made money after their taxes take for example in twenty planning they reported an
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annual profit of almost twelve billion dollars now if you go by the thirty five percent corporate tax rate they would have about four point two billion but they not only didn't pay four point you billion they actually paid zero and they in fact had a negative tax liability of seven hundred and three million dollars so they made more money. now i was going to use the words of the authors of this report at this point because i think they said it best they wrote most americans can rightfully complain i pay more federal income taxes than general electric boeing dupont wells fargo horizon all put together and that's an unacceptable situation and you know i could not agree more that is unacceptable that's why people are protesting joining the occupy movement all across the country and to spite all this information and the public's realisation of how unfair the system is all congress is doing absolutely nothing to close up the loopholes because they're too scared of the corporations line their pockets and it's not going to get any better if you look at the majority
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of the g.o.p. candidates the ones who want to lower the corporate tax rate even further in fact some want to get rid of that corporate tax rate altogether and have the mainstream media doesn't even bother to talk about this report to put it into context or compare that to the plans of these candidates have to offer because they just can't heal themselves away from that he said she said scandal and this herman cain stories becoming everything else that's what they choose to miss. yesterday we covered the general strike at occupy oakland at the time of our program the mood was cheerful music was playing police were nowhere to be found i didn't stay that way as the protest went on into the evening and that's made it five to ten thousand protesters shut down the port of oakland for several hours last night by blocking gates and not allowing truck traffic in around one point this video was taken of a protester being run over by
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a cart because the evening turned into a late night and early morning clashes between protesters and police broke out with your gas flash grenades and rubber bullets once again becoming part of the equation now some say it was a few who ruined it for the many by vandalizing local businesses so let's find out let's find out what the mood is like today in oakland after another night of chaos our two producer lucy calf and joins us right now with more lucy thanks so much for joining us and you know like i said i think we just lost her for a second. all right we're going to try to dial her back up again for a moment but if you remember lucy and i spoke yesterday on the show and she was outside the sun was shining and the music was playing and everybody was really excited about what was about to happen now i also told you yesterday that the police union had written an open letter to the mayor saying that they were very confused about what happened because at one point the mayor had an initially told them to go and clear out frank plaza and get the protesters out of the encampment that's when we originally saw the first rounds of tear gas and flash grenades of
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rubber bullets being used and after that we also saw scott olsen the iraq war veteran become injured and you know so since then of course the police have gotten a lot of critique and then merging quine went back in the next day said that she supported the occupy movement she went to even go visit scott olsen in the hospital so the police and wrote this open letter saying that they were confused that they didn't know what side they were supposed to be on that they want to turn mind of protesters are also part of the ninety nine percent and that they felt like the mayor had turned them in to a bad guy and so it's interesting if you look at what happened yesterday during this protest the mayor came out and she actually praised lucy i think we finally have a back on the phone i was just saying that there jean klein actually praised the protesters last night that had peacefully closed down the port of oakland and then said it was a few bad seeds the really ended up leading to some of the violence and the clashes between the police can you explain it in your eyes what you saw how it all. sure i
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mean i think you were saying in your intro i heard often you're really far from it in fact we talked yesterday where people were sure now if iraq thing after. the march where we actually did sort of get a little bit of a foreshadowing of what eventually you down because you're in the beach on march third march you. so-called anti-clerical or march i don't mind we thought that might be property destruction. i take place i want to pop around here so i think you guys might have me and videos i for after show we keep so i know we we just have you and we have video and last night in the background he's going ok so anyhow i we we ended up going on this march and we thought that at the wells fargo branch next to us that was vandalized there was a windows broken and i'm a huge problem standing there i went over there and actually talk from the folks that witnessed that they said again with the black bloc it was the so-called it's not so much a group it's a tactic that certain anarchists use the bait they say they say with
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a. couple dozen folks dressed in all black their faces were covered they came in the smashed the windows and they ran away and supposed leaders of the same guys responsible behind the vandalization that the. food that seems pretty fine we were in for the march everything was beautiful everything was calm folks were having a good time i actually did not know we talked earlier i did not see any police officers present at the marchers beetroot scooters or perhaps somewhere but you know completely completely peaceful and sort of took a trip to come back from this sort of victorious nonevent. event for them to read the exact part and have all of this excess energy and perhaps black water dive there or just a few rowdy folks to sort of got out of hand and that is when you know what really has the fans going said you know what really hit the fan from what i heard from
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what i read in certain reports is that there was a giant bonfire that had been live and there's only a couple hundred people left not that the police originally were drawn to before before the club right began. this is what happened to basically i was actually walking around there with a colleague of mine i only noticed there was sort of a commotion down the street we walked down there we were hearing reports of a foreclosed home that had been reclaimed by the occupiers occupy wall street folks we walked down there and there wasn't that sort of a foreclosed property they were pulling out furniture putting it down in the street and sort of barricade they began their barricades for a party you know folks are running around camping there's music playing people are drinking and. suddenly we noticed a group of about ten ten or twelve a men and women all dressed in black their faces were covered they ran up to these barricades with these black tires. with the ground with tires where you doing perhaps to burn them from those and that before the situation got out of hand we
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noticed a fraction of the eighteen lights on marked with riot police officers pulled up suddenly down the block so police officers all got out and starting from a sion which was for this group of people a very provocative call that is when we saw protesters chanting screaming at the police and some i didn't personally witness the fires started of turning around and then i thought the farts are slowing but that is when the barricade was within fire and after that fire went off the police officers issued a call to the first and they started shooting at tear gas rubber bullets supposedly i think actually see the rubber bullets of some of the protesters had brought over the remnants of it and there was these heavy dingbats ascension that were probably hurt a lot if you got struck with that there's a pretty pretty intense situation at the end of the day as the standoff continued for several hours actually as police officers closed in were right on the front lines and they kept assuring the order to disperse they said that anyone in the area would be arrested that they had permission to use
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a non-lethal weapons tear gas and whatnot but at the end of the day it was almost a staring contest between the right officers and the several handfuls of protesters that remain both sides obviously there who are losing the thai government can you tell me what is going to be the unity between the protesters is it the way some people are describing as they feel like there are a couple bad that might have ruined it for everybody for what was up until that point a peaceful demonstration. oh absolutely absolutely i don't have a chance to go to the meetings today but i just spoke to some colleagues who did and that was actually a major issue of discussion in fact some of the processors that brought up the issue of a potential problem of people who may have been planted by the police to provoke the protesters into these sort of more drastic action they're very you know they're sort of reeling from a find a date they don't really quite know what to make of it is it just a few individuals with different needs or is it some sort of a tactic by the police to separate them but to provoke them into actions that get
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them back for us that's something they're dealing with right now with that has sort of divided the occupy oakland community here and you. tell me what happened because i was calling your tweets last night and you had jumped into a b s news truck and said that there is some kind of confrontation going on where protesters weren't sure where there was a half wanted to let you through because you work for a party and have to know because you work for are what happened there alone it was absolutely insane so we have this great video of everything that went down and we want to rush back to feed it so we can get it on air so if it's possible this port so that they shut down if huge and of course because of the general strike there won't really factories in the area the only way that we're going to get out there in time is if we hitched a ride with one of the trucks that we had asked the fine folks c.b.s. to give us a lift unfortunately riding around a bit a couple thousand rowdy protesters and corporate media trucks probably not the best idea to start throwing things at the truck before the barricade and they would let
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us pass and eventually the cameraman made us get out just because that we had our logo jackets on and were sort of playing that we were there from the start the protesters ended up getting into a heated discussion and for around us they would let us pass top of them said you know these guys are with our t. they've been covering it from the start they should go the other ones were much more radical much more militant we did end up getting out of there ok but it was a really really time situation and in fact that the whole sort of people might the . the first time i think people like your brain you know we're not there to put them in a bad light we're just trying to get the story out on the air but we have i really think our situation i haven't really had very like that before i loosely want to thank you so much for filling us in that looks like you know some kind of cracks are beginning to emerge there as the group gets bigger and who knows is trying to become a part of it like you said maybe some people are trying to provoke some violence or you know just people that have other interests thanks so much for joining us thank
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you. now still to come tonight the face of corner of the occupy wall street movement since the first couple weeks let's not forget g.o.p. presidential candidate romer's take on everything from corporate taxes to the fed he's my guest list. was was. there the police when he was was. a protester nobody seems to know. whenever a pepper sprayed the face but sort of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. sometimes you see a story and it seems so is it you understand it and then something else hears you
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some other part of it and realize everything is ok. i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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mr. now fresh on the heels of a troop reorganization across the middle east which we told you about it looks like the obama administration could be looking to end the u.s. combat role in afghanistan sooner than originally planned now this is of course according to his source a government official told the a.p. of the obama administration is considering a change in the military's role in afghanistan sooner than planned so while u.s. troops are getting gauged in a combat role the ship could move u.s. troops to marvin's advisory role and focus on training duties and much earlier timeline so if this agenda does go to affect u.s.
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troops especially special ops forces would still be involved in combat but afghan forces would then take the lead in the u.s. and offer their support no decision been made yet but this move would carry more broad implications for the rest role in afghanistan some are speculating and this could mean a faster drawdown of our troops in the country because the mission to train afghan forces would begin sooner rather than originally planned now if not forget here that there is training going on now it has been for years but it would become the priority and of course this is all speculation government officials have rushed to assure the media that even if the mission shifts faster than originally scheduled the u.s. will stay true to the original withdrawal date at the end of two thousand and fourteen which we also have to take with a grain of salt because officials have been very cryptic on actually settling on that date definitively so it's important to emphasize that this is an early plan no changes and go into effect until an agreement would be made at a nato meeting next may in chicago so there's still plenty of opportunity to shift to a completely different game plan between now and then but a lot of people are are saying that this change in operations would mimic what the
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u.s. is john iraq back in two thousand and nine president obama switch troops in iraq to an advise and assist role a precursor to the formal end of u.s. combat operations in the country although we all know that our troops have still been there in combat in danger of losing their lives so it's all rather it and with an election it just a year around the corner even whispers of the u.s. ending yet another unpopular war afghanistan might help obama at the polls but even if this new policy does go into effect next year how much would really change as jack rice pointed out during an interview on monday a shift won't mean a win for america. we. don't know who he pays or we don't know who the bad guys are and surely in many ways we've. got one side and then the afghans on the other and she's we can't figure that out since we extend any of our operations or. change our operations it doesn't really address the fundamental failures that we've already had in the past and shaggier continue
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to work well with the future. and now currently there are ninety eight thousand u.s. boots on the ground in afghanistan with ten thousand scheduled to leave by the end of this year however if the u.s. isn't going to revise the current withdraw they are still going to be heavily involved in combat operations they just won't be directly leading the charge so it doesn't seem like any revolutionary changes to me. now let's go back to the information that i was giving to you at the top of the show as a poor person citizens for tax justice we've now learned that some of the largest companies in this country that are in fact some of the largest companies in the world don't pay any income taxes or at least haven't done so for the last three years despite raking in billions hundreds of billions now this is part of the reason that so many americans across the country are upset this is part of the reason that they're occupying different cities and trying to get their voices heard so what's up and take to get washington to listen join me to discuss this is former governor of louisiana and republican presidential candidate buddy roemer governor
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thanks for coming back on the program tonight been a while since we spoke to you and you know i know that you went down to psychotic part only g.o.p. candidates so far doing that you went down to the park to express their support for occupy wall street he still feel the same way i do they were scared for your group you don't feel. but i like their spirit i mean they sense something is wrong in america when the richest and the larger the biggest and the most powerful don't pay a painting and students have to pay fifteen twenty five thirty percent there is something wrong in america but so i'm curious as to what you think about the recent developments we've really seen a lot of the attention about the occupy movement now shifted over to oakland california and what we've seen there the last couple of weeks are constant classes with police facing the use of tear gas
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a flask of unaids of rubber bullets you know what do you make of that well it it saddens me and i'm not saying the students are perfect and surely they must abide by the rules that our democracy said and terms of protecting the lives of individuals i agree and all. but it's the spirit that i remember in the vietnam war protests by young people who are now recent college and we we brought our troops home we killed fifty nine thousand americans there for what reason and the young people brought them home i remember the civil rights marches in in the deep south why i grew up on a farm and had a cross guard in my father's yard because as a methodist he believed that people ought to be treated fairly change comes it's never easy and here's my lesson at sixty eight i think a leader. it would be easier over
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a listen to people first and be in the express opinions i want to wall street to listen to the young people and i'm glad i did so do you think that perhaps the police chiefs mare's like you know why they should let this continue they should tell you know the police to stand back and just let it go on he said that's how things happened you know it came to ending the vietnam war yes well when i'm not a law enforcement officer and i would not point my finger and anyone who is they do a great job however. demonstrations the voice of young people. debate in the streets require some patience and come from our office and room for it to to play itself out or build itself up you and i don't know how this is going to go but i'm hoping that we live in
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a country they will encourage debate and allow people to meet in public place for public discourse now there are rules they have to follow but i'm hoping that the police chiefs of america will give them room to express their opinion there are a lot of their belief and how america should change that's what i'm hopeful now if that's a certain officials out there the tribes express their support for occupy wall street or at least say it i'm listening to the message seems like nobody really wants to take the blame and i think that business specially well we speak about that our reserve chairman ben bernanke who is giving a free press conference yesterday where he said he sympathizes with the movement with the idea that so many americans are dissatisfied with the inequality in this country but that they shouldn't blame the fad that bailed out all the bags what do you think about that statement you agree with that word only he said he's right they should blame washington d.c. they should blame the president of the united states and the congress will
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ultimately ask control of the failures i mean this finger pointing is not getting us anywhere it starts at the top it is my belief that washington d.c. no longer listens to people not use young people they don't listen to working people plain people people who built this great nation and i thank you says shane i think it weakens our position in the world as as one of the leaders in the world and is a leader that stands for freedom we are a practice what we preach and it's my belief. if the president needs to be free to lead that's why i don't change pac money i don't take super pac money i don't take special interest money i was limited to one hundred dollars fully reported fully disclosed free to leave. now so i want to get back to united spoken about this
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before you think that corporate influence should be corporate money shouldn't be so much in our political system you think they corporate tax loopholes need to be closed up so now we have this report that shows you that thirty of the biggest corporations didn't pay a single dime in income tax over the last three years seventy eight didn't pay at least one year at a three years did you know the problem was that big. yes you know i am a small bank community bank it's about a billion dollars in size that's small in america but we didn't foreclose on the single mortgage holder we didn't shut down a single business we restructured we did best for us we thought that was on our best interest as a community bank i don't see that spirit in corporate america as you are not a month or so ago corporate america made more profit last year they any here in their history and they did it by giving jobs away over scenes and
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importing cheap products here that are not made to fair standards i think we need to change our tax code it's written by the corporations don't you think the lobbyist from g.e. had more effect on our tax code than the average citizen did i think they had more effect and i think they were p.g. east best interest we are or in america's best interest and the president to lead if he doesn't i will well tom it is do you think that congress is too scared to stand up to these corporations to stand up to general electric to stand up to exxon ports of arise and you know there's an interesting development today there's now sixty democrats and forty republican lawmakers that have written a letter to the super committee telling them that everything should be on the table including revenues which means taxes going up so who is it that's holding it back is it all congress is to scared is that this this twelve member group that has too
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much power that's been scared. i can't speak for all of congress i haven't been in congress in twenty years. i enjoyed my years there i didn't take pac money i was a democrat that work with republicans my goal was a better america. i have no apologies for that but i do think that the power of special interest money might not have touched every congress man or woman but it has touched most of them i asked the speaker of the house and the president of the senate to not pick super committee members who would take pac money special interest money or lobbyist money during the time they served only to me i was ignored look i'm not trying to bring america down i'm trying to build our nation our and when your nation is control by the one percent at the top the either the
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very wealthy of the very special interest you have a problem and i'm telling america has a problem and it's not dealing with it it's growing other people it's morning it's painters but when the gas at the top are bought and paid for you do not have a free country i got and i thank you so much for joining us tonight breaks. now still to come tonight we have our intel and it's the twenty summit is under way of rats bad guys both on the prizes how much can the other member countries of the rest of. them into the only one with the mechanisms to do the work to bring justice and accountability. have every right to ignore my government through a good one annoyed by taxes.


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