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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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being from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians to rule today. before increase as the country's prime minister backtracked on a plan to hold of ballot referendum that anger and european leaders and he faces a crucial confidence vote later on friday. as the greek the national turmoil dominates the g twenty summit in france protesters gathering nearby resort to new methods of drawing world leaders attention to people's problems by mocking the meeting. back from mars the longest simulation in space history drawing to a close as six volunteers about to leave their mock space ship and see daylight for the first time in more than five hundred days. and a british student could be handed over to u.s. authorities for alleged internet piracy committed on home soil thanks to
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a controversial extradition treaty between the two countries. now i am in moscow i match president good to have you with us here on r t our top story it's going to be another day of roller coaster news for the greek greeks where the government faces a crucial confidence vote the prime minister george papandreou has already made a u. turn on plans to hold a referendum on the e.u. bailout proposal that was under heavy pressure not just from world leaders but also from his own government which is turning up the volume on calls for him to step down mikey sarah ferguson more from athens. it is going to be a major hurdle he's got a very small majority and he's a government at the moment one hundred fifty. to three hundred seat government and we've seen an incredibly turbulent week here increase the week starting with the
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prime minister announcing that he plans to hold a referendum. that shockwave three not only the usa need isn't using countries but within his government as well it is a very very controversial announcement and we saw yesterday his parliamentary just essentially cooling off that referendum he was talking about the fact that they face a dilemma and if they were able to reach a consensus with the opposition party about the plans and the referendum would be off the table say me appears to be the case maybe who got to have a bit more supports most splinter groups in his party who are very very unhappy about this definitely and there's cynicism now about these announcements that are made when it comes to pop into itself in the past the party i mean make a mistake they are inquisitively populate a lot of people here in the country is saying is that to be quite honest even maintaining a facade it's the see here in d.c. the man is proving pretty difficult the big situation is the one.
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offering the possibility of a referendum. there's a danger of a reaction against the political class as a whole. discussion and it's something to see if you go. to the referendum thing at the moment is this why do you think gap between the rhetoric is coming from the government here and the usa need is the reality on the ground in the country. or she also spoke with gerald celente director of the trends research center who said that you leaders are just using greece as a scapegoat for their own a bigger mistakes. the whole european union is in great danger listen to the words of silvio berlusconi that he said on saturday that was hardly repeated he said it was a strange currency that has not convinced anyone that's what he said and then of course he backtracked right away it's bigger than greece and that's what you see
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they using greece as the excuse for the whole thing it's the one of the smallest countries in the end you it's peanuts compared to italy which is in much greater danger when the lights were g.d.p. to debt ratio and then you have ireland if you have spain this is what are they going to do and give greece another couple of billion dollars when they're half a trillion in debt so no it's much worse than that. and i agree turmoils taken over the g twenty summit in cannes observers have only been able to guess at just what it was that on go on or when nicolas sarkozy said to the greek prime minister about college his backtrack on our referendum plans or keys and he said no way has more. the final day of the g twenty here in cannes will have three working sessions and will and with the press conference given by host nicolas sarkozy the greek tragedy has taken over this entire summit other issues pushed aside i believe is
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news of course of the greek prime minister backtracking and saying the referendum won't be held it won't be hard to sided by the people making european leaders here especially the backbone of the euro zone of france and germany very satisfied with the way things are going. through the leader of the opposition made a statement indicating that he supported the twenty seventh of october a plan that is a very important and courageous step and support hundred statements also indicated the referendum is not an end in itself that it was a tool that was going to be considered but since the opposition supported the plan then it became less useful. critics analyzing this in different ways some of them perhaps saying that france and germany have basically said you either play by our rules or you get out and greece has decided that this is the way to go that they don't want of the euro zone a lot of different base going on euro skeptics saying
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that you're just moving the problem down the road that eventually greece will have to default bureaucrat saying this is the only way to save the euro nicolas sarkozy calling it the beating heart of europe and that we will never let it die and that is going to be what a lot of these leaders are speaking about in these final sessions as the summit comes to an end on this second day with that said emerging economies worried about their voice that they agreed the brics that they would try to help the eurozone they would give money but how much agreed on a final sound but they have a condition and president means we have made it very clear that it's not a hidden agenda they want their voices to be heard they want more say in the i.m.f. and other financial institutions of course the g twenty was created to widen the spectrum to have not just these decisions on the global economy be made by the seven most richest country just countries but by the twenty eight biggest economies and a big question is has not been done yet. further up the french coast in nice and monaco
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anti g twenty protesters were holding their own gatherings angry at the rich for what they say is dictating the fate of others they wait for a change in tactics to get their message across and something a little differently as our he's there you know bushel reports. just as mass just down the coast from the g. twenty summit venue here in cannes to monaco monaco of course a tax free haven for them and so it's a saying that a banker who gets. a public bailout for example can simply move to monaco and not even pay a single cent in tax the world leaders promise to get rid of tax havens that previous g twenty summit demonstrators obviously angry but that still hasn't happened they still haven't taken action on that now because the drifted months of nicolas sarkozy angela merkel and barack obama organized an alternative summit media conference and here's what they had to say we don't think he told me but.
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for the part of the week and the. people you know i'm the only good brain and. most of. the fake angela merkel added we support the greek referendum on the euro bailout but only if they vote yes so considering the road a very good fish will statements that coming out of the can summit some here say that this is the perhaps a more interesting of the two summits it follows the huge anti boeing corelli's earlier in the week which had thousands of french police ready for violence which in fact never came demonstrators have changed it changed the strategy of going from the aggression that we saw in previous g twenty summits to approach of mocking world leaders who seem so out of touch with the problems of ordinary people today. coming up later here on r t we report from the front lines of one of the biggest occupy wall street protests. they were shooting up on very few of them at people here gas rubber bullets several injured dozens arrested our correspondent witness
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how it all unfolded in oakland plus. as nato allies reports of a planned missile attack on iran we report where such threats of possible military intervention could lead. but first in a few hours the crew of the international mission to mars will finally return to earth in moscow bringing one of the world's most grueling scientific experiments to a close six volunteers will see daylight for the first time in five hundred twenty days that's how long they spent isolated spacecraft simulating a trip to the red planet and back for more were arriving by our peter over hello peter so it's not just a big day for these six brave men but for science also tell us well that's right scientists around the world eager to find out exactly what they can get from the findings from this experiment as you said six people inside a spacecraft simulating as you can see what this post doing on your screen the
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screen just behind me is a journey to mars and back well it's taken five hundred twenty days little being inside a space roughly the size of half of a football field not a lot of room to move around they've they've certainly been up close and personal with each other and scientists are already claiming that the experiment has been a success saying that the fact that nobody has dropped out of the experiment so far all suffered any kind of mental problems while loping confined in to see what is a very small space with six people in there that shows that mankind is ready to go into if you could try and go to mars that we can handle it as a human race now tom bought my colleague has been following those people who have been inside the mars five hundred project since it began and he says this report. five hundred twenty days a week. space on
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a mission to the red planet. well not port. these men have been sealed in a mock spacecraft for seventeen months but they never left moscow and could have quit the mars five hundred isolation experiment at any time i watched as this piece of string was set into this wax on june the third two thousand and ten and despite many predictions to the contrary that seal has remained unbroken throughout the experiment and only now after all this time of the man inside being reunited with the outside world. i was afraid of conflicts that could lead to an early termination of the experiment we tried to consider all potential risks and old tensions in the blood of the scientists behind it wanted to see if the six men proved to be able to go all the time without severe psychological effects from the
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busy control room i was able to ask one of them for myself how have your relationships with the other crewmembers changed. for something like. fight. for such a. thing in the world. the experiment was kept as real as possible with a twenty minute time delay in communications homes the much it was on its way meant the team was alone they could talk freely with local ones but researchers decided to withhold the news from the outside world but that was tricky. we had to keep in mind that some information could come in with private correspondence some relatives could break the news in this case any prolonged silence on our part could lead to
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tensions and misunderstandings they could think that we withheld the information deliberately. the highlight of the cruise trip was a simulated landing on mars with a long isolation and boredom before it scientists observed with amazement just how real it became for them when they made martian landfall. but that their pulse rate was one hundred sixty beats per minute now compared with a pulse of the first cause i'm not hearing on orbit it was one hundred fifty two beats per minute the outside world to has been in tree five hundred mostly from the betting on how and when mixed raiment which. you can put eight olds want to. see because of it.
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so even though it's a dry run it's still significant achievement. not. convincing . well it certainly is a great achievement five hundred twenty days locked inside such a small space with five or six people five others of power for me self not quite sure if i could handle it for that long but they certainly did and we'll see how it turns out in a couple of hours certainly psychological pressure was a part of this experiment and what's going to be next for these people though when they actually do have to adjust to normal life when it's all over well they have completed of course a huge stint of time in isolation they now have another stint where they're going to be poked and prodded by scientists and some more looking at what effects the.
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experiences had on them now all of this comes before they'll be allowed to eventually go home and spend times with their spend time with their friends and family and scientists have them for a little while longer yet to find out exactly what effects this experience has had on them now the crews makeup as well as quite interesting international crew three russians one from europe flown from central america and one from china so of course they've had this experience of having to communicate in different languages and be able to speak to one another now they're going to have to try and get used to life in a normal world in the real world once again but it is worth noting. the the time that these guys have have spent inside this module this mocked up spacecraft on their journey between. earth to mars and back again it's a very different world and what they come back to. they'll of course have to get used to different things that have changed in their everyday lives certain bits of
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news as we heard they didn't receive from their families the organizers suggested that some things may be a little bit too difficult for them to deal with they'll have to find out all of those things that went on but also they are just stupid able to of course look outside and see daylight and look it up and see the stars that night. it's not even the first step we've only lifted off foot to take that first step before we decide only equipment that we used in a flight to mars we first need to have an understanding of the limits of the human body and psychological and physiological capacities research in human capacities should go before the design of a spacecraft scientists are quite active in designing new vehicles. the organizers are happy with the science that's being conducted in the experiments that of being carried out we're waiting to see what the reaction from those six men
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to what they've conducted this experiment they've been through when they eventually are released from their simulated spacecraft a little later on today i'll tell you what peter of our me i have my almost all ready to go i'd be like i'm getting a hair burger i'm going to see a court order to be sure to take a long long vacation we'll see what they have to say in a couple of hours. or you're following the experiment as it unfolds right here on our team bring you live and updates throughout the day stay with us. five hundred days on a voyage to the unknown. a breakthrough in space travel. return from the red planet. mars five hundred touched down on r.t. . switching gears now to some other stories we're covering on our t.v. the city of oakland california reeling after one of the biggest protests of the occupy wall street movement has seen about eighty demonstrators arrested several
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injured after what started as a peaceful rally was met with a heavy heavy response from police at the end of the day hours before that thousands of anti-corporate protesters forced the shutdown of america's largest city for this as a general strike america's first more than half a century also paralyze several businesses and opens downtown other teams losing half an hour was very hard to unfolding events throughout the day and describe how the device. was sitting across from oscar grant's plaza which is the site of the occupy oakland movements where protesters have been camping out for weeks in order to raise their voices against acknowledge inequality social injustice the same issues that are motivating phalluses of occupy wall street movements all across the country but of course images are the things that we remember images are what's not a story and this morning in downtown oakland these are the images they are going to be seeing across all of the screens on the mainstream media the destruction the isolated acts of vandalism and violence that you were on the ground in oakland
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we're going to take you through some of the moments as they unfold and again we are still reporting from some oakland as you can hear behind me loud explosions possibly tear gas from the police officers there are at least hundred of the count two hundred three hundred police officers in full riot gear several mass you can see advancing behind us right now on the occupy oakland movement now we don't know how many officers are back there we saw a massive group of them sort of walk down that street before that was the street of the standoff for several protesters had barricaded the street from the police several several pieces of furniture and whatnot were lit on fire pretty good and not enough. action to provoke this kind of a militant response by the police force here they were shooting. there shooting them out people are amazed to see and how november second in downtown oakland will be remembered. the charred remains that few isolated instances the pilots but the successful sat down at the nation's ports reporting from downtown oakland fartsy
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out. there's a detailed account of the dramatic events in oakland an exclusive video from our on the spot crew there for you what are these you tube channel and our twitter feed to see catherine are also keeping an eye on other cities where protests are going on in her latest tweets she says there's a talk about a possible eviction of protesters i think hampered york's zuccotti park this could happen as early as friday here's a lot of data on the protest movement in the u.s. and around the world with music out of obstacle to feed and also reach we did at our t.v. underscore. nato has denied it intends to mount a preemptive military attack on iranian facilities this following now if you concerns that the u.s. u.k. and israel could be moving toward a policy of intervention in iran last ahead of a crucial report by the u.n. nuclear watchdog next week at all assess the military side of tehran controversial nuclear program political analyst chris bambery things that any attempt to attack the country would lead to a fierce retaliation and a drawn out bloody conflict. anyone reading the press reports on these contingency
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plans been joined by the minister of defense here in london for an attack on iran. is not developing a nuclear missile it will be developing and you could be so faced with the idea that the americans the british and he's really he's a looking towards an unprovoked attack on. the world a much more dangerous place i cannot imagine a worse alliance with these three people in the west seems to underestimate the strength of the reunion nationalism is a strong national a sense under remember what happened under foreign intervention in frequently how the shot was installed and maintained by britain and for american people memories of the shah the way it's presented to the west of the shah it will be there will be a bloody war if there is a secular iran is not iraq as of two thousand and one there will be retaliation
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from our mass and the world is a more dangerous place because of these reports. or websites that play more information on this story including this british media say an attack on iran could come as soon as next november citing sources in the ministry of defense and whitehall but r.t. got more. british student may be extradited to the u.s. over alleged internet piracy experts say even if he was found guilty by a court at home he would have most likely faced a fine but then for him could take a much worse turn in the u.s. thanks to a controversial extradition treaty signed during the blair era bennett has more. on the surface they're a picture of karma but these are very anxious times for richard o'dwyer and his family the university students facing possible extradition to america for alleged copyright infringement he ran a web site providing links to play videos it wasn't a problem for british or thor seas but rich is nevertheless
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a wanted man you know it's really just awful. frankly because you know if richard had done anything wrong we were quite happy things would be responsible but in this very well it was signed their case is now being heard at this magistrate's court in london the latest chapter in julie's struggle to keep her son at home they told us that the some investigation in the u.k. had been dropped so it was like a bit of a sigh of relief in the next sentence they say with the next edition maurits will marry. and then he must go to court immediately i thought he was going to be extradited like that day richard's website t.v. shack was a free signpost to pirated content including the latest hollywood blockbusters none of it was actually provided by him but that doesn't matter to america it says the site breached their copyright laws and claims he's there is to punish because the
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websites lucrative advertising was aimed at us can siemens this cause is where richard o'dwyer spates will be decided it rides on whether or not his actions are considered to be a crime in the u.k. this trial was his last chance to put forward his defense and now it's up to the judge to decide but according to digital lore experts the decisions not a tough one to make it's quite possible that he's only been guilty of a civil offense offenses you know something he could potentially get fined for and you know if he's clearly a u.k. case as well. because he was doing this in the u.k. it's not really any caesarean to be extradited to the united states it's not clear he was infringing copyright in the united states britain signed the extradition treaty with america in two thousand and three nearly a decade on controversy still surrounds it the u.s. can extradite whoever it wants without proof or hearing privileges the u.k.
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doesn't get the treaty was a must change for the government while in opposition but a recent review it commissions just deemed the treaty still fair several leading m.p.'s refused to agree though that the commons home affairs committee calling for changes was in mistake in the first place despite these treaties i think it was a mistake it's not a level playing field even with a partner like america we need to make sure that we of being equal and we are being fair to all citizens and that is not the case of the opposition against the extradition treaty is growing in westminster dissenting in peace it just falls through a debate on it later this month and the parliamentary review on it says in the new year all these throw may be too late for rich it is just two weeks until he learns where the america will get what it wants rather than its party on the. other stories making headlines across the globe a suicide car bomb hit the compound of
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a nato contractor in western afghanistan thursday after the bombing three gunmen stormed the property held several employees hostage sparking a long running gunfight with nato troops two security guards and all five attackers were killed thirty one people were rescued the attack comes days after the taliban watched an assault on a u.n. office in southern afghanistan. the international aid flotilla heading for gaza due to reach its destination within hours two days after setting sail from turkey the u.s. state department warned its citizens on board that breaching israel's gaza blockade may violate us any israeli attack rear of the canadian vessel or with an irish airport or part of a larger hotel about tried to reach gaza last summer numerous tries to breach the blockade by international carriers have failed with the vessels intercepted by the israeli. it looks like an action movie but this is real life footage showing
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a brazilian federal police car chasing off the plane to stop it taking off with stolen electronics a vehicle crashed into the left wing of the plane bringing it to a stop and security officers that are rest of the pilot and four men aboard police say the same plane was being used to smuggle cocaine from paraguay bolivia and colombia for distribution in brazil. headlines coming your way in a few minutes stay with us here on r.t. .
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more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china cooperation to rule the day . in some petersburg oh she's available in hotels a story and a little ambassador when a song spills the koto patroclus hotel the true sposato golden golden nova tilson for elvis you will see stone.


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