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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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heart of the greek government places a dispute over the prime minister's bailed out referendum stunned always just hours to go until a vote of confidence in poland. greece adds to the trauma of global leaders of the g. twenty summit ongoing in cannes who are struggling to stem the debt contagion from spreading across. the moptop mission touches down simulated flight to mars is completed by a six man crew spending over five hundred days in isolation. space. and up the road to extradition campaigners to cry foul as
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a computer whiz kid is told he'd committed no crime in the u.k. could still face trial in the united states. global news around the clock this is r.t. live from moscow with me recently showing the latest chapter in the. government of the prime minister george faces a crucial confidence vote of the embattled greek leader alienated many of his supporters over plans for a bailout referendum which he later went on to cancel the vote could have a major bearing on the debt stricken euro zone that's now i'll get some more for. you sara first live for us in athens oh good to see you sara so i want to see what does this vote mean for dros government and the future of the eurozone economy some
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are saying that we've seen who are summoned to kind of the g. twenty summit being bullied. well there's no doubt. prime minister just happened today faces fresh they spread abroad and from within his own government as well he's in a very very tight spot in the that's the ino you guarantee he'll remain in power system think it's eight days to later on say he's going to be asking will make his package in his government the fact that the plan is very uncertain mood exactly what the outcome of that is going to be some people as they can see here think that he'll find a way to manage to survive in cling on to power that a lot of other people calling for it has seen it be an incredibly up and down we blink and you'll miss it with some of. back and forth on again off again referendum and the possibility of him resigning in the not residing cause no one is missing it because you like the family of greece is
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a huge amount of concern about what's happening here is a very big this is turbulence at a time when they see us aid and a country faces an absolutely critical point leaving the speech and the last thing and you all want it is the kind of uncertainty that you seeing at the moment but most are let's let's start from the politics here and actually talk about the greek people themselves here's the prime minister pomp and dro are calling for a referendum alternately giving the. voice to say do they want to continue their eurozone family here do they want more bailouts but then suddenly people are silenced once again what's the word on the street. absolutely when that referendum plan was announced at the beginning of the week not only was it criticism. here in the. government. announcing with a lot of cynicism they never expected to be given a voice he never expected to have that decision put in the house very much distance . this decision is now completely in the hands of brussels and the eurozone leaders
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in that propagate really marching to. the lawsuit disappointment in the past the government in the finalists a lot of the remember is a country right now it's a population suffering from an economic it's really at the end of an incredibly long process greece really has been a test case the how much most thirty a country can take and of course everyone's watching maybe of course there are concerns about other countries in the. huge amounts. they certainly why it's not just about greece a bit about the euro zone as a whole later on stay with. me we'll know more about the plans needing food when they were baden-powell whether a unity government come about that could have instant effect throughout the rest of the year as any he said he should mount concert with such a loss of public confidence that people here on the ground even if it happened today can survive that confidence they in his government should be able state how
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he's clearly on the confidence of the. course of the eurozone crisis ongoing greek debt crisis taking center stage twenty something in southern france right now and so i will be speaking to our very own and he said now it should be the latest from . professor of constitutional law george. says it does not matter how the crisis is resolved as greeks have grown so disillusioned with the entire political system. myself personally feel a little deceived by this woman. but i mean mr and that's why even if we manage to form a new coalition government i don't think that we are going to do anything the basic problem in our political system and that is that there is a dinner and distrust for people of the world to the whole of the political system not just the words on the hill or the rights of. his own party beliefs and very
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broadly in the near future this will he will be likely to be a frame of a limited so anything we are not the other side by themselves what the goal be this article that every other not even the good of that if you have seen the places of america and suppose if the goalie told our brain is that exactly what is going to be your question to the referendum and exactly for december so we're in this is not good any more our parliament that the with did this isn't for their very own in this this isn't going to be getting him in cannes. and the political and financial solvency of greece is also shaping discussion as i was saying moments ago at the g. twenty summit in cannes with the e.u. leaders voicing strong determination to defend the euro i look at all considering the power of the international monetary fund to prevent a domino effect rippling across europe let's get more about who's going to live for us attending the g. twenty summit good to see you so the summit began to me. but how how likely is it
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to actually finish in terms of the health of the global economy is it just a lot of posturing and a lot of hot air. that's right the greek tragedy that we saw unravel this week in all directions completely rocked the g twenty here in cannes the backbone so to say of the euro france and germany putting a lot of pressure on the greek prime minister and also other g twenty members defending what they call the beating heart of europe that of course the euro how to save it from from just getting out of control but what's happening in greece like you said a communique is expected today as the summit wraps up in france and there the focus is expected to be first of all strengthening the role of the i.m.f. to try to prevent any contagion but a lot of a lot of analysts are saying that we will see the leaders presenting this as they are all on one page in terms of the global economy but it is expected that behind
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those doors there are some very intense debate about the euro about the g twenty about the emerging economies that they need to have more of a voice we heard from president medvedev speaking about his meeting with fellow brics countries and how they're more than ready to help the eurozone to give money they haven't agreed on the stump but they're putting the condition out that they want their voices to be more heard they put money into the i.m.f. and they want some more say in what happens to the global economy to try to prevent situations like this were very intense some and i think it's fair to say completely sickened by this this is. devastating. us about that as well but there were so many issues that were supposed to be touched on unfortunately this euro crisis kind of took over from a lot of those issues will be moved to the next some of the next time these twenty
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biggest economies sit down and try to pound out solutions to the world's most pressing issues it's fair to say but no breakthrough is expected here today and. global leaders are usually accompanied by my protest i must say earlier we did see some some footage old some protesters are wearing caricatures of angela merkel obama cozy suggesting that whatever comes out of the summit here many people just don't take these world leaders seriously or what can you tell us that's right those protests taking place throughout this week really a little bit further up the coast in monaco and nice has to be said protests to happen every time any of the keys meet the g. seven the g. eight the g. twenty that is not an exception what's different this time around first of all is their solidarity with the occupy movement and of course you know it's on the ground only and rapidly expanding across the u.s. but also there there are very very specific point it's not just in street protests
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they are angry at the rich and the bankers for just signing everyone else's fate they're just livid about it yes they have turned to satire to try to get their points across in fact speaking of the whole greek situation. the mass angle them or her slogan merkel would have supported that referendum which the backtracking on if the answer would have been yes the people fed up protest going to continue what experts are saying is that these leaders will not be able to continue to ignore these kind of protest especially in light of what's happening with the global economy all right i'll just anyone i would like to keep us posted. well you with our tears could have your company today still ahead for you a brutal crackdown in oakland california. they were shooting. people first a general strike in fifty years and a peaceful march of occupy oakland protesters culminating chaos put almost
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a hundred arrests and plenty of injuries. and western governments plan to ramp up the pressure on iran over its nuclear program the head of a report by a un it watching all those details coming your way short of. eleven minutes past the hour here in moscow. eighteen month journey to mars has just completed its mission even though the spacecraft never really left the simulated flight took place right here in moscow and was an experiment to monitor the psychological effects of long term isolation on the international crew here the impressions of a virtual cosmonaut who is now seeing daylight for the first time in over five hundred days. after five hundred. twenty days of motion this trip are. we are proud today to to prove that. good to us we hope that we can help in designing in.
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the future missions. and we're ready to get into the next piece to bring their. this is experiment to see basically the psychological effect a trip to mars would have on the crew and how they would work together inside such a facility now those that took part in this are looking to be part of future martian missions this are the whole operation was an international cooperation cooperative mission the russian space agency working with the european space agency to put this experiment into into practice now the crew itself was made up from people from all around the world three of them were russian there was representatives from china as well as from france and central america who will find out a little bit what it's like on the scene where the mars five hundred module is we can cross live to tom barton who is there tom what's going on where you are. well
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peter i remember on june the third last year watching this door behind me shot seals and that was the start of the five hundred twenty days which ended when i watched them door open at last after all that time and the crew emerged little bit white faced little bit bleary eyed into a into a cheering crowd after all that time they all stood together in front of microphones and they said how glad they were to work with their other crew members and to have got through what is really quite a feat of a juror really to be in isolation and with a very strict routine day in day out for all that time because it was a bit more about this i'm joined by rene pinochle he's head of the european space agency's office in washington rene we never quite knew what to expect when we started this six experiment what you think. up to this very long stretch of time
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i think there are a lot of things. first. experiments because of course. so we see that there are no general showstoppers in terms of medical problems problems and the proof of six or five hundred twenty days. on top of there to be of course also learned so much more to selection process because this was one of the crucial ingredients. working together and then of course there are a lot of other medical effects and things which we have learned solution can apply even further. immediately even for those of us. of course as you say the the selection process and it was primarily a psychological extra's really is. kind of problems with the up against the field and how they've been overcome. but of course the biggest fear is that there will be
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problems with the. five hundred twenty innocent there is an isolation this very tough transfer of course. say that we can see that the crew. has been working very hard very serious for all over this for from a treaty days each and every day of it and they really prove is six years. before you very much renee i mean i remember saying that some bookmakers a put a two warm on one of the crew going insane as a result of this experiment but hasn't materialized and i think they can now look for three d. brief periods free of all those. well as. compensation for taking part in the mission each participant receives one hundred thousand dollars worth they've also had plenty of time to try and work out what they're
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going to spend. there were serious point of them being in there was the science that comes from it. and the people behind the mars five hundred project have said this yes it has. been a success however in terms of the journey into the far reaches of space they are saying no that it is really not even the first step but the first step towards the first step of mankind flying off and going to hopefully try and set up some form of sesame and on mars. very exciting news that's. following the martian adventures to see what i do remember you can always visit our website on t. dot com for the latest news and comments and videos are just a few of the items there waiting for you right now find out how to make the forces space an investigation from the international criminal court and possible war crimes during its bombardment of libya. breaks the dominance
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of the u.s. and china you know ranks second between barack obama and. forbes list of the world's most powerful people. have you with us today this is live from moscow the california city of oakland is reeling after one of the biggest protests the occupy wall street movement has seen to date at least eighty demonstrators arrested several injured after their rally culminated in a heavy handed police crackdown it's not how peacefully the protesters are managing to shut down the city port which is the country's fifth largest oil doing so without incident at the same time a general strike that happens to be america's first in over half a century paralyzed several businesses in downtown oakland our correspondent lucy
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company was there when things go bad and she describes how events unfold. we're standing across from oscar grant plaza which is the site of the occupy oakland movements work protesters have been camping out for weeks in order to raise their voices against going to quality social injustice the same issues that are motivating phalluses of occupy wall street movements all across the country but of course the images are the things that we remember images are what's now a story and this morning in downtown oakland these are the images they going to be seeing across all of this. screens on main street the other destruction the isolated acts of vandalism and violence we were on the ground in oakland we're going to take you through some of the moments as they unfolded again we're still reporting from the it's about one train as you can hear behind me loud explosions possibly tear gas from the police officers there are at least one hundred the got two hundred three hundred police officers in full riot gear several me as you can see advancing behind us right now on the occupy oakland movement now we don't know
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how many officers are back there we saw a massive group of them sort of lock down that street before that was the street of the standoff were several protesters have barricaded the street from the police several several pieces of furniture and whatnot were lit on fire but again not enough of an action to provoke this kind of a militant response by the police force here they were shooting. there shooting them at people paramecium how november second downtown oakland will be remembered will it be the charred remains of a few isolated instances of violence or the successful shutdown of the nation's ports reporting from downtown oakland fartsy on the spot. and you can watch all the video from the night of violence in oakland on our to use you tube channel. lucy is keeping a close eye on the occupy movement in oakland and elsewhere have a look here in her latest twitter feed being retreated to a school called we can see that she says the talk about it protestors from zuccotti
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park in new york so where it all began in september you can follow lucy and see on twitter say up to date on the movement the latest movement also the all of web site we're asking if it's possible that police will start protecting the interests of the so-called ninety nine percent those occupy wall street protesters who say they are oppressed by the rich or let's see how you're voting right now forty percent who voted say it will only happen if the policemen lose their jobs and twenty six percent said the police will side. with protesters when the government can't give them what they want donuts for example twenty two percent think the police would never follow orders to fire live rounds of peaceful activists and only twelve percent say occupy protesters are rioters getting the treatment they deserve. but twenty minutes past the hour here the u.s. and u.k. officials have been quick to deny they are seeking military confrontation with iran
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statements were released by a spokesman from both sides following media reports of a potential armed operation aimed at iran's alleged nuclear weapons facilities however they did say the west has no intention of easing pressure on the islamic republic and would use what described as a wide range of means at their disposal the likes of the u.s. and britain are expected to seize upon the upcoming i.a.e.a. report on iran's nuclear program it will reportedly reveal new intelligence about the alleged atomic activities but author subcultural says these threats are nothing new for iran. this is really going on for almost for more than four years now these threats against iran on the part of israel who are calling for a preemptive strike. who said only two days ago and it all coincides with the battle israel is really on southern lebanon in two thousand and six so i think we have to be very cautious and basically understand that what iran is is the
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cornerstone of probably what is an ongoing very tough negotiation to move forward towards the world governments we're russia and china are not going to power in very easily to the western powers and iran is the cornerstone so i think the world we are seeing is we are probably edging closer to what might become a full fledged war in the region even a world war we are iran is the cornerstone if it is attacked by he's really american british or accomplish. all three sources. well i mean what are british or british media say that an attack on iran could come as soon as next. that prediction comes because the country remains resilient to international sanctions various media site the u.k.'s ministry of defense and white hall as their sources check out the story in full log on to our t. top. side some other headlines from around the world for you now this hour an explosion has killed four and left dozens of coal miners trapped underground in the
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province of central china that is officials say the blast was caused by a small earthquake fifty kilometers away rescuers are right now trying to reach those caught in the mine and have already pulled out some severely injured workers trying to hold by the district safety record has improved in recent years but still remains the worst in. hundreds of taking to the streets of seoul to march against the ratification of a free trade agreement with the u.s. protesters say the deal will benefit the american pharmaceutical industry while damaging south korean companies the u.s. congress has already given the green light to be on the korean ruling party is pushing for ratification but has yet to agree a deal with the opposition. evacuations have been ordered for nearly two million people near bangkok as flooding continues in that city officials are keeping a close watch on the water and its levels as it inches closer to subway stops
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though all stations that will remain open at this point but heavy rains and flooding have killed more than four hundred people nationwide since july. the homeless trickster in this country and i wanted criminal in another this is the sad case of richard o'dwyer a british student who is facing extradition to the u.s. over alleged internet piracy in the u.k. if he was found guilty he would most likely get off with a fine but in the states he would face a much worse fate since i bet it has more. on the surface they're a picture of karma but these are very anxious times for richard o'dwyer and his family the university students facing possible extradition to america for alleged copyright infringement he ran a website providing links to pirated videos it wasn't a problem for british author or sees it rich is nevertheless a wanted man you know it's really just awful. crying
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because you know if richard had done anything wrong we would apply up it means that the response was that in this country where it was told by the case is now being heard at this magistrate's court in london the latest chapter in julie's struggle to keep her son it home they told us that the family investigation in the u.k. had been dropped so it was like a bit of a sigh of relief when the next sentence they said we've got an exhibition or a term memory. and then you must go to the court immediately i know it was going to be expedited but that day richard's website t.v. shack was a free sign post to pirated content including the latest hollywood blockbusters none of it was actually provided by him but that doesn't matter to america it says the site breached their copyright laws and claims he's there is to punish because the websites lucrative advertising was aimed at us can siemens this school which is
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where richard o'dwyer spates will be decided royds on whether or not his actions are considered to be a crime in the u.k. this trial was his last chance to put forward his defense and now it's up to the judge to decide but according to digital lure experts at the sit ins not a tough one to make it's quite possible that he's only came guilty of a civil offense offenses you know something he could potentially get fined for and you know it's clearly a u.k. case as well. because he was doing this in the u.k. so really any case for him to be extradited to the united states is not clearly was infringing copyright in my state still britain signed the extradition treaty with america in two thousand and three nearly a decade on controversy still surrounds it the u.s. can extradite whoever it wants without proof or hearing privileges the u.k. doesn't get with a treaty was
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a must change for the government while in opposition but a recent review of commissions just in the treaty still fair several leading m.p.'s refused to agree though the commons home affairs committee calling for changes was a mistake in the first place despite its trick i think it was a mistake it's not a level playing field even with a partner like america we need to make sure that we of being equal and we are being fair to our citizens and that is not the case of the opposition against the extradition treaty is growing in westminster dissenting in piece of just force through debate on it later this month and the parliamentary review on it is jew in the new year all this though may be too late for richard he has just two weeks until he learns we're america will get what it wants are given it r.t. london. it is are now approaching four thirty pm on friday here in moscow you without seeing i'm a roller sushi back with a head lice and just happen. to
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